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Fellow Wizards/NEETs,what profound or interesting rabbit holes have you dove into? Conspiracies? Health? Philosophical pessimism? Redpills in general? Share them.

>taking MGTOW redpills

>see that doomers havebecome too shamed by succubi and their slaves


You didn't even describe a hobby. Just a general request to be entertained.
This doesn't belong on this board.



I wish i posted this on loung


File: 1581112531604.jpeg (1.08 MB, 2500x1201, 2500:1201, C7FAB28E-4BD8-4F9F-A79B-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

To better understand the mentality (retardism) of a crab, I read up on the in-Cel wiki. God, and to think I thought I was a sad fuck, these people are sad and pathetic at the same time. It’s so funny to watch them desperately find a place in a world that has no room for them. I’d suggest any of you to go and read up about it all, it’s quite entertaining and I really understood why I don’t associate myself with crabs.


>go read about inncells
pffft don't gotta read that shit, it's so easy to understand the name even tells you everything, inncells are simple creatures, like dogs, they don't have deep reasons for tfwnogf

it's not like jews, or females, where the mentality and evil have real depth to them that you can't understand without reading


I see Sandman MGTOW videos on bitchute trending all the time, funny guy


I personally have never been a fan of sandman.
His speech pattern annoys me a lot and he often says really dumb things.


File: 1581133189647.jpg (78.55 KB, 624x850, 312:425, 4a3de58be01ef6824504ec87aa….jpg) ImgOps iqdb



MIT is now making smear articles about "the manosphere" too.


I never understood the hype about crabs.


Collectively they have all the traits that people generally hate in some way or another.
Mostly just being bitter wrathful losers with no self awareness, or people who take self pity to intolerable extremes.
That and their simp behavior enables the very worst behavior of females and has been well known to destroy communities.
Just toxic people in general.

Tfl aren't nearly as bad.


They're easy to make fun of and nobody will call you a bully when you do because they're mostly white males. Also they pretty much confirm what feminists complain about, which makes me think most of the crab subreddit is succubi pretending.


>Also they pretty much confirm what feminists complain about, which makes me think most of the crab subreddit is succubi pretending.
There's a point where people stop caring and try to save face. It's part of the reason there's so many nazis on imageboards. When people call you something enough, some people just think "yeah whatever" and go with it because there's simply no way you'll convince anyone that crabs aren't terrible misogynists and nazis. Same way most furries don't care that people think they're huge deviants or that weebs are pedos, etc.


what differentiates a regular old loser from a crab?



they're largely male virgins who openly identify as such with large communities but reject typical feminist cuckery and are fond of ib tier edgy humour which is hilariously how they get accused of being white alt righters despite like half not even being white or something, obv their clearnet presence makes some people very butthurt thus attracting more attention
also elliot rodger


nothing if he doesnt get laid


There's lots of mention of them here because our cultures are quite different now. Crabs are still part of the norman social value system and want to be part of society still. They obsess about gossip, dating websites, attractive men, social media, and ranting about why they can't have girlfriends. They also are the new social media generation that people talk about as having their brains wired to obsess about instagram pictures. Since they haven't let go they are also frequently very angry and Norm in their social interaction, trying to recreate social structures that make them feel superior and clinging to what Norms value to abuse each other.

They haven't let go of culture and haven't really lost interest in succubi, leading to all kinds of behavior which isn't what this site ended up. They also have a huge culture of just being frustrated Normans because they cling to mainstream culture; so many of them raging about being a crab are actually unhappy their tinder matches don't have the social value they believe they deserve. Their community is a rage based one where anybody can self-identified as a spurned male and rage in exaggerated terms about succubi leading to loads of Normans.

I don't think many people really care about the posters here who keep their loneliness and desire for some magic pixie waifu style 3d girlfriend to themselves. Knowing those people are here doesn't really cause a problem. But crabs can't control themselves because they feel oppressed by not talking about it and are essentially Norms, which is why there's an animosity from a userbase that generally doesn't care about the Norm culture and doesn't want what they post ( obsessions about being attractive, obsessions about how succubis minds work, obsessions about dating strategy, obsessions about how to culturally enforce sex and monogoamy )

I think the people who read it as feelings of superiority are probably wrong since the truwiz thing seems to be a troll thing a lot of the time; especially since outside communities use the volcel term as a joke now too. We're just different communities now since virgin doesn't mean passive outcast anymore.


Crabs are a specific kind of loser, while loser is a very general term.
So you could say it is a subcategory.
Sort of like how the failed chad types are also a specific kind of loser.


>our cultures are quite different now
i've been noticing the opposite for some time now, many of them are openly nihilistic now and seem to realise it was always set in stone. that old 4chad orbiting tfwnogf style faggotry is mocked now.


The shadyness around Epstein both in life and in death is far more than a meme.


Their mindset. Crabs act like the world owes them sex and a gf and everything else normal people have. Regular losers may, but they're generally just unlucky from a normgroid pov


a while back I read immanuel velikovsky's books about "forbidden" history and stuff, like saturn originally being our sun, and the purple dawn, the golden age, and a couple extreme pole shifts that obviously did happen around 1,500bce after you see all the evidence he laid out

it was all the most fascinating stuff I'd ever read… it still is

iirc academia freaked the fuck out over his books and successfully pressured the printers not to make them, like there's something they were very afraid of, unlike all the other "conspiracy theories" floating around at the time


Share some when you can plz


File: 1584381748580.jpg (60.31 KB, 452x640, 113:160, redpillcomics.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you even know what website you're on right now?


That's Mel Hapa aka Eurasian Tiger's artstyle


MGTOW always seemed to me like a bunch of middle-aged normies burned by divorce. They engage in too much public whining and "social movementing" to remind me of wizards.


no you gotta read the books


he means share the books
if you have them in pdf, post them here


>if I repeat the same bullshit every single time it is mentioned people will believe me




if you're truly interested you'd just google them


You are just being a dick


no, you're just being lazy juan

shut up


A randomly racist dick it seems.


Seems more like dudes that just want "society" to leave them the fuck alone to their interest.


Very true.
I have been following them since 2012. By then it was already gaining traction. Ironic how I listened to woes of men getting screwed over by succubi when I had no relationship at all, but mgtows still had a certain charm. Their talks about male disposibility, male mother need, male doings/female beings etc are universal to all males, wizards included.
But yeah I agree with you I also got that impression. It felt like they were forced to go their own way rather than choosing it, most would be very happy if the femnoids that dumped/divorced them took them back.


Let me guess, your main source of information is redzit.


I've been following the conspiracy between the Russian government and evangelical fascists in the US. It's been a pretty wild ride.


Hello Mel


Those who want to go their own way simply go their own way. They don't join butthurt movements that exist purely to complain about the intricate evils of mainstream society that they, by their own ideology, are not supposed to give a fuck about. I would call it irrational, but it looks more like simple dishonesty.


You go on the same rant Everytime mgtow is brought up and refuse to take in any new information on the subject nor hear what anyone has to say.

You have made up you mind about it, will almost word for word just post the same incorrect mischaracterizations for years, and ignore anything that conflict with what you already believe.


I had the same impression when I read about them and visited mgtow boards. Most of their complaints were simply irrelevant to me because I had never had anything to do with succubi in the first place. It didn't even seem like most were celibate or intended to be.
Similar sort of stuff when I looked at red pill boards, none of it was anything I could relate to or apply to my life in any way.


