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The Wizard's source for knowledge about events in the mundane.

As always, try to keep politically-charged news in the politics thread.
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Supporting antinatalism doesn't mean you are necessarily suicidal and antinatalism cannot become obsolete you ignoramus, it's like saying that "ethics" can become obsolete. Literally drown yourself in your own piss and shit. I wish your mother was an antinatalist that way we'd never get to see a retarded dumbfuck like you posting in my imageboard.
Fucking moron, you suck ass so much. I'd like it if there was a way to meet you in real life, because I'd punch you and beat you so hard and make you apologize to anyone on /dep/ which I am sure you like to bully and insult. Fucking faggot waste of semen who have to come here to the wizard news threads to shit on other wizards.


Yes, it possibly can. For example if there are studies that show plants do feel pain for vegan or fish feel pain for hobby fishing which is still in a grey area.


File: 1603269451492.jpg (92.29 KB, 950x633, 950:633, uploads/card/image/1007870….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Gay male penguins steal lesbian penguins' eggs at Dutch zoo in latest bid to become fathers after they tried to hatch another bird’s egg last year

Looks like they're putting something in the water to make everything gay



File: 1604579490215.jpeg (27.32 KB, 614x342, 307:171, c5069c4c-a8ed-4081-888e-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Are you here Bubba?

The singer has long been open about his experiences with mental illness and addiction, and his journey toward reaching a place of health and happiness. "I feel isolated. You're in your hotel room and there are fans all around, paparazzi following you everywhere, and it gets intense," he told the NME in November 2015 about the ways his fame affects his mental health. "When you can't go anywhere or do anything alone you get depressed. I would not wish this upon anyone. … I'm struggling just to get through the days. I think a lot of people are."



>paying attention to whatever popular "science" says
Big mistake.


What compels you to be so prideful ignorant so consistently?


>"Aging is mathematically inevitable - like, seriously inevitable.
professor at a university
talks like a goddamn valley gurl and thinks "mathematical" is some sort of physical law
Science™ 2020


>talks like a goddamn valley gurl
what do you think valley girls study in college?


File: 1605472930084.jpg (1023.03 KB, 2400x1538, 1200:769, Backchannel_Unidentified-H….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A Nameless Hiker and the Case the Internet Can’t Crack
The man on the trail went by “Mostly Harmless." He was friendly and said he worked in tech. After he died in his tent, no one could figure out who he was.


Interesting. Seems more mundane than the most wizardly case of the Somerton Man who left esoteric clues and secret codes behind.
Got pics of the corpse?


CSUN is in the valley, you know.


File: 1605827862055.jpg (38.93 KB, 650x346, 325:173, Alek-Minassian-Wiki-Bio-Ag….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Toronto’s Biggest Mass Killing Case Goes to Trial on Zoom
Two years after a man drove a rental van down a sidewalk, killing 10 and injuring 16, he has pleaded not criminally responsible because of the autism spectrum disorder.

The defendant’s lawyers have made the rare argument that he was incapable of understanding the murders were wrong from a moral perspective because he has autism spectrum disorder, a condition not usually associated with violent attacks.

Organizations representing Canadians with autism denounced the legal argument as dangerous and false.


>autism spectrum disorder, a condition not usually associated with violent attacks.
Where did this myth of autists not being violent come from? Spergs are lucid enough to generally not do any evil shit but the hard autists? I've never met anyone as uncontrollably violent and fundamentally evil as them. They're absolutely soulless.


yeah spergs seem capable enough and in some cases more reliable than the average person to obey the law and follow procedures. true autists are like wild beasts, i don't see how it's dangerous or false to say this


An autist is literally just a sociopath sans the IQ and charm. They're probably underrepresented when it comes to crimes that require competency like drug dealing and white collar crimes but overrepresented in crimes like rape, murder, armed robbery and assault. Just an uncool version of a street thug. A gang member without the gang.



This piece of shit site again? Stop shilling this garbage written by and for entitled w*men.


mall shooting Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

know anything about casuality figures, suspect atm.

Also Kyle Rittenhouse was released on 2M bail.


>hates people with autism
>uses this site

They may be autistic but at least they aren't retarded.


calling the crazy autists wild beasts is not the same as hating them


this isn't autismchan


asperger guys are the most wanna be normalfags and sociopathic of the lot.


I don't hate the spergs, I am one. I hate the true autists who have to be handled like nitroglycerin but normalfags still treat them like they're cuddly pets. Normals hate spergs and love the animalistic hard retards.

More of that theneurotypical crap? Wrong.



