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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction


What should my obsession be?






The pursuit of personal comfort


Nice gif, wiz, thank you.


nonce little children


File: 1572488736542.png (2.92 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

Found out that pressing up/down arrows works for volume change on YouTube. Looks comfier than using mouse.


Happy Halloween y'all.

I am celebrating buy eating Count Chocula and watching horror movies.
What are you guys going to do on this most magical day?



Start on a yuri comic.


You can also use spacebar to pause and play, and 'f' for full screen.


My laptop charger died and while I was waiting for a replacement I figured out how to screencast anime videos from my phone onto my TV. It's actually a better experience because somehow the tv remote works to control the video.


I prefer pressing k instead of spacebar. It works more swiftly.


Trick Or Treating has begun but it's been a constant near-freezing downpour for 40 hours straight. Witchy gonna catch a cold


>I am celebrating buy eating Count Chocula and watching horror movies.
sounds like a good idea wiz. I'm eating boo berry and listening to spooky music. Later tonight I'll see whats on TCM.


It's been raining all day here too, but it's barely drizzling now. Forecast says it will pick up. I hope so, I don't want to have to give out candy. If the kids are smart they go somewhere more populated with their friends anyway than stay in our neighborhood where there are long walks between houses.


File: 1572557958844.jpg (31.08 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 1563505973500.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Fucking Steam updated their library UI so that it now performs like shit and is ugly to boot. It also takes much longer to scroll through all my games and I can't even find any way to customize the bar on the side.

I hate people working in modern technology so fucking much. Why do these retards constantly fuck up like this and make things worse than they already are? How can anyone think that pushing this shit out is a good idea?


I can't even get the thing to fully open for use anymore. This last update seems to have broken Steam for me.


Never mind, I ran CCcleaner and it is working again.


It's like David Lynch movie


The little bastards here just got released from school. In about 30 minutes (while it's still light outside) the extremely few parents who even allow billy and susie to trick or treat will chauffeur them around in the minivan. After a whopping five minutes, they'll call that enough halloween and hurry back home to run forensic tests on the candy wrappers for signs of tampering.

This is what they've turned halloween into. And then they say americans aren't paranoid.


We got heavy rain in my cunt no Halloween at all! Feel bad for the kids not allowed to have fun or go out on their own but whatever. Curled up in comfy wizbed watching the comfy wizrain :)


>What are you guys going to do on this most magical day?
I'm listening some spooky music, black metal mostly.
>eating Count Chocula
I have some bootleg chocolate cereal so that's what I'm gonna have for dinner.


welp,there goes halloween (as usual) just like I said
my mom's standing there like last time (and every year since 9/11) wondering aloud at how quickly it ended, we even still have 5 buckets of good candy left

I lost my taste for candy years ago though
guess I'm gonna go for a walk now, smoke my pipe and play secret sphere, Michele Luppi has an outrageously beautiful singing voice and it consoles me, I also need to find new bakery dumpster bread

man I'm starving


well I'm back from it. gonna get drunk and collapse nowbye


man i'll never understand asmr. it's just succubi making weird noises to a microphone. boring and annoying at best, uncomfortable and awkward at worst. seems like an easy way to make money but what do i know


ASMR just started with very crisp sound recordings that could immerse you in a setting with only audio, like embed related. Naturally, crabs can only ever think about succubi so it went from things like sounds of someone making breakfast to a succubus telling you gently about how she's gonna suck your cock.


>seems like an easy way to make money but what do i know
It is. I really dislike the term and how every diy, or cooking video has that weird sound editing now because people seem to like it.


I love asmr, and not every asmrist is female, asmr isn’t sexual


The term came about because one of the two who created it confused one of the words for meaning orgasm. It has literally always had a sexual part from the very beginning.

It is as bad as the furries that are in denial about the fact that furry alway had a sexual element to the subculture. A sexual element that has been there before even the term furry became a thing in the anthropomorphic animal fandom.

So yeah, you can deny it all you want but asmr has literally always had a sexual part of it from the beginning.


You seem like you're talking out of your ass.


there are prudish furries, back when furries were sci-fi nerds there was a duality between the sexual stuff and just regular fiction, but with anthros. the "furry fandom" was coopted by sex addicted failed normalfags, thats where sparkledogs, cringe, and fursonas come from.
so no, the "furry fandom" was not totally obsessed by sex from the very beginning, it was subverted to be obsessed with sex. a similar thing probably happened with anime fans and so on.



Look it up if you don't believe me
It's pretty easily available information.


Whenever there is an erotic element to it, that's purely added on for whoever enjoys it. ASMR by itself is separate and can exist completely outside of eroticism. I assume you don't have experience with the feeling itself, or this would be obvious to you regardless of anything the creators would have said.
You won't claim that movies are erotic just because they can be made erotic and erotic film is a large part of movies as a whole right?


anyone here ever had an LCD tv or monitor get a colored vertical line running down the picture? mine is doing this now, it didn't suffer any bumps or anything

I can't figure it out


Yeah I had it once. There's no fix to that last time I checked, I just used the thing with the damn line for another 6 months and got another one.


So you do admit that there is a sexual/erotic component to it and was there from the beginning.
Got it.


I had horizontal lines before the display finally died.
It was used from the thrift shop so I don't know it's full history but yeah. In the case of mine the lines wore the first signs that the display was dying and needing replacement.
Unfortunately such screens can't easily be repaired unlike CRT screens.


Certainly, asmr pleasures your hearing senses but the content doesn't have to be necessarily sexual or romantic. Maybe sensual, or sensuous would be the better way of putting it.


i dont have a problem geberalizing it as sexual crab fantasy material, because that's 99% of what you see if you search asmr on youtube. whether it was hijacked or whatever doesn't matter to me, currently it is mostly this weird fantasy thing made by succubi. there are males doing the same though. it seems poisoned


My download has been stuck at 94% of 2.7gb for 10 hours. Problem is I've seeded 36gb of it so I've probably doomed several others to having an unfinished batch


the ol' stuck at 94% of a torrent thing huh

I waited three years for a movie to finish downloading its last percentage points one time, three years


And people wonder why I prefer direct downloads whenever possible.
I have usually had pretty shit luck in regards to torrents and overall it is more of a pain the other methods of getting what I want.


Direct downloads are often impossible to come by, which is why torrents are used.


WWE went to Saudi Arabia, and now a portion of their roster are stuck there and unable to make a TV broadcast tonight. It being Saudi Arabia some people aren't buying the mechanical excuse given. Lots of people are upset and it feels like almost a hostage situation to some. Play Saudi games win Saudi prizes?


it's worth it considering how much they are being paid.


They don't make as much as you probably think.
Especially considering what they actually go through and how hard they work.


sorry, i meant the company.


Oh, okay that makes more sense.


>Play Saudi games win Saudi prizes?

This. I have no sympathy for these idiots.


I wish the capslock button was on the top row or something. I mean how many times do you really need to use it? I just keep hitting it by accident when I go to hit the shift or the 'a'.


I don't really know why it exists. There are few times where I need a word in all caps. It belongs over by the function keys.


I've gotten so used to using it for capitalization now that when I try to just use shift like everyone else its fucky and irritating. Then again I don't type "properly" to begin with


Any idea what in particular causes it? Mine is a single pixel's width and down the center of the screen. It was green, then I tapped the top of the case and it turned pink. I've seen the inside before, and iirc there's groups of small resistors and stuff on a ribbon cable all around the circumference of the lcd. If it's just a loose or dead resistor, that can be fixed.


