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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction


Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas dudes.


Dude, some of us have hobbies.
Have you seen the steam sell going on.
I got like 12 high quality full real deal games for $20 bucks. I will be busy for weeks.
Plus I an enjoying shows and movies when I take breaks between gaming.

It ain't our fault that you don't have a wizlife beyond hitting f5.
Only hear because I am waiting for even more stuff to download and don't want to slow down the download by streaming.


>I'm busy playing WoW
>so everyone else is
whoa, how did the whole site suddenly become WoW addicts on jeebmas eve


12 hour car ride to parents completed. the rigid uncomfortable seat helped my back feel a lot better somehow. they got a new house in a new state and a new dog. got to see our old dog tho. they are dog people. just got the wifi and im camping out on the basement floor. im glad i didnt have to drive, since i cant, tho it would have been awesome to not even go along with this thing. my parents are getting older every time i see them. it pulls on something inside me and makes me feel sad and uncomfortable. i myself am only getting more grey hairs and balder as the years go by. time is relentless


Happy Christmas, everybody, despite me having a minor cold.


File: 1577276609832.jpg (31.89 KB, 474x248, 237:124, st.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Merry Chistmas everyone. I'll be reading horror stories for the day and expecting real demons to sprawl from the ground and eat all humans beings on the planet.


I spent like 4 hours binge reading a /tg/ warhammer fanfic. Also I spent an embarrassingly long time to build an ikea stepladder. What post would I be making otherwise anyway? At best it's some whining on /dep/ or /meta/.


>Don't smoke
>Don't camp
>Don't nothing
>Another year I'm given a lighter
but why


Sell it on ebay and get something you want.


I'm 21


i'm 18


Fuck Christmas, what a shit holiday for normalfags.


I don't know, holydays around here tend to empty all the streets and a lot of people go travel or whatever and the whole neighbor gets pretty quiet, I quite enjoy it.


I have some great childhood memories of Christmas.




wtf do you even "merry christmas" here
beyond retarted


Merry Christmas everyone.


Merry Christmas


File: 1577305680897.jpg (3.34 MB, 3096x4128, 3:4, 20191225_142602.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas


Merry christmas.


What are your favorite subreddits and twitter accounts?


Merry Christmas, wizzies.

>This vocal version of "Christmas Time Is Here" with music by the Vince Guaraldi Trio is from the 1965 TV special, A Charlie Brown Christmas. The children's chorus is provided by the St. Paul's Episcopal Church Choir of San Rafael, California.


i wish we had christmas over here
t. muslim


here we go again… I told their dumbasses don't get me anything, so naturally my parents left me a couple wrapped presents in the kitchen, and the bigger box even looks like a goddamn Playstation 4

I don't even want to know what's inside…
all I can do is just ignore them and hope they silently disappear, but something tells me it isn't gonna be that easy

I'll probably get harassed about doing extra house work as if I'd accepted their "gifts" anyway


Why do you want to make yourself sound like a asshole?
Do you think it's cool?


What about not wanting gifts makes him an asshole?


ended up getting a lot of xmas money, no idea what i even want to do with it though


Save it.

There is a good chance you'll find a new direction in life down the line, and having that money saved instead of wasted will get you more than half way there more than likely.


Just open them holy shit


File: 1577383517627.jpg (28.09 KB, 500x500, 1:1, emo-kid-striped-scarves.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


receiving gifts makes you indebted to the one(s) offering them, as he implied in the last line of his post



do it nigger i fucking dare you



dont open the gift wizzie its a bomb!




It is all in how he says it.
Actually read his post.


>Actually read his post.
Better yet, why don't you explain why we should read that in his post, instead of sitting there amazed that everyone doesn't share your weird subjective interpretation. Give us a logical analysis of his post that leads to that conclusion.

If you're even smart enough to do so.


Dude, in the first full sentence he calls his family dumbasses and has a overall totally unappreciative and unnecessarily negative tone.

Insults, ingratitude, and unwarranted negativity make one come off as a asshole.
Understand now?


>he calls his family dumbasses
Well maybe they are. You don't know them.
>a overall totally unappreciative and unnecessarily negative tone
>Insults, ingratitude, and unwarranted negativity
All of those things are ignorant judgment calls from you, not critical analyses. All you did is repeat your knee-jerk emotional take on his post. You're so feminine.


I see you are also a asshole.


you really fucking love that word don't you

I bet you love the real thing even more


If the word fits then why not use it.
In your case it most certainly fits.


You seem to know a lot about how well buttholes fit.


Hot funky air and shit.
That is all you are bringing to the thread.
Very much like a asshole.


why am I not surprised that Martial Arts Mutt has an anal fixation?


Nobody mentioned martial arts in this thread and you are the only one trying to make things gay.

Looks like someone is projecting pretty hard.


>Nobody mentioned martial arts
nobody needs to…we all know it's you, juan

the site just spiked with posts full of bad spelling and butthole references


I don't know why you are trying hard to connect unconnected things but you are reaching pretty hard and grasp nothing.
That said I don't have to try and construct some psudo-identity for unknown reasons in order to attack you. Your own post and behavior speak for themselves.


We're still waiting for a logical explanation. "Just read his post" and defaulting to anal references doesn't cut it. You're probably butthurt that somebody got PS4 and doesn't want it while you wish you did.f


Can you retards take it to /b/ or something? The crawl thread isn't your personal hangout.


i hate anime succubi that wear glasses, it makes me want to punch their stupid face. i think it's because anime faces have such oversized eyes, they make the glasses huge as a result… it looks annoying to me. i think this is the first time i actually tried thinking about the reason so idk. wonder if others feel the same


Already gave a reasonable explanation.
If you are too unreasonable to accept it then that's your problem.


The crawl thread has no set subject and no rules are being violated.


another year passes and my body hasn't aged a day


Can’t say I feel the same.


Hard disagree. I think it makes them more cutesy.


I hate anime succubi in general


interesting. out of curiosity, do you wear glasses?



Cast a banishing spell.


I do. Maybe it is simply a personal bias. Anime succubi like Sheska in FMA were all I was about as a teen. Not so much after I realized I was destined for eternal virginity and embraced it, but I still think they look cute.


The turn of the screw, wizversion.


