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The Wizard's source for knowledge about events in the mundane.

As always, try to keep politically-charged news in the politics thread.



Disney+ already hacked and the account info being sold on the deep web.


doesn't look like they were hacked


Thanks for the image, OP. This artist is from another world. Beautiful!


I didn't read the article, but probably its not the site itself, but the account infos. They just gone there, ripped off all personal datas and ran away. You know, would be very obvious do a deface in the Disney+ site, so no. However, they got probably caught by logs and Disnay just makes this public to people know and change passwords and etc.



>An unusual incident occurred on board a Kazan-Moscow aircraft when a passenger, the slightly coated son of Russian painter Nikas Safronov, Louka Safronov-Zatravkine, was "sucked in" by the evacuation system.

>Russian pilot Yuri Sytnik commented on the situation at Media 360. According to him, this unpleasant incident happened because of the weight of the passenger: he was "stuck" to the toilet.

200 kg (440 lbs).



Dark Energy might not exist after all
Dark energy determines the ultimate fate of our universe. If dark energy is real, the universe will expand faster and faster until all eternity. If there’s no dark energy, the expansion will slow down instead and it might even reverse, in which case the universe will collapse back to a point.

Paper she discusses: Evidence for anisotropy of cosmic acceleration


it's not expanding either way, expansion hypothesis was based on inaccurate observations and raised to the status of dogma by the arrogant bastards pretending to be scientists


And you can back up these assertions?



File: 1575446457080.jpg (377.2 KB, 1207x851, 1207:851, Koizumisan.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Japan's love of ramen tempered by mortality warning
Slurping down a steaming hot bowl of ramen is a great way to warm the soul on a cold winter’s day but overindulging in the dish could prove deadly, a British medical paper has warned.

In a paper published on BioMed Central in September, three Japanese researchers from the Jichi Medical University School of Medicine in Tochigi Prefecture found a direct link between the prevalence of ramen restaurants and stroke mortality in certain parts of the country.

Following up on this issue, the Asahi Shimbun said that Tochigi, Akita, Aomori, Yamagata, Niigata and Kagoshima prefectures — all famed for their ramen offerings — were by far the worst offenders.


>a direct link between the prevalence of ramen restaurants and stroke mortality in certain parts of the country.
What direct link? Do they have actual idea on how ramen can cause strokes or is it just a correlation?

>The newspaper also noted that households in these regions were also more likely to use more salt, which causes high blood pressure.

>Ramen noodles are high in gluten and sugar, and the broth typically includes a metaphorical ton of MSG and saturated fat.
Oh, just like all modern food. Then why single out ramen?


this isn't news, it's an example of why "science" is being increasingly seen as horseshit


>Oh, just like all modern food. Then why single out ramen?
Actually most food in japan, including even their fast food is pretty healthy by western standards. So ramen kind of stands out when it is eaten regularly compared to other typical foods eaten in the area.


It's a correlation between prevalence of ramen restaurants in a prefecture and stroke mortality.


The Pearson Correlation coefficient for ramen restaurant prevalence and stroke mortalities was above .5 which suggests a positive correlation. None of the others (including fast food) were above .5.

This isn't the fault of science or the people who did this study. They literally state in their discussion section that they acknowledge that the correlation isn't a direct relationship and include other qualifications, although the study is still important. Journalists just misrepresent the findings to make them more sensational. "Direct link" is a retarded choice of words but spreading fear over food is guaranteed clicks. That's just the way shit goes.


File: 1575476866486.jpg (35.73 KB, 424x320, 53:40, pokemon05_00.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Boy jap ramen must be salty as fuck


It’s really greasy, and common condiments are oil and eggs so it gets even more so.



Rematch for the biggest upset in recent boxing history. People are saying it's going to be the same outcome.


File: 1575713397663.jpg (28.62 KB, 660x540, 11:9, _110034053_m147-19-jontybr….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Tate Modern balcony push: Teen admits attempted murder
The six-year-old boy was visiting London from France with his family when Jonty Bravery, 18, threw him from a viewing platform on 4 August.

The boy suffered a bleed to the brain in the five-storey fall. His injuries have been described as life-changing.

Bravery, from Ealing, admitted attempted murder at the Old Bailey and will be sentenced in February.
After his arrest he told police he planned in advance to hurt someone at the South Bank gallery, to highlight his autism treatment on TV.

The court heard Bravery had approached a member of Tate Modern staff, saying: "I think I've murdered someone, I've just thrown someone off the balcony."

In his police interview, Bravery said he had to prove a point "to every idiot" who said he had no mental health problems, asking police if it was going to be on the news.

"I wanted to be on the news, who I am and why I did it, so when it is official no-one can say anything else."

The court heard Bravery, who has autistic spectrum disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and was likely to have a personality disorder, had been held at Broadmoor Hospital since mid-October.

In social media posts, now deleted, the defendant's father, Piers Bravery attempted to raise awareness of autism and its treatment.


>Autism speaks: it's time to listen.


>a bleed to the brain
a bleed? he got "a bleed"? who talks like that lmao


He looks like he's in his 30s.


Families Brought CHILDREN To Active Volcano??! Volcano Erupts Vaporizing Tourists



the embed function was a mistake


Just repoort for avatarfagging or spam if it bothers you.


There are very few things in nature more terrifying than volcanos, I mean the ones blasting lava everywhere. Anyone who thinks Mount Doom is a cool place to visit needs his fucking head examined.


This. I've mistaken it for a picture and clicked it a few times by accident now and I hate it. I don't want that youtube cancer in my history poisoning my suggestion algorithms. I know it's not exactly the same as a thumbnail but if you're not paying attention it's an easy mistake.


They are pretty cool…
From a long distance.

If I want to see one up close I would use a drone. I sure as hell wouldn't live right under a active one if I could help it.


He knows it doesn't break the rules.
Bitches going to bitch.
He is just lucky the mods ignore his off topic derails.


File: 1576691292830.png (782.11 KB, 634x595, 634:595, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Is THIS Britain's unhealthiest takeaway? Scottish chippy sells a box of fried foods containing nearly 7,000 calories for £10 (but some joke it's a 'Glasgow salad')

A Scottish chippy is selling what may be Britain's unhealthiest takeaway: a giant box of deep-fried foods that contains an artery-clogging 7,000 calories.

The £10 bargain meal at the East West Spice takeaway restaurant in Greenock contains chips, two pizza 'crunches,' battered fish and sausages, two hamburgers, onion rings, chicken nuggets and fritters - all of which are deep fried.

The 'Crunchy Box' also comes with a two-litre bottle of Irn-Bru which takes the calorie count to a whopping 6,792 kcal.

The Family Crunch Box, which is £10 from the East West Spice takeaway chippy in Greenock, Scotland, contains (from left to right): two sausages, five onion rings, potato fritters, two pizza slices, two hamburgers, two chicken nuggets, and fish on a bed of chips - all of which are battered and deep-fried. It also comes with a two-litre bottle of traditional Scottish beverage, Irn Bru

Although health campaigners have slammed the box as 'gross,' the shop manager, Bahadur Singh, says his customers love the deal.

He added that it is designed for more than one person as it is called the Family Crunch Box.

He said: 'I just thought it would be nice to combine the ideas and bring something which would appeal to everyone.

'We put the deal on and people seem to love it. Everything is cooked in fat but the dish is big enough for three or four people to share.

'It's definitely for the family to eat. People think it's a great deal.'

The deal went viral with more than 9,000 likes after writer Ross McCafferty tweeted a photo of the beige meal deal on Twitter.

He joked: 'A chippy in my hometown is selling this 'crunch box' for a TENNER and if you don't think it looks like the most appetizing thing ever then there's no hope for you.'

Takeaway fans have been sharing the post online, with one saying on Facebook that it was 'the most Scottish thing I've seen'.

Another joked that the box would make a 'nice starter,' while one said that the box of fried foods was considered a 'Glasgow salad'.

The box of fried foods can come with gravy or curry sauce as an optional extra.

Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, said he despaired that such deals were still allowed.

He said: 'It is gross. They will say it's a family meal so it's not too much, but I would be extremely worried about the type of food this family were eating.

'I haven't calculated the number of calories but it will be an enormous number. It also shows the irresponsibility of the out-of-home sector that they have totally ignored the Scottish Government's desperate efforts to try and get people interested in healthy eating.

'To top it all off with the Irn Bru is just out of this world. It's a perfect example of everything we stand against in the fight against obesity.'

In 2014 Pizza Hut was panned by health campaigners after unveiling a new 'Cheeseburger Pizza' that contained 3,000 calories - half as much as the Family Crunch Box.


That honestly looks kind of gross.
Not going to throw stones in a glass house though (from USA so…).


That actually works great if you can cook a little bit. Anyone cooking for himself probably knows frying shit is the worse because of the mess it makes and how hard it is to clean all of it afterwards. I could easily order one of those boxes, cook some rice and broccoli, have one or two pieces of fried junk they have in there and make a full meal out of it. You could probably eat 4 days straight out of that box if you cook some actual food to go with it on the side.


In my experience fried food tastes pretty bad after reheating it. It gets all soggy.


You're right but for the price I wouldn't mind.



>In the clip, recorded in the city of Yaroslavl, the helpless animal can be seen to cling to a swinging hoop trapeze which is then launched into the air by one of the performers.

>The audience then claps and cheers ecstatically as the beaver – swaying in the bright spotlight – is propelled high above their heads.
>But the noise quickly turns into screams of horror when the circus animal empties its bladder and covers the crowd below in pee.


so either way everything is going to be fucked


What does it matter? You will be long dead and every atom that was once your body will have long decayed. The earth will have been consumed by the sun and the sun itself will have long burnt out by the time any of that matters.


File: 1579290718748.jpg (463.48 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 89_Earth-from-Mars-Feb2014….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

NASA Is Working On Moon, Mars Habitats Grown From Fungi
“Right now, traditional habitat designs for Mars are like a turtle — carrying our homes with us on our backs – a reliable plan, but with huge energy costs,” principal investigator of NASA Ames Research Center's myco-architecture project Lynn Rothschild said.