You can pry it off easily


i forgot to unplug my computer so it just fucking turned on at 2 am trying to update, that always instantly wakes me up and then i have to see wtf it's installing. nothing happened. it always fails to update now will revert all the changes and just goes back to the same older state. back to sleep


Brock Lesnar was on Friday Night SmackDown with Paul Heyman. Perhaps it's because he flies on his private plane. On the way to Riyadh he actually helped Hogan, Flair and Jimmy Hart after their plane had difficulties.

Tyson Fury got about 15 mil for one match with Strowman. This year's Crown Jewel was way better than the previous one.


File: 1572690319381.jpg (179.08 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, istockphoto-1079181460-102….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>successfully blasting away a recalcitrant smear of shit on the toilet bowl with your piss-stream


>peeing in a toilet


At 31 and living alone I'm out of the piss jug game besides I'm not even on the road


here some knowledge to remove shit smears

just put a square of toilet paper on it. it will eventually soak water and become a wet patch stuck to the porcelain. after a while of soaking you can just blast it off with piss. it's really satisfying


finally reordered melatonin, its been like 3 months. regular sleep is fantastic, but with melatonin, good lord… it's perfection.


The greatest sports movie never made.


My mom bought this fancy korean mouthwash promoted to be based on the newest technology. The liquid is clear brown at first. You rinse your mouth with it and when you spit it out, it will be cloudy with impurities and sediments, supposedly they're your plaque and other dirty things in your mouth. Pretty showy stuff. But I can't bring myself to endorse it. Asian medicine, even when they drape over it with western science, already has a terrible reputation. This one even come in a fancy box, with graphically designed labels and a picture behind the bottle showing the before-after picture of the mouthwash. I have no medical knowledge and no motivation to do some research. If you have put it in a bland white bottle with unpronounceable pharmaceutical name, I would have accepted it. But the product is presenting itself like some miracle alternative medicine. I can't accept something like that. I can't really give its name since it's in gookrunes.


reminds me of those asian strips you put on your feet at night which turn black the morning after, or those magnetic power bracelets lol, those wacky scalp massagers

at least they are funny i guess


the only medicine with korean in its name that I'll trust is their ginseng

stuff works


Not as good as North America ginsing, especially if it was wild stimulated or legit wild grown. Potent stuff.


…there's a murikun ginseng?

I don't care. The korean shit works for me. I discovered (standardized extract) korean ginseng in 2005 and it absolutely cured my chronic fatigue overnight. Then again in 2006. Again and again down through the years. I tried siberian ginseng and it had a similar strengthening effect but also a downer effect like I took a mouthful of melatonin. Weird stuff.


what's the deal with evangelion's ending that everyone makes such a big fuss about
never watched the series, can anyone succintly explain


It's structured like a surreal dream sequence, unlike the rest of the series.


Why are you asking for an answer without knowing the background? That's like saying explain to me what a quadratic equation is, P.S. I never took algebra.


Never watched it but after anime went mainstream in the west it's something that the normies are apparently super impressed by and never shut the fuck up about, which is all I need to know.


Normies don't watch eva, they just fap to asuka.


Wizchan and everywhere else is going to be dead and there will be no reason to turn on the computer. You'll have to keep walking around the house until you're tired enough to go back to sleep.



wizchan too good to die. even if it closes, someone will make an alternative


A site full of people who want to die but can't find the courage can not itself die no matter how hard it tries to. Like the man who jumps off a balcony only to be revived son after, but with memory loss, Wizchan too will be brought back from the dead with a fractured vision of its past in the form of no post histories or archives.

I wonder, if wizchan's bandwidth is at all handled through satellites, do the transmitters sometimes miss their mark and wind up shooting our uplink beyond the receiver? Will our shitposts be traversing the far reaches of uncharted space for eternities to come while we're stuck on earth trying to muster the courage to put on socks and walk to the toilet every night?


>A site full of people who want to die
/dep/ does not speak for wizchan.



what I hate is waking from nightmares screaming NNOoooOOOOOooooOOOOOO like a horror movie victim

it looks like my parents didn't hear me this time, phew


When I was changing the oil on my car, some jackass said I was on private property and that he has my license plate number because I spilled some oil on the concrete.

Next time I need to go to a secluded space so no fuckwitz mess with me.


normalfags are paranoid control freaks and barbarians, even lots of random passersby who don't own anything around them can't wait to go vigilante if you do something or go someplace they imagine you shouldn't

experiences like that taught me to do everything in absolute secrecy, or at least check to make there's none of those creatures within 300 yards view of me

always assume the worst in everyone, and you can't go wrong


the studio ran out of money to animate the last 2 episodes (they were already stretching it through the anime reusing shots and long still frames) so instead of a proper ending it was just barely animated characters on a black background spouting crap to fill in 40 minutes of air time
a year after eva aired the studio released a movie with a proper ending effectively replacing the last two episodes


>experiences like that taught me to do everything in absolute secrecy
This so fucking much.
It is something I learned very young and it has only helped me as I got older.


Just saw Airwaves commercial. Last time this chewing gum was sold in the 90/00's in my country on my memory.

Nostalgia vibes


Must be wizards in irl who likes to use the report button


File: 1572960435245.png (445.57 KB, 1561x2993, 1561:2993, Screenshot_2019-11-05 all….png) ImgOps iqdb

Man someone is quite mad today.


Reason #7 Why I became an anglophile: The worst thing I can recall a Brit doing to an American was breaking up with Katy Perry.

Drama king -.-


Just heard my brother is getting married. It's kinda funny to think about that. He's always making fun of succubi, pointing out how dumb they're. Heh.


I've always wanted a nephew.




I don't know man. It wouldn't be awful I suppose. Don't care one way or the other to be honest.


ive been an OFFICIAL uncle wizard for like 12 years, ill let you into the secret club when your brother's succubus spews out a groid


I'm going to become an uncle in about five months, not really excited about it


The steam library is so fucking broken.


Seriously, it keeps fucking freezing on me.


It is probably not playing well with the last windows update.

When I used CCleaner it fixed everything and steam worked just fine.


I made a reddit account a while ago and I was expecting the site to be much worse considering how much hate it gets on imageboards, but I found it to be pretty informative with a lot of good posts. Seems like the upvoting system actually incentivizes people to make higher quality posts. Sadly the site is now broken for me. Amazing that they can have hundreds of millions of dollars in funding yet it is one of the only sites that I can't use due to bugs. Part of me wonders if it might be broken for me because I started talking about Russian propaganda. Literally right after one of my posts about it the site just started melting and won't display right or let me log in.


I never understood the hate against reddit. How dumb do you need to be in order to not be able to mold the content to your liking in a website like that? You can pick and choose the content better than you ever could in an imageboard format. That said I don't actually feel like posting there at all. I don't feel like doing more than just lurking there.


All my subreddits have been banned.

30 or so of them


whenever I click a reddit link from a google search it's either assholes trying too hard to be witty or "comment deleted - comment deleted - comment deleted"


I made a stereo splitter to replace the (name brand) faggot one I bought, the wires broke inside so fast, probably even designed to. So I wrenched the parts off some broken PCBs and made one. Solder on real wire. Add a little epoxy and cardboard and electrical tape. It's not bad looking if I say so, and it will never break.


Reddit is hated for a lot of very valid reasons. I speak as someone who used reddit regularly from 2009 to 2014 and semi-regularly from 2014-2018.
>Power mods who openly abuse their power
>[comment removed][comment removed[[comment removed][comment removed][comment removed][comment removed]
>Stickied post saying "I'm locking this thread cause yall can't behave"
>Predictable and unfunny puns that somehow get 3k updoots and leddit gold
>"Yikes" "/r/woosh" "doggo" "pupper" "toxic" "neckbeard" "/r/thathappened" "problematic"…
>This subreddit has been banned for violations of our Content Policy
>Seemingly random shadow bans with no explanation, (happened to two of my accounts)
5 years ago is when it started really going to shit. That's when a bunch of subs were banned despite not breaking any reddit wide rules, like a sub that made fun of fat people (/r/fatpeoplehate). That's also around the time every sub got a power mod and a lot of large subs started using bots to automatically ban anyone who had as much as a single post in a "problematic". At least back then there was some resistance against the admins but now most users cheer when a sub gets banned and beg for even more censorship than already exists.

