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A lot of people talk about 90s nostalgia but I never hear any for the 2000s. How did people feel about it? Better or worse than today?
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piracy is a crime :^)


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I don't really think this is ruined, yet someone is constantly moaning about normies and stuff instead of massively reporting them. When sapped and censored, they tend to flee, for they come from a mindhive


> mindhive
Was this written wrong on purpose for you are an unconstrained free thinker?


I've been kind of obsessed with these videos lately.


watch me


They all look so innocent and disease-free


fucking Mulder got so rich he insisted they move production to LA, how could you not see this coming? Aside X-Files ran out of steam with alien intrigue and the elimination of the syndicate. How can you keep assuming these organizations are all powerful when they keep getting thwarted by the protagonists. Then the supersolder nonsense was just stupid, its like their effects team was too cheap to actually make monsters any more.


>all powerful alien force about to take over the planet
>"yo let's race mix with Earth succubi, even though humans are far less superior to us"


Bush was a neocons wet dream. I hated him but I am willing to lend it to him he easily got manipulated by Chiney and Rove. People bitch about Trump but don't admit Rove laid the groundwork for his rise. It was amazing to watch how a terrorist attack catapulted Bush's presidency and people were saying shit like "you may not agree with his politics, but he is our president" or "you may disagree with the war, but I support our troops". All the while the media worshiped the ground Bush walked on while cheerleading he's imaginary wars. It didn't help that Saving Private Ryan came out at the same time to get Americans thinking they should intervene in everything for the greater good of humanity, while being obvious to its capitalistic and globalist exploitations. Its amazing now how the public somehow manages to elect the only anti-establishment candidate after the 2008 wallstreet bailouts and now the media just reports 24 hour outrage over Trump. I bet even if there was a 9/11 terrorist attack now the media would still be shitting on Trump, unlike when they were praising Bush and how we should all "get behind him, because he is our president".


the whole "his sister got abducted by aliens" plot line was stupid from the start. They were trying to give him a personal reason to be investigating aliens, rather than doing it out of pure belief that their were aliens. Having him obsessed with his sister was just incest gnomie propaganda.


>to get Americans thinking they should intervene in everything for the greater good of humanity
Turns out it actually was and the world became a much worse place when they stopped.


I have just been watching it from the beginning. Just finished season 8. It was catastrophic. The first few seasons are incredible, then there's a gradual decrease in quality, then at season 8 it turns into complete trash.


File: 1595587229774.jpg (160.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I try not to think too hard about the X-Files story lines. I treat it like some of those old overly complicated noirs filled with plot holes. It's fun to just sit back and enjoy the characters and atmosphere without being too analytical.


I never watched it when I was a kid but in the last couple of years I watched the whole series for the first time. The first season was amazing to me, maybe because I hadn't watched it before but it still looked fresh and the production quality was high. The technology use wasn't obtrusive in the first place so the occasional shots of early 90s computers didn't detract, though maybe that's because they still have a certain charm to me anyway.
In my opinion it went to shit after they moved the filming from Canada to Los Angeles. I think this coincided with the main plot just kind of running out, but in particular the physical setting of the show no longer suited the show at all (too sunny and dry) and neither did it fit the supposed locations of the various episodes (episodes set in "west virginia" featuring eucalyptus forests and dry heath, and so on) other than those with a west coast setting.




I remember watching anime on those shitty DivX players back in 2006-7 or so


The Iraq War and the Financial Crisis in the 2000s caused a snowball effect of problems that we never recovered from. I will not be surprised if WW3 starts next year.


yeah, so much for those retards' whole PNAC dream


Very few young western people have any respect for their countries. Why would they? If the government tries to draft us most will refuse. They know this.


I am glad that I am old enough where if they actually did try a draft I can tell them to suck a egg without spending time in jail.


call it what it is you two, stop using their evil euphemism

it's called enslavement


I don't feel nostalgic for the 2000s at all. It's when things started going down hill societally. 2000s is when socially media started to become popular, which in my opinion is the plague of the internet


I would love to go to war unironically
Let me hug a grenade and be at peace


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That's because the real heart of the show was David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson's personalities and mannerisms, and the chemistry between the two. They should have just killed the show when Duchovny left, just like the Simpsons should have ended 20 years ago or something. Those two actors in those roles were iconic, probably to this day one of the best on TV. It's the major reason the show became so huge at the time, they were instantly recognisable and likeable, like the morning my favourite TV show Reboot had a whole episode 'Trust No One' with CGI versions of them. Replacing Mulder was like killing someone's beloved dog and offering them a goldfish as replacement. The Terminator could never bring me to tears like this: https://youtu.be/TYdC1uwO4UI


I liked the internet in the 2000s.

IRL was fucking shit.



