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File: 1579450216157.jpg (209.46 KB, 1024x676, 256:169, happy bara.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction


what the hell is that creature


capybara. Largest rodent


CAN ANYBODY HELP ME MAKE THINGS BETTER?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



this song explains it


This is awful.


My sister asked my father how much money he had recently and while he didn't tell her exactly how much he had, he confirmed that it was quite a lot. I don't know how to feel about this exactly. I always assumed we had some money, but by the comments my dad makes about how much things cost like if I buy something expensive while at a restaurant I assumed it was less than it turns out. I guess I feel better now about all the money I wasted on college and it makes me feel better about being a neet since it's not like we will need me to be working in order to survive financially. In fact it makes sense now in light of this information that my parents have pushed as softly as they have for me to get a job. I suppose I will just file this under "feeling reassured".


my cuck parents left to whiteknight for the in-law's bastard child 100 miles away and I have the house to myself until tomorrow night

maybe now I can scream and cuss in peace


File: 1579482132008.jpg (20.52 KB, 380x400, 19:20, s-l400 (1).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

anyone have experience with snuggies or whatever they are called? blanket pajamas? i want to ascend to another realm of comfy, open to any recommendations if theres a wizard robe expert out there


i was gonna buy one, but my mom went crazy over it, i guess it symbolizes sinking deeper into a lazy neet vegging life.

i decided not to get it on my own, when i realized i do walk around a lot, and wouldnt want to have to take it off

most of the cheap ones are made of polyester


>any wizard have expereience with robes?
it's a blanket that doesn't fall off; a flawless article



File: 1579497275074.png (690 KB, 800x913, 800:913, wiz.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't come here often but I wanted to share this with you niggers


just get a big wool coat, it's warm as a blanket but doesn't make you look queer


IRL culture and internet culture basically are the same nowadays, globalization has peaked, from where I see it.


in the past week my mom:
called me "a grown ass man"
said "woke" in a conversation
told someone on the phone twice to stop being "butthurt"

the butthurt part really disturbed me, like how you'd feel from seeing blood when you go pee… a sign of something deeply wrong and probably going to get worse

what's next? saying "BUSSY"?!

where are parents learning this shit from?


Was going to make a lapboard for gaming comfy but my saw don't work.
Have to ether borrow one of use a mini hack saw which will take forever.
If the saw worked this would have been a super quick project. Just cut wood to size, stick the comfy foam pads to the top, and file edges down. Wasn't even planning to stain or treat the wood. 10 to 15 minuets tops not counting waiting for the spray glue to dry.
I hate when simple projects end up taking days because of a dumb complication.


File: 1579539141865.png (258.58 KB, 499x499, 1:1, ben shapiro liberals furry….png) ImgOps iqdb

It's like >>235775 said. Internet culture has passed into the real world fully. I see people walk around with pepe backpacks. All these old people use facebook which dripfeeds all the oldest and stale memes to them. And mainstream news sites are even feeding it to them because of things like trump and brexit having huge twitter presences and little shits from /pol/ trying to "redpill the normies" with their bullshit. I've heard people in real life say "libtard". It was surreal.


I don't see how the pic is related but that text made me laugh out loud


It's only tangentially related, but I also just find it really funny.


just file the saw teeth, wtf


It is a power tool and the blade isn't the problem.
I have to return the saw I planed to use. Basicly the part that connects the saw blade to the reciprocating motor doesn't have all the parts it is supposed to in order to stay together. So the blade can't be held by the power tool rendering it useless.


reciprocating saws are dumb anyway, you can't achieve high precision cuts and those wonky ass blades bind easily and become bent
you can't beat a good old fashioned wood saw with a good spring temper, $5 at any thrift store


Some of us actually value their time and like the efficient that modern tools provide. Why would I expend more effort to do something worse while wasting more time then modern alternatives?

With a power tool it would take 30 seconds to make the cut I need.
Can't say the same about some old rusty hand saw.


>more time then modern
oh…it's my doppelganger again, I should've known

why can't you just be more like me
why can't you just try to be better


what do you do if your mom actually starts saying bussy?


slap that bitch and tell her to make you a sammich


Get a jigsaw. They cost less than $20 for a cheap model. Much better than a reciprocating saw.


My mom has always been the type that needs to stay busy to be happy. She used to do it by working but now that she's retired she's started cooking me meals (among other things). It's great. The only downside is that she brings her friends over from time to time now, but hey, it's her house, I can just stay in my room when they come.


It is a jigsaw.
I have to go back to return it and get a replacement.


I didn't say "busy"

perhaps it's best you don't know what we're talking about



File: 1579562251890.png (113.36 KB, 915x645, 61:43, heh.png) ImgOps iqdb


how the hell would your mom start saying that, honestly im curious


I don't know. All I know is my mom is starting to talk like a teenage channer. There was "grown ass man" and "woke." After "butthurt" the logical next step can only be……that!


Grown ass man has been common slang since my mom was a little succubus. Probably longer.

I don't know why you are acting like the phrase is some internet exclusive meme.

Same with woke though that one is more understandable I guess.
Only since the whole culture war SJW bullshit did the phrase leave the rather obscure communities that used it. I wonder how many know where it came from or how dumb the communities that spawned it are?

Butthurt is a internet meme though. But it is so old and common that it appears on facebook and tv so it is unsurprising when heard irl.

Bussy is still (hopefully) relatively obscure and rather context dependent so I highly doubt she would use it unless talking about degenerate flaming homosexuals…
I think I know why you are concerned about her using the term
You wouldn't happen to be a degenerate flaming homosexual would you?


>Grown ass man has been common slang
Where I live has nothing in common with the trailer park.
>since my mom was a little succubus.
The 1990s wasn't a really long time ago.
>You wouldn't happen to be a degenerate flaming homosexual would you?
Sorry. I'm not interested in a relationship.


anyway to force a minimum delay between double clicks in windows? my mouse has problems, probably 10% of single left clicks result in an instant double click. so for instance closing a window it will end up closing the window behind it, among other things. i want to make it so there is like a 70ms forced delay between single clicks before it registers that as a double click, so the instant clicks i'm having stop

i thought windows had something for that, but it kind of does the opposite, it just extends or shortens the time before two single clicks register as a double click, there is no forced delay though


What is mechanically wrong with your mouse?


the micro switch is just nearing the end of its lifespan. on a click up, it will register another click down/up. it causes so much annoyance, it's basically impossible to highlight text, it will just end up clicking at the end and the highlighted field goes away so you have to CTRL C while holding, again among tons of other shit

i found a software solution someone has written though
like pure fucking magic it works fine now


Glad you found a solution that will help for now, but I would start saving/searching for a new mouse or looking to repair/replace that switch soon.


