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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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You’d best start believing in European-style Orwellian nightmares.

You’re in one.


Wow they arrested him instead of shooting him on sight? White people truly have it the worst out of anyone


Sometimes I get the feeling that people in the future will look back on this current climate of excessive political correctness and "progressive" vigilantism the same way we look back on puritanism in the victorian era. All of this in spite of the unprecedented amounts of pornography being produced



so you agree that we should be arresting white people for saying words alone in an empty parking lot? why are you such a fascist?


i'm race baiting on purpose because modern culture has driven me insane


they're both essentially a result of the protestant mentality taken to the extremes, so it's a pretty sound comparison



There are people who see it that way right now.


I am so fucking mad.
I was lied to and actually believed the lies. Told these lies in school, told them on tv, told for decades how we were killing the planet and to fear the looming threat of climate change.
It seems that every day I find out some new bit of truth that counters the lies I have heard about the environment.
And now today I find out that I can't even trust National Geographic.


Awesome, now you can act like a big man and start littering on purpose


What a joke.


File: 1571970005698.jpg (123.74 KB, 704x1024, 11:16, race-image-national-geogra….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


National Geographic has become another propaganda arm for the Marxist agenda.

National Geographic Pushes Pseudoscience - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v4_JfUPO9M


>polar bear conservation efforts lead to more polar bears


posts like this just show how fucked we are. How can you deal with this level of stupidity?


That doesn't excuse firing academics that bring attention to an increase in their number.


Dude, there is no way around the fact that they lied and then actively punished people who spoke the truth.
That is unacceptable no matter how you cut it. It isn't just this one issue that they lie and suppress the truth about. This global warming political bullshit has nothing to actually do with the health of the environment.


I think financial assistance from the government is a good thing for us NEETs. If you strongly disagree with me, you are inherently violating Rule 4 and really don't belong here.


National Geographic openly supports bald faced globalism. Coming soon to their own television network is a program called "Activate" and it's literally about making people "global citizens"


What is it about then? (not that other guy)


Forcing social and economic change while making up a justification to give government even more power and control over every single aspect of each individual, group, or team.
It is a combination of progressive athoritariansm and Marxist bullshit being pushed through emotion and trickery.
Just leaf though the green new deal if you don't believe me.


the last time I opened a national geographic it was neocon political shit mixed with dumbed down writing and probably 90% of the magazine was pictures

fucking kikes…
that magazine used to be such a wonderful work of real world anthropology and adventure journalism, 90% writing, intelligent and politically neutral, I wish I still had the hundreds of old issues my grandma saved


File: 1571989330311.png (1.69 MB, 1889x809, 1889:809, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb


what are you doing? I'm not clicking that shit


Do you wish you could have a beautiful white family?


do you wish you could have a beautiful (specific type of person or specific intention in creating your) family?


You didn't answer my question faggot.


so you're shitposting now? reported


im not the same person dont call me a faggot


Huffington Post mocks white people becoming a minority


I don't know why the US is so keen to become a multicultural country and I've seen some actually speaking highly of America becoming "the first multicultural country". Yeah, no. I advise any us citizen to live 6 months in a multicultural country with white minority like Brazil or Mexico and decide for yourself if that's a good thing.


tick tock whiteoids


Why? Becauze it completely makes sense. If you can't figure it out by yourself then you better be ready to live in a ghetto with the diversity.


The green new deal might be the most shady corporate expression of environmentalism but it doesnt represent it as a whole. Aren't you letting oil moguls trick you with emotion a little as well?


Aren't you reaching for straws blindly?
Oil moguls aren't the ones who I am getting info that expose all these lies. You bringing them up feels like you are just trying to change focus off the lying bastards who have infected all rungs of power with their filth. From the education system and cartoon for little children to the highest offices in some of the most powerful governments in the world. Lies so that they can scare people into giving them absolute authority to dictate how every facet of everyone's lives are to be lived under their iron fisted rule.
Oil moguls just want to make money, maximize profits, standard business goals.
The people behind this climate change/global warming bullshit want far more then money. They want absolute power over the whole world.

I am starting to see the that what Ayn Rand had to say about environmentalism is more valid then not. I used to roll my eyes at many of her writings when I was younger. But in coming back to them with newly gained wisdom and a firmer grasp on the facts of the matter I find much of what she says rings true.


how dare the democrats propose using *gasp* corporations to improve the environment!? This is clearly bad because corporations are evil, so therefore we should just keep ignoring it and keep giving the oil corporations subsidies instead.


You have to wonder who's pocket they are in though.


Wish I could send stuff like that back in time, like for White Americans fighting in WWII and tell them "this is what you're fighting for"


Modern warfare is stupid. We should just covertly assassinate heads of state instead of wasting money throwing soldiers and equipment at them.


why do you believe ww2 'was fought for' some kind of utopian western volk life.


Who's gonna buy the missiles and next generation aircrafts? What about the super aircraft carriers, the factory jobs, various suppliers, the bar next to the military base? And who's gonna hire the retired officers if there's no money to gain from lobbying and war propaganda?


Easier said than done. Plus assassinating heads of state is a really good way to start ww3.


The point is, instead of "starting ww3" and wasting resources countries should just strike at the heart of the matter and target the people who are actually making the decisions instead of a bunch of dumb norps who have nothing to do with the actual issue and are just acting as some sort of weird ritual sacrifice to Mars.


The US tried that all during the cold war.
Never ended well.


Their wasting your ressources, not theirs, and that's the whole point.


You do understand the concept of chain of command right?
You kill one dude and there is already someone to take their place the same day. You would have to destroy the whole command structure from the top down which usually takes full on total war and the military domination of the country in question.

You really didn't think this through. If such a thing was easy or reasonable it would be done all the time.


First strike hypersonic nuke could provide an answer to that. That said, icbm can already do that, since most states lack the abilities to intercept them. The human cost of such attacks is irrelevant when you see how much devastation wars with proxies or invasion cause anyway.


Convert assassination to intentionally starting WWIII due to a nuclear first strike that obliterates whole fucking cities when someone points out why assassination isn't usually a effective option.

I am starting to think there is something wrong with you. The phrase "that escalated quickly" doesn't even cover it.
>If I can't kill one guy kill absolutely everyone


Bombs flatten cities just as well as a nuke, and obviously it shouldn't be used againsr nuclear capable countries. It's not like Russia or China will start a nuclear exchange if the US nuked Teheran or Damascus.



Trump tried to cut anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine (and elsewhere) that the US pays. He's trying to claim all he cares about is corruption in general, yet the only case he ever mentioned was the one connected to Biden, at the same time he's trying to cut the amount of money the US gives them to fight corruption. His weak excuses are easily destroyed by the actual evidence.


oh gee he doesn't want to give other countries free shit, how incriminating


When is the U.S. government going to default?


Trump isn't allowed to pay for anti-corruption because it would hurt his political opponents therefore it's a conflict of interests.


The US is playing a game with no lose conditions, since it decides the rules. If anything debts only make the US richer (for the people that actually matter), and the more debt the better. Defaulting is one of the last worries of the US, if it ever loses it's position as an empire.


