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File: 1581232795631.jpg (42.44 KB, 350x199, 350:199, world of your mom.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


post about little stuff that makes you angry that doesn't deserve its own thread.

ASMR and the lo-fi hip hop streams that i get recommended on youtube all the time basically make me so angry i froth at the mouth if i'm in the right mood.

artists who draw the same face and same body on every character make me mad, as well as artists who have been drawing for 30 years and still never draw backgrounds and still draw uninspired easy poses…. plus the ones that have no creativity and draw exclusively fanart of very popular IP's; plenty of artists don't have an OC or a fantasy universe or anything, they waste all their drawing skill on IP's. i think people who draw are probably retarded and need someone to direct their every move, like some guy that's smarter than them to tell them exactly what to do at all times.
they also have a really nasty attitude and say creepy things like "i enjoy talking to you guys [their fans] on twitter, maybe i should do tweet more often :)" like as if they're some superior being and their fans are some lower lifeform.
i also hate when artists post their drawings on 8 different websites, and each site has different drawings on it, forcing me to make 8 separate accounts on shitty as fuck sites I don't care about (such as twitter) in order to see them all.

even more annoying than that, my doorknob was busted by paramedics years ago when i dislocated my leg and they had to break in to rescue me.
i'm not a fucking architect and i live with a single mom, so we never installed a new doorknob.
that was never a problem because my mom never barges in on me, but lately my brother has succubi over, and one time they were drunk being normalfags and stuff and walked into my room on accident looking for the bathroom.
i'm basically stressed and waiting in anticipation for the door to swing open any moment 24 hours a day now.


titles of new articles or website pages that use language such as "HERE'S HOW" and 'HERE'S WHY"…like they're talking to retards

all those people deserve to die, I wish I had magic power, I would reach through the screen and kill every one of them


File: 1581238419119.mp4 (1.36 MB, 460x258, 230:129, VICE__Headquarters.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

reminded me of this


File: 1581260236639.jpg (141.18 KB, 704x400, 44:25, WWE.SmackDown.Live.2019.12….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Regular tag team wrestling turned into almost tornado tag team wrestling (where all participants are in the ring). I watched one simple tag team match: interference to pin or submission after interference, referee very slowly starts to count to 5 so that the interfering wrestler would leave the ring. Too much wrestling outside the ring, four people in the ring and referee doesn't give a fuck.

Wrestler says some rarely used word and in the other promo in the same episode another wrestler says it too because that's the word that came up to the writers at the time. In kayfabe it can be explained that second wrestler watched the promo of the first on the screen backstage and decided to use it himself, but it sounds overall so unauthentic that the perception just isn't there.

Frequent case when the champion doesn't lose his title in triple threat, fatal 4-way or even Elimination Chamber (6 people). Where's drama of the danger of losing due to lesser chances to win and higher value of occasional win in such situation. Why so much frequent matches for the title and not for the number one contender or something else.

Saudi Arabian shows obsessions to have a tournament or the biggest people being involved match.

Shortening names of wrestlers: Andrade "Cien" Almas into simply Andrade. And that's officially. Informally on the commentary or by other wrestlers: Shin except of Shinsuke. WHAT THE FUCK.


>ASMR and the lo-fi hip hop streams that i get recommended on youtube all the time basically make me so angry i froth at the mouth if i'm in the right mood.
soviet synth
let's play-ers
pop music
league of legends
toy reviews
minecraft videos
random succubi shit
prank videos
pop science

my sisters kids are on the same internet so youtube is fucking confused by it. i block like 200 channels every day and never watch any of this stuff but a year later it is just as bad


when rich uberchad normalfags pretend to be mentally ill.

i think that bipolar disorder is the most normalfag mental illness. i know it's a joke to say autism is around here, but consider the fact that promiscuous sex, hypersocial behavior and social drug use are literally diagnosing symptoms for bipolar.


Vague shitty HRspeak buzzwords like "toxic" and "problematic" proliferating

How modern pop music all seems to take its influence from club music and fucking jungle beats lowering the quality of radio choices.

How my "nation's broadcaster" is so biased but pretends it isn't


If some random asshole wants to draw poorly proportioned anime tits for his whole life he'll do so and you're dumb for getting mad at the fact that he isn't drawing landscapes. It's fine to not like such a thing, but to hate the artist himself for not doing what you want him to do is fucking stupid. It's their life that goes into it, not yours. Pay him if you want to give instructions and then you can get mad if he does not deliver.


teheeeee it's his life who are you to tell him anything!!!?? Let people live how they want! If they want to eat shit and do shit then let them!


