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Fellow Wizards/NEETs,what profound or interesting rabbit holes have you dove into? Conspiracies? Health? Philosophical pessimism? Redpills in general? Share them.

>taking MGTOW redpills

>see that doomers havebecome too shamed by succubi and their slaves
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you go, "anon"


No it doesn't.
succubi will never say something like that because it would imply they have an easy run at life which they would never admit.

It reads like some mid tier normalfag male that's spent a lot of time on 4chan wrote it.


>Still projecting
Just masturbate already


Just from the dumb title aligned with the stupid obligatory non-sequitur anime screencap, I could tell who this video was from.


just from the ugly intro I could tell the video was shit.


i can't seem to fit in this soyciety.


I will be sure to post plenty more just for you.


You already do. For some reason the worst youtubers always get posted here


For some reason you can never stay on the topic of the thread and instead have bitch fits over youtube


This is only my second time saying this in like a year. Maybe I should do it more often then so we can both be honest men.


we should have a youtube confinement thread exclusively for dumping youtube videos and remove the embedding function from the rest of the site, just like we do with porn.

>hurr hurr ur not discussing the content video :(((

no shit retard, who will listen to five to fifteen minutes of this rehashed trite? and it's almost always heritage foundation or cato institute inspired or w/e propaganda. it's like a fucking signature. are you doing it for free?


Posting things that are on topic to drown out the crabcrying.



File: 1585200632348.png (366.96 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ScGohan_and_Videl_m.png) ImgOps iqdb

>what is the soulmate myth???
>red pill lesson
Lol why that's even a redpill or a pill at all?
It goes against logic to believe that such a thing exists.
But at the end of the day that is inconsequential, enforced monogamy should solve the crab problem and many other disgusting things that arise from letting people do as they want in the name of liberty and freedom, and also erase many things perceived as unjust.


It sounds like you choose the blue pill.


Why is even a redpill the knowledge that soulmates don't exist? Isn't that common sense?


Why would someone who thinks individualism, freedom, and truth is bad post in a redpill thread? If I didn't think you were a troll I would have thought you didn't even get what the reference of the red pill even means. But I know you are playing up youe own stupidity in order to get a response.
Well here is your response.

Also I know you are just fishing and have no idea what the video is about because you comments and questions don't even make sense in context, so you can just stop.

You use the same tactics in every thread and subject you don't like. It doesn't fool anyone.


>look at this redpill crabs, oneitis and soulmates don't exist!
Such a revelation for the crabs. When not even young kids believe in soulmates or oneitis, so what are you ramblin on?

>Why would someone who thinks individualism, freedom, and truth is bad post in a redpill thread?

That's me? Go figure!!!


>being this boomer
Thats being said, authoritarism and totalitaritarism are for huge faggots.


Damn, this thread is another level of trash-tier

Almost meta


Are you nigger or whitetrash?


here's a redpill: soul mates don't exist! I just blew your mind, didn't I? Wait, I'm gonna write a book and make a video where I explain to kids why this is true.


This tactic didn't work in the political thread when you last tried it, what makes you think it would work this time here?
You do know you can just hide threads and post that bother you this much then maybe you should just hide it rather then try so hard to troll and have bitch fits when you continue to not get your way.


A basic but necessary red pill is Hypergamy.


What political thread?


>that lack of arguements
>i said so!
>that tone
Why boomers so infantile?


Do you happen to be repressed homosexual?


File: 1585229809479.jpg (21.21 KB, 560x268, 140:67, gandalf020830a.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>the soulmate or oneitis doesn't exist, wizard! That's your redpill for today. Thank me later.


Why home ownership is overrated.
Red pilling on why buying a house isn't usually a great idea.


Yeah okay, but what if I want a house?


>parroting same shit over and over
Are you mentally challenged?


THE' Conspiracy

everything is staged; the whole planet was hijacked by them around late 1800's. but absolutely everything started being staged around the year 1980. Now, they control everything. Every problem in the world can trace back to them. Whats going on now , 2020+ they think there s too many of you. They want to thin the heard with WW3.

inb4 wah wah aon is bad mouthing the hebes or watching shit about evil lizards LOL good luck dum fuck about to post that, you aint special in sim city


No, but you must be since you watch videos where they explain why "myths" aren't real.



if someone gets too close to what is actually going on in society it gets deleted, blocked, banned, put on all the naughty lists. i wont even bother explaining it to people anymore.


I was reminded of those velikovsky books today when I was reading an old elementary school history book at lunch, from chapter to chapter it kept mentioning how all these ancient world civilizations mysteriously disappeared or fell around 1500bc, of course it only mentioned in passing like it's nothing to talk about


>no you
Reddit or 4chan is more suitable tor you.
>No, but you must be since you watch videos where they explain why "myths" aren't real.
Ive never watched anything like that or claimed to do so.
Yep, you are mentally challenged.



It is talking about people who think buying a house is a investment and asset when it really is a liability.
If you just wanna house to have that house and you don't plan on selling the house or using it to make money then it's whatever.
Like buying a sports car because you are into that kind of thing.
Just make sure you can actually afford it as a expense and do things the right way.
The video actually explains in more detail near the end and answers that question.