Thats not happening in the foreseeable future.
How much do you know about how the US monetary policy? Do you actually understand how the federal reserve works and the difference between debt and deficit spending?
Like how detailed and back to basics do I have to get?
Or are you fine with the simple answer of not for at the very least a couple decades?
I mean for goodness sake, the primary oil valuation is still the petro-dollar making US currency still the primary unit of exchange in global trade. That is how much confidence there is in the US economic stability and future.
Something would have to go apocalyptically wrong for default to even be a realistic consideration.


File: 1572064090759-0.jpg (83.69 KB, 983x583, 983:583, EHr8mkgW4AYwe9S.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1572064090759-1.png (27.66 KB, 862x468, 431:234, EHr8mkeW4AQoSkh.png) ImgOps iqdb


The only way for US to lose is for China to be able to expand and secure its own trade routes, something they are already working on. This is why I shrug whenever I see someone call China a "bubble" or something. They have a concise project of an empire that spans generations, while US is relying on the wealth and power that was left by past generations and slowly destroying itself.


File: 1572064716507.gif (1.78 MB, 178x190, 89:95, godzilla I am become death.gif) ImgOps iqdb

This stuff is honestly what I hate most about the modern era. All the weird race stuff I can ignore, but when you fuck with gender and the human body so much I can't take it.


Even if China secures it's own sphere of influence, to challenge and put pressure on the US, it'll take quite a while for the US to crumble. The US still have it's American backyard, and European vassals, for the it to survive even if diminished (but still significantly powerful). The biggest vulnerabilities are internal, and at the top, notably the division and lack of any grand vision of it's elite than isn't the humiliation of it's population.


Trannies are truly damaged people. I'm sorry for the ones that just got aren't complete deranged degenerates that got what's coming for them and were just lied to. People who feel so bad and are so unstable to the point of really believing this will save them from their pitiful state deserve better treatment than being cheered on by the demons who feed on despair, delusion and self-harm.


There's a gigantic class action lawsuit waiting to happen in the coming years. Unfortunately big donors, woke corporations, bureaucrats, ngos, activits,judges, lawyers, media are unlikely to be paying the price, except as in the form of further breaking down of trust, and exacerbation of the culture crisis.


File: 1572070109273.jpeg (86.99 KB, 540x468, 15:13, 1033C750-EBB3-451F-9C9B-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>class action lawsuit
Are you serious?


It's that lunatic communist. Don't mind him. He's also a liar.


I hope 'trolls' exposing the negative side of those sorts of surgeries will influence some people to not go through those surgeries. The huge online hugboxs filled with trannys have really distorted how awful those surgeries are. Sex reassignment surgery (and even hormone therapy) is absolutely not something that should be done just because you would prefer to be a succubus or because you have a sexual tg fetish. It should always be an absolute last resort kind of thing, and some kind of psychological therapy should always be attempted first in the hopes of finding a better form of coping with the mental illness. Instead these doctors are fast tracking mentally ill people into irreversibly mutilating themselves. And they line their pockets while doing it, absolutely disgusting.


File: 1572108819300.jpg (44.46 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 1571683244453.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

First they're doing it to themselves, then they'll do it to their children and people that are 'symptomatic' of gender dysphoria, like it or not.
I don't even know if there's anything even more deranged than people that chop of their genitalia. God knows I've thought about harming myself to avoid work, but what healthy brain pulls the trigger on an idea like that? And on the genitalia no less - you literally chop off your only real biological purpose in this world - stuff like that must end in a core meltdown.


It would be less damaging for them if they convinced themselves futa/dickgirls are real.


Yeah, taking hormones is like a 5/10 on the extreme scale, chopping off your genitals is like a 10/10. Its fucked up how much the most extreme option is just accepted and pushed for by lots of very influential people.



>Its fucked up how much the most extreme option is just accepted and pushed for by lots of very influential people.

I think it's mostly out of ignorance. People think SRS will legitimately result in a real vagina instead of the much more gruesome reality of it being a fucking gaping wound you have to keep from closing by "dilating". If most people understood there is no real way of changing your gender, they wouldn't be pushing it so much, but they live in this fantasy that modern technology can do anything.



I don't think it's so much a faith in modern technology but more the emotional hugbox that surrounds these people. Society doesn't tell these would be trannys that they won't ever be succubi they will just be a man in a dress with some weird breast tissue forming, they are told that they will be succubi and that if they identify as a succubus they are a succubus. There isn't enough criticism.



As fucked up as this is, we deserve it for our inaction after what Snowden leaked. Totalitarian police state is no longer a question of if, it is a question of when.


With each passing year, I laugh harder about when the U.S. government 'complains about other countries human rights records.'


Problem is americans are so fucking stupid that they require someone with a strong Hollywood-esque personality. Smart people tend to be boring as fuck.


They didn't lie. Are you a moron or something? Numbers were dropping, they started conservation efforts, numbers went back up, their environment continues to be destroyed and they will be threatened from this destruction. Polar bears are doomed because they live on an ice sheet which is about to disappear.


shut the fuck up american hater. At least burgers still care about concepts, im sure in your shithole revolutions only happen because they are violent hyper tribal apes. No concepts, just this group vs that group.

Note: all movements always require charismatic leaders,stupid


You really don't know what you are talking about. Watch the video. It is clear cut black and white lying and covering up the truth.
You trying to shift to some vague unsubstantiated "numbers" while ignoring undeniable in your face deception is pretty despicable.
You think just because you call me names I am just going to ignore all the evidence of all the times they lied in order to push a agenda? And for what, the greater good?
Go fuck yourself, you are just as much of a scumbag as they are.


In case you wanted a blow by blow of the details of this train-wreck.


It's more profitable for a people to simply care about their own than for concepts that ultimately lead to their own self destruction. The case around the modern world is often that an elite manages to convince a people through propaganda to act on their own detriment in the name of ideals that they cannot understand but end up emotionally attached to.


I think the kid should be able to wear dresses and stuff, but his mom shouldn't call him a girl, that's a bit overzealous. There's plenty of young boys that I know of on youtube who like that kinda stuff too. Gender non-conforming youths have always been a thing. Believe it or not, some boys are just faggots, fathers being butthurt about this isn't new or compelling


This dumb bitch should just adopt a daughter which is what she clearly wants, rather than try to destroy her son with chemicals. Then again the debasement probably gets her off.


Did you not watch the video or know any of the details of the story?
The kid doesn't actually want to wear dresses exept when he is around the abusive mother, because it is what she wants and he is still at the age where he is willing to do nearly anything to please her.
It is totally fucked up. By all amounts the kid is a normal boy who prefers boy things whenever he is not around the abusive mom.


She has daughters. It isn't that she wants a daughter, it is that she is pissed off at the father, males in general, and is crazy.
Worst yet she is a pediatrician and has many complaints that she has pushed gender theory nonsense on several of her patients too that were also just normal boys.
She also intentionally caused parental alienation through manipulation with most of the other children, which is another form of child abuse but isn't punished when succubi do it because "family" courts are feminist bullshit.


I think this might be at the heart of why so many mothers are into this now. They get off on the debasement and subsequent neutering of their male children, and of male children in general. It would at least partially explain why so many of these trannie kids are so overly done up like caricatures.