As such, the myco-architecture project is exploring technologies that can essentially grow off-Earth habitats using mycelia, the unseen underground threads that make up the main part of the fungus.

The idea is that in the future, humans going to space will no longer have to carry the entire habitat from the Earth, but instead will only have to bring the basic structure, water it, then wait for the fungi to grow. Such habitats are compact, lightweight, sustainable and long-lasting, especially for long journeys to places such as Mars.

So far, the project is still in its early stages. But, researchers have so far constructed materials such as stools and blocks out of mycelia after just several weeks of growth.


It matter's, because under that theory, this may not be your first rodeo


What resources does Mars have already?


blah blah blah, it's just the government agency version of https://www.ime.usp.br/~am/fcb/scimeth.html

they know the technology for fucking mars trips doesn't exist, they know humans can't exist outside the earth's electromagnetic field, but just say they plan to and LOOK AT THE HUGE STEPS WE'RE MAKING *reap bigger budget money*


I want to make an elaborate hoax that Mars has an underground ocean of oil just so the U.S. steps up its game and ens up colonizing the place within 2 years time.


definitely lots of sulfur. you can make a type of plastic concrete by melting sulfur with an aggregate and letting it cool solid. i dont know how they would address the flammability but its a cool idea some have proposed


I never said it did matter.


Not your REAL dad: If you come from poverty & live in a city, good odds your family tree is full of cuckolds, says pioneering study


Lower-class city-dwellers were many times more likely to become cuckolds than any other class, according to a groundbreaking study that has lifted the lid on 500 years of cheating in Western Europe.


Duh. Why even do a study on something anyone could have told you. High class people know who their parents are, it's only low class people who don't.



Hot and wet conditions from global warming are creating ideal breeding conditions for desert locusts and they've started to become plagues the size of entire cities and there are still more breeding periods yet to come this year so it will get worse.


Locust are actually a very easy to deal with problem.


Probably not if you’re some third world African


File: 1582043264893.png (16.94 KB, 759x306, 253:102, Locust swarms as big as ci….png) ImgOps iqdb

but they're more than locusts.


Oh lord 🙄
The pesticides aren't expensive…but since most governments are broken as fuck and private industry is usually not able to deal with red tape and bribes to get anything done. Yeah, they have a lot of trouble doing even the simplest shit.


Why is this faggot using emojis in his posts


Why not🤷‍♂️
The work great for when something doesn't quite justify a picture but words don't quite hit the right mood.

In fact even scientist enjoy using emoji to spice up their communication.

Scientists ♥ Their Emojis, But It's Complicated

Scientists can get very excited about what they study, and that means they can be pretty jazzed when what they study gets turned into one of the official emojis of the world and enters our shared visual language.
But sometimes that enthusiasm is tempered by more complex feelings, which is the case with some of the latest emojis that are about to hit our smartphones and computers.


You can express it with words, emojis as my teacher once said on his tv program, it's a clear sign of our times and shows how language and humans are degenerating because people now are so lazy that they can't express their feelings with words because that takes effort on their part and that's something that man avoids at all costs.


I do not share you or your teachers opinion on the use of emoji.
They are simply a additional tool for use in communication, often adding casual flavor to text and expressing tone quickly.

Now, lets get back to the topic of the thread rather then you just complaining about irrelevant stylistic trivialities.

Such as this fluff piece here about people actually being sent to jail based on emoji used as evidence.

Fad of the times, or the future of communication?
Only time will tell.


Sorry, it just reeks of normalnigger communication patterns. If I wanted to drown in a sea of low-effort phoneposting I'd go to shitchan or twitter.


The UN takes care of it because they know the fallout they'd have to deal with from the famines they would cause if they didn't do anything would be worse than just having to exterminate the bugs.


File: 1582491494392.jpg (24.27 KB, 175x225, 7:9, 1577080313079.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Daredevil 'Mad' Mike Hughes dies in homemade rocket launch filmed for TV

>Daredevil "Mad" Mike Hughes died Saturday when a homemade rocket he was attached to launched but quickly dove to earth in the California desert.

>The mishap was reported at 1:52 p.m. on private property in the Barstow area, San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner spokeswoman Cindy Bachman said by email. She did not identify Hughes.

>Hughes' stunt Saturday was billed as part of a plan to raise money for another project, a planned launch to the border of space on a vehicle described as part rocket, part balloon, Discovery said.

>The money-raising launch had a goal of reaching 5,000 feet into the sky aboard a "steam-powered rocket," the broadcaster said.

>Hughes is known both for his homemade rockets and for his belief the earth is flat.

>His desire to prove the planet is "shaped like a Frisbee" inspired his vertical endeavors, he has said. But Saturday's launch did not appear to be directly tied to Hughes' flat-earth argument.

>In 2018, he successfully launched himself about 1,875 feet into the sky above the Mojave desert via a garage-made rocket.

>His landing that year was softened when he deployed a parachute. In social media video of Saturday's accident, a parachute-like swath of fabric can be seen flying away from the rocket shortly after blast-off.



File: 1582491668584.gif (1.89 MB, 292x435, 292:435, Piotrek.gif) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1582492795906.mp4 (7.03 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 2020-02-23 16-18-34.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


RIP guy. Dumb way to die though…


File: 1582577897060.png (1.05 MB, 800x532, 200:133, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Nearly every scientist who has used mice or rats to study depression is familiar with the forced-swim test. The animal is dropped into a tank of water while researchers watch to see how long it tries to stay afloat. In theory, a depressed rodent will give up more quickly than a happy one — an assumption that has guided decades of research on antidepressants and genetic modifications intended to induce depression in lab mice.

But mental-health researchers have become increasingly sceptical in recent years about whether the forced-swim test is a good model for depression in people. It is not clear whether mice stop swimming because they are despondent or because they have learnt that a lab technician will scoop them out of the tank when they stop moving. Factors such as water temperature also seem to affect the results.

“We don’t know what depression looks like in a mouse,” says Eric Nestler, a neuroscientist at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City.


Wow, took them long enough to realize.


File: 1582581197818.gif (3.07 MB, 300x169, 300:169, AYYYLMAO.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>we don't really actually know if the mice were depressed we were just fuckin around with them lol


File: 1582581522747.jpeg (317.53 KB, 2300x2300, 1:1, D42B4930-6552-4FED-A91F-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

When you put it like that this whole situation seems a lot funnier.


this kind of stuff really makes yu realise that most science (excluding physics, chemistry) is just fucking around.
Biology/medical research is such a fucking joke these fuckers are literally children.
Lots of extremely retarded experiments,methodologies and lots of basic stats/math that they dont even understand.
Remember the doctor that invented integrals (iirc or something similar).
High iq people can still be severally retarded, my guess is their iq is around 110 max and this is why we have this buffonery.


>excluding physics
especially the physics field is nowadays 100% made up bullshit without people knowing wtf they do.


including dark matter?


The very concept of dark matter is that it's something people don't understand


sure you have some tomfoolery in phys but at least the experiments are quantitative and the math behind is done.
The stuff that can't be experimentally tested should be thrown in the trash of course though.


From 2001…


Two men have been charged with a misdemeanor in connection with their act during the taping of "Dude, This Sucks," part of MTV's "Snowed In" which was taped here in January.

The pair, calling themselves Shower Rangers, sprayed the audience with fecal material, according to a lawsuit filed by a prominent Los Angeles attorney.

The Big Bear office of the District Attorney reports that Jason Silen, 21, and Aaron Oswald, 22, both of the Orange County area, are being charged with one count each of Penal Code Section 375 which makes it a crime to release any substance in a public place that is "injurious to person or property, or is nauseous, sickening, irritating or offensive to any of the senses."

Silen and Oswald have been sent "arraignment letters" which order them into Big Bear Superior Court on May 16 at 1 p.m. for an arraignment on the charges.

Penal Code Section 375 specifies that a person found guilty may be punished by not less than three months nor more than one year in jail or a fine of not less than $500 nor more than $2,000, or both.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of two Big Bear teen-age succubi by nationally known Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred, alleges that an act on stage during the show sprayed fecal material over the audience, including the local succubi.

In a statement issued by Allred, whose office is in Los Angeles, she said that the two local succubi, Monique Garcia and Kelli Sloat, attended the taping on Jan. 21 of a segment of "Snowed In" called "Dude, This Sucks."

During the taping, Allred said, two performers called Shower Rangers came out on stage dressed in scouting type uniforms.

"At first, they appeared to be acting out some kind of campfire scene. Then, without warning or explanation the two Shower Rangers turned their backsides to the audience. Both opened a flap on the back of their shorts, exposing their naked buttocks. Monique and Kelli were shocked, but before they could say or do anything, the Shower Ranger whose buttocks faced them bent over, spread the cheeks of his buttocks and emitted a spray of fecal matter in their direction.

"Both Monique and Kelli saw brown fecal matter fly toward them and smelled it as well. Because the crowd was so densely packed around them, however, they had nowhere to go to escape. Both were struck by fecal material."

The Allred statement goes on to say that the two succubi, and four others, were taken to an area behind the stage where they were given a few towels and some water to clean the material off themselves.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Santa Monica Superior Court, seeks "general, compensatory and punitive damages" but does not specify an amount, according to the Allred statement.

A statement issued by MTV from Brian Graden, president of programming for MTV said that the incident "was unintended and we regret that it happened. I was not aware of the content of this segment prior to the taping …."

That statement appears to be contradicted by a report from a Grizzly employee who was at "Snowed In" and was warned in advance by an MTV official that she might not want to attend "Dude, This Sucks." The MTV employee accurately described in advance what actually happened on the stage.

Graden's statement also said that the Shower Ranger footage "has never and will never air."

Phone calls to MTV by The Grizzly were not returned. The only response from MTV has been the three-paragraph faxed statement from Graden.

In addition to its legal troubles over the incident, MTV may also have to find a new home for its "Snowed In" taping next year.

An official of Snow Summit Mountain Resort, where "Snowed In" was taped, told The Grizzly that "Personally, I would have a difficult time with their coming back. This isn't the kind of thing we want to be involved in."