I seriously don't think anyone who's smart enough to do poltergeist things is gonna be scared off by "banishing spells." I'm sure asking him not to do stuff when my parents are downstairs is enough. I guess we'll see though. But it's dumb…

If you're a spirit, and you can travel to other dimensions and galaxies, and find out the mysteries of the universe, why the fuck would you rather haunt someone's house?


What if it's for the same reason we have all this time to do so many things but it's just all fucking boring so the best we have is posting here and playing the occasional video game?
I wouldn't be surprised if even the paranormal world manages to be underwhelming and pointless.


I'll be dead myself in like two years, so I'll find out.


That's actually a cool idea.


Maybe my mind isn't tuned to the paranormal but if something kicked my door down and left I would sooner think it was a real person and not a fucking ghost


File: 1577521069638.png (1.13 MB, 1273x1139, 19:17, 1573928177481.png) ImgOps iqdb



never done drugs or booze

c'mon, gaslight me


File: 1577536764253.png (83.41 KB, 699x439, 699:439, u_u.png) ImgOps iqdb

Someone from /jp/ made a couple of twitter users under the wizchan name and ERPs as a japanese sucubus with nothing interesting to say 40 times a day, in the hopes that anyone trashing the real wizchan will have their tweets swept away by the cryptonip's fortnite scores

good job


is that not meant to be read as 'wiz-chan', a japanese nicknamed wiz, with -chan honorific?


File: 1577543727224.png (3.1 KB, 320x240, 4:3, death.png) ImgOps iqdb

One of the imageboards that I posted on for the last several years just went down with no warning, it looks like permanently. Admin just pulled the plug. Another reminder of the transience of everything that I hold dear.


Was it 8channal?
Because that just went down last I check and the domain name is now up for sell.


Arisuchan, I'm guessing.
Didn't go there much, but was just looking at it on Christmas.


File: 1577554892444.gif (4.95 MB, 480x270, 16:9, pain.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Fuck, I haven't been there in a while but they had some decent programming discussions, better than most places.


I'm guessing most of the user base will come back to lainchan. It had a nice aesthetic but it was painfully slow.


Yeah, I was making mental notes of threads I wanted to look more into for later but now I can only check if some archive site happened to pick them up. Happens quite a bit, but such is the way of imageboards.


One of the cashiers working in the grocery store close by has her entire arm filled with cutting scars. Never actually saw that irl. Huh.


Most hide them, but odds are she is so over that job that she doesn't give a fuck anymore.


When I was a kid my favorite ice cream flavor was cookies n cream. But now that Im more mature, I have more refined tastes like pistachio and vanilla cherry.

The original Spumoni flavor would have been perfect for me, combining all my faves, but Americans replaced the Green, Red, White of the Italian Tricolor with chocolate over vanilla


tv show
its about a murder
sends shockwaves throughout town

why are there so many of these?


starting to hate shaving


thats beside the point everything is shitty to me

just curious why so many small town murder mystery detective shows exist. didnt realize it was a thing until today


because murder is an inherently scandalous thing, and small towns have more character interaction because people would know their neighbors, whereas big cities would contain characters that couldn't give less of a shit about each other, much less some random person getting offed.


It's an outgrowth of the southern bashing in the mass media we've had ever since southerners lynched leo frank for murdering a succubus. The media theme of "southern whites are evil" branched off into rural whites in general, then small towns anywhere. It serves a larger propaganda purpose. The constant portrayal of small towns as being nice on the outside but with evil lurking within…works in contrast to how they want everyone to see the cities, which are always portrayed as rough on the outside but with a heart of gold.

tldr: it's just enemy propaganda


I got a visa gift card for christmas but I would have rather just gotten cash because the dispensaries only accept cash and weed is the only thing I want to buy. I think I can just buy a money order to myself and then cash it but it all seems so silly. Fun fact though: it appears to be cheaper to buy a money order from the post office than to pay the fees on an ATM so if you're really a scrooge and you can't find a free ATM you could just go to a post office and buy a money order to yourself and cash it for $1.25.


>being ungrateful for the free money you received from family because the exact variety of the money adds one extra hurdle to the process of stinking up your neighborhood by sucking on a fat hot smelly fag for a few minutes of feeling braindead to escape having to think about whatever other first-world problems you have

You wiggers have a containment thread


>the dispensaries
the drug dens

like the other man said, fuck off wigger, and take your evil whitewashing euphemisms with


I wish I had an easier time with hard sciences. I would dedicate myself to something like electrical engineering if I wasn't so damn stupid.


Anyone here using scrivener?


File: 1577703294040.jpg (15.24 KB, 728x455, 8:5, melon man.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Went to a book store and bought a German dictionary and a German grammar book on a whim.
I really have no idea why I did this, I just thought, "Hey, that'd be neat to read through all these German words and see how similar they are to English words" — but then I thought — "I also gotta learn to make sentences with these words," and got the grammar book.
I feel like that dude staring at a bunch of watermelons in his room wondering what to do next, except it's German textbooks instead of watermelons.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to me, I guess?


File: 1577705417002.jpg (9.36 KB, 191x293, 191:293, (JPEG Image, 191 × 293 pix….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Physical dictionaries are very limited and impractical compared to their digital counterparts. Can you return that for maybe some store credit? One thing I always found very helpful when learning a language are dual language books with the original and the translation side by side. Those are nice.


File: 1577708186075-0.jpg (81.49 KB, 839x600, 839:600, baum.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1577708186075-1.jpg (36.64 KB, 800x636, 200:159, tier.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1577708186075-2.jpg (69.54 KB, 823x600, 823:600, tools.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What's vulgar about it? It does sound weird because of all the umlauts and stereotypes I have about German, but it'll pass. That is, if I actually get to learn German.
Physical dictionaries are subpar compared to digital ones, I know, but this one fits my original purpose. I want to be able to browse through all these words continuously, without having to look up certain words, to have some fun and to get acquainted with the language while doing so. The dictionary is also really basic, so I don't get entire entries with the word's synonyms, antonyms, usage in phrases etc. I don't really want to return it.
Thanks for the advice and the link you've provided. This site is great. Some word lists also have these cute children's drawings, I can't not share them.


been coughing up green slime for a few days. i think this is bronchitis. pretty cool


What the fuck is driving? Why does everybody do it so easily? Why do I have so much trouble with it even after lengthy practices? Am I stupid? Do I have mental illness?