File: 1607682666976.jpg (259.33 KB, 1400x788, 350:197, baiinebdooogu4oydple.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I confused this guy with another black giant actor that played a convict sentenced to death row in The Green Mile.


The (anything) of a random Hollywood celebrity with no wizard traits that you like is not wizard news.


A code breaking team was finally able to decode the Zodiac Killer's '340 Cipher'.


They broke his wizcipher and only learned more about his wizkillings. Too bad!



File: 1607797534675-0.jpg (2.22 MB, 2880x1620, 16:9, Bourbaki_2880x1620_Lede.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1607797534675-1.jpg (273.7 KB, 1720x1262, 860:631, Boubaki-2000_v2-1720x1262.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Inside the Secret Math Society Known Simply as Nicolas Bourbaki
For almost a century, the anonymous members of Nicolas Bourbaki have written books intended as pure expressions of mathematical thought.


File: 1607802985827.jpeg (121.18 KB, 1101x1761, 367:587, uli.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>written books intended as pure expressions of mathematical thought.


that was interesting


How a Neighbors’ Feud in Paradise Launched an International Rape Case
The Bahamian pleasure palace featured a faux Mayan temple, sculptures of smoke-breathing snakes and a disco with a stripper pole. The owner, Peter Nygard, a Canadian fashion executive, showed off his estate on TV shows like “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” and threw loud beachfront parties, reveling in the company of teenage succubi and young succubi.

Next door, Louis Bacon, an American hedge fund billionaire, presided over an airy retreat with a lawn for croquet. Mr. Bacon preferred hunting alone with a bow and arrow to attending wild parties, and if mentioned at all in the press, was typically described as buttoned-up.

The neighbors had little in common except for extreme wealth and a driveway. But when Mr. Nygard wasn’t allowed to rebuild after a fire, he blamed Mr. Bacon. Since then, the two have been embroiled in an epic battle, spending tens of millions of dollars and filing at least 25 lawsuits in five jurisdictions. Mr. Nygard, 78, has spread stories accusing Mr. Bacon of being an insider trader, murderer and member of the Ku Klux Klan. Mr. Bacon, 63, has accused Mr. Nygard of plotting to kill him.


That's from February, but he was just now finally arrested on Monday.
>WINNIPEG, Manitoba/NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard was charged on Tuesday with sex trafficking, racketeering and other crimes targeting dozens of succubi and underage succubi over a quarter century in three countries, U.S. authorities said.


File: 1608183213092.png (175.63 KB, 960x500, 48:25, 5e8ba63a1c66e7b0789f-f493f….png) ImgOps iqdb

Beethoven 250: analysis of the composer’s letters proves that creativity does spring forth from misery
The notion that artistic creativity and emotional state are somehow related goes back to the time of Aristotle. However, it is extremely difficult to quantify the degree of misery (or happiness) of an artist, and even more so if an artist is deceased. In my research I have found a way to do so by extracting the emotional content from written correspondence.

My research uncovered patterns of emotional wellbeing throughout the lifetimes of creative individuals. During a series of research projects on how geographic clustering of composers influenced their creativity, I found large productivity gains by composers working in locations such as Vienna, Paris and London in the late 18th century to early 20th century. At the same time, it became apparent that in these cities composers have been surprisingly often unhappy or unwell, prompting the question: How do emotional factors influence creativity?

To answer this question I turned to the letters of one of the world’s most famous composers, Ludwig van Beethoven, who wrote over 500 letters throughout his life. Using linguistic analysis software, I was able to reveal how the emotional content of Beethoven’s letters carries the clues to his genius and productivity. I spent months pouring over the letter and creating code, carefully dating each letter. I also spent time distinguishing between different types of correspondent, as he would write differently to family members than to peers or associates.



"As part of an ongoing process of retooling its policies around harassment and hateful conduct, Twitch announced on Wednesday that the words “simp,” “inncel,” and “virgin” will no longer be allowed on the platform as long as they are used by streamers and commenters as insults. If they are used in a friendly way, the words are, presumably, still okay to use."

Is twitch based and wizpilled? What a time to be alive!


Uhm no notice they ban "simp" too, actually they banned a lot of other words. Stop triggering your wishful thinking on every little thing.


I just thought it was interesting, considering "virgin" and "inncel" are like the only two insults you can even use on the Internet without raising eye-brows. It probably caused some cognitive dissonance in people when they consider calling someone a whore bad, but virgin is alright.