Brainlets think that Trump should be impeached, while retards think that Trump shouldn't be impeached. Anyone with a brain knows that it doesn't matter one way or another, whether he's impeached or not, whether he wins 2020 or not. The timeframe might change by a few years, but that's it. Your destiny is already sealed. This is only a way to direct all the dangerous popular anger towards something that can be controlled by those in power.


Nice, but not gonna listen to T*m Pool. Why don't you post the article or direct statement? I can read just as well as him. I don't need a non-interactive surrogate e-friend to do that for me.


three years since the motherfucker was elected and still no wall or anything promised

all he's done is kiss jew ass and their shitty little country


was the el paso shooting our new 9/11?


Which one? There's so many of them that it's hard to keep track.


What does wizards think of Tim pool?


He is a youtube reporter.
Sometimes has good information, but is still a bluepilled normie at the end of the day.
It is a bit funny how butthurt like 2 or 3 people get whenever they see a link involving him though.

Fuck no.


One of the reasons I asked this question is because of Tim pool poster lol


there are a few people that post his vids in this, and occasionally the news thread, not just one.

Just like there is more then one that get butthurt over whenever a video involving him is posted.

I am sort of meh on it. He is overly long-winded at times and at this point is more of a internet news caster then a in the field journalist anymore. A news reader + opinions kind of thing, only his opinions tend to be pretty milktoast and safely in the center.


Based beanie man calls himself a "centrist", is actually a leftist but panders to right wingers, and he can manage all that because he never actually says anything. All he does is read stuff that other people wrote and make commentary that is the equivalent of "pretty crazy, huh? but that's just my opinion"


It is now against the law to call a succubus a bitch.
First amendment be damn. succubi's feelings might get hurt so the constitution doesn't matter.


this is great


I'm not sure what they think needs to be reevaluated about perception of race in the west. Racial consciousness has made significant progress with almost everyone in the last 10 years except black americans who still insist on throwing their own under the bus if their skin is too light


Time and time again the wizchan politics thread proves that nobody here really deserved to get the best out of life in the first place


I might be reaching for straws but you still maintain the same binary view of the situation. Is it really a matter of oil moguls vs. climate jews? Is all eco friendly action automatically tainted by deep state interlopers now?


Canadian confronts Greta Thunberg & her handlers


Those Ayn Rand excerpts you linked are complete obscurantist bullshit too, by the way. Eco friendly practices aren't incompatible with urban life and the accomodations it provides at all. Waste reduction and alternative energy are very real solutions that are being applied right now and I haven't heard of anyone being forced back to the land because of it. And if you feel like you haven't seen those actions have a significant impact yet, it might be because their proponents are constantly slowed down in their attempts to implement them because *someone* down the line will inevitably lose money over it (protip: it won't be you or me or anyone you know.)


Good god. It's like writing history with lightning


>Those Ayn Rand excerpts you linked are complete obscurantist bullshit too
No they aren't.
>Waste reduction and alternative energy are very real solutions that are being applied right now
Both are totally ineffective on anything but a personal level in all honesty. On a governmental level they consistently accomplish nothing while causing economic and material harm. Usually to poor people.
>And if you feel like you haven't seen those actions have a significant impact yet
It isn't about feelings. The objective facts of the matter is that such actions are both usually futile and harmful to begin with, and don't actually accomplish their stated objectives because they are bad solutions to issues that usually aren't even real problems.
>it doesn't work because [insert vague conspiracy theory]
It doesn't work because it isn't meant to work. It isn't really about the environment. It is about power and control. If it did work it wouldn't require lies, emotional manipulation, or force. If it worked it would be able to compete in a free market, both of rational ideas and in the literal market place. It would be able to do so honestly, without manipulation and most importantly it wouldn't require coercive force. That clearly isn't the case.


Enlighten us.


Africans in Baltimore glorifying cop killing.

It's just their culture, sweetie


lol, bootlicker mad?


i see nothing wrong with that. fuck cops.


these silicone valley programmers are right, niggua


While I am not a fan of celebrating death, I am not a fan of police ether and not exactly torn up when they are taken out. Just like I am not sad when politicians or judges get what is coming to them.


What are they even saying? I cant make out a word they say.


Each of his videos have a specific thesis that he supports using specific news articles. I don't know what you mean by saying that he "panders" to right wingers; espousing left-wing views seems to be the opposite of pandering to them.


I mean, it's cop culture to kill unarmed black people in their own homes soooo


don't know who that is and don't want to know


I stop reading anything when I see "woke"


So do you just quit books when someone woke up from sleep?

It is so retarded to be triggered over single words.


yeah that's right

what's retarded is your reading comprehension


They kill each other more than anything


>kill unarmed black people

And nothing of value was lost


He talks platitudes, absolutely nothing specific, deep or critical about it. You can tell he's a left winger whenever he actually proposes anything, but since he usually avoids saying anything of substance he'll be making his money doing clickbait videos for right wingers which are his audience.


No evidence of the police disproportionately targeting blacks. It's all "hands up, don't shoot" garbage.


He's just a grifter. A text-to-speech can do as much a good job as him.


You can hate black people all you want but defending cops in reaction to this is moronic. US police is given all the chances in the world to keep their act in check and they still pull the same infantile power tripping bullshit time and time again. Even /pol/ have the insight to call them zogbots. Do you really wanna be dumber than a /pol/tard?


Have the time he has to trip over himself to get demonetized by the bot, which is why he doesn't use the strong language you are probably used to.
He does have pretty clear positions on things, and every story he usually gives his opinion on. It is just that he isn't a extremist. He is a textbook example of a slightly left centrist. Maybe to you that comes off as being to mild for you to recognize, but to say that all he does is talk in platitudes is a lie.


It is impressive that someone who supposedly says nothing can inspire such hate/butthurt.


butthurt that he makes money just by reading articles off google news, what an easy life


Then why don’t you do the same?


You're confusing things here. Blacks hate the police because they think "cops are racist", which is not true. We can argue whether the police is too violent in general and the causes of it, but calling the police "racist" is just dumb and uninformed.



Sometimes it takes effort to scam people. It took him a few years to get that position, plus the market is saturated now.


>sometimes it takes effort
But you just said he had an “easy life” by doing this.


For those of you who don't know, Nick was visiting Politicon, and he got blocked by security at request of Charlie Kirk, the typical fake right winger who pays lip service to free speech but will punch and call for censorship of anyone right to them. He went home, and in his stream he asked for his viewers to go there and ask the questions that no neocon wants to hear. Wish this would happen every time, gatekeeping neocons do more to harm the right than leftists.

This whole thing between Turning Point USA and Nicholas Fuentes is pretty nice. It's good to see actual right wingers stomping the neocucks. They'll hang out with trannies and have a friendly talk with socialists, but the moment an actual right winger shows up next to them they'll run away in fear and call security. I hope this becomes a tradition.


Not him. A life of making money by reading news articles and talking platitudes is an easy life, no question about that. He used to do more stuff in the past, like actual reporting, and got enough traction to jump to this. He's an ok reporter, but obviously not a good political commentator, and in fact we can barely call it political commentary since it's a struggle to actually get something out of him. There's no contradiction here.


absolutely amazing thanks for posting wow


if you done be see de coons where i be libs you gwine be 'stan whys we be hates dey azzes like a dogshit sandwich, yowsa!
filthy disease carrying murderous violent subhuman pos monkey boys with zero it's and no self control.