It’s like riding a bike.


from observing family members driving over the years i can offer my fidnings

they look mostly in front of them 99% of the time
if they want to switch lanes they look in the mirrors for a moment
they don't look at signs or anything that would seem important, all the info they need is on their phone which they can glance at without even moving their head
they have enough experience doing parking, turns, switching lanes, dealing with intersections etc it doesn't seem to require any thinking from them

seems easy watching them do it but i get overwhelmed so i don't get it, even tho i have a license. i think i could drive in the country fine but around cities and highways and stuff it's nothing short of terrifying to me


I think from staying indoors so much we lose some sort of spatial awareness skill.


I can't ride a bike, but I can drive a car.
It's really easy, just use your foot to move/stop the car, and turn the wheel to turn the car. It's not rocket science.


The hard part is driving in city areas with signs everywhere, while giving way to other cars and parking


the hardest part for me is lane changes; checking the blindspot prolerly, judging how far back the car in the next lane is, accidentally slowing down or speeding up.
i've almost caused at least 3 (probably fatal) accidents because of error on my part
driving locally on highways i can kinda do because i know exactly where to turn and what lane to be in, but i'll never be to go on high traffic interstates through big cities.


>It's really easy, just use your foot to move/stop the car, and turn the wheel to turn the car. It's not rocket science.
No shit, Sherlock. And riding a bike is just going forward and not falling, just like walking.


You have to balance the bike though so you don't fall over. So it requires more than just a basic input like moving your leg to walk or press a pedal.


bro driving so relaxing
dont even gotta think
its so easy look no hands
gonna drive tonight and chill
wanna go for a drive bro


this but unironically.


Its the Roaring 20s again, decades repeat in cycles


I would be cool with some art-deco making a comeback in a modernized form. But other then that the 1920s were kind of shit and shouldn't be repeated.


just did my last fap of 2019

also ah, i realize now, it's new years and that means fireworks. i was hearing banging noises upstairs but no one else is home. it's fireworks… every year this happens i forget about the loud but somehow muffled noises it makes when you're in the basement


Damn, because of time zones the newyears VR rave I want to go to is actually at 4 am rather then 12.

Looks like I have to find something else to do for the turn of the clock then VR rave later.


File: 1577846600063.png (72.24 KB, 311x275, 311:275, Disgusting Grammar Nazi.png) ImgOps iqdb

>VR rave


I like music and pretty colors.
It is super fun without having to leave my room. Like being inside a music visualizer that is controlled by a competent live dj.
Don't see how it is in anyway disgusting.
Guess you just don't like music and pretty colors🤷‍♂️.


wizchan 2020


File: 1577849243174.webm (3.91 MB, 640x360, 16:9, cant_calm_down_Nightcore_….webm) ImgOps iqdb

You god damn right!


I stayed home with my family, watched some fireworks from the porch and came to wizchan first thing afterwards
I wouldn't want it any other way
Happy new year


Just watched the ball drop and fired off a few fireworks.

I have a good feeling about this year.


File: 1577856021934.jpg (4.88 MB, 3884x2742, 1942:1371, 20191231_231518.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Jedi Ghosts Jim and Shawn wishing you all a Happy New Year (and I guess also a happy new decade).

Lol, I drew light blue colored pencil over a normal HB, a reversal to how I drew them in High School.


I've just ran into an awkwardly annoying problem. I'm using a metronome to help me concentrate, going at 60bpm. I noticed my key cursor was bliking at a different rate and once I noticed that I couldn't think about anything else, so I figure I would just make the cursor blink 60 per minute. Sounds easy enough… but it isn't. I can't make this fucker go at 60 blinks per minute no matter what number I put in there. It's divided in miliseconds on regedit so I figure fi I want the ticks match when the cursor is on screen 500 should be the number, right? But it's still slight off for some fucking reason it's driving me insane. I just turned the blinks off it's so annoying.


You want 1000 milliseconds for it to blink at the same rate. The real trouble would be getting them to sync up.


That's what I tried at first but then it the cursor stays a full second on screen and a full second off. I wanted to be on screen at every tick, shouldn't that be at 500 then? Fuck.


They think that birthing a kid with no arms AND legs is good because there's a (real big fat) chance that he will be happy in this current world born to a hotel black receptionist no less, let alone considering the consent or asymmetry argument

Oh well, let's welcome the future wizzie


*edit: he also has severe malformations of the face, heart, nervous system, skeleton and genitals
especially the genitals, wizzie for life


well maybe he'll grow up to make millions doing ted talks, selling books and other motivational shit telling the masses to just be themselves and work hard and smile 24/7

and if he doesn't at least he will escape wageslav- oh nevermind


wow not even the paralyzed are safe from wageslavery


God imagine you put a bullet in your brain and end up as a vegetable forced to work 24 hours a day


how about you read the article? It's only a temporary cafe right now, and it's moreso for these people to get some manner of socialization, Not to mention it's the only one of its kind, so if you're cripple anywhere else in the world you can't even work there. To top it off, they likely still get all their government money to survive.


In 2019 612,735 went missing in the US and have not been found.


You are aware the vast majority don't want to be found right?


except that booze is legal again and bigger than ever, they've added marijuana, and the only gangsters now are all jews


try looking at those D.C. pizza parties


christ I finally have internet back

my dumbass mom has been drunkenly yanking the cords out of our router every night all year to spite me until its mainboard cracked on sunday and, naturally, nagged me to fix it

now my parents' computer is running on an ethernet cable and I'm running on a shared connection with its wireless adapter and my speed is 4x faster than ever, holy shit

I guess breaking our router was a blessing in disguise


File: 1577969767837.jpg (223.21 KB, 535x396, 535:396, chets_038.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

When people go missing there are local explanations for local consumption. Police will avoid hysteria even if they have to change the facts or fall short of a full investigation. Someone goes missing near water, they are reported to have dived into a river in the middle of the night and swam until they got tired and drowned. Whatever placates the public and staves off the suspicion that there are malign unknown forces picking people off at every opportunity.

National parks still don't keep track of missing persons nor do they comply with the Freedom of Information Act.


stopped following that missing 411 guy in 2015. something off about him, besides the fact that he likely is in it mostly for the money…


With the decline of 4chan over the last decade and the demise of 8chan, wizchan might actually be the best imageboard out there that maintains the original imageboard spirit.


If wizchan is the last bastion of imageboards then we truly are fucked.


one day you'll wake up and it'll be gone without explanation


That we are.
Better than captcha.


