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Is cryptocurrency a way to get neetbux?

tomorrow i am gonna open up a bank account and invest my 2k savings into cryptocurrency and see how much i make

/biz/ seems to be making profits by investing in crypto-currency


mostly every thread is about crypto currency


I would recommend index stocks instead (as i've heard crypto is a bubble waiting to burst), but don't buy high - buy low… I'm pretty sure crypto is high rn so better to wait for a crash.


> crypto is a bubble waiting to burst

that's only if you invest for the long term and you don't keep an eye on your investment


The halving is coming in May 2020, so you're at the right time to invest

Also stay away from /biz/ if you want to make money. There is a lot misinformation and tons of PnD coins that get posted there. The only worthwhile advice was to invest in Chainlink.


youd make more money just investing into yourself, ie buying equipment to make and sell stuff online. even fucking charcoal, stylized as bio-char, is sold for asstronomical amounts on hipster websites. people sell fucking round rocks. pine needles and cones. american middle-upper class succubi have an endless pocket full of money they are ready to throw at fucking anything



>make money by doing nothing

>making money by having to work and sell shit to normies

i'll choose the former



you have to buy all that crap and there is no guarantee you will sell it(as a socially inept person). socially inept people don't make good salesmen


you need money to even start investing. you can't just do nothing your whoel life and invest that nothing. so you were already working for a normalfag to reach this point. unless you have bux or something

i just listed some of the dumbest shit you don't even have to buy equipment for. you don't need social skills to open an online store either. crypto is also not a guaranteed profit


Well, I invested 1200 euro in monero back when monero costed 50 euros.
Now monero costs 80 euros.

I could sell it and could buy the chainlink thing



>you need money to even start investing. you can't just do nothing your whoel life and invest that nothing

you get a job from one of your family members or something. i don't even try to find work and i end up getting a job eventually

you can donate blood and make money that way if you can't find work. invest the money you make from donating blood



initially you will have to do something but when you enough money you won't have to do shit



you have enough*


>you get a job from one of your family members or something

Every job I got, I got this way.



me too which is why i am investing my money i made from previous jobs into crypto-currency

too socially inept to find work


i have never filled out a job application successfully. i hate them.
all my jobs were given to me by my aunt who has connections
currently i am a neet. i got laid off of all of them. when you're a socially inept employee employers don't see any benefit in keeping you


It applies to some people.
Me, if I was employer, I would see you valuable if you did not talk and rather worked properly ;D

You can get kicked for other reasons too. Like, I got kicked because some 48 year old boomer hated the fact that I got comfy job in office, and his 2 year old younger son did not.


>Me, if I was employer, I would see you valuable if you did not talk and rather worked properly ;D
Lol, what kind of worthless platitude is this?



>Me, if I was employer, I would see you valuable if you did not talk and rather worked properly ;D

this only applies if you're in a job that doesn't require social contact. most jobs require social contact;therefore, being a socially inept person is not a benefit


Sorry that I sounded like some enslaving jew. I did not ment it.
I only wanted to say I value different things in people, but in the end, I sounded like an asshole.

I'm aware of it.


>direct linking to 4chan
fuck off



/biz/ and /trash/ are very wizardly boards though


>a business board
>and a shitty /b/ that is all about sex and ERP
In what fucking way?



with the exception of the kpop threads, /trash/ is identifical to the /b/ of wizchan. they post furry and gay shit all day



>business board

it's a crypto currency neet board. no one owns there business on there





And /b/ is the absolute worst board on this site. It's so bad it's not even included in /all/. So what's your point?

You don't need to own a business to partake in business.



no one owns a business or does businessman things on there

it's mostly a cryptocurrency/finance board.


File: 1581292866277.gif (2.49 MB, 480x480, 1:1, tenor.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>/biz/ is a very wizardly board


>cryptocurrency/finance board.
That is business you dense fucker.


those threads are probably run by the funny money pimps themselves to bilk gullible people like you, same way that all those health food magazines are run by people with investments in tumeric and similar junk


You still can earn money on crypto, there are some coins that are being pumped 50% of their worth during one month. My dream is writing AI bot/strategy for predicting future prices - based on sentiment analysis or pure time series. Market is one of the only things I care about


Wanting to get rich or at least self sufficient by trading so that you don't need to wageslave is pretty wizard-compatible.


very few people day trade for a living for a reason, it's not for middle class or low income people


you kinda missed the boat by a few years at least


>go allll the way onto wizchan
>people are shilling bitcoin there

I don't have time to play around with ponzi schemes and such OP. I may be a retard but I'm hard to manipulate.