Can you please try again, but in english this time?


sigh…' its' = IQ's
bloody efn autocorrect!


it dun beez an 'septed form ub engrish where i's be libs. yowsa!


It's awesome how all the ruling class had to do to turn everyone into a neurotic mess is make it illegal to distrust black people


No problem, my fellow nicker.


Nature running it's course.


You keep up with the pigeon shitposting and I will start dumping bps videos again.



It's shitposting and a rule 5 violation.
Not that the mods enforce it in this thread.


This can only last for so long before one hell of a backlash happens.


Yes, someday you'll get banned for dumping videos in this thread.


File: 1572526963675.jpg (48.46 KB, 768x512, 3:2, 5628385415aaf18adfa6bcc003….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>a handful of trans/drag retards on social media represent every single trans person that exists


Optics matter. The trans movement by and large has really bad optics to everyone that isn't a hyper left SJW

one more thing, you don't know what a strawman fallacy actually is because you still have poor reading comprehension so you keep using it wrong.


>you still have poor reading comprehension
but you didn't write anything 🤔


>Implying regulars of this thread aren't largely recognizable to each other by now


They're all insane.


A strawman is something you make up in order to defeat. He doesn't have to make a strawman, because those people actually exist.


he is presenting crazies like they are the norm in order to make their lifestyle easier to criticize, strawman if I ever saw one


Because we all know it is perfectly sane and normal to cut your dick off, inject female hormones, and larp as the opposite sex.


You are describing cherry-picking, not a strawman.


whatever, the video is dumb, no one takes that horse-faced "lesbian" seriously


Ocasio Cortez blames climate change on white people



I honestly think it must be a bot who posts these.


It seemed obvious from the beginning that this nonsense was bullshit but I am glad that evdence keeps coming out to prove it.
Not that facts and evedence will stop them. They have painted themselves into a corner and impeachment is the only card they have left to play regardless of if there is credible reason to use it. They have been itching for anything they could use to impeach even before he official took office. They wanted impeachment the day he was elected.

I honestly think you complain about all youtube videos that get posted in this thread and never are actually producive in the conversation or have anything worth saying on the topic at hand.


yeah because you need a bot to post three videos


at least he no longer shows his ugly mug on his videos thumbnails


Bot detected
bot creator samecelling


‘Americans will RESPAWN al-Baghdadi’: Assad casts doubt on ISIS leader’s death, draws parallels with Bin Laden’s killing


Take any words from US politicians with a grain of salt, Syria’s Bashar Assad has urged, as he cast doubt on the story of the Islamic State leader being killed in US a raid, and compared it to the shady killing of Osama Bin Laden.

The widely publicized US special forces raid that allegedly killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorist group, left more questions than answers and it should not be taken at the face value, the Syrian President cautioned, during a lengthy interview with state media on Thursday.

Damascus did not participate in the raid by any means, Assad stated, adding that he'd learned about the claim only through media reports. Adding imaginary participants into the operation is likely supposed to give it credibility, he added, while countries on such a list would likely be flattered to be a “part of a ‘great’ operation.”

Washington’s loud praise of its own actions, a picture of the ‘hero dog’ that took part in the raid and footage purportedly of the aerial strikes have not convinced Assad if it “actually took place or not.” Moreover, he thought the whole affair suspiciously resembled the 2011 killing of another notorious terrorist – Al Qaeda’s head Osama Bin Laden.

“Why were the remains of Baghdadi not shown? This is the same scenario that was followed with Bin Laden. If they are going to use different pretexts in order not to show the remains, let us recall how [former Iraqi] President Saddam Hussein was captured and how the whole operation was shown from A to Z; they showed pictures and video clips after they captured him.”

The killing of Saddam’s sons was also well-documented and widely publicized, Assad went on to add, suggesting that the Americans “hide everything” about both the killing of bin Laden and that of al-Baghdadi for a reason.

All in all, it’s unlikely that death of the IS leader – if he really was killed – and even the ultimate destruction of the terrorist group would change anything, Assad said. The root of the problem – the Wahhabi ideology that is “more than two centuries old” would not disappear at once. The radical Islamist thought and al-Baghdadi were merely US tools all along, Assad claimed, adding that those tools could easily be re-purposed elsewhere.

“I believe the whole thing regarding this operation is a trick. Baghdadi will be recreated under a different name, a different individual, or ISIS in its entirety might be reproduced as needed under a different name but with the same thought and the same purpose. The director of the whole scenario is the same, the Americans.”


Replace zarqawi with baghdadi and this 2006 article is just as relevant today


The reason why the only people who actually like high taxes are corrupt bureaucrats and the rich cronies that use their services.


Thanks for proving my point


Younger succubi in positions of power are fucking terrifying. They always share the same overblown confidence, the same feeling that they're untouchable, that they're constantly breaking new ground simply by being a succubus at the front of the political scene, when all they ever seem to do is absorb the most puerile parts of their ideology and make them theirs. These aren't the people who should be in the ranks shaking up the old order.


All that contemporary feminism has managed to achieve is raise a generation of entitled psychopaths. The succubi who think they're breaking ground right now were simply never told "no". Parents will be more than happy to put all of their chips on their daughter if she comes to them with an extravagant career plan in some obscure field of academia; boys are told to be realistic and pick something with more openings and better pay



I think the issue is that they were basically told, okay now you've got to step up and be a success like a man. No trophy wifing for you, you need to go out and earn status. You see the feminists are mostly the highly educated, rich people. Rich people get to be rich by their parents being very motivated and perfectionist and constantly driving them to succeed. Narcissism is of course at the heart of it as demonstrated by our Narcissist in Chief, Trump. He's less of a functional narcissist than most of them though. Most of these succubi are under immense stress from their parents to succeed in traditionally male dominated spaces. So they retreat to feminism which makes them feel strong, makes them feel like they're part of a pack of people who have their back, and it also gives them constant excuses to shift blame for their own failures onto men. Men are a convenient scapegoat because now any difficulties in life can be blamed on "the patriarchy" and "sexism" and "the system". They react to all sorts of imagined slights from male/female interactions that are actually just normal, but which succubi interpret as being motivated by gender-based animus. This of course seems ridiculous to most men because we are already nicer to succubi by default because of instinct.

This whole thing really started with the same group of people who have ruined everything in American society, the bourgeois capitalists. They decided they wanted the succubi to not only be the consumers, but they wanted them to be earners and laborers too. They figured, hey, more workers for the factories and offices means more profit for us, especially since those succubi will now have their own source of income. It will increase competition in the labor sector even more and make everyone work even harder for less money. So they invented feminism which worked great because they had already bored succubi to death by destroying the traditional female gender roles with capitalist inventions.

