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How does one find a purpose in life? Something that actually brings fulfillment? Something to look forward to doing?

Since puberty (mid-20s now) I've just feel stuck, like no matter what I do I'm wasting my time, my life. Ultimately anything you do is a waste of time, but I don't want to feel that. That is the worst thing you can feel, that is what pure depression feels like.

But it isn't always depression, I exist either one of two states: full of anxiety or temporarily ignoring reality (which feels good by comparison, but it doesn't exactly make me feel satisfied or fulfilled in any way).

The more I think about it the clearer it becomes, and it's a scary thought. I know it scares you guys too because you're always in constant denial about it. "Humans are social animals", this phrase is basically a meme at this point, but that doesn't make it any less true.

What causes anxiety and depression to begin with? It almost always stems from society and being social. What brings happiness? It's usually the same thing. Your mental state is heavily dependent on society.

To the people in denial I ask: Why are you even here? A forum to communicate with other humans? What purpose does it serve you? I'm sure you can think of an excuse, but deep down the scary truth is you need to be social to be happy.

Unfortunately for most of us that means we're fucked. We attempt to get our social fix in other ways like media and online forums. We try to scrape up what little happiness we can get so we don't kill ourselves.

My conclusion is that the thing that makes people the most happy is belonging to some sort of social tribe or community.

I'd love to be proven wrong though, but I have a feeling most arguments posted will just be a way to cope with the reality that the way to happiness is something that is very scary to think about, or at least that's how I feel.


>u only post here because u want socialization and ur in denial durr hurr
shitpost discarded


Since your new here let me redirect you to the correct board >>>/dep/


This is the type of denial I was talking about.


My existential anxiety has been lightened by realising my own insignificance. You are no more than an ant. It doesn't matter what you do. You have no real obligations. Any imagined sense of purpose is just an egocentric delusion. This means you can throw away the weight of the fear that you can "waste your time": everyone wastes their time, since there is nothing meaningful to do.


>How does one find a purpose in life?

There's no purpose to find because we were not created to serve any purpose. We just exist. There reason? There's no reason. Something caused us to exist, but why would anyone think that it happened for a reason or to serve a goal? There's no such thing. What was the purpose in a dinasour's life?

> Something that actually brings fulfillment? Something to look forward to doing?

Whatever you find interesting or amusing enough.


>Your mental state is heavily dependent on society.
really? how i feel is determined by people around me? do i not have my own brain? i feel what i want to feel because emotions are not tied to the physical world, they are solely what you want to make of them.


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You have to find it within yourself.


I believe global warming is going to cause all sorts of catastrophes. You could work on preparing for that. Trying to prevent global warming is a fool's errand, the only thing we can do now is prepare for the strife. Of course this is hypocritical advice since I do not plan to prepare other than to acquire a shotgun to blow my brains out with. I think this would be a good way to find a community though. Find somewhere doing permaculture or something like that, those skills will come in handy.


humans are biologically wired to crave social interaction, the same way their bodies crave food. this was an evolutionary thing because humans are more likely to survive out in the wild when they're in a group compared to just by themselves. so basically, food is feeding your physical needs, while social is feeding your mental needs. this is why we crave human interaction. we can hate humans all we want and curse their existence, but our bodies will always feel the need to be with others, just because that's how nature works. so needless to say, the longer your isolation is, the more fucked up you become. your mind is punishing you for not meeting it's needs. you will start to make excuses why you're lonely. you'll start to hate humanity and resent everyone you meet. you'll trick yourself into believing you don't need others so you can help cope with your loneliness.
i don't know if having friends and a community will give your life purpose, but i know it will certainly make you happier. and making you happier could help push you into trying new things and finding yourself. though, i'm sure it's still possible to find fulfillment in life without the help of others. it's just a lot harder. actually…. maybe it is possible to find purpose in others now that i think about it? a lot of people in this world will go through hell and back just to provide for their loved ones. but that's no way i would want to personally live. i would much rather be alone in this world then live through others.
i think deep down in my mind i kind of envy people with friends and groups. i always wonder why can't my life be like that. but that's just wishful thinking. if given the chance to make a friend i would turn them down 100% of the time. i've convinced myself that i'm better off alone and that everyone around me is an idiot that would just slow me down or find a way to fuck me over

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