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File: 1578861729025.jpg (636.65 KB, 1071x1068, 357:356, 1575244842452.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


While juice fasting, I've found my sexual urges to be totally absent. Currently I don't really care about petty dopaminergic vices, all of the addictive habits in my life seem meaningless. It's been very easy to get to work doing the things I want to focus on for extend periods.

Of course fasting indefinitely is impossible. But after researching the topic, it turns out that even intermitant fasting reduces the urge for sex (EG: https://blog.umzu.com/health/sexual-health/t-heres-what-intermittent-fasting-is-doing-to-your-sex-drive/)

this is the road to wizardry. Reject chemical slavery


File: 1578863509074.png (403.05 KB, 602x475, 602:475, ZxAcJag.png) ImgOps iqdb

>The research surrounding intermittent fasting is exciting. It’s flashy, always making headlines touting yet another health benefit. Intermittent fasting is a sexy new way of eating.

skipping a meal every once in a while = 'intermitent fasting' lol. how cool and 'sexy'

btw your link didn't prove shit
it's clickbait garbage meant to sell products to gullible succubi and health freaks addicted to social media
and even if it was right what's with the constant shilling for fasting, weird diets, cold showers, sleeping on the ground, staring at walls and so on? it's like you guys have a hardon for suffering for the sake of suffering. I can never tell whether it's merely affectation or you tryhards are for real.


The sad part is some wizzies will fall for this meme out of desperation


you're both dumb. I've been fasting for three days now and haven't had the urge to fap whatsoever. Anecdotally, it seems to work


cool story
lol at needing to let yourself starve to avoid playing with yourself


kill yourself


i'm not op
>sell products to gullible succubi
i would normally agree with you. but in this case there is no product to sell. How the fuck can anyone make money off of people just deciding not to eat.
>shilling for fasting
i fast because i want to lose weight. The entire "diet" industry is a sham and can be replaced by telling people to stop eating.
>sleeping on the ground,
i less back pain since i started sleeping on the ground. So that's less suffering.
>cold showers
I use hot showers because i don't like to suffer. hot showers can damage your skin and hair.
I've fasted 8 days this year and I have masturbated more than normal. Pretty sure fasting has no effect on sex drive. Also who fucking cares masturbate if you want to masturbate.


I have heard that Islam recommends using fasting as a method of temporally lessening lust.
The problem is that it is just that, temporary. It doesn't work long term because eventually you have to eat or you will die.
When you do eat your sex drive will return and you will lust again.
They use it plus praying as a method to curb masturbation until marriage and highly in favor marriage early. Like early to mid teens early if they can legally get away with it.

I say unless you are forbidden for religious reason just masturbate to satisfy your urges quickly and get it out of the way so you can get on with your day without the fog of lust.
If you are uncomfortable with all aspects of sexuality then masturbation can be made relatively nonsexual and mechanical with practice. By not using porn and not using imagination of lustful mental imagery, one is forced to just focus on the sensation or fixated on abstractions while mechanically stimulating one's self to release.

Meditation and prayer also works and is used by religious orders around the world to deal with lustful thoughts but also takes practice and has to be done really regularly. Like several times a day every day for the rest of your life. Great if you are the religious type or love the state meditation puts you in, not so great if you don't want to devote the entirety of your being to god/spiritual pursuits.

Fasting is just another tool in the tool box I suppose, but personally I don't have any hang ups with my sexuality so I just jack off every few days and it doesn't bother me.


the question is whether you masturbated more or less frequently during fasting. Or likewise if this happened during constant intermitant fasting.

At least on the social media sites, there seems to evidence for this happening. The trouble I have with libido is it gets in the way of productivity and makes me lonesome, which is not what I want.


you know, instead of literally starving yourself like an african kid, just read a fking book, idk, or just go for a walk
you're literally doing this meme in order to do another meme that is nofap
pls tell me you're joking


the desperation, god damn


It's not really samefagging if he's not pretending to be a different person.


>getting triggered about other people fasting and trying to increase their discipline/self control
Only a normalfaggot or a succubus would behave like this.

Anyways, OP I've done fasting. It does not give you more energy – it gives you better concentration and it clears your mind. I do way better at my exercises when I eat a light meal a few hours before hand. But I do better at vidya/writing/daydreaming/theorizing when I haven't eaten for 24 hours. The longest I've gone is 4 days, when I ran out of mommybux to feed myself. I felt really hungry, but not exactly bad. I was alert, short-tempered but unusually humorous about things, good at online vidya, and coming up with good writing ideas. I was almost slightly delirious but not in a 100% bad way. I bet if you went 10+ days, you could have visions.


It's that crab in a bucket mentality.

As for fasting results seem to vary quite a bit. Personally I get really bad brain fog when I fast as my body eats up all the glucose it is used to, then my body starts to feel like dog shit and I feel like I am about to die when I go into ketosis ether through fasting or not eating any carbs. It also fucks up my mental state so I am paranoid and anxious, which is very bad when you also physically feel like you are dying.
Then the shakes start. A small tremble which progresses into uncontrollable full body shivering.