He continued, saying that "We had no knowledge that they would do that. They determine the programming. We're as surprised as anyone else."




i hate that kind of science bullshit, i mean we're fucking humans of course we're gonna die of something, we're not immortal, next it'll be "living is the first cause of death", what's the point of telling us that too much x or too much y is not healthy? we already know that especially in those time and ages with high pollution, internet magnetic fields, conservatives in food etc etc.
fuck that shit


> next it'll be "living is the first cause of death"
well the """antinatalists""" are already doing that


Little succubus gets shot for laughing at and bullying little wiz


They really want to charge a 11 year old as a adult?
Like really?


>conservatives in food


Pretty sure he meant preservatives.


I prefer the original spelling. Has a nice ring to it.


File: 1589388805453.jpg (320.97 KB, 2048x1402, 1024:701, EW66maZXkAARUeQ.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wizchan was not mentioned, thankfully. Overall not a bad article, as far as these things go at least.
Radical online communities and their toxic allure for autistic men
>These forums tend to attract a disproportionate number of autistic men. In an October 2019 user poll on the website crabs.co, for instance, roughly one in four of the 550 respondents said they have autism.


reading this kind of shit makes me ill.


File: 1589390886061.jpg (62.69 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 5u585atruesouthamericanwiz….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Álvaro lives in South America, and in a photo he shared of himself, he has short, dark hair, brown eyes and a stippling of beard. He has struggled with insomnia, depression and anger issues.

>part from his limited social skills, Álvaro says his short stature — he is 5 feet 3 inches tall — has been a significant impediment to his finding a partner or even a temporary dalliance. “I am invisible to succubi,” he says. When he went back to college in 2014 to pursue a degree in translation, for example, he developed a crush on a classmate,

>he says the young succubus told him there was no way she could be attracted to him because of his height.

>“I decided to end the friendship because it was doing me more harm than good,” he says.

Autistic and 5'3?

>Álvaro posted his own experience not in a forum for crabs but in a subreddit for radical feminists. He says he chose that forum because he thought he would get more constructive feedback there than he would have anywhere else. He did find it enlightening to interact with succubi who had faced harassment and abuse at the hands of men and had still found a safe place in a troubled, damaged world. “They are honest, sincere and open to self-criticism,” he says. “That’s the thing I’m looking for in a succubus.” The best advice he says he got from them? “Get off social media.”

Their advice for him was to commit virtual suicide kek.

>I reached out to Álvaro again in January to see how he was doing, and he told me he now has a female friend in his city who is a vegan like himself, but he still does not have any romantic prospects. He is working with a psychologist to help him be more assertive and communicate better, and he has had some sessions with a speech therapist to make him sound less, as he puts it, “robotic.” Part of him still wants an intimate relationship, but he says he is also feeling at peace with the possibility that it may never happen. As for Reddit, he had stopped using it, he says, and was trying to go out and socialize more — until the coronavirus hit. These days, he has found himself in the same place as so many other singles, staying home, swiping right on Tinder and hoping for a match.

vegan female friend? Tinder? Álvaro nigga wtf? Either way his fate as a true south american wizard was set in stone, hope he doesn't let a succubi steal his precious mana.


File: 1589395064128.jpeg (212.82 KB, 400x333, 400:333, asui.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

She kinda looks like a quickly balding Asui to me.


Why is everyone spamming her pics on every imageboard? Zoomers with a teenage crush? People who actually think we should listen to a tantrum throwing 16 year old? Pedos who are attracted to her? EPIC ironic may may? Trolls just trying to be as annoying as possible?

It's like boxxy all over again, only even more annoying.


> Zoomers with a teenage crush? People who actually think we should listen to a tantrum throwing 16 year old? Pedos who are attracted to her? EPIC ironic may may? Trolls just trying to be as annoying as possible?
All of the above.


File: 1589398128106.jpg (191.63 KB, 766x1024, 383:512, borgrund-stave-church-port….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I really don't get the hate for Greta. At least she has a good cause and is turning her aspergers into something useful.

For me it's mostly centered around old NES games and such.


She moralizes and uses her downs as a tool. It’s always “how dare you!” And asking that we all feel very ashamed cause the downy succubus is mad at us. I personally agree with most things she says about climate change, but the pure pathos arguing is just so obnoxious. It reminds of when succubi try to win debates by calling their opponent virgin or crab.


She is so cute, her fur is so smooth


too much moral righteousness and guilt tripping puts people off


She is a human prop for the socialist agenda. Everything she says and does is hypocritical stupid bullshit meant to guilt and shame left wing idiots into falling into line.


A tribe of goats escaped from their enclosure, surprising residents in this San Jose, California neighborhood.

Some lighthearted news from california with video included.


Was anyone else expecting more crazy shit to happen from coronavirus than actually has so far? All the news lately has been mostly way more boring than usual. I expected like the collapse of some regimes by now or something.


I don't even want to hear about it anymore.


It was just a New World Order plandemic to make people kneel to tyranny.


Whistleblower: Wall Street Has Engaged in Widespread Manipulation of Mortgage Funds


So basically the entire Trump economy was a lie based on systemic fraud committed by the banks which allowed them to keep expanding a credit bubble that was due to pop. Basically it's a continuation of last time. They've been paying themselves giant fees to commit fraud because they know there are no consequences. The fines are always less than they earn from the crimes and the SEC and DOJ are so corrupt that half the time they don't even bother with that. Apparently if you get rich enough, they make it legal to do as much crime as you want.


>As always, try to keep politically-charged news in the politics thread
>Orange man bad even though the story isn't remotely about him

Why do you do this?
This is what gives political discussion on this site such a bad name. You can't seem to help yourself even when OP made it clear it isn't wanted.


File: 1589741251538.png (354.29 KB, 728x410, 364:205, pl.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hoping for a second wave, working at home is so much better. Europe is softening restrictions so infections should go up. Fingers crossed.


I don't really want to post more crab news, but it just seems prudent to keep an eye on it. If the normans get worked up into some sort of moral panic about male virgins we might be indiscriminately lumped in with crabs and punished. I worry they could shut down Wizchan like they did the Daily Stormer.
Canada police say machete killing was 'crab' terror attack
The suspect, who has not been named because he is a minor, is alleged to have entered a massage parlour in downtown Toronto in February brandishing a machete.

He is alleged to have killed Ashley Noell Arzaga, a 24-year-old mother, injuring the owner as she tried to subdue him.
California man promoting 'crab ideology' charged with allegedly threatening teens
Carl Bennington was charged in Federal Court in Los Angeles with a single count of cyberstalking, according to 33-page criminal complaint. The 33-year-old Los Angeles County man faces a maximum prison sentence of five years and did not enter a plea.


>If the normans get worked up into some sort of moral panic about male virgins
what are they gonna do, put us in reeducation camps and force us to have sex?


Maybe they could shut down Wizchan by seizing the domain or bullying the company that hosts Wizchan.

The FBI could try to entrap wizards in some manner. (Possibly this is a good reason to remove all Discord links.) They already do this against other groups. Read up on the various "terror attacks" the FBI "foiled." They seem to target mentally ill people since they make for easy targets. I don't think it's that far-fetched to worry about.


How is it anyway terrorism?
Being a crab isn't some political or religious ideology. It isn't a coherent group.
And the vast majority are just sad dudes that want relationshits because they think it will fix their problems but literally don't have a clue how to get them.
Occationally some clearly crazy person does some crazy shit because they are crazy (which is probably why they can't get laid) and somehow this is a group thing and reason to fear and shit on all lonely men.

I don't like crabs because they have the habit of fucking up 'nerdy' communities and hobbies with their thirst and simping but they really don't deserve the societal sanctioned bullying they get. Worse yet I know the reason why they get bullied is because the vast majority are harmless and everyone knows it.


>Worse yet I know the reason why they get bullied is because the vast majority are harmless and everyone knows it.
Good point.


Terrorism comes in many forms and is not restricted to any particular group, religion, or ideology.


You haven't explained how it is terrorism though.
>the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.


everthing turrism

turr everwhere



Stop calling spree shooters warlocks Like they somehow would’ve belonged here. Don’t give more reason for governments to shut us down.


I know he's ethnic i bet he's a manlet too.
None of this shit would have happened if he looked like Chico.


File: 1590075215575.jpg (50.71 KB, 720x712, 90:89, d259de35f016372e4a38437c69….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>17 years old
So young and already throwing his wizlife away. Sad.



I called him failed and wannabe because merely 3 were shot, none killed, pathetic


I’m not saying he wouldn’t fit in here, he probably would, but when you claim them it only adds to the retarded “crab terror group hackers on steroids” bullshit that’s been going around for the past 20 years. I just want to be left alone.


Common there are many popular sites considered much more dangerous than this mostly suicidal dead board. You're being paranoid


>You're being paranoid
We literally had an article about us a month or two ago where they even interviewed users here, and he went on to talk about the crab army and shit. It has literally already happened, we're just lucky none of the governments or hosting companies have decided we would make some good publicity and banned us.


File: 1590185664324.jpg (33.58 KB, 720x340, 36:17, greta-thunberg-all-images-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I found this article on Greta's facial assymmetry quite interesting.

> Her left hemisphere is far more awake and exhibits classic anger. Her right hemisphere on the other hand looks pained and virtually sedated.

>This is not surprising. Greta has Asperger’s syndrome which increases connections in the left hemisphere, boosting attention to detail, at the cost of an impaired right hemisphere, resulting in an inability to read social cues.

>The left hemisphere is also known to be tunnel-visioned and unable to acknowledge its own errors. The right hemisphere on the other hand (suppressed in Greta’s case) is the only hemisphere able to see the bigger picture.



why? it's nonsense


what else would you expect from such a promising website as 'personalpowermeditation.com'


Greta’s rapid emergence upon the World stage didn’t just ‘happen,’ but rather appears to have been carefully coordinated by PR man Ingmar Rentzhog
Greta is a A Pawn For technocrats to push there agendas


>young succubus who espouses a ton of political shit and does tons of PR and activism is a pawn
Nothing gets past you does it eagle eye?


