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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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Pretty good talk on how the global population shrinkage is what is most likely based on current data.

I don't agree with their "solutions" or that it even needs to be "solved", but still the data analysis is still interesting.


>Being a normal nazi isn't obnoxious enough
>Let me also be a grammar nazi too


>economic value derived from land
Couldn't all economic value be argued to have been derived from land at some point though? What separates a cultivated field that a farmer put work into from a car that people put work into to create from natural resources?


>Couldn't all economic value be argued to have been derived from land at some point though?

Yes, that's the whole point. Not sure what you're asking with the bit about the car. You need land for the mines and the factories and stuff to make the car and that's the point at which the tax would be applied.


Here's a quick explainer into Georgism.


But the car itself could still be said to have been derived from the land so some politician could push through a personal property tax with no ideological contradiction.





Uhhh, okay but that wouldn't be Georgism. That has nothing to do with Georgism. An alternate name for it is "single tax" because it's pretty much just about the land value tax which was originally proposed to elimate all other forms of taxation (although some who agree with the LVT people think there should be other forms of taxation as well). Some Georgists also believe there should be a dividend/basic income paid to people from the LVT as well, but Georgism is still mostly just about the LVT.



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File: 1573456284463.png (96.19 KB, 325x237, 325:237, EVA 01 is sick of this shi….png) ImgOps iqdb

Cause you keep spamming it everywhere I go.


you are not from here.


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phones smh, why did BlackBerry fail us


Guess the mods have decided that rule 5 doesn't apply to the political thread again.

Anyway, to get back on the actual topic of the thread.


File: 1573578697304.jpg (163.84 KB, 888x499, 888:499, Violence is the Supreme Au….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What are your thoughts on this?
Do you think it is correct or incorrect and if so why?


I think the person who did that image don't know the difference between power, the word that should be in there, and violence.


Power is a nebulous term. Violence is a clear threat, and that pic is right, all authority boils down to threats of violence.


It is a direct quote from a book and it very much means violence and not power. In context of both the quote and the philosophic outlook of the book true objective power is only real if it is in some way backed up by violence ether directly or by proxy.


>threats of violence
Which only holds any water if you have the power to carry it out.
I think power still is the only authority. You have very violent nations that have no authority whatsoever.
Since violence doesn't mean the same as power, I don't agree with that sentence at all.


If you lack the strength to commit acts of violence, then you can't really enact violence can you?



Power is literally a synonym for authority.
Without violence there is no power.
Just like without violence there is no authority.

> You have very violent nations that have no authority whatsoever.

You also have very violent toddlers with no authority over adults for the exact same reason why violent nations without authority.

In what way do you think power isn't related to violence ether directly or by proxy?


Imagine if a White male body slammed an elderly Black succubus, breaking her bones and sending her to an hospital in the process. How many weeks would it be national news? How many neighborhoods would be set on fire?

Imagine if a Black father of 2 was attacked by a White man, leaving him with only half of his brain left. How much would White people denounce their own race?


Imagine if I gave a shit about your transparent race baiting and persecution complex.


So why not using the word strentgh in that sentence? Works just as well.
>You also have very violent toddlers with no authority over adults for the exact same reason why violent nations without authority.
Yeah, exactly. That's why that sentence is silly.
>Power is literally a synonym for authority.

This is just a play on words at this point. The way the dictionary defines violence, no, I don't agree with that sentence at all, power works better because it captures more of what constitutes authority. Picking violence over a multitude of possible words feels like a choice for literary impact more than anything else. It sounds gritty I guess but also very lacking.


>This is just a play on words at this point.
Your argument is literally a semantic one. You have started this and it is a valid point.
Also define what you mean by power. Explain how it is different from authority when used in context.
Also explain how your explanation of power is in no way dependent on violence as the quote implies.


Nah, I don't care enough about this to actually waste 40 minutes defining terms here. Sorry wiz.


Violence is typically performed by ones with strength. It's implied that by deriving power from violence you are strong enough to enforce it. We can sit here all day making synonyms for force, strength, violence, whatever, but the point was not about that.


It's the hypocrisy that gets me. I'd get less angry if they honestly said that they want White people dead.



Not a bad video. The guests seem pretty balanced and well informed, but the host is trash. He's actually panicking about global population decline.

>Succubi are having fewer kids b/c they are getting an education and have aspirations beyond being a housewife.

Yes, where's the problem?

>People in developing countries aren't having a huge population explosion anymore because they have access to education.

Great. Where's the problem?

>When most people in a society stop having kids, that convinces other people to not have kids, thereby DEPRIVING YOUNG MEN of the JOY AND HONOR of being a FATHER AND HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD.

Yes, because they have actually put some thought into it.

>The U.N. is propaganda against having children!


