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Fellow Wizards/NEETs,what profound or interesting rabbit holes have you dove into? Conspiracies? Health? Philosophical pessimism? Redpills in general? Share them.

>taking MGTOW redpills

>see that doomers havebecome too shamed by succubi and their slaves
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>why does the guy who runs a business called asshole consulting act like a asshole when he is consulted?


>Work can be fulfilling & enjoyable if you own a business,farm,etc but if you wageslave for some multinational corporation your life will suck
It's mostly this. I see people working for the same company for 40-50 years and in reality they're not in much better position than I am, as a rookie. They don't have shares, they're still in expendable positions. You can work your whole life working for a company making log cabins, and you won't get closer to owning a log cabin yourself, even though you've built thousands of them.


Been watching this serie and researching as I go along and most of the stuff in it is totally legit.

General nwo, "they" are lying to you and here is the real truth kind of documentary series. Only halfway through due to the research breaks but so far it has been pretty on point.


Don't be a wiseguy, i'm talking about if it is an act or this guy is really huffing his own farts this seriously


Does it really mater?
Although I find it amusing that you can't tell.


>Finding low social iq funny
Hello normalfag


There is no such thing as social IQ.
It is bullshit made up by feminist to make succubi feel better for being dumb.

You could use deductive reasoning to figure it out. Don't try to use being a spurg as a excuse for being dumb. I am a spurg myself so you can fuck right the hell off with that bullshit right now.


That is a trash-tier documentary, almost bingoed every conspiracy nut theory of the last 5 years, i was almost impressed.


Again, being a nitpicking wiseguy, you must be a reddit user


I enjoyed the part about trump being a time traveler and the savior of mankind


if "mankind" is israel then yeah


Again, accusing of a standard list of things because you are too dumb to do anything else.
Go read a book.



As a note, the thumbnail is not posted solely intended to arouse, attract or fawn over.
If you find it offensive then by all means hid it.


It seems intent does not matter to the mods.
Posting without embeding.

The Surprising Psychology Of OnlyFans Simps

By understanding the tricks used one can avoid crab traps and avoid faltering on the path to wizardry.


Hardware as a service is already here.


I haven't really dug deep into much of anything.
At some point in the past I basically just stopped, no learning or seeking out anything. I'm just sort of waiting and killing time at this point.

Every now I'll look at something and say "Well, that's interesting." but that's as far as it goes.


Sometimes I look up vids on alien propulsion and man made UFOs but I wouldn't say I've dug deep on it at all.
I'm something of a hypochondriac so looking at anything health related makes me thing I have something terribly wrong with me.
>Philosophical pessimism?
I've never really gotten into philosophy. Something about it just makes it seem so up it's own ass sometimes. Plus I seem to be stuck in a veritable sargasso of brain fog, unable to think about much of anything before the strain and the seeming pointlessness of it drags me down.
>Redpills in general?
I can't rattle off statistics or anything but I do have views on a few topics some would call redpilled


essential oil crazy housewives is a funny rabbit hole. its those weird pyramid scheme things where you buy from other members essential oils, they end up becoming dealers to theur friends, brainwashing everyone into thinking various essential oils solce everything. for x you take y oil. for g you take q oil. the best part is using this shit undilluted sometimes eventually leads to rashes and allergies… which you guessed it, they try to cure via more essential oil


wtf, my mom is not a rabbit hole


community = consumer in corporate speak.


>people still watch this succ after all these years


>VA is a dude
>writer is a dude
>animator is a dude
>Jonathan Ian Mathers is clearly a dudes name

What are you on about?


>he actually knows the personal information of the eceleb
lol. Have you been watching since newgrounds?


Why are you retarded?


Well, have you?


File: 1608088189264.png (1.58 MB, 1620x1080, 3:2, Screen-Shot-2018-03-22-at-….png) ImgOps iqdb

I hate all the dumb fuck conspirtards thinking a collapse is going to come and all their opposition is going to magically disappear. LMAO no

You will literally get drone striked from orbit, dumbass. Nobody would even care, all they would have to say is "He was an evil Nazi" and then move on.


>You will literally get drone striked from orbit
Then what difference does it make? Believe in conspiracy and get dronestriked, dont and get dronestriked?


Morrowind/elder scrolls lore. It's pretty crazy how much stuff there is that you don't really see in the two most recent games.


i am not surprised there is a lot of lore , its just that skyrim is such a dull, conventional and boring fantasy world i wouldn't fall into it.

until recently i didn't know Vampire Hunter D had novels though, that was fun and its been very interesting to know more about that, its very pulp but i really like it aesthetically. I always though there were the animation movies and thats it, never really bothered to look.


>like saturn originally being our sun
That literally makes no sense whatsoever, the planet is too small to be able to compressed into a star, doesnt have any plasma in it and also how would it get replaced (the sun had to go in a straight direction and somehow overcome the planets orbits around saturn but that would be virtually impossible due to the high chance that it would just pull saturn and other planets towards it). The only notable point is academia freaks trying to silence it, although maybe they were trying to silence it due to other information that was in the book.