No its not (probably because I'm a thirld worlder) and no I'm not whomever you think.
Some of their thinking was fine. I especially like Stardusk and Barbarossa, though the latter stopped his vidyas and former tends to get far more political then need be (then again If I had a small income and had to live in a migrant neighbourhood I might be bitter too).
Mgtow seem very bitter to me, they are bitter at everything, not just succubi, at taxes, at society, at librulz etc. I still haven't seen a happy mgtow, yet.
the `crab` and tfl criticism of them is a bit right


>I still haven't seen a happy mgtow
There is RagingGoldenEagle, Redonkulous, Better Bachelor, Think Before you sleep, etc. etc.

You see what you want to see dude. You got a narrative you want to spin and anything to the contrary is to be disregarded.


>Mgtow seem very bitter to me, they are bitter at everything, not just succubi, at taxes, at society, at librulz etc. I still haven't seen a happy mgtow, yet.
How is that any different from this site and it's users if we are making generalizations?


we dont talk about succs you baaaaaaaka


They are talked about here just the same as any other subject.
Lurk more.


Uh, my first ever written comments on mgtow are in this thread. But I don't doubt I'm not the only one thinking those things.


>Crabs act like the world owes them sex and a gf and everything else normal people have
succ tier


MGTOWs and wizs are both a subtype of loser but their attitudes about life are noticeably different. Care to explain why do you think they are the same thing?


> are both a subtype of loser
How about you explain why you think they are losers first.


Winchan 2020


File: 1584821397264.jpg (256.68 KB, 1056x649, 96:59, 1581889194494.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Maybe theres another unlisted board that I dont know about where all the wizards suceeding at life post? Pride is so silly when you're in the gutter


Heh, I actually agree with pic related. I wouldn't word that way as I really don't think getting outcasted by society makes you a loser in my eyes, but yeah, I have a fairly low opinion of rejects who try hard to go back into the bubble. If you just manage to look past the narrow societal goals there's so much freedom to be had.


That picture seems to imply that everyone who self-improves does so in order to be perceived better by their peers and to become a "chad" or "normalfag". Self-improvement in terms of fitness, knowledge or other skills can be an end in itself followed merely because it is good for one's self. It's definitely true in some sense, those who think that not masturbating or self-improving if they are a lower-tier male will get them succubi are deluded in many ways. The real thing to learn from this though is to disconnect from the gynocentric mindset.


File: 1584825992334.gif (1.07 MB, 352x235, 352:235, thread.gif) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1584827025918.png (603.11 KB, 860x870, 86:87, pnlf.png) ImgOps iqdb

>There's literally nothing more cringe than some genetic dead end socially oucasted low satust loser that tries to self improve to fit into society

He is calling them cringe because from his position they look rather laughable, he is being a bully to those guys.
If someone wants to change his life so he can live a life he always wanted, why would that be cringe?
And isn't it logical to want what's good for you?

>That picture seems to imply that everyone who self-improves does so in order to be perceived better by their peers

That anon is retarded in many ways. You cannot simply let go at a young age of what you see as good and normal, and decide to give up on those things when that's all you know and been taught to.
How many young men are you gonna find that they improve solely for themselves and not others?
It's not even improvement at that stage, because there's a social component to the decisions people take, more so if you're an adolescent or young adult.
To call them cringe for doing what they believe is best for them and insult those is just straight evil.
I really don't believe people would be trying hard to change bad habits with the sole purpose of getting a gf or fitting in. It's absurd to think that. He is just twisting things, people do it like you say because in the end they know that's what is best for them or at least believe it to be.

Would you care explain to me why you consider wizards to be losers?
When they haven't even lost their virginity?
No, seriously, why are they losers?


You haven't actually answered the question and explained yourself.
Here is a related one.
Define what you mean by "suceeding" at life in.


For the greater good
Think of the children


lol that reads like that was written by a succubus.


File: 1585057140477.png (37.75 KB, 622x564, 311:282, 1583940041709.png) ImgOps iqdb

Sorry for hurting you anons, get well soon.


heh that's the picture I drew two years ago based on jacob baugh, the truewiz spirit that was common place back then, and danzig from misfits, and also that conversation I had with my dad. Why are you posting it?

I'd expect mods to ban you for calling wizards losers unless you give a real good explanation of why you consider wizards to be losers.


i love your OC, wiz.


You also said that the fag in the image was based on you. Stop sucking your own dick.

Im posting it because it fits

If you dont want to face reality thats your problem. Have a nice day.


I wrote that the picture is based on me, but it's only the 'dad' part.
So you give no reason as to why you think wizards are losers? Why are you avoiding the question? I don't see how that picture is fitting at all either.
I think someone is afraid of being banned…


The only time a question is retarded is when you already know the answer. I know its difficult at first but you'll get above this type of shit eventually.


I have no way to know why you think that wizards are losers that's why I'm asking you but you keep avoiding the question.


I answered the question albeit not in a literal way. Its not that hard.


You can't even give a proper answer to back up your thoughts? Why even bother to reply?


Because Im bored and you wont stop seething so


have a nice day, wizard.


You too baby


File: 1585080832139.jpg (96.72 KB, 663x652, 663:652, jeremy beadle.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

watch out guys "he's" gonna start defending m'ladys honour


Reverse image search is one hell of a ride.


>hurr durr projection


you go, "anon"


No it doesn't.
succubi will never say something like that because it would imply they have an easy run at life which they would never admit.

It reads like some mid tier normalfag male that's spent a lot of time on 4chan wrote it.


>Still projecting
Just masturbate already


Just from the dumb title aligned with the stupid obligatory non-sequitur anime screencap, I could tell who this video was from.


just from the ugly intro I could tell the video was shit.


i can't seem to fit in this soyciety.


I will be sure to post plenty more just for you.


You already do. For some reason the worst youtubers always get posted here


For some reason you can never stay on the topic of the thread and instead have bitch fits over youtube


This is only my second time saying this in like a year. Maybe I should do it more often then so we can both be honest men.


we should have a youtube confinement thread exclusively for dumping youtube videos and remove the embedding function from the rest of the site, just like we do with porn.

>hurr hurr ur not discussing the content video :(((

no shit retard, who will listen to five to fifteen minutes of this rehashed trite? and it's almost always heritage foundation or cato institute inspired or w/e propaganda. it's like a fucking signature. are you doing it for free?


Posting things that are on topic to drown out the crabcrying.



File: 1585200632348.png (366.96 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ScGohan_and_Videl_m.png) ImgOps iqdb

>what is the soulmate myth???
>red pill lesson
Lol why that's even a redpill or a pill at all?
It goes against logic to believe that such a thing exists.
But at the end of the day that is inconsequential, enforced monogamy should solve the crab problem and many other disgusting things that arise from letting people do as they want in the name of liberty and freedom, and also erase many things perceived as unjust.


It sounds like you choose the blue pill.


Why is even a redpill the knowledge that soulmates don't exist? Isn't that common sense?


Why would someone who thinks individualism, freedom, and truth is bad post in a redpill thread? If I didn't think you were a troll I would have thought you didn't even get what the reference of the red pill even means. But I know you are playing up youe own stupidity in order to get a response.
Well here is your response.

Also I know you are just fishing and have no idea what the video is about because you comments and questions don't even make sense in context, so you can just stop.

You use the same tactics in every thread and subject you don't like. It doesn't fool anyone.


>look at this redpill crabs, oneitis and soulmates don't exist!
Such a revelation for the crabs. When not even young kids believe in soulmates or oneitis, so what are you ramblin on?

>Why would someone who thinks individualism, freedom, and truth is bad post in a redpill thread?

That's me? Go figure!!!


>being this boomer
Thats being said, authoritarism and totalitaritarism are for huge faggots.


Damn, this thread is another level of trash-tier

Almost meta


Are you nigger or whitetrash?


here's a redpill: soul mates don't exist! I just blew your mind, didn't I? Wait, I'm gonna write a book and make a video where I explain to kids why this is true.


