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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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File: 1576639766315.jpg (239.02 KB, 1074x510, 179:85, Capture3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Christianity in one image


It's consistent with their philosophy. You can't exactly call them hypocrites.


But G*d said black people are like gorilas with horse cocks.


when did he said that?


this. what do poltards expect? Christians to advocate for neo-malthusianism?


This is literally moreso the Church of Rome in an image


this makes the antinatalists seethe.


Imagine thinking that a tweet can sum something up, let alone something that is thousands of years old. Imagine having a thought process limited to 280 characters.


So is Trump getting impeached or not this time?


no, it would need to pass the senate, and after three years of trump MIGA-ing so hard, our israel-first senate isn't going to kill their golden goose


They literally don't have a case and it would be career suicide due to how unpopular it is.


Sorry I didn't make myself clear. Do you think there'll be enough votes to move the process forward? Just checked the necessary numbers and it seems it could happen.

I don't think people pushing this even cares at this point. I was wondering more on the lines of absolute numbers necessary to move it forward.


I am only good at guessing things that involve reason. The people pushing for impeachment aren't acting rationally so I can't really say how far they will be able to get with this before clearer heads prevail.


the house will pass it guaranteed, but it's not passing the senate, which is why this story is so boring to everyone in the world

we already know the outcome and it's fucking nothing (again)


File: 1576740940752.gif (5.05 MB, 480x270, 16:9, giphy.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Lots of .gifs of NBA playaz krumping and niglets twerking being posted all over the Twittersphere tonight.


That the flying fuck does that have to do with politics?
Why the fuck should anyone here give a shit?


File: 1576742967465.gif (2.51 MB, 352x240, 22:15, file.gif) ImgOps iqdb

These "people", who are the antithesis of wizards, are getting their way. President apelect Watermelonitra and vice president Friedchickenisha will twerk during their inauguration of their 2020 victory and immediately order all your stuff seized as reparayshuns, beeyotch.


File: 1576754505751.png (39.28 KB, 592x394, 296:197, 442.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Could Christianity get anymore gayer?


The current economic system wants to lump every person on the planet into one massive gray slaved ball to be grinded to the bones for profit and all you get from the pope is a "go ahead" sugar coated garbage. Look at the grin on that idiot's fucking face. What a joke.


File: 1576761767884-0.png (612.36 KB, 369x926, 369:926, 553.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1576761767884-1.jpg (373.41 KB, 1024x2770, 512:1385, DSovdTpW4AAUawr.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1576761767885-2.jpg (313.61 KB, 962x566, 481:283, 66.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Weev is a known Jewish troll, trying to make nationalism seem as violent, extreme, and absurd as possible through trolling, which includes advocating for the killing of children and minorities, putting succubi in scold's bridles and other extreme notions. He has claimed that he's "an ethnic Jew of Bavarian origins" on his old OkCupid profile and he has the exact same phenotype as Allen Ginsberg (famous Jew), which is hilarious. He's clearly a Jewish provocateur trying to subvert nationalism.

A made a post on Weev's subreddit accusing him of being Jewish, but he deleted my post and then locked his subreddit. He's really not that relevant anymore, but he is still The Daily Stormer's admin and I wanted to expose this conniving Jew.



that's just novus ordo cuckery, not every denomination is like that.


wow racist


File: 1576797081429.png (18.56 KB, 1264x1500, 316:375, 1488603748476.png) ImgOps iqdb

What wizards think about distributism?

>According to distributists, property ownership is a fundamental right,[5] and the means of production should be spread as widely as possible, rather than being centralized under the control of the state (state capitalism/state socialism), a few individuals (plutocracy), or corporations (corporatocracy). Distributism, therefore, advocates a society marked by widespread property ownership.[1] Co-operative economist Race Mathews argues that such a system is key to bringing about a just social order.

>Distributism has often been described in opposition to both socialism and capitalism,[7][8] which distributists see as equally flawed and exploitative.[9] Further, some distributists argue that socialism is the logical conclusion of capitalism, as capitalism's concentrated powers eventually capture the state, resulting in a form of socialism.[10][11] Thomas Storck argues: "Both socialism and capitalism are products of the European Enlightenment and are thus modernizing and anti-traditional forces. In contrast, distributism seeks to subordinate economic activity to human life as a whole, to our spiritual life, our intellectual life, our family life."[12]


It sounds like a good economic model for the new populist right.


Oh look, another shitty version of socialism made by people who fundamentally don't get how economics or human nature works.

Nah, I will stick with individual liberty and free market capitalism without government dictating who does what in the market.


What is there to hate about a society of property owners?


Giving government a say over who can and can't have "the means of production" is socialist bullshit and I want no part in it.


Speaking of socialism
I have been reading a rather interesting book from the Mises Institute

It is heavily about economics but still a good read.


the masses have spiritual and intellectual lives now do they


But isn't a society of property owners better than a society where only a few own all property? It kinda sounds obvious to me.


hey that's pretty interesting stuff, nice find wiz


A society built on theft and extortion is a unhealthy and unhappy society.

Under such a system you are penalized for being productive and rewarded for being incompetent. It's not right, not just, and not even close to fair.

Socialism is flat out evil. Evil enforced under threat of death or kidnapping to extort from people what they rightfully own and earned.
You can't have it both ways. Where you say you respect private property, but want to have the state enforce "equality" in regards to the means of production.
Fuck equally. People only deserve what is earned or freely given. Some random asshole doesn't deserve "means of production" just for existing. Odds are the random asshole wouldn't even know what to do with it if they had it. As has been proven time and time again when such means have been "redistributed" under socialist regimes.


What you said isn't very meaningful to me. The small elite that controls the economy, the richest, hates the average person, hates their family, their community, their traditions, and would rather have it all destroyed, a country of antidepressive addicts who only have consumerism to cope with their meaningless lives. And they're doing it, this small elite is being successful in turning society into that, tearing everything apart because it turns out that anything that transcends pure materialism gets in the way of profits. Like Tucker Carlson said, big business hates your family, and I think people are finally waking up to it. The average republican voter, which the Koch brothers hate, but which are what got Trump into the White House, these people may finally waking up. At least, for the good of us all, I hope so, otherwise the elite, the Fortune 500 people, the Silicon Valley people, the people you love but the people that hate you and me, they're the ones who will get to decide our future, and that will be a pretty bleak future.

So, yeah, I like distributism. Doesn't look like socialism to me, but whatever. You shout "socialism", they shout "racism". Namecalling, don't care. What I know for sure is that widespread property ownership is better than property ownership concentrated by the people who want to wipe us out. Because you're not going to convince me or anyone to take the "moral high ground" and accept their own destruction just by calling self-preservation "socialism".


Revealing yourself as a envious collectivist authoritarian who doesn't care about what is right, who only cares about what you can steal for yourself from those that actually provide value to society.
You trying to put a new spin on some tradcuck verson of socialism doesn't make it not socialism. It is evil bullshit. That goes against literally everything I value for stand for.
So you can take your "greater good" bullshit and stuff it right back into the trashcan where it belongs. Same with all the other unethical and unjust collectivist ideologies.


File: 1576812302193.mp4 (2 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Mosley.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I mean, I don't expect intellectualism from the masses, but I do hope that some self-preservation instinct kicks in. I hope that at some point they realize that what's best for them and their families is probably, after all, simply what is best.


pffft, whites don't have group consciousness, it's why they depend on right-wing dictators to impose one on them

of course, then the same same strongmen start fratricidal wars with other white races, defeating the purpose you'd think they'd serve

trying to preserve anything white is a great way to waste your life


File: 1576836178024.jpg (248.7 KB, 2326x800, 1163:400, ELsyFNtW4AAyl05.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


only works in theory, every communist country hates communism
how do you go about eliminating greed? first world countries are materially better than the the thirds but has higher suicide rate, they still want more
and how do you "distribute" the cutest girlz to some guys? surely there are gonna be fights

in summary, it's stupid


>first world countries are materially better than the thirds

Not because of capitalism though, Western Europe and Western culture produced higher standards of living by comparison way before capitalism ever existed. It also has been producing things like science and technology under several different economic systems and capitalists love to take credit for all that, saying it's thanks to capitalism. Only people really ignorant about history actually believe that nonsense.

That said, socialism and capitalism really is a matter of one lottery ticket. In socialism you'll be forever fucked, while in capitalism there's one chance in a million you'll be able to break through and not be so miserable. So yeah, I would still prefer to have one lottery ticket than none. The majority will be wageslaving for the rest of their lives been in whatever system is in place though.