welll the software fix was totally fine buf i felt like actually fixing the switch. i opened up an older mouse that hasnt been used much at all and started cannibalizing a switch. took off the saitch that needs repaired. heating up a fork on the stove and pushing the pins out. but there's solder in all the holes so i can't just pop the new switch in. apparently theres such a thing as a solder sucker that should let me suck it through the other end if i heat it up. i will try using various nozzled bottles tomorrow i guess. people are coming home right now so im stuck without a mouse for now. probably wasnt a good idea to use the only other working mouse for parts


File: 1579647465928.jpg (669.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1521042739133.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>left computer speaker stops working
>isolate problem to a plug on the base of the sound system
>open it up where everything connects
>find a literal tiny connector that moves freely and had slipped down just enough to no longer make contact with the plug
>push it up less than a centimeter and everything works perfectly fine again

If I didn't already have a set of computer screwdrivers and the smallest amount of confidence in my ability to recognize the most basic shit I would have been forced to buy an entire new set

This is a prime example of planned obsolescence and it is infuriating.


That sounds more like shoddy engineering than planned obsolescence, considering you were able to repair it. Planned obsolescence would've put some fuse in your speaker that can't be replaced when blown out.


it was probably installed with lead-free solder
who needs planned obsolescence when they can just make everything with lead-free solder?


It struck me as being intentional because of the clearly horrible design. These moving pins that I simply needed to push in half a centimeter HAVE to of been designed to move out of their position slowly over time because there's no good reason for them to move at all in the first place. Iv seen the insides of a lot of radios/speakers/sound systems both at home and in vehicles and never have I seen something like this.


Well the manufacturers were either bad at good design, or bad at planned obsolescence.


Maybe few people would have opened their broken speakers in the first place, and few enough would have fixed it to make putting a fuse into the speaker cost too much money


Oh here we go again with this retardation.

There is a reason no one in the developed world uses that shit anymore. Maybe you should read up why.


anon, there are dozens of speaker manufacturers it's not a monopoly, they have to do their best to survive in capitalism (despite how much you love to hate it)


but if the speaker breaks why would I buy the same one again?


the reputation and review wiz


File: 1579680436999.jpg (9.71 KB, 194x259, 194:259, images.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

To live knowing that the person who ruined your life and is responsible for most of your suffering will die having lived a much better life than yours and without ever experiencing the hell you did… that is torture.
Vengeance is justified in my eyes. It should be put in practice more often. No, it should be mandatory.


File: 1579681635944.jpg (52.97 KB, 661x845, 661:845, nitro_rad_s_edgy_meme_by_y….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I guess you're the one whose mom got sick as a factory solderer.
I already explained to you how it couldn't be from the solder, only the flux. After you ran out of emotional comebacks I assumed that science finally broke through your thick skull. But I'll repeat myself. The mythical "lead fumes" those lead-free regulations are entirely based on don't exist because in order to vaporize lead it needs to be at its boiling point, which is 2,000 freaking degrees higher than any soldering iron runs at. And the boiling point of the tin in lead solder is significantly even higher than that of lead. Flux, on the other hand, is chock full of nasty shit that needs to be ventilated – which aul ma didn't have, by your own admission.

Go breath flux smoke for a while and see how it feels. Then melt a pot full of lead solder, stick a lid on and leave it there until tomorrow. When you lift the lid there won't be any condensation, because there are no goddamn fumes.
>There is a reason no one in the developed world uses that shit anymore.
If you're implying the reason is "science and facts," you're naive. Most of what the "developed" world goes around banning nowadays are the victims of ignorance and ulterior motives. Your same "developed" world fluoridates its water and says marijuana is harmless. So you can just stop invoking "the developed world" now.


High temp soldering happens at at least 450 degrees.
Lead fumes at 450 degrees dumbass.

Again, go read up on the subject and stop making a damn fool of yourself.
You are literally too ill-informed to discus the topic and nearly everything you say is wrong.


lead doesn't even melt at 450F you fool


Celsius retard.


>Alloys commonly used for electrical soldering are 60/40 Sn-Pb, which melts at 188 °C (370 °F)
Wow, even if you use ℉ you are still wrong, lol.


Everyone knows that constituent elements in alloys can have lower melting points. But I wasn't talking about alloys, nor is he. Pay attention son.
Does putting it in your eurofag metric change anything? Lead doesn't fume at soldering temperatures.


No one solders electronics with pure lead.
Pay attention to what is being talked about boy.

> Lead doesn't fume at soldering temperatures.

>lead fumes at 450 degrees
>lead containing solder fumes at far lower temperatures then pure lead due to it always being a alloy, usually of tin
>the low end of high temperature soldering is 450 degrees
You truly are retarded, aren't you.
I will say it again, you are just too ignorant of this topic to say anything without making a fool of yourself.


Repeating yourself doesn't make lead's boiling point lower. Melt some solder in a pot and show me the condensates under the lid, genius. Run it as hot as you want.

Your mom was breathing flux smoke.


>ignores facts
>doubles down on stupidity
>doesn't even realize what they are saying is dumb
>ends with trying hardest to make things personal

Go read nigger. You need some book learning bad.


>emotional denials
I see nothing's changed


That feeling when you are hungry but your guts hurt because you ate some bad meat.

I wish I had some saltines or something. That or some ginger garlic tea.


Says the person who ignore literally every fact about the subject while asserting things that are consistently wrong.
For example if you knew anything you would know that the retarded example experiment you keep bringing up would cause deposition (gas into solid) and not condensation(gas into liquid). But you probably didn't pass highschool chemistry and you obviously don't know shit about lead so you didn't know that and thus sound like a retard every time you bring it up.


micrograms worth, if at all, which you aren't getting from the small amount of solder that's ever being used to hand solder stuff

but at least I got you to start googling stuff
now find me a chemical content analysis of those "solder fumes" you're so sure have lead in them


Kind of sort of admiting you are wrong.
We are making progress.

>now find me a chemical content analysis of those "solder fumes" you're so sure have lead in them


Analysis of air samples in the exposure chamber showed the following fume concentrations: 0.193 mg/m3 for formaldehyde, 0.35 mg/m3 for Sn and 3 mg/m3 for Pb.

That was easy.


Well, I enjoyed the last 3 MP movies and thought Labyrinth was fun.



just what I said


I think it is interesting that you don't think that inhaling that amount of lead isn't a problem.

Also, so you do now admit that leaded solder fumes have lead in them. Good, more progress.


you breath a lot more than that when you go shooting, and recreational shooters aren't getting lead poisoning, not after years of exposure
it's so little it practically doesn't exist


I hate how on imageboards you have these overbearing bitter cunts aka mods who try to micromanage every aspect of the site. Instead of contributing they just bully and delete, and harass, and stalk. Fuck you mods. I've had enough.


uh this isnt meta


prove it.