Basically, if you like reddit in 2019, you are undoubtedly normalscum.


>I never understood the hate against reddit.
It is the antithesis of Chan culture and is entirely for norimes and set up to encourage group normie think.
Also the actual design of the site is shit and it is actually pretty bad for discussion and really works best for sharing links to other content.


it's an unholy imageboard/forum combination for normalfags


Well that's what you get for liking garbage and actually trying to participate in a community with user accounts. Not a single sub I'm subscribed to had that problem.
Here's some good ones.
Abandonedporn, animatedpixelart, asksciencefiction, caves, creepywikipedia, cthulhu, datahoarder, fermentation, findthesniper, horrorlit, kombucha, riddles, spaceporn, submechanophobia, techsupportgore, thalassophobia, the list goes on. I guess literally not a single sub I get feed from got banned. Makes me wonder what sort of shit you went there for. Care to tell me, actually curious. I mean not even several of the piracy subs I use got banned so..

>encourage group normie think
Well chans do that too. You have people who can't think if not through ib memes.

>works best for sharing links to other content

Yeah, well, kinda. A lot of people post interesting pictures and horror fiction in there that's pretty good as well. What I'm saying is you can use as a pretty decent time waster. That Riddles alone gave me more quality hours than I can count for.


Both of these posters are right. If you're selective about your choice of subreddits, reddit can be a decent experience, but it's the mainstream of a website that determines its general character and reputation, and this is where reddit falls short.


I dislike anything that forces you to have a user name, and reddit has not only that but a score system so everything becomes a fucking popularity contest where everyone is constantly trying to be funny (and failing) using the same retarded memes over and over. It's also a cesspool of censorship and shadowbanning has to be the scummiest form of it I've ever seen.
And if that wasn't enough the general layout of the site makes me want to throw up.


For those screeching about CEEEENSOOOORSHIIIIP on reddit, I challenge you all to name a single sub that was banned that wasn't absolutely filled with in-cels, racists, nazis, conspiracy theorists, misogynists, edgelords, bigots or bullies.


What's your point? As long as I'm not doing anything illegal I want to be able to say whatever the fuck I want.


You already can say whatever you want, you're just not entitled to a platform nor is any website obligated to tolerate you spewing hate, bigotry or conspiracy theories.


Challenge accepted
They banned the subreddit that was exposing the MtG judges that had been convicted of sex offences against minors but because the host of the tournaments don't do background checks these people were let around children.

Reddit choose to side with covering up the situation and banning the subreddit related to the scandal because the company had money.
On the flip side they banned the subreddit for lolicon.


glad they're going after these rapists


If I understood the post correctly they banned the anti-paedos


I'm calling bullshit. What sub was it? Where is your evidence?
Look, if you hate reddit that's fine but I'm not going to let you come here and tell tall tales like this without calling it out.


File: 1573132493431.jpg (33.25 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1572354152113-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>it's not censorship as long as they're censoring stuff I don't like


When people talk about free speech, they're talking about the ability to communicate, which in any meaningful sense requires the ability to be listened to. To say one is not entitled to a platform is to say that one is not entitled to being listened to. Fair enough, but what you're saying amounts to a few corporations who own the platforms being the ones to decide who gets to be able to communicate, and if that doesn't sounds pretty scary to you, then you are probably a lost cause.

Also note how the leftist accuses others of spewing hate while he's the one foaming at the mouth.


Your reading comprehension is impressive.

I wonder what you think of the last book you read. I am sure it is a interesting tale to hear it from you.



That doesn't even have all of them.

Sam Hyde's MDE subreddit /r/milliondollarextreme isn't on there


The person that made it did claim it was incomplete and it was last updated 6 months ago, but it still shuts down the reddit shill by providing several examples of boards banned that fall outside of his "it doesn't count if it offends me" list.


Any tips for improving memory?


so if you got deplatformed from everywhere, you still have freedom of speech?

if you're only allowed to speak freely when nobody can hear you, thats still freedom of speech?


Take notes and practice with memory games like concentration.
The first both being a aid and back up for your long term memory, and the games like concentration it trains your short term and working memory.

Another thing is most of my memory issues were problems of attention. Paying better attention of details and being in the moment with your mind rather then letting it wonder GREATLY helps improve memory. At least it did for me.


My point is: in reddit I can't say whatever I want, so I don't use reddit. No, they're not obligated to give me a platform and thankfully I am not obligated to use that shitty website.


>Some shitty site is everywhere now
>implying such a thing is even possible

I would go into detail but "no politics" so I will stick to just making fun of your silly non-argument.


ten years since graduation, yet I still dream of high school and my classmates
these dreams are painful to wake up from, I'm always hit by nostalgia and a feeling of emptiness, I wonder what they are up to these days


It's not just "some shitty site" it's one of the biggest sites in the internet and most of the sites except for some imageboards, even 4chan will ban you know if you say "nigger". And I know it's their choice and their right, just don't pretend it's only a reddit thing. They also seem to have pretty arbitrary ways to define which content is "hateful". They banned Alex Jones for saying some kinda outrageous things, or Varg Vikerness for saying each ethnic group should stay in their own territories and abandon civilization, and mumkey jones for whatever the fuck they banned him for.


>what happened to them
half of mine became common criminals and the other half are your average millennial shlubs pathetically trying to have a wageslave "career" and look happy in their kikebook pics

I hated them all, so seeing them suffer is fun


>nobody has anything to talk about
>I don't have anything interesting to talk about

And so it ends another half-assed attempt on my part to use discord.


I looked them up too. You know what really impressed me though? Many of them are still friends! They still hangout with each other. In fact that's how I found many of them because I only remembered a couple of full names from school days, but it turned out to be enough because I managed to track many others down through picture's tags and whatnot, holy shit. One 6th grade group in particular still has the same 5 core people.
You know what's even funnier? Even then I knew I wasn't actually part of that group of people. We played ball together and whatnot but their relatioship with one another was clearly stronger than with me. Not that I'm complaining, it was mutual in fact. We all liked baseball or whatever but that was it.


Yes, you read it correctly.


8 years for me. I still see them because I live in a small town and eventually you run into people. It's weird that like half of them are teachers. Even though some time has passed I still feel like I finished high school last month most of the time.


And yet all of those people are still online and still making content.

Reddit ain't shit and will one day die as all such sites do.
It being a big pit of normies is even more of a reason to avoid it.


I only ever met one, in 2017 and I don't think he recognized me. Now my eyesight is shit and so much time has passed I don't think I could tell if I got to see one of them in the street or something.


mine stopped last year, although i went to so many different schools growing up i never dreamed about the people, i cant actually remember anyone from the schools. it was always just the classroom environment. i would usually panic and flee the classroom and school, and then i'd spend 2 hours walking home, just like real life back in the day. if the dream didn't play the walking-home memories completely, it would just loop between random school events until i got terror and woke up. the walking-home parts though effectively ended the bad dreams, it took so long to walk home that my brain always made up some adventure and this happened in the dreams, so it would branch off into something positive. same kind of experience about dreaming i'm still the military, although i still get them, i dont know when they will stop. it causes me to wake up with my heart pounding and my memories of reality get kind of warped, i think i'm still in the military and i have to go to work tomorrow. it causes panic but eventually i remember it's been years since i got discharged and i'll never have to do that again. sleeping on the floor has helped bring back reality faster, also with a night light i'll immediately see my room and know it's not the military, but sometimes it just causes confusion.