I also believe the economic system doesn't matter that much if you have a solid cultural base from a dynamic rich society can emerge from. You look at Western Europe and it has produced a lot of marvels under so many different systems, it's almost like the economic system is more or less superficial and where's intelligence there'll be interesting things going on. That's not to say the economic system is not important, far from it, but there seems to be something deeper and vastly more important at work.


File: 1576844245797.png (6.27 KB, 627x504, 209:168, EMOkxxVWoAABB9-.png) ImgOps iqdb

Are any of the US politicians that have been ranting about Russian interference for the last 3 years concerned about their own tech companies interference in elections around the world?

Twitter closes the account of the National Party leader in the run up to an election cycle


>Not because of capitalism though
Stopped reading right there.
Already know the rest is either totally ignorant or totally bullshit. Even die hard commies aren't in that level of denial about capitalism's role in 1st world nation's development.
Just going to pretend the industrial revolution never happened? Going to act like America was colonized and developed just for the hell of it?
Come on man. You are being pants on head dumb.


Oh, I see you never picked a history book in your entire life. Not really a surprise given you're unable to finish reading an ib post if it doesn't go exactly according to whatever fairy tale narrative about the history of the world you came up with. Oh well whatever, I wasn't looking to post more than once itt anyway.


You say that while posting more then once and while being totally historically incorrect.

Again ignorant or full of shit. Either way you are factual wrong.



Matt Bevin has literally been pardoning child rapists. Apparently one of them is because their family donated to him. The others must just because he supports child rape.


Why should I care?


Was it actually rape though? In the US the laws are set up so that any sort of non-platonic activity between a minor and an adult is called rape or molestation even if the minor consents.



If the US is willing to sell it cheaper then by all means we would buy it from them. No fearmongering will ever make anyone prefer to pay 3x the price the Russians are offering, it's really that simple.


Nonwhites flood into White countries against the democratic wishes of the majority but are welcomed nonetheless, receiving free education and so on, and they repay that by suggesting that the reason Whites are despairing and killing themselves is because they're too privileged.


Oh no, people who don't want to live are fine with dying or ending themselves one way or another. And worst yet there is a certain group of people who are breeding less and less. How tragic.

You do realize where you are right? If people want to kill themselves or choose not to "do their duty" and breed then that is totally fine with me.

>B-b-but muh whites

All people = shit
I don't give a fuck about one race over another.
Btw, illegal immigration is down in the US and the birth rates of all races have been dropping.


These nonwhites are incapable of supporting themselves and the gangsters who control this country are stealing from everyone in order to buy their votes.


File: 1576894090054.png (10.23 KB, 502x500, 251:250, demiurge.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Oh no, people who don't want to live are fine with dying or ending themselves one way or another.
The question is what brought them to the point where they basically die from misery, either by suicide, overdose, or whatever. We're talking about people whose lives are made miserable because of their condition when it did not need to be that way, people that had everything taken from them, not only in a material sense but also in a spiritual one. Most of them probably didn't stop one day and thought "huh, you know what, those antinatalists have a point, I think I'm gonna kill myself".

>You do realize where you are right?

Not at a death cult and I don't think most here want widespread misery. Some maybe, but not most.


>those antinatalists have a point, I think I'm gonna kill myself".
what does killing oneself have to do with antinatalism?



>by suggesting that the reason Whites are despairing and killing themselves is because they're too privileged
I thought that was just one retarded opinion piece?



"One of the key principles of the post-WWII and post-Cold War peace ideology was that encouraging trade and cross-border business is a way to guarantee that no new war would break out. It says a lot about the general direction that things are going when not only are these principles abandoned, but they are abandoned explicitly to put Russia under siege. No fig leaves or diplomatic language used.

Just Jewish-style gangster strong-arm tactics. …"


Someone needs to put a bullet in Michael Bloomberg.



Looks like the democrats are already planning a second impeachment of Trump for when this first one fails.
That is how hopeless they are as a party.


If you care about the impeachment one way or another you are a tool.


>how dare someone talk about current political events in the politics thread

The only tool here is you bub.


File: 1577263147622-0.jpg (79.09 KB, 680x651, 680:651, EMlKdRqWwAAzNBK.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1577263147622-1.jpg (133.61 KB, 1784x642, 892:321, EMlKdmVXkAUkkPE.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A new vegan burger at Burger King contains 44mg of estrogen, which is more estrogen taken by people that are transitioning to female.


isn't that an animal estrogen? that's different, is it? but, a hype for retards, I guess


Not directly politics related and you posted this on /b/.

Stop posting off topic stuff in the political thread.




t. butthurt pol faggot


Ingesting ANY kind of estrogen is bad for a man, unless you consider having low energy, high irritability, slower muscle regeneration, and higher libido a good thing.
The estrogen in that burger might not be the exact potent type sold to perverts for their full-on transition, but it still affects the male body negatively, especially with such a high dose. The fact that anyone eating routinely at Burger King is likely to already be obese and therefore low-t/high-e to begin with just makes it a worse.

Call it hype, fear-mongering, paranoia, or whatever you want to defend your greasy ratshite cheeseburgers, but objectively if there's one hormone a man shouldn't be consuming, it's estrogen.


Pretty sure this is spam. Corn farmers and cattle ranchers and meatpackers are all fucking scared shitless of this meat free meat shit. If you are really stupid enough to repost this spam voluntarily, please learn to do this one simple step before you post something like this next time: google the source.

One search of "Your News Wire" in Google and you will see it is a fake news site with most of the top hits being ones like this :https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/dont-get-fooled-by-these-fake-news-sites/5/ warning you about how it is a fake news site.


I've been eating less meat now for the past couple of years for health reasons. I don't care much about how meat tastes like so those vegan patties suits me fine. However I can't imagine anyone who actually enjoys the taste of real meat (99% of people?) to be able to put up with how vegan burgers taste like. It definitely doesn't taste like the real thing at all. Is there a real reason to be afraid? Have vegan food put a dent to meat consumption yet? I have to check that out.


Well, very soon it will become apparent that the meat industry can only be sustained by the wealthy literally murdering billions of the poor in the third world. Climate change will cause massive food shortages, food which could easily be grown on land that is being used to grow feedstock for livestock or to graze livestock. The wealthy will be able to continue to finance eating meat if they want, but they will not be able to do it without restricting the food supply of the poor. It's just going to make eating meat very unfashionable going forward and people will take a shitty alternative if one exists. That's why the industry wants to kill this now, to keep things going as long as possible.


yeah they're real scared of this bug soy estrogen shit which tastes awful and gives you manboobs or whatever


among other things, the whole moral panic about meat consumption could help the "meat grown in a lab" thing take off and be more palatable for the public
as usual the people who earnestly believe this crap and spread it around them are nothing else than useful idiots for all sorts of business interests, and perhaps things of a more sinister nature. the idea of "artificial meat" for example is in itself absurd… but people will end up looking at it favourably, and even actively ask for it


File: 1577384878964.jpeg (378.81 KB, 960x684, 80:57, 16889.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Third worlders enjoy meat though. If "the wealthy" don't buy meat, "the poor" will. Because, you know, poor people have taste buds too.


Something that has potential to disrupt things both economically and politically is by improvements in 3d printing which basically puts the means of production in the hands of anyone who can afford such a device.

I wonder if various governments will step in to try and control this type of technology or if major bushiness with try to use IP laws or maybe even new laws to gain control over the whole industry through governmental support?



I wonder if there are any wizards that live in Virginia.
Looks like both sides are gearing up for civil war over gun rights.


those stupid 3d printer gimmicks have been on the market for years already and we're still waiting on your pseudo-communist consumer revolution to materialize

"the means of production" indeed…

more like the means of producing dragon dildos in your home

people like you anticipated similar things about apple's jewphone back in the day claiming it would "democratize" and revolutionize the world, and all that was achieved by giving 7 billion goyim internet access is even dumber goyim and the internet turned into a fucking shithole

so don't get too excited son


It is alreadly a commertially viable product that is already causing disruption on the minor scale when it comes to R&D and product design.

With these very real technological improvements as well as dropping prices thus lowering the barrier to entry for those that wish to produce, allow them to produce more efficiently, and to produce within the privacy of their own home.

Also, fuck you right in your stupid face for calling me a commie you fucking dumbass. If you payed attention to context or clicked the links you would know I am a capitalist.


Yeah, I know a guy who has one. He just got another one for christmas that uses lasers to cure resin or some shit. They just use it to make figurines for board games.