Every time I try to be genuine with parents it tend to backfire on me, so I have no chance but to lie. It feels so pathetic


Can't wait to get drafted for war in the coming years


? Explain


Oh, the USA dropped a bomb on Iran killing a government official. Just some hours ago. Normies think it will be the start of "WW3".


What a shitty time to be an Iranian, or maybe it's good if you're a suicidal wizard. I know I am one.


explain pls


How do you deal with feelings of being absolute failure in everything especially daily living?
I feel like I am worst of the worst.


Gain some perspective. Success and failure seem awfully important because you've been told so by your parents and authority figures. There's nothing to win or lose but other people's admiration and approval, once you stop depending on those life becomes a lot easier.


>buy "mild mint" flavored mouthwash
>it tastes like artificial banana
>artificial banana is one of my least favorite flavors

how do you fuck up mint ffs


I honestly don't really give a shit anymore because I realized that "success" isn't worth it. I think normalfags are all retarded for still trying to succeed in a paradigm that is doomed to collapse.


I was reading this thread on reddit about glamorized career paths that are actually a nightmare. Here's the link if anyone's curious: https://old.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/eixo6r/what_glamorized_career_path_is_actually_a/

I think the core problem is that we're overpopulated and every career path is saturated. Not only that, but the economy isn't growing at anywhere close to the rate it used to historically (despite the manipulated economic indicators) because of resource constraints, so you have a glut of people competing for an ever smaller share of the pie. And people wonder why society has become so cutthroat and competitive?

It's a really bad time to be a wageslave, and a really good time to be a NEET.


I feel like failed wizard more than I feel like failed normalfag. Really weird feeling.


How long until they will ditch NEETbux in favor of someone else? Here I cant even get to them without bribing people which I cant do because I dont have money for bribes.


File: 1578167908418.png (230.24 KB, 640x386, 320:193, fdfds.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm reading those comments smug as hell, as I only work 2 days a week as a security guard and I sleep most of the time on the job.


What did you want that was worth the trouble?


Auto places usually have it unless they are out.
Though I probably would have waited until it was more convenient to get. I mean you have already been working on it for over a week, what is a little more waiting when it comes to finalizing the finish.


When you say stuff like that I get the impression that you only are willing to do business with succubi.
Besides, where you live almost every working person is a bit of a redneck anyway. Which if you knew where the term came from you you would know it ain't a bad thing.


>nobody's called me by my nickname recently - better go all-out and remind this anonymous imageboard who I am by acting very gay


fingers pixelated why


It's how he signs his posts, like an avatar.


finger prints


File: 1578331205830.jpg (55.01 KB, 320x320, 1:1, emo-kid.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



I thought that's exactly what being goth should be like and is like


File: 1578337875739.jpg (196.03 KB, 1600x936, 200:117, 20.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Recently, I’ve returned home after spending most of my christmas holidays on a trip abroad. As I’ve been reflecting back on it, recounting all the new experiences, there was one moment that sticks out compared to the rest.

Maybe because I haven’t experienced it before, the fear for my life was sure an intense feeling. It was not even some face to face encounter with death, no, but I could feel the death lingering around. Thoughts like „ I might not make it out of here alive, one little mistake and I’m dead“ felt kinda like a completely new and intense sort of high. I’ve been trying to think back and remember, if I’ve ever felt something similar before, but I can’t recall. I‘m a bit ashamed to admit, that even though I considered myself to be completely at peace with dying, I was still holding on to life.

As weird as it may sounds, even though I’ve come to a realization that I’m a coward, I still want to experience that feeling again. Out of all the stunning sights of nature and architectural beauty that I’ve had a chance to see and all the delicious food that I’ve got to taste, the thrill of death being a very real possibility made the strongest impression on me, and rest of the novel experiences fades in comparison with that primal feeling.


lol wow you are young


emos are from the early to mid 2000s the oldest gen zs were 4 or 5 years old at the time

were you a goth wiz? tell us more about it


I was not and am not, but growing up in the 90s on the west coast when the subculture was at its height I interacted with very many of them. They were everywhere. Though I still don't fully know what "emo" is, nor do I care, it always looks like nothing more than a flamboyant depression act, and absolutely none of the goths I knew – and didn't know – ever evinced depression. Moreover, appearances aside, they didn't make a show of any negative emotion. They were fairly upbeat, gregarious people who smiled a lot, who took joy in their weirdness and disturbing the conservative sensibilities of the time. The opposite of every "emo" kid I've seen since the early 2000s. They were just not the same at all. Though I don't expect anyone to take my word for it. I guess you had to be a young adult back then to know the difference.

Goths certainly didn't paint teardrops on their faces.


emo is the same thing as goth. It's just a fashion statement that puts you in with other people who participate in the fashion statement. The only qualifying trait is how you style yourself.


>emo is the same thing as goth
Lol. No. Don't be a retard. Superficial similarities don't make X and Y the same thing. That's not how shit works.


They have essentially become the same thing now though, dumb fashion statements for kids seeking identities


You speak from a profound level of ignorance on the topic.
Just stop dude.


chester should have gone mgtow or at least got a more affordable wife

but no, he had to has a playboy model who obviously was not in it only for the money and fame and not milking it after his suicide


Chester, as in the Linkin Park singer?

I though he heroed because of losing his struggle with life long depression and other related issues, not because of some bitch.


What the fuck are you writing this stuff for you stupid little piece of shit? You think you have everything figured out you little shit? You think life's that simple?
Fuck you for coming here to wizchan to shit whatever you retarded brain shits on a daily basis.
Go and give this advice to all the men who are marrying succubi right now and that you think are doing a bad investment if you think it's that simple.


it was one of the last straw, his wife had been cheating on him
why are you so triggered? all the stuff you just have said is pure projection
well, don't say i didn't warn you


> Further police investigations revealed that the succubus was affected by major depression; she had already expressed suicide intentions and communicated that, in case of committing suicide, she would prefer the birthday of her husband (which was the day of her discovery in the park) to do so. When searching the apartment of the deceased policemen found her diary with the last entry: “Garbage to garbage. Craze me not. You are free”.


>small amount of urine used for chemical and / or biological research

some funny words in dutch


spoken dutch sounds cartoonish to me


i cant think of any movie with a good ending. if the movie is good, the fact it is ending is always a disappointment


I'm forgetting the thing that keeps me sane, without it im going to die.
i cant remember.
it's becoming vague, too vague.
what had i learnt?
I hate this. What I learnt is within me and yet I cannot put it into words. It's too many things. Repeating myself the short version is not enough for myself to understand.