Indeed you people should remember to SAGE.

Be more of a kike.


A new bubble cycle is probably beginning now. I've been trading shitcoins since 2012 and currently am almost all in monero


File: 1581718513468.png (27.03 KB, 710x251, 710:251, Screenshot from 2020-02-14….png) ImgOps iqdb

made 33 dollars in profit from chainlink


File: 1581718680191.png (40.92 KB, 801x377, 801:377, Screenshot from 2020-02-14….png) ImgOps iqdb


41 now

500 doesn't count because that's the amount i invested


Can you fill me in on chainlink please?

Does it have utility beyond speculation?



i have no idea tbh. i just started getting into crypto a week ago


File: 1581719852586.png (9.07 KB, 770x69, 770:69, Screenshot from 2020-02-14….png) ImgOps iqdb

easiest 51 dollars i ever made


With a little diligence you can find $50 in the ditch, or just sit down in the right place and norps will give you that amount in a day. might as well hold in case they reach >$100.


File: 1581721255313.png (7.64 KB, 595x63, 85:9, Screenshot from 2020-02-14….png) ImgOps iqdb


it's a lot for me since i am a socially retarded neet who has never made that much in single day



they don't day trade because they don't have the time and money.
normies who live paycheck to paycheck have no money to buy cryptocurrency

i would trade by the week instead of the day

make like 300 dollars within a week's time


If you can' see that chainlink is a horrendous choice you should stay the fuck away from all of this

99% of "cryptos" are scams designed to take money from idiot gamblers


I don't think cryptocurrency investments count as NEETbux. It's like saying you're a NEET who's playing the stock markets or selling real estate or regularly participating in high stakes poker matches. The fact is if you're generating your own cash from even a passive activity like investing, you're self employed.
The classification of NEET in regards to those who receive money is only appropriate for welfare or disability recipients, those who live with parents, or with a trustfund.
I guess if you earned so much money from your initial investment that you never have to invest again then you're finally NEET but as long as those investments are active I refuse to share a label with you money makers.




i think neetbux is any money not made through wage slavery


or by working in general*


I made $700k usd from crypto and guess what? you literally can't keep any of it while being unemployed or if you have less than a 100k a year a job

This shit was rigged from the start that even if you DO make it you need to spend it all in a few months which defeats the entire purpose of a comfy neet retirement.

You either basically hold it forever in your portfolio and get fucked or cash it out and get taxed 20-30% of your total sum yearly by the govt. So if I were to cash out the govt would take 210k of my 700k for no fucking reason or just send me to jail.

Just forget crypto unless you plan to become a tax evading drug lord since it's the only thing you can buy reliably with crypto.


you still have half a million dollars. Stop with the humble brag disguised as a complaint buckaroo


Maybe you could have used decentralized exchanges to trade.Such as localmonero or bisq. It would be harder to tax it that way.

and if you really had 700K, even after taxes, would not it be enough to survive for tens of years?



That isn't how it works. Not in the US, at least. You pay a capital gains tax on the crypto only once. You don't get taxed 30% every year if it just sits in your bank. It is called an income and capital gains tax for a reason. If you are a millionaire who earned $0 during the year you pay nothing in taxes. You will have to pay if the money is in a savings account and gains interest. Even then, it is just the interest that is taxed.

I really hope you haven't been giving the government 30% of your bank balance every year…


File: 1581882951133.png (14.8 KB, 617x238, 617:238, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

If my investment once again reaches its all time high, I will have more than $300,000 worth of crypto.

I trust this project, since they're partnered with Cisco and a lot of other big companies. The (((CEO))) is also a Jewish genius


File: 1581883100905.png (17.18 KB, 399x404, 399:404, tulipmania.png) ImgOps iqdb


Most of these 'coins' seem scammy now. Bitcoin seems fine, even litecoin. But I don't think it's worth it to diversify and put money into a ton of baskets here. Unless you're only doing like $10..


20-30% is fine, in my country i would have to pay like 50%.
Seriously consider paying tax normally because you end up fucked after a few years of evading tax. I guess youre likely already in that position like me.

You're meant to pay your gains each year. So if you didnt pay for several years in which you had big gains, going back in time you could have evaded multiple rounds of compounding capital gains.


>money you make from donating blood
true business wiz right here


It's honestly criminal that capital gains are not taxed at a higher rate. You literally make money by doing nothing except exploiting other people who are actually working and producing something via something we call finance (usury).


Well if you make even one trade per year, like from one shitcoin to another, you lock in your gains for that year


I see someone doesn't understand how basic economics or finance works.


I would recommend buying Chainlink, it's the best cryptocurrency with the highest potential.


