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File: 1576928222015.jpg (11.53 KB, 189x266, 27:38, index.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm sick of Illinois and I want to move someplace cheaper, warmer, and less infested with SJW's. How's Missouri sound?


it's a nigger shithole


So is Illinois.


Depends on what part of missouri. Outside of st louis, kansas city, and jefferson city, missouri is pretty damn white. Only problem is that it's a lot harder to get a job outside of the major cities, especially if you're from out of state.
Oklahoma is another good option as long as you avoid okc and tulsa. But it's the same deal where it's hard to get a job outside of the major cities and employers are less likely to give a job to an outsider over a local.
All that being said, every city in america with a population of 150k or more is infested with SJWs at this point. Also even in very conservative small towns, many of the people under 30 are SJWs due to having grown up on the internet, although their numbers aren't large enough to cause a lot of problems like in the cities, at least for now.


File: 1576966286835.jpg (55.77 KB, 490x353, 490:353, come-to-chicago-for-the-fo….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Did black chicago wiz make this thread?


How is SL county? Kirkwood seems white, but that's probably because nogs are priced out.


Oklahoma has good medical marijuana laws too if you're into that. That's pretty much all I know about Oklahoma.


Does Missouri have better gun laws though?


Small towns in missouri are pretty nice and quiet but neighbors are almost always busybodies. They're not hostile or anything but really nosy. That might be the case in all small towns though.


Even fucking KC and SL will be better than Crook County. Fuck Chimpcongo.


No, I'm from Chiraq.


we chiraq killas, bang bang

but I am legit still looking for black chicago wiz cause I wanna know if he lost his hand to gangrene or not


Haha no, Chicago sucks.


File: 1581572963994.png (662.04 KB, 620x453, 620:453, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>A Prayer for Trayvon
>Dear Jesus,
>Attention all ant brothers: it has come to our attention that humans don't know how to read thumbnails, so regard this message as a secret code that can be read by insect eyes only.


File: 1581735796909.jpg (76.44 KB, 338x464, 169:232, 5 days of puripuri rabu.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This place would be really fucking nice if it wasn't for all the africans men robbing, raping, assaulting and killing people every week. Astoundingly african succubi are nothing like the males. One african male raped and killed some indian succubus from UIC a few months ago. This past sunday some african male killed two asian guys having fun in Chinatown in the fucking head. Don't make me mention all the african children these african men kill every fucking week haha.

Even all the illegals that fat orange pig talks shit about all the time don't even come close to african male crime rates. Somehow have better work ethic despite being uneducated and fleeing a corrupt prejudice country.


I hate nigger sympathizers.
How can you defend these animals?


Chicago is fucking cold though, which is why I want to move.


really windy too. the violence is concentrated entirely on the south side with a huge buffer zone of chinatown, hyde park, university of chicago….. everywhere else is really safe for a big city idk what people here are complaining about


The fucking spics and niggers. Does Missouri have many of them?


the rural areas and wealthy suburbs are all white, the big cities (kansas city, st louis) are not. same as everywhere in america.


So whens the rule 3 breaking convention in chicago? Its technically only a rule break if we post about the experience if my wizard lawyer isn’t lying to me.


Nigger, I don't want to stay in Chimpcongo one more minute.


Is SL county white or wealthy?


File: 1582823434194.jpeg (218.11 KB, 960x684, 80:57, legal weed map.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

At least move to a state that has legal weed. Try Colorado or Nevada.


I should move to Alaska.


File: 1582925303656.png (137.78 KB, 1143x621, 127:69, weedmaps recreational.png) ImgOps iqdb

Here's a map of all the current recreational weed vendors in the US and Canada according to Weedmaps. No idea why there aren't any in Vermont/Maine/Massachusetts/Washington/Oregon.


how about you move to your containment thread


Found the straightedge faggot


Several if not most users here know that marijuana is the most normalfag form of voluntary brainwashing. Illinois would be half as shitty if police actually cracked down on pot smokers.


Cracked down on a completely legal activity?


Many substances are or were illegal because they are destructive to the greater good of civilization. The freeing of the marijuana demon didn't make it any less of a purveyor of mental sickness and so its existence should still be fought against.

If public intercourse was to be made legal, would you argue against the suffocating stench, the braindead moans, and the biological litter left behind by whores? Or would you be fine with it solely because the police are no longer being payed to stop such acts?