File: 1578460906172.png (672.2 KB, 1015x738, 1015:738, tyucc.png) ImgOps iqdb

I see now that some people don't feel what they say, that they're not completely honest with themselves and the rest.
I need to get stronger, I need to understand that it's possible to live without this pain. But how do I accomplish that when in between dreams I have to fight for the feeling to not overcome me? I'm gonna be okay and this is irrational and I've already proven that, I know the truth as painful as it is.

There's no desire, there's just me. I'm alone. I've always been.

There's no one to talk to. They won't understand. No one will.
I'm utterly lonely in this and language won't help.

I am back and not glad, because really I never went anywhere.


File: 1578471974009.jpg (46.56 KB, 474x580, 237:290, 995791132fd60d0cf73e4adfd4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

why are foxes so cute wtf im crying


Got some bad insomnia tonight. Im pretty sensitive to any caffeine after 7PM, but I didnt start on any teabags after 6. Took a warm shower which usually helps me sleep. Stretched out in bed.

I think Im just over excited


wtf do i do with the next 30 years at the least


My suffering stems from death.
I don't like this world. I don't like the many things that die everyday, that's what makes me cry. When the beautiful dies to turn into the ugly. There's nothing more horrid and depressing than that. To know you can't go back in time and that it's all lost… So what else can I do but cry? It's a big loss, everyday, death and its many forms is taking place in our lives, I wish I could unsee this, to unlearn that there's more than one death.
I want to forget the words and for my heart to had never beat that time, for my dreams to had never existed. To have never wished is my only wish.

This pain will stay with me forever. I will never stop crying this tears until I die.


File: 1578524976115.jpg (95.65 KB, 800x629, 800:629, 771289c488ef585987582f2446….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Actually Paulides and various news outlets and people he's contacted about this tell him there's practically zero chance that the parks don't keep track of missing person's and data related to this.

Its just that the evil bastards won't let David (or anyone else) have that information even though legally they are supposed to give it up I think via the freedom of information act.

They told David if he paid them an exhorbitant amount of money and or got his books in enough big time libraries then he could have the info but legally he shouldn't and doesn't have to do that but still he can't get the lists.

ZOG is scared shitless of this information becoming mainstream and part of me can't honestly blame them.

ZOG or any government even a valid one has to maintain an image of strength and that they've got things under control.

Well how do you explain to your public that you have no control over certain phenomenon's and can't capture or kill whatever is taking these people?


keep seeing american 'anime', like with japanese directors and stuff, every now and then… it always has english voices though. just add in some shitty japanese voices fuck, i cant watch it otherwise


dubs make my stomach turn
there's an exception though, the second vampire hunter D was originally in english, it was shockingly well done, too

why can't all dubs sound that good


Yeah last year some guy went missing in our town. They spend a month or so putting posters up. Eventually they found his corpse hanging from a noose in a forest. There was an announcement that it was suicide, but a few days later they came out and said they suspected foul play, which I suppose means that the autopsy showed that he was dead before he was hung. Nothing more ever came out on it though.


ive just never gave dubs a shot, suntitles never bothered me and i like how japanese sounds. like if its a boring part i can close my eyes. what are they saying? i dont know, and thats a good thing. with english they are piercing my fucking brain with every word, im forced to understand whats going on, meanings and stuff, it is shoved into my ears and jumbles around my head. subtitles are always more peaceful and relaxing


Almost everything I do is to avoid the dreaded feeling of loneliness.
I wish I could lay down in my bed and rest but my head won't let me.
I feel like a nonperson. I wish things were different.


File: 1578545577435.mp4 (1.74 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 041088.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I finished eating some ice cream and noticed some drawings in the box… I don't understand the relation of a guitar player with the rest of images that have to do with love, relationships, family, etc.
What does a man playing guitar have to do with all that? And they're connected because the same line that drew the rest draws that one image too.
Any ideas? It caught my attention because I see myself as that man playing guitar… What do I have to do with the rest?


Are you high?


In ancient American folklore, it is said that love will only bloom if the man plays and sings a top40 song to the female with a used guitar.




playing guitar is a way of expressing emotions which attract girlz
why do you think there's a cliche where some horny dudes want to be in a band for the gangbangs? (hair metal et al)


I don't do drugs, don't have the money or contacts for it.
It's the only image where there's not a succubus in it, and it's an activity that's practiced for the most part alone and generally for reasons that have nothing to do with succs so I can't see the link. What first come to my mind is a guitarist who performs alone, similar to a solo singer. I can't make such connection.

I do remember some biographies of famous guitarists telling all about how they had succubi as their first motivation to learn the instrument. However, this is something that's outside this category of "relationship". You're presenting activities that describe and are part of a relationship, such as holding hands, kissing, being enamored, a family, going on a bike ride, etc. A man playing the guitar has no relation within this. Even if we read it from right to left.


Playing music to woo a succubi is probably a quite established trope. Archetype D&D bards are womanizers. My hypothesis is that a good performer will entertain and arouse positive emotions from his audience, sometimes this emotion can be directed not only towards the performance but also the performer himself, which some people then mistakes for affection. Also, when somebody goes out of his way to do something inconvenient for you, it gives you validation. Also, cultural effect just like how we consider kissing as a show of romantic feelings but there are probably cultures where it's just a normal greeting.


is there any kind of financial benefit one could exploit in a gay marriage?

say two wizards get married, but never interact with each other after that. is there like gay married bux or something?

just out of curiousity, this isnt anything id actually want to do.


The one with less wealth could divorce rape the one with more.
Other then that it is pretty minimal.
Stuff like small tax incentives, ways insurance polices and inheritance works, etc. Other then that no.


Tax breaks, but I guess taxes are only a problem if you're making income.


>I guess taxes are only a problem if you're making income
Unless you piss someone off in government, or you own assets and property.