This tactic didn't work in the political thread when you last tried it, what makes you think it would work this time here?
You do know you can just hide threads and post that bother you this much then maybe you should just hide it rather then try so hard to troll and have bitch fits when you continue to not get your way.


A basic but necessary red pill is Hypergamy.


What political thread?


>that lack of arguements
>i said so!
>that tone
Why boomers so infantile?


Do you happen to be repressed homosexual?


File: 1585229809479.jpg (21.21 KB, 560x268, 140:67, gandalf020830a.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>the soulmate or oneitis doesn't exist, wizard! That's your redpill for today. Thank me later.


Why home ownership is overrated.
Red pilling on why buying a house isn't usually a great idea.


Yeah okay, but what if I want a house?


>parroting same shit over and over
Are you mentally challenged?


THE' Conspiracy

everything is staged; the whole planet was hijacked by them around late 1800's. but absolutely everything started being staged around the year 1980. Now, they control everything. Every problem in the world can trace back to them. Whats going on now , 2020+ they think there s too many of you. They want to thin the heard with WW3.

inb4 wah wah aon is bad mouthing the hebes or watching shit about evil lizards LOL good luck dum fuck about to post that, you aint special in sim city


No, but you must be since you watch videos where they explain why "myths" aren't real.



if someone gets too close to what is actually going on in society it gets deleted, blocked, banned, put on all the naughty lists. i wont even bother explaining it to people anymore.


I was reminded of those velikovsky books today when I was reading an old elementary school history book at lunch, from chapter to chapter it kept mentioning how all these ancient world civilizations mysteriously disappeared or fell around 1500bc, of course it only mentioned in passing like it's nothing to talk about


>no you
Reddit or 4chan is more suitable tor you.
>No, but you must be since you watch videos where they explain why "myths" aren't real.
Ive never watched anything like that or claimed to do so.
Yep, you are mentally challenged.



It is talking about people who think buying a house is a investment and asset when it really is a liability.
If you just wanna house to have that house and you don't plan on selling the house or using it to make money then it's whatever.
Like buying a sports car because you are into that kind of thing.
Just make sure you can actually afford it as a expense and do things the right way.
The video actually explains in more detail near the end and answers that question.


Conspiracies are interesting but it feels like everyone just focuses on the most retarded shit like Alex Jones (even though he is a Rolex wearing hedonistic scam artist and a fake) you will never hear AJ talk about Dancing Israelis or any other real conspiracies.

Health to me just seems like a ton of misinformation and confusion, people saying one thing then a contradicting thing, there is probably some true information and a lot of false stuff it's hard to tell what is true I think it's just a lot of chaos and not a proper science, I feel like we still don't understand human biology enough.

Philosophical pessimism just made me more depressed and is pretty much just useless, it doesn't make me feel better or help at all at least for me.

For me the only lasting redpill is that fuck rich people (to an extent) I don't want full communism I just don't like rich people apologia or rich people screwing NEETs out of their NEETbux and screwing wageslaves as they always do for a quick buck neither do I want to kill landlords, also I think things are tough for males but don't want to beat succubi or trans people etc. etc. I feel like politics on the interwebs is just finding heaps of people who are too extreme for me on every issue, I think the actual smart people know they don't know everything about the issues and are more like chameleons at best on issues if they have to be, I know Trump has no real political opinions he has changed his opinions on everything a bajillion times (and yes Trump might be greedy and self serving but he is smarter than people think)


>hating crabs this hard
>taking internet fights at face value
>being this bitter and prideful at same time
You are failed normalfag, aka crab without awareness.


The thing about conspiracies is that they rely on someone to believe they are being lied to. Whole this is not a stretch, and people should always question things, it can become an endless rabbit hole where more and more things are lies until everything is a lie. So you get people who won’t believe in anything, but at the same time believe in things that are incredibly arbitrary or farcical. It is an unfortunate extreme, but it goes the other way too with people who never question anything and get manipulated as a result.


The health thing seems confusing because most of the general facts are boring and hard to sell.
The health industry is huge and so is the research and publishing industry when it comes to eye catching headlines but when you get down to it the boring old moderation and balance in diet, get a bit of exercise, etc. on old boring common sense stuff is still the most valid approach to 95% of health related stuff.


Here is a red pill for you.
Currently romantic relationships are only actually beneficial to succubi.


Sometimes they let the mask slip.


That is a pretty clear use of syllogism under the assertion that men's only interest in succubi is sexual, which is quite bold to make(I'd like to see his evidence, or studies he has done to prove this, other than Nick Cannon supposedly holds the same view as him, that's not evidence). Looking through this guy's channel there seems to be a clear bias in his views, so I don't think I would take this guy as a legitimate source of accurate information. As a humorous aside, I'd also like to point out it's quite apt that a black man is promoting polygamy with arranged marriages, while seeming to have no clear sense for the importance of a strong male and female figure in a person's childhood. Just a bit of a chuckle from me there. Honestly though, this video doesn't really have anything to do with wizardry so I don't know why you felt the need to post it here unless you are trying to appeal to our silent userbase of divorcee fathers.


The only thing that succubi provide men in a relationship anymore that they can't get from somewhere else with less cost is access to their sexual holes. And now thanks to rampant sexual promiscuity even that can be had by high value males without relationships as well.
Meaning that there just isn't any inventive when compared to the massive downsides and all the other ways to gain anything that succubi bring to the table in a relationship, which when you take sex out of it, isn't much if anything.


>The only thing that succubi provide men in a relationship anymore that they can't get from somewhere else with less cost is access to their sexual holes
So you are claiming that men as a whole are not interested in having a family, lifelong companionship, or love? That men's only desires come in the form of carnal wants and needs? I know I am on wizardchan, but do I really need to point out how flawed that perspective is? Honestly, as a man myself, I find it quite demeaning to my humanity.
>massive downsides and all the other ways to gain anything that succubi bring to the table in a relationship
So, non-carnal desires aside, how do you suggest men who want to have a family go about attaining that then? Are you perhaps a proponent of domestic partnership and adoption?


succubi are currently a threat to family, a man can far more easily find life long companionship without succubi such as through friendship, and I hate to bust your bubble but romantic love is a spook. Love as it is put forward by mass media or wherever else you got your dumb ideas about the concept are a myth. It is temporary brain chemicals to urge you towards mating and reproduction.
Another red pill is that succubi don't love you dude.
Unless you are quite old the relationship statistically will not last a life time.
And succubi break up more families the from the perspective of men then create them. Paternity rights have destroyed and men are seen as unnecessary in families other then providing money to the succubus.
>That men's only desires come in the form of carnal wants and needs?
Not what I said.
It is the only thing succubi currently can supply that men can't get from somewhere else. For most succubi it is literally the only thing they offer.

>how do you suggest men who want to have a family go about attaining that then?

Depends on how you define family and how hypothetical you want to get.
Does having a family in this case mean creating children?
Raising children?
Living together with someone?
Living together with kin?
Define family in this context and I can give better answers.

>Are you perhaps a proponent of domestic partnership and adoption?

I am not a proponent of domestic partnership. It legally counts as common law marriage and thus allows the one who makes less money or has a vagina be able to totally destroy the other person.
Adoption, fostering, caretaking, mentorship, teaching, and otherwise taking care of people is a great thing to do for those who are willing and able. That said I fully understand that it isn't for everyone.


Authority must be earned or everyone involved will suffer.



succubus being honest about how they really are.


Family is most beta and npc thing.


>black man
Its called nigger, mommaboy.


Only men are humans.