I didnt hear about ancient civilizations vanishing before 1500 BC (although maybe they suppressed it), but there is evidence of an meteor/comet crashing into the region around Greenland 1,500 years ago so maybe that had something to do with it.

He most likely lost because he was getting ass-raped from the East and the West at the same time (his fault for declaring war on Germany after his ally bombed them)

Our evolution hasnt been guided by magic, it's been guided by murder, luck (as in, one of our ancestors werent eaten/killed due to a random chance), disease and rape (same with the evolution of a lot of species). Do you have evidence for these "demons" (like a paper) as that's a very huge claim you're making, I wont accept the "but there's djinns and fairies in a lot of countries" because they're just people trying to make sense of the natural world (why do people die, why does the weather happen) and also schizo's seeing things from the corner of their eye.


* his fault for declaring war of AMERICA

typo, sorry


>compressed into a star
that's only if you believe the nuclear fusion model of stars which has been pretty well falsified by the electric star model


Why are "truwiz" like this?
You the same kind of vitriol and disdain for crabs as normalfags yet completely silent on the succubi question. But if you want to talk about the succubi question, oh that means you're a crab. "Don't talk about m'ladies like that!"
Your post would be literally indistinguishable from any other normalfag post outside of wizchan. And it's the crabs who don't belong?


most of the interesting lore comes from the morrowind era. OpenMW itself is worth another playthrough imo but plenty of lore-friendly/neutral mods retain compatibility.


because plenty not but plenty


Because they're pathetic larper parasites who have infested this site in the aftermath of rodgers and in cels becoming more mainstream, this is due to the fact that wizards are at odds with people expressing interest in succubi and the fact that crabs were historically disliked especially for being whiteknight "simps". Many of them could be literal succubi too. At this point, a lot of these so-called in cels are more wizardly than these types, and their "blackpill" or whatever is practically proto-wizardry.


New video for the ban list.

Anyway it's about the concerns that the wuflu vaccination can effect fertility.



What "succubi question" are you talking about? There is literally nothing wrong with succubi as a group. Misogyny is not wizardly and never has been. That's all in cel shit. I unironically wish I could bully one of you in cels to suicide.


> and their "blackpill" or whatever is practically proto-wizardry.
No it isn't. The "blackpill" is all about blaming succubi and genetics and being an entitled antinatalist parasite on society. It's the most neckbeard ideology that exists.

Wizardry is about accepting responsibility, looking inward, not making excuses and engaging in self-improvement, and becoming productive members of society while at the same time having no interest in sex or relationships and abstaining from masturbation and porn. It's the literal opposite of the blackpill in cel manchild ideology.


No wizardry is being a virgin male and over 30. Doesn't matter what you believe.


>being a wizard is being a normalfag minus the sex
Fucking kill yourself


> Misogyny is not wizardly
But being anti-wizard is wizardly?
The absolute state of truwizzies
>Wizardry is about accepting responsibility, looking inward, not making excuses and engaging in self-improvement, and becoming productive members of society
No it's not. Wizardy is just about being a 30+ year old virgin. Simple as.

Not all wizards are in cels, but all (30+ year old) in cels are wizards. Anti-in cel is code word for anti-wiz


>blah blah neckbeard blah blah crabs blah blah entitled blah blah blah manchild
Back to Reddit.
>productive members of society
Le "truwiz" improvebruh once again demonstrates his ignorance on this website's culture. This website was birthed out of r9k and the NEET/hikikomori culture of the late 2000s/early 2010s. NEETs and hikikomori (who are inherently NOT "productive members of society") are and always have been a part of this site's culture and this is even reflected in the site's rules, rule 4 to be specific.


So the original so-called "culture" is infallible and we should all just blindly follow it like a bunch of low IQ reactionary crabs?

Every website created for neets and basement dwellers ends up mainly attracting crabs. Just look at the neet and doomer subs on reddit. We need to transition away from that stuff instead of embracing failure or we will just end up even more like .co than we already are. That doesn't mean we should disparage people who live these lifestyles but we should make this a space where people are encouraged to become something better.


Fuck you and your shit. The whole idea is that this place is for outcasts, not faggots that want to join society except for sex. Maybe you should just join some christian celibacy forum, seems like that's what you want.


>faggots that want to join society except for sex
That's what they want you to believe. I don't believe for one second that these posters who are indistinguishable from normals even are actual virgins. The sanctimoniousness and passive-agressive behaviour are generally a dead giveaway.


>Admits he is an outsider who wants to subvert the culture here.
>Outs himself as a redditor.
>Implies the wizard lifestyle is inherently bad.
Why don't you just go back to reading Jordan Peterson's new book and leave us alone?


If you have an opinion regarding the state of the site or the changes you believe should be made to its rules or content, then please take it to /meta/


Little tech censorship is just as much of a problem as big tech censorship.
Censorship is bad.


"Stop it, get help"

- Michael Jordan

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