I bought chainlink.
I also bought 50000 LCX because thats what one guy on /biz told me to do


File: 1582251119277.png (20.52 KB, 774x150, 129:25, Screenshot from 2020-02-20….png) ImgOps iqdb

i am gonna become rich, the bull is starting


So i hope you know you're just gambling like a retard

Yes Monero and BTC are the only coins that arent scams


Nice, you're definitely gonna make it with that Chainlink.


>If you can' see that chainlink is a horrendous choice you should stay the fuck away from all of this

i cannot stress how much truth there is to this. chainlink wasn't designed by scammers, but was designed by people incompetent in tech.
the end purpose of its shill campaign (likely independent of the naive founders) however, is nothing more than scamming midwit neets out of their last bucks.
do not fall for the shill. you will lose your money sooner or later.


File: 1588551260933.png (69.14 KB, 814x729, 814:729, Screenshot from 2020-05-03….png) ImgOps iqdb

chainlink has a weekly pattern where you can predict the future week by looking at the previous week

this is how i've been swing trading


Seems like a lot of risk for 3-5% return.


what's all this high iq shit wizzies, you're scaring me.


Say what you want about Chainlink but it at least kept me from losing it all during the past few crashes


It's the same one guy here that keep spreading Chainlink propaganda? absolutely disgusting


No it isn't, it's gambling. Gambling isn't a business unless you're the one setting the bets.

/biz/ is entirely idiots and scammers. The scammers push whatever pump and dump they're doing this week. Since E-mail spam is dead this is the new avenue, convince college kids to give you their student loans instead of adults their savings.

You don't need a bot to predict it. Some MIT guys did the same thing with spam. They noticed the general style of spam which successful stocks had each week then the moment they got the first spam they invested. Made a decent profit off of it until the FBI rounded up all the spammers they knew had big enough networks to work. Those scammers were trading in millions a week not a few hundred bucks though.


It's not gambling, it's predicting trends. If you know how to do it you can reliably make money. It's not like you're relying on blind chance, there is actual research that you can do to increase the accuracy of your predictions.


File: 1593750939985.png (33.79 KB, 1200x643, 1200:643, 1_elm9Ati88eY2DgtGvjPlaQ.png) ImgOps iqdb

Have any wizzies looked into this?
>Earn 6.25% on ETH, DAI and USDC with DeFi Money Market (DMM) all backed by real world income generating assets viewable on-chain.

1. DAI, USDC, or ETH are deposited in exchange for DMM mTokens.

2. The deposited DAI, USDC, and ETH are used to acquire real-world, income producing assets, all viewable on chain

3. The assets pay out interest, which is returned to the DMM Ecosystem.

4. DMM mTokens are freely swapped back for the original DAI/USDC/ETH deposited plus interest accrued.


Chainlink is at $8 now!


Don't remind me
I bought 500 at $0.14/pc back in 2017 but lost my credentials


Sorry to hear that, wizzie.


I just dumped $150 into it, now have 221 link. I'll just be buying it regardless of price from now on. Every time I wait for it to go down it goes up 12%.


I made $20k on options, started trading again the friday before the wu flu crash. I started with $1350. Mostly I've made money with debit spreads on DOW. I mistook this company Dow inc for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, still trade it cause I find it predictable. I used to get $800+/mo autismbux but now I'm too rich for it. At the end of this month I will have between $3000 and $50,000. I mildly regret not quitting while ahead at $20k, but I've emotionally adapted to this and can handle losing it all. My stocks and options are worth only $9600 right now but I've had a few of these collapses right before multiplying my money. I'll probably get a job or start a business if I crash to $3k.
If I get at least $30k I'll probably buy some cheap land soon in Oregon or Idaho and ranch sheep and chickens. I've mentioned in the crawl thread I've bought a cheap old pickup and learned to drive.

Fuck me! I might FOMO in.


File: 1594626529566.jpg (46.25 KB, 408x412, 102:103, scamlink4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Chainlink is literally a scam. If you hold it now you're going to be destroyed.

Unlike legitimate cryptocurrencies, the tokens were distributed entirely via scammery, see pic related. The point of cryptocurrency is decentralisation but the "Chainlink LTD" is now holding tokens worth almost a billion dollars. Even the token sale generated more money. It's just a cashgrab; you must be shitbrained to buy something with such a ridiculous method of distribution. The company can completely annihilate the price at any moment.


The company can manipulate the price to go up since they hold all the coins. Doesn't mean anything at all about genuine utility, adoption or popularity - it's just a trick to make idiots buy them at an absurdly inflated price


Even if it's a scam it's still possible to make out like a bandit. If it's not a scam it's a good shot at retiring early.


