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NEET and Hikikomori General Thread

Have you had any success in trying to change your life?


>The acronym for (Not In Education Employment Or Training)


>Hikikomori is a Japanese term when translated into English it means pulling inward being confined (Acute social withdrawal) hikikomori is a distinct psychological disorder that refers to the phenomenon of reclusive adolescents and young adults who have withdrawn from society seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement due to various personal social and psychological issues in their lives. (A shut-in who stays at home in their parents house does not work or go to school and lives in isolation in their bedroom for 6 months or more)

>Contrary to popular belief most hikikomori go outdoors but are just isolated socially and still spend most of the day and nearly every single day confined at home in their rooms

>The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare defines hikikomori as a condition in which the affected individuals refuse to leave their parents house, do not work or go to school and isolate themselves away from society and their family in a single room for a period exceeding six months

>The Hikikomori Criteria and Diagnosis

>1. Subject spends most of the day confined at home, nearly every single day.

>2. Subject purposefully avoids social situations and social relationships

>3. Subject shows clear significant functional impairment,

>4. Subject shows social withdrawal symptoms for .a duration of 6 months or more

>5. Subject has no physical condition nor other severe psychological problem that is the cause of the social withdrawal (Mainly excluding people with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders

>While hikikomori is mostly only a Japanese phenomenon cases of the condition have been found in other countries

People who work go to school or have a social life are not hikikomori.

People who work are receiving an education or are in vocational job training are NOT a NEET
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>The sensible thing for an "adult" my age to do would be to seek employment/education and get my ass out of here ASAP, but if I were capable of such feats then I wouldn't be writing this.
Why can't you? Do you have a mental disorder holding you back?

I'm worried your parents will eventually kick you out. In another thread I read about a hardass boomer dad who dropped his NEET son off at a homeless shelter. You could fake a suicide attempt and then try to get on disability. That could buy you a year or two peace.



I honestly don't feel that bad about being NEET anymore, I think I was ultimately way ahead of the curve.


Ignore that part I wrote about elder wizards not feeling misery. It was poorly worded. I would still trade a life of rot and solitude for a life of turmoil with them, if given the chance.

>Do you have a mental disorder holding you back?
There's definitely something, although self-diagnosis is a tricky thing and I'd hate to push several labels as cause for my failures without good reason. Going by the symptoms: severe anxiety, depression, and (maybe) autism spectrum disorder which would explain my development as a child. Nothing has been officially diagnosed yet, but it's about as obvious as a broken bone sticking out of my shoulder. I couldn't hold down a job or attend college classes because the pressure from being around others was too great.
I somehow forgot to mention this, but my breeders have already made countless threats to throw me out. Faking a suicide attempt would buy me some time, yeah. It would also put me under the eyes of the state's mental health institutions. I may be surveilled at all times, forcefully medicated and branded a danger to my own self, just to reset the timer. I'm afraid it'll make a real suicide attempt that much harder to carry out.


>older wizards who are NEETing into their 30s and 40s
>never any palpable sense of misery or major, aggravating conflict to to their lives
I dunno about the rest of those faggots but every day feels like a sisyphean struggle against my parents, their favorite children, and the misery is indeed palpable


>but every day feels like a sisyphean struggle against my parents, their favorite children, and the misery is indeed palpable
Interesting. Please tell us more if you feel like it, wiz.


somedays I rant on /b/ about what happens, when I'm really angry, it's not something I like to talk about openly


File: 1598659733506.png (678.42 KB, 628x768, 157:192, 1594878565300.png) ImgOps iqdb

What you see in that video is a combination of COVID and retards rioting, looting and hurting more people just because one asshole, who happens to be one of Obama's sons (trayvon, that large baboon who caused the Ferguson riots, AGAIN), was dealing counterfeit money and resisting arrest got his ass handed to him by another asshole who believes in the protocol, Use force first, ask questions later and never thinking to deescalate a situation.

The gooberment is not really contributing to anything of what is going on(positively or negatively). Well the only negative is that they allowed COVID to spread as much as it did due to "muh freedumb gawd".


File: 1598664529392.jpg (26.26 KB, 276x320, 69:80, 1533327170738.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I am sorry to hear this. The majority of parents in this world are worse people than (mass) murderers, serial killers, child rapists and the most sadistic people on the plant because they create these people. They think just because THEY brought you into this world without a plan on how to raise a human then it is YOUR fault if they do not get the result they or society approves of.

In the end, humans make decisions and breeders are currently under no obligation to support and properly raise the offspring they produce. As long as they are not physically or sexually abusing the offspring they are free to do as they wish.


the only thing about "covid" that is spreading is your dumb fear mongering of it

it's august 28th, you people are still screaming bloody murder about the doomvirus nothingburger, jesus, leave us alone


Have you got your mask on while typing this?


File: 1598707322940.jpg (33.3 KB, 680x960, 17:24, 1597212918946.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Of course


File: 1598718240230.png (92.23 KB, 295x229, 295:229, 1591951835955.png) ImgOps iqdb

parents force me to go to zog organized autism job training in two weeks or something
It's gonna be hell



Do we ever browse reddit.com/r/hikikomori


File: 1600978480327.jpg (52.58 KB, 620x413, 620:413, eeef.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Do we
No, honey.


Been a NEET for five years, I have a few other family members who were also NEETs, feel like becoming a wizard was sort of my destiny.


I wonder if this wiz is still alive. I miss his poasts.


>It's gonna be hell

How has hell treated you?


Me, too. I hope he's all right.