Marijuana is a poison that inhibits the abilities of all who have the displeasure of being in the vicinity of whatever normalnigger is smoking it.


>Many substances are or were illegal because they are destructive to the greater good of civilization.
Imagine being this naive that you actually think the government cares about the greater good


Nevada is full of spics and might as well be hot Illinois.


For real. Weed is illegal because it competes with the pharmaceutical industry and it gives cops an excuse to lock up black men to be used for slave labor in prisons.


baby boomer gibberish, next you'll be prattling on about teh commies


You sound normgroidy


weeds legal in chicago now


Which is why I'm moving.


No way. Fuck the cold.


Is Kansas City white?


Why does coronavirus make it hard to move?



Go live in Florida, its a conservative paradise


Southern florada is actually super liberal.
It is the reason why it always in play in major elections. Half the state is conservative but the big cities in the south like Miami are progressive strongholds who have high population density.


it's a nigger shithole


How about Hillsborough County?


So the consensus seems to be that all major US cities are undesirable places to live at this point.


all major cities around the world probably


But if you say that how am I supposed to feel better than Americans?


Is it not possible to get out of us entirely? It’s a shithole country


Really? What country is better?


File: 1594073266344-0.png (141.32 KB, 670x1045, 134:209, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1594073266344-1.png (54.91 KB, 708x495, 236:165, Rankings Legatum Prosperit….png) ImgOps iqdb

Most of these but I don't know if it's easy to move to any of them


Typically a country only stays good because they don't let people move into them.


Even cheap shitty countries only let you move there if you have a good job (good luck with not knowing the language), or get married, or invest millions of $. The only exceptions are some shithole islands where maybe you can do it for $100k or so


countries need workers to help their economy stay good. the only country on those lists with a replacement-level fertility rate is….. isreal.


>walled-off apartheid state with blood purity laws has replacement level rate
you don't say


File: 1594232469624.jpg (65.57 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 1391722035126.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm escaping the DC area for similar reasons. Going to move down to my family in South Carolina, currently researching the best rural areas. Gl to you.


True. Alcohol is bad enough as it is, but atleast it's a social activity for most people. No reason to add more drugs to the list. It's like people want to become 1800s China.

>black prisoners
>slave labor
Have you worked with them before? I promise you noone is getting any worthwile labor out of them. And as for money making schemes, just wait until the big companies get into manufacturing addictive drugs. They'll make oil companies look like a joke in terms of political power and they won't even think twice about ruining lives to get a quick buck.


COVID is making it hard as diamonds to move though.


I'm not moving to Missouri anymore. How's Oklahoma?


I hear it's a nigger shithole


Why not go to one of the Dakotas or Minnesota or Monatana? You know, northern, cold, sparsely populated areas that normies hate.


Have you been living under a rock for the past summer?


Yeah and see what's happening to the Afrikaners now?


The difference between Sudafrika and Israel is that every western country in the world embargoed the former until they undid their system. Israel is immune to diplomatic and economic sanctions because it would be "anti-semitic" to prevent them from continuing their apartheid state and massacring Palestinians.


Why is Apartheid bad? There's nothing wrong with looking out for the interests of your own group first, I wish more countries were like Israel in fact.


Its not bad the fucked up part is that everyone gives the kikes a free pass to do it while arresting killing or otherwise silencing any White country from doing the same


Isn't it 85% white?


The Afrikaners were winning when they decided to reform. They surrendered to the UN, not the ANC.


Israel is also almost entirely subsidized by the angloesphere and live on basically billions of dollars in free money and free military aid to keep jewing the region


Chicago was always a mafia ruled shithole

If anything weed just creates more psychotics that will need big pharma even more and most cops would appreciate not having to deal with niggers unless its strictly necessary, its not a happy day for a cop having to grope a gangbanger and risk getting shot over a doobie.

If its not illegal then it means its freely advertised as any other commodity in burguertopia and weeb is NOT a drug that should be endorsed like that and be widely used, but the authorities have eventually just come to the conclusion is futile just like with tobacco and alcohol, those are also harmful substances that also create decay and lay waste to culture around them but they failed to ever be controlled so theres no point except maybe trying to educate retards not to become alcoholics or stoners even though it falls on deaf ears when you have the entire ad industry and social media shilling the stupid thing.


Are the succubi as bad?


Prohibition was a good idea.


>the authorities have eventually just come to the conclusion is futile
or because they came to the conclusion it's a good way to pacify the goyim

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