Picking my battles is like picking my nose:

I should just use a tissue.


I was listening to this and my head started to hurt.


well…it's big, but it doesn't look very bara


>but my mom went crazy over it, i guess it symbolizes sinking deeper into a lazy neet vegging life.
Same. It would save her a ton of laundry too, so I'm not sure what's her problem.


valentine's day is coming, and you all know what that means


File: 1579783376688.jpg (119.21 KB, 740x429, 740:429, WCCFsonicthehedgehogmovie4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

yeah, the release of the Sonic movie.


means i get to steal my nieces' candies

god bless halloween and valentines day, i derive my neetfuel from these glorious events


File: 1579783949749.jpg (79.86 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 179343-full_best-56-sanic-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'll have to wait for a couple more months after that for a good torrent to popup. But yeah I'm actually looking forward to this.


File: 1579784178662.gif (404.36 KB, 500x314, 250:157, giphy.gif) ImgOps iqdb

getting myself PSYCHED for the sanic movie


I'm sorry for sperging out in my last post. I should just stay away from "The Shadow Realm", it's full of bullies now. -.-


File: 1579839230597.mp4 (991.87 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, bj.mp4) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1579899813369.png (2.03 MB, 953x953, 1:1, lasvegastheory.png) ImgOps iqdb

I unironically listen to nu-metal. Come at me music snobs.


I was a teen in the 00s too.
Some of it was pretty good and overall that transition period was a good thing when it came to evolving metal.


Can't return a non-functional item to the store because I don't have a valid state id


I'm just chillin'


let me guess, they scanned it? you're better off this way, fuck that orwellian shit

it would've gone into a federal database somewhere


You think barcodes are a conspiracy or something?
I don't know what you mean.


I mean when they scan your ID


They didn't do that.
They could pretty easily tell it was years out of date by looking at the dates on it and the photo.

I will just try again later when someone else is working on the counter and see if I can get them to overlook that part of store policy.
I ain't super persuasive but I can be persistent to the point of being annoying. It has worked for other things, might work here too.


All of a sudden it seems like Google has started to suck ass for me. Normally the first page has what I want, but I've been getting worse and worse results recently.


File: 1579987940558.jpg (171.23 KB, 782x440, 391:220, WWE.Summer.Slam.2019.PPV.H….jpg) ImgOps iqdb



It hasn't really been sudden at all.
They have been messing with the results for a few years now.

I only use goggle as a makeshift spell checker these days.
For actual internet searches I use duckduckgo.


File: 1580097141983.png (20.08 KB, 1324x315, 1324:315, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Just filed my taxes


man doing taxes is so fucking dumb
i hope yours was easy
im never working ever again fuck that shit it wasnt worth it for me


Nice, the refund is always a nice gift after quitting a job to be NEET for a while.


>neet for a while
or when you don't have work on the weekend, am I right

nothing quite like a weekend of neeting


I only work weekends and the $2,172 I received from tax returns is equal to 2.3 months of work for me.


hello my fellow neet, I only work part time too

lol don't you love being neet?


He never claimed to be a neet
Stop trying to derail threads with this hostile sarcasm


>derail threads
what's the topic of the crawl thread again?


Im a college neet teehee because my parents pay for my stuff so i dont have to work :DDD #neet


school break in 4 more months wizzie

I can't wait to be neet again!


posting on my work break rn

I only have 5 minutes but boy does it feel great to be NEET again


>Have to stay overtime
Fucking 2 hours of NEETdom gone just like that.


Ever do something where you are not sure if it is genus or retarded?

Just installed a mini vice into one of those folding steel chairs (like the kind wrestlers hit each other with) as a mini portable work station thing that I can fold up and lean against a wall out of the way when not in use.
Haven't used it for a project yet but preliminary messing around with it makes it seem fine for the light work I intend to use it for.


>Ever do something where you are not sure if it is genus or retarded?
i put a small magnet on the side of my pc to hold my nail clippers. feels amazing knowing they will never get lose again


I guess if it isn't a strong magnet and isn't near any of the important hardware then it probably won't cause any harm.

If it is strong and/or placed badly then you are in for a bad time eventually.


i've used them to mount small hard drives inside my case before, i dont think it's a big deal for that. everything else is usually inside away from the sides anyway


>i've used them to mount small hard drives inside my case before

Again, as long as it ain't a overly strong magnet or put in a bad place it should be fine, though a bit weird.


I am the luckiest man alive. Second degree just came in the mail. Holy shit. Time to have the best sleep I've had in months. Sometimes good things happen, wizzies.


Congratulations man.
I really mean that.



I use duckduckgo now. Google prefers results that fits their political agenda.


I bought some "acid" dye to try restoring a black wool peacoat that was faded yellow. I was skeptical because it's cheap. But it worked so well, I went on a clothes dying streak. All my wool is coming out pitch black, almost as black as mod-kun's rotten teeth. This stuff is a great way to revive wool. These are results I'd never get from store-bought crap dye.



On a related note I'm thinking of dying my hair. I have a lot of grey hair and I am only 33. My grey hair doesn't affect my daily life but I do wonder how young I will look without the white hair.

I wonder if my early greying comes from me not taking care of my hair. Before I changed shampoo my hair was super dry and stiff. Now it is as soft like as it was back when I was a teenager.


>On a related note
your hair is not related to my wool coat


Both post are talking about dying fibers.
That is how they are related.

-Capt. Obvious


>dying fiber
That is just the remotest possible similarity, it does not make them related. It's like if I made haute cuisine and you came up with "ON A RELATED NOTE I made top ramen!" because they're both cooking.


god shut the fuck up


Has anyone else noticed the page load times for this site have been slower then usual?

I wonder what the cause is.


the server room is overheating from mod-kun's sweating hippopotamus ass


I've been watching the 2017 version of Ducktales. It's been surprisingly good.


it looks like shit


File: 1580559706375.jpeg (10.63 KB, 225x225, 1:1, neetsnax.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

they went and fuckin' did it, NEET is now literally a branding term.

fuckin hell


looks faker than those taiwanese "next media" animations


But neets usually don't have money and many take no pride in being a neet.


normies use the term to describe a normie who sometimes spends time alone during his free time.


It's for those part time neets after work. Its meaning's gonna be bastardized further


Am I addicted to heroin if I use it once a week ? I can go without and don't feel any cravings but my daily life is just too boring without external pleasures.


if it's not causing you harm then no
having sex can be defined as addiction if doing it is causing you harm


Heroin is physically addictive though.


no if he can manage it, everyone is different
just like how normies can't comprehend how wizards can remain virgin while prostitutes are freely available


You don't seem to understand what I'm saying, but whatever.