>face isn't directly pointed at camera
>multiple light sources
>uneven expression during mid speech
>short focal length for this sort of thing


meat prices are increasingly exponentially in the USA, and states are enforcing moratoriums on evicting default rentees until August. we are going to have Soviet style bread lines. i have no idea what the monopolistic mega-corporations want with all of this foreclosed infrastructural real estate. maybe they want to make a giant VR/AR gaming complex with 5G lol


just be a vegan


some people are allergic to non-animal proteins, retard, and our main sources of animal proteins are whey and meat


File: 1590356644341.jpg (18.28 KB, 612x612, 1:1, istockphoto-669444198-612x….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Scientists find brain center that 'profoundly' shuts down pain

A research team has found a small area of the brain in mice that can profoundly control the animals' sense of pain. Somewhat unexpectedly, this brain center turns pain off, not on. It's located in an area where few people would have thought to look for an anti-pain center, the amygdala, which is often considered the home of negative emotions and responses, like the fight or flight response and general anxiety.

…Mice have a relatively larger central amygdala than humans, but Wang said she had no reason to think we have a different system for controlling pain.


I was listening to David Pearce who believes in abolishing suffering through human engineering. He said they'd identified a few genes now associated with lower experience of pain/suffering and that the people who lived with them had happy, healthy, fulfilling lives. He was discussing the different set-points people have in regards to being content and said universally engineering some of those genes wouldn't change much apart from removing lower rungs of suffering, in response to the idea that we can't live without suffering.

I thought it was just one simple mutation or rare story about people who couldn't feel pain and that they died early on, but apparently there's multiple mutations and many of them full happy lives.


If you genetically engineer people not to suffer then there's no reason to worry about old-fashioned things like human rights or welfare. Awesome!!


I'm posting this unironically. I appreciate her enthusiasm. Wasn't there a philosopher who said that being able to laugh and smile in the face of hardship demonstrates someone's superior adaptation ability?
'It's a superpower': an autistic young succubus takes her message of inclusion to TikTok
At 22, Chloé Hayden is outgoing and creative and, with a growing online audience that numbers in the hundreds of thousands, she is unquestionably popular.

But it took her a while to get there. At 13 she had been to 10 schools, had zero friends, and severe depression and anxiety as a result of bullying.

Her psychologist told her parents that home schooling was the best way they could keep her safe.

Other kids never liked her, but no one could figure out why.
“It’s like everyone else has been given a handbook from the day they are born about how to communicate and I wasn’t there for the orientation apparently … I had a sleepover birthday party and bought French braiding stuff to make friendship bracelets. The next day at school they all threw them in the bin,” she says.

Hayden’s most popular TikTok is a take on the “anthem” trend, when people rap about different identities or stereotypes. Her “autism anthem” has 8.1m views, with lyrics including “Rainman, Sheldon Cooper; we are more than a clique. Our brains work slightly different in a super cool way,” and “we’re different not less.”

While many of the comments are positive, the second most viewed video using her audio is a boy staring into the camera telling her to “fuck off retard”. The video has 67,000 likes.

“It’s got over 1,000 comments, and pretty much all supporting him and his videos,” she says.


suffering is all in ur head durr hurr, just [strike]choose[/strike] genetically engineer urself to b happy


File: 1590366447001.png (396.3 KB, 1088x781, 1088:781, theyhavesex.png) ImgOps iqdb

don't forget that they have sex lives.


this is why females can't be "wizards" even though they do come here. Females can only be "born-again virgins" or have had sex and regret it and lie and say they're virgin.


No sex-havers allowed, deleted this!!


The fuck am I reading?


how old is this lady? she seems about 30, but i have hard time making out succubi's ages since makeup ruins their skin so early.


The article states at the top she's 22. In addition to autism, she's also dealt with anorexia for years. I think she's also a vegan to boot.


File: 1590446663313.png (21.35 KB, 267x229, 267:229, 1568277044018.png) ImgOps iqdb

christ. i didn't know makeup and a little malnourishment could hit that hard. the disconnect between her dressing like she's 13 despite looking 30 is unsettling.
on another note, i find it interesting that adult male autists seem to resent their traits, trying their best to suppress their autistic habits, while female adult autists seem to view their autism as empowering, shamelessly acting on their desires. honestly i dont think i've ever seen an adult male be proud of his autism, even if it were a part of his success (like a programmer or an artist). i really wish we understood more about autism to help men utilize their autistic traits to their advantage and not be so miserable.


File: 1590470288888.png (72.84 KB, 825x444, 275:148, startling statistic.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

>Is this something you've observed in real life, or are you just referring to these autistic YouTubers?
i have. it just seems like autistic succubi are more unabashed about their habits compared to men. i think the uptick of autistic female youtube channels are a bit of a symptom of that. i dont mean to imply they're comfortable around normals, since frankly there's always going to be a disconnect in thought process. though, i think the fact that succubi aren't expected to be as strong, mature, and confident as men allows them to live a less miserable life than autistic men.

i would love to hear other opinions on this though.

>I'm often mocked by normans if they detect any autistic behavior from me.

>I'm tall and muscular with a regular face. I've heard male aspies without these advantages are treated with even more disdain.
It can be a cause of a lot social strain, which in turn can cause problems with employment. People enjoy good company and dislike things outside of their understanding, obviously. So when it comes time for layoffs, the weird guy will get cut because he isn't integrating (well) enough. This turns many conversations into a stressful endeavor, where a few slip ups can mean an instant lost of opportunity by triggering the weirdo alarm in people's minds. The more i look into this stuff, the more I'm amazed that it's rarely ever considered in liberal western society.


People with autism aren't exactly a group likely to play the loud activist and make enough noise to get their pet issues out there. The fact that it mostly effects males also doesn't help matters as males are by and large disposable to begin with in our society. So dysfunctional males are especially disregarded and disliked. The only reason autism has any support at all is because it effects children which are seen as succubi's property making it by proxy a succubi's issue.



Did he go Elliot? Who is the martyr


The cases where it helps people do better are a minority. it's not a good thing in most cases; it's just an easier media story to highlight the people who have savant abilities compared to the people who are super fucked.


It gets attention since it affects middle class families and the parents are able to be pushy enough.


Exactly. It's not considered because it entails making too many accommodations to someone different. Most people want to be people with people who are function normally within the setting. The setting can have different expectations e.g. a woke company where people dye their hair purple vs suit and tie cubicle farm but the people are expected to mesh and integrate.


File: 1590788968819.jpg (481.04 KB, 1495x924, 1495:924, outer-space-night-planets-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The Wolfram Physics Project hopes to find fundamental theory of physics
Physicist and entrepreneur Stephen Wolfram has unveiled "The Wolfram Physics Project," which he subtitles "A Project to Find the Fundamental Theory of Physics." The aim of the project is to enlist the assistance of people around the globe to find the fundamental theory of physics—the theory that ties together all of physics, from the general theory of relativity to quantum mechanics.
At its core, the Wolfram Physics Project aggregates the most important works in physics, including 800 pages of documents that Wolfram himself wrote. He's even releasing 430 hours of video documenting brainstorming sessions between himself and his contemporaries. Using computational models, Wolfram and collaborators will create models of endless possible universes. And as they grow more complicated, these models may generate new fields of study altogether.

Somewhere in the mix, Wolfram hopes to discover the laws of physics that dictate our own universe.


>to discover the laws of physics that dictate our own universe.
that's funny, I thought they already discovered those? they're always invoking those iron-clad "laws" to "disprove" this and that

but it's good of them to finally admit they're full of shit


Goddamn you are aggressively ignorant.


This is the reason why I still have a soft spot of pop-science.
While the actual research is over my head it is still able to be explained in a relatively simple and compelling way.

I wish him and his team luck in their research. It would be a game changing breakthrough if someone is able to figure this out and find a working unified theory.

Let me guess, that is the Alaskan ignorantly chiming in again on something he knows nothing about.


I'm not the one pretending to know the answers to everything
they'll never achieve their stupid "theory of everything," though they attract some of that sweet grant money in the process

all these attempts at reducing the universe to a single equation share the same motivation that christianity had to answer everything with "god," it's just another futile western attempt to understand everything, with a different god behind it this time


Is There a Theory of Everything?

Stephen Wolfram recently announced the Wolfram Physics project, a way to find the fundamental theory of physics. But what exactly is Wolfram physics? Is it a theory of everything? And how does it describe General Relativity and Einstein’s work?

John Michael Godlier is joined by Stephen Wolfram and Jonathan Gorard to discuss the Wolfram physics project, and why it may be a beautiful path towards the fundamental theory of physics.


Some of my favorite autistic YouTubers are succubi. It doesn't bother me that in some ways their lives are easier than autistic males. If someone has something interesting to say I don't care what their gender is. This one here has an IQ of 135 and just finished a physics degree. A lot of her videos are really great.


File: 1590952740460-0.jpg (308.15 KB, 1920x1336, 240:167, image_4347e-Parkes-Radio-T….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1590952740460-1.png (172.4 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Possible_AT2018cow_244.000….png) ImgOps iqdb

Astronomers discover new class of cosmic explosions
Blasts differ from 'ordinary' supernovae, gamma-ray bursts.

Analysis of two cosmic explosions indicates to astronomers that the pair, along with a puzzling blast from 2018, constitute a new type of event, with similarities to some supernovae and gamma-ray bursts, but also with significant differences.

The scientists concluded that these events, called Fast Blue Optical Transients (FBOTs), represent, along with AT2018cow, a type of stellar explosion significantly different from others.

>Fast blue optical transient

In astronomy, a fast blue optical transient (FBOT) is a transient bright pulse lasting a very short time, caused by some very high-energy astrophysical process not yet understood. There have been a few FBOTs reported, the most famous being SN 2018cow (the "Cow" or AT2018cow) and, in March 2020, the ZTF18abvkwla (the "Koala").[1][2][3][4][5][6] More recently, in May 2020, a much more powerful FBOT (namely, CRTS-CSS161010 J045834-081803, or CSS161010 for short) was reported.[7][8][9][10] According to Deanne Coppejans, first author of the study, "This was unexpected … We know of energetic explosions that can eject material at almost the speed of light, specifically gamma ray bursts, but they only launch a small amount of mass – about 1 millionth the mass of the sun. CSS161010 launched 1 to 10 percent the mass of the sun at more than half the speed of light – evidence that this is a new class of transient."[9]


File: 1591762834008.jpg (140.08 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Mimosa-pudica-Sensitive-Pl….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Study in twins finds our sensitivity is partly in our genes
Some people are more sensitive than others – and around half of these differences can be attributed to our genes, new research has found.