I think there was an Always Sunny episode about that


guess that's to be expected. would have been interesting

i think i remember that now


I felt sick as a dog from re-dying my wool coat today, the stupid company never said anything about breathing the steam from their dye

my fucking peacoat better be true black again after all this trouble or I'm gonna kill something


File: 1578640122701.jpg (165.35 KB, 904x461, 904:461, 1457362405748.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I won the battle today, I had a dispiriting dream and the recurrent daunting thoughts that always occur right after I wake up and that had a negative effect on me, but I was able to counter them. After that there was nothing but silence, nothing to take place in my mind, so it happened again, I realized that I wanted to have something to feel bad about instead of nothing, but self-pity and commiseration for those who don't deserve it would not work anymore, and those other things that had been making me cry, had run their course as the ailment they were.

I haven't interacted with many humans, but I'm convinced that some more than others are just incapable of being good or recognizing the suffering in others, plain and simple.


File: 1578695636607-0.gif (4.32 MB, 360x270, 4:3, beardlight.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1578695636607-1.gif (473.73 KB, 320x240, 4:3, suicide_hanging1.gif) ImgOps iqdb

nobody is lucky enough to never be born


I just got a letter in the mail saying I graduated. I didn't turn in my final project. I didn't go to commencement. I thought I had failed. But I got a letter saying I graduated.

I feel relieved but I'll wait for the degree to be in my hands before I relax. I've had this shit happen to me before where I was mistakenly given a degree.


the 60s were for 90s people same as what the 90s were for people today… damn


I really don't know what you mean.


File: 1578703496649.jpg (79.63 KB, 865x356, 865:356, image.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Last decade was just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo00000000ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo understanding in the most unconditionally positive fucking way, wasn't it?


He's saying the 90s were 30 years ago in a really roundabout way.


>I've had this shit happen to me before where I was mistakenly given a degree.

lol if it happens twice you must be the luckiest man alive.


Just found out about the fan edits for the original star wars trilogy to make it more true to the original cut. Watching the despecialized edition of a new hope right now and holy fuck, it looks so much better than the crappy offical HD releases. The grunge and sounds of the original film adds so much to the movie.

George Lucas absolutely ruined these movies with his shitty HD edits.


File: 1578731125681.gif (316.91 KB, 255x192, 85:64, 1r9y6nh3.1349999787603.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah. I remember 60s nostalgia. 60s and 70s nostalgia was big in the 90s like 90s is now. I probably won't be alive but I wonder what people will be nostalgic for from now in 30 years.


Goes back further. 50s throwback in the 80s, 60s/70s in the 90s, 80s in the 00s, 90s in the 10s. It will be 00s nostalgia in the 20s decade. Most people discover nostalgia in their 20s and though it exists for all remembered times, the new nostalgia has yet to be processed and society's spotlight tends to fall on the current young adult batch and their interests. I think somehow it is also a marketing thing too.


File: 1578737383085.jpg (39.97 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 84cc3e7c620f75370057719171….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

drugs, books, videogames, youtube, and anime.


>hd edits
are you talking about those dumb re-releases in the mid 90s with the upgraded special effects?

I remember all the gen-xers going apeshit about watching muh star wars in theaters like they always dreamed of, those morons

the 90s sucked


File: 1578757056984.jpg (102.23 KB, 398x442, 199:221, Pomeranian_Thank_You.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wizpom. I'll be never that happy.



walmart had milk thistle in standardized extract so I bought some and I've been sucking it down like 4 pills daily for a month, now all of a sudden recently coffee has been hitting me hard like I haven't felt since 2012, and cigarette buzzes are strong as hell

I don't know if my liver being cleaner after so much silymarin is the reason, but it can't be a coincidence, I hope my liver wasn't really that dirty


Does it work that well? Might take some myself if it makes coffee work better. It currently takes 3 cups to feel any results.
Does it only work if you have previously done drugs or alcohol? I have never done either so I am not sure how effective it would be for me


File: 1578783722747.jpeg (75.82 KB, 959x540, 959:540, F9CA4491-3AFA-42A9-938F-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I got a bunch too, spent it on weed and antidepressants


Apparently so.
>Does it only work if you have previously done drugs or alcohol?
No. Silymarin regenerates and supports liver cells. It's used by hospitals in cases of poisoning. But liver cells are always taking a beating in everyday living anyway, so it's a good supplement no matter who you are.

I don't really know if my milk thistle is doing this, it's probably coincidental. But I don't do drugs or alcohol or anything. My health and diet are the same year in, year out. And I wasn't expecting anything like this to happen so there's no placebo effect. I've had standardized extract milk thistle in the past but not at nearly the amount I've been swallowing lately.



>are you talking about those dumb re-releases in the mid 90s with the upgraded special effects?

Yes. I think the general consensus on those re-releases is that they were terrible. So bad that lucasfilm chose to release the original cut in a release in the early 2000s. It isnt perfect (they changed the color so everything has a stupid magenta hue, and there were minor technical issues from the laserdisc copy they used), which is why fans decided to make their own versions.

Lucasarts is supposed to be a top SFX studio but apparently they had no idea as to what actually made the original movies so appealing. Further proves that the greatness of the original trilogy was a big fluke.


It took me 2 hours to checc 400 wrestling screenshots. Usually it took 2-3 hours for 200 images. This time I started deleting images only after about 50 of them had been checced unless I had to transfer an image for further checc. Meaning lesser amount of pauses.

12 days to finish everything under such pace. I'm finishing looking at the details of already watched Code Geass movie. A few recaps, music videos, related specials and then I'll start going through booru sites searching for 2d qts from other 2 franchises for further appreciation and fap time.


File: 1578851302561.gif (442.05 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 00000000000000000000000000.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Man i'm going the crazy old man route I know it. It is set before me; efforts and fate and circumstances will just affect the variety



Eh, the original trilogy was widely regarded as the superior trilogy among fans of all ages. Hell, I didn't even bother watching the original trilogy until after episode 3 was released.


You can be certain of this though. If those hated 90s special effects were in the original movies, the "greatness" of star wars would have been said to be so much greater, by the same fucking people.

Well, yeah. Part of the allure of the special effects of the original movies comes from the time period it was released in. But if you ignore that, I wouldn't be so sure that people would've accepted the new edits if they were using technology of the era. Some of the edits were just plain goofy and out of place, ruining the entire feel of some scenes.


You don't need to be a genius to do that wizzie. You could also become one of those guys who installs electronics for people (can't think of the right word) Someone told me it pays quite well and will earn you a good pension.


You shouldn't be ashamed wizzie. If you ask me it's a very valuable experience because it reminded you of the fact that you want to be alive, that you need to be alive. I've always found it strange how we humans cling to our lives, even if they are worse than death once you rationalise it. I want to do something dangerous to be honest, I want to experience what I'm made of. Forgive me, I'm a little drunk. I hope all is going well for you wizzie.