Needless to say 4 or 5 days is all I can withstand of that bullshit without carbs/food, with the longest water fast I have done being 3 days. I don't know why I have such a negative reaction when I hit ketosis and why my mental preformence merably falls off a cliff when I don't have any carbs but it just ain't the diet/lifestyle for me. Intermittent fasting is fine though. If you watch your macros then it is actually convenient sometimes. Intermittent fasting didn't really effect my libido though.
Fasting after around 24-36 hours or so did, because that is about the point that my blood sugar drops and I start feeling like dog shit so I don't feel like doing much of anything including fapping.


no, you're the crabs, so weak willed you have to "trying to increase their discipline/self control" by searching for some stupid drastic shit to distract yourself from a simple desire, temporarily


>nofapping to stop from feeling lonesome
now i get you nofappers. that feeling is one of the worst parts of life. i should try nofap sometime seem if i get any happier.
it's not as drastic as your making it out to be. your just not eating a few days. it's not some grand work effort. It's inaction its a very passive thing to do.


fuck off retard


it's drastic for a placebo or at best temporary effect which is based on an anecdotal and contradicting meme
>Less ghrelin means less hunger, which might also mean less sex.
> I felt really hungry
>Fasting after around 24-36 hours or so did, because that is about the point that my blood sugar drops and I start feeling like dog shit so I don't feel like doing much of anything including fapping.
By the OP article you will want more sex because of hunger? Why don't you eat more to get less sex? Which is it?

and the nofap meme originally advocates living a real life (getting "real boobs") instead of fapping to a monitor, and what do the fasting wizards in this thread do? Better at playing video games?



read what?


Are you retarded?
>Check Out UMZU's Supplement Line! From gut health to proper blood flow, UMZU's supplement line is aimed at helping men and succubi everywhere heal their body from the inside out.

There is ALWAYS something to sell. How fucking credulous can you possibly be?

This. I knew one of them would resort to calling others crabs, which is rich coming from people who will do the most extreme shit to get rid of sexual desires and masturbation.
Imagine a lunatic cutting off his balls and having the gall to tell you: haha! I am mentally stronger than you!


Does seems to reduce sex drive in scientific studies with rats.



>getting triggered by other people fasting

You're not a crab, you're a succubus. Trying to keep wizards from fasting to improve discipline (a technique advocated by hermits, magicians and ascetics across the world over five millennia) is something only a loosh slurping succubus would do (succubi feel threatened when people try to rise above their primal urges).


File: 1579032037932.png (113.89 KB, 778x215, 778:215, Screenshot_2020-01-14 Here….png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm not keeping anyone from doing anything they want. What's infuriating is the shilling and the bollocks science to back up your lifestyle choices.

>you're a succubus

said the "guy" browsing such a manly and scholarly blog as "umzu.com".


>Fasting is bollocks
What? The wisest people in history have all recommended it for discipline and spiritual clarity. You're just a succubus that gets mad when other people try to ascend from their imperfections.


>The wisest people in history have all recommended it for discipline and spiritual clarity


the wisest people such as *insert random blogger*
poster who can't keep hands off his junk lectures others about "discipline and spiritual clarity"


Why are so many people here triggered by someone wanting to fast to control their sex drive?

Men have been doing that for thousands of years and it's contained in most religious texts


probably because of the stupid truwiz shit OP is going on about.


You can't attain wizardry without fasting.


he is talking facts though

the beginning path of self mastery is mastery over the unconscious biases and urges produced by chemicals and hormones in an untrained body.

Something must happen when you fast and can still be alert that the body goes into a different way of functioning


Does anyone have any decent PDFs on wizardly fasting?

I wish there was a decent search function here with an archive of all PDFs ever shared.. this place use to be a treasure trove of useful guides and documents fro the wizards path..


You are not a wizard until you fast


This pace is dead now, i asked this like 2 days ago, where did everyone go?

I was here back in '16 and it was more active, with people lamenting the downfall soon to come

there's no where else, am i just supposed to talk to myself form now on wtf.. a few gems of knowledge spread here and there but still, there used to be so many threads and deep topics of discussion, now nothing


I'm starting to believe this more and more.

Plus the pst about the alkaline diet, i must really try that somehow.

The problem is the context to which i live, i think i have to create a literally wizardly environment before i can tackle these higher things. Maslow comes to mind in this case.


don't forget meditation now


They can be found in the suicide thread, or /b/
All this shit has been discussed to death, there's no permanent solution other than death
Blame your parent for bringing you into this world then suicide


well, I didn't reply because I don't have a pdf guide or anything. The recommended method is juice fasting, I went through a few litres of v8-type juice every day. Bone broth has also been recommended as a way of fixing stomach problems. The method I'm using now, intermitant fasting, is much safer. All you do is skip breakfast (asides cofee) and eat the default meal at lunch.

