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I seek knowledge.

How can I lose weight fast without losing muscle?

Before I can get the surgery to fix my gyno I need to lose more weight first.


restrict calories
consume more protein


avoid sugar do keto


How many times are people going to ask this stupid question there’s no fucking secret or magic trick and you know it holy shit.


Ketamine or meth


Ketamine is not a stimulant and has nothing to do with weight loss while maintaining muscle mass.
You are probably thinking of cocaine.


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>How can I lose weight fast without losing muscle?

And just as the antidote is derived from the poison, the answer…
> lose weight fast
> fast

is hidden in the question.


eat less


Eat a diet of rice and fish (not greasy Englishman fried chippy fish) and start walking and generally doing physical things. Free weights at home are inexpensive and as private as any other living thing you do can be


Water fast, I take it?


File: 1575316045872.jpg (63.46 KB, 620x387, 620:387, monkey_2790171b.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

no, don't ingest anything at all and die, lol.


No carb diet and only eat meat.


I genuinely have mental illness, is that sarcasm? it is hard to tell.


Eat only meat and water.

Alternatively, buy or pirate Naiman's new book, the PE Diet. It covers diet, exercise and cooking. I recommend it highly.


>Eat only meat and water.
And make sure to contribute to Jordan Peterson's Patreon.


eat foods lower in calories, higher in water, and higher in fiber in order to feel fuller longer. Food such as beans and legumes, especially lentils, are high in fiber and are have a higher water content than meats. Eat fruits and vegetables with your beans as well. They're also high in fiber, low in calories. Eat your fats, but skip the oils. It adds too many calories and is not essential for fats. Eat nuts and seeds, which, again, have more fiber to make you fuller. Don't eat too many nuts/seeds though since they're high in calories. Skip the soda, drink water, tea, coffee, etc.

Also exercise 150 minutes a week.

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