Wow, did my comment about youtubers get deleted?
You mods are jews



barbar was excellent, I felt almost betrayed when he announced he'd started dating a succubus, and since then he's stopped posting videos reguarly. He seems to come back once every 2 years or something to say he's going to be making more content, then disappears again. His early videos really were amazing, though, and I've revisted them a couple of times. I feel a lot of nostalgia for that period where MRA\MGTOW seemed to be huge and growing. Another Youtuber from the same era was 'manwomanmyth', his series of videos were great (more MRA than MGTOW though), I just found out the other day checking on barbar's twitter that manwomanmyth has brain damage and is partly physically disabled from a suicide attempt - apparently he has memory issues and isn't even sure how long he's been where he is now. Another MGTOW type I liked, a more recent one - Liberation Y, got cancer and hasn't posted in a while so I'm guessing he might be dead. Brutal seeing this sort of thing happen to people I looked up to, and the way what once seemed like a massive movement now seems to have 'evaporated' makes me feel quite sad and haunted.

Nothing is really sadder than the death of that MGTOW\MRA stuff. You had men standing up for the humanity of other men, defending men's vulnerabilities, humanising men who we might otherwise consider beyond the pale. What could be more valuable than defending people's humanity? I don't know if I've misread OP, whether he agrees with me on this or not - but it does seem like most men somehow got successfully 'shamed' out of identifying with those movements, and the whole argument that MGTOW types were "sent their way" seems to me more like a re-framing of things to justify that present position of avoiding identification. Originally the idea was that 'MGTOW' were using that term to differentiate themselves from MRA's, who were attempting to lobby on behalf of men's interests - MGTOW weren't saying "I don't need no succubus", they were saying "Things are so hard for men in relationships because of gynocentrism, that attempting to reform the situation and beg for rights is fruitless, better to focus on sharing insights into men's situation". That's how I understood it anyway, maybe I misunderstood. Though I do guess it's true quite a few MGTOW content makers had a sort of attitude of acting as if they were strong and stoic without succubi, and this comes across as a front. It's just sad to see this all die because - sensitive, kind, gentle men are the most beautiful men, and men like that who can sympathise with other men, even violent or damaged men, are also strong and manly men in the only way it really matters - and anyone with sympathy for men naturally has sympathy for succubi. It's something that could elevate humanity. I miss soft guys who aren't afraid to be called fedora online for criticising succubi, defending certain principles, or sympathising with men experiencing rejection or hurt.


It also didn't help that a lot of users were deplaformed, banned, and/or constantly harassed for the crime of speaking the truth.

That said there are still users out there and new ones that have cropped up. Not as easy to find as back during the times you eluded to, but still plenty of content creators carrying that torch if you will.

Though on youtube because of the bot most have turned into glorified news commentary channels, almost like a mgtow flavored version of the political commentary community.


They're still around, but I think alot of explicit mra/mgtow stuff isn't as out in the open anymore due to increasing control and censorship companies are exercising on their platforms. Then there's also the possibility that many concepts and terms they've created aren't only associated with specific movements anymore, things like cock carousel, simpery, divorce rape, etc. seem to be understood by more men now at least in private.


Humanoidization of a reptiloid: torture inner reptiloid by electricity (special Chinese device) and sleeping on the wooden mat to turn it into vegetative state.

Reptiloid's favorite things to do: to sign up (for smart reptiloids), to be in the queue (for organized reptiloids) and to fight (for scared reptiloids). The least favorite: to learn, to clean up and to meditate.


Yeah I agree. I really like barbar. Some stardusk videos were excellent but I feel sometimes he pushes his politics too much. I wasn't surprised when I found out he was living in an immigrant neighborhood in germany and not making that much. Barbar is or was always to the point.
Yeah I found out his new videos too. Brain damage really fucked him up. I don't want to be resentful but boy I was mad when he talked about how he now understood the true value of social programs that take care the downtrodden. This man was raging about muh taxes and mux socialism in the heydays of 2010-2011 when libertarianism was fad. What a fucked up world it is that only after brain fucking damage he realzies the value of the social programs. I value his videos but I'm not "sad" for him.

So in a way I always liked the content and not the men who speak them (Barbar being the only exception). But new mgtows are far more ideologically motivated then these previous ones. So there's that. Never liked numgtows that much.And yeah Barbar was right when saying most mgtows are one blowjob away from becoming dogs again. It feels most mgtows didn't go to their way, they were forced to by succubi.

Then there are people who I believe genuine wizards, like vention. The guy autistically fooled himself into thinking he can survive metastized level 4 colon cancer with dieting..Oh well

Sorry for the rage on general youtuber in general, I just feel alone that there is no one I can really relate to in this department.


Why do I even go online and read all this stuff? It feels like a kick in the guts every time.
There's no place for me anywhere. You hate me as much as the normals hate me. I used to have one place where I thought I could share what's eating me without provoking ridicule or hostility but over time it has moved too much towards conventional normal mindset.
I hate this. It's not right. I'm too sad.


File: 1589979080190.webm (3.38 MB, 320x180, 16:9, Alex Jones Transcendence.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I wasn't ready
Maybe you are.


Why do scared reptiloids like to fight? Do they handle flight or fight impulses so differently?


Reptilian part of the brain is responsible for the so-called "survival instinct", suppresses the spiritual and mental in the mind, disables in case of "danger" the functions in other parts of the brain. In case of overdevelopment it apparently blocks the perception of someone else's opinion, different from the opinion of the personal reptiloid, creates the illusion of one's uniqueness and importance of personal experience and right to the absolute truth.


I really doubt that last part. What does "overdeveloped" mean anyway. Is it physically larger? lol


Overdevelopment not of brain but of the inner reptiloid. Something that should be humanoidizied so that person can go from the third dimension into the fourth.


dimension doesn't mean what you think it does, it refers to an aspect of physical reality, not of the mind or some "higher plane" as people think of when they hear the word


Kimberly Ann Bergalis, a witch who died of AIDS


File: 1590512679671.jpg (37.49 KB, 750x422, 375:211, abc.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Forgot her pic


"Witches" arent a thing


wiz, let's agree, to disagree


File: 1590569940228.jpg (1.04 MB, 1366x1025, 1366:1025, election.jpg) ImgOps iqdb




Yeah. He only has balls to be a bully online. If people actually said that shit openly, you'd have a lot more shooting sprees. Most people know enough to pretend that everyone has a fair shot at improving.


Most actual Chads think it's more their personality rather than genetics so they typically want to give reassurance to losers outside of high school. "just be yourself" brah. it's myopic in another way


I’ve been reading about jesus a fair but over the last week. I’m not religious but I stumbled across some jesus stuff when I was looking up something about Julias Caesar and started wikipedia surfing.
Anyway, it got me interested in him as a historical figure, I mean he had to be quite a fuckin guy to make all the ripples he did.
It’s hard to get a clear picture of what he was like though since every source is tainted by either the Christian view or by being specifically anti Christian.
And his fucking apostles. They dedicate themselves to follow him and can’t even get their story straight amongst themselves.


>The guy autistically fooled himself into thinking he can survive metastized level 4 colon cancer with dieting..Oh well
Tbf, I'm pretty sure there's _no_ treatment for metastized level 4 colon cancer. So, it makes sense to try some weird shit.

>most mgtows are one blowjob away from becoming dogs again


This seems like a complete tangent at first, but you know the whole childfree movement? One thing I like about it is how easy they have it when they want to gatekeep. If anyone declares themselves 'childfree' and it turns out they have kids? Uh, sorry, gtfo, you can't be in this club. The huge benefit is that you don't get this distortion of values of the original group that makes the goals of the original group get completely shredded. Likewise, I feel like MGTOW or MRA or whatever it's called nowadays shouldn't include people who have been married or had a gf. It's like, "Uh, sorry, you simped, gtfo." Instead, MGTOW is just another name for, "Guys who are bitter about their divorces."