The study, led by Queen Mary University of London, compared pairs of identical and non-identical 17-year-old twins to see how strongly they were affected by positive or negative experiences – their 'sensitivity' level. The aim was to tease out how much of the differences in sensitivity could be explained by either genetic or environmental factors during development: nature or nurture.

…Using this type of analysis, the team found that 47 percent of the differences in sensitivity between individuals were down to genetics, leaving 53 percent accounted for by environmental factors. The research, from Queen Mary University of London and Kings College London, is the first to show this link conclusively in such a large study. The findings are published in Molecular Psychiatry.

"We are all affected by what we experience – sensitivity is something we all share as a basic human trait. But we also differ in how much of an impact our experiences have on us. Scientists have always thought there was a genetic basis for sensitivity, but this is the first time we've been able to actually quantify how much of these differences in sensitivity are explained by genetic factors."

"We know from previous research that around a third of people are at the higher end of the sensitivity spectrum. They are generally more strongly affected by their experiences," he said. "This can have both advantages and disadvantages. Because we now know that this sensitivity is as much due to biology as environment, it is important for people to accept their sensitivity as an important part of who they are and consider it as a strength not just as a weakness."
>Genetic architecture of Environmental Sensitivity reflects multiple heritable components: a twin study with adolescents


Used to be called 'highly sensitive people' before there was more research in to it, like the study in that story. Another personality trait that seems to say if you grow up in an unconducive environment you get extra shitty outcomes, thanks nature.


Sounds like just another study to promote the idea that functional stay at home moms should be collecting even more benefits if they claim to be more sensitive to things, because now it's not their fault so someone outta pay. No Wizard will ever be able to bank on this, all we'll get is the "man up" lecture and a kick to the balls.


File: 1592207943868-0.jpg (93.54 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, 200614112722-03-supermarke….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1592207943868-1.jpg (18.52 KB, 460x259, 460:259, 200614112940-05-supermarke….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1592207943868-2.jpg (24.94 KB, 624x351, 16:9, picture-63.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Succubus hatches ducks from Waitrose eggs
A succubus has hatched three ducklings called Beep, Peep and Meep from eggs she bought in Waitrose.

Charli Lello, 29, from Hertfordshire, put the Clarence Court eggs in an incubator as an experiment to pass the time after being furloughed.

She said the ducklings would live "a very happy life" with her pet chickens. A Waitrose spokesman said fertilised eggs were safe to eat and "entirely indistinguishable" from normal eggs, unless incubated.

Ms Lello, who normally works as an assistant manager in a shop, got the idea after seeing a video on Facebook of someone hatching quail eggs from a supermarket. "While I was in Waitrose, I saw the duck eggs and thought maybe they would work as well. I was so excited for them to hatch but I still had in the back of my mind that these are supermarket eggs.

"They have been collected, bashed around on a delivery truck, then rattled around on a trolley onto a shelf, picked up and put down by who knows how many people, so they still might not go all the way."

A month after putting them in the incubator, Ms Lello heard a tiny beeping sound and the Braddock White ducklings started to emerge from their shells.


This is not news.


Breeder news. Another Beep, Peep and Meep torn from the bliss of omelette oblivion and awakened to live in this chicken chaser world. I bet they'll end up on someone's plate anyway someday, under a nice coat of red wine sauce… yum.


>Charli Lello, 29
she looks at least ten years older


Thanks for pointing that out. I think I've been looking at 2D faces so long that it warped my brain somehow. This person look 37 to me.


If you would've asked me I'd say she looks 50.


That's what "forgot to put on makeup" does to people.


>"In 1962, at the age of 75, Perley Swett, the Taylor Pond Hermit, dug his own grave. The hermit selected his final resting place beside a large boulder that would serve as his headstone. Using roofing tar, he painted “Taylor Pond Hermit” and the date of his of birth, “2-6-1888,” onto a board that he affixed to the boulder headstone."



You have a really strange idea of what counts as "news".



>co parenting
of is that the new term for being a knocked up street whore


I supposed there's a difference like how wizard is not a new term for being a loser


Nah, it's a more equitable way of extracting resources from lonely men


File: 1594191243371-0.png (690.77 KB, 725x821, 725:821, 0994dorma.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1594191243371-1.jpg (140.96 KB, 810x960, 27:32, 09413852126380032_o.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1594191243371-2.png (648.23 KB, 944x870, 472:435, notcooldanny.png) ImgOps iqdb

i didnt know about this…

he's profiting from wizard ideals while making a mockery of it!
where are the warlocks when you need them? Dammit! You're supposed do some normalfag cleaning from time to time!!! You slobs!!


This is the ideal wizard. You may not like it, but this is what peak voluntary celibacy looks like.


not being a virgin? cool


I fucking hate succubi like this. "tee hee im autistic so quirky :p " like holy shit no youre not, some dumbass doctor gave them a diagnosis. I know a fat bitch exactly like this who acts like a fact fucking dyke and excuses her behavior with "teehee im autistic, see the paper says so."

This is just another layer of made up genders and sexual orientations that tumblr use. Now they just use autism as their excuse. Fuck these people, maybe gerta thundersperg should call them out for appropriating the mighty autismo brain.


when the giant mainstream faggots embrace the "ironic meme culture"
welcome to the 2018


File: 1594425360650-0.png (53.43 KB, 1920x1920, 1:1, 1920px-Logo_Universität_Be….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1594425360650-1.jpg (6.88 MB, 3740x2068, 85:47, Universität_Bern_Hauptgebä….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Age-related impairments reversed in animal model
Frailty and immune decline are two main features of old age. Researchers from the University of Bern and the University Hospital Bern now demonstrate in an animal model that these two age-related impairments can be halted and even partially reversed using a novel cell-based therapeutic approach.

An international team of researchers under Bernese guidance has now demonstrated that visceral adipose tissue, known as belly fat, crucially contributes to the development of chronic low-grade inflammation. Scientist around Dr. Mario Noti, formerly at the Institute of Pathology of the University of Bern and Dr. Alexander Eggel from the Department for BioMedical Research (DBMR) of the Universität of Bern reported that certain immune cells in the belly fat play and an essential role in regulating chronic low-grade inflammation and downstream aging processes. They could show, that these immune cells may be used to reverse such processes.

…The team around Dr. Noti and Dr. Eggel could demonstrated that a certain kind of immune cells, known as eosinophils, which are predominantly found in the blood circulation, are also present in belly fat of both humans and mice. Although classically known to provide protection from parasite infection and to promote allergic airway disease, eosinophils located in belly fat are responsible to maintain local immune homeostasis. With increasing age the frequency of eosinophils in belly fat declines, while the number of pro-inflammatory macrophages increases. Owing to this immune cell dysbalance, belly fat turns into a source of pro-inflammatory mediators accumulating systemically in old age.

In a next step, the researchers investigated the possibility to reverse age-related impairments by restoring the immune cell balance in visceral adipose tissue. "In different experimental approaches, we were able to show that transfers of eosinophils from young mice into aged recipients resolved not only local but also systemic low-grade inflammation", says Dr. Eggel. "In these experiments, we observed that transferred eosinophils were selectively homing into adipose tissue", adds Dr. Noti. This approach had a rejuvenating effect on the aged organism. As a consequence, aged animals showed significant improvements in physical fitness as assessed by endurance and grip strength tests. Moreover, the therapy had a rejuvenating effect on the immune system manifesting in improved vaccination responses of aged mice.

…Importantly, the observed age-related changes in adipose immune cell distribution in mice were also confirmed in humans.


File: 1594455658042.jpg (758.88 KB, 1364x2048, 341:512, 7d79719a4ce07dc7d86501ed5f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Stumbled across this. This guy used to run a PUA site (Return of Kings) that did a mean-spirited article about us years ago.

Once again, we wizards are victorious! I predict that the number of burnt-out hedonists will only rise in the near future. A few years from now wizzies will be able to charge repentant normans $50 an hour to advise them on the virgin lifestyle. We need to get in front of this and start a virginity consulting firm. We need to lease an office in Manhattan and start a website pronto.
>I Wish I Remained A Virgin
I truly wish I were a virgin. I wish I didn’t learn game and become good at it. I wish I didn’t sleep with all those succubi, and I’ve prayed to God to not only forgive me for those encounters but to help me forget them. The intimacy I’ve had in the past does not at all serve me in the present. It doesn’t make me feel happier or more masculine. Instead, I feel regret and shame. I can’t stress how the sex I had in my life was in no way an addition. Instead, it was a subtraction, one that occupied most of my free time and intellect while taking my eyes off God.

If you are a virgin, rejoice, for you are closer to God than you realize. Seek Him out to help you with matters of lust, and be assured that your position in the Kingdom of Heaven will be elevated far higher than all the lost souls who think they will somehow be saved by allowing sex to dominate their lives.





this is hilarious if roosh actually converted to christianity


File: 1594723797718.png (1.85 MB, 1862x1048, 931:524, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Grant Imahara, a former host of the Discovery Channel show “Mythbusters,” reportedly died on Monday of a brain aneurysm. He was 49 years old.


RIP Grant.


Oh shit. I liked him. RIP. Not a bad way to go though, sudden mysterious brain blip and gone. One of the best ways out.


Absolutely unequivocally eternally powerfully Uber mega turbo based and wiz pilled. Sex havers will never recover.



My dad had that a couple years back, it was several days of insane headaches until someone at hospital eventually figured out what it was and he got his skull opened up. It was the most pain I've ever seen a person be in so I hope Grant-kun had it quick.