In the end I lasted about 2.5 days and called it off to be safe. Even now days later I have little desire to fap, it's almost concerning. The other positive effect was I had severe inflammation of the ribcage before fasting (costochondritis) and all pain totally disappeared after the first day. I was able to actually realign one of my stuck ribs on day two and the fascia knots showed signs of unclenching.

It was a great experience, I didn't actually want to stop


Glad it is helping with your health problems.
Any little improvement to health tends to make life a lot less shit.


My most cheerful greetings, friend.
At last someone I find who walks along this way.

What I did it was eating just once a day. It looked better, it felt better.


But i don't wish to play it that way, i wish to gain wizardly knowledge and ascend to a new plane of self-understanding, which ironically i can't do without you wizboys linking me to the pdfs!

I've got a few now, mostly on druidism, but theres so much in-fighting of whos got the scholarly knowledge its just like Christianity all over gain, whose spells are pronouns right etc..

I can go and meditate for ten years, but that looks like an echo-chamber of my own creation.

What to do


But there used to be so many pdfs everywhere

I wish i actually would have saved all of them when they were going, i just thought that people would keep sharing them and hold this as a continual library of knowledge

Is there a way to check all the threads from 2014-2017 i wonder..

some software that can pull out everything that has a .pdf attachment

then i could rest easy and have enough knowledge to venture out with


What i don't understand is that if eating once a day is optimal, why don't we regularly do it?

Seems with agriculture came the standard three meals a day all over the world


>why don't we regularly do it?
probably a combination of that "3 meals per day" shit meme and the simple fact that everyone enjoys eating


agriculture also brought wageslavery. You can't put as much effort into a labor job when you're starving yourself I'd assume


>agriculture also brought wageslavery
No it didn't.
Early agriculture was almost completely subsistence based with what little trade of surplus happening within the small community/kin group/tribe.
People didn't work for a wage, they worked to directly produce the food they needed to eat.


I think he means in the fact that it made it possible to grow more food than you yourself need, so then people could have jobs that weren't subsistence farming and that wageslavery grew out of that. Which is all stupid because that's like saying wageslavery was caused by life existing on the earth.


It's weird to see the segment of the population here that associates wizardry with removing one's sexual urges. I have lustful urges but I just choose to satisfy them with porn and fapping rather than pursuing succubi because it's way easier and less risky. Works fine. It's not like I'm some horndog who can't control my raping every time I go outside and see a hot scantily clothed female. Honestly I barely even register it. I will just note that there is a pretty succubus and be pleased by the sight and then I go on with whatever I'm doing, I barely even feel any sexual attraction to 3D succubi because the possibility of me having sex with them does not seem real at all and is not even a consideration to me.

I think that's what the crabs are missing, that is what torments them. They think about having sex with succubi as a real thing that actually could happen to them but doesn't for reasons that they fixate endlessly on. Once you don't have that your sex drive is not a problem, rather it is a source of pleasure because you can fap and enjoy it.


>the possibility of me having sex with them does not seem real at all and is not even a consideration to me.


File: 1580341893481.jpg (144.34 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, medicine.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Plato divided medicine into ‘true’ and ‘false’; the ‘true’ being that which gives health which included fasting, air and sun.

But it was Hippocrates the father of modern medicine, who created the Mediterranean diet and who took fasting and food out of the realm of philosophy and made them into a medical must. He said the following about fasting for a sick person:

"The addition of food should be much rarer, since it is often useful to completely take it away while the patient can withstand it, until the force of the disease reaches its maturity. If the body is cleared the more you feed it the more it will be harmed. When a patient is fed too richly, the disease is fed as well … excess is against nature."


this is revisionist crap. Agriculture brought hierarchical societies and inequality. In all liklihood the evidence of genocidal war and existence of highly aggressive H-G societies (yanomamo) indicate that even in previous times harsh mate and tribal competition was normative


>Agriculture brought hierarchical societies and inequality
This is laughably wrong and totally unsupported by anything.


Not the guy you're arguing with, but what he said is consistent with everything that I've read about this. Hunter-gatherer societies have very little hierarchy, but as the society becomes more sedentary and agricultural and produces more surplus, more hierarchy and inequality is formed.


>Ghrelin is involved in the stimulation of appetite because it activates the brain’s reward system. Since the brain’s reward system also motivates us to seek a partner and to have sex, …
Wouldn't that generally make you apathetic though?


>>juice fasting
Diabetes inducing is more like.

Also, last time I fasted to try to lose weight to avoid inevitable renal issues via hypertension (and also so I can live in the woods without dying of a stroke suddenly coming off of the ace) I went blind from a migraine while stressed. It hurt too much to continue. You can't even read during a migraine so there's no way I'm just putting up with biweekly migraines from fasting.


I didn't even click it. I should have saged before.

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