90% of all crab haters here are just trying to cast off their own crab tendencies by hating on them.
I don’t hate crabs. I pity them but I don’t hate them. There are days when I feel more crab than wiz.


>90% of all crab haters here are just trying to cast off their own crab tendencies by hating on them.
Or they're succubi.


I hate them because I know full well the destruction that the vice of jealousy causes.


Yeah, he probably has less than one year. I'm not saying go to chemo when its already fucked but, but I'm sad that he deludes himself into thinking =naturopath= shit will work.
>Whole childfree movement?
I really don't get it. I mean its okay to talk about that. Here we talk about wizardry all the time but it seems they seem to be patting each others back so much HAHA YES I LOVE BEING CHILDFREE. This goes for no reason.
I wonder whether they secretly want to have children, succubi really have baby rabies in their 30s so that might be it. Yeah I agree with your other points, they are a weird bunch, or rather they are a bunch I can't understand.
MGTOW etc stuff were always about people getting fucked by divorce/gfs etc. Thats why I think there is a clear seperation between them and wizards.
I still value their life input though. I mean they went into stuff that I (hope so) will never go through, divorce rape etc.


>wizchan gets on the news
>clearly being raided by some idiots who think this website is some kind of active hive of terrorism or something
strange times we live in


I go further than MGTOW which says not to interact with succubi or care what they thing, and also ignore men and what they think.


Kinda obvious if you see anyone getting legit HURT over them.


Fair enough.


Turns out that gmail has begun censoring emails that contains links to mgtow.tv


Whoa, wait, what? Link plox.


That won't surprise me if true.


google is pathetic


The reason why Third Reich lost was because Eva Brown was a prostitute from the special brothel. Hitler participated with her in S&M thus worsening his skills and his buddha eventually abandoned him.




>which says not to interact with succubi or care what they thin

unless you're independently wealthy that is easier said than done. If it was up to me i'd avoid everyone, but have to be out for work BS


>Yeah I found out his new videos too. Brain damage really fucked him up. I don't want to be resentful but boy I was mad when he talked about how he now understood the true value of social programs that take care the downtrodden. This man was raging about muh taxes and mux socialism in the heydays of 2010-2011 when libertarianism was fad. What a fucked up world it is that only after brain fucking damage he realzies the value of the social programs. I value his videos but I'm not "sad" for him.

I always get a laugh at how in a place where most members rely on Social Welfare, whether they like to admit it or not, claim to hate those programs.

It's almost as funny to me as when a Libertarian Capitalist finds out, "OHH HOLY FUCK I actually need social programs!! Cause I am SICK" Yea Dumb Ass, welcome to reality. You think Socialists like me do this for the hell of it. No we try to maintain social programs because people get sick, hurt, lose jobs, or cant work because of health or mental health issues. But the capitalist Mantra, Nope Not Me! I'm young and healthy so i dont need that stuff! But take it away from people that do. I remember the day i washed my hands of all things Libertarian, i was watching the famous Libertarian in a big debate, and he advocated cutting major social welfare programs for the poor and the elderly, to the cheers of Young Moronic Capitalists. That was the moment i realized there was no point in trying to work with them, they really want capitalist anarchy world, where if you are poor and sick you just crawl into a gutter and wait to expire.


I don't really see it from a wider ideological standpoint but it is weird that asexual alpha normals are ultra-vocal on a site for outcasts.


Shocking truth
succubi are a drag on the military in every objectively measurable way.
Sexual dimorphism is real and succubi are objectively weaker in every sense of the word.

Vid also has solid tactical advice and even uses Smash Bros do demonstrate in a non combat setting.


It also makes it impossible for men to behave in a decent manner. An all male team can perform with minimal drama and divisions. Once there are wymbyns around the concept of team is gone and it's every man for himself. The idiots start competing for sex and pandering to filthy succubi takes priority. It ruins cohesion and work ethics. It creates bitter inequalities because someone always has to pick up the slack for underperforming bitches and dumbfucks who waste time courting them. It also makes hazing worse because chads think it improves their chances and impresses the ladies.


>where if you are poor and sick you just crawl into a gutter and wait to expire.
Isn't this like most of the third world though?



While I acknowledge that the whole "succubi in the military" thing is basically just affirmative action for succubi, that it's incredibly unfair to men, and so on, I still see no reason why succubi shouldn't be allowed into combat, in fact I'd be all in favour of this.

succubi being less strong than men on average isn't a real argument - when men of differing physical strength are allowed in and allowed to be judged on merit. Any army made up of all men is going to be somewhat dragged down by the 'weakest' member of that unit, and I personally know of plenty of succubi who are physically fitter than men I know, even if just considering extreme cases like athletic succubi vs chubby, lazy boys. There are polynesian succubi who can absolutely crush white boys.

Your video here >>246269 says 1m15s in, "There is a reason that succubi were excluded from combat in the past, that is because succubi are significantly weaker than men…" Firstly, I don't believe for a moment succubi were excluded from combat BECAUSE they're weaker on average, they were excluded because men on average are disposable to society, and succubi are valuable - societies tended to frame war as something men fought, because people value succubi over men. It's also NOT true that "succubi…are weaker than men", that's only true speaking generally - when it comes to individuals, there ARE succubi who are stronger than select other men, which is the point here - there could indeed be men applying for the military who are less fit than succubi applying for the military. Obviously in most cases succubi are weaker, have less energy, are more emotional, etc, but there's no good reason why the military shouldn't expect reasonable efforts to allow those succubi to play a role, in the same way it goes to reasonable efforts to allow 'less' strong men to play a role.

Personally I suspect anyone getting hung up on worrying about succubi in the military are suffering a crisis of masculinity, OR more likely are unconsciously white-knighting for succubi. Also not a huge loss to me to see the US military weakened.


>when it comes to individuals, there ARE succubi who are stronger than select other men, which is the point here - there could indeed be men applying for the military who are less fit than succubi applying for the military
Once they are done getting in shape, the man will always be stronger than the succubus.


>when men of differing physical strength are allowed in and allowed to be judged on merit
No, they're not. Fuck are you talking about? There are physical standards you need to match or you're out. It's not some club that "chubby, lazy boys" can join as they please.
Males who underperform wash out in basic. Even if they fit the female standards men get kicked out and sent home, no ifs or buts.
Stop trying to voice an opinion about something you have absolutely no idea about.

>There are polynesian succubi who can absolutely crush white boys.

>It's also NOT true that "succubi…are weaker than men", that's only true speaking generally
Pffft. Even the strongest, most decorated female weightlifters in my country can't hope to match the strength of an average infantryman. And our weightlifters outperform "polynesians" too.

Physically succubi are inherently weaker, that is the fact.
There is no better proof for this than professional sports. Men display an overwhelming biological advantage despite both male and female athletes receiving the best training money can buy. It was brought up in the video, looks like you haven't even watched it.
If you disregard this point then you're speaking from the position of ideology.
If that's the case then don't even reply.



>No, they're not…

Sorry, I didn't express myself properly. I'm not defending the dual standards they have in place in many cases. I'm not saying that succubi should be held to a lower standard than men. I'm not saying that a succubus should pass through while a male gets rejected despite getting an equivalent or higher score on any particular test of fitness. I'm saying that IF the standard is fitness based, then there's no need to bring 'gender' into it - the standard itself does the work. succubi should be able to compete and fail.