Not really sure what your point is.


it's never gonna happen, any more than people making videos with jewphones was gonna shut down the TV studios


NRA are showing their true colors now though.


Anyone watch the last debates?
Yeah, me nether.


just wait'll the real debates next year, when all the tools from supposedly different parties argue over who hates russia and loves shitsrael more


File: 1577630200006.png (875.96 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

The NRA only cares about "gun rights" under specific circumstances


nra is the donald trump of gun groups


It's a typical leftist false equivalence fallacy to pretend that a group of White people is the same as a communist, revolutionary, black supremacist organization that was known to be involved in crime, killings, shootings and terror.


they still had the legal right to march with guns, as long as they werent doing any crimes or violence on said march

Anyway the modern NRA is more like "the dems are the real racists" type, the guy above was calling him "Governor Blackface" and the NRA had a vid on Biden opposing busing


>that was known to be involved in crime, killings, shootings and terror
Okay, FBI


It's not so much that they're racist, it's that they're hypocrites about it.


It is undeniably true though. Black Panthers weren't exactly a peaceful group by any stretch of the imagination.
The most that could be argued is that some of their violent actions may have been justified.


>they still had the legal right to march with guns
Not after the government took away that right.

>as long as they werent doing any crimes

If a known murderer says "I'm going to kill you", do you have to wait until the bullet is entering your skull before you react in order not to violate the NAP?


>Black Panthers weren't exactly a peaceful group by any stretch of the imagination.
They weren't, my point is that the FBI infiltrated and sabotaged them for fucking years, outright assassinated some of their members, and lead to their disintegration. They're more of a fucking tragedy and it's clear to see what happened in that context.


Looks like the results speak for themselves. Despite not getting his wall Trump pulled through on immigration and got illegal immigration under control.

It is also having a direct positive effect on jobs.
Both these things will most certainly make Trump look great in the run up to the election.


That's some serious cope right there. The good thing about a physical barrier is that once it's there it'll remain there unless America explicitly decides to abolish itself and tear it down. At any moment Mexico can just decide to let the hordes go through again, and it eventually will. Eventually a Democrat will be President too, and there will be no wall, and there will be a human flood like you have never seen.


As far as I can tell he can't get up the wall even though he clearly wants to.
That however didn't stop him from (at least temporarily in time for elections) fixing the problem.
It makes him look good enough that people who are concerned about immigration will likely vote for him, thus giving him another 4 years to get the wall fully built.


>another 4 years to get the wall fully built.


lol the delusion of Trumpniggers.



If you ever wondered about knowing the enemy scourge that is SJW, here is a list of 12 things that cut to the core of who they really are compiled by some normie that has had to deal with them for years.

12 Common Traits of Social Justice Warriors (SJW)
1. Do not have full range of human emotions 2. Fundamentally Unserious (use of words like "rapey")
3. Anti-intellectualism (despise debate and discourse, use of intersectionalism language like "problematic")
4. No ethos/politics goals besides destruction
5. Demand apologies and then weaponize them
6. Omni-directional hate / fundamentally flawed (they hate everything)
7. Form alliances, not frienships
8. Have no sense of proportion (catastrophism)
9. Enamored by violence in a child-like way ("punching")
10. Love subverting expectations (reverse engineering their "art" reveals their true beliefs)
11. Live in a post-success and anti-success world (Success is actively scorned and ridiculed)
12. Seek positions of influence, not power (do not want responsibility and have no ideas)


I still can't believe people say SJW after 2015


It is a very common term and I don't really believe you when you say you can't believe people use it while posting in a political thread.
It comes up in politics, hobby culture, and politics related to hobbies.

So lets not bullshit here about the commonality of the term.


If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck let's call it a duck.


It's a buzzword used for almost anyone vaguely on the left or saying anything close to "racism bad". It reeks too much of someone stuck in the gamergate milieu that's almost six years old now. It's like saying based kek redpilled, I just can't believe they're acceptable terms to use in political discussions.


I was a trump supporter. That fool doesn't care about shit but sucking hairy jewish ass and being in his fucking daughter's pocket. A typical baby boomer and a typical germanic. And he was supposed to be different.

Changing anything by votes is impossible.


Europeans Lead in Every Field, Jewish Brilliance a Myth, Einstein Over-Rated, Hyped by Jewish PR


"…The biggest hole in the contemporary race theories Stephens quotes, by delineating Ashkenazis from Sephardics, is that the rise and fall in prominence of the two groups coincides with the arc of their hosts. When Latins ruled the world, it was Sephardics (including those expelled from Spain) who composed the elite of world Jewry in Britain, Holland, and so on. With Anglo-Saxon powers, Germany and the ethnic go-between of France taking Spain and Portugal's place as superpowers, suddenly Ashkenazis woke up to find themselves in the driver's seat. This suggests civilizational parasitism, not independent genius. …"


Long story short it is a trigger word you don't like due to vague associations with something else you don't like.
So you are passive aggressively trying to play word police so people don't use words you personally don't like even when they are relevant.


Only 17% of Hungarians Believe the 'Holocaust' Happened, 21% in Poland


it was real…in my mind


Fake news


US bombed a thing again.
This time it was Iran's top general.



trump is a piece of shit jew tool not doing anything but MIGA, and now he's an actual murderer


I think Iran should avoid war no matter what and watch war lobbysts lose their investments and go bankrupt. Unfortunately Middle Eastearners are far from being cold-headed and this is probably going to be Iraq 2.0.


I am kinda feeling bad for the Middle Eastern countries now. The one that's not Arabic or Jewish of course.


Yea, Turkey is great.


Turkey is pretty much European anyway.




I hope so. People have been talking about WW3 happening for decades now but we still have not seen it. Just get it over with already.


I hope iran bombs israel and kills all the jews


They won't because they aren't suicidal and such a action wouldn't make geopolitical sense.
Not to mention that really isn't how Iran operates.

Then again I think you are just being edgy so whatever.


>they aren't suicidal
I wouldn't be so sure.


They have been playing things pretty shrewdly the past 20 years, often quite well given the circumstances. I don't see any reason why they would suddenly go full retard when they have so many other better options.


I was just making a suicide bomber joke


Nah, they're definitely going to do it, they're just going to do it with proxies like they've been doing.


I wouldn't put it past Hungary. They've pretty much gone straight fascist at this point.


lol ok


File: 1578239348227.jpg (620.68 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, merlin_166679796_eb6dd7fc-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Iraqi Lawmakers Vote to Expel U.S. Troops as Iran Mourns a Slain General

>Lawmakers in Iraq voted on Sunday to urge the government to expel United States troops from the country after the United States ordered the killing of the Iranian leader of the elite Quds Force, Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, on Iraqi soil.

>The decision came as hundreds of thousands of mourners poured into the streets of Iran to pay their respects to General Suleimani, the most powerful figure in the country after the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

>The vote is not final until Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi of Iraq signs the draft bill. Earlier on Sunday, Mr. Mahdi indicated that he would do so, having urged lawmakers to oust the United States-led coalition after President Trump ordered a fatal drone strike against General Suleimani in the Baghdad airport.

>American troops are in Iraq “at the invitation” of the Iraqi government, according to the legal agreement between Baghdad and Washington. Presumably, if Baghdad withdrew that invitation, the United States would have to withdraw.



Imagine getting expelled by a government that you created. Imagine spending trillions and losing thousands of lives just to create an ally for your enemy.


This is actually a really good opportunity/excuse to fully pull out of Iraq for good. If Trump was honest about not wanting war and wanting to get the US out of the quagmire of pointless middle eastern conflicts then this would be the chance of the life time to finally do it.


US is already at war with Iran. They are already bombing and killing their top military and government men. Soleimani was in Iraq at the invitation of an US-created and US-backed government and the US kills him. If Iran does nothing, the US will just continue killing them one by one.


If Iran goes to war THEN the US will be killing a lot more people than they ever could if Iran refuses to play the part. Besides Iran can't really win anyways, nor can the US but it matters more to Iranians as it's their homes which will be bombed.

>If Iran does nothing

There really is just one right move here and it's not going to war against the US. Every other option will bring way more financial and human devastation than having say political figures killed here and there. Like I said though, the US expects, rightfully so imo, that killing some important guy will make Iran do something incredibly, which they will because as we all know middle easterners are incredibly gullible and will have their whole country completely bombed for a chance to stab some redneck in the eye a few times.


