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NEET and Hikikomori General Thread

Have you had any success in trying to change your life?


>The acronym for (Not In Education Employment Or Training)


>Hikikomori is a Japanese term when translated into English it means pulling inward being confined (Acute social withdrawal) hikikomori is a distinct psychological disorder that refers to the phenomenon of reclusive adolescents and young adults who have withdrawn from society seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement due to various personal social and psychological issues in their lives. (A shut-in who stays at home in their parents house does not work or go to school and lives in isolation in their bedroom for 6 months or more)

>Contrary to popular belief most hikikomori go outdoors but are just isolated socially and still spend most of the day and nearly every single day confined at home in their rooms

>The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare defines hikikomori as a condition in which the affected individuals refuse to leave their parents house, do not work or go to school and isolate themselves away from society and their family in a single room for a period exceeding six months

>The Hikikomori Criteria and Diagnosis

>1. Subject spends most of the day confined at home, nearly every single day.

>2. Subject purposefully avoids social situations and social relationships

>3. Subject shows clear significant functional impairment,

>4. Subject shows social withdrawal symptoms for .a duration of 6 months or more

>5. Subject has no physical condition nor other severe psychological problem that is the cause of the social withdrawal (Mainly excluding people with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders

>While hikikomori is mostly only a Japanese phenomenon cases of the condition have been found in other countries

People who work go to school or have a social life are not hikikomori.

People who work are receiving an education or are in vocational job training are NOT a NEET
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I… can't argue with that logic.


>By wage slaving you are doing a favor for the world.
Most jobs are actively damaging and fund wars via taxes etc.


Who is to say war is bad?


He's actually a warlock type and didn't mean as a bad thing, on the contrary. Keep up.


ah, i see you're a normie tourist who just wants to see things that are abnormal to you.


If i wanted to see something abnormal, i would just take a screenshot of your webcam, zing!


War was good for 12,000 years but then in the last 30 years now it is bad


War is good if it gives transcendental meaning. Today's wars do not.


IS has entered the chat


Unironically that is a good example. They came too early though, in our time the current system has enough technology and manpower to keep such over revolts in check. It won't for very long, we can all see it now. The future ultimately belongs to those who are willing to fight and die for it. The inertia of a civilization that only wishes to remain cannot overcome the power of will and of a people who find a greater purpose in taking over.


So what will be the breaking point then?
When IS get better technologists than we have and fight the battle in cyberspace instead?


>take a screenshot of a webcam


File: 1593219596007.jpg (633.5 KB, 950x1014, 475:507, 64e8c5f93bfe3c790d3cd4a02b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Don't feel bad about just living for your own sake
but that thinking is why everything sucks.
and freedom is scary.
in any case i think it might be too late for me and even if isnt theres only so much that can be done through willpower alone.
i want a time machine, i'd make a deal with the devil and march through hell for four hundred years to get another chance at life, with less shitty genes, acceptable physical health and other decent stats.


Urine is bad for plants and soil. If you actually care about creating compost of reasonable quality you should stop pouring your piss bottles into it.


>By wage slaving you are doing a favor for the world.
>By killing yourself you are doing a favor for the world.

>By continuing to exist without working and not feeding into what the world demands from you is the only way to live and win.

By consuming you are also helping the economy by giving money/views/attention to certain media. You are helping society then too.

Only way to REALLY win is go maximum monk mode and not interact with society at all.

Also being an arsonist could help (but NEETs prob don't have the confidence for that).


>but that thinking is why everything sucks.
No not really. Most of the awful shit that occurs in the world is because someone was living for someone else's sake. Soldiers dying in battle, people wageslaving to support others, groids pining after other groids, etc.


urine can be dilluted into a fantastic fertilizer

have you never pissed into an area of your yard and watched it become green and vigorous. plants love piss


Every area of my yard I piss into becomes brown and dead. I do drink coffee excessively so the acidity levels of my piss are very likely to be quite high.


>Doesn't even mention Uncle Ted mode


It's because you have that radioactive hikkipiss
Not even the plants want us..


same, I also eat so much salt I can make pickles in my pee


well you have to dillute/water it in or have it rain soon. just straight peeing on plants without water afterward is too much. in general though it is a great fertilizer


Can anyone tried piss drinking?
I heard it was a cure for many ailments in the past


sounds like the kind of shit that gets reposted here by some poor sucker every once in a while
>"drinking urine a potential cure for depression, scientists find"
>"pee: the next superfood?"


Don't drink your piss. It's quackery.