For example, the role of nurturing and educating the children was taken from them by the state because the capitalists wanted their workers to be better educated. They made the bell schedule to resemble that of a traditional assmebly line where workers would be notified of their shifts by the bells. They got them educated in things they might need to use to be more productive workers like arithmetic and reading. Then there was taking care of the household, things like cooking and cleaning, mass produced canned food made everything a snap, so did the vacuum, the microwave, all sorts of inventions made things easy and took the actual work out of it (read the unabomber manifesto and pay attention to his explanation of the "power process" for more on this). Even shopping, which once was literal work that took a lot of effort going to place to place and bartering to turn your limited resources into the most gain for you (you still see this in the third world) was removed as an overabundance from industrialized modes of production and capitalism obviated the need. Everything now had a fixed price and all you needed was a husband who made enough to buy you the new shiny thing to make the dull ennui of life recede for a moment over the excitement of your new thing. But if you didn't have a husband who made enough, or you had one who made too much, this no longer worked, the former because you couldn't have the shiny thing in the first place and the latter because no matter how many things you had you came to realize it never actually made your life any more interesting or worth living.

But neverfear, capitalism is here to save the day! The bourgeoisie realized this was a golden opportunity, they could take these bored and disaffected house wives and sell them the promise of a magical world of freedom and empowerment in the glorious and sexy male gender role. Yes, that's it, they could be living exciting and fulfilling lives like all these men they see on TV! But of course it was a scam. The male gender role has always been hellish slavery and when combined with capitalism that slavery is taken to the most efficient form of slavery known to man. More and more shiny things, more and more tasty sugar and fat laden foods, they combine endless consumerist hedonism with the social shaming and rewards that make everyone's lives dependent upon their success as a wage slave. To compete even to barely survive you have to do all sorts of shit when the great irony of it is that the technology we invented made it so no one should have to do any of it just to survive.

succubi found that everything wasn't all it was cracked up to be, they weren't sailing to success having adventures and shit they were just being stressed out and worked like dogs. Yet their parents demand even more than just survival, they demand success, the more affluent the parents, the more feminist the succubus because the more she is being driven to perform in this stupid rat race. Of course they are given all the advantages that being rich gives you, but it's still not enough, how could it be, the world of capitalism is cut-throat where competition forces everyone to have to perform at their best or suffer the consequences, so they invented feminism, to become strong through basic pack behavior. MRAs/MGTOWs are a reaction to this sort of behavior because of course they do not have any of these advantages so it seems unfair. What both the feminists and the MRAs are missing is that the entire capitalist system is inherently unfair and just fucking unnatural and is literally destroying the earth. We need to de-industrialize and move to mixed economies where there is much more public capital, public commodities and public employment and where automation actually makes people's lives easier instead of just making their lives more pointless and miserable.


Could you specify who exactly you mean by "the bourgeois capitalists"? I doubt that you mean people like my local tire shop owner, even though such a person is both a part of the bourgeois and a capitalist, as he owns and profits off of capital.

Also, please outline how exactly the aforementioned group of subverters have gained control over the state.


kike who worships satan. literally.


Their supporters are insufferable too. Take the young succubi followers of "the squad" or that climate downie from sweden.


The bourgeois class is pretty well defined. Your tire shop owner qualifies because he owns capital and employs laborers. The worst ones and the dominant ones in society are the ones who have large companies though and because there's not really a better term to describe them I use bourgeois. The more powerful among the bourgeoisie naturally dominate the rest of the class, the media especially in this case, hollywood, and advertisers, they are the ones who set the trends and are mostly responsible for what I talk about, but all the bourgeoisie benefit and many of the problems I talk about were created as a product of the bourgeois domination of society as a whole. Ted Kaczynski just looks at the proliferation of technology within society in isolation and talks about the negative effects of that, but that's an incomplete view in my opinion. I see that as an inevitable consequence of the industrial revolution that was carried out under a capitalist system by private enterprise for the purpose of private gain. You can't separate the proliferation of technology from the other societal and economic changes that happened at the same exact time. The industrial revolution was also the capitalist revolution and that changed everything in our society and also produced the technology that Ted so despises. Regardless how you look at it, as just the technology in isolation or the modes of production that are responsible for its proliferation, the fact is that things changed drastically within the past 300 years or so with the changes accelerating as time goes on.

The bourgeoisie took power from the aristocracy in a series of revolutions starting with the American Revolution, then the French, and so on and so forth. If you want to know more, read about world history starting with the American revolution.


So you are saying that small business owners are to blame? Why, because they are complicit with the zeitgeist or something? If so they only have as much blame as any other average person who doesn't actively campaign for traditional gender roles.
You do say that the worst are the "dominant" ones, but this is still pretty vague. Are you asserting that all successful owners of capital are gathering in secret somewhere to conspire for feminism, regardless of whatever beliefs they espouse? If my tire shop owner suddenly gets a monopoly on the tire business will he be inducted into this dark feminist secret society? I doubt it because that seems pretty ridiculous.
We need to know exactly who these people are before any constructive discussion can be made about this. Vague, blanket terms like "capitalist" (that describe pretty much every citizen at this point, given that private ownership of capital is extremely widespread; cars, etc.) doesn't really say anything. It's akin to the feminist claim that "men cause all wars".


The guy you are talking to is commie that generally doesn't believe in personal property for anyone that has more then him.


why do all the white people born between 1945 and 1955 have such a powerful, borderline religious fear of the gommunisms? so much so that even now they're cheering on possible war with communist (in name only) china because it's….it's COMMIE

I do not understand how tens of millions of people can have lived so long, experienced so much and yet never grown out of this infantile cold war, strangelovian mindset

there's a lot of things about the boomers I can take for granted, it's like a paranormal event happened that made all the white people born between 1945 and 1955 permanently 13 years old mentally, but this eternal retardation of theirs about teh communisms is a little more than I can believe

I'm open to theories


Putin propaganda. Trump will do whatever the Kremlin tells him to, so that's not surprising.


>all the white people born between 1945 and 1955 have such a powerful, borderline religious fear of the gommunisms
Why do you believe this?


Simply put they don't.
I think it would be best if you check your premises for they are likely to be in error.


correction, I meant all the ones in america
were you born yesterday


Maybe you should explain why you believe this. It's a pretty massive claim.


you must be very young or you've been shut in all your life, I'm not here to give you reality 101 lessons son


You realize those same red scare boomers you're complaining about are also the same generation that participated in things like woodstock and had some of the most openly communist beliefs in decades right?


You're really refusing to defend the fundamental axiom of your post? Well okay, I don't know why you decided to make your opinions public in the first place if you never wanted to discuss them though.


alright, I guess what you're doing now is seizing on the use of "all" in my post

why are you such a niggler?



I see nothing is to be gained in further communication with you


because I exposed you


>why do all white people
>I-I mean why do all americans
>what I really meant was-
Just kill yourself.


So… you actually don't mean "all"? It might be prudent to choose words that actually represent what you're trying to say. What are you trying to say?


Do you even have anything to say about my post or are you just going to accuse me of picking on your tire shopkeep? Why the fuck are you just trying to argue with me so hard without actually addressing any of the points I made? The bourgeois saw they could benefit from having succubi be workers so they pushed the idea in society and the idea caught on because succubi were already bored and disaffected thanks to changes in society that were brought about by capitalism and industrialization. At every level the bourgeoisie benefitted from the changes I talked about. Are you totally incapable of thinking about things on a systemic level and that's why you're trying to break it down into these simplistic terms with your shopkeeper? You're ignoring the actual discussion here and just going on some autistic tangent.