Conspiracies are interesting but it feels like everyone just focuses on the most retarded shit like Alex Jones (even though he is a Rolex wearing hedonistic scam artist and a fake) you will never hear AJ talk about Dancing Israelis or any other real conspiracies.

Health to me just seems like a ton of misinformation and confusion, people saying one thing then a contradicting thing, there is probably some true information and a lot of false stuff it's hard to tell what is true I think it's just a lot of chaos and not a proper science, I feel like we still don't understand human biology enough.

Philosophical pessimism just made me more depressed and is pretty much just useless, it doesn't make me feel better or help at all at least for me.

For me the only lasting redpill is that fuck rich people (to an extent) I don't want full communism I just don't like rich people apologia or rich people screwing NEETs out of their NEETbux and screwing wageslaves as they always do for a quick buck neither do I want to kill landlords, also I think things are tough for males but don't want to beat succubi or trans people etc. etc. I feel like politics on the interwebs is just finding heaps of people who are too extreme for me on every issue, I think the actual smart people know they don't know everything about the issues and are more like chameleons at best on issues if they have to be, I know Trump has no real political opinions he has changed his opinions on everything a bajillion times (and yes Trump might be greedy and self serving but he is smarter than people think)


>hating crabs this hard
>taking internet fights at face value
>being this bitter and prideful at same time
You are failed normalfag, aka crab without awareness.


The thing about conspiracies is that they rely on someone to believe they are being lied to. Whole this is not a stretch, and people should always question things, it can become an endless rabbit hole where more and more things are lies until everything is a lie. So you get people who won’t believe in anything, but at the same time believe in things that are incredibly arbitrary or farcical. It is an unfortunate extreme, but it goes the other way too with people who never question anything and get manipulated as a result.


The health thing seems confusing because most of the general facts are boring and hard to sell.
The health industry is huge and so is the research and publishing industry when it comes to eye catching headlines but when you get down to it the boring old moderation and balance in diet, get a bit of exercise, etc. on old boring common sense stuff is still the most valid approach to 95% of health related stuff.


Here is a red pill for you.
Currently romantic relationships are only actually beneficial to succubi.


Sometimes they let the mask slip.


That is a pretty clear use of syllogism under the assertion that men's only interest in succubi is sexual, which is quite bold to make(I'd like to see his evidence, or studies he has done to prove this, other than Nick Cannon supposedly holds the same view as him, that's not evidence). Looking through this guy's channel there seems to be a clear bias in his views, so I don't think I would take this guy as a legitimate source of accurate information. As a humorous aside, I'd also like to point out it's quite apt that a black man is promoting polygamy with arranged marriages, while seeming to have no clear sense for the importance of a strong male and female figure in a person's childhood. Just a bit of a chuckle from me there. Honestly though, this video doesn't really have anything to do with wizardry so I don't know why you felt the need to post it here unless you are trying to appeal to our silent userbase of divorcee fathers.


The only thing that succubi provide men in a relationship anymore that they can't get from somewhere else with less cost is access to their sexual holes. And now thanks to rampant sexual promiscuity even that can be had by high value males without relationships as well.
Meaning that there just isn't any inventive when compared to the massive downsides and all the other ways to gain anything that succubi bring to the table in a relationship, which when you take sex out of it, isn't much if anything.


>The only thing that succubi provide men in a relationship anymore that they can't get from somewhere else with less cost is access to their sexual holes
So you are claiming that men as a whole are not interested in having a family, lifelong companionship, or love? That men's only desires come in the form of carnal wants and needs? I know I am on wizardchan, but do I really need to point out how flawed that perspective is? Honestly, as a man myself, I find it quite demeaning to my humanity.
>massive downsides and all the other ways to gain anything that succubi bring to the table in a relationship
So, non-carnal desires aside, how do you suggest men who want to have a family go about attaining that then? Are you perhaps a proponent of domestic partnership and adoption?


succubi are currently a threat to family, a man can far more easily find life long companionship without succubi such as through friendship, and I hate to bust your bubble but romantic love is a spook. Love as it is put forward by mass media or wherever else you got your dumb ideas about the concept are a myth. It is temporary brain chemicals to urge you towards mating and reproduction.
Another red pill is that succubi don't love you dude.
Unless you are quite old the relationship statistically will not last a life time.
And succubi break up more families the from the perspective of men then create them. Paternity rights have destroyed and men are seen as unnecessary in families other then providing money to the succubus.
>That men's only desires come in the form of carnal wants and needs?
Not what I said.
It is the only thing succubi currently can supply that men can't get from somewhere else. For most succubi it is literally the only thing they offer.

>how do you suggest men who want to have a family go about attaining that then?

Depends on how you define family and how hypothetical you want to get.
Does having a family in this case mean creating children?
Raising children?
Living together with someone?
Living together with kin?
Define family in this context and I can give better answers.

>Are you perhaps a proponent of domestic partnership and adoption?

I am not a proponent of domestic partnership. It legally counts as common law marriage and thus allows the one who makes less money or has a vagina be able to totally destroy the other person.
Adoption, fostering, caretaking, mentorship, teaching, and otherwise taking care of people is a great thing to do for those who are willing and able. That said I fully understand that it isn't for everyone.


Authority must be earned or everyone involved will suffer.


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