>Pffft. Even the strongest…

You're shifting the argument here. I am making the point that IN WIDER SOCIETY, when look at INDIVIDUALS, not simply at groups and demographics, there are plenty of individual men who are weaker and less healthy than individual succubi, even if they are generally outliers, there are plenty of them. A 16 year old succubus could kick an 80 year old man's ass. Even a healthy 21 year old male could be beaten by a fit 30 year old succubus. succubi can physically overpower men. That's a simple point I'm making. Your argument RELIES on generalities and taking people as a whole, hence you resort to "succubi are inherently weaker", a general statement which isn't accurate. I agree that in most cases, with healthy males given a chance to become fit, they will generally be stronger than the average succubus. I'd even agree that the average 16 year old boy could probably overpower the average succubus. My point stands.

Now, the above only concerns physical fitness. When it comes to warfare, that's not the ONLY issue, sure it's a factor, but in modern armies it's simply not the only thing that matters, you're reducing it to that in a simplistic way. There is absolutely no reason why succubi shouldn't be able to apply to join the military, take positions throughout it, and even fight on the front lines. Anything else is sexism - and it's my position that this is mostly an expression of misandry and gynocentrism.

I'm also not interested in getting sucked into defending anyone elses spooks. I don't care whether your military fails because certain "big stronk men" turn into catty bitches at the whiff of succubina. Or because they feel emasculated by being placed on roughly the same level as a succubus.




You will find weak men who wouldn't be accepted into the military in the first place who will be beaten by a strong succubi even if they work and train the same amount. Those kinds are very rare in the male population but that's becides the point of how i don't see that justifying having succubus in the military. Now if a succubi could pass the same test and be as capable in combat then by all means let them have their little combat groups. To bad they don't. I could see succubi working in logistics that's pretty much it.


This ignorant opinion was disproved when it comes to individual and general cases both. An embarrassing post which fails to address any of the factual points raised by others. It's a circular repeating of the same superstitious drivel, only worded slightly differently. Dude just provided further proof he's unwilling or incapable of basic reasoning and reading comprehension. Trying to explain the reality of military to laymen tends to be tedious and thankless labour, what with the enormous amount of misconceptions and falsehoods entrenched in the civilian consensus. This guy is a hopeless case though, no point trying to educate. He will always "know better."


Cause that poster is a filthy succubus going on about sexism. And succubi can’t be reasoned with.


File: 1594587174515.jpg (458.14 KB, 800x1191, 800:1191, brthwrk_grof.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I find myself slacking around while being unable to get to some weird practices that sound hopeful for shattered minds like ours.


Our whole evolution has been guided by void demons, consciusness, civilization, science and all of that, so at the end we create AI so they can manifest in the physical worl


>we create AI so they can manifest in the physical world
What do you mean by this?


>"In the summer of 1969, at the age of 27, Mr. Kaczynski left Berkeley, determined to seek a simpler life in a remote area. […] Living again at home, Mr. Kaczynski kept mostly to his bedroom. Awaiting word on his land application, he did nothing for more than a year. His parents urged him to get a job, not to make money but to give him something to do, to ease his mind. But the effort failed. Investigators who had access to letters Mr. Kaczynski wrote later said the parents' efforts were interpreted by their brooding son as unwarranted intrusions, pressure to conform to a world he hated"

Comfy to know that Uncle Ted was a NEET same as my age


I don't relate to MGTOW in general. I don't like using a tag or making a movement out of that either, since I hate identitarianism in general, and that usually ends up with people pushing ideas into the original definition of it. I guess it works for what it's intended to achieve though.

I've followed stardusk for several years now. He's the only one that ever made sense to me, and so much of his way of thinking resonated very well with me. It was like I was listening to myself ramble sometimes. He's not a wizard, but he's one of the few that actually behaves in a way that actually makes sense within the MGTOW subset.


The brain is the core enemy behind everything. Don't blindly accept anything that it says that you cannot verify using objective measurement. It has lied and will continue to lie to you. It has been evolved to do so. It is your very own abusive parent that you can never escape from. It does not care about you. In fact it will frequently deliberately harm you for no reason. It is the single enemy. However it is not malicious. Just overwhelmingly apathetic to your well being.
Know this and act around it. Do not treat it like yourself or as an ally. It isn't either of these. You will be a little more prepared this way. At least until it decides to hijack your thought patterns for some stupid goal.

All external problems are an illusion. Defeat the brain and you resolve life. It's a conclusion that is beyond simplistic yet most people fail to see through. As such, I think it's fair to deem all who are still alive as currently incompetent.


What can i rely on then?
Like my brain chemicals thread, what is my motivation for doing anything at all?
Everything i do is because of my brain, there is no such thing as desires outside of my brain, even monk maxxing is still brain rewards


Retarded materialist take. You aren't your body.


inb4 a chemical can affect the mind hence the mind is material


Yes, the more scientific explanation is that the mind is magic fairy farts.


explain NDEs



This isn't necessarily a bad thing, since Democrats in the US are destroying democracy by importing in immigrants to vote for them and trying to commit voter fraud with mail in ballots and many other techniques, they are gonna choose Trump because he's the bigger champion for Israel but also the best for America and democracy, they are just evening the odds for him, even though it probably still won't be enough at this rate its looking kind of hopeless for Trump and some of his most powerful allies like Robert Mercer and Peter Thiel are doubting him which is bad, at the very least it seems like Democrats might actually steal the senate to implement their communist agenda.


If by "hack" they mean "spread social media propaganda" I'm pretty sure they've been doing that since social media was invented.


This documentary is pretty interesting for something I had no idea existed…


It's pointless to go into that. Thinking about it will work against you. It's not spiritual nonsense though, that shit has exactly 0 value.
The idea of there being any kind of "whole" that could be called "you" is nonsense. You can probably arrive at something you are comfortable with if you go from there, but I wouldn't bother.


The problems with female leadership.


>their communist agenda
neoliberalism isn't communism, the commies would've thrown these faggots into the gulag

or is communism just the new catch-all term like fascism is for the shitlibs? ugh


>the commies would have thrown a bunch of illegal immigrants in the gulag



This is the latest woo woo kookery. That AI arent really complicated electronic systems and programming, but that they are Demons. I laugh but thankfully the AI wont show til the end of the 2020s when most people are now self admitted atheists. If this was the 1980s, a much sillier time, where the people would seriously argue to me that rock music on the radio was satanic hypnosis i wonder what they would make of AI. Most of them have all vanished over the last 30 years. And, holy rollers usually fail to indoctrinate their children.


Can you explain this in more human terms? What do you mean by AI and demons?



I was the wizzie that posted this


I am not talking about satanic or evangelical religious mumbo jumbo here, fedora lord


"Void Demons" is kind of a compromise term here, originally, demon, daimon in greek, means a intermdiate being between men and gods,messengers between them, and also guides to men and guardians of higher knowledge they give to mankind, they are still regarded as this in varios occultist traditions

The theory talks about supradimensional or extra dimensional beings, or maybe mental formations, that had been more or less consistently guiding humanity evolution and civilizationsl rise, knowledge, science, complex societies, philosophy, etc etc, al with the end goal of us coming up with AI developtment, so they can have a mean or vessel to finally manifest in the material world. So the AIs arent "demons" pero se, but vessels for them

I dont really buy all of this, but is an interesting idea to think about, who knows.



Also I think there is some novels with similar plots


I'm not at a level where I can understand what this guy is trying to say but I can say that "Quantum Grammar" is a strange, interesting conspiracy theory. I've seen various people on 4Chan (or perhaps it was all one person?) state that the "Postmaster" has the most power in the world. Apparently, legally, the Earth is actually defined as a vessel i.e. a ship. How this links in with the rest of the theory is forgotten to me. I think I also recall reading that the Vatican and the UK Royals actually have their own currencies and they've been warring with one another for what could potentially be centuries? Nonetheless, I do recall the statement that the Postmaster General of the UK has the most power in the world. I've been meaning to get into this for a while but I have yet to come around to it as there are other things I wish to learn first. It does seem very interesting though.