Archwizard Steve "Protopod" Sutton is still at it. Chill as ever.


tsc, I'm not going to yt to watch it. Fuck it.


looks like he lives in the southeast, i can look outside and see the same stuff


i was curious why bread has such a shitty amount of fiber. why do we remove the hulls? everyone needs fiber anyways. why not just grind everything together so we get fibery hulls with flour. it would be beyond whole-grain, like really-whole-grain. i think its only removed because it causes problems with feeding into hoppers and stuff, but if you could grind it you are adding in filler esentially so it should make flour more profitable

man i want to grow some wheat now. theres a whole bunch of different types. you can just boil it too, like rice.

why the fuck do people grow such useless pussy grass in their lawns. everyone should be growing wheat. the lawncare industry is such a fucking scam. home owners associations are a massive conspiracy. you know how much fucking wheat could grow in a yard, jesus christ thats a lot of flour. and then you could just grow mushrooms with all the hay.


>everyone needs fiber
I don't need fiber.

I don't need any of the hippie jew health memes.


ok boomer.


whatever that means


"ok boomer" is an common response from zoomers who think it's a witty catch-all response to own anyone who they perceive to be of an older generation (doesn't have to be boomers, and is more often than not gen X, millennials, or even other zoomers if their ideas, opinions, or interests are perceived as antiquated. Not sure where it originated but it's a very popular response on reddit.
Typical things that will elicit the "ok boomer" response include:
>Anything anti-smartphone or anti-social media, especially if you dislike snapchat, discord, instagram or whatever social media is most popular with zoomers
>Anything centrist, right wing, or anti-sjw
>Dislike of mumble rappers
>Nostalgia for, or the enjoyment of anything made before the year 2000
Basically, anyone using this response is outing themselves as gen z redditors, thus gigantic faggots.


ugh, I just found that out on dailystormer, they're really spearheading this "boomer means anyone older than me" retardation

they're also saying emma watson looks really old
I think they're starting to lose their touch with reality


Heading out to a remote rural cabin for a few nights. Have really been looking forward to this, away from the noise pollution and in the quiet of nature, surrounded by the woods. Would have been better earlier in the year with more daylight and leaves on the trees but it's still going to be comfy.


She's almost 30 now, wow. The whole Harry Potter craze feels so recent to me.


I dropped out after the second film. Are they finally done making those things? Maybe I should marathon them or something and see how bad they got.

I assume they fell into sequel hell.


if you dont need it, its because you already get fiber. other people dont, their food is shit, and their shits are shit because of it


no, there's next to no fiber in my diet, there's also no future health problem from all that unnatural shit rasping away at my intestinal lining


They mostly just stuck to following the books with the quality staying relatively consistent though the tone does get darker over time.
Once they ran out of Harry Potter books they tried to addapt the author's other works but this didn't turn out as well both in quality and in sells. So I am not sure if they will keep going or leave it alone for a few years.

I kind of grew out of the franchise in highschool so I only really watched like 3 or 4 of the movies and was only actually excited by the first because I actually read the book.
I find it kind of funny that some people my similar age only really know how to make literary references to Harry Potter. This is probably because it was the only the literature that they actually (without being forced in school) read and were able to comprehend. Like they never moved on or reading wise grew up to enjoy much else beyond that. Even stranger is such people then grew up to be writers themselves often putting out the common vapid internet article or periodical story overflowing from legacy Media nowadays. Like they were inspired enough to become writers but not enough to actually read much else to comprehension.


I was too old for it when it came about plus the fact LoTR fot me hooked anyways but I have two siblings few years younger than me and they loved all the movies, though I do remember they complaining about the last one.


Been 15 years since I graduated but I can relate to this so much. Especially the nostalgia mixed with emptiness feeling.
It make desperately wish I could have a second chance at life and youth, but in a different world, where culture and human nature are very different.
Part of me still clings to hope that one day, within my lifetime, VR will be advanced enough to simulate such a thing, but deep down I know that probably won't happen.


File: 1573227016455.png (59.08 KB, 148x265, 148:265, 1442788590051.png) ImgOps iqdb

My life got better and now all the stuff I hoarded(mainly porn) is useless to me. I have like 4TB of porn which is now boring to me. All porn is.
I dont know how to deal with these feelings


just delete it, digital hoarding is pretty useless


I think it depends on if you need the space for anything else and how likely you are to change your mind and regret deleting your collection.
That said if you gain nothing from having it then it is probably best not to have it. Especially if it will not appreciate in value.


After I played some nice porn games everything seems bland. I got used to nice interactive content that catered to my fetishes and then I ran out of it. I'd need to hibernate for a few years to get enough content for a few weeks.


Hmm, I may have to rethink my reddit usage. Suddenly I'm getting anxiety over the posts I made like when I first started posting on imeageboards except even worse. It's like now reddit is some person I seek the approval of. I can see how the upvote system can be insidious.


Obviously reddits fault.


Do you think maybe it would be a good idea to pray to all the most powerful Gods from throughout recorded history? I mean there's usually like a top dude, Zeus or Odin or whatever. Better to go with the scattershot technique if you can't be sure which religion is true.


That sounds like a great way to piss them all off at once.


I cant believe this guy keeps getting away with this shit



its not that I see through all that fakery and it lost the appeal to me


I am doing heroin since friday. Bought from some shady fella while waiting for bus. It's nothing amazing even though it looks like a quality product not cut with anything. Maybe to get that amazing high you have to shoot it up I am just snorting it but still, it's nice and like weed it makes everything more interesting/better.


Maybe they're all the same gods with different names.


Who the fuck could look at that and call it a "miracle"?


thank g-d for liberating afghanistan, eh?


No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.



Looks comfy, wiz. Gonna check them out later tonight.


File: 1573517714469.jpg (472.33 KB, 1000x1017, 1000:1017, ginko winter.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

First major snowfall of the season here, I had to go out tonight for an exam and was dreading it but it was actually really nice. Was shocked how quiet it was when I left the apartment, seems like most of the normalfags were holed up indoors. I've heard snow absorbs sound so maybe that caused it as well. Had a great time standing outside and just watching the it all come down while waiting for the bus.

Also have the apartment to myself for the remaining 2 months due to unexpected circumstances and it's been so much more peaceful. Tonight I'll brew some tea, continue reading the philosophy book I started, finish up the raw LN I've been reading and then watch some more 90's anime series later into the night. All in complete peace.

Sorry for the semi-bragfag but I'm feeling better than I've felt in a very long time.


File: 1573518605691.png (743.65 KB, 649x768, 649:768, kaiki arm cross.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's okay to enjoy yourself wiz. I know most people here just cry about their lives all the time, but having a good day is not bragging. Also nice pic.


Thanks, wiz.
Nice post, wiz. We also have snow on the ground here. I feel sort of cheated out of half of autumn, since we usually don't get real snow until December. At any rate, I really love getting to wear a big coat seven months out of the year; it makes me less anxious when I have to leave to buy supplies.


I realized I basically forgot all the knots I learned because it has been so long.
Apparently if you don't keep in practice it is something that is really easy to lose.


Knots are one of those things I could not keep grasped as well. One of those things i always struggled to keep learned. It seems like people have different things like that, some things they can learn once and never forget and other things they must try to keep hold of the knowledge.


