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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
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Archwizard Steve "Protopod" Sutton is still at it. Chill as ever.


tsc, I'm not going to yt to watch it. Fuck it.


looks like he lives in the southeast, i can look outside and see the same stuff


i was curious why bread has such a shitty amount of fiber. why do we remove the hulls? everyone needs fiber anyways. why not just grind everything together so we get fibery hulls with flour. it would be beyond whole-grain, like really-whole-grain. i think its only removed because it causes problems with feeding into hoppers and stuff, but if you could grind it you are adding in filler esentially so it should make flour more profitable

man i want to grow some wheat now. theres a whole bunch of different types. you can just boil it too, like rice.

why the fuck do people grow such useless pussy grass in their lawns. everyone should be growing wheat. the lawncare industry is such a fucking scam. home owners associations are a massive conspiracy. you know how much fucking wheat could grow in a yard, jesus christ thats a lot of flour. and then you could just grow mushrooms with all the hay.


>everyone needs fiber
I don't need fiber.

I don't need any of the hippie jew health memes.


ok boomer.


whatever that means


"ok boomer" is an common response from zoomers who think it's a witty catch-all response to own anyone who they perceive to be of an older generation (doesn't have to be boomers, and is more often than not gen X, millennials, or even other zoomers if their ideas, opinions, or interests are perceived as antiquated. Not sure where it originated but it's a very popular response on reddit.
Typical things that will elicit the "ok boomer" response include:
>Anything anti-smartphone or anti-social media, especially if you dislike snapchat, discord, instagram or whatever social media is most popular with zoomers
>Anything centrist, right wing, or anti-sjw
>Dislike of mumble rappers
>Nostalgia for, or the enjoyment of anything made before the year 2000
Basically, anyone using this response is outing themselves as gen z redditors, thus gigantic faggots.


ugh, I just found that out on dailystormer, they're really spearheading this "boomer means anyone older than me" retardation

they're also saying emma watson looks really old
I think they're starting to lose their touch with reality


Heading out to a remote rural cabin for a few nights. Have really been looking forward to this, away from the noise pollution and in the quiet of nature, surrounded by the woods. Would have been better earlier in the year with more daylight and leaves on the trees but it's still going to be comfy.


She's almost 30 now, wow. The whole Harry Potter craze feels so recent to me.


I dropped out after the second film. Are they finally done making those things? Maybe I should marathon them or something and see how bad they got.

I assume they fell into sequel hell.


if you dont need it, its because you already get fiber. other people dont, their food is shit, and their shits are shit because of it


no, there's next to no fiber in my diet, there's also no future health problem from all that unnatural shit rasping away at my intestinal lining


They mostly just stuck to following the books with the quality staying relatively consistent though the tone does get darker over time.
Once they ran out of Harry Potter books they tried to addapt the author's other works but this didn't turn out as well both in quality and in sells. So I am not sure if they will keep going or leave it alone for a few years.

I kind of grew out of the franchise in highschool so I only really watched like 3 or 4 of the movies and was only actually excited by the first because I actually read the book.
I find it kind of funny that some people my similar age only really know how to make literary references to Harry Potter. This is probably because it was the only the literature that they actually (without being forced in school) read and were able to comprehend. Like they never moved on or reading wise grew up to enjoy much else beyond that. Even stranger is such people then grew up to be writers themselves often putting out the common vapid internet article or periodical story overflowing from legacy Media nowadays. Like they were inspired enough to become writers but not enough to actually read much else to comprehension.


I was too old for it when it came about plus the fact LoTR fot me hooked anyways but I have two siblings few years younger than me and they loved all the movies, though I do remember they complaining about the last one.


Been 15 years since I graduated but I can relate to this so much. Especially the nostalgia mixed with emptiness feeling.
It make desperately wish I could have a second chance at life and youth, but in a different world, where culture and human nature are very different.
Part of me still clings to hope that one day, within my lifetime, VR will be advanced enough to simulate such a thing, but deep down I know that probably won't happen.


File: 1573227016455.png (59.08 KB, 148x265, 148:265, 1442788590051.png) ImgOps iqdb

My life got better and now all the stuff I hoarded(mainly porn) is useless to me. I have like 4TB of porn which is now boring to me. All porn is.
I dont know how to deal with these feelings


just delete it, digital hoarding is pretty useless


I think it depends on if you need the space for anything else and how likely you are to change your mind and regret deleting your collection.
That said if you gain nothing from having it then it is probably best not to have it. Especially if it will not appreciate in value.


After I played some nice porn games everything seems bland. I got used to nice interactive content that catered to my fetishes and then I ran out of it. I'd need to hibernate for a few years to get enough content for a few weeks.


Hmm, I may have to rethink my reddit usage. Suddenly I'm getting anxiety over the posts I made like when I first started posting on imeageboards except even worse. It's like now reddit is some person I seek the approval of. I can see how the upvote system can be insidious.