I recall watching a bit of the first video and the man claimed that he proved that any sentence in any language can be expressed Mathematically at which point this basically proved that all legal documents are null and so FBI Agents approached him the very next day of his publication and then aliens appeared and he never physically ages anymore, I don't know man. I'm unwilling to believe the more stranger aspects of what he says but I'm definitely curious about his theory.
I'd like to see it debunked and I'd like to understand that debunking but I guess I'll leave that for another time in my life.



Debunk what? He just says random stuff. His primary theme is that the masons constructed all languages the gentiles use, with words containing secret masonic modifiers to make everything formulated in gentile language void. Because according to him all words containing stuff like "a," "an," "un" and so on are actually a denial of the word's meaning. Ever noticed the "an" in the word an-tarctica? Coincidence? I don't think so. In reality it means NOT-tarctica, which means it isn't real. Higher knowledge acquired. Fucking LOL.
Oh and he also claims he's dead since december 3rd 1975, but he got better. Part 5, 2:01. Do I have to debunk that? Catch the guy and check his pulse, do a CT scan on live TV?


Whoa, it gets even better. He says he's the elected king of Hawaii and Australia, and he also wrote the constitution of Ireland one afternoon.
I think you can verify these claims by yourself.


What are you all talking about with such things?
Mind-altering AI demons?
Masonic language forms?
Sounds kooky as shit if you ask me, please provide some proofs of your claims


You are really autistic, arent you?


>"Void Demons"


seriously, how do you manage to get on line


Do you understand the words that you are using?


Djinn bring nothing but troubles and deceptions.


>It's just sad to see this all die because - sensitive, kind, gentle men are the most beautiful men, and men like that who can sympathise with other men, even violent or damaged men, are also strong and manly men in the only way it really matters - and anyone with sympathy for men naturally has sympathy for succubi. It's something that could elevate humanity. I miss soft guys who aren't afraid to be called fedora online for criticising succubi, defending certain principles, or sympathising with men experiencing rejection or hurt.

The heart of volceldom, that is. The truly beating bleeding heart of this all.


the problem with mgtow types is they never accepted their place in social/economic/sexual ladder which leaves them with a shit ton of mental baggage when trying to reform .. which in turn causes cognitive dissonance and they lack the self awareness to complete any self-actualization

this nullifies the whole movement and anyone trying to get into it because they are not introducing any new ideas into their mindframe, still trying to fit into society that cast them out by listening to same ol boomer bootstraps drivel except with the added comfort of public mysogyny as a cope to redirect their confused, fragile, and easily shattered ego's


Movie + Music Studios Seek to Destroy the Internet AGAIN

They are aiming to totally eliminate the ability to use services and most websites without providing ID verification to the same level that is required to open a bank account or buy a gun.
All to fight piracy.


Why hurt? We are completely that guy in lets say at our 70% in numbers.


Say some titles.


politicians and bussinessmen are morally decrepit and their sons and daughters are retarded,there's no real conspiracy,just lust and incompetence


Can you just go back to wherever you came from?


>it's just a coincidence, goy, now shut up



Are you guys not two sides of the same coin? Why look down on others when you're on the same level. One is suicidal and one is angry. Just get over all the walls and ignore succubi. Enjoy your life, if she comes, she does. If not, who cares, you'll be dead.


A video by a professional asshole telling the unfiltered truth about work.
Not just that it suck, but going into detail of why it has to suck and there is realistically no avoiding work sucking.
It even addresses the hypothetical of if you magically somehow got your hands on a dream job, how even that would eventually suck.
Concluding with a few hard truth about hard choices you have in relation to work and what he thinks is the best option.


I hope this faggot dies painfully.


Work can be fulfilling & enjoyable if you own a business,farm,etc but if you wageslave for some multinational corporation your life will suck.I agree with acquiring skill & producing stuff being important & STEM will getting you jobs for big corporations but he ignores the problems that the big corporations cause like they destroy small business,outsource all jobs filling every sector with low skill immigrants,automation & the horrible corporate wageslave work culture.The meme degrees like gender studies are useless but so are most other college degrees as all jobs get automated or outsourced to some 3rd world country but he is wrong about NGOS not making money as most NGOS are corrupt as fuck & they make a lot of money.He says all jobs suck because hardship,discipline,daily routine,danger,sacrifice etc and complains that most succubus dont want that but that's natural why would succubus want that? Their job is to produce children & take care of them, therefore they might want to be care givers or teachers or be with children as it is natural for them to do so.

His argument is produce something or sell your skills by majoring in skills that produce stuff but everything is produced by machines and they are automated most or the labor is outsourced & a STEM degree from any random college wont get you a job or give you skills to earn a living .
My theory on why work sucks is because the people who you work for suck, the environment you work in sucks,the inadequate wage you earn for the quantity of work you do sucks & the time & energy spent on work is so much that you dont get to do anything else & you cant call people entitled for wanting better wages,work conditions,benefits etc.


Why is this guy so arrogant, is he acting for youtube?


File: 1596525805586.png (597.07 KB, 853x480, 853:480, Screenshot_2020-08-04 «Дне….png) ImgOps iqdb

Put 2 speakers so they face each other. Now when they work, 2 longitudinal soundwaves meet at some place. They become integrated, thus creating the real soundwave or sound sphere. The simplest device that works only on 1-3%.

However, it does its part by destroying ever-creating causual body.


File: 1596526611995.png (387.05 KB, 853x480, 853:480, Screenshot_2020-08-04 «Дне….png) ImgOps iqdb


Another variant: vase and smartphone (latest Huawei model which has ditched the ear speaker in favour of the system that transmits sound through the phone's screen).

Put it into a glass vase and you'll have a vibrator. The reaction would be as if one was standing near the ringing bells. According to some espers, staying near the bells gave them liberation. The causal body was destroying thus washing away the reptiloid.


>why does the guy who runs a business called asshole consulting act like a asshole when he is consulted?


>Work can be fulfilling & enjoyable if you own a business,farm,etc but if you wageslave for some multinational corporation your life will suck
It's mostly this. I see people working for the same company for 40-50 years and in reality they're not in much better position than I am, as a rookie. They don't have shares, they're still in expendable positions. You can work your whole life working for a company making log cabins, and you won't get closer to owning a log cabin yourself, even though you've built thousands of them.


Been watching this serie and researching as I go along and most of the stuff in it is totally legit.

General nwo, "they" are lying to you and here is the real truth kind of documentary series. Only halfway through due to the research breaks but so far it has been pretty on point.


Don't be a wiseguy, i'm talking about if it is an act or this guy is really huffing his own farts this seriously


Does it really mater?
Although I find it amusing that you can't tell.


>Finding low social iq funny
Hello normalfag


There is no such thing as social IQ.
It is bullshit made up by feminist to make succubi feel better for being dumb.

You could use deductive reasoning to figure it out. Don't try to use being a spurg as a excuse for being dumb. I am a spurg myself so you can fuck right the hell off with that bullshit right now.


That is a trash-tier documentary, almost bingoed every conspiracy nut theory of the last 5 years, i was almost impressed.


Again, being a nitpicking wiseguy, you must be a reddit user


I enjoyed the part about trump being a time traveler and the savior of mankind


if "mankind" is israel then yeah


Again, accusing of a standard list of things because you are too dumb to do anything else.
Go read a book.



As a note, the thumbnail is not posted solely intended to arouse, attract or fawn over.
If you find it offensive then by all means hid it.


It seems intent does not matter to the mods.
Posting without embeding.

The Surprising Psychology Of OnlyFans Simps

By understanding the tricks used one can avoid crab traps and avoid faltering on the path to wizardry.


Hardware as a service is already here.