I've started deleting my porn semi-regularly, I didn't really need more room but it is nice to curb my reflex to download everything.



found this today. its just people who find rocks that look like potatos, they send this guy pics and info about their potato rocks… some look really convincing, others not so much. the best part is a lot of these potato rock guys are defensive about their potato rocks. when they get it tested or seen by experts they dismiss their results like its a conspiracy or something lol


This is gold. Thanks for sharing such a find.


File: 1573614899125.gif (353.37 KB, 500x647, 500:647, fear and loathing.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>people care about these things


I just realised how stupid crabs sound when they say that we're "deluding" ourselves and that we're actually just "crabs in denial".
Herbivore men, going by the definition on wikipedia, are men who have no interest in getting married or finding a gf. And not the crabby kind of no interest("boohoo im such a loser im going to give up on ever finding a gf"), but the wizardly one: "have a non-assertive, indifferent attitude toward desires of flesh". And it "also has close ties in meaning to "ohitorisama" which roughly translates to the act of living alone and performing tasks independently of other people", which also sounds wizardly as hell. So going off those two excerpts from wikipedia, we can safely say that wizards are basically the western version of herbivore men. And guess what? "Surveys of single Japanese men conducted in 2010 found that 61% of men in their 20s and 70% of men in their 30s considered themselves to be herbivores." I bet those numbers are even higher in 2019. Yes, wizardry, both eastern and western, is really widespread, so crabs' argument that "ugggh u truwizards are just unicorns and don't actually exist" is simply bullshit.
If crabs didn't invade wizchan so often I'd actually pity them. Too bad that their low iq brains force them to shit up this place in order to validate their twisted worldview. Guess I'll keep laughing at their misfortune and bully them on /dep/, lol.


File: 1573669471387.png (69.06 KB, 728x684, 182:171, ce399ecd0175959d935abb55e6….png) ImgOps iqdb

>"have a non-assertive, indifferent attitude toward desires of flesh"

Not really, they've just replaced the satisfaction of those desires with various virtual methods, rather than pursuing physical relationships. I don't think that decision is based on being indifferent to sexual desire, it's just a pragmatic one made based on a weighing on the costs/benefits of marriage and family life, and maybe also a realization that the trouble required to get and maintain a relationship is not worth it, especially with the proliferation of media offering virtual solutions to satisfy romantic and sexual desires (dating sims, visual novels, anime, ASMR, etc).

From what I've heard of modern Japanese society it's common in marriages for the succubus to control the money and the man to just be an earner. Add to this the hellish stress for the average salaryman and possibilities of cheating and divorce and it's easy to see why a lot of young men have made the decision to not pursue relationships.

This doesn't lead to continence or detachment from desires, though. A cursory glance at their culture shows that the Japanese are the masters of offering simulacra of romance and sex, to such an extent that the whole concept of 2D and 3D (二次元 and 三次元) came about as a way of expressing the superiority of the virtual representations of succubi and romance over reality. And for some people 2D has become the reality of romance and sex, because the concept of 3D relationships or desire for 3D has completely left their minds.

The conclusion of herbivore men being a parallel of wizards is probably correct though, as it's clear from the posts around this site that many wizards also are not free from desires of the flesh and use simulacra as an outlet. This isn't to discredit these types of people, as the decision is certainly logical and it's clear that their reasons for abstention are different from the narrow-minded crab concepts. The shackles of desire are difficult to shake off. But to say that wizardry and herbivore men are caused entirely, or even mostly, by an indifference to sexual desires is false.


Someone once noted that image boards were probably a form of mind control.

You notice it after a while. There are "trends" and we call them "memes" so it seems more fun but it's mind control. All the loner forums are honeypots with as many "free agents" as actual legitimate users.


>romantic and sexual desires


>Not really, they've just replaced the satisfaction of those desires with various virtual methods, rather than pursuing physical relationships.
>to say that wizardry and herbivore men are caused entirely, or even mostly, by an indifference to sexual desires is false.
I guess so. I was making an argument based solely on the wikipedia article, but now that I think about it, the target audience for all those things that satisfy romantic and sexual desires is herbivore men. It's a pretty common trope in manga/anime/etc when some guy who's seemingly satisfied with just 2D longs for the "real thing". I can't actually remember any manga I've read that didn't have a harem tag or a romantic subplot. (maybe because I've been reading only isekai shounen garbage lol) actually, there are some isekais that focus just on the power fantasy… that's still wish fulfillment, i guess
>And for some people 2D has become the reality of romance and sex, because the concept of 3D relationships or desire for 3D has completely left their minds.
I'd say that that's the end goal of some wizards on wizchan. I think very few people can actually achieve that state of detachment though. You'd have to have a specific type of mindset to do it successfully. I would even say that it's downright impossible, but whatever. Who am I to judge.
>many wizards also are not free from desires of the flesh and use simulacra as an outlet
Yeah, that brings up that whole "are waifus wizardly" debate. Enough has been said on that topic, so I don't want to get into that territory again.
>to say that wizardry and herbivore men are caused entirely, or even mostly, by an indifference to sexual desires is false.
And that raises the "what is wizardry" question. I have no desire to discuss that either, lol.
>The conclusion of herbivore men being a parallel of wizards is probably correct though
That's actually a pretty interesting idea. Do herbivore men, as in the japanese men on japanese imageboards, have their own version of "truwizard" radicalism? That is, people who advocate complete abstinence from social, romantic and sexual desires? Some anime and manga feature nerds who worship 2D and don't acknowledge 3D, but I guess that's a rather hyperbolized reproduction of japanese reality, and they don't actually have those guys.


memes are the opposite of "mind control", but memes can be created by state operators.

memes are a kind of INFLUENCE that is achieved in a snap, which also propagates. If it doesn't have that "snap" quality, it's something other than a meme. example of a non-meme which self-propagates: "if you don't forward this letter to 4 friends you'll catch HIV."

"mind control" is a method of achieving influence without the snap quality, and without self-propagation. An example of this is "impeachment". The word itself is drummed into you, regardless of channel, foxnews, cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, bbc, even the view, even fucking snl, colbert, all the late nights, all the channels, all the programs, actually. impeach. impeach. impeach. the subliterate drum beat, the entrainment. quite effective. top-down.

when people say "forced meme" they are referring to the observation that operatives are the primary users of them, but are unwilling to admit that they are "schizophrenic" enough to recognize all those billions going to spies come back in this material world as ordinary dishonest crooked activities, against the repbulic, those organizations being utterly unaudited, checked, or balanced, by any person or entity other than their state enemies. "56%" was a rather successful forced meme. it sees some slight authentic use, only accidentally, due to the effect below:

sometimes there are people who repeat memes. I prefer the name "pimping memes" for that one. I've pimped (successfully!!!!) a meme once, anons. I'm not totally proud of it yes I am. The significant point is that it takes off, just like any other meme, but the "snap" quality is less universal (like, way fewer people will snap to it, for example, maybe only dentists with tourettes "get it". limited audience, one possibly not known to the maker, discovered by pimping it). the most bottom-up (more than good memes, because good memes "snap" with an existing group, the fertile soil for the meme to grow in).


I think very few people can actually achieve that state of detachment *through that method* though.(hotfix)


File: 1573789875820.webm (143.3 KB, 492x360, 41:30, 1429223426001.webm) ImgOps iqdb

You certainly seem to be sincere about this and definitely not exaggerating or outright lying to poison the well on a meme that has REALLY hit a nerve among the old fucks.
Not that I intend to defend this >>231562 brainlet. Fuck him and his 0 effort post.


>Not that I intend to defend this >>231562 brainlet. Fuck him and his 0 effort post.
That's offensive.