Yeah in Dutch a monster is a medical or scientific research sample. As a little kid I always found it weird, I thought they were talking about a real monster. Another funny/wholesome word we have here is "gezelligheid" There is no direct translation for it in English but the closest you could get is "cozy" or "comfortable" Gezelligheid is for example relaxing in front of a fireplace with candles lit and it's snowing outside and you're drinking hot chocolate. Idk, it's one of my favorite words.


You've got noone to talk to at all? I'm in a similar situation. I live with my autistic father and he works a fulltime job so I'm on my own most of the time. I stay up really late (like 4 am) every night and wake up a around 2 pm. Then I just watch YouTube videos and eat a bit of food and talk to people online until I pass out again. I recently deleted most of my social media and it's given me some piece of mind. I just wish I had a small, nerdy group of friends that I could hang around with. That would be so nice. I wish I knew some of you in real life.


fucking january man…
literally the clock strikes january 1st and the temperature falls 60 degrees and stays there

there's so much frost accumulation now the tree branches are hanging down

every january


It was 70 degrees here yesterday. It's supposed to be the coldest time of the year but it feels like spring.


great opportunity to get some backyard work done


Should I smoke a cigarette?


Do you want to smoke a cigarette?



Yes and no.

Thank you.


File: 1578976969531.jpg (41.86 KB, 600x635, 120:127, 62f43569c510e7ce301e1e795b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

just do what feels good man


No, they're bad for you.

This is a blatant bad advice.


>This is a blatant bad advice.
you don't trust wolves now?

wolves never lie


that's a sheep in wolves' clothing


It's not, I looked under his clothes. :3


File: 1579042202389.jpeg (46.43 KB, 660x680, 33:34, 82D3738F-FA53-4DFD-B32D-4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I took a shit today and the music I had playing randomed onto some Mozart opera. And it occurred to me that Mozart probably never fathomed someone would listen to his composition while taking a shit. Because you had to go to a theater with an orchestra to be able to, and obviously no one is gonna shit in the middle of a theater. Yet here I was centuries later, listening to his work doing the deed. It was kinda surreal to think about. The wonders of technology.


Is REBT wiz still around?


I've learned not to cast pearls before swine.


Hello to anyone here.


tl;dr there's a language where cockmonster is a medical term


Fair enough. Are you still interested in REBT?


I look like shit
I am shit


File: 1579102394243.png (44.77 KB, 1919x1025, 1919:1025, windows 7 end of support.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

We're on our own, now.


The idiots disabling updates immediately after installation won't care


Rip in peace windows 7. You were the best verson of windows, at least in my heart.

That said windows 10 really ain't that bad. Been using it as my main for 2 years and it is fine once you get everything set up just the way you like it.


Anyone else planning to switch to GNU/Linux?


this post sums up everything about why you are a faggot.


>That said windows 10 really ain't that bad. Been using it as my main for 2 years and it is fine once you get everything set up just the way you like it.
Windows 10 is that bad. Even ignoring the blatant botnet bullshit, oversized touchscreen-first layout is absolutely retarded to put on desktops and laptops. It's like the soyboy retards and boomer fuckos at microsoft just looked at the smartphone trends in pop culture and decided to shoehorn in that garbage into windows regardless of whether it fits or not. It makes me sick, that whole aesthetic makes me sick. I'd rather use command line only than use windows 10. I'd rather cut off my ears and eat them than use windows 10.


Holy shit calm down dude. It ain't that serious.


It is serious. I use my computer every day. A shitty OS like windows 10 would infect my mind with its putrescence. It is unacceptable. I will not accept it.


File: 1579104916205.gif (1022.91 KB, 326x250, 163:125, riss.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I was browsing the fb page of my neighborhood and found a post of a succubus who moved in here like 3 years ago, and who is already engaged and a mother, I know this because my aunt rented her an apartment. I saw her album and she has dozens of photos with her ex boyfriend on fb, she has photos collages in her fb dedicated to this man, fb statuses, and other lewd images where she has tagged this dude to express her desire and love for that guy. I see the date and she was in a relationship with him on 2013 but she's been with this other guy for over 3 years and has already a kid with him and yet she hasn't deleted those photos. The funniest part is that she's got only 2 photos with his current boyfriend who is the father of her kid, and when you click on her photos you can see the countless of other photos where she is with this other man.

Hahaahaha I just can't man, also this couple aren't even in their thirties but in their mid twenties. Is the guy okay with that and does the succubus give a fuck about him?



Are you sure you aren't confusing windows 10 with windows 8? I use windows 10 everyday at work and at home and works pretty well.

The only smartphone bullshit I can see in windows 10 is the windows store, which is something I have always ignored.


I like how it tells me to get another computer altogether.


I don't understand why people like 7 so much. 10 runs way faster and looks way better. Also I have no idea where the smartphone shit is that people always complain about, it's like they used windows 8 beta once a decade ago and then just vowed to dismiss any new OS from microsoft with unfounded claims.


File: 1579108858786.png (2.13 MB, 2621x1779, 2621:1779, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

No, this is garbage. If you can tolerate fucking adverts in the start menu, you're nothing but a whore.
Flat buttons are atrocious. Whoever came up with the idea should be shot in the head. And you cannot tell me with a straight face that these clunky oversized buttons are not trying desperately to imitate smartphones. No reason for them to exist if you're using a mouse and keyboard like you should be when operating a fucking PC.
>10 runs way faster and looks way better
MS shills must have lobotomized you in your sleep.


>neighbourhood gossip some succubus and her sugerdaddy
>crab-teir laughing at a guy being the victim of a sleep-arounder
It's "disregard succubi", not "spend long lengths of time using social media to follow, take notes on, and then deconstruct the relationships of the succ next door"


meh, shit works. Couldn't care less about the rest as a casual user. and I haven't got ads on my start menu.


>hurr if you are mean to us normalfaggots you must be a crab
typical succubus logic


He's obsessing over her and bringing his drama to the place where you're not supposed to obsess over succubi.
For a succubus, negative attention is better than no attention. If he really wanted to go warlock and be mean, he'd sign out of facebook and shit on her porch like a real wizard.