This is propaganda. It's easy to use heroin responsibly if you aren't an hedonic-centered NPC. If you can't force yourself to take a cold shower, for example, it indicates that you don't have free will and thus should not take heroin. If you're a master of your own domain there's nothing that can stop you.


I have no self control but I just got lucky because I don't enjoy any of the supposedly really addictive and damaging drugs like heroin. All opiates are boring to me. Either I feel nothing at all from them or I do so much that I start nodding off and then I get paranoid that I will stop breathing in my sleep. I don't get the appeal of just lying there in a daze either, I don't even feel that good during it I just can't do things.


>It's easy to use heroin responsibly
Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sure.


I hate normies


i liked it


What does ginger garlic tea taste like?


Like ginger and garlic.
It isn't the most pleasant drink, it is a medicinal tea that in my experience is quite effective. Adding honey helps, but the garlic can't be masked so it is best just to accept it and gulp it down. Though I had a Korean neighbor who actually liked the taste and would drink it because they enjoyed it. Weird old lady, but best Gardner on the block though. Would grow her own herbs and spices, including some I never seen before until then.
I wonder if she is still alive. Haven't been back in years.

I would start my own herb garden if I wasn't so lazy when it comes to plants. I have a bad habit of forgetting they exist until it's too late and I ether miss the harvest or they die.


File: 1580612368964.gif (2.12 MB, 502x282, 251:141, captcha.gif) ImgOps iqdb

wtf kind of captcha is this


File: 1580616974772-0.jpg (214.99 KB, 1024x839, 1024:839, lobster-roll-1024x839.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1580616974772-1.jpg (248.41 KB, 1584x1598, 792:799, 71zcB93lv3L.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>A Maine lobster roll is when the lobster meat is typically served cold, tossed in mayonnaise with a little salt and lemon, in a buttery, lightly toasted top split New England hot dog bun.


Mean I'll get a bunch of people asking what am I going to do for my birthday while I just want to have a regular day.


is it valentine's day? mine is the 8th, I should exploit the opportunity to make my mom buy something but I don't know what I want

maybe a case of tortillas, I like to make burritos


I remember seeing those on one of those travel channel shows back when I still watched tv.
Looked good but never had them myself.


File: 1580664771195.png (34.09 KB, 540x516, 45:43, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

no way dinosaurs were real. gravity makes it impossible for them to exist. Even today ellophants are almost too big for gravity and their joints give out by the time they're 25, also if they run it causes their knees to explode. if a dinosaur really did exist it would instantly turn into a puddle of goo because of gravity.


no way plane are real. gravity makes it impossible for them to exist. Even today ellophants are almost too big for gravity and their joints give out by the time they're 25, also if they run it causes their knees to explode. if a plane really did exist it would instantly turn into a puddle of goo because of gravity.


There was less gravity on earth 100 million years ago. that's why things were larger. everyday several tonnes of rock matter get added to earth's pull through space rocks (from space)


earth has existed as a planet for 4 billion years, our solar system has cooled down now and has less space debris than then, so gravity was probably not lower then.
the dinos must have been tough


Obviously, the answer is that all paleontologists in the world are part of the Reptilian-Illuminati conspiracy to hide the fact that earth is 7000 years old.


"dinosaur" bones are actually dragon bones, "scientists" make up big lizard creatures because they can't accept the truth. Most "dinosaur" skeletons are just a few bones with fake plaster ones filling in the blanks.


Because gravity isn't based on mass like people think, it's electromagnetic, the whole universe is electromagnetic. According to the "forbidden history" stuff out there, earth was captured by the sun, until then earth was a moon of saturn when saturn was still a brown dwarf sun. This happened 13,000 or 20,000 years ago. The greater electromagnetic pull of the sun is what increased our gravity.


File: 1580677592274.jpg (28.64 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1565513788591.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Was talking to my cousin (moreso get interrogated) about why I'm always to myself. I mentioned how when I was in school I was always hated being dragged to do shit with the kids my mom forced me to hang out with and she literally said everyone has to do things they don't like with their friends so they can get the things they want.

I pointed out to her that she indirectly agreed with what I said earlier (that even if I wanted to hang out with people, I'd pretty much have to pretend and cater to them so they could do what I want) and she pretty much went "I'm done talking to you" and went into the living room.


>admitting that "friendship" is about getting shit you want
so why do these fucking normies still sell "friendship" as something special? if everyone knows it's just parasitism


Most normies don't view friendship that way, and the few that do tend to not directly say so directly.
For most friendship is about people they enjoy spending time with and in doing so gotten to know well as a person. Sometimes there is give and take but if someone is just using the other then that relationship is dysfunctional and not normal.


>Most normies don't view friendship that way,



didn't click

use your own words


File: 1580718908556.png (579.78 KB, 768x687, 256:229, selling air.png) ImgOps iqdb

How much longer before people are taxed simply for breathing air in a specific region?
Already everything else is claimed. The land, soil, water, mountains, trees. Why not the air and oxygen itself?


wow that's a great idea


When you going for that winter swim Alaskan?


stop thinking about my wet naked body modfag


>ask for source
>no just describe it for me because my crippled browser can't play videos

It says whatever you said was wrong and whatever the guy you were arguing with was right.


Saying "source" was just mocking you, because you made a claim you can't possibly prove. And some jewtube cartoon (that uses the term "toxic" no less) doesn't prove it, it's even dumber than throwing a wikipedia URL at someone. You don't know what most normies think.


A sample size of 3.8 milion people is good enough to come to a conclusion of what normies think.

If there is nothing at all that can convince you of something then don't ask.
Go outside and chill.


The problem with surveys is people always lie. Like all those surveys where 80% said they'd vote for hillary clinton. The last thing they'll tell the truth about is something really important like how they view "friendship" or some other cornerstone of society. Next you'll tell me most normies get married based on unconditional love.


It's probably because most of the things like bonding and social grooming are built in to us, just spending time and telling each other stories is pleasant for a lot of people. They wouldn't be able to articulate why they like someone because they're bonded and subconsciously connected to them. Maybe it's different for the stereotypical middle class housewife who is fixated on her image and identity so overintellectualises her interactions with others, but for most people I think they can't really describe why they just like being around their friends even if they fall out and shit. And if you don't experience it for whatever reason then you can't really understand it since it's experiential.


You have already stated that there is nothing at all that can convince you away from what you already assume.
Why do you still try to argue?
Especially arguing using really shitty non-logic and irrationality.

I just ain't in the mood for your jackassery today Alaskan.