>first time ordering a McMuffin and they gave me a cheedy sausage one my mistake
very nice


>We are removing support for insecure TLS protocol versions, specifically TLSv1.0 and TLSv1.1, which your browser software relies on to connect to our sites. This is usually caused by using some ancient browser or user agents like old Android smartphones. Also it could be interference from corporate or personal "Web Security" software which actually downgrades connection security.You must upgrade your browser or otherwise fix this issue to access our sites. This message will remain until Jan 1, 2020. After that date, your browser will not be able to establish a connection to our servers at all.

Insolent brats at Wikipedia deny me access through my old Android smartphone. Hopefully Opera browser works.


Indeed, Opera Mini opens it without problems. Buying a new device only to have latest Android just to visit sites for a NEET would be a waste.


>neighbor blasting nigger music for the past 2 hours nonstop

Everybody knows you have an awful taste in music you fucking idiot, no need to remind us every fucking friday about it. Someone nail down a pair of headphones to that guy's skull please.

And then tomorrow you have the retards blasting electronic music all night long. People have no shame to be a nuisance, fucking apes, fucking idiots, fucking retards fuck them. People like that should be sent to live in the jungle, they're not suitable for civilization.


There are usually a lot of work arounds for such issues.


i was thinking today why i like the medieval setting so much. when i was little my favorite movies were mostly medieval so it was already formed by that point. i couldn't think of any good reason, maybe it was just chance, but so many other people seem equally interested in the setting so i'm thinking maybe it's a big phenomenon


Fuck, now my laptop is broken. The hinge just broke apart and all the clips on the screen housing started coming apart. I tried to squish them back together but I know not all of them have clicked. Every time I try to open or close it the hinge explodes again.


Sometimes when I get to drinking a nice cup of tea in a day I'll just enjoy it so much and then literally will have cup after cup all through the day and go through teabags quick, and have to piss a whole lot from drinking so much tea. It's like a temporary addiction thing. Maybe my mom who suspects I'm autistic is right.


do you have adhd? if i brew a huge thing of coffee it becomes a habit for a few days. people with adhd self-medicate, without even realizing it, using a variety things like caffeine and even nicotine/smoking. i normally now just take caffeine pills to avoid having to do any physical work of making tea/coffee.


Nah I don't have ADHD, although I do have a predilection for self medication in general. Just weird that it is tea. It's not so with other drinks even alcoholic


I almost exclusively drink tea and I go through upwards of 15 cups each day. Sometimes I forget it's not normal.


I wish I could read all the aborted posts. These touch the soul closest.


I am too lazy to be bothered to make tea most days. It's why I mainly drink water and occasionally milk.


Just as the quark was about to be taken from the container my mother fortunately asked about the raisins inside. So now I'm about to eat the sandwich and then the crepe with cherry, pineapple and chocolate in my wizroom.


What did he mean by this?


i teamaxx everyday mostly with black tea.


I tried but can't into black tea, unless I have no other option.



Usually summer starts slowly in this shithole, but this year it just fucking decided to hit full force and we're having january temperatures in November, and there's probably five months of this hell to go. I don't know if it's climate change or just bad luck but fuck I wish I had money to move.


File: 1574062202605.png (12.54 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

You can use a window unit a lot more efficiently than most people do. You can duct them (there are various methods, most of them obvious, the main thing is to add insulation until you don't have condensate, use real fiberglass, then make sure you tape it up so you don't get the glass on you later). There are casual ducting techniques (like, if you have a 12 inch duct, you can put an 8 inch duct into it, then just cover the rest with a towel (or don't, depending on intention). with a duct like that, an 8 inch duct (you can have a booster fan in the middle of the duct, if you need), say a 25 ft long one, you can run it across the house, to where you sit.

This is the big tip, not the ducting trick:

you can minimize your use of the window unit by basically constructing a tent (or multiple tents) indoors. it's a rough thing. crude tents. You don't even need a top to the tent (cold air doesn't rise, hot air does).

Here, Gondola is sitting in the middle of, and below, a metal hoop. ie, cheap metal bent into a circle. The hoop is attached to his ceiling, by hooks & some paracord. The curtains, which are hung by curtain hooks, are actually heavy blankets. Velcro is used to create a seal (ie, velcro is stuck to the blankets to keep them one to the next).

you see that there is an 8 inch duct which runs into the room where the larger duct goes. A towel is used to force the air into the line. a better seal is possible, but it is assumed some leaking in the room is desirable (you don't want that one room to get too hot, because the a/c won't work as well). The larger duct delivers the air to the area needed. It covers the a/c output. you can use duct tape to connect them up. You hang the 12 inch duct with various hangers, for example duct hanging nylon tape.

Gondola has multiple places in his house where he uses this one window unit. Gondola is happy, because a low electricity bill makes Gondola happy.


File: 1574077855856.gif (2.38 KB, 535x55, 107:11, tenor.gif) ImgOps iqdb

wtf i love amazon now


how late will the package be?


Climate change is causing the jet stream to weaken and then cold polar air can travel farther south than it normally does. If you ever saw the movie "the day after tomorrow" where everything gets super cold, that's essentially a highly dramatized and exaggerated version of what's actually happening now.


It was only a day. Snow plows put too big of a pile in front of the mailbox so the mailman had to wait until we cleared it



Amazon is the only trasnational megacorp i like, their service and deals are fucking great. live in a shithole and that company made so many things accessible and easy to get for me.


time to videogamemaxx


File: 1574106185296.jpg (37.97 KB, 801x534, 3:2, 13018701.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I commented that asians are high iq in a chink whore stream on twitch and she angrily said that I was just making that up and that they're smart because of their culture that made them study like crazy since very young.
My comment was "asians have a high iq", and nothing else.

Funny how retards disagree with you and immediately after they give arguments that contradict them and prove your statement to be true.
"That's made up and not true but here's a reason why what you stated is true and not made up"

Literally my comment was "asians have a high iq" and hers was "now you're just making that up, it's got to do with culture."

Before I asked her what her IQ was and she responded that it was probably two digits.
Then I wrote "could you please take an IQ test and update your about me info?"
I was teasing the whore and wanted to see what she'd say, and she reacted badly.

Her "about me" info was something surreal to me, why would anyone need to know any of that and why she thought it was okay to share it?

"Height: 5'5
Weight: 110lbs
Dress size: 2
Body fat: 18%
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark
Blood type: I forgot
Shoe size: 6.5
Pushup: 12x in a row
Bench press: 35kg/75lbs
Deadlift: 50kg/110lb
Run: NA/fractured ankle
Chest height: 89cm
Ankle circumference: 21cm
Wrist circumference: 15cm
You may hear me speaking English, Korean, and French on my channel.

한국말도 해요~
Je parle francais aussi :)

Oh, and I'm addicted to sweets."

It's the first time I come across with shit like this and I'm admired this bitch is getting so many viewers and has over 20000 followers.

Yesterday I was in another stream of a different twitch whore who was self conscious about her big 5 finger forehead and I asked her the same questions and it didn't make her defensive, instead she laughed.
I didn't compliment her of course, I was just bored at the time and wanted to see if some people would click on my name and follow me when they see my content.


why would anyone need to know any of that and why he thought it was okay to share it?


>Shoe size: 6.5
she thought about the footfags how sweet


File: 1574108067492.jpg (109.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

bitch probably thinks she's a character from a videogame and want people to play with her.


That info is so that thirsty pay pigs can get her custom gifts that fit her perfectly.



theres still good content but like anything you can´t expect the surface layer to be about normgroid base impulses, you simply look for what you want under that.



>wrist circumference
>ankle circumference
the fuck would this info even be used for

>chest height

lol what the fuck does this even mean


Bracelets and anklets.
She wants jewelry dude.

>lol what the fuck does this even mean

In this case it is a measurement used for fitted clothing because the ho wants cloths.