I haven't really dug deep into much of anything.
At some point in the past I basically just stopped, no learning or seeking out anything. I'm just sort of waiting and killing time at this point.

Every now I'll look at something and say "Well, that's interesting." but that's as far as it goes.


Sometimes I look up vids on alien propulsion and man made UFOs but I wouldn't say I've dug deep on it at all.
I'm something of a hypochondriac so looking at anything health related makes me thing I have something terribly wrong with me.
>Philosophical pessimism?
I've never really gotten into philosophy. Something about it just makes it seem so up it's own ass sometimes. Plus I seem to be stuck in a veritable sargasso of brain fog, unable to think about much of anything before the strain and the seeming pointlessness of it drags me down.
>Redpills in general?
I can't rattle off statistics or anything but I do have views on a few topics some would call redpilled


essential oil crazy housewives is a funny rabbit hole. its those weird pyramid scheme things where you buy from other members essential oils, they end up becoming dealers to theur friends, brainwashing everyone into thinking various essential oils solce everything. for x you take y oil. for g you take q oil. the best part is using this shit undilluted sometimes eventually leads to rashes and allergies… which you guessed it, they try to cure via more essential oil


wtf, my mom is not a rabbit hole


community = consumer in corporate speak.


>people still watch this succ after all these years


>VA is a dude
>writer is a dude
>animator is a dude
>Jonathan Ian Mathers is clearly a dudes name

What are you on about?


>he actually knows the personal information of the eceleb
lol. Have you been watching since newgrounds?


Why are you retarded?


Well, have you?


File: 1608088189264.png (1.58 MB, 1620x1080, 3:2, Screen-Shot-2018-03-22-at-….png) ImgOps iqdb

I hate all the dumb fuck conspirtards thinking a collapse is going to come and all their opposition is going to magically disappear. LMAO no

You will literally get drone striked from orbit, dumbass. Nobody would even care, all they would have to say is "He was an evil Nazi" and then move on.


>You will literally get drone striked from orbit
Then what difference does it make? Believe in conspiracy and get dronestriked, dont and get dronestriked?


Morrowind/elder scrolls lore. It's pretty crazy how much stuff there is that you don't really see in the two most recent games.


i am not surprised there is a lot of lore , its just that skyrim is such a dull, conventional and boring fantasy world i wouldn't fall into it.

until recently i didn't know Vampire Hunter D had novels though, that was fun and its been very interesting to know more about that, its very pulp but i really like it aesthetically. I always though there were the animation movies and thats it, never really bothered to look.


>like saturn originally being our sun
That literally makes no sense whatsoever, the planet is too small to be able to compressed into a star, doesnt have any plasma in it and also how would it get replaced (the sun had to go in a straight direction and somehow overcome the planets orbits around saturn but that would be virtually impossible due to the high chance that it would just pull saturn and other planets towards it). The only notable point is academia freaks trying to silence it, although maybe they were trying to silence it due to other information that was in the book.

I didnt hear about ancient civilizations vanishing before 1500 BC (although maybe they suppressed it), but there is evidence of an meteor/comet crashing into the region around Greenland 1,500 years ago so maybe that had something to do with it.

He most likely lost because he was getting ass-raped from the East and the West at the same time (his fault for declaring war on Germany after his ally bombed them)

Our evolution hasnt been guided by magic, it's been guided by murder, luck (as in, one of our ancestors werent eaten/killed due to a random chance), disease and rape (same with the evolution of a lot of species). Do you have evidence for these "demons" (like a paper) as that's a very huge claim you're making, I wont accept the "but there's djinns and fairies in a lot of countries" because they're just people trying to make sense of the natural world (why do people die, why does the weather happen) and also schizo's seeing things from the corner of their eye.


* his fault for declaring war of AMERICA

typo, sorry


>compressed into a star
that's only if you believe the nuclear fusion model of stars which has been pretty well falsified by the electric star model


Why are "truwiz" like this?
You the same kind of vitriol and disdain for crabs as normalfags yet completely silent on the succubi question. But if you want to talk about the succubi question, oh that means you're a crab. "Don't talk about m'ladies like that!"
Your post would be literally indistinguishable from any other normalfag post outside of wizchan. And it's the crabs who don't belong?


most of the interesting lore comes from the morrowind era. OpenMW itself is worth another playthrough imo but plenty of lore-friendly/neutral mods retain compatibility.


because plenty not but plenty


Because they're pathetic larper parasites who have infested this site in the aftermath of rodgers and in cels becoming more mainstream, this is due to the fact that wizards are at odds with people expressing interest in succubi and the fact that crabs were historically disliked especially for being whiteknight "simps". Many of them could be literal succubi too. At this point, a lot of these so-called in cels are more wizardly than these types, and their "blackpill" or whatever is practically proto-wizardry.


New video for the ban list.

Anyway it's about the concerns that the wuflu vaccination can effect fertility.



What "succubi question" are you talking about? There is literally nothing wrong with succubi as a group. Misogyny is not wizardly and never has been. That's all in cel shit. I unironically wish I could bully one of you in cels to suicide.


> and their "blackpill" or whatever is practically proto-wizardry.
No it isn't. The "blackpill" is all about blaming succubi and genetics and being an entitled antinatalist parasite on society. It's the most neckbeard ideology that exists.

Wizardry is about accepting responsibility, looking inward, not making excuses and engaging in self-improvement, and becoming productive members of society while at the same time having no interest in sex or relationships and abstaining from masturbation and porn. It's the literal opposite of the blackpill in cel manchild ideology.


No wizardry is being a virgin male and over 30. Doesn't matter what you believe.


>being a wizard is being a normalfag minus the sex
Fucking kill yourself


> Misogyny is not wizardly
But being anti-wizard is wizardly?
The absolute state of truwizzies
>Wizardry is about accepting responsibility, looking inward, not making excuses and engaging in self-improvement, and becoming productive members of society
No it's not. Wizardy is just about being a 30+ year old virgin. Simple as.

Not all wizards are in cels, but all (30+ year old) in cels are wizards. Anti-in cel is code word for anti-wiz


>blah blah neckbeard blah blah crabs blah blah entitled blah blah blah manchild
Back to Reddit.
>productive members of society
Le "truwiz" improvebruh once again demonstrates his ignorance on this website's culture. This website was birthed out of r9k and the NEET/hikikomori culture of the late 2000s/early 2010s. NEETs and hikikomori (who are inherently NOT "productive members of society") are and always have been a part of this site's culture and this is even reflected in the site's rules, rule 4 to be specific.


So the original so-called "culture" is infallible and we should all just blindly follow it like a bunch of low IQ reactionary crabs?

Every website created for neets and basement dwellers ends up mainly attracting crabs. Just look at the neet and doomer subs on reddit. We need to transition away from that stuff instead of embracing failure or we will just end up even more like .co than we already are. That doesn't mean we should disparage people who live these lifestyles but we should make this a space where people are encouraged to become something better.


Fuck you and your shit. The whole idea is that this place is for outcasts, not faggots that want to join society except for sex. Maybe you should just join some christian celibacy forum, seems like that's what you want.


>faggots that want to join society except for sex
That's what they want you to believe. I don't believe for one second that these posters who are indistinguishable from normals even are actual virgins. The sanctimoniousness and passive-agressive behaviour are generally a dead giveaway.


>Admits he is an outsider who wants to subvert the culture here.
>Outs himself as a redditor.
>Implies the wizard lifestyle is inherently bad.
Why don't you just go back to reading Jordan Peterson's new book and leave us alone?


If you have an opinion regarding the state of the site or the changes you believe should be made to its rules or content, then please take it to /meta/


Little tech censorship is just as much of a problem as big tech censorship.
Censorship is bad.


"Stop it, get help"

- Michael Jordan

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