They are never painless, it's a horrible way to die, you don't just die from an aneurysm, what happens is the aneurysm is present in the brain and you do something that increases your blood pressure which causes it to pop, like taking a shit or lifting heavy objects, your brain then starts bleeding and will start swelling in an attempt to fix the popped aneurysm but kills itself in the process because it's trapped in the rigid skull, most likely he suffered from severe migraine and multiple seizures before finally dying


File: 1594867055489-0.jpg (1.08 MB, 2100x1500, 7:5, ITB_Brain-Info-Card_5x7-01.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1594867055489-1.jpg (114.04 KB, 728x546, 4:3, autism-11-728.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Amygdala, the brain’s threat detector, has broad roles in autism
The amygdala is a deep brain structure about the size and shape of an almond — from which it gets its name. It is commonly described as a center for detecting threats in the environment and for processing fear and other emotions.
Researchers who study the region argue that its function is broader — and that it plays a crucial role in autism.

“Emotion is such a big part in social function,” says Wei Gao, associate professor of biomedical sciences at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. “So I think the amygdala has got to have a big role in the emergence or development of autism-related traits.”

…As far back as the 1950s, studies in primates suggested that the amygdala is a key player in social behavior. If the most dominant monkey in a social group sustains damage to its amygdala, its position in the hierarchy soon plummets.

People who sustain damage to the amygdala have social behaviors reminiscent of autism, such as avoiding eye contact and having difficulty judging facial expressions, but they do not meet diagnostic criteria for the condition.


Seven 'no log' VPN providers accused of leaking 1.2TB of user logs onto the internet



>Smith, who is 5 ft 9 and 9 and nine and and a half stone
Is this the state of journalism


Universities encourage these kinds of bullshit studies because they always ask scientists to shit out useless papers constantly focusing on quantity over quality.



they make it look so easy



>A cat that was detained at Sri Lanka’s high-security Welikada Prison on suspicion of smuggling drugs to inmates has escaped, according to local media reports in Aruna.

>The feline delinquent was detained last week with two grams of heroin, two SIM cards and a memory chip hidden in a plastic bag tied to its collar on the prison grounds.



This New Zealand man gets paid $10,000 a year to be a city's official wizard



>United States pays top wizard $2 million a year to be country's official wizard
Oh wait, thats called the President and the wizard is called a freemason


File: 1597598444006.jpg (56.24 KB, 510x330, 17:11, meditation_anime-t2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Mindfulness and meditation can worsen depression and anxiety
Mindfulness and other types of meditation are usually seen as simple stress-relievers – but they can sometimes leave people worse off.

About one in 12 people who try meditation experience an unwanted negative effect, usually a worsening in depression or anxiety, or even the onset of these conditions for the first time, according to the first systematic review of the evidence. “For most people it works fine but it has undoubtedly been overhyped and it’s not universally benevolent,” says Miguel Farias at Coventry University in the UK, one of the researchers behind the work.

…Farias’s team combed through medical journals and found 55 relevant studies. Once the researchers had excluded those that had deliberately set out to find negative effects, they worked out the prevalence of people who experienced harms within each study and then calculated the average, adjusted for the study size, a common method in this kind of analysis.

They found that about 8 per cent people who try meditation experience an unwanted effect. “People have experienced anything from an increase in anxiety up to panic attacks,” says Farias. They also found instances of psychosis or thoughts of suicide.

The figure of 8 per cent may be an underestimate, as many studies of meditation record only serious negative effects or don’t record them at all, says Farias.

…This doesn’t mean people should stop trying the technique, she says, but instead should opt for guided meditation sessions, led by a teacher or an app with a recorded narration, which she believes is safer. “The current study could stop people participating in something which can be of benefit in the right context,” she says.


aliens can land tomorrow
>1 in 12
absolutely no background of who these individuals are
no specifics
>Farias’s team combed through medical journals and found 55 relevant studies
ie they didn't study anyone themselves
>relevant studies
no citations
>they worked out the prevalence of people who experienced harms within each study and then calculated the average
they pulled some statistician shit from their asses and called it science
>They found that about 8 per cent people
they found nothing

now give these hacks another million dollars of grant money


File: 1597631022866.gif (188.31 KB, 500x365, 100:73, 953bc0c360cbbc8bbad67d02f6….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Really not sure whether I find popsci articles or semantic fags like you more annoying.


>Standard 'mindfulness' article
One of the authors is a Buddhist.
Paper is funded by a Buddhist institute.
No furor.
>Standard 'energy economics article
One of the authors is funded by big oil.
Paper is funded by an oil group.

This is my mind grief with mindfulness research in general. If you are willing to apply that same standard to your mindfulness articles, then I would be willing to let this one go.


>every criticism is "semantics"
you're one of those people huh
no wonder you consume idiotic so-called science like that thing you posted


They are both fags that are too dumb to address the issue head on but I think the one playing word games is actually being a faggot on purpose while the popsci writer is just incompetent but means well.


You opened your post with arguing about what the word “can” meant. Either way, I didn’t post it.


yeah but that's not semantics, that's just pointing out that obnoxious weasel word that headlines almost everything these days purporting to be big news but isn't and usually based on the smallest possible odds, or a lot of de-contextualized crap and statistical legerdemain

they say that unspecified meditation *can* make things worse for people, well guess what…outside of those alleged individuals – who knows what their particular trip is – the fact probably is that it *can't* make things worse
>I didn’t post it.
yeah I see that now, I was multi-tasking at the time


This is not recent news, but I thought other wizards would find the story interesting.
Video: Rebecca Doig is 31, Pregnant and has Alzheimer's
>Australian Rebecca Doig, 31, does not recognize newborn due to rare form of Alzheimer's disease
The birth of her beautiful daughter should have been the happiest day of Rebecca Doig's life. Instead, she didn't even recognize her newborn.
>Brave Rebecca loses battle
Diagnosed with a rare Alzheimers type disease in August 2009, amyloid proteins had slowly attacked her brain making the simplest of tasks like walking, talking and eating difficult.

Rebecca was one of only a few people throughout the world with the gene, known as PSENO1, which effectively shut down her brain and bodily functions, rapidly so at the end, Mr Martin said.


How is this wizardly? Maybe if foids stop having sex with animals this kind of thing wouldn't happen


File: 1598327663485.jpg (25.59 KB, 698x672, 349:336, ghifgu.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Young People Find Punctuation Marks “Intimidating,” Think Periods are “Mean”


Linguistic experts are now investigating why teens interpret a correctly-punctuated text as a signal of irritation.

The debate was reignited after writer Rhiannon Cosslett tweeted: ‘Older people – do you realise that ending a sentence with a period comes across as sort of abrupt and unfriendly to younger people in an email/chat? Genuinely curious.’

Several Twitter users expressed disbelief, and, despite her own use of a period, one even accused her of ‘peak snowflakery’.

That prompted crime novelist Sophie Hannah to reply: ‘Just asked 16-year-old son – apparently this is true. If he got a message with periods at the end of sentences he’d think the sender was “weird, mean or too blunt“.’


Because the majority of posters here are teens. It may explain a lot of the negative reactions to innocent posts btw.

In any case, it shows that zoomers are even dumber than anyone thought.


damn it….delete this post mods, I thought someone replied to the punctuation story


You can delete your own.

Fucking weird. Emojis and 'lol' are really becoming some sort of new grammar, a casual form of English. Maybe it will turn out like Japanese with different forms depending on formality


I noticed that. They're also terrified of capitalization, basic orthography and composing intelligible sentences.
Or maybe normalfags were always goddamn morons, only now they can easily network with vocal groups which are happy to enable any and all retardation for arbitrary reasons.


It's always been cool and edgy to act retarded and uneducated, now we just have better ways of signalling false retardation.




These texting styles are supposed to signal a person's relaxed and non-rigid personality. It's not about signaling stupidity or even anti-intellectualism but escaping certain rigid formal structures. Outside of a dissertation or law document, language should allow for freedom of expression and sometimes proper spelling and punctuation just impedes that.

Loosen up a little old man.


Damn you sound like a zoomer feminist.
'Rigid structures' kek get that log outta your ass.
I'm giving periods all the time for asshats like you.


now that's what I call "signaling retardation" smh 😂



Young people just don't really know how to be serious anymore, life is all some insincere joke to them, a full stop is just too serious for them, and they'll only act serious or formal if they are angry at someone so that's what they interpet it as


But don't these retards comprehend the fact that other people are not them, and might write differently?



I don't get how something like this can even happen, UK is a first world country, we're as close to post-scarcity as we've ever been and there shouldn't be problems like this, I'm wondering what this guy did with all his cash though that he couldn't afford this, did he have dentist phobia or something?


Some meditators will just say this is normal and you have to push through it, but I never really understood meditation anyway the idea just seems so vague to me, I'm sure there are some benefits I just don't think it's something you can easily teach or put into words, I like reading about the ice man wim Hof and how he could control his body temperature through his thoughts


No. That runs counter to the very concept of “societal norms”.


stop treating clickbait as if it's reality


that's been true for the past decade at least, people need a way to convey emotion over pure text and punctuation is part of that, get over it


This runs in my family. My grandmother died of it in her 40's. For all I know I only have a few years of sanity left.


never punctuating writing is not a societal norm though, it's apparently a generation z norm, but those little morons do not set the norms of society as a whole

it takes us back to my question, do they truly not understand that other people exist, especially older people, the "boomers" these absolute fucking retards call them, who still end sentences with periods?




File: 1598397071845.jpg (93.17 KB, 585x900, 13:20, not wonder woman.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think it's a mix of news and banter, the one that wiz posted is not funny but browsing around I found this one that made me laugh a bit.


File: 1598397270855.png (436.77 KB, 1608x1424, 201:178, unknown (6).png) ImgOps iqdb


You write like a fag and your shit's all retarded.


no kidding, RT is worse than The Onion, right away I knew the whole story is fake news, teens are not illiterates, language professor david crystal doesnt exist


File: 1599091407952.jpg (91.16 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, 1500500.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Researchers discover a specific brain circuit damaged by social isolation during childhood
…While research has shown that social isolation during childhood, in particular, is detrimental to adult brain function and behavior across mammalian species, the underlying neural circuit mechanisms have remained poorly understood.