People who mod their cars and trucks to be as loud and obnoxious as mechanical possible.
That shit isn't cool. That shit makes me want to do bad things to your stupid car.

It is such a dumb thing to let bother me but it still pisses me off.


Mental illness doesn't give a fuck how much money you have or how much social credit or whatever you want to call it you have.


they're lucky murder is illegal


> plenty of artists don't have an OC or a fantasy universe or anything, they waste all their drawing skill on IP's.

You say that now but imagine how much you'd hate it if people were drawing LoTR characters in the CalArts style


Literally yes you fucking idiot. It's not complicated.


but that's exactly what they do. are you not reading this correctly? all anyone does is draw fanart and they draw nothing original.


People who infantilize their language. Plebbit-Shit like "pupper", "furbaby," etc.


Both those terms are much older then reddit or internet culture in general.
Just saying


General lack of creativity among artists pisses me off. Like, you've drawn some dude with all the body parts in the right places thousands of times. Mix it up a bit and create something unreal.

Like a wolf with an ear for a head standing on an island with with a single palm tree with eyes in it and feet sticking out of the water and a horse with legs circling around it flying in the sky.

Like fucking mix it up somehow at least. Don't draw "some dude" paintings over and over, like a million other people without any imagination.


In other words you like surrealism and outsider art.

Don't see why other art styles piss you off though.


you're completely missing his point. probably on purpose because you're asshurt for some reason.
he's saying drawing human beings over and over is unimpressive and uncreative and that there are literally infinite other things you could draw instead of men, but no one does because "artists" are retarded like I said in my OP.


Another thing that pisses me off is when artists draw aliens or monsters, and it's always just some slightly tweaked human or other animal.

It's the Star Trek effect, where all the aliens are just humans with different foreheads and eye colors and stuff. At least they had an excuse, because they needed human actors to play them.

Aliens don't even need to have anything you can clearly identify as an eye, an ear, a hand, or a leg. Create something that looks completely out of this world, instead of just being a slightly tweaked version of some animal.


What are you talking about. 95% of current modern art is non-figurative with the vast majority of it being abstract.

What you are saying makes no sense because the vast majority of art being created now already fits your taste.

It comes off as bitching that everything needs to be to your taste even though your taste in art already oversaturates the market.


Make something that looks realistic, but depicts something that doesn't look like it's from Earth (like gray aliens do… they're just a tiny variation on humans).

That'd be cool.


You do it or start paying artist to make what you want.


File: 1581697760743.png (317.18 KB, 326x472, 163:236, 1sajpvj5.wizardchan.live.png) ImgOps iqdb

I hate how The Source employees come up and try to actively sell you things and literally ask you about what phone you have when you just want to look at a 25 dollar cheap replacement fm radio/mp3 player with no bullshit because the headphone jack on the current 7 year old one is now a bit fucky. Maybe this is why locations go out of business all the time. DO they get paid on commission? They act like it. Leave me alone redshirt Dave


huh i never heard of that store, was thinking it was a foreign thing, but googling it shows like a million all around me


File: 1581773258371.jpg (816.84 KB, 2456x3498, 1228:1749, 132.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>artists who draw the same face and same body on every character make me mad, as well as artists who have been drawing for 30 years and still never draw backgrounds and still draw uninspired easy poses….

Hey man, don't knock Satoshi Urushihara. Funny thing is he used to draw with more variation but settled on a certain look for his more recent work(porn). I'm of the mind that it's okay for an artist to draw samefaces if they look very appealing.


just solder it back on


that's 3d to me.


i can't stand when people post pictures of random shit unprompted. and if you point it out retards go "WTF BRO IT'S AN IMAGE BOARD THAT'S WHAT IT'S FOR XD"
like as if carrying the title of image board means every single post has to have an image attached to it.

like some dude will be talking about his teacher traumatizing him as a kid on /wiz/ and he'll attach an annoying Seinfeld reaction image to it or a webm of a feminist getting BTFO XD or whatever the fuck, something that contextually makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. why? why do that?


File: 1581832299601.jpg (70.63 KB, 700x522, 350:261, pic unrelated.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It gets people to look at your post.


File: 1581832589259.png (310.84 KB, 570x424, 285:212, unknown4.png) ImgOps iqdb

Posting unrelated or baffling images is the best part of the imageboard experience.