I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but if we maximize the population of Earth, every square inch of our planet will have to be used for production, and people will have to get by on the bare minimum. The environment will be totally destroyed, and most people will be subjected to abject poverty and malnutrition. If people voluntarily have fewer children, then that is literally the best possible solution to the problem. What else can we do? Compulsory sterilization? Nuclear war? Just allow nature to take its course? No thank you.
Global population is inevitably going to stop growing eventually. We can do this the easy way or the hard way.

Related: y'all know of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement? vhemt.org


Not everyone here is antinatalist or suicidal or even share these malthusian prejudices.


The real problem is that only the dumb people are having children and the smart people aren't. Steps should be taken so that that is reversed or we are super fucked.


The main reason why it is seen as a problem is that welfare states require young people to keep feeding the beast in order to take care of the old and unproductive.
A shrinking population means a shrinking tax base meaning that big government types panic because there is no way to keep funding governmental expansion.

To me the obvious solution is to shrink the government at the same speed as the tax base shrinks and ease people into expecting less, but politician get into their positions by promising "free" shit so that isn't going to happen and they know it.

If to the ruling class govenment shrinkage was a option then this wouldn't be seen as a problem at all. Rather it would be seen as a good thing since productivity is higher yet the population stays the same or shrinks there is more then enough (in the market) for everyone and then some. But no, there problem is that there isn't enough to steal so that is why they are freaking out. But not enough to actually do the one thing that would undisputedly increase the population.
Overall it wouldn't be so bad if they didn't try the non-solution of mass-immigration in order to "fix" it but in reality end up making everything far worse in both the long and short term.

I am personally on the side of leaving people alone to breed less and shrink the government dramatically to account for the changing demographics. Any problems that may arrive such as a aging population can probably be handled by a combo of free market solutions and family/community responses without the need of the government to step in.


>Any problems that may arrive such as a aging population can probably be handled by a combo of free market solutions and family/community responses without the need of the government to step in.
Working really well in Japan with the elderly who are isolated and destitute. The west is heading in the same direction if it’s not already there, and it is going to be much worse with the next generations.
An aging declining population is problematic and dangerous in a lot more ways than merely a declining tax base. And “big government” types aren’t the only ones to panic. Why do you think are neolibs and conservatives pushing for more migration? And good luck keeping people out when your country is declining and/or sparsely populated, it has never worked out well historically.

>Rather it would be seen as a good thing since productivity is higher yet the population stays the same or shrinks there is more then enough (in the market) for everyone and then some.

Yeah I’m sure it will work out, this is definitely what is going to happen (lol)


Oh it is so problematic and dangerous in some non-defined way.
Wow you sure convinced me with your non-arguments. Better go out and breed right away.

By the way, the vast majorty of Japan's elderly are doing just fine, being far from isolated and destitute.
Are there a small portion that deal with hardships, sure, but it is just the consequences of their choices that they have to deal with.

The GLOBAL population is shrinking. Ether adapt by shrinking the government or watch those governments collapse.
If you want to grow the population to keep shitty big governments then there is only one thing that actually works that won't cause a massive decline in quality of life for everyone involved.
You want the solution?
Think you can handle it?
You really want to increase the birth rate?
Well it is simple: Take succubi's rights away
If you ain't willing or able to do that then shut the fuck up and do what is necessary to prepare for the population decline.


File: 1573644003979.gif (611.64 KB, 684x784, 171:196, rip europe.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, this basically. Population stability isn't necessarily bad, the real problem though is which populations are shrinking. Spoiler: It's not the Africans.


>It takes 40 minutes to define a word in context
Dude, you are slow in every sense of the word.


They may not be shrinking quite yet but at least their population growth is slowing down significantly.
If they follow the example of South America they could turn things around in less then a generation.


An aging, declining population is one that is set to disappear or get assimilated by more prolific ones as time goes by. This is what the far right tards got partially right with their “replacement” idea. This is already causing problems in western countries where indigenous people are feeling threatened by migrants from latin america, africa, the near and middle east and so on, but they brought this onto themselves.
Now a lot of anti natalists welcome this (depopulation that is, not migration) because they want the whole world to commit suicide essentially. This is repugnant imo, but makes a lot more sense than thinking that a country can thrive in any way with an abysmal birth rate.


Any system that is totally relent on endless growth, including a endlessly growing population, is doomed to destruction eventually.

Adapt and find a better system that doesn't require endless growth or die.
But hey, if you want to see the population of whatever nation stirs your heart rise then I already gave you the solution to delay the inevitable.


>The film will surely be Warner Bros.’ big Oscar flick. On one hand, its success, as a comic book movie about a tormented white dude who is “victimized by society” to the point of villainy may rub folks the wrong way.
What did they mean by that?


This isn't the film thread.

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