File: 1578248770639.jpg (44.54 KB, 487x506, 487:506, 1576163530316.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>will have their whole country completely bombed for a chance to stab some redneck in the eye a few times


Imagine living in a country with shittons of unpredictable muslims.
Even the USA have some of them. Seems some sick fucks just like eternal war.
I'm too simple minded, I just want comfy times.


a sensible comment:
>I feel like this is a smoke curtain for something that is going behind the scenes. Remember we were talking about something completely different last week and here we are.


>Politics Thread #44: Beanie Edition
in light of current events the beanie really should have been a yarmulke


Check the date, despite being wizards I don't think any here in the political thread can see the future.
Besides, it was more or less a joke at the expense of the one fag that gets hyper butthurt whenever tim pool is posted anywhere.



Funny thing is, he is building the wall despite all the propaganda to the contrary.


Politics Thread #45: xXx666prAiSEsatan420xXx Edition


I was actually alluding to the 24/7 impeachment circus. Everyone involved is a jew. But yeah, let's include murdering top iranian officials for israel.


Maybe you should speak plainly and say what you actually mean rather then hope people can guess what is on your mind.


maybe you shouldn't have posted like you're a mind reader and knew what I meant


Imagine being so butthurt about people not liking your e-celeb that you pretend everyone is a samefag.


Do you actually have something related to politics to say today or are you just here to sperg again?


It would certainly help if you contributed something other than reposting videos of some e-celeb talking about how Trump is actually playing 4D chess.


Sperg it is.



yes, this. I actually like to read about politics, but just posting some popular youtuber shit like Sargon of Akkad or whatever else is popular - is meh. Can't you just write your opinion on some topics instead of regurgitating some yt video made for bux.


and now the samefagging begins
Wake me up when someone is actually talking about politics in the political thread rather then this tard having a bitch fit yet again.


why don't you report us i mean me and see what the mods have got to say



File: 1578460879364.jpg (20.42 KB, 495x369, 55:41, NoFreeMarketShills.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Basically this.
I wouldn't judge I doubt you could consistently rationalize your own worldview.
Matthew 7:3-5
Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

An interesting idea @ the very least.
I'm more partial to Corporatism (In the 3rd Positionist sense, Corporatismo).
But overall I don't like the idea of being ideologically committed to a single economic system.

>A society built on theft and extortion is a unhealthy and unhappy society.
Now I'm assuming you mean "theft" as in taxation, right?
Humans have had taxation since society started.
Have all humans been unhealthy and unhappy throughout all of history?
Why would getting rid of taxation make people "healthy" and "happier"? (and in what sense?)
Why is material possession what makes people happy?
Many North Koreans are happier than many Americans.
Ted Kaczynski was one of the most "free" people on the planet under his worldview, being able to fufill the power process, but he had little material possession.

>It's not right, not just, and not even close to fair.
>Socialism is flat out evil. Evil enforced under threat of death or kidnapping to extort from people what they rightfully own and earned.
Why is is not "right"?
Why is any of that "evil"?
Why is free market capitalism "good"?
On what moral system is this based?



a passenger plane crashed on its way out from iran and all the media kikes and their henchmen are saying iran shot it down….just because iranians are inherently evil or something

the jewish american regime murders soleimani and knowing the whole world is itching to jump on them based on how they react, what does iran do? shoots down a passenger plane at random? the dumbest shit I've heard in years

who do these fucking liars think they're kidding


fuck Iran


death to america


yeah dude, totally, those damn Boeings are crashing by themselves so frequently, it was probably just a mechanical failure or some shit. Or it was the JEWS


and by the way, your same logic can be applied to this crash https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaysia_Airlines_Flight_17

we've all seen this before many times, no?


File: 1578645544168.jpg (271.42 KB, 1002x1000, 501:500, implying.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Trump said iran oil "crashed" Bulgaria islamic World War Three. CIA missile government. Iranian, regime, even refugee wall. Impeachment hearing over tax cuts cause autism and we're told to watch the CNN 5g network towers? Even though global warming hysteria merkel with brexit has no evidence? At least Putin leaked estrogen troops defending Isreali outbreak. Airspace colluded - nuclear energy - but no, spying school shooting Ebola beyond meat. Transsexuals accelerate jewish media. It's 2020.


yeah,…we have seen this before

it's the same scapegoating kike bullshit they use every time a plane goes down in that region
grrr, those evil I-RAINY-UHNS always shooting down their own airport traffic for no reason, it makes perfect sense


I really can't wait until the jewish american regime starts a war with iran and gets its rat ass blown the fuck off the map. Then I wanna hear all the cohenservatives like hannity try explaining to murika why we lost and why all of a sudden the jewbanks won't let you withdraw your savings. That'd be sweet.


Learn economics or learn from history commie.


Was this posted by a chatbot?


Nah, chatbots can't stick to a single subject that long.


Man, this article really blew my mind and put things into perspective.



File: 1578706842626.jpg (106.55 KB, 800x534, 400:267, d5q4hbz-5b803f71-04b3-47a3….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Diehard defender of the current system to the point where I wouldn't be surprised if he was some agent or shill.


File: 1578723755641.webm (2.5 MB, 448x284, 112:71, SDP.webm) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1578818415738.png (3.16 MB, 2610x3843, 290:427, 1578790469288.png) ImgOps iqdb


Yet he's letting India flood the U.S at the same time


Not even remotely the issue that is being talked about.
What a non sequitur.

Both legal and illegal immigration is down directly due to Trump's policies and the wall is actively being built.

The image you pulled from shitchan has nothing to do with what was being talked about.


a few miles of "artistically designed steel slats" is not a wall


Ok retard.


those are steel slats
the spics are cutting through them with $20 walmart angle grinders, so much for muh wall


You literally don't know what you are talking about and you are dead wrong.


it was real in my mind


Whatever retard.


Are you feeling like an ass now that Iran admitted to it?


Of course not, he'll just memory hole it and move on to the next thing to shout "kike" at.


If Trump used this as an excuse to leave Iraq, I would change my mind about him completely and legitimately believe all the 4d chess memes.


I am not a fan of him, but I do hope and wish that he is that competent.
I mean he isn't a totally idiot like the mass media presents him as, and he seems far more willing to avoid war then Obama.
I won't say it would make me a fan, but it would earn a lot of respect if he is able to put a end to a lot of the ongoing bullshit occupations in the middle east such as getting the fuck out of Iraq.
Like I would still see him as a jackass, but more of good one you put to work on the farm kind of jackass that is worth its occasional bad behavor.



Yep, this is why I can't really get *that* mad at wealth inequality. Yeah, the rich are getting a disproportionate amount, but it is pretty damn easy to get your basic needs met in the US. The US is the epitome of first world problems.

Like I could live out of a van and still live a much comfier life than someone in the middle of africa who lives in a mud hut. Yet tell people in america you are living out of a van and they look at you are destitute. Americans are extremely spoiled.


oh no no no look at this dude


File: 1578856050073.png (939.72 KB, 960x930, 32:31, wagie.png) ImgOps iqdb


>Despite making up nearly a quarter of the population, millennials — defined as those born between 1981 and 1996 — own a scant 3% of the country's wealth, according to the Federal Reserve's Survey of Consumer Finances. In comparison, when baby boomers were the age millennials are today (around 1989), they controlled 21% of all national wealth. Generation-X'ers at the same age (in 2004) held 6%.

But at least they're not living like people in some war torn African country. Gotta be grateful for that.



uh oh, they were supposed to realise this AFTER the 2020 election


File: 1578862159071.jpg (63.82 KB, 645x320, 129:64, poverty-foxnews.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>poor people today live better than kings back then!

the kind of crappy argument they came up with to convince the masses everything's fine under the sun and stop whining please
actually there might be a little bit of truth to it - if only materially - but then they never ponder why are people discontent, miserable and going insane in societies that are supposedly "rich" and getting richer?
beginning to answer these questions might undermine the myths (in both senses of the word) of progress and arrivism, and that's way too dangerous.

reposting this cause i think it's relevant



The browning of America IS the issue you absolute cuck


well mass deporting citizens isn't on the table, even the nazi who shot up Texas wrote in his nazifesto that that would be inhumane


What about revoking the citizenship of anchor babies and their families before deporting them?


Y'all give me hope.
That thing stuck to a single subject?


no, because accidentally shooting a plane during the height of war tensions with 10 seconds to make a decision, and then admitting you did it is a far different thing from your "iranians are evil murderers murdering people at random" jew narrative


when is americuck gonna apologize for all the things they've done to middle east?