Obviously reddits fault.


Do you think maybe it would be a good idea to pray to all the most powerful Gods from throughout recorded history? I mean there's usually like a top dude, Zeus or Odin or whatever. Better to go with the scattershot technique if you can't be sure which religion is true.


That sounds like a great way to piss them all off at once.


I cant believe this guy keeps getting away with this shit



its not that I see through all that fakery and it lost the appeal to me


I am doing heroin since friday. Bought from some shady fella while waiting for bus. It's nothing amazing even though it looks like a quality product not cut with anything. Maybe to get that amazing high you have to shoot it up I am just snorting it but still, it's nice and like weed it makes everything more interesting/better.


Maybe they're all the same gods with different names.


Who the fuck could look at that and call it a "miracle"?


thank g-d for liberating afghanistan, eh?


No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.



Looks comfy, wiz. Gonna check them out later tonight.


File: 1573517714469.jpg (472.33 KB, 1000x1017, 1000:1017, ginko winter.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

First major snowfall of the season here, I had to go out tonight for an exam and was dreading it but it was actually really nice. Was shocked how quiet it was when I left the apartment, seems like most of the normalfags were holed up indoors. I've heard snow absorbs sound so maybe that caused it as well. Had a great time standing outside and just watching the it all come down while waiting for the bus.

Also have the apartment to myself for the remaining 2 months due to unexpected circumstances and it's been so much more peaceful. Tonight I'll brew some tea, continue reading the philosophy book I started, finish up the raw LN I've been reading and then watch some more 90's anime series later into the night. All in complete peace.

Sorry for the semi-bragfag but I'm feeling better than I've felt in a very long time.


File: 1573518605691.png (743.65 KB, 649x768, 649:768, kaiki arm cross.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's okay to enjoy yourself wiz. I know most people here just cry about their lives all the time, but having a good day is not bragging. Also nice pic.


Thanks, wiz.
Nice post, wiz. We also have snow on the ground here. I feel sort of cheated out of half of autumn, since we usually don't get real snow until December. At any rate, I really love getting to wear a big coat seven months out of the year; it makes me less anxious when I have to leave to buy supplies.


I realized I basically forgot all the knots I learned because it has been so long.
Apparently if you don't keep in practice it is something that is really easy to lose.


Knots are one of those things I could not keep grasped as well. One of those things i always struggled to keep learned. It seems like people have different things like that, some things they can learn once and never forget and other things they must try to keep hold of the knowledge.


I've started deleting my porn semi-regularly, I didn't really need more room but it is nice to curb my reflex to download everything.



found this today. its just people who find rocks that look like potatos, they send this guy pics and info about their potato rocks… some look really convincing, others not so much. the best part is a lot of these potato rock guys are defensive about their potato rocks. when they get it tested or seen by experts they dismiss their results like its a conspiracy or something lol


This is gold. Thanks for sharing such a find.


File: 1573614899125.gif (353.37 KB, 500x647, 500:647, fear and loathing.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>people care about these things


I just realised how stupid crabs sound when they say that we're "deluding" ourselves and that we're actually just "crabs in denial".
Herbivore men, going by the definition on wikipedia, are men who have no interest in getting married or finding a gf. And not the crabby kind of no interest("boohoo im such a loser im going to give up on ever finding a gf"), but the wizardly one: "have a non-assertive, indifferent attitude toward desires of flesh". And it "also has close ties in meaning to "ohitorisama" which roughly translates to the act of living alone and performing tasks independently of other people", which also sounds wizardly as hell. So going off those two excerpts from wikipedia, we can safely say that wizards are basically the western version of herbivore men. And guess what? "Surveys of single Japanese men conducted in 2010 found that 61% of men in their 20s and 70% of men in their 30s considered themselves to be herbivores." I bet those numbers are even higher in 2019. Yes, wizardry, both eastern and western, is really widespread, so crabs' argument that "ugggh u truwizards are just unicorns and don't actually exist" is simply bullshit.
If crabs didn't invade wizchan so often I'd actually pity them. Too bad that their low iq brains force them to shit up this place in order to validate their twisted worldview. Guess I'll keep laughing at their misfortune and bully them on /dep/, lol.


File: 1573669471387.png (69.06 KB, 728x684, 182:171, ce399ecd0175959d935abb55e6….png) ImgOps iqdb

>"have a non-assertive, indifferent attitude toward desires of flesh"

Not really, they've just replaced the satisfaction of those desires with various virtual methods, rather than pursuing physical relationships. I don't think that decision is based on being indifferent to sexual desire, it's just a pragmatic one made based on a weighing on the costs/benefits of marriage and family life, and maybe also a realization that the trouble required to get and maintain a relationship is not worth it, especially with the proliferation of media offering virtual solutions to satisfy romantic and sexual desires (dating sims, visual novels, anime, ASMR, etc).