She just wants her orbiters to buy her stuff. God I hate those fucking idiots.


>Bracelets and anklets.
ah i forgot those are things

i was trying to think what succubi would wear on ankles or wrists and drew a blank. i know guys wear sometimes have watches but those you dont even need to measure. i was thinking socks for the feet but that seems dumb i never heard of ankle circumference being a thing for socks.


succubi probably wouldn't be so bad as they are if thirsty retards didn't enable the very worst behavor of them.

Oh well. The fact is that they are bad and so are the dudes that chase them, so it is best to steer clear of both groups altogether.


I don´t get mad anymore because i know that, they simply have no incentive to not be like that, if i could get away with half of what they do i would not see any reason to change either, i`d wear the free clothes, eat those free meals and ask for dessert .

Imagine if desirable succubi were at your disposal willing to do that for you with minimum effort on your part. Winners on a rigged game usually are not the ones to call it off, their best interest is to make sure the game keeps going.


I forgot to zip after peeing and I was walking around walmart for like 15 minutes with my fly open. My dick was totally visible. I hope nobody saw it, I still gotta buy some parsnips there tomorrow.


File: 1574147865514.jpg (239.04 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Malodica.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Decided to get a "real" instrument to play. So I got a melodica instead of blasting away on my kazoo.
It really isn't fun to play or get better at like the kazoo and I am starting to feel like I made a mistake.
I am basically just doing piano drills on a small keyboard while also making sure to keep my breath in sync. Its boring and it takes forever to learn any songs I actually want to play.
This doesn't feel like play it feels like work. I think I might end up going back to the kazoo because as dumb as it is I have lots of fun playing it and feel really satisfied when I actually make progress and get better at it.


If you weren't asked to leave or or something then you are probably fine. Just try not to make a habit of it or the staff might think you are doing it intentionally and call the cops.


We finally got dumped on last saturday, it's like 12" but I don't care because I got snow boots. Sorels are great snow boots with a long life and worth the money.

The local news outlets et al call the late snowfall words like "unusual," in spite of it being quite normal. The lower-48 scum that overflow this place never fail to show how completely alien they are, while they larp and carpetbag as if they belong here.

Sorels are great boots.


It's more of a training tool than anything. It's a popular instrument with young Japanese children because it introduces them to the piano and woodwind/brass concepts. It's a niche instrument for a niche sound, so unless you want to cover old 90's/2000's anime OSTs it doesn't really have much to offer. It's much like the bagpipes in that regard.

Try playing it like a keytar


Edge doesn't open the epub I was reading a week ago.
I googled a way to open epub archives with edge because dragging the archives into the window didn't work and I read that Microsoft Edge doesn't support epub files any longer.

That was one of my fears the moment I began using edge. Everything I highlighted is gone. Why would they remove this feature it's illogical.


install an old version


File: 1574208009330.png (63.79 KB, 640x908, 160:227, ihatewomen.png) ImgOps iqdb

I hope that works.

Stupid succubi I hate them. With Edge you could have Cortana or Mark and any other voice reading your epubs at any speed you wanted, and if you didn't understand a word you could make use of the built in dictionary.


>she is glad to see a future go on a product that she didn't even use to begin with
Are you sure the bitch ain't just trolling?
Also…Are you Robert?


>Are you sure the bitch ain't just trolling?

Does her post read like trolling to you?


Yes, which is why I asked.


i always worry about bugs crawling into my mouth or nose when i sleep. i already wear ear plugs so that part is safe

i was thinking, you know those robbers who put pantyhose over their faces? i bet that would protect my mouse and nose from bugs. it would probably feel comfy and warm, i hope anyway


That is pretty low probability of happening.
that said they make netting make to keep bugs of your face when camping (it is called no-see'em netting around here). I wear them when biking at dusk because the bugs get really bad on the bike trails around that time and I got tired of picking bugs out my beard.


File: 1574223456730.jpg (8.57 KB, 319x301, 319:301, bd15a378af6a69ac7f6988f8ae….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>go outside to my balcony to read since it's not too cold tonight
>some guy walking is blasting chopped and screwed nigger music so loudly that I can hear it clearly, even though I'm several floors up and he's across a large parking lot and on the other side of the fucking street

jesus christ


That's cool and nice. Winter in Poland was less snowy every year since 2008 or something. I'm happy to hear snow is coming back. But honestly this winter doesn't look promising so far.


File: 1574278747731.jpg (33.5 KB, 618x464, 309:232, 6d1f5a709556459aaa2d6296d6….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The human body proportions are a thing of the past; now Sonic’s feet are big and his ankles are implausibly wider than his thighs. His torso has shrunk, particularly at the waist, and his hands are now massive and once again clad in the proper white gloves. Our hedgehog’s head has swelled, as have his eyes, and when he opens his mouth I no longer want to shriek in horror until professionals come and sedate me.


They have a lot of protein, so don't worry


>That is pretty low probability of happening.
every week i find a 3 inch centipede in my blankets. if you put it in a plastic bag it can gnaw its way out. spiders are a daily occurrence. cockroaches arent common lately. big thick millipedes are about every week too, but they seem harmless and sad looking so i dont mind them. fruit flies are an everyday thing too. i can pretty much empty my room and seal the doors but they come in, my guess is the air vent

bugs are so common i think its inevitable ill wake up finding sometging trying to crawl into my sinus cavity or laying eggs on my face it keeps me up at night

ill look into that camling stuff thanks


lol has to take the edgy opinion on every last topic


this is ironic right?


Contrarianism is part of their business model


File: 1574374649501.jpg (4.48 MB, 3096x4128, 3:4, capture4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I parked on the street near my house and I got an "abandoned vehicle" warning sticker on my car and it almost got towed because they only gave me two days to move it.

I'm glad I went and got mcdonalds or my vehicle would have been towed, even though there are no "no parking" signs. Norpers never stop harassing me.

The wizard life is hard


Any chance you can store your vehicle on your property or arrange storage on other "friendly" private property?


is this some city thing, the side of the road is for parking


File: 1574404308089.png (340.88 KB, 918x399, 306:133, 44f.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I guess if you accidentally send an email nowadays, you could end up trending on twitter.

Imagine the humiliation this guy is going through.



I can't park in the drive way because it's a single car width driveway and there's 3 other cars.

When I got that warning notice for parking on the street in front of my house, I decided to park my car in an apartment complex parking lot down the street 8 minutes walk.

Hopefully, the landlord doesn't notice that I don't actually live in the apartment complex or I will have to try another apartment complex.

Such is life when you're a broke wizzie.


you mean does it have an unexpected ending that goes against what was supposed to have happened? I don't see one


Just joined and now they're promoting a 4chan.org/r9k link.

Non-wizard detected


Haven't watched any south park in a long time because it had started sucking there for a while but I just watched s23e1 "Mexican Joker" and I thought it was pretty good. Laughed at it like the old stuff.


>23 seasons
wow thats insane


File: 1574487983093.png (95.66 KB, 522x445, 522:445, 1564098672116.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Wanted to get better at writing
>Don't know what to do with what I write or who I'd get to read it
>Wanted to learn Japanese
>Get immense self-doubt over learning an entire language just to consume media without actually speaking to others in it

Trying my hand at drawing. Hope I don't get a brain prolapse.