I really wish my laptop's screen had a faster refresh rate. It doesn't feel like it actually runs at 60 Hz and honestly that isn't fast enough and I notice the blurring with moment when watching action stuff, playing games, and lately it even bugs me when I move the mouse around to type fast.

I am very close to lugging a crt from a thrift store and hooking it up. I don't even care about resolution anymore, just raw image refresh speed because my eyes like that more. Only problem is I would have to totally rearrange my battle station and maybe even have to get a new desk or something to accommodate it. Trying to hold off on getting a full on gaming desktop rig until I ether by a home or otherwise lock down a spot to know for a fact I ain't moving anywhere any time soon.
I mean this laptop I am currently on still works fine in regards to being able to do everything I want, but little things about it are starting to annoy me way more then it probably should.


nice quads bruh
>crt in 2020
Get a 144hz LCD with LED backlight.


I might, but no matter what I get I still have to mess around with my current desk set up.


Anyone else with a huge MTG collection but no one to play with?
The comic book store near my house closed down and the closest place is hours away.
Sometimes I just game against myself but it gets boring and predictable since I know exactly what's going to happen.
Can't get into the online MTG scene either, it's just not the same. Hearthstone is pretty fucking stale too. Tired of all the RNG madness in that game. The turn 5 autowin conditions, the infinite combos with mechs and armor, it's just awful where that game has gone. The powercreep problem combined with RNG has resulted in too many one sided matches and not enough fair games.


I used to be like that with yugioh like a decade ago. Once I left middle school it was hard to get irl games, then in collage I found out how to play free online with stuff like devPro and YGO.
Now I don't keep up with the meta, don't really play much even online, and don't have physical cards anymore.


there should be a survey of internet mods to find out how much cock they had to suck


trying to buy a nad support jockstrap for hiking and mana protection but I'm too insecure to look through the catalog of crotch-focused male model thumbnails. The pictures of succubi are even worse and make me actually grimace and look away. Not even a mod. Mannequins were made for this, stop showing us 3dpd when we try to support your sweatshop


That is not what they are for.
Just wear more supportive underwear like briefs or use a chafe guard measure for hiking.
Jock straps are for holding athletic cups not for support.
If you need a jock strap to go for a hike or "mana protection" then you are doing it really fucking wrong.


Holy shit, new bonus chapter/oneshot of death note just came out!
Sort of aftermath kind of thing going on.
It is even legally free online right not.


>wear more supportive underwear
I don't wear any underwear

>Jock straps are for holding athletic cups

that's what I want, a shield for my penis.

underwear and chafe guards are too insulating. I can soak a pair of briefs with a gallon of sweat just from walking to the mailbox. I need a non-absorbent means of keeping my junk flaps from waking the neigbors and prevent the little wizzie getting crushed under my own weight, with as little material as possible to hold it on to my body

>fucking wrong

never "fucked" anything in my life so I wouldn't know


cant find the wizard news/interesting thread

>Rare European cave salamander stayed in the same spot for seven years

pretty cool


You don't need a jockstrap unless you are realistically and regularly getting hit in the groin during contact sports or something, they aren't more comfortable then underwear, and and you are supposed to wear them with underwear or you will almost certainly get jock itch.

It sounds like what you need/want is actually a *gags* thong *vomits*.

But seriously, wearing a jockstrap just to walk around is like wearing a football helmet to make a bowl of cereal. If you actually need it for such a task then you have serious problems and probably escaped your tard wrangler.


Do you not know how to use the catalog or did you forget what the OP image was?

Ether way it is fine.
Here is a link to it encase you want to look for the thread again in the future.


i can barely remember which board (wiz or lounge) is for the regular threads i post in, it always amounts to checking the catalog of both whenever i wanna post. so i did both but i must have missed it

anyway yeah crawl thread is okay i figured


Yeah, it is ok, and I enjoyed the story regardless of where you posted it.


I love pistachio ice cream


me too


>stayed in the same spot for seven years
>They are hanging around, doing almost nothing



the first thing I thought of is the extreme shutins here who lie in bed 24/7

I wonder if the lizard went insane like them


First match of Vince McMahon's XFL will take place this Saturday. I plan to watch it for the historic moment even though I previously took a glimpse at American football and didn't like it.


He is doing it again? Trying to start his own football league?


He finances it himself. Sold some stocks in WWE additionally and created Alpha Entertainment as his own separate project. The failure of first XFL may not give him peace to this day.


I ain't into football but I do hope it goes well for him.
Always a fan of companies competing, because in the end the customer wins when that happens.


Was about to head to the range when out of fucking nowhere cramps and diarrhea. I didn't even eat anything weird in the past few days, what he hell.

Needless to say change of plans, I ain't going out when I got the bubble guts going on.


two wizard singing Symphony of wizchan destruction

You take a sexhaver
And put him in control
Watch him become wizchan admin
Watch true wizards head a roll
A roll
A roll!

Just like the Pied Piper
Led rats through the streets
We dance like marionettes
Swaying to the symphony
Of destruction!!!!!!


It only failed last time because he made it a direct competitor to the NFL. Going with offseason was smart. Competing with UFC though was stupid, it should have been on Sunday like normal.


This hot weather is horrid. It's kicked my mom into spring cleaning mode and now she's recruiting me to help her clean around the house. It should still be comfy snow now with everyone just sitting there quietly waiting for it to end.


If you didn't choose to be dependent on the whims of normalfaggots this wouldn't be an issue.


now he chose to be born


I see logic isn't your strong suit.


That makes no sense at all.


Why is it that the stupidest people always crow the loudest about how they're the most logical? God must have a sense of humor or something to make the Dunning Kreuger effect a thing.


File: 1580914103245.jpg (32.92 KB, 625x626, 625:626, NotEvenBait.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


january in my region is a peculiar time, the temperature always drops below zero (fahrenheit) the instant the month starts, it stays there, and goes away the instant february comes …. no sooner, no later, like clockwork

the temperature averaged in the 20s all october/november/december, then january 1st hits and bam, -15F overnight, and averaging there all month long
february 1st comes and immediately we're back up to the 20s to stay
every year