File: 1581836051161.jpg (74.34 KB, 500x527, 500:527, 40d59ccf2b48a0cc1d639c24d9….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I feel both angry and disgust when my eyes randomly locking on boobs and asses of random succubi when walking outside


i had to stop coming to wizardchan for several months after the Christian posters and "just clean your room bro" and "just lift weights bro" took over literally every thread on the entire site.
i still see them daily now that i'm back. it's maddening.
you can always make the self-righteous normalfaggots come out by suggesting that you're suicidal. they link your post in their tranny Discord and next thing you know, 7 "wizards" are pretending to be your friend and saying "you have so much to live for, pray to jesus, clean your room".

i've made threads in meta about this and i know others have too but the mods don't do shit about it.


File: 1581893102201.jpg (298.27 KB, 2000x1946, 1000:973, 1375078981608.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I must disagree I have found some nice images in this manner over the years


File: 1581901401471.png (193.93 KB, 523x491, 523:491, 2020-02-16_17-02-56.png) ImgOps iqdb

You mean those failed normalfaggots on wizardly.fun? It seems like they're using the site's culture to roleplay as wizards


well i heard from multiple sources (never saw for myself) that it was 8chan's /christian/ board who orchestrated all the christposting here. internet missionary shit.
the "clean your room bro" shit is probably unrelated. if you say it's cytube normalfags, i have no reason not to believe you.




I am detecting a lot of insecurities in that post.


File: 1581971605809.jpg (18.11 KB, 600x333, 200:111, ron.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Well played.


i have the heartbeat version of tinnitus and i was trying to find a sound that is comparable to it. i found this… and it made me angry.

these guys are practically niggers. and how sad is that? i mean they wasted hundreds of hours practicing to play a skilless, one note nigger instrument. what was the point of this pathetic display? it doesn't sound nice. it's not impressive. no one is impressed at their muscle memory other than their drooling retard liberal mothers. what a fucking waste of time.


I've never seen anyone miss the point this hard before.


He does it intentionally for attention.
Just ignore him in the future.


it was pretty cool when they started using their voices around minute 4, but I prefer to hear more than 1 type of instrument.


File: 1582167664207.png (480.13 KB, 570x734, 285:367, 1407297066644.png) ImgOps iqdb

I hate how many people I see saying "y'all" these days. Sometimes multiple times when criticizing someone/something/jumping on the latest social trend bandwagon. And it's always the same people who get real fuckin bent out of shape if anyone uses collective terms for them or their pet bullshit-no, no, it's only okay for them to address swaths of people collectively, because well like reasons and context and it's different when it's me

People can also drop the trying to speak like someone who struggles to speak real english on purpose thing too any time. "SPITTIN FIRE DAWG SO BAE BRUH WEIRD FLEX BUT OKAY Y'ALL" and everyone thought it was bad enough in like 2013 when it was swag this swag that.


It's largely because it's a gender neutral way of addressing groups, so all the PC trannies use it. Which I find incredibly ironic cause it's a southern phrase, and these people hate the south.


I hate seeing street preachers, especially when they try to hand me one of their shitty pamphlets on why God is great. Stop wasting paper shilling your shitty religion, let me walk in peace.


those guys make me extremely uncomfortable.
i think if a normalfag ever shilled a timeshare to me or something, i would fall victim to it very fast because i dont deal well with such extremely confrontational people and i take the path of least resistance like a pussy.
hell, timeshares were MADE for pussies like me.


i say that in relation to your street preacher because when i was touring New York with my mom and my bro, a street preacher stepped in front of the three of us. my family continued walking right past him but he made direct eye contact with me and shoved a paper in my hand and started asking me for money for it and i think i got so stressed out i blacked out because i became deaf and frozen in time and just stood there for like 3-5 minutes like a retard in complete silence until the nigger gave up and walked away and my family came back for me.


The reason English uses 'you' for both singular and plural is that 'thee' (you-singular, informal) came to be seen as rude. English did the French thing with using the plural for the singular to be polite, except English did it hard enough to kill the singular form off completely.

Basically, woke bullshit fucked up English grammar. Maybe it's fitting if some more of it fixes it.




you may have become too old for this site


Have you tried making a thread you like?


you have become too old for the internet


I know, but when I went to that site that's how I remembered a lot of that shit existed.


>little insignificant stuff that makes you angry

My life.

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