Your main thesis is that "The bourgeois" is behind feminism. My point is that the incredible broadness of the class of individuals who can be termed "bourgeois" or "capitalist" makes claim a useless truism. Pretty much everyone who isn't a third-world serf nowadays owns capital.
It's like saying that humans are responsible for theft. Every time a theft occurs, a human is the one who benefits it. Obviously not all humans are thieves, just like all capitalists aren't in support of feminism. If you want to examine the problem, you need to look closer at it. Do these bourgeois who support feminism have anything else in common? Obviously they have ideological motives as well as perhaps financial ones. Not every influential feminist is a feminist for purely financial reasons, like like not every feminist is a feminist for purely ideological reasons.


You want to get reductive and get to the core of the matter?
Stealing is wrong.
It is still wrong when the people you want to rob have more then you.
Therefore Communism and socialism in all it's forms is wrong, because it always tried to justify theft as you are doing in your post.


They were actually among the most likely demographics to support beliefs of that nature, but obviously it was divisive. Why do so many zoomers still want to support it?


I think you are still asking the wrong questions so you will never get answers of value.


blah blah blah
you just want to be a nitpicker to sound smart


It's not a nitpick, it's the crux of your whole post. Without the all, it's just "why do some people not like communism" which is a meaningless question.


>the crux
I thought it was the nexus. *shrug*

Fine… christ. It's not all boomers, you little nitpicker. But if you were as smart as you try to sound, you'd know that it's also not merely "some." The baby boomer generation may not be monolithic in their peculiarities, but those are definitely shared by the majority of boomers. It's why they're so hated. Do you disagree with that? Then you're either very young or very inexperienced. Because we have the last 70 years of these weed pushing, nigger loving, muh bootstraps lecturing, red scare fearmongering big kids to show for it.


Calling people names isn't substantiation. You claim that the majority of individual baby boomers have a "powerful, borderline religious fear" of communists. You provide no facts to back this up. You claim that the primary reason they want war with China is due to fearing communism. You provide no facts to back this up.


>nothing to back it up
Quit playing intellectual and go spend 5 minutes with your average 60something white american, son.


All the 60something white Americans I know were of the hippy type that still hate capitalism and would be fine with communism.


yeah, things are pretty different down there in the land of fruits and nuts


REALLY want to help Mother Nature? Don't drive electric cars, ignore paper bags & forget about organic food



Barring the discovery of free energy, the only way to stop this is to kill off vast swathes of humans. Which I'm in favor for.


they already discovered it, they just covered it up, it was when they floated an electrical cable into the ionosphere to measure the current of the earth's EM field and fried the thing, even though it was like telephone pole thick

turns out there's infinite electrical flow swarming over the earth from the sun (see electric universe theory) that we could tap into, except doing so would ruin a lot of rich people and the moronic little narrative they insist on pushing about the sun being just a ball of fire for whatever reason


yeah yeah we know it's a big oil conspiracy, what a load of bs


Because when I want to learn how to help mother nature, I always go to the Russians.



Don't have to kill vast swaths, just destroy the oil infrastructure. Yes, some would die as a result of famine, but it's not like 100% would be destroyed, if people aren't stupid about it they would just switch to using the remaining oil for what is actually needed and stop doing everything else. That's no guarantee though because the rich would probably keep trying to fly jets and shit while the poor literally starved. But if they try that shit, they will get what they've deserved for a long time. I find it honestly strange that this hasn't happened yet considering the stakes.


>if people aren't stupid about it
nice fantasy



stop what?


The method may be different but the results would likely be the same.
Death and deviation of society while concentrating power in the hands of a tiny elite ruling class of all powerful overlords.
And for what? To maybe shave half a degree in warming do to greenhouse gasses?
How absurd.


On voting and guns.



someone (not here) made the point that all these whacky secular cults running rampant are the legacy of protestantism, stretching from succubi's suffrage to muh climate hoax and sjwism, and it's really true

nothing to do with your post but seeing this shit wasting space always reminds me how much I hate the christ cult, argh


If it's protestants you should be hating on Martin Luther, not Christ.


Get your fucking ebonics out of here.


>complaining about everything but the actual topic at hand.
You are a mental nigger and need to leave if you can't actually talk about the subject of discussion or even be on topic of the thread.


File: 1572962502918.png (503.05 KB, 666x594, 37:33, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

If you're racist, don't expect to be healed by doctors, as they are now refusing to care for racists in the UK.



cant even make it through one hospital visit without saying nigger?


click bait


1. that is a really good way to get sued
Doctors kind of have to treat people they think are assholes every day. It is called professionalism and is one of the reasons why they get payed so much.
2. that site is pure cancer and literally provably racist against white people


>"We of course made sure he was clinically safe, patient safety is paramount, and once I established that, he was removed from the ward."

Abusing doctors and hospital staff when you’re in need of treatment is counter-productive don’t you think. What are you going to do anyway, “no fuck off you damn raghead and i don’t want no nigger nurse either waaaah”

and yeah, this.


Oh, so it is a non-story of them kicking him out once he no longer needed medical care.

Also have you spent any time in a ER of a major city?
The amount of abuse and insult doctors have to deal with is on a whole other level of bullshit. If they can't handle some asshole shouting rude things then they are in the wrong line of work. It is the nature of the job. If they don't deal with it and someone dies then the whole hospital gets bent over the barrel and everyone gets fucked.


calling white doctors honkey cracker white devils is probably fine tho


>damn raghead and i don’t want no nigger

Yeah I mean that's not even right, Indian people are caucasians.



(New York, NY)Newly revealed footage leaked by an ABC insider has exposed how network executives rejected allegations against Jeffrey Epstein years ago, even though there was content regarding the merit of those claims in-hand.

(New York, NY)Newly revealed footage leaked by an ABC insider has exposed how network executives rejected allegations against Jeffrey Epstein years ago, even though there was content regarding the merit of those claims in-hand.

Amy Robach, ‘Good Morning America’ Co-Host and Breaking News Anchor at ABC, explains how a witness came forward years ago with information pertaining to Epstein, but Disney-owned ABC News refused to air the material for years. Robach vents her anger in a “hot mic” moment with an off-camera producer, explaining that ABC quashed the story in it’s early stages. “I’ve had this interview with Virginia Roberts (Now Virginia Guiffre) [alleged Epstein victim]. We would not put it on the air. Um, first of all, I was told “Who’s Jeffrey Epstein. No one knows who that is. This is a stupid story.”

She continues, “The Palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways.”

Robach goes on to express she believes that Epstein was killed in prison saying, “So do I think he was killed? 100% Yes, I do…He made his whole living blackmailing people… Yup, there were a lot of men in those planes. A lot of men who visited that Island, a lot of powerful men who came into that apartment.”

Robach repeats a prophetic statement purportedly made by Attorney Brad Edwards “…[T]here will come a day when we will realize Jeffrey Epstein was the most prolific pedophile this country has ever known,” and Disgustedly Robach states “I had it all three years ago.”