it's so precise I don't know how it can be natural

at least now my window isn't frozen shut


File: 1580960450016.jpg (170.96 KB, 1025x686, 1025:686, 78812_xzsSY5.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I used fb last week to check the status of a childhood friend, to know how is he doing, see if he was still alive, and he is indeed, and has multiplied. It feels bizarre. Life. I don't want to think about what life does to people, what life has done to me. I cannot stop life… I'm afraid of what I am and what I am to become. I feel I have control when I'm alone in my room but that's a lie, I'm not safe of the horror. I know myself enough to understand that I'm just as capable of becoming a person that is imbued by 'love' and who acts in the name of it. Just like this childhood friend of mine did. I've never been that person and still, I don't want to forget that reality lives in me, so I can understand the world better and not be so judgmental. It's still hard, why do they have to act on their desires. Is it really impossible to do what is right? It's been already 10 years since that time I fell in love, I was only 14 and sagely decided to do nothing because I understood well the transience nature of the desire, more still when you recognize your desire as something bad in its essence, and disadvantageous to your well being. Even though it was so fervent in me I didn't let love lead my life. I had read by then what love was, its effects on the mind and how it manifests, what causes love to happen. I understood then that loving was not a decision on my part so I had to fight against it.
I didn't want to believe we're just soulless puppets governed by our impulses and desires…
I'm still unconvinced, to this day the world has done nothing but shown me that it's exactly just how I believed back then. It's horrible. Entire ideologies that are nothing but a byproduct of human's desire to reproduce and its fear of death.
I wish I wasn't aware of the evil. I should be afraid, not because of what I might do, I can control myself, but what is happening to others. We need to go extinct, but we can't stop life. They won't stop themselves. Nothing will.


Found out I can do almost everything online to apply for a certified copy of my birth certificate, but I still have to take my behind to the library during normal business hours to use the printer and notary to get official papers signed that I am me.
Will probably have to do it tomorrow.

God I hate paperwork and dealing with government stooges.
That said, the fact that most of this can be done online is a great step forward.

Just had to complain to someone about having to do paperwork, which I need to get a document, so that I can do more paperwork, so that I can get a valid ID because my current one is expired, so that I can get past rules that require state issued identification to identify myself, such as being able to travel using trains or buses, or buy certain products when the clerk is being a hardass. Total bullshit but there is sometimes no easy way around it.
Whole prosses will take over a month to get a new id, and that is if nothing goes wrong.
I ain't even going through the trouble of renewing my drivers license that is expired because they expect me to test and pay a bunch of fees all over again, which I wont because I don't even have a car nor am I planing on getting one.


has anyone made one of those altoids tin-style pocket amplifiers?


Been reading instructables lately?

Never made one myself but it is a interesting project.


Have you read any Schopenhauer, by any chance?


File: 1581042418796.jpg (392.54 KB, 640x427, 640:427, 5367529387_75f37937dc_z.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't even know what to do online any more, other image boards sicken me or piss me off these days and this one has become blander, everywhere I go is to try and find new things or mindlessly lurk I get met with bullshit that makes me angry or annoyed or depressed highlighting how disingenuous everything everything is everything seems just a game of bluff images and currency maintenance and the concern for peace and equilibrium a total facade, always denied but you see though it when it's never actually a thing itself that matters but only who gets to have a grievance or who gets to get away with (x) or who gets to have it not count as (x) when (y)remember how its the least trustworthy who will always ask for trust by name the most and its the same for many subjects

more yelling into the void for ya my brain is shot anyway i can barely express myself any more


no, every time I look at people's tutorials on any subject there, the things are crude or poorly written


Learn stuff


It's in the mid 50's right now and we're having a thunder storm. It's February and I'm in the northern hemisphere. This isn't supposed to happen.


I bet the russians did this


Where in the northern hemisphere?
That sounds like pretty normal weather for the area I am at this time of year.


I wanna cover this song but I don't think I can sing the chorus the part when Thom sings 'high' and 'dry'…


The cool thing about doing covers is you can modify the song to better fit your style and ability while also putting your own personal funk on it.
That said traditional vocal practice techniques and training can help a lot. It has taken my kazooing to whole new levels and I barely bother to do it. I highly recommend watching a few videos on the subject and doing the practice recommended. You will be shocked by what your voice is capable of with formal practice and a bit of training.


the weather is supposed to be precisely the same everywhere in the world all year round


playing with a kazoo sounds like a lot of fun and it's
interesting that you mention that, because that kazoo kid from the meme still uses a kazoo and knows how to play the guitar, and in this video he covers Creep who everyone knows is a Radiohead song and he does a great job.

The thing you say about covers, I'm not a fan of that. I prefer to do it just like in the record, at least for now that I'm learning.
I just recorded myself trying to sing that chorus and I think I do an okay job so I will learn to play it.


Happy birthday, wiz. Did you make burritos?


yes, in fact they're burning their way back out right now


Are you still a wizard if your dick touched someone else's cum?


I don't think there's any scenario where this can happen that isn't sexual in nature, so no.


anon, unwashed second-hand artificial vagina


Why would you be in the possession of a second hand artificial vagina? Why would you not wash it?


Lovely. I think I will buy an electric guitar and start creating music.


Are you also going to take lessons?
Most people who try and teach themselves with no training at all tend to burn out.
Hiring someone to teach you the basics and then building from those basics on one's own tends to work a lot better.


anon, there are weirder fetishes



I don't really understand why the word "creepypasta" gets thrown around or attached to any and every horror story on the internet.

When it was attached to Straub's "Candle Cove" story, okay, I could get it. Kris Straub signs all of his work and makes sure everyone knows he was its creator, so the urban legend narrative enhancing effects of anonymity weren't there. And he's certainly not an imageboard user. But Candle Cove and the rest of the Ichor Falls stuff was still brief, and while they weren't intended to be copied and pasted across the internet or spread like urban legends, they were still written in clear imitation of the same friend of a friend folk tale style.

But when it's extended to things like this:
…it just doesn't make any sense.

And it seems like it keeps making progressively less and less sense. Monetized videos copyrighted to their youtube uploaders are not intended for unlicensed redistribution, much less copying and pasting. And things like old episodes of Coast To Coast AM featuring discussions of shadow people or "Mel's Hole" are conventional urban legends spread by word of mouth without any internet involvement at all.

Why don't people just say "horror" when they're talking about the genre?


Something something colloquial terms. Don't get too attached to internet slang definitions. People probably know it makes no sense, but some things just stick.


File: 1581333755350.png (117.54 KB, 1043x865, 1043:865, WIZARD1.png) ImgOps iqdb



Allow me to explain this really dumb game of telephone.

Stories shared over and over again that weren't typed out but instead written in advance in like a .txt document and copied then pasted on forum,image boards, blogs,social media, etc. Was first known as copy-paste stories.
Which then changed due to net slang copypasta (and source became sauce).
Then "scary" stories shared in this way became more and more popular, thus birthing the meme/slang term creepypasta.
Meaning creepy stories that are shared on the net usually by copy and pasteing the text.


can you believe clint eastwood is still alive


>the frozen throne
>1253 rooms
does the frozen throne even still work? mine got updated to reforged so i thought it was basically replaced


Literally who


Guy was a cowboy in movies, squints a lot.


yeah, just pirate the game.