Probably a day after the middle east apologizes for all the things they've done to the rest of the world under the banner of Islam.


the people of raqqa didn't do anything to the world


The people of Senoia didn't do anything to the middle east.


Hope for what? The future of… the status quo? lol.


File: 1578881725469.jpg (1.65 MB, 1406x1000, 703:500, cityscape14.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been thinking about demarchy (sortition) a lot recently, and I don't really have any to bounce any thoughts off of. I'm particularly interested by it because it gets around the issues of direct democracy, but much more importantly, possibly gets around the issue that people who run for office have a severe case of libido dominandi. So, what do you think would happen if someone did the following:

>Guy runs as a local or state representative as a 'demarchy candidate.'

>What this means is that if he's elected, he agrees to pass the buck on votes he has to make. When he gets the schedule, he selects a singular vote he has to make, picks a singular person on his district's voter roll at random, and asks for how he should vote.
>If he gets no response before the vote call, he abstains. If he does, he votes exactly as the citizen of his district requested.

And that's it. That's how a representative democracy could transition to a demarchy (or, at least, amongst the certain subdistricts that voted to have a demarchy).

However, assume the person in the hypothetical scenario above actually were elected. How would this system actually work? What kind of obvious pitfalls would it face?


The problem is that the issues at hand are complex and wide ranging and if you pick some random guy he's not likely to have any specific knowledge about that thing or any real interest in the issue, or maybe he does and his personal interest in the matter runs contrary to the public interest in the matter. It just seems like a terrible way to do things. Ideally you should have people who are smart and informed about the individual topics and who have an interest in their outcome be the ones to decide. Direct democracy is good for this as there would be tons of votes on all sorts of shit all the time. Most people would just tune out the things they aren't interested and knowledgeable in leaving those who are to make the decisions. Everyone gets a say on the issues that matter to them.


>The problem is that the issues at hand are complex and wide ranging and if you pick some random guy he's not likely to have any specific knowledge about that thing or any real interest in the issue, or maybe he does and his personal interest in the matter runs contrary to the public interest in the matter. It just seems like a terrible way to do things.
This criticism applies FAR MORE STRONGLY to the current representative democratic system, doesn't it? I mean, if this is the main criticism, then under the assumptions of this criticism (which I'm still not sure I completely agree with), it seems like a demarchy would be a huge step up in the right direction compared to an elected representative.
>Ideally you should have people who are smart and informed about the individual topics and who have an interest in their outcome be the ones to decide.
This is another thing I take umbrage with. Whenever I think through some sort of selection mechanism, I end up with a system that gets people who think they're smart and informed about those topics, which are going to be the exact opposite of people who are actually smart and informed about those topics. I really, REALLY doubt that, as you say "Most people would just tune out the things they aren't interested and knowledgeable in leaving those who are to make the decisions." I bet you people who are the most knowledgeable about topics would discount themselves and NOT make a decision about it, and you end up with boomers voting to eliminate the internet.

Turning to direct democracy in particular (the previous discussion seems like it could just as well apply to someone arguing for meritocracy or technocracy), I don't really know if direct democracy would be good for this as you say. W.r.t. direct democracy I'm mainly stuck on the technical problem. First in the sense of when I think through all the problems you'd have to solve to deliver out information and collect votes for every vote called, and all the issues with electronic voting–I just don't see how it could be done. I could imagine how a demarchy could be set up for large, currently existing representative democracies in relatively short order (*) (at least where I live the voter registry is something you can look up yourself, and then it amounts to dice, and then sending out the mail/call the respective person). Secondly, in the sense of how to get there from here, a direct democracy would require a massive political investment from the public at large; and a campaign that would likely last decades, finally resulting in some sort of amendment change–maybe. A demarchy could just require electing a demarchic representative in a given, local district–meaning you'd end up with a system that was demarchic in some districts and a representative democracy in other districts.

(*) Which was kind of my point here. I meant to compare demarchy to the current representative democratic system–e.g., what would happen to such a hypothetical demarchic representative in the current system? Although I probably should have said things quite a bit differently to make that clear. Not that this discussion is bad, though.


Let me guess.
You reflexively think hierarchy is bad.

Such a system is fundamentally non-functional and the participants wouldn't have any legitimacy or actual athority of any kind.


There is no built in accountability or responsibility which is a very bad thing when it comes to power.
It also seems totally arbitrary and lacking any sort of legitimacy.

I suggest testing it on the micro scale of a small group and you will probably see many of the practical problems crop up even in low stress environments. Such as a game or group project. Especially if it is a team/group competitive game where team/group they are competing against uses more traditional organization and decision making. It seems like a really shitty way to run anything, but if such a experiment shows otherwise I could be persuaded to think otherwise.


File: 1579274875040.jpg (72.72 KB, 1200x540, 20:9, 1573346637141.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>Lynn and Harvey argued in 2008 that the causes of the above are difficult to interpret since these countries had had significant recent immigration from countries with lower average national IQs. Nevertheless, they expect that similar patterns will occur, or have occurred, first in other developed nations and then in the developing world as there is a limit to how much environmental factors can improve intelligence. Furthermore, during the last century there is a negative correlation between fertility and intelligence although there is not yet any conclusive evidence of the association between the two. They estimate that there has been a dysgenic decline in the world's genotypic IQ (masked by the Flynn effect for the phenotype) of 0.86 IQ points per decade for the years 1950–2000.[58]

Jesus Christ, people have been getting genetically dumber for at least 70 years now. Now consider that the West has been importing already low IQ people by the millions every year and applying the same dysgenic policies on them.


Well at least you aren't adding to the problem by breeding.


Voting on a large scale is a stupid idea. Better would be to have a hierarchy of small voting groups. The lowest one would be comprised of 3 - 10 people who select a representative by reasonable consensus. That representative would go up to the next level representing maybe 30 - 50 of the lower groups. That group would select a representative by voting (not sure if consensus would be feasible at this scale) to go up to the next higher level and so on recursively up to the very top of the society. Political time obligations would go up with political level. Stipend wold also go up proportionally. All elections would take place face-to-face at a scale of less than 50 people, which would mitigate the excesses of campaigning, hopefully filter out cretins, and eliminate technical problems and clown show of large-scale elections. An additional feature could be higher levels delegating moderator roles to lower groups to maintain order in debate and enforce directives from above. Hell, maybe groups could determine their own selection mechanism. You could have groups that choose representatives randomly, others that hold elections, some that let a computer program choose, selection by combat tournament. Why not?


>people have been getting genetically dumber for at least 70 years now
it's all that irish blood infecting the gene pool, look at america

went from #1 in that time period to just another nigger shithole


You know, I'm all for safety labels, and I think I could make a compelling argument that they help out smart people. My argument is this: dumb people don't read.


File: 1579498067526.jpg (125.11 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, 66652935_1320496184793825_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Regardless what your definition of commie is I do not subscribe to Marxist thought/theory, so I doubt I could be considered a commie, but whatever, sure thing. For the purposes of this I'll be a commie *pic related*.

>learn from history

I try to.
History is fun, & should be more widely studied by the youth.

>Learn economics

I did some basic economics in high school.
Supply & demand
Keynes and Hayek
bit of a brainlet when it comes to anything involving numbers/maths but I feel I have the bare minimum knowledge that a person should have.

But I feel like you haven't answered any of my questions.
You just threw a magic word at me and told me to read more.
Anon >>234049 made a claim without any evidence
>A society built on theft and extortion is a unhealthy and unhappy society.
and I provided examples that contradict his claim.
>What is happiness? Is material possession what makes people happy?
>If taxation is the cause of unhappiness than have all humans been unhealthy and unhappy throughout all of history (in which taxation has existed)?
>Many North Koreans are happier than many Americans, which appears to contradict the notion that those in a society "built on theft and extortion" must be unhealthy and unhappy.
>I could be argued men such as Ted Kaczynski (prior to imprisonment) are more "free" and "happy" than most people despite limited material possession.

He also made a moral claim
>It's not right, not just, and not even close to fair.
>Socialism is flat out evil.
and I asked a series of questions to deconstruct where his line of thinking came from.
Please, consider addressing these.


I will be honist.
I am just really tired of the same shitty argument about socialism with you and I am burnt out on the political thread in general.
I tell you this to let you know that you aren't getting a reply from me on the subject, but I though it rude to leave you hanging.
Just taking a break from arguing about politics for a few days or weeks.