File: 1601000764366.png (1.71 MB, 1512x1073, 1512:1073, kafka.png) ImgOps iqdb

German literature describing the shut in.


I genuinely like being a wizneet. Once i finally convinced my dad i truly do not want any sort of interaction with other humans, hes chilled out on prodding me to make friends and get out of the house. I just wish i didnt have to live in his attic and could have my own house in northern michigan in the middle of nowhere.
I also feel bad about being a leech, but i cant even bring myself to shower more than once a month, I know any attempt at success would only result in failure. When i think about my future it’s generally pleasant, im very unhappy but that has nothing to do with being a wizneet, in fact, the little amount of happiness i do have is a direct result of my wizardry and refusing relationships or connections with people. I would be very happy if i never had to go outside or physically interact with another person ever again.


Thank god we have the expert to state the obvious.


This exact thread was posted on 4chad a day after it was created, no wonder it's trying to place negative connotations on the lifestyle, OP is from there.



make a neutral hikikomori information thread


I used to really like Kafka but a few years ago I read this article written by some jew about how actually all of his novels are about him being jewish and how they're persecuted and whatnot, and it just ruined Kafka forever to me.


I thought everyone knew this going in


I doubt it's most common in Japan. Probably most common in Southern Europe actually. And any country hat has the financial or family support greater than Japan to do so.


neets yes, reluse and withdrawn? less so


If you liked it then it was something there you connected with, you should not have let poltardness stop you from enjoying something you sponteneously enjoyed. Thats cult mentality


7 years as a hikikomori and honestly I prefer this way of life as I have gained the ability to leave my cave even had succubi flirt with me give me free shit but nothing appeals to me out there so I remain inside talking to my fellow wiz-kuns.

Why would I work if I can leech from the state or breeders?
To buy shit? I only need cheap food and internet as I do not even play games at all etc..
My NEETbux I prefer trying to help other wizards buy dakimakura of waifu.

I go to see a psych and it is a meme as I spend a lot of time reading the same resources they learnt for years plus constantly interacting with mentally ill people but I know a non biased observer is good obviously.

This one is better than others I get told to get a GF or they do not beleieve me when I tell them how absolutely abysmal my living conditions are etc.

Current shrink is great she says she does not care if I an hero which I like as honest but she said I need to figure out what I want in life to be happy and it is nothing normalfags want.
People may call me a failed normie but I feel those that could function yet find it so disgusting how normalfags interact and society as a whole I do not want to contribute plus I get this intense draining feeling near normies.
It is not as if I tried to be normal and failed so joined a subculture creating a new norm, I just know there is nothing out there for me and I get scared fellow mages as online culture which is not cucked is getting smaller and smaller…

It is all a giant meme.
There is this huge misunderstanding that all hikikomori types are this way and would be happier interacting with normalfags, working and fucking succubus.
Blatantly false for a lot of us despite having mental issues and I bet that a cause of some of our depression is society itself.
>he lets someones personal life stop him from enjoying what they produced
Literally ignorant normalfag thinking


Oh also hello hikkifag I wish you the best the world has been most cruel to me buddy and I just want you to know I had some big revelations about myself I hate not only who I am but who I was and guess what there is nothing I can do to change that.
I always respected you


>had succubi flirt with me

fuck off


>fuck off
You must be lost you are looking for crabs.com
You obviously wish some succ would give you attention which is disgusting and a sign you need to fuck off.
>wizchan 2020


the gall you have to come back with such a dumb reply and assume i give a fuck about your social life
>waaaah craaaab

you are stating that you have "had succubi flirt" with you, it's breaking the rules whether it's voluntary or not, and it's very much antithetical to the spirit of the site either way

stop assuming that anyone who calls out your bullshit is somehow envious or bitter


it was relevant to discussion so I mentioned it


Another NEET lost his mind and stabbed his mother because she asked him not to get a job, but just why he doesnt get a job.



because he probably didnt go outside. he didnt know how to get a job or feel like it was even possible. he felt incapable of changing and so her words threatened his very existence

just a guess. anything is better than you saying 'just get a job lmao' though


>Wanted to be a neet
>Now a free neetpass for 50 years
>wanted to be a neet
>Now employed as a prostitute


I sympathize with the job nagging thing but you need to be one of the most evil motherfuckers in the world to murder your parents


Very sad. He should've received bux or vocational training for autistics from the government.
>In 2018, Shimmel's younger sister, Ilana, told The Daytona Beach News-Journal her brother loved their mother, but revealed he struggled with mental illness, including autism, which she believes could have played a role in the murder


No forgiveness for mommy-murderers. Good boy points are the most important NEET currency and mommies are univeral dispensers of the Standardized GBP.


Florida Man at it again


Any Neets or Hiki's who are over over 250 pounds?


I haven't been weighted since I was 12 but I'm pretty sure I am.


Been a NEET since I was 19, now 27 and it's way too late to do anything about it now.


yeah that's the age of the point of no return basically


Yeah, I've been locked out of the rat race for good. My life has always been terrible due to not having enough money to survive. I'm stuck on third-world tier disability income until I die, which is very stressful and sucks. Hopefully our newly minted leader of the free world does something to change this, which I doubt anyway.


>I'm stuck on third-world tier disability income until I die
… hate to be that guy, but unless you don't plan to live very long, that sounds unlikely, and that's coming from a fellow bux recipient.


I'm on the spectrum, so it's pretty likely I'll always be sperg enough to keep getting it. I have no other options.


Normans don't think of this until autists go off the deep end after years of social isolation and a warped sense of self. What do they expect?


What a journey. I especially liked the second paragraph wh

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