I miss Lucas and his crappy prequels. Oh how we shat all over his films. If only I knew just how much worse Star Wars would be under anyone else's direction.

I liked that film. It was a well made lighthearted adventure with a compelling theme. The rest of the series is a forced, confused mess but I think the first film earned its popularity.



>Technological advances were beyond fucking hyped. Every single milestone. The emergence of the iPod, and the succeeding generational models and variants - Having a stylish little portable music player that holds over tens to later on over a hundred gigs was a huge fucking deal. Each windows release, the jump in hardware developments/specifications every year or two.
>The internet was at its golden age - normies were contained to AIM/MSN messager and myspace - every forum had its community of nonconformists and people who knew eachother - and there were so, so, so many established communities to get to know. And aside from the aforementioned normie sites/chat clients; the internet was largely populated by anti-corporate interests - people that took a more objective, ethical and budget minded take on products, media, culture, etc. as opposed for shilling for mainstream shit. Musical subcultures still existed; and people were free to gather and gatekeep against the bullies/douchebag mean succubi (unlike nowadays where you have to bend knees or else you are a crab/gatekeeper/autist/whatever flavor of the month buzzword)
>Indie had it's initial taste of mainstream breakthrough. The strokes, death cab/the postal service, Modest Mouse, Peter Bjorn and John - sooooo many amazing feelgood indie bands and my gravitation towards the subculture. And the wave of indie chic film and cultural impact was amazing and gave myself a major tinge of optimism - humble living/fighting against corporate shallowness, an appreciation/acceptance for timidity and vulnerability, artsiness, the art of the thrift and bohemianism, aubrey plaza/mike cera films, wes anderson. It was finally becoming more mainstream to embrace this sort of idiosyncratic mindset and I was half-convinced that it may overtake the shallow, hypercapitalistic social darwinist mindset that's been all over for ages.
>'Nerd chic' - which TBH was a double edged sword - negative aspect due to being the first stage of normies co-opting sperg culture and pushing us out/gaslighting actual nerds like we've witnessed in real time over the past decade. Regardless, it was refreshing that now Tech was a viable and attractive pursuit - even for succubi who see nerds as better than the sociopathic jerks (which was a near-impossible mindset prior) - so there was less bullying towards nonconformist nerds - especially given that you were attractive.
>Most people were relatively stable and got along well post-high school - everyone accepted differences in political views/religious views and taste and didn't REEEEE over anything - even if they really disagree by a major metric.
>TV and Film was picking up steam in quality from the mid-late 00's - reality TV was kind of declining and there were more consistent, theatrical and plot based series propping up. You still had a great metric of comedies, slice of lifey type movies, zombie thrillers (hot take, alot of peeps like to shit on em for being formulaic and basic, but I missed them lol) - and there were things to get hyped over unliked all the capeshit and cinematic universe garbage that's everywhere now
>6th-7th generation gaming brought it alot of greats - but 7th gen especially inticed me IMO. Way more open games, Oblivion, FO3, all the breakthroughs in physics and graphics, gaming was still about being chill and having fun and the playerbases/communities (barring stuff like the COD kids who tossed slurs like nuts, and shit like runescape) were mellow and mature. Gaming wasn't dramafodder or a major political dramamachine like it turned into post-GG and when the online gamingsphere turned into reality TV 2.0 filled with thots, conflict, outrageous appearances and 'keeping with the joneses' grade shit. Everything still felt humble and fun at this time.
>Little to no SJW presence. The left as a whole was still rational and chill; and was the easy winner and obvious choice in fighting against the warmongering fundies of the bush administration and republican party.
>Online useage was still limited, and life in general still felt like 'life' - everything I see in the past 5 years is just crude, one dimensional memes and 'quirky' pictures nowadays and it drives me nuts, this is what culture is driven by nowadays.

>George Bush. Enough fucking said - the iraq war, the patriot act, absolute fucking mismanagement of everything on an economic and social level.
>Music aside from indie was absolute dogshit as a whole. The Nu-Metal runoff of the early 00's, Pop music getting more superficial than ever before, Scenecore/Hot Topic-tier emo, contrived Pop Punk, hip hop largely entering a dark age (up until the ressurection by Kid Cudi and Kanye - and similar artists popping up in the latter half of the decade), Ringtone rap and crunk. The tapout-clad post grunge bullshit. Everything was largely about selling an aesthetic and cranking out MP3s/singles - no substance or decent sounds. Easily among the worst decades of music in history.
>The superficial McMansion yuppie lifestyle and wannabe-reality TV star lifestyle was largely accelerating at a peak wave (Which was trending from the 80's-onward) - which snowballed into the great recession and amassing of crazy high credit debt.
>Youth subculture aesthetics/art were corny as shit with the exception of indie.
>The religious right was batshit insane - though even they seemed more tame compared to what you typically run into on both parties nowadays.