Oh, sweetie, you can't just insult people based on their sexual preferences/behavior, but lack there of? That's fine, what kind of person doesn't even have sex?


They are banning the words one would use to insult someone donating money to a twitch whore. It's a "no insulting the paypigs" rule.


File: 1608440523437.png (582.74 KB, 961x650, 961:650, who-is-takahiro-shiraishi-….png) ImgOps iqdb

‘Twitter killer,’ who dismembered nine victims, receives death sentence in Japan
TOKYO — A man dubbed Japan's "Twitter killer" was sentenced to death by a court on Tuesday for strangling and dismembering nine people, including several young succubi and succubi contemplating suicide, whom he lured to his apartment using social media.

Takahiro Shiraishi, 30, called himself “@hangingpro” on one of his five Twitter accounts and offered to help people in pain. He tweeted statements such as “It is not hard to hang oneself” and “If you cannot help yourself, I can help you,” public prosecutors revealed during the trial.

But once he had lured the succubi to his apartment, he strangled them, sexually assaulted and robbed some of them, and cut up their corpses.


File: 1608441853022.jpg (123.81 KB, 666x819, 74:91, st_20201220_wkjapt_6205586.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



also from this article from a diff website

>I want to use the time I have left to find a succubus," Shiraishi told the Mainichi daily.

>"I want to look for someone who'll marry me while I'm in prison. Several people have come in the last two years, but nothing has led to marriage."

the fuck is wrong with shitcubi.


File: 1608444341464.jpg (22.57 KB, 620x480, 31:24, Falder.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

For some reason this reminded me of that Cambridge PhD sadist, though the cases are quite different.

>Matthew Falder (born 24 October 1988) is a convicted English serial sex offender and blackmailer who coerced his victims online into sending him degrading images of themselves or into committing crimes against a third person such as rape or assault. Falder hid behind anonymous accounts on the web and then re-posted the images to gain a higher status on the dark web. Investigators said that he "revelled" in getting images to share on hurtcore websites. The National Crime Agency (NCA), described him as "one of the most prolific and depraved offenders they had ever encountered."

>Falder pleaded guilty to 137 charges from 46 complainants,[1] making him one of the UK's most prolific convicted sex offenders. In February 2018 he was jailed for 32 years and ordered to serve a further six years on extended licence. The Court of Appeal later reduced the term of imprisonment to 25 years, with an extended licence of 8 years.[2]



Absolutely did nothing wrong.


Are there any places where assisted suicide is legal? I know this doesn't count but makes me wonder.


File: 1608491812139.png (218.5 KB, 500x392, 125:98, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

googled his name and found his apartment? how the hell can you ahve a bathroom below a loft in a room with only 2m high ceilings. 2m is basically 6 feet by the way.


Clearly you've never lived in japan.

Japanese apartments are much smaller and more compact compared to in the west, especially america. Everything is optimized to take up as little space as possible. This is especially true in Tokyo, which as advanced and clean as it is, would be hell on earth for anyone with claustrophobia. Also japanese are smaller in general, so there's that too.

I lived in Japan for a year and I hit my head on so many door frames I legit think I suffered some brain damage, and I'm only 6'3.


i remember an interview with junji ito in his studio and he practically lived in a closet. he had a bed surrounded by bookshelves and just in front of the bed his drawing desk and pc, he woke up, go to work, laid back and slept again. his whole apartment was the size of my bathroom, cramp as hell but kinda cozy in a way.

It would be more hellish in a dangerous third world city were people actually live cramped like that but they live in a guetto wereas a japanese person can just get up at 3 am and just go sit in a park and eat something outdoors for an hour and he will be safe and its all gonna be clean and fine. Someone in a favela living in a cramped space is just surrounded by violence and trash.

The other interview with junji ito was in a cat cafe were you can just go at any hour and pet any of the cats. It was very comfy, so sure, he lives cramped at home were he mostly does work stuff but he also has many ammenities like that in his city where he can just leave for a little if he feels burnout.

I am a city person but also lived in the country for a while and didn't like it, felt very agoraphobic, theres a lot of space but its empty and you just really see the same everyday. In a cramped city at least in my own neightborhood i can go to like 10 distinct places to eat or read a book or whatever where i would feel variation and stimulated enough to go back to my apartment and be alone


do i need to shit out a 3d model of the house and place an average asian height guy inside it to show you how ridiculous it would look. ill do it


File: 1608589376983.png (1.56 MB, 1907x1752, 1907:1752, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

actually i was right anyway. the total height including the loft is most likely 3m, not 2m. whoever made that graphic was just dumb

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