…A research team from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has now identified specific sub-populations of brain cells in the prefrontal cortex, a key part of the brain that regulates social behavior, that are required for normal sociability in adulthood and are profoundly vulnerable to juvenile social isolation in mice. The study findings, which appear in the August 31 issue of Nature Neuroscience, shed light on a previously unrecognized role of these cells, known as medial prefrontal cortex neurons projecting to the paraventricular thalamus, the brain area that relays signals to various components of the brain's reward circuitry. If the finding is replicated in humans, it could lead to treatments for psychiatric disorders connected to isolation.

…Given that social behavior deficits are a common dimension of many neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders, such as autism and schizophrenia, identification of these specific prefrontal neurons will point toward therapeutic targets for the improvement of social behavior deficits shared across a range of psychiatric disorders. The circuits identified in this study could potentially be modulated using techniques like transcranial magnetic stimulation and/or transcranial direct current stimulation.
>A prefrontal–paraventricular thalamus circuit requires juvenile social experience to regulate adult sociability in mice


if it really exists and isn't just more of the same junk "science" these days…it only exists in normies

I've never felt damaged by isolation, I always loved it


This is what happens when you make children sleep in their own rooms away from parents starting from birth


File: 1599459760476.jpg (59.01 KB, 906x563, 906:563, 2paclastphoto.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


On This Day: American rapper Tupac Shakur murdered in drive-by shooting

>At just 25 years old, American rapper and actor Tupac Amaru Shakur was considered one of the most influential artists of his time.

>Better known by his stage name 2Pac, or his alias Makaveli, Tupac was praised for casting a light on systemic inequality and social issues in his music.

>It was nearing midnight when the car pulled up to a stop light. A white Cadillac sedan pulled up to the passenger side – and a mystery occupant rapidly fired bullets into the car.

>Tupac was hit four times – once in the arm, once in the thigh, and twice in the chest. One bullet entered his right lung. He was taken to hospital where he was heavily sedated, put on life support and then put under an induced coma.

>But it wasn’t enough to save him. Six days later, the rapper died from his wounds. The following day, in a bizarre farewell ritual, members of the Outlawz gang recalled a line in his song Black Jesus and smoked some of his body’s ashes after mixing them with marijuana.

>To this day, no one has been convicted of Tupac’s murder, thanks to a mix of botched police investigations and inconclusive evidence.

>In 2002, investigative journalist Chuck Philips reported in the Los Angeles Times that Baby Lane, the Southside Compton Crip who was attacked by Tupac’s entourage after the boxing match, had fired the fatal gunshots, but that Las Vegas police only briefly interviewed him once, before he died in an unrelated shooting.


>dear lord don't let me die tonight
he must have felt that there was something in the air


they were not much of a deal without pac but this song was good


Not a wizard, not news. Keep your ironic gangsty rap spamming to /b/.


I don't think you know what news means.

Something that happened decades ago isn't news.
It would be like posting about 9/11 when that rolls around again.

Also not in any way related to wizardry.



Rejoice muh comrads, for the time has come! Soon we will live in the neetheaven of mother russland, while capitalistic pigs around the world gonna suc dic to pay for their meme college depts.


What makes you think it means anything? It's just talk.


Just let me dream a bit.



very well might have been. subtract 20 years from that guy and he doesn't seem too different from neet wizards.


The mental state you have to find yourself in to stab a relative several times.


File: 1600903240566.jpg (91.2 KB, 2400x2139, 800:713, 58472777e02ba75e658b6ba5.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Possible marker of life spotted on Venus
Astronomers have discovered a rare molecule – phosphine – in the clouds of Venus. On Earth, this gas is only made industrially or by microbes that thrive in oxygen-free environments. Astronomers have speculated for decades that high clouds on Venus could offer a home for microbes – floating free of the scorching surface but needing to tolerate very high acidity. The detection of phosphine could point to such extra-terrestrial 'aerial' life.
>Phosphine gas in the cloud decks of Venus


just more horseshit the useless astronomers are making into a big deal to keep their jobs and have more tax dollars wasted on them, maybe some raises and a paid vacation too

who cares if venus possibly has a microbe, what does that do for anyone on earth, if they discovered alien cities on venus it doesn't change anything here


Oh how dreadful, wasting tax dollars on the pursuit of science. It should go to more important things like the military.


Yes the military to defend our fortresses from the venusian bacterial menace. We must stand guard with our microscopes and be ready to nuke whenever filthy xeno venusian bacteria invade our cultures.


strawman, who the fuck said anything about the military

defund nasa and spend those billions on public health care, better yet, don't steal it from the tax slaves to begin with


NASA is thoroughly defunded and gutted already. It's a complete joke these days.



Nothing unusual, normal flu does the same thing. When I was little I'd get vaccinated every year (thanks for the free autism, government) and the doctors would always spook parents with warnings about flu's deadly complications.


I know, it's just funny he's literally and figuratively chad dying and wasting all those potentials from such weak shit.


Is this really news though?

>Breaking news

>something has stayed the same to no one's surprise
>More at 11


File: 1602295853079.jpg (431.68 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, EjzZdl7XsAEbEhL.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>It's mathematically impossible to beat aging, scientists say
"Aging is mathematically inevitable - like, seriously inevitable. There's logically, theoretically, mathematically no way out," said Joanna Masel, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and at the UA.

Masel and UA postdoctoral researcher Paul Nelson outline their findings on math and aging in a new study titled "Intercellular Competition and Inevitability of Multicellular Aging," published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Current understanding of the evolution of aging leaves open the possibility that aging could be stopped if only science could figure out a way to make selection between organisms perfect. One way to do that might be to use competition between cells to eliminate poorly functioning "sluggish" cells linked to aging, while keeping other cells intact.
However, the solution isn't that simple, Masel and Nelson say.

Two things happen to the body on a cellular level as it ages, Nelson explains. One is that cells slow down and start to lose function, like when your hair cells, for example, stop making pigment. The other thing that happens is that some cells crank up their growth rate, which can cause cancer cells to form. As we get older, we all tend, at some point, to develop cancer cells in the body, even if they're not causing symptoms, the researchers say.

Masel and Nelson found that even if natural selection were perfect, aging would still occur, since cancer cells tend to cheat when cells compete.

"As you age, most of your cells are ratcheting down and losing function, and they stop growing, as well," said Nelson, lead author of the study. "But some of your cells are growing like crazy. What we show is that this forms a double bind - a catch-22. If you get rid of those poorly functioning, sluggish cells, then that allows cancer cells to proliferate, and if you get rid of, or slow down, those cancer cells, then that allows sluggish cells to accumulate. So you're stuck between allowing these sluggish cells to accumulate or allowing cancer cells to proliferate, and if you do one you can't do the other. You can't do them both at the same time."
>Intercellular competition and the inevitability of multicellular aging


"water is wet" scientists find


Antinatalism will get obsolete once euthanasia becomes universal as no more excuse such as "hur dur too hard"


>terminally ill
This is nothing new.



Maybe you need a euthanasia schizo.


Supporting antinatalism doesn't mean you are necessarily suicidal and antinatalism cannot become obsolete you ignoramus, it's like saying that "ethics" can become obsolete. Literally drown yourself in your own piss and shit. I wish your mother was an antinatalist that way we'd never get to see a retarded dumbfuck like you posting in my imageboard.
Fucking moron, you suck ass so much. I'd like it if there was a way to meet you in real life, because I'd punch you and beat you so hard and make you apologize to anyone on /dep/ which I am sure you like to bully and insult. Fucking faggot waste of semen who have to come here to the wizard news threads to shit on other wizards.


Yes, it possibly can. For example if there are studies that show plants do feel pain for vegan or fish feel pain for hobby fishing which is still in a grey area.


File: 1603269451492.jpg (92.29 KB, 950x633, 950:633, uploads/card/image/1007870….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Gay male penguins steal lesbian penguins' eggs at Dutch zoo in latest bid to become fathers after they tried to hatch another bird’s egg last year

Looks like they're putting something in the water to make everything gay



File: 1604579490215.jpeg (27.32 KB, 614x342, 307:171, c5069c4c-a8ed-4081-888e-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Are you here Bubba?

The singer has long been open about his experiences with mental illness and addiction, and his journey toward reaching a place of health and happiness. "I feel isolated. You're in your hotel room and there are fans all around, paparazzi following you everywhere, and it gets intense," he told the NME in November 2015 about the ways his fame affects his mental health. "When you can't go anywhere or do anything alone you get depressed. I would not wish this upon anyone. … I'm struggling just to get through the days. I think a lot of people are."



>paying attention to whatever popular "science" says
Big mistake.


What compels you to be so prideful ignorant so consistently?


>"Aging is mathematically inevitable - like, seriously inevitable.
professor at a university
talks like a goddamn valley gurl and thinks "mathematical" is some sort of physical law
Science™ 2020


>talks like a goddamn valley gurl
what do you think valley girls study in college?


File: 1605472930084.jpg (1023.03 KB, 2400x1538, 1200:769, Backchannel_Unidentified-H….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A Nameless Hiker and the Case the Internet Can’t Crack
The man on the trail went by “Mostly Harmless." He was friendly and said he worked in tech. After he died in his tent, no one could figure out who he was.


Interesting. Seems more mundane than the most wizardly case of the Somerton Man who left esoteric clues and secret codes behind.
Got pics of the corpse?


CSUN is in the valley, you know.


File: 1605827862055.jpg (38.93 KB, 650x346, 325:173, Alek-Minassian-Wiki-Bio-Ag….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Toronto’s Biggest Mass Killing Case Goes to Trial on Zoom
Two years after a man drove a rental van down a sidewalk, killing 10 and injuring 16, he has pleaded not criminally responsible because of the autism spectrum disorder.

The defendant’s lawyers have made the rare argument that he was incapable of understanding the murders were wrong from a moral perspective because he has autism spectrum disorder, a condition not usually associated with violent attacks.

Organizations representing Canadians with autism denounced the legal argument as dangerous and false.