>I am just really tired of the same shitty argument about socialism with you
>same argument
I've only made two posts.
This >>234987
& this >>235735
I'm didn't feel as though I was asking difficult questions.
They were intended to explore the roots of Libertarian/pseudo-libertarian thought. I wanted to show you that claims of capitalism being morally righteous and "socialism" being morally evil are be deeply flawed (the reverse is also largely true).

>I tell you this to let you know that you aren't getting a reply from me on the subject

Fair enough, at the very least I appreciate that you didn't leave me hanging.
Inshallah Brother.


False Flag? Highly Respected Fmr CIA Officer Giraldi Suggests US Hacked Ukrainian Transponder to Provoke Iran Shootdown


Philip Giraldi, a former counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer of the CIA, penned a piece in the American Herald Tribune speculating that the U.S. launched several cyber-attacks, one on an Iranian missile defense system, and another on the transponder of the doomed Ukrainian plane.

Giraldi explains the Iranian missile operator experienced extreme "jamming" and Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752's transponder was switched off several minutes before the two Russian made Tor missiles were launched.


It's honestly scary to be reminded that the people on the internet actually are smarter than the stupidest people simply because they are literate.


No one should trust glowniggers on anything.


Fucking this.
They are professional liars and killers who have no ethics or scruples. There is no limit to the evil shit they are willing and able to do.
Why the fuck would anyone trust people like that?


File: 1579629817892.png (1.92 MB, 1111x1422, 1111:1422, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

How do holocaust believers explain the repeated accusations of six million Jews being killed before the supposed holocaust even started and before Adolf Hitler even came into power?


Let me guess, something you pulled from shitchan?
I bet you still have the tab open right now too.


File: 1579803107194.gif (1.3 MB, 192x192, 1:1, 1557884076945.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>AIDS created because africans ate a monkey
>ebola pops up every once in a while because africans eat bush meat
>new strain of coronavirus because a chink ate bat soup

So this is how humanity will die. Imagine all the Africans eating rats and monkeys, Chinese eating basically everything especially animals in extinction for their value in "traditional chinese medicine", Indians living in filth and bathing with corpses, etc. Those are billions of people, and it will just take one of them getting sick with something new and nasty to kill us all.


>kill us all
People survived many plagues before. The places that will be hit worst by these diseases will be the places that spawned them as they tend to have awful sanitation. If you live in the first world, you don’t need to worry very much.



many such cases


Fucking niggers


haahahhaha pussy ass white boii


t. french nigger lol


that gets my blood boiling

can we get some videos of white people ganging up on blacks?





>The state of political discussion on this site in current year everyone

I give up, the idiots have taken over this thread.
Don't ask me to make it again. You dumbasses are on your own to figure out how to make it next time.


Damn… I hear that china has quarantined 15 cities with a combined population of 40 million. Wouldn't that make it the biggest quarantine in history? I know i should be skeptical because of all the recent pandemic scares being complete over-reactions but this one is getting a bit spooky.


>Don't ask me to make it again. You dumbasses are on your own to figure out how to make it next time

I've made it a couple times. It isn't hard to make a politics thread, whiny bitch.


Then enjoy your dumpster fire then.


File: 1579910420304.jpg (143.26 KB, 828x615, 276:205, unnamed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So-called "Nazi Terrorist Group" run by US Government counter-terrorism contractor

Big surprise - "Neo-Nazi Terrorist Group" is a law enforcement sting operation, not a real group.

The US media has been hyping the existence of an alleged "Neo-Nazi Terrorist Group" that was "busted" by the FBI while plotting crimes. The busting of this group conveniently took place immediately before the Virginia Gun Rights rally, so Democrats and the media could claim a connection.

Usually, when the FBI "busts" a "terrorist plot," it is a plot of their own devising. One of the most notorious recent examples is when FBI agents recruited homeless Haitian immigrants in Florida to "pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda." FBI agents gave them free Nike shoes and bus passes in exchange for pledging loyalty to al-Qaeda on video.

The first clue that this "Neo-Nazi terrorist" group was nothing but an FBI sting was the very name itself. The group is supposedly called "The Base," which is a CIA term. In fact, this is how al-Qaeda got its name. When the CIA launched a network of Sunni Jihadists to go to Afghanistan to fight the Soviet Union, they called it "The Base," which is al-Qaeda in Arabic.

The UK Guardian and others have outted forty-six-year-old Rinaldo Nazzaro as the leader of the "The Base." He recruited people online to come to his property near the Washington State/Canadian border to shoot guns. He is a US Government Intelligence Contractor who owns Omega Solutions International.

Omega Solutions Internation has an office on 5th Ave in New York City and provides services involving intelligence and safety consulting. One of the services the company offers is counter-terrorism. The company has around two dozen employees.

Nazzaro recruited naive young people off the internet to shoot guns on his property and participate in a video where they look like they are rehearsing a combat operation.


amurika will always be a piece of shit


Where are you getting this info from?
What proof do you have?
Cite your source.


And yet it is still better than everywhere else.


File: 1579917487107.jpg (356 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20200124-195715….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


you mean except for running terror OPs against its own people and tyrannical shit like in that story all the time

even orwellian england doesn't do stuff like that to its peasants, I don't know of an english Waco
china doesn't bomb its buildings and blame it on arabs
iran doesn't steal kids from parents whose political beliefs are different
eeeeeeevil russia isn't telling russians they don't really exist and deserve to go extinct

amurika #1 piece of shit


ah, so you're russian, that makes sense now lol

keep butthurting, fag


no, but I'm curious why you focused on that out of all the "evil" countries I exampled

what's so extra special bad about russia?


I was listening to a radio show earlier ( https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3csym30 ) with interviews with international teams who had developed the test for this new virus, and they were saying how China had submitted samples to WHO in December and had acted quickly. Apparently Xi specifically put pressure on local officials to be more transparent and try not to save face, with some officials admitting they did not proceed with caution because of the chaos it'd cause Chinese new year.

So no doubt China is covering some shit up but these stories about China denying hard don't seem 100% true.


Are you allowed to use bad words like that on the job, astroturfer?



This is why if you're a neo nazi you should never join groups. Just sit there in your room quietly and hate people in isolation. It's better for everyone that way.


>eeeeeeevil russia isn't telling russians they don't really exist and deserve to go extinct

I see you didn't try to claim Russia has never staged false flag terrorist attacks on its own people, probably because they've done that more than once lol. This whole post just reeks of Russian propaganda. They project all their bad qualities onto their enemies.


File: 1579968599007.png (39.83 KB, 498x497, 498:497, 32.png) ImgOps iqdb


daily reminder that white people caring about their interests are only motivated by "hate"


>russia terror attacks their own people
cool story
is it anything like "assad gasses his own people just to be mean"? because we know how that one ended
>They project all their bad qualities onto their enemies.
*does fake chemical attack in syria*
*arms terrorists*
*annexes part of iraq*
*meddles in other countries*
*destabilizes the world*
hey everyone look at those evil russkies projecting on us!
Please remind me how whites are racially abusing anyone. I slept through that part of my whiteness studies class.



White people isn't a thing.
They people who talk about white pride have no culture and are only motivated by bullshit like hate.

Get in touch with your actual roots, learn about the history and culture of your people specifically, and leave this site to go make babies of your "race".



America first*, who cares what goes on in Venezuela

*though under Trump it's actually Israel First


this but unironically

>White people isn't a thing.
>have no culture
>Get in touch with your actual roots, learn about the history and culture of your people
*Grug confused*
I tend to find the people who say "X doesn't have a culture" usually just never engage with their culture or are so brain dead that they think the "normal" shit they do (e.g. baked beans, mushroom and snags/spam for breaky and shepherds pie for dinner) is also normal for everyone else. Oblivious to the fact that that is a part of their culture.


Would you really try to argue that all the people who share a superficially skin color also share some sort of universal culture between them?

I find that the only people to actually argue such a thing as " white culture" exist because they have lost touch with their roots and their actual people or they are playing the identity politics game.
Similar to when sjw use the term people of color.

A Dutchman, Scott, and Frenchman all have distinct and wonderful cultures. They are not the same peoples. Nor is a Iranian, Russian,and Englishman.
It would be like saying A Indian, Korean, and Mongolian are of the same culture or something.
It is absurd and is the antithesis of pride in one's actual culture.

Also why are you still here and not out cramking out little while babies?


Do you think any 2 frenchmen are the same, or that the difference between a frenchman and a dutchman is as great as any of them and an indian or subsaharan african?


>Do you think any 2 frenchmen are the same
Twins are a thing, lol.

