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Show your cave. Neet so no furniture, im disorganized but clean, Live alone and love to Cook chicken and potatoes
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Akktually in acesticm its a common practise to induce suffering

I'm guessing it may be useful to do so, and expereince this trying states of being


okay since it hapoened again it must be partly my fault responding to the replies you make on others' posts, but im not whoever you're thinking

the other wiz, since i'm assumimg it's just him me and you mostly here, i've just somehow happened to agree with a lot of stuff he's said

i don't think i'm suffering at all, i consider my living arrangement pure luxury and my neeting is great. sleeping on the floor isn't that bad. having shit all over your room also isn't a big deal for certain people


you know what real suffering is? it's to do something you don't want to



mom made you do a chore


You're a redditor. Only redditors do chores.


I'm not from that den of evil shit kikes and, in actual fact, I block them from my browser. Half of your post is censored on my screen. So that shows what you know.


if you have to block reddit that means you are tempted by reddit


Still blocked.
Your post ended at 'block'.


Post your NEET cave pussy. I bet your room is bicurious.


File: 1579471178447.jpg (445.18 KB, 1984x1488, 4:3, resize.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i honestly feel so much better having less items even though its a meme


my room is as unabashedly bisexual as I am


Not him but you sound like a huge asshole. Learn some compassion.


Clean room clean mind
Not a meme.


just curious, what's the kind of wobbly ridge above your baseboards? is that the edge of wallpaper?


looks like a wire


ah, yeah it looks like cat5 cable


yeah it's just a normal cabel

minimalism have gotten popular these days so im kinda half joking about it, but its nice knowing i've everything i need.


>that's very stupid and annoying because even normies don't do that.
>base your values on normies behavior
witchies and gentlewizzies, this is the mentality of the cleanfags


I have a lot of empty soda and beer fans in my room


File: 1579908617350.jpg (1.04 MB, 1944x2592, 3:4, Jordan1622.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

hows your defenses holding?


Having a clean room feels horrible to me, makes me feel empty and sad. If all my stuff is "put away" it feels like I don't even live there. And I might as well not. I only really feel at home when I have a bunch of crap stacked up. I guess it gives me a bit of a feeling of security and belonging in that place.


File: 1581859104431.jpg (2.42 MB, 3072x1728, 16:9, IMG_0335.JPG) ImgOps iqdb


Op here. gas was cut out. no more cooking and cold showers from now on. the gas company in this country is like the mafia




Argentina, still without gas. Getting used to it. Cooking in an electric kettle and enjoying cold showers


love that little window


What fo y'all have about not having a bed, or even basic furniture?
>nah i'm just gonna lay this mattress on the floor..
One of you doesn't even has a computer table wtf?
You just lay on your fucking mattress and play video games, your back must hurt so hard.
I know we're not all rich, but just go to fucking ikea and get yourself something…


>bro just go buy x


you don't even have to buy furniture, there is plenty of roadside curb free furniture you can pick up


I'd rather go steal ikea furniture than pick up some cumstained roadside furniture.


File: 1592984355470.jpg (59.27 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 890653.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>cumstained roadside furniture
I just imagine some town maniac jizzing on everyone's garden gnomes and curbside chairs


>lay on your fucking mattress and play video games, your back must hurt so hard.


File: 1592991804611.jpeg (1.73 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, image.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

6 Months passed, no gas since 2/20 but got a pc Chair(terrible quality) winters aré mild here


ill use this post as my personal diary (OP here)

Living without gas for 5 months now, at first it was hard to find good meals that dont require cooking but i minmaxed an electric stove and can make a lot of things there from brocolli+noodles+tuna to other nutritious meals. Oatmeal and nuts are a great breakfast that dosnt need much preparation, eggs are good too.

Bathing was a problem when autum came but i learned to take quick showers with cold water, they really wake you up and if you have short hair you dr almost instantly once you get out so its tolerable., i could tolerate doing it daily if i had to work but since i am a aneet i can manage to do it only once per 2 days.

I am so disorganized i think i havce brain damage or something, i clean the kitchen and bathroom to avoid disgusting smells but my main room looks like a garbage dump with clohes all over it.
I want to buy a nice monitor but its too expensive. i want to play aoe2 de but i cant do it effectively in this 17 relic from a supermarket.


>i can manage to do it only once per 2 days.


i ditched a 4x priced chair for the one you have, it's pretty great. Already have had 2. Your room seems pretty solid.


Do you get bad mucus from from eating this??
How does your gut feel on a daily basis with your diet?


Tell me about it, it's one a week max over here


Are you really gonna go on about mucus in every fucking thread?


He is the one that mentioned his eating habits, i am just gathering some more information on the topic
Why so salty and bitter?


File: 1595597560199.jpg (891.23 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, DSC00191.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

My materialistic neetcave.

Speaking of eating habits, I'm eating raw animal products since over two months already (mostly meat, fish, eggs and some butter).

The first three weeks I had to deal with alternating diarrhea and constipation issues. Fortunately this problem dissolved and I have to go to the pot less because of the not available fiber.


op here, hello
I'm abusing oatmeal course I don't have gas. I wouldn't ear it daily if I had more options. I don't feel specially bad from it but It made me go to the bathroom really regularly (everyday). I will try to limit it to once per week when gas return s, that is for the input


* Thanks for the input


You heretic.


So is the 'no fiber' argument a meme against the raw meat diet?
Again, another thing gaining a lot of popularity, like bone broth, is this raw meat diet, coming back this year and into this decade people will be turning from vegan, what my prediction.
How is your mucus level? Do you feel tired throughout the day and when waking?


Ah okay, but you you get crust in your eye, or 'fuzzy tongue' or morning cough or anything like that?
Those are the things i am tackling now, as well as my everyday tied, lethargic feeling.
Yes i don't exercise, but i don't like exerting my body, i need to conserve energy for internet browsing and watching youtube


>Again, another thing gaining a lot of popularity, like bone broth, is this raw meat diet, coming back this year and into this decade people will be turning from vegan, what my prediction.
nah both extremes can coexist, this way there are alternatives for all the gullible retards and showoffs out there


Would throw out/10


that's a disgrace


Not that I'm aware of, I try to eat lots of vegetables since I can't cook meat. I use whey protein to complement it.

I agree that exerting the body is a bad idea without supervision but some cardio every now and then is great for your health, it will wake you up like 10 coffee and keep your metabolism active. I recommend swimming or biking since those sports don't damage your joints.
Hope you fix your health issues, ecersice is essential for a good health, we are meant to be walking all the time as hunter gatherers, sedentarism is a teavesty

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