Yeah, he's like 90. Watched his last movie, I know they tried to make him look "endearing" but I couldn't help feeling sorry. I hope I don't live that long.


why does steam even bother displaying "update available" at launch, i can start steam and immediately close it and they will have another fucking update. they might as well just get rid of it since everyone expects it


How can I not know, he makes a couple of movies every year.
Actually not bad when it comes to directing. I like his style compared to a lot of stuff coming out of Hollywood now days. Plus he can still act, which at this point is just a bonus.


>why does steam even bother displaying "update available" at launch
A lot of users would not appreseate things going on in the background or things changing even slightly without being informed. Since they complain the most they get what they want. And what they want is to be told about ever minor update, fix, and edit no matter how small.


File: 1581388594156.png (655.57 KB, 656x432, 41:27, 1408238949497.png) ImgOps iqdb

I really miss stumbleupon.com. This "mix" shit it turned into is awful, it's a shitty aggregator that sort of takes the form of some blog. No more hit a button and see what you can find, literally stumbling upon interesting gems sometimes. Way more curated and micromanaged. First thing I see when I try it out after selecting "interests" for it to recommend me shit, right at the top (because I selected ""history"" from the limited selection) is some bullshit SJW fluff blog-article about body shaming in colonialism. Fucksake

RIP once good website


File: 1581395964166.gif (82.05 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 3.gif) ImgOps iqdb

The disk with all my creative projects, anime, and music has gone missing. There's no where else to look so I believe I may have tossed it out with some boxes. Not happy, but not really sad either. I don't get sad anymore, just increasingly bored.


I don't have any desire to do anything, I dreamt with God today.
I was awaiting Him in class. I was again 13 years old. Seems that I've never left high school, at least that's where most of my dreams take place.
When he presented himself before us, the first thing he did was to made a different entity, an evil one disappear. It was so easy for him. After that he asked something to everyone in that class.
If we wanted to go somewhere. I knew where that place was, it was his paradise. He then opened a small portal that mirrored his Paradise. Through that small circular gate was a green landscape filled with sunshine, choral music, and overall peace. Everyone else looked unsure, they had so much to live in here, I knew it because of their smiles, and how much fun they were always having, they had their parents, friends, etc., bright futures or at least better than mine. I'd have liked to go there, but that'd mean going alone and leaving everything behind, for me, that was the few friends that seemed to enjoy being around me. That was all that's been here for me apparently. Everything else was and still is boredom and I will never go back to that time and place where I could have something fun. Yet I remember that when I turned 14 it stopped being fun, and maybe, knowing that now, I should have followed Him. I wouldn't have missed anything or anyone.


I got no home I got no wife but I'll be a doggone cowboy all of my life


do europeans intentionally type numbers as 12.350
instead of 12,500 or more simply just 12350. or do thsy use software to format it that way, like it spellchecks it or something automatically?

i will never understand it, it seems confusing


europeans do a lot of things that defy logic

europeans use the metric system


Not European but we also have dots and commas swapped. So when I type a million, for example I'd type 1.000.000. It's the same with decimals, half of something would be 0,5 indead of 0.5.
>do thsy use software to format it that way
Some stuff like excel lets you choose between formats. Most calculators just use the dot, so you just get used to it.
I'll bite, how does the metric system defy logic?


File: 1581437800528.png (73.85 KB, 606x618, 101:103, 4855c919-8b35-47ca-9474-07….png) ImgOps iqdb


Poland here, we type with commas. 50 dollars and 50 cents = 50,50$


>'ll bite, how does the metric system defy logic?
It is pretty shit for cooking compared to imperial.
Especially baking.


>50 dollars and 50 cents = 50,50$
Everything about that is just wrong to me.
Like it actually made me feel a little sick looking at it.


File: 1581439448071.jpg (93.95 KB, 580x580, 1:1, 151593f2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Date order is the same in Japan if I'm not mistaken tho.


I don't like it either, as I work abroad and everyone busts my balls about it. I sometimes don't bother, because the dot on our numpad does a comma and if I change it in keyboard API programs like Excel don't play as nice.
Personally I dislike shit like that, but US is very guilty of it. Look at this shit.
It's the same for most of the globe except of US and US bitches/wannabees. It's fucking infuriating, because there's absolutely no reason to swap shit other than to create confusion.


i fucking knew it. i knew there had to be some system where it automatically does that bullshit


Not really, in fact I'd argue is actually better since measuring stuff in grams is really precise. Whenever I see American recipes it's always "a cup of this, two cups of that", but what the hell does it mean? One of the cups I have at home? I have like 4 different sizes of cups. A hundred grams is a hundred grams anywhere in the world.


File: 1581445817846.png (379.52 KB, 600x450, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Whenever I see American recipes it's always "a cup of this, two cups of that", but what the hell does it mean? One of the cups I have at home? I have like 4 different sizes of cups. A hundred grams is a hundred grams anywhere in the world.
obviously it means a cup


File: 1581446857859.jpg (61.25 KB, 650x650, 1:1, incel.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I went to inspirobot because I was bored. The second one it generates is this one lol.


Wiz, you not knowing what they mean by a cup is mostly your fault. However not knowing how many ounces make a cup or how many cups make a gallon is fair game.

I really find it funny how frequently people say, even here, that "loners must unite" in some way. Like that defeats the purpose of being a loner.


File: 1581448424030.jpg (72.42 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 12PYbl5W6B.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

it always gives me something wizardly but then tells me im stupid for being single


Drugwizzes are truwiz confirmed.


File: 1581453903228.jpg (102.3 KB, 650x650, 1:1, fittingin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thanks for reminding me of this site.


I have to listen to music so that I don't hear my NIGGER neighbors music. Imagine being such a fucking nigger piece of shit that you open your house door so everyone else can be bothered with your shitty music. I'll fucking murder this assholes and shit and piss on their corpses, to then stamp their faces until there's nothing left on the ground but a smear of their subhumanity. Fucking idiots seriously. I had the misluck of living in close proximity to them and the other nigger who drinks booze with delinquents and lowlifes alike and who behaves like the worst scum on earth. Noisy motherfuckers, death can't come sooner to you. If I ever decide to kill myself, I'll pay you a visit before I end with my life, and when I'm done with my job I'll go knowing that I've done something good with my life by removing you from this planet.


Google just changed the icon for maps again. Tech companies need to fire all their staff so they stop "improving" their products. I bet you the only reason they even put out a new icon was just because they're paying a graphic designed 300k and they had nothing better for him to do. I mean what the fuck does a designer for something like a smartphone company even do these days? I mean the rectangle is like 99% the same every time. So many jobs I wonder what the fuck they even do all day or why the job even exists in the first place.