> or that the difference between a frenchman and a dutchman is as great as any of them and an indian or subsaharan african?

Generally the cultural differences do usually correlate in scale to the geographic distance with quite a few notable exceptions.
That said the scale of difference would be huge enough to say they are quite distinct and different even in cases of two cultures directly next to each other.


When you live in a country where a significant proportion of a certain group of the population act like absolute savages on a regular basis, you start bonding with the other people that act remotely civilized. Then when that and other groups begin banding together and using political power to enrich their group at your expense, with many prominent members vowing to permanently politically disenfranchise you and people they think look like you, you begin looking around for allies. Its funny how facing the same enemy bonds people together.


Whether a culture exists or not is probably impossible to ascertain objectively, as cultures themselves are phantasmal boundaries overlayed onto social networks. Cultural bonds are quite real though (as customs, historical unifiers, the glue between people) and they can be spotted and measured via survey of personal identification with them. Their validity is important and they are useful for staking out cultural boundaries.

Global white culture does not exist, because one cannot take two random white people and know that they share a bunch of cultural bonds. However, one could probably take two people with Swiss citizenship or two people with Portuguese citizenship and find real cultural ties between them. White American culture does exist because of the 450 years of strict anti-miscegenation and segregation laws in the US. White Americans share vague familial memories of Europe, degenerating as the generational distance between the individual and the ancestral continent increases. National traditions, attitudes, cuisine, speech patterns are shared, though there are of course regional differences and subcultures. In America, all this is tied to phenotype due to the racial policies described above, but this is breaking down. Segregation is finished and as miscegenation progress over future centuries, white American culture may cease being strongly tied to European appearance and genetics as black American culture is disconnected from African appearance. This can already be seen with wealthy whites who adopt blacks and raise them into oreos who get brutalized by niggers. Or wiggers raised in the ghetto who sell crack and fertilize negresses.

Most of this squealing about white culture not existing comes from American academic "leftists". Their problem is that they conflate the concept of white American culture (which is real and too often abbreviated as "white culture") with the concept of global white culture (which is fantasy).


*350 years of anti miscegenation stuff in us and before that in british colonies is what i meant


>Global white culture does not exist
I think it does to some extent. Maybe not today but before the cold war "Western world" was just another way of saying "White world". The two might not be as closely matched today as before but I think it's still generally true. I mean, you talked about "White Europeans" and "White Americans", but those are pretty big groups themselves, and there's probably a giant amount of difference between the groups inside them. Does that mean Germans don't actually exist? And if Germans exist, does that mean Bavarians don't?

>White American culture does exist because of the 450 years of strict anti-miscegenation and segregation laws in the US. White Americans share vague familial memories of Europe, degenerating as the generational distance between the individual and the ancestral continent increases. National traditions, attitudes, cuisine, speech patterns are shared, though there are of course regional differences and subcultures.

You're actually inverting the order of things here. Where do laws come from? Certainly not a (racist) vacuum. It's from the culture. A people who identified with a White culture, which already existed, created those laws, and only recently have they been removed.

>White Americans share vague familial memories of Europe, degenerating as the generational distance between the individual and the ancestral continent increases.

The opposite is happening. People in the world are probably increasingly become more alike because of global capitalism destroying local cultures. White people are the most affected by that so it's much more likely that all White people are culturally more alike each other today than they were in the past.

>However, one could probably take two people with Swiss citizenship or two people with Portuguese citizenship

Citizenship is a legal status. It's strange that you deny the existence of some cultural relationship on the aspect of race and then proceed to tie it to something that clearly has even less to do with it, a document.



“He asked me, ‘Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?’ ” she continued. “He used the ‘F word’ in that sentence and many others. He asked if I could find Ukraine on a map. I said yes; he called out for his aides to bring him a map of the world with no writing, no countries marked. I pointed to Ukraine; he put the map away. He said, ‘People will hear about this.’ “


>I think it does to some extent. Maybe not today but before the cold war "Western world" was just another way of saying "White world". The two might not be as closely matched today as before but I think it's still generally true. I mean, you talked about "White Europeans" and "White Americans", but those are pretty big groups themselves, and there's probably a giant amount of difference between the groups inside them. Does that mean Germans don't actually exist? And if Germans exist, does that mean Bavarians don't?
To some extent there always has been a global human culture because we all experience things like childhood, pissing, and shitting. My threshold for proclaiming a culture is higher than yours. Germans exist in the intellectual plane we appear to share. On the material level they are just people who often, but not always, share a lot of genetic code and have similar electrical patterns in their brains. Was Terry Schiavo an American? People around her blanketed her with their memories of her Americanism, but in her brain she was less American than a Pygmy.

>You're actually inverting the order of things here. Where do laws come from? Certainly not a (racist) vacuum. It's from the culture. A people who identified with a White culture, which already existed, created those laws, and only recently have they been removed.

The point of bringing up law was to present one of the factors that establishes the validity of the racial component of white American culture. The miscegenation laws were not imported. They were established by the colonial governments of Americans, not imposed from a racist English throne. My whole point has been trying to explain that the racial component of white American IS valid. But, why would a white living in early modern Europe need to establish a white-black racial distinction, when there are no non-whites around to make it meaningful?

>The opposite is happening. People in the world are probably increasingly become more alike because of global capitalism destroying local cultures. White people are the most affected by that so it's much more likely that all White people are culturally more alike each other today than they were in the past.

Sure it could be argued that people are converging on a kind of global culture. If this culture began as a kind of white culture, will it still white culture when 60% of its members are pajeet? This globalization is not happening in racial chunks.

>Citizenship is a legal status. It's strange that you deny the existence of some cultural relationship on the aspect of race and then proceed to tie it to something that clearly has even less to do with it, a document.

I was trying to refer to geographical area. The point is that, barring significant geographic or political barriers, people sampled from a small area will often share more cultural bonds than a group of people sampled from a larger area. This probably is also tied to population density in some ways. Sample from Northern India and you get 5 million people, 1000 ethnicities following 100 different cults. Same size area in the Sahara and you get a crowd of Tuaregs or Bedouins who are all Sunni or Ibadi.


Funny how they are still trying to write bullshit on Tommy Roberson without knowing what they are talking about.

Even honestly said that all criticism of Islam is automatically far right. Showing how little that term means anymore.


The feds only took this down because it was a terrorist cell being backed and directed by Russia. They don't give a fuck about white supremacists normally, hell, the FBI is full of white supremacists, all law enforcement is.


lol, how could he think someone couldn't find Ukraine? It's right above the black sea.


File: 1580228291970.png (2.16 MB, 2560x4664, 320:583, 1578868718937.png) ImgOps iqdb


I question the methodology and seriousness of respondents.
I mean for fuck sake dozens of dots are in the ocean and other landless bodies of water.
Poll was trolled to get dumb headlines.


Reminds me of the poll that claimed that a large percentage of the population thought that chocolate milk came from brown cows. If somebody came up to me and handed me a poll where brown cows was a possible answer to a question like that I would probably select it too just because I thought it was funny. If you offered a reward for choosing the correct location the % of right answers would probably be a lot higher.


File: 1580273005607.jpg (381.59 KB, 619x844, 619:844, Capture.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


And you care about Israel's immigration policy why?


They aren't diverse enough.


Alex Jones is now a white nationalist


You want to live in Israel?


How much of a Jew do you have to be? Is 2% sufficient?


He just follows the alternative narrative tide. Look back at his vids when anti-gobalisim (post 08) thing was big. The corporate media has shifted all the problems onto muh immigrants, etc.

Also, and this is probably more important; a succubi sank her teeth into him and made him spawn one; now he never names them.

If you don't understand what I'm saying then it's probably for the best.


One year later after this video he married Kelly Nichols:

Kelly was born under the star sign of Cancer on 2nd July 1968, in Travis County, Texas, to parents Sandra Key and Edmund Lowe, and grew up with two siblings – James Edmund and Jill Elizabeth, in a Jewish household. Back in 1993, her father was convicted of fraud, but prior to that, he was a diplomat for the US government.

source: https://affairpost.com/alex-joness-ex-wife-kelly-rebecca-nichols-life-story-her-wiki-net-worth-husband-children-parents-mother/#How_did_Kelly_meet_her_ex-husband


File: 1580421683121.png (1.01 MB, 1600x2615, 320:523, 1580228640970.png) ImgOps iqdb

WHO declares China coronavirus that's killed 171 a global health emergency

>The World Health Organization said the fast-spreading coronavirus that's infected more than 8,200 people across the world is a global health emergency — a rare designation that helps the international agency mobilize financial and political support to contain the outbreak.