>autism spectrum disorder, a condition not usually associated with violent attacks.
Where did this myth of autists not being violent come from? Spergs are lucid enough to generally not do any evil shit but the hard autists? I've never met anyone as uncontrollably violent and fundamentally evil as them. They're absolutely soulless.


yeah spergs seem capable enough and in some cases more reliable than the average person to obey the law and follow procedures. true autists are like wild beasts, i don't see how it's dangerous or false to say this


An autist is literally just a sociopath sans the IQ and charm. They're probably underrepresented when it comes to crimes that require competency like drug dealing and white collar crimes but overrepresented in crimes like rape, murder, armed robbery and assault. Just an uncool version of a street thug. A gang member without the gang.



This piece of shit site again? Stop shilling this garbage written by and for entitled w*men.


mall shooting Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

know anything about casuality figures, suspect atm.

Also Kyle Rittenhouse was released on 2M bail.


>hates people with autism
>uses this site

They may be autistic but at least they aren't retarded.


calling the crazy autists wild beasts is not the same as hating them


this isn't autismchan


asperger guys are the most wanna be normalfags and sociopathic of the lot.


I don't hate the spergs, I am one. I hate the true autists who have to be handled like nitroglycerin but normalfags still treat them like they're cuddly pets. Normals hate spergs and love the animalistic hard retards.

More of that theneurotypical crap? Wrong.



File: 1607682666976.jpg (259.33 KB, 1400x788, 350:197, baiinebdooogu4oydple.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I confused this guy with another black giant actor that played a convict sentenced to death row in The Green Mile.


The (anything) of a random Hollywood celebrity with no wizard traits that you like is not wizard news.


A code breaking team was finally able to decode the Zodiac Killer's '340 Cipher'.


They broke his wizcipher and only learned more about his wizkillings. Too bad!



File: 1607797534675-0.jpg (2.22 MB, 2880x1620, 16:9, Bourbaki_2880x1620_Lede.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1607797534675-1.jpg (273.7 KB, 1720x1262, 860:631, Boubaki-2000_v2-1720x1262.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Inside the Secret Math Society Known Simply as Nicolas Bourbaki
For almost a century, the anonymous members of Nicolas Bourbaki have written books intended as pure expressions of mathematical thought.


File: 1607802985827.jpeg (121.18 KB, 1101x1761, 367:587, uli.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>written books intended as pure expressions of mathematical thought.


that was interesting


How a Neighbors’ Feud in Paradise Launched an International Rape Case
The Bahamian pleasure palace featured a faux Mayan temple, sculptures of smoke-breathing snakes and a disco with a stripper pole. The owner, Peter Nygard, a Canadian fashion executive, showed off his estate on TV shows like “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” and threw loud beachfront parties, reveling in the company of teenage succubi and young succubi.

Next door, Louis Bacon, an American hedge fund billionaire, presided over an airy retreat with a lawn for croquet. Mr. Bacon preferred hunting alone with a bow and arrow to attending wild parties, and if mentioned at all in the press, was typically described as buttoned-up.

The neighbors had little in common except for extreme wealth and a driveway. But when Mr. Nygard wasn’t allowed to rebuild after a fire, he blamed Mr. Bacon. Since then, the two have been embroiled in an epic battle, spending tens of millions of dollars and filing at least 25 lawsuits in five jurisdictions. Mr. Nygard, 78, has spread stories accusing Mr. Bacon of being an insider trader, murderer and member of the Ku Klux Klan. Mr. Bacon, 63, has accused Mr. Nygard of plotting to kill him.


That's from February, but he was just now finally arrested on Monday.
>WINNIPEG, Manitoba/NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard was charged on Tuesday with sex trafficking, racketeering and other crimes targeting dozens of succubi and underage succubi over a quarter century in three countries, U.S. authorities said.


File: 1608183213092.png (175.63 KB, 960x500, 48:25, 5e8ba63a1c66e7b0789f-f493f….png) ImgOps iqdb

Beethoven 250: analysis of the composer’s letters proves that creativity does spring forth from misery
The notion that artistic creativity and emotional state are somehow related goes back to the time of Aristotle. However, it is extremely difficult to quantify the degree of misery (or happiness) of an artist, and even more so if an artist is deceased. In my research I have found a way to do so by extracting the emotional content from written correspondence.

My research uncovered patterns of emotional wellbeing throughout the lifetimes of creative individuals. During a series of research projects on how geographic clustering of composers influenced their creativity, I found large productivity gains by composers working in locations such as Vienna, Paris and London in the late 18th century to early 20th century. At the same time, it became apparent that in these cities composers have been surprisingly often unhappy or unwell, prompting the question: How do emotional factors influence creativity?

To answer this question I turned to the letters of one of the world’s most famous composers, Ludwig van Beethoven, who wrote over 500 letters throughout his life. Using linguistic analysis software, I was able to reveal how the emotional content of Beethoven’s letters carries the clues to his genius and productivity. I spent months pouring over the letter and creating code, carefully dating each letter. I also spent time distinguishing between different types of correspondent, as he would write differently to family members than to peers or associates.



"As part of an ongoing process of retooling its policies around harassment and hateful conduct, Twitch announced on Wednesday that the words “simp,” “inncel,” and “virgin” will no longer be allowed on the platform as long as they are used by streamers and commenters as insults. If they are used in a friendly way, the words are, presumably, still okay to use."

Is twitch based and wizpilled? What a time to be alive!


Uhm no notice they ban "simp" too, actually they banned a lot of other words. Stop triggering your wishful thinking on every little thing.


I just thought it was interesting, considering "virgin" and "inncel" are like the only two insults you can even use on the Internet without raising eye-brows. It probably caused some cognitive dissonance in people when they consider calling someone a whore bad, but virgin is alright.

Oh, sweetie, you can't just insult people based on their sexual preferences/behavior, but lack there of? That's fine, what kind of person doesn't even have sex?


They are banning the words one would use to insult someone donating money to a twitch whore. It's a "no insulting the paypigs" rule.


File: 1608440523437.png (582.74 KB, 961x650, 961:650, who-is-takahiro-shiraishi-….png) ImgOps iqdb

‘Twitter killer,’ who dismembered nine victims, receives death sentence in Japan
TOKYO — A man dubbed Japan's "Twitter killer" was sentenced to death by a court on Tuesday for strangling and dismembering nine people, including several young succubi and succubi contemplating suicide, whom he lured to his apartment using social media.

Takahiro Shiraishi, 30, called himself “@hangingpro” on one of his five Twitter accounts and offered to help people in pain. He tweeted statements such as “It is not hard to hang oneself” and “If you cannot help yourself, I can help you,” public prosecutors revealed during the trial.

But once he had lured the succubi to his apartment, he strangled them, sexually assaulted and robbed some of them, and cut up their corpses.


File: 1608441853022.jpg (123.81 KB, 666x819, 74:91, st_20201220_wkjapt_6205586.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



also from this article from a diff website

>I want to use the time I have left to find a succubus," Shiraishi told the Mainichi daily.

>"I want to look for someone who'll marry me while I'm in prison. Several people have come in the last two years, but nothing has led to marriage."

the fuck is wrong with shitcubi.


File: 1608444341464.jpg (22.57 KB, 620x480, 31:24, Falder.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

For some reason this reminded me of that Cambridge PhD sadist, though the cases are quite different.

>Matthew Falder (born 24 October 1988) is a convicted English serial sex offender and blackmailer who coerced his victims online into sending him degrading images of themselves or into committing crimes against a third person such as rape or assault. Falder hid behind anonymous accounts on the web and then re-posted the images to gain a higher status on the dark web. Investigators said that he "revelled" in getting images to share on hurtcore websites. The National Crime Agency (NCA), described him as "one of the most prolific and depraved offenders they had ever encountered."

>Falder pleaded guilty to 137 charges from 46 complainants,[1] making him one of the UK's most prolific convicted sex offenders. In February 2018 he was jailed for 32 years and ordered to serve a further six years on extended licence. The Court of Appeal later reduced the term of imprisonment to 25 years, with an extended licence of 8 years.[2]



Absolutely did nothing wrong.


Are there any places where assisted suicide is legal? I know this doesn't count but makes me wonder.


File: 1608491812139.png (218.5 KB, 500x392, 125:98, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

googled his name and found his apartment? how the hell can you ahve a bathroom below a loft in a room with only 2m high ceilings. 2m is basically 6 feet by the way.


Clearly you've never lived in japan.

Japanese apartments are much smaller and more compact compared to in the west, especially america. Everything is optimized to take up as little space as possible. This is especially true in Tokyo, which as advanced and clean as it is, would be hell on earth for anyone with claustrophobia. Also japanese are smaller in general, so there's that too.

I lived in Japan for a year and I hit my head on so many door frames I legit think I suffered some brain damage, and I'm only 6'3.


i remember an interview with junji ito in his studio and he practically lived in a closet. he had a bed surrounded by bookshelves and just in front of the bed his drawing desk and pc, he woke up, go to work, laid back and slept again. his whole apartment was the size of my bathroom, cramp as hell but kinda cozy in a way.

It would be more hellish in a dangerous third world city were people actually live cramped like that but they live in a guetto wereas a japanese person can just get up at 3 am and just go sit in a park and eat something outdoors for an hour and he will be safe and its all gonna be clean and fine. Someone in a favela living in a cramped space is just surrounded by violence and trash.

The other interview with junji ito was in a cat cafe were you can just go at any hour and pet any of the cats. It was very comfy, so sure, he lives cramped at home were he mostly does work stuff but he also has many ammenities like that in his city where he can just leave for a little if he feels burnout.

I am a city person but also lived in the country for a while and didn't like it, felt very agoraphobic, theres a lot of space but its empty and you just really see the same everyday. In a cramped city at least in my own neightborhood i can go to like 10 distinct places to eat or read a book or whatever where i would feel variation and stimulated enough to go back to my apartment and be alone


do i need to shit out a 3d model of the house and place an average asian height guy inside it to show you how ridiculous it would look. ill do it


File: 1608589376983.png (1.56 MB, 1907x1752, 1907:1752, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

actually i was right anyway. the total height including the loft is most likely 3m, not 2m. whoever made that graphic was just dumb

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