From what I've heard of modern Japanese society it's common in marriages for the succubus to control the money and the man to just be an earner. Add to this the hellish stress for the average salaryman and possibilities of cheating and divorce and it's easy to see why a lot of young men have made the decision to not pursue relationships.

This doesn't lead to continence or detachment from desires, though. A cursory glance at their culture shows that the Japanese are the masters of offering simulacra of romance and sex, to such an extent that the whole concept of 2D and 3D (二次元 and 三次元) came about as a way of expressing the superiority of the virtual representations of succubi and romance over reality. And for some people 2D has become the reality of romance and sex, because the concept of 3D relationships or desire for 3D has completely left their minds.

The conclusion of herbivore men being a parallel of wizards is probably correct though, as it's clear from the posts around this site that many wizards also are not free from desires of the flesh and use simulacra as an outlet. This isn't to discredit these types of people, as the decision is certainly logical and it's clear that their reasons for abstention are different from the narrow-minded crab concepts. The shackles of desire are difficult to shake off. But to say that wizardry and herbivore men are caused entirely, or even mostly, by an indifference to sexual desires is false.


Someone once noted that image boards were probably a form of mind control.

You notice it after a while. There are "trends" and we call them "memes" so it seems more fun but it's mind control. All the loner forums are honeypots with as many "free agents" as actual legitimate users.


>romantic and sexual desires


>Not really, they've just replaced the satisfaction of those desires with various virtual methods, rather than pursuing physical relationships.
>to say that wizardry and herbivore men are caused entirely, or even mostly, by an indifference to sexual desires is false.
I guess so. I was making an argument based solely on the wikipedia article, but now that I think about it, the target audience for all those things that satisfy romantic and sexual desires is herbivore men. It's a pretty common trope in manga/anime/etc when some guy who's seemingly satisfied with just 2D longs for the "real thing". I can't actually remember any manga I've read that didn't have a harem tag or a romantic subplot. (maybe because I've been reading only isekai shounen garbage lol) actually, there are some isekais that focus just on the power fantasy… that's still wish fulfillment, i guess
>And for some people 2D has become the reality of romance and sex, because the concept of 3D relationships or desire for 3D has completely left their minds.
I'd say that that's the end goal of some wizards on wizchan. I think very few people can actually achieve that state of detachment though. You'd have to have a specific type of mindset to do it successfully. I would even say that it's downright impossible, but whatever. Who am I to judge.
>many wizards also are not free from desires of the flesh and use simulacra as an outlet
Yeah, that brings up that whole "are waifus wizardly" debate. Enough has been said on that topic, so I don't want to get into that territory again.
>to say that wizardry and herbivore men are caused entirely, or even mostly, by an indifference to sexual desires is false.
And that raises the "what is wizardry" question. I have no desire to discuss that either, lol.
>The conclusion of herbivore men being a parallel of wizards is probably correct though
That's actually a pretty interesting idea. Do herbivore men, as in the japanese men on japanese imageboards, have their own version of "truwizard" radicalism? That is, people who advocate complete abstinence from social, romantic and sexual desires? Some anime and manga feature nerds who worship 2D and don't acknowledge 3D, but I guess that's a rather hyperbolized reproduction of japanese reality, and they don't actually have those guys.


memes are the opposite of "mind control", but memes can be created by state operators.

memes are a kind of INFLUENCE that is achieved in a snap, which also propagates. If it doesn't have that "snap" quality, it's something other than a meme. example of a non-meme which self-propagates: "if you don't forward this letter to 4 friends you'll catch HIV."

"mind control" is a method of achieving influence without the snap quality, and without self-propagation. An example of this is "impeachment". The word itself is drummed into you, regardless of channel, foxnews, cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, bbc, even the view, even fucking snl, colbert, all the late nights, all the channels, all the programs, actually. impeach. impeach. impeach. the subliterate drum beat, the entrainment. quite effective. top-down.

when people say "forced meme" they are referring to the observation that operatives are the primary users of them, but are unwilling to admit that they are "schizophrenic" enough to recognize all those billions going to spies come back in this material world as ordinary dishonest crooked activities, against the repbulic, those organizations being utterly unaudited, checked, or balanced, by any person or entity other than their state enemies. "56%" was a rather successful forced meme. it sees some slight authentic use, only accidentally, due to the effect below:

sometimes there are people who repeat memes. I prefer the name "pimping memes" for that one. I've pimped (successfully!!!!) a meme once, anons. I'm not totally proud of it yes I am. The significant point is that it takes off, just like any other meme, but the "snap" quality is less universal (like, way fewer people will snap to it, for example, maybe only dentists with tourettes "get it". limited audience, one possibly not known to the maker, discovered by pimping it). the most bottom-up (more than good memes, because good memes "snap" with an existing group, the fertile soil for the meme to grow in).


I think very few people can actually achieve that state of detachment *through that method* though.(hotfix)

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