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So, you want to be a teacher? How hard can it be? Just what into a classroom and teach those people the lesson. Pretty much the only thing you have to worry about is whether you understand the subject, but hey the “student has become the teacher” is always bullshit you can use right? After all you went through the entire education system. You didn’t fail highschool, you didn’t fail college, and hell you even went after your masters and PhD. How can anyone doubt your credentials now?

As soon as you walk into a classroom, you learn that teaching them is not your job. To the students, your job is to give them all A+ and not waste their time. This ranges from just giving them an A+, to putting on a clown noise and being as entertaining as possible. This is especially true for students who are paying you to teach. Back in the day teachers only cared because the state payed them, or really rich people paid them enough so they had enough fuck-you money to tell the bad rich students to fuck off. If you were really poor, you were fucking thankful and respectful if a teacher took time out of their life to teach you.

Now adays schools have been so awashed in money that the market collapses of the early 21st century and decline of the middle class are beginning to descend on them. This ranges from people not having the money to pay for tuition, to people not rich enough to live in a high-end neighborhood where teachers can be paid fuck-you money, to literal birth rates declining because the cost of children are so astronomical that either you pay for them or the state takes them away from you and charges you as a criminal. Will all the shit children endure you’d think they’d be grateful for at least their existence that you gave them. And if you are not reproductively active have fun taking care of someone else’s batshit insane spawn who did not have the foresight or restraint to enact birth control.

Now why are teachers these days being given such a bad rap? Why are teachers being branded as lazy or inept by the media, politicians, and their parents?

In life, you have plenty of people in authority over you. You have a president, the military, the police, the judge, your doctor, your lawyer, the local county representative you didn’t elect, plenty of people. As a teacher though, you are at the fucking bottom of this authority tower. Here you are given the least power and least respect over the authority you wield over the class. You maybe societies very first leader, though in truth this never was as it was either you parent or your chieftain that was your first authority figure. With the rise knowledge and technology, it has only been recently teachers have been given authority over the first emerging pieces of society.

This is why back in the day teachers were down right psychotic. They could use corporal punishment and insane grading policy and expectations to drive fear in the heart of their students. For those that were willfully disobedient despite corporal punishment, this was the first emergence of a teacher’s problem, as they couldn’t outright eject the student from class. Or if they sent the student to the administration (which back then was JUST the principle) there was someone else who could deal with them by ejecting from the school, but this has been declining as an option as sending a student to the principle would make the administration “look bad”. Hell these days students will outright walk out of your class and go to the administration to complain about YOU.

Now teaching may seem easy, just give everyone A+’s and make a fool of yourself for anyone who still remains in the classroom. But no, this is not enough. For you have a second master. The “administration” that runs the school. The administrations wishes are rather in-line with the students, however they have one added expectation. The administration doesn’t want you to make them “look bad”. What is the definition of “look bad”? Well this begins the woes of a teacher. Anything that can make them “look bad” is roughly anything that challenges the state’s notion as to what the teacher is doing.


>So, you want to be a teacher?
No, my mother is a teacher and i know very well how awful the job is. Fuck all that.


After having read your illiterate screed, I understand why you might feel betrayed by teachers. What's up with the hate, Wizzie? Are you a student? What do your think about teaching abroad OP? Do you know anybody who has done that?


teaching would be a bad job for a wizard


Yeah, the job of teacher has been gutted to the core.

I took a state job placement test and teacher was one of many jobs I qualified for, and was interested in giving it a go. but dear god, the bull shit on the back end made doing filing federal income taxes look easy. I ended up instead taking a job, very briefly, as a school janitor. And while in that position learned most of the actual teachers were uncaring ass holes, some of whom no sane parent would want around their children.

Further, during this time my aunt from another state, who is a public school teacher and was not yet aware I had forsaken the teaching route, calls and tells me about all the policy bull shit she has to abide by as a teacher. And yes, it is just as TC (Anonymage) described, give everyone a A+ and facilitate their class assignments, that was about the gist of it. And she's a high school teacher! And at that moment, February 2017, she had three illterate students in her 10th grade class, all being grade promoted on athletic merits alone!


Have any wizards been abused by their teachers?


So yeah, continuing where I leftoff.

Further complication to the teaching profession, at least in my stat in the U.S.A., is that the state now requires teachers to:
1. Already have or actively be enrolled in a college working towards a bachelor's degree (completely skipping associates.
2. Take remedial "updating" college classes annually at your own expense to keep your teaching license. A minimal tuition cost of $3,000 plus considerable time required for these classes which are only given during the school year and thus serving as a detrimental distraction from the actual teaching job.
3. Agree to pursue and work on obtaining a doctorate degree within eight years of being hired on as a teacher. Again, this is crazy, this is on top of mandatory annual remedial classes and is likewise out of pocket expense.

It's clear to me that the reason why teachers complain that they aren;t paid enough isn't because they aren't paid enough, truly they're starting pay is well into "middle class" income. Rather the issue is that they don't feel like they make much because if they've been in the profession for eight years or less then they're easily being forced to spend close to 1/3rd of their pre-taxed income just to keep their jobs, and putting them under considerable undue stress.

Starting pay for a entry level teacher here was, as of spring 2017, $35,000 annually (plus benefits). And this was why I was seriously looking into teaching as a career, as the best I've personally ever made in private sector was about $21k just one year. But working briefly as a janitor in s local elementary school and seeing the dire state that the teaching staff was in, I believe I made the right call in not pursuing that as a career.

As previously said. Most of the teachers were ass holes not suited to be working with children. However, even the ones who were able to interact with the children in a fitting manner were clearly stressed at all times, as in already under duress upon arriving at the school in the early morning hours. And instead of working on teaching assignments and grading papers after classes were over for the day as is stereotypical, these teachers fell into just two categories, A. in a terrible hurry to leave for their college classes, or B. working on their own homework assignments at their desks after the their last student was gone for the day. I have never seen anything quite like this.

I had a very curt and to the point argument with a teacher 4th grade teacher one day (after the students were gone) because I merely pointed out to get that "Pluto" was missing from the homemade chart of the solar system she had on her classroom wall. This sparked her going off on me in a little tyrade with her citing that "NASA downgraded it to a plnetoid so it doesn't matter anymore". And of course, I was like, I'm merely a janitor who cleans your classroom, and even I know Pluto exists and consider it a part of our solar system. And boy, she did not like that one bit. But I do have to wonder what absurd level of stress she must have been under to fly off the proverbial handle at me like she did over pointing out a mere observation.

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