>The announcement comes just hours after the U.S. confirmed its first human-to-human transmission of the virus, which has killed at least 171 people in China and has now spread to at least 18 other countries.

>Since emerging less than a month ago in Wuhan, China, the coronavirus has infected more people than the 2003 SARS epidemic, which sickened roughly 8,100 people across the globe over nine months. As of Thursday, there are at least eight cases in four countries, outside of China, of human-to-human transmission of the new coronavirus.

>"Our greatest concern is the potential for the virus to spread to countries with weaker health systems and which are ill-prepared to deal with it," Tedros said.

>In a separate press conference Wednesday, Tedros said the "continued increase in cases and the evidence of human-to-human transmission outside of China are, of course, most deeply disturbing … Although the numbers outside China are still relatively small, they hold the potential for a much larger outbreak."

>The illness produces a range of symptoms, with about 20% of the patients developing severe illnesses, including pneumonia and respiratory failure, he said. WHO officials said it's transmitted through human contact, in droplets through sneezing or through touching germs left on inanimate objects.

>One of the criteria used to determine whether the coronavirus is an international health threat is whether the disease spreads locally once it arrives in new parts of the world, "and that's a nuanced and important distinction to make," Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO's health emergencies program, told reporters on a call last week.



The lies are so obvious, look at him touching his face when he declares "he's not on a side."


I will say it again, when is someone going to take out Bloomberg?
He needs to be put down.




This time it is Arizona.
And what is happening, the people are just sitting there and taking it. They are allowing all their rights to be stripped without a fight.
Meanwhile in VA they are going to make it a crime to criticize government officials.
It is time to start killing these tyrants before it is too late. It is only a matter of time before they start purging all who don't fall in line.


File: 1581332474637.jpeg (24.04 KB, 320x247, 320:247, 1B0FB30D-ED65-407C-9FDB-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb



I sure do.



Finally some good news when it comes to 2A stuff.
8 states are trying to form a interstate compact for the preservation of the second amendment.
Meaning that they will refuse to abide by any federal bullshit that violates or restricts the right of the people to keep and bare arms in any way.
The states that are standing up for freedom are Tennessee, West Virginia, Georgia, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, and maybe Oklahoma.

Reading though it and I have to say it looks really good. Might be moving soon if it goes through and the state I live in gets restrictive, which is likely.

Vid for people who don't want to read.


amerifats don't need to bare their arms


File: 1581398918980.jpg (92.51 KB, 960x534, 160:89, MayYourChains.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Some of us actually value liberty. You don't, so you get to have to learn to enjoy your chains. Hope your master treats you well I guess.



When was the last time you used your gun to fight against government tyranny?



did you do it with bare arms?


File: 1581400212482.jpg (78.25 KB, 528x660, 4:5, 1580915510300.jpg) ImgOps iqdb





When was the last time you ever stood for anything that ever mattered?


File: 1581404232026.jpg (138.79 KB, 844x638, 422:319, 1579005861904.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

When was the last time you did? No pitiful attempt at snappy comeback will change reality.


americans are overgrown babbies, guns are their pacifiers


Already answered

Now you answer the question.
When was the last time you ever stood for anything that ever mattered?


I've shot guns maybe twice in my life, and I don't own one. But if I had the right to buy guns I wouldn't want to lose it either, especially knowing gangs will still be using them to commit crimes.


in ameurika 9 times out of 10 if you use a gun in self defense the legal system destroys your life so bad you might as well be dead, so it makes little difference


Tell me how you fought against government tyranny, yesterday.


Mike Bloomberg speaks the truth about crime in America


I wonder if pulling numbers out of your ass counts as a sex act.


You never answered the question dude.

>rule 3: Do not post about voluntary real life social activities
So I plead the 5th to avoid a ban.


He doesn't give a shit about crime.
What he cares about is gaining power by ignoring the constution.
Which is why 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, etc. were trampled under his rule.
Only one he didn't break and isn't actively trying to break is the 3rd, because no one gives a shit about that one anymore.
He is a clear cut tyrant that needs a bullet to the brain.


Even if what you say is true, I'd rather take the 1/10 chance and not get killed by some junkie or whatever.


>Even if what you say is true
It isn't.


>I plead the 5th


is it worth jail time, a six figure bail and a six figure lawyer bill? btw you don't get to have your gun back and the rest of your guns get illegally registered when the pigs break in



File: 1581467734993.png (750.97 KB, 1250x737, 1250:737, muh guns.png) ImgOps iqdb

>is it worth jail time, a six figure bail and a six figure lawyer bill?
Don't forget getting shot and killed by the police when they do come for your guns.


Pretty clear you got nothing of value to say.

Depends, but usually none of those things happen after a defensive shooting.
Now you are talking about a completely separate issue and conflating them even though it make your point weaker.
Like are you trying to say it is better to not have guns because the government might come and shoot you?


No, I'm saying that the moment an american goes on about tyranny and fighting against the government is the moment you know he's a bitch who likes to talk tough but will never actually do anything.


What you really are saying is that you are just trolling to run out the thread.


>Depends, but usually none of those things happen after a defensive shooting
why are you lying? they treat every defensive shooting as a crime, and a murder if you kill the attacker, they run you through the system and bleed you dry if they don't ultimately imprison you on false charges, but the very first thing they do is arrest and jail you, where you rot for however long until your bail hearing, and assuming you have bail money, assuming the jewdge even approves of bail

this is currentyear amerika, the pigs don't go "yep, looks like a defense shooting" and let you go on your way


Why are you lying?
That isn't even remotely true in most cases.
Most of the time when it was clearly self defence to the officers ariving on scene they don't even arrest, detain, or even handcuff the shooter.

You are ether being fed totally missinformation or you are just going out of your way to bullshit to make a very shitty point.
Besides, even if you had to deal with legal issues after a shooting it is still FAR better then the alternatives. Then again you are probably the kind of person that actually wants to be violently killed because you are too much of a pussy to kill yourself but you don't want to live anymore.



>Most state legal systems began by importing English Common Law such as Acts of Parliament of 2 Ed. III (Statute of Northampton), and 5 Rich. II of 1381 (Forcible Entry Act 1381)—which imposed criminal sanctions intending to discourage the resort to self-help.[6][7][8] This required a threatened party to retreat, whenever property was "involved" and resolve the issue by civil means.

>Today, the majority of American states have construed their statutes of forcible entry, both penal and civil, in such a manner as to abrogate (i.e. abolish) the common law privilege to use force in the recovery of possession of land.[9]


you're a fucking liar trying to fool people that they're safe using guns for protection, you're no different from an undercover pig trying to entrap people, fuck you


You are the liar, insisting counter-intuitively that protecting yourself from being killed using guns is somehow worse then getting killed by dramatically overstating legally having to defend oneself in the court of law AFTER surviving the deadly attack that requited lethal force.

We get it, you would rather die then defend yourself.
I rather protect my life, then after my life is protected with the gun, then in the second worse case situation protect my liberty later in the court of law if necessary.
I am not going to roll over and die, or worse, just because there is a small chance that I have to explain my actions in court later after I survived someone trying to kill me.


You are pretty clearly unable to comprehend what you read if you think that is at all relevant to what is being talked about.
Duty to retreat doesn't mean what you think it means.



hit anyone with your "expandable" baton yet?


No clue what the you are talking about.
Did you break, you seem to have gone full retard.


File: 1581501892392.jpg (40.71 KB, 474x707, 474:707, OIP.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Hey guys just a reminder you're talking to me, the alaskan gay furry spammer who paints his nails and has a victim complex. don't question my nonsense posts, it's an aquarius thing you wouldn't understand
>not that it has anything to do with the thread, just wanted you to know




So duty to retreat has no meaning whatsoever in cases of imminent domain seizures of private property by the government alluded to by the image selected in >>237060?


>But, did you know that in Canada, 9.5% of federal inmates are black even though black Canadians only constitute 3% of our population? Did you know that between 2003 to 2013, the number of black inmates in federal prisons went up by 80%? Eighty percent! Think about that. Did you know that black Canadians are three times more likely to find themselves in a low-income household than European Canadians?
I don't understand why the "liberal" response to this issue is blaming whites for being racist. The over representation of negros in the prison population just means they commit a lot of crimes and it's their own fault they end up there.
What the fuck do they expect us to do? Give them even more free bux for existing? That hasn't helped. Not arrest them for breaking the law because it's racist?

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