Dude chill,
Here have some Enya


They changed the icon because it is a new version.
Look at the patch notes and which version it is.
It was a massive update on the back end even if the user exp is mostly the same. It was for the most part seamless, but the one tiny thing they did change for the end user you bitch about.
Why? What is wrong with the new icon other then change activates your autism?


does anyone else notice a change in google images? suddenly there's an extreme reduction in the variety of search results, or maybe just certain types of searches

I try to find anime pics, what google gives me is 99% social media site results and a small handful of anime pics that tapers off at page 3

actually, it's looking like all my image searches are getting corralled this way, it's all pics from kikebook etc, wtf


I mostly get pinterest results for pictures. Pretty annoying. Reverse image search seems to have been deliberately crippled as well.
I have noticed a long-term decline in web search quality with google. Everything returns pages of garbage and it often seems to just ignore search operators and keywords it doesn't like. At times I can't even stop it from autochanging search terms no matter what I do.


It has been getting bad for a long time, and they have dramaticly ramped up their manipulation because it is a election year (won't go into detail because no politics).
But yeah, no only have they change the bot, but they gotten kind of crazy when it comes to the hand picked sources for the first few pages of results too.

It is time to move on to a different search engine if you haven't already.


It's the fabled giant guinea pig of peace. Some compare it to the stag but less of a yang. It's the yin version.

I don't even have to click on that to know it's utter garbage.

Clearly that's a dropbear.

Don't buy feature creep tier bullshit. Just wear an oversized bath robe but backwards. If not long enough sow a towel to the bottom of it. Better yet just get a giant roll of plush fabric and burrow into a pile of it.



ive never owned a bathrobe, and ive never even seen one in real life honestly


I have several but I have to admit that they were gifts from the parents I'm forced to live around. Otherwise they'd be in the trash.

They ought to be cheaper than that TV selling garbage though.


when you scroll down a page, sonetimes it stops, and instead the scrolldown is used to scroll right on some kind of gallery. after the gallery is done then scrolldown resumes scrolling down the page

i can't think of any sites with it, though i know it's a thing. i would like to know how to disable this feature or something at the browser level


i want to fastforward to 8pm so i can buy those goddamn burgerssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


File: 1581549742675.jpg (27.76 KB, 486x541, 486:541, dtsat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Don't talk shit about robes!


oh yeah, I forgot about that, maybe because it's so inconsequential

gotta prevent those "russian hackers" from hacking teh lection again, or whatever google thinks is the danger of letting people search anime pics, pfffftttttt


I just keep hoping that some disgruntled employee of theirs leaks their old search algorithms so they can be scooped up and used by a engine that isn't shit.
For a good few years google was almost perfect but now it is borderline useless because they broke it. And for what? Some political bullshit that doesn't really matter 99% of the time.


[redacted]don't be evil[/redacted]


File: 1581611066163.gif (1.59 MB, 294x220, 147:110, 234gh.gif) ImgOps iqdb

A literal man who subjectively feels like a succubus is now succubi's champ in AEW, which would be one thing if they didn't also fucking suck and struggle to lift sub 100lb Asian succubi, but of course you're not allowed to not like it if you don't want to end up harassed by the so very tolerant reality police thought division. I'm getting real done with modern pro-wrestling between clearly political shit like this (if they want a monster heel succubus Awesome Kong fills the role 100% better) and how barely anyone feels like a star; flippy little guys hotshotting all over the place


Fedsmoker died in a car crash.
I'm sad.



It's the data needed, not the algorithms. Old data would be pretty useless as there are different sites now. So, no hope


It could be worse: 1) that succubus could be their inaugural champion - not biological succubus the first ever AEW succubi champion, like gaijin Hulk Hogan the first ever IWGP champ instead of a Japanese wrestler; 2) whatever the fuck happened to Impact where succubus won the top men's title even though the female equivalent still exists.


one more reason I stopped watching TV and left the mainstream in 2002


Unfortunately avoiding the problem does not make it go away. Not that I'm here to prosyletize about /pol/shit, but it just means we're gonna have to keep moving away further and further until there's nothing left but ourselves.


>we're gonna have to keep moving away further and further until there's nothing left but ourselves.
Isn't that the ultimate goal? Being satisfied by yourself and never getting bored? The maine hermit managed to do it, why can't we?


An ultimate goal is a rather personal thing, and while some people here seek hermitage or asceticism, I for one would still appreciate a good movie. Also I have no intention of going full kaczynski either, so I am still bound to society in some way or another.


File: 1581636218519.jpg (66.76 KB, 683x512, 683:512, Eustace thinker.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I know what I'm about to post is gonna sound like a huge shitpost, but bear with me for a sec. I think of the reasons I'm a wizard is because I'm a huge furry. Obviously I'm also not very social and care little for relationships, but furry succubi just get me right in the heart. I don't think I will ever have sex or form a relationship with a real succubus because I long for one that doesn't exist. I guess I could find some succubus who's a diehard furry and wears a suit all the time, but I don't think I could ever delude myself into believing she's actually a furry. There would always be a niggling thought in the back of my mind, and of course she'd act like a 3DPD anyway. I wonder if any of you waifufags feel the same way? I never could understand waifuism because to me it was always just another succubus, but after giving it some thought I think I may know how it feels.



File: 1581642161886.jpg (24.46 KB, 480x360, 4:3, clipboardsimp.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Openly speaking of a desire for females are we?


The metastasizing of memes has made large sections of the Internet truly unbearable. They were fine when they were self-contained inside jokes restricted to a couple of imageboards, but now every faggot on twitch is using a pepe emote and every cuck on reddit is making template memes. It's become far more difficult to have a conversation without feeling like you're talking to an AI with a handful of scripted responses.


Drawing are real people now?


Memes have become thought terminating cliches used by idiots that can bearly think or communicate ideas to begin with.


I did consider whether I was breaking that rule, but if the waifuists are not banned here, I see no reason I would.


File: 1581646067766-0.gif (1.61 MB, 310x175, 62:35, 1407530539542.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1581646067767-1.jpg (104.46 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1407538275146.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1581646067767-2.jpg (175.03 KB, 610x842, 305:421, 1411115936361.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That's why we should encourage a little meme culture of our own and why some caught on and should never be banned. Like Daddy Howard.


File: 1581646348179.jpg (907.26 KB, 1242x900, 69:50, 1550626032714.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1581675018355.jpg (241.02 KB, 1384x1507, 1384:1507, 8189bcd9919838a7c098509272….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Since I remember I was more interested in anime succubi than real ones. My love fantasies were always about anime succubi. I was and still am fapping exclusively to anime. Maybe there's something to it.


Happy Valentine's day
Anyone else planning a night out, as in trying not to be home while your parents/siblings/roommates ook and eek eachother loudly?

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