He doesn't understand that I'm laughing at normalfags and their fucked up relationships.


what is that, a completely fresh install?

windows 10 fucking sucks compared to windows 7. winodws 95 had the best ui. i dont like the smartphone flat design/metro ui of windows 10 at all


Dog Breeders Are Jerking Off Their Dogs



Centuries ago, I rented a video game called "Tomba".

I remember enjoying it, up until it got to this RPG-like area where I kept talking with these people who never seemed to shut up, and all of a sudden "CONGRATULATIONS: You agreed to go on this quest" and then "CONGRATULATIONS: You agreed to go on THIS quest", repeated a dozen times.

Such sophisticated fun that not even Missy Elliot could handle, so I stopped playing it. This was before the miracle that was Paper Mario so it didn't matter.



Here we go again.

I went to France, a few islands, and Ireland. I checked out France, and the radio kinda sucks right now at 11 AM. Does it get any better? Are there any wizards from France that can tell me this? I literally just went to Japan and the first song that came on is actually good. What the heck Japan.


File: 1579170954106.png (301.29 KB, 586x680, 293:340, aulmissy.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Such sophisticated fun that not even Missy Elliot could handle,

What did he mean by this?


wow, I wish I was some spoiled VSCO succubus princess who could travel to a bunch of bullshit countries and take pictures for instagram while visiting some shitty landmarks and only visiting high income areas meanwhile there is povery and social inequality all over the world.


File: 1579186424106.gif (117.4 KB, 159x152, 159:152, 56fget46g.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Smart home technology feels like such a bad idea, especially smart home security things. I even dislike those voice things like Alexa or whatever. I will never adopt it. Not everything needs to be "smart".


wtf are you talking about? only braindead retards use SMART fagnology.

I have never used a voice activated anything in my life, when im with my parents they use it when driving because theyre old as fuck but they also have facebooks too because they dont know shit about anything.

smart technology is for retards who dont know how to use technology.


those voice things seem useful for driving though, especially if they are old. kids driving and texting in the 00s scared the hell out of me, but old people doing that seems even scarier. disclaimer i dont know shit about driving or speech assistants


yeah but they had those gay little bluetooth earpieces back in the 2000s too.

im not really concerned about [scary driving] being related just to phones, most people are incredibly stupid as fuck behind the wheel of a vehicle and driving tests are a joke.


oh damn you're right, i forgot about those things. i always thought only business people had them though. it's just another reason among many for me to avoid cars and driving though. like when i was a kid there used to be car wrecks nearly every week in my small town, most were from alcohol and around night but still


It seems like you have a overly inflammatory response in regards to everything.
Seriously get your meds checked.


driving is really not a terrifying experience once you get used to it, always remember they are billions of utter retards on the road that drive every day. also dying is not a big deal nothing to be afraid of.

cry about it


there goes my bad santa thread, that was a funny movie


I spent the last 7 days sewing my wool coat back together, working 12 hours on average every day, christ, sewing by hand takes forever

this project was such a horrifying ordeal, I can't wait to throw it in the black acid dye and get it back on, then I'm just gonna walk around all winter enjoying my warm wool, instead of the freezing piece of shit substitute coat I've been stuck with for months

I never wanna see a needle and thread again


damn it must suck living in siberia and having to sew wool coats to stay warm


Do they not have second hand shops where you live?
How do you afford shelter but can't afford a used coat?


why do you assume I can't afford a new coat

I just like the one I have


lol wow u r so quirky ;P


Then why do you bitch so much about taking care of it?
Or value your time and effort so lowly?
If you have money and hate doing all that stuff but want to keep the same coat for whatever reason then take it to a tailor to have it fixed up.


low IQ
>why does long tedious work annoy you
try getting your hands dirty someday son


congratulations, you managed to reply to two serpate posters without saying anything at all.


A non-answer and parting shots.

Dude, if you are a poor there is no sense bluffing about it.


File: 1579190804858.jpg (2.36 MB, 3072x1728, 16:9, IMG_0271.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

keep guessing


wow dude you have like 800 dollars you are so rich

a few years ago I posted a picture of $5000 on my bed with a bunch of yugioh cards

that was like 3 years ago i dont know if anyone saved the pic


clean the screen lad


>once upon a time I had money
good for you son



just LOL, you are not the first one to post pictures of money on a crab forum you wool-coat stitching russian peasant.


there's nothing shameful about mending clothes instead of buying new ones you leisure class wannabe faggot


>Haha hey guys, guess who! It's ME, Mr. wacky nails blacksmith Alaskan! Here to break rule 8 once again!


File: 1579191579945.gif (3.91 MB, 400x200, 2:1, giphy (3).gif) ImgOps iqdb

it does when you spend 84 hours trying to piece together a piece of shit wool coat because you dont have 10 dollars to buy a coat from the thrift shop, big baller $800 money man


>10 dollars
pfft, guess you haven't been to a "thrift" store in the last 10 years

try getting out of the house someday son
what are you babbling about this time


>try getting out of the house
What website do you think you’re on?


File: 1579192019605.gif (1.42 MB, 320x173, 320:173, cage1.gif) ImgOps iqdb

if ur 800 dollars rich why not buy another coat?


>try getting out of the house someday son


getting out of the house doesn't mean just going to high school son


That would be animal abuse.


you lost the argument


File: 1579233009241.png (1.1 MB, 800x601, 800:601, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

old drawing of a woolly mammoth


File: 1579272243118.jpg (37.32 KB, 640x640, 1:1, batsrbackS.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1579312392974.jpg (631.19 KB, 1080x1195, 216:239, 20200117_195012.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



I guess you didn't catch that thread long ago. radio.garden is a site that allows you to listen to radio stations around the world.


In 2015 I wrote a silly Regular Show fan fiction that was taking the piss on how I essentially wrote angsty fan fiction in the late 00s and then cp fetish (mostly against the female’s will) fanfiction in the early 10s, except it was an elegantly written fan fiction on how Don intimidates Eileen by approaching her more and more as if Eileen was too scared should Don want his way with her (which is heavily implied but never flat out admitted) only to have it end with Don sarcastically saying how he wouldn’t force her to “date him” and act as if “they could never be together” or something.

The thing with that fan fiction, which I only told my friend at the time, is that I was joking around throughout the first half but I took the second half a little bit more seriously.

Maybe it was a recon-recon thing, maybe I had a dark sense of humor.

Maybe I finally accepted how useless writing fanfiction was.

I dunno.

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