Tell me it's a pasta because this shit reeks of normalfag pop nerd thinking and is full of outsider language.



If your complaint is the tone and not whats actually being said, thats not really a legitimate critique.


I miss the mid to late 2000s back when YouTube wasn't a shit website full of sellout YouTubers and censorship.


>9/11 started modern troubles

America has been in decline since the 1970s. 9/11 was the final death blow.


It's kinda insane seeing liberals these days whitewashing Bush's legacy all because Trump doesn't have the mask of "respectablity" of the previous dicks in charge.

I mean I don't remember Trump starting the endless "war on terror". That alone should put him above war criminal George W Bush and yet that fucker was on the famed dyke Ellen Shos.


America has been in decline since before it was an independent nation. This thing was designed to fail.


>It's kinda insane seeing liberals these days whitewashing Bush's legacy
They're just milquetoast corporate TV liberals, they have no real principals or standards of their own. Ellen was assblasted for being chummy with Bush on social media, but that's social media.
>I mean I don't remember Trump starting the endless "war on terror".
He certainly has fucking ended them. He was yo-yoing the number of troops and now just placed more and more in Syria after some supposed story of Russians paying people for American scalps. And don't forget the shit with fucking Iran. I hate people whitewashing Obama's trash years but even he handled Iran better.


Basically. I blame the Enlightenment.


Careful now, you will offend 90% of wizchan and 100% of the mods who are SJW zoomer crybabies.


I think it was a more naive time, although maybe that's just because I was younger.


File: 1601621648505.png (173.28 KB, 580x599, 580:599, 1265418269314.png) ImgOps iqdb

The best thing I remember about that decade that really stands out was the Internet at the time. Newgrounds, Ebaumsworld, Totse, Funnyjunk, ytmnd, good youtube, ogrish, encyclopedia dramatica and uncyclopedia, forums for every interest, crappy security sites, geocities, golden age of pirating, classic runescape (real classic, with the 2-D character models), battle.net before blizzard turned gay, old 4chan with its more positive vibe, krautchan :_(. All bring back fun memories. The flood of high-quality content as funny stories, pictures, and videos built up over may decades surged across the net like a dam breaking. Not having to give away your full identity to get an account on some stupid site was nice and people and sites generally respected and valued anonymity. Better userbase because computers were still kind of stigmatized, so there was a higher proportion of civilized people, though still a great many doofuses. This post is turning into a dead Internet post and I apologize, but the Internet is what sticks out for me as being the only really exceptional aspect of the 2000s. Art was not much better or worse than in the 90s. Some good music, some good movies, but better in previous decades. Bush was a warmongering goofball. Obama started all the bullshit of this latest pc wave in '08. TV was still watchable but nothing special compared to previous decades. Evangelical Christians were a power bloc in the US and I remember a push for creationism which was pretty laughable.

The Internet of the 2000s was the best and I am happy I got to experience it. Now the Internet is not dead, definitely not, but it has grown into some kind of censorious panopticon for control freaks that is distasteful to me. There is still fun but it is not free fun: it feels fake, over-processed, and too soft-edged (the softness coming from the sensitivites of females who used to be a minority on the net). I want less and less to do with it. In the early 90s, veteran Usenet users decried the arrival of 'stupid' AOLers followed by WebTV users onto the net. I was a kid then and did not understand. Here I am now, matured and lamenting the evolutions of the net over the last decae and its degraded state infested dumbass narcisissts and gen z who don't carry on the old ways. This is how the Usenet users felt. In 20 years, the Internet will have evolved more, and the current young ones, having become the old ones will understand my current predicament as they wake up one day and notice that the beloved panopticon of their youthful rememberances has morphed into whatever comes next, which will be worse to them because it is not the same as it was before. Likely it will be actually worse. I wonder if people in cultures that don't suffer constant technological flux experience this. Ramble ramble ramble.


>soft-edge because of females

You know most of them are trannies right?


>Newgrounds, Ebaumsworld, Totse, Funnyjunk, ytmnd, good youtube, ogrish, encyclopedia dramatica and uncyclopedia
What the fuck, these were pure cancer.


>What the fuck, these were pure cancer.
Only in this day and age can you say something this hideously contrarian and wrong. Even ebaumsworld content thiefing is preferably today's content-stealing.




Dude, stop being toxic. I really miss newgrounds


Last I checked it still exists and still has all the old content to enjoy as well as a slow trickle of new content.
It ain't dead quite yet.


my favorite thing from the 2000's is smash bros melee


Dont forget smart phones (and the whole 'smart'-revolution as a whole), social media (When the internet became a dopamine hotspot instead of a community/learning place) and big corporations ruling over people (although that happened before)

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