File: 1593890434669.jpg (108.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The thing is, its not like I want to actually live like this and that I don't want a job. I have had job experiance before and have made a fair amount of money while doing so directly from my dads friends connections. It was bassically all yard work and occassional insolation work but me actually working was always very inconsistent and sometimes I would end up waiting two weeks at a time for my next opportunity to do side jobs. I mean I'm so sick and tired of being a burden on my parents and having nothing because I refuse to ask anything from them. Which is exactly why I'm currently posting on a shitty ass phone and not on my computer that currently has a hard drive problem. I have in fact applied to dozens of places with help wanted signs or help wanted in the newspapers. Who the hell is going to hire me after such a long employment gap? I feel like my only way out is to end it all at this point.


>he thinks it has to do with acidity levels
Lol it really doesnt. It mostly has to do with your piss being very salty that actually dries out the soil.


sure it is
remember to eat your bugs and avoid soap too

btw don't brush, I heard a little plaque is good barrier against more cavities


What bugs?
I already avoid soap so no problems there
If i don't brush, my gums start hurting, so that's not so good advice


it's not? but muh studies show….muh experts say

what are you, a science denier?


Take your shitty bait elsewhere faggot. He is saying brushing his teeth is good which you’d be hard pressed to find a dentist who disagrees.


he's also wondering about drinking pee and admitting he avoids soap, which you'd be hard pressed to find a medical doctor who agrees
there's nothing wrong with baiting people spouting these dumb internet health memes, unless you think there's some solid basis to drinking pee that's above discussion


I avoid soap but not washing with a hard scrub retard
Noone here cares for your bait go back whence you came


he still posts here? hello Noone


trash level responses as expected, guess i'm as culpable for lowering myself to your idiocy


well, if you wanna use that funky spelling then you're asking for it


Used to be hiki video porn addict and i honestly had fun, i would never get bored
Now i'm medicated and sociable but i can't say i'm particularly happy, i'll go back living off meds when i live alone


lol sociable

wizchan 2020


Like every Anglo-Jewish colony…


another good thing about being neet for life is I don't gotta suffer hearing the nigtarded made up names that idiotic fucking gen-Xers gave their little shits… things like "zara"

I just found out there are succubi out there named "zara", whatever the hell that's supposed to be

imagine being out there in the world with a job and co-workers/colleagues etc and needing to address them by their retarded fake names like zara and jax and sephiroth

I'd fucking kill myself


I'm going to be leaving NEET life soon and completing my undergraduate degree. I'm 27 now and need 2 years to graduate with a useless degree (philosophy). I'm doing this to satisfy my parents and get money from them to avoid getting a job. All the jobs I've had were horrible and low pay, and the cost of living in my area is very high so I couldn't support myself. My parents are somewhat rich but don't trust me with any money unless I complete college, even though I have told them for many years I don't want to and only have had bad experiences in school.

Originally my plan was to have them pay rent for an apartment near the college, and then not attend any classes and live as a NEET for a few years and then kill myself, but due to Covid everything is online so I'm still stuck living with them.


Wage slaving does not favour anyone really. The corrupted wagecucker gets only more corrupted, you suffer and the system remains crappy.

The thing is to have a company with only associates and no employees at all, therefore the profit gets divided in fair proportions. Every employer who doesn't do this has been taunted by the possibility of wagecucking others

This is what happens when you intend to run a path that is not done for you, rejecting your unknown chances. It is a wasted life not because of failure, but because of believing that was designed to go after things that were not what he really needed. A path of ignorance.

You have desires. Yet they remain cloaked under the fog… your only chance is to solve the fog, to live stuck to it, it is your closer friend that will never let you away. It is, however a toxic one, would you help him instead? Help him to disappear…

The reduction of the fog. https://wizchan.org/dep/res/223376.html#224312


It's a spanish name you utter ignoramus, try being less glaringly retarded, it's blinding


What is worse, bacon and eggs for breakfast or milk and cereal? It's really my only two options


What if wagecucking exists as a vortex that mind-warps you?
It's hard to escape because so many peoples attention is one it, billions of people praying the the god of money makes a difference energetically, do you agree?


not when it's on a white g1rl in 2020, whose best friends are named luxx and tayzia, then it's just the moron white version of blacks naming their g1rls shan'iqua


I went to a a restaurant a couple years ago and the mulatto that served me was named nike "like the shoe", his words


Why do you have to call us mulatto just say biracial how hard is that!!


Why do you care so much, unless you are trying to meet and talk with them?


Dunce. I said it's an advantage of neetdom that I don't need to meet and talk with these living cartoon characters.

Imagine being around zoomers with fantasy names all day. Lol. Poor wagecucks.

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