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Did you wizards know they finally released a cut of the Ulillillia documentary?!? After some consideration I decided this deserves its own thread in order to ensure all his fans see it.
>The Platform Master - Ulillillia Documentary - Full Unreleased Director's Cut (2012)
This is the full unreleased director's cut and the only official edit of the documentary ever made. Please note that this is an unfinished edit and not a completed film, so there is no audio mastering, colour grading, or other fine-tuning that are customary to an indie documentary today. This is as far as we got with in before we cancelled its release in 2012, planning to try a completely new edit that was just about Nick and not about the flood. Though started, this also never came to be.

Keep an eye on our page, there's a lot more to come. We are going to release that Ulillillia-only re-edit that one of the producers is working on, and eventually, the raw footage. All to come in 2020.


>Did you wizards know they finally released a cut of the Ulillillia documentary?!?
yes, and i've somehow watched it. it was pretty awkward and uncomfortable, typical ulillillia stuff. he is apparently living quite a different life now which is interesting given the… severity of his mental health


I have uli on my Facebook friends, his real name is Nick Smith and I recently wished him a happy birthday. Thanx for posting this documentary, wiz.


Ulillillia taught me to degrease my pizza.


Thank you for introducing me to this man.


Very wizardly


I know right
Real wizards use dating apps


I watched this. It seems like they couldn't decide if they wanted to do a documentary on the flooding or Ulillillia maybe they wanted to link the flooding to Ulillillia's fear of water but when asked if the flooding had affected his life he answered that it had not lol


That's because floodwater is brown he was afraid of blue water.


This man, this man saved my life (metaphorically of course)
Praise the savior


is this the only doc about a wizard?



Does anyone remember and have a link to that Finnish documentary about a young female NEET? Thank you.


I think what had happened was they originally planned on doing a documentary on Uli but once they got there it happened to flood by chance so they thought they lucked out and could get a fresh scoop on it while still making a documentary about Uli as planned, or perhaps they wanted to make one of each and that's why it took so many years for them to finally say screw it and put it all together.

I skipped all the parts with hicks rambling on about nothing.


Do you have a crush on her?


I started degreasing stuff because of him.


Do we know if he's still working at a Walmart in Florida? From what I can tell from Google, it sounds like he has a relatively nice, cozy life now. I relate to him a lot.
What do you mean, wiz?
No, I think I just found her to be interesting.

For some reason I usually only find succubi who are around my age attractive, for example, the actresses Kirsten Dunst and Alice Eve, who are both 37. Females in their teens and twenties look like kids to me practically, which makes me feel sort of protective of them.


File: 1579171268910.gif (186.64 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 1408350451711.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Bout time. God bless Ulillillia. Very wizardly man, I still read the archive of his old site just because it's comfy.

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