File: 1573001644280.jpg (147.75 KB, 1270x814, 635:407, 1572715426868.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Epstein wasn't a child rapist, he was a teenager pimp.


Not to be "that guy" but nigger is about skin color (plenty of dark skinned indians), and raghead is a reference to religion that india very much has in abundance (muslim and sikh are both called ragheads).


Just learned that F-Droid dropped the F in the "FOSS" to ban Gab a few months ago. For years they'd flag software for having an "anti-feature" for trying to control users, but now they're banning software for not trying to control users.

The longer I live, the more I come to believe that leftism is like those parasitic diseases that pervert their hosts' behavior in really fucked up ways.


Speaking of politics, a bunch of the transcripts of the testimonies from the impeachment inquiry are dropping and all the people are saying the same thing, there was a quid pro quo, open the investigation into Burisma and Biden in exchange for the release of the military aid. They said he wanted Zelensky himself to say it publicly which would make Zelensky look like America's bitch which feeds into Russian propaganda they're using in Ukraine. Sondland revised his testimony after he found out everyone else wasn't gonna conveniently forget all the incriinating details like he claimed he had and has come out and confirmed it as well.

Now Lindsey graham is accusing Sondland, a man who paid 1 million dollars to Trump so he could be an amabassador without the proper experience or skills and who literally lied to congress for Trump, is now a democrat nevertrumper because he told the truth lol. The stink of desperation is palpable on these fuckers. Trump keeps asking Barr to publicly say he hasn't committed any crimes, but Barr isn't willing to go that far even though he's gone to extreme lengths already to bend the normal functioning of the DOJ to Trump's will.


>They said
Who is "they"?

>a man who paid 1 million dollars to Trump so he could be an amabassador without the proper experience or skills



Imagine caring strongly one way or another about whether Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate Biden's shady deals.

The more I see this stuff the more I'm convinced that this and other nonissues were created on purpose so that people feel like they have to support the MIGA team or the CNN team, instead of caring for something that matters more which is probably almost anything else.


File: 1573096475723.png (10.45 KB, 1358x239, 1358:239, 5453.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Email I received after baiting Jared Holt into downloading and viewing an animal crush video


why did u do that?


File: 1573096741673.jpg (8.71 KB, 193x261, 193:261, owned_hard.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Normalfags coming into contact with rabbit hole autism will never not be funny


You sure showed him?


Is that the rww crybaby?



More examples of why anyone who claims on this site to be both feminist and wizardly is just a enemy to all males including wizard and seek to lie in order to infiltrate and destroy.

You owe females nothing, not even respect. Call out all feminist on this site for what they really are.


It's still mind boggling how some of these people will still try to come on here and defend feminism.


what about wizards that actually get along with their mother and sisters? (saying this as a wizard with all their sisters married and having to deal with their chad brother-in-laws).


I don't see how you have to be a feminist to get along with your family.


>anyone who claims on this site to be both feminist
you mean your non-existent boogeyman you let live in your head


Check the archive


That is a bit like saying you should be a racial supremacist because you have family members you like of that race.

One is a collectivist supremacist political ideology and the other is just getting along with your kin. Just because you like your kin doesn't require the adoption of a whole political ideology.


why does mexico even exist? someone answer that one

why can't we just invade and turn it into a parking lot? we had no qualms about genociding half the world over kike lies about WMDs and other false flags, but somehow we gotta tolerate this shitty failed narco-state next door constantly spilling its little brown tumors onto us


Mexico wouldn't be a narco-state without the USA buying drugs fron them. So even if you invade them and made them part of the US, I don't think it would change much.


>wouldn't change much
it would if we just murder them all like the iraqis


They would just be replaced because the demand for drugs would still exist


I don't know why you assume I'm just complaining about drugs


He is trying his hardest to give you the benefit of the doubt for some reason, but you seem to insistent that everyone knows that you are full retarded rather then just misinformed.


The problems with Mexican society are also deeply rooted in corruption at all levels. It was still pretty violent even before their cartels began to dominate the global narcotics trade.


>rather then
Oh, it's the one who always confuses than with then while reprimanding everyone.

Why don't you fix your freaking grammar if you're gonna act like the local know-it-all.


At least he is on topic.


Just came across this today: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgism

Man, this makes so much sense. Why the hell am I only hearing about this now? It's almost seems crazy to me that this didn't become political and economic orthodoxy. Just imagine how much better the world would have become if this caught on when it was first proposed.


I'll believe it when I see it


Pretty good talk on how the global population shrinkage is what is most likely based on current data.

I don't agree with their "solutions" or that it even needs to be "solved", but still the data analysis is still interesting.


>Being a normal nazi isn't obnoxious enough
>Let me also be a grammar nazi too


>economic value derived from land
Couldn't all economic value be argued to have been derived from land at some point though? What separates a cultivated field that a farmer put work into from a car that people put work into to create from natural resources?


>Couldn't all economic value be argued to have been derived from land at some point though?

Yes, that's the whole point. Not sure what you're asking with the bit about the car. You need land for the mines and the factories and stuff to make the car and that's the point at which the tax would be applied.


Here's a quick explainer into Georgism.


But the car itself could still be said to have been derived from the land so some politician could push through a personal property tax with no ideological contradiction.





Uhhh, okay but that wouldn't be Georgism. That has nothing to do with Georgism. An alternate name for it is "single tax" because it's pretty much just about the land value tax which was originally proposed to elimate all other forms of taxation (although some who agree with the LVT people think there should be other forms of taxation as well). Some Georgists also believe there should be a dividend/basic income paid to people from the LVT as well, but Georgism is still mostly just about the LVT.



this is why i advocate learning teeline. the bots cant stop the teeline signal!!!!!

ann dix's book is up on google drive, the link is on plebbit.

learn teeline or die.


Get out of here.


No he's not. He's calling me names.


why? teeline is objectively desirable for escaping censorship.


File: 1573456284463.png (96.19 KB, 325x237, 325:237, EVA 01 is sick of this shi….png) ImgOps iqdb

Cause you keep spamming it everywhere I go.


you are not from here.


Says you


i know you are not a wizard.


i have discovered a very curious fact. you oppression is not due, surprisingly, to the very ones who are having a swine flu problem.


though appropos


this incantation summons China's skills:

learn Teeline


phones smh, why did BlackBerry fail us


Guess the mods have decided that rule 5 doesn't apply to the political thread again.

Anyway, to get back on the actual topic of the thread.


File: 1573578697304.jpg (163.84 KB, 888x499, 888:499, Violence is the Supreme Au….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What are your thoughts on this?
Do you think it is correct or incorrect and if so why?


I think the person who did that image don't know the difference between power, the word that should be in there, and violence.


Power is a nebulous term. Violence is a clear threat, and that pic is right, all authority boils down to threats of violence.


It is a direct quote from a book and it very much means violence and not power. In context of both the quote and the philosophic outlook of the book true objective power is only real if it is in some way backed up by violence ether directly or by proxy.


>threats of violence
Which only holds any water if you have the power to carry it out.
I think power still is the only authority. You have very violent nations that have no authority whatsoever.
Since violence doesn't mean the same as power, I don't agree with that sentence at all.