I stopped watching after those cartman "coon" episodes started, those were bad but it didn't stop there, the show's writing in general tanked at that time and it was embarrassing, cringy even

the same thing happened with american dad
I wonder if it or south park ever returned to being funny


yes, that's where I stopped too because it was so terrible, but season 23 has been good so far. Has very topical satire.


in other words mainstream political/social commentary

ugh, think I'll pass


File: 1574522921444.jpg (246.46 KB, 800x534, 400:267, automaton.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i've been taking out mcdonalds almost every day of this year
to think there's a security worker at the mall who could probably make a compilation of 300 security camera clips of a man wearing the same clothes, going the same path, making the same order, even using the same hand movements and face expression when receiving the food


look at this wizchan town


File: 1574526922189.jpg (415.24 KB, 1536x1024, 3:2, dwddmfw0mb431.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Not sure if shopped or a ill-advised Chinese building project that got out of hand.


It's in Turkey if I remember right. What a waste.


fucking 30 (T H I R T Y) day ban on 4ch for posting dog gore. posting pigs getting slaughtered is okay but dogs getting abused is a ban? holy shit the mods there are braindead. i dont know how to bypass the ban considering i never got banned for that long


I remember seeing videos of the construction. It looked like a test site for that "3D Printed" extruded concrete house system. Is there any context?

>dog gore
poor baby
>pigs getting slaughtered is okay but dogs getting abused is a ban
are you registered with PETA yet?
>i dont know how to bypass the ban
You don't, you follow the rules or you fuck off. Go post on 8kun if you want "free expression" on someone else's site

even newfags know 4ch /gif/ has dog rekt threads all the time and /b/ has no rule against it.


File: 1574537229707.jpg (83.61 KB, 780x294, 130:49, what did i do.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>even newfags know 4ch /gif/ has dog rekt threads all the time and /b/ has no rule against it.

exactly, thats the whole point. animal abuse webm's and gif's are common in /gif/, but i posted it in r9k and got a month ban for not even breaking the rules, just some triggered admin

the best part is, the actual thread is still up. " If an animal gets tortured to death, its their fault" was the title

that website has braindead mods


please don't encourage 4channers to go to 8kun.


File: 1574537539925.jpg (175.78 KB, 1436x572, 359:143, this is illegal questionma….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

there was a almost identical thread where they were talking about bullying. i just changed the victim from the human to the animal and poof~ 1 month ban


>but i posted it in r9k
>there was a almost identical thread where they were talking about bullying. i just changed the victim from the human to the animal and poof
Then you should have contended the message of that thread in the thread itself using a non-rule breaking image. Did you really think you'd sway anyone, especially the 4chan mods, by making some sarcastic rewritten thread starring shoveldog? Who's to say you won't pull the same move here when you jimmies get rustled?


File: 1574539766617.png (244.92 KB, 450x341, 450:341, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>posting dog gore
>i posted it in r9k
i hope they keep banning you


Do you have any health problems from eating fast food so often? I miss it very much; we have no fast food in my small town. I also wear the same thing every time I leave the house. One time, years ago, some teenaged cashier succubus asked me about it, but no else has since.


>I also wear the same thing every time I leave the house.


It makes me feel comfortable to wear the same thing every day. I can't stomach a lot of change.


>Do you have any health problems from eating fast food so often?
Well, i've already had hemorrhoids before this, and the funny thing is that fastfood makes me sort of constipated, i take a shit once a week - and it's actually better to not disturb my asshole too often.
Surely there would be problems in the long run (though there won't be one, cuz i'll run out of savings soon), but i don't give a fuck anymore. It's one of the very few things left for me to enjoy.
The same reason why eating fastfood every day - you don't have to think about it. Autistic approach, "ive got this thing covered".
Fastfood advantages:
- no cooking
- no washing dishes
- no slow old fucks in line or as cashiers like when you buy products in stores, less interaction in general
- consistency in taste, and i personally did not get bored of it unlike every other food that you struggle to eat more than three days in a raw
- coke is better than bottled

>I miss it very much

That sucks, wiz. Though there must be some local pizzaplaces or bakeries at least.


Do you get any odd looks from the McDonald's staff? And do they try to engage you in conversation since you are a regular?


>(though there won't be one, cuz i'll run out of savings soon), but i don't give a fuck anymore. It's one of the very few things left for me to enjoy.

do youplan on suicide when that happens?


People find it weird when I tell them I've never been to any big fast food place like McDonalds or Burger King, am I missing something?


it's salty greasy food that norms order from their cars. like how gas is fuel for cars, fast food is fuel for car drivers


>gas is fuel for cars

which kind? helium?


The gasoline kind? Did you expect petrol?


but how do gas tanks keep it in? I saw a car and its gas cap didn't even have a valve, the gas could float right out


"gas" is just short for gasoline, another word for petrol, a liquid fuel. The petrol is forcefully mixed with air and vaporizes in to a gas which is then burned. This causes the garburateur to heat up, which charges the radiator, which then spins the wheels and brakes.


He's just trolling dude.


File: 1574596856247.jpg (68.19 KB, 650x419, 650:419, sdfasdf.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No, they are oblieged by corporate guidelines to PUT ON A HAPPY FACE. I think only mcdonalds is strict regarding this and many other things, which is good. Plus i'm always polite, say "thank you". And recently use these on the pic.
>do they try to engage you in conversation
No, those exhausted students are likely to quit sooner than remember another gray face in a vortex of faces.
I plan on eating as little as i can from my parents fridge, probably just eggs and bread, maybe buy cheap vitamins. Well i've already lived like this, lost weight but it didn't improve my mood like all the fastfood haters say, i became more nervous and generally bored without sugar.
No option of getting a job again for me. And i do plan suicide after my parents die.
>am I missing something?
Nope, either you were hooked up by this stuff as a kid, or you were not. If you try it now there's a chance you'll have nasty diarrhea (it's a known case, your stomach then get used to it and you have regular shits).
If you already have something as an existential painkiller, don't bother. As for me, i hate all alcohol, smoking, can't get drugs and almost quit masturbation.
Anything my mom cooks is a lot greasier than what they serve at McD nowadays. But i only eat chicken sandwiches.


>If you already have something as an existential painkiller, don't bother
Alright I'll just stick to booze then


it's probably not as unusual as we'd think at first


so why don't people call it gasoline? or is that one of those "big words"


Not all gas is "gasoline". Gasoline is just one trademarked brand of gas, kind of like how not all tissue papiers are Kleenex


like what, diesel? we're talking about gasoline

I want a source on that trademarked claim, I googled it and there's nothing, wikipedia says gasoline has been a non trademarked word since the 1860s


File: 1574657652526.jpg (57.1 KB, 664x441, 664:441, greta-lookalike-index.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They have hired several autistic teenagers (possibly early 20s) to work at my local, small-town grocery store. They are very chatty. In fact, they will stop ringing up my food halfway through and just stand there and talk to me, in their robotic, obviously scripted way.

I don't know if they do this to other people, since I try to only go shopping when the store is slow. Maybe they know or sense I also am autistic. It is deeply uncomfortable encountering other aspies in the real world. I thought these younger ones benefited from early intervention and therapy, but they seem just as screwed up as I was when I was their age in the early 2000s. It pains me to think these younger autists are probably going to be just as dysfunctional as I am.


File: 1574659527657.webm (995.73 KB, 960x540, 16:9, fatwiztheprotector.webm) ImgOps iqdb

> It pains me to think these younger autists are probably going to be just as dysfunctional as I am.

The autistic W O M E N will be okay.


can Wolverine die from hunger?


dunno but his xmen movies career did


Yes. In fact I would argue he would die from starvation faster than a normal human, given the fact his body works on accelerated rates compared to a regular person. He probably has to ingest more calories a day than any athlete out there too.


The actual comic book answer is no. He has


he can eat himself (and done it before) and his healing factor makes it so that it actually takes a extraordinary amount of time if he can not eat anything at all.
This is what is established in the comics and cartoons.


Where are the nutrients coming from? That makes no sense.


>comics and cartoons
>has supernatural super powers
Come on man.

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