If you lack the strength to commit acts of violence, then you can't really enact violence can you?



Power is literally a synonym for authority.
Without violence there is no power.
Just like without violence there is no authority.

> You have very violent nations that have no authority whatsoever.

You also have very violent toddlers with no authority over adults for the exact same reason why violent nations without authority.

In what way do you think power isn't related to violence ether directly or by proxy?


Imagine if a White male body slammed an elderly Black succubus, breaking her bones and sending her to an hospital in the process. How many weeks would it be national news? How many neighborhoods would be set on fire?

Imagine if a Black father of 2 was attacked by a White man, leaving him with only half of his brain left. How much would White people denounce their own race?


Imagine if I gave a shit about your transparent race baiting and persecution complex.


So why not using the word strentgh in that sentence? Works just as well.
>You also have very violent toddlers with no authority over adults for the exact same reason why violent nations without authority.
Yeah, exactly. That's why that sentence is silly.
>Power is literally a synonym for authority.

This is just a play on words at this point. The way the dictionary defines violence, no, I don't agree with that sentence at all, power works better because it captures more of what constitutes authority. Picking violence over a multitude of possible words feels like a choice for literary impact more than anything else. It sounds gritty I guess but also very lacking.


>This is just a play on words at this point.
Your argument is literally a semantic one. You have started this and it is a valid point.
Also define what you mean by power. Explain how it is different from authority when used in context.
Also explain how your explanation of power is in no way dependent on violence as the quote implies.


Nah, I don't care enough about this to actually waste 40 minutes defining terms here. Sorry wiz.


Violence is typically performed by ones with strength. It's implied that by deriving power from violence you are strong enough to enforce it. We can sit here all day making synonyms for force, strength, violence, whatever, but the point was not about that.


It's the hypocrisy that gets me. I'd get less angry if they honestly said that they want White people dead.



Not a bad video. The guests seem pretty balanced and well informed, but the host is trash. He's actually panicking about global population decline.

>Succubi are having fewer kids b/c they are getting an education and have aspirations beyond being a housewife.

Yes, where's the problem?

>People in developing countries aren't having a huge population explosion anymore because they have access to education.

Great. Where's the problem?

>When most people in a society stop having kids, that convinces other people to not have kids, thereby DEPRIVING YOUNG MEN of the JOY AND HONOR of being a FATHER AND HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD.

Yes, because they have actually put some thought into it.

>The U.N. is propaganda against having children!


I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but if we maximize the population of Earth, every square inch of our planet will have to be used for production, and people will have to get by on the bare minimum. The environment will be totally destroyed, and most people will be subjected to abject poverty and malnutrition. If people voluntarily have fewer children, then that is literally the best possible solution to the problem. What else can we do? Compulsory sterilization? Nuclear war? Just allow nature to take its course? No thank you.
Global population is inevitably going to stop growing eventually. We can do this the easy way or the hard way.

Related: y'all know of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement? vhemt.org


Not everyone here is antinatalist or suicidal or even share these malthusian prejudices.


The real problem is that only the dumb people are having children and the smart people aren't. Steps should be taken so that that is reversed or we are super fucked.


The main reason why it is seen as a problem is that welfare states require young people to keep feeding the beast in order to take care of the old and unproductive.
A shrinking population means a shrinking tax base meaning that big government types panic because there is no way to keep funding governmental expansion.

To me the obvious solution is to shrink the government at the same speed as the tax base shrinks and ease people into expecting less, but politician get into their positions by promising "free" shit so that isn't going to happen and they know it.

If to the ruling class govenment shrinkage was a option then this wouldn't be seen as a problem at all. Rather it would be seen as a good thing since productivity is higher yet the population stays the same or shrinks there is more then enough (in the market) for everyone and then some. But no, there problem is that there isn't enough to steal so that is why they are freaking out. But not enough to actually do the one thing that would undisputedly increase the population.
Overall it wouldn't be so bad if they didn't try the non-solution of mass-immigration in order to "fix" it but in reality end up making everything far worse in both the long and short term.

I am personally on the side of leaving people alone to breed less and shrink the government dramatically to account for the changing demographics. Any problems that may arrive such as a aging population can probably be handled by a combo of free market solutions and family/community responses without the need of the government to step in.


>Any problems that may arrive such as a aging population can probably be handled by a combo of free market solutions and family/community responses without the need of the government to step in.
Working really well in Japan with the elderly who are isolated and destitute. The west is heading in the same direction if it’s not already there, and it is going to be much worse with the next generations.
An aging declining population is problematic and dangerous in a lot more ways than merely a declining tax base. And “big government” types aren’t the only ones to panic. Why do you think are neolibs and conservatives pushing for more migration? And good luck keeping people out when your country is declining and/or sparsely populated, it has never worked out well historically.

>Rather it would be seen as a good thing since productivity is higher yet the population stays the same or shrinks there is more then enough (in the market) for everyone and then some.

Yeah I’m sure it will work out, this is definitely what is going to happen (lol)


Oh it is so problematic and dangerous in some non-defined way.
Wow you sure convinced me with your non-arguments. Better go out and breed right away.

By the way, the vast majorty of Japan's elderly are doing just fine, being far from isolated and destitute.
Are there a small portion that deal with hardships, sure, but it is just the consequences of their choices that they have to deal with.

The GLOBAL population is shrinking. Ether adapt by shrinking the government or watch those governments collapse.
If you want to grow the population to keep shitty big governments then there is only one thing that actually works that won't cause a massive decline in quality of life for everyone involved.
You want the solution?
Think you can handle it?
You really want to increase the birth rate?
Well it is simple: Take succubi's rights away
If you ain't willing or able to do that then shut the fuck up and do what is necessary to prepare for the population decline.


File: 1573644003979.gif (611.64 KB, 684x784, 171:196, rip europe.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, this basically. Population stability isn't necessarily bad, the real problem though is which populations are shrinking. Spoiler: It's not the Africans.


>It takes 40 minutes to define a word in context
Dude, you are slow in every sense of the word.


They may not be shrinking quite yet but at least their population growth is slowing down significantly.
If they follow the example of South America they could turn things around in less then a generation.


An aging, declining population is one that is set to disappear or get assimilated by more prolific ones as time goes by. This is what the far right tards got partially right with their “replacement” idea. This is already causing problems in western countries where indigenous people are feeling threatened by migrants from latin america, africa, the near and middle east and so on, but they brought this onto themselves.
Now a lot of anti natalists welcome this (depopulation that is, not migration) because they want the whole world to commit suicide essentially. This is repugnant imo, but makes a lot more sense than thinking that a country can thrive in any way with an abysmal birth rate.


Any system that is totally relent on endless growth, including a endlessly growing population, is doomed to destruction eventually.

Adapt and find a better system that doesn't require endless growth or die.
But hey, if you want to see the population of whatever nation stirs your heart rise then I already gave you the solution to delay the inevitable.


>The film will surely be Warner Bros.’ big Oscar flick. On one hand, its success, as a comic book movie about a tormented white dude who is “victimized by society” to the point of villainy may rub folks the wrong way.
What did they mean by that?


This isn't the film thread.

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