I don't know much about crypto but I know someone who put a fair amount of money into chainlink and his money doubled in 6 months. Why should he sell now?


It is gambling on something that you know is ridiculously overpriced and technically unsound. The logical way to trade volatile financial assets is to buy things that have low risk and haven't risen even to fair value yet, not buy overhyped high risk things that are ripe to crash and take 90% of your money.


If you win on a roulette wheel you would just bet it all again and lose it all? Not securing profit is stupid


Please fucking don't.
Please don't.

READ, READ, READ. There's so much to learn in finance. Just look for different things and just LEARN.

Bitcoin/Crypto, options, forex, blue chip stocks, and more.

Remember this: Ride hype. News is a HUGE factor but don't trade on it. You kinda just ride waves.

Just - there's so much. You're blind right now.


Buy Chainlink it's the best Cryptocurrency.
I've got a bout 2.2k which is worth 16 thousand USD now.
Used to have 10k but I had to sell a lot of reasons.

Chainlink will go to $1000 in a few years so if you can at least get 1k links that's a million dollars. More than enough for a wizard to live off on.


File: 1596146339955.jpg (72.27 KB, 540x360, 3:2, meme police.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm putting my money in RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK
It just works!


Caution: This thread is full of shills from /biz/ who have no interest in this site outside of shilling for their cryptocurrency of choice. They want to pump up the price by hyping it up on every site that lets them, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) you into buying, sell, and leave you holding the bags.

Not only is crypto is a zero sum game, but the odds are AGAINST you as a small investor. The only people who have better than 50/50 odds are the whales, people who have very large shares of the market who have the ability to manipulate market prices. Everyone else is gambling with worse than 50/50 odds.

/biz/ has no shortage of people claiming to make shit loads of money on crypto, but most of them are larpers. Some lie just for replies, but some are far more sinister, and claim to make loads of money to artificially increase buyer confidence in crypto in order to make it easier to shill.

I don't give a fuck about shills from 4chan conning normalfags out of their money, but it legitimately enrages me seeing outsider biz shills who look at wizards as easy targets to exploit for their pump and dump schemes.

Hell, OP's post even directly links for 4chan's biz and several shills here have posted pepe and wojak memes (which have since been deleted) because the shills don't even know the rules, much less understand the culture of this site.


I thought /biz/ actively discouraged people on other websites from buying Chainlink. The rationale was that they wanted more time to amass Link before the price shot up.

They've now switched strategies and want normans to buy?



Remember how they ended up once. Buying crypto is buying something more subtle than smoke:

This was /biz/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkX2NAKFM5Q


lol you could have bought something just a few months ago and doubled your money but instead you want to whine because you missed out


> you don't need social skills to open an online store either
You do need skills to market it properly however. The difficulty is in generating traffic and getting attention. If you have lots of pageviews you can sell anything, but if you are some schizo neet who just creates an online shop and lists pinecones for sale it’s unlikely you will make any money.


Like what? Show examples


Why can't a NEET run an online store successfully?


He explained why. Are you daft?


Am i what? How about you use language properly, before criticising someone




Show how Chainlink will see massive gains in the next year and how it is useful technology at all, without linking any youtube shill videos


File: 1596435592847.jpg (46.25 KB, 408x412, 102:103, scamlink4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

how can you bother even asking about it after seeing this pic?
It's the scammiest distribution of coins I have ever seen.
Real cryptocurrencies have things like mining, staking etc to fairly distribute the supply. Here you just have "Chainlink Ltd" with full control, making profit at every step, ready to collapse the price whenever they want.
It shits on the very foundation of cryptocurrency: that it should be a decentralised system


I've been investing in crypto since 2017, have about 10k USD/28 Eth. /biz/ got me into it, I fell for some memecoins(buy X it's going to the moon!!!), but, none of those did anything at all, for months to years.

I can look back at charts and see coins that were hyped at the time gaining little or losing value.

As I spent less and less time on imageboards I realized just how much poison these places are. The only reason I stuck around was because it was familiar, I believed that people posting on wizchan/4chan were 'like me.'

That's why I still come back from time to time, and I'm shocked at the level of ignorance in every post. If you want good in your life, you can't just hope that money will solve your problems, you need to get the poison out of your system. Daily intake of imageboards is 90%+ poison, the 'quality content' are posts like mine, warning you away from indulging in vapid, uninformed content typed out by people who value death, complacency, and stagnation over anything good in life.

Wizchan fights to preserve a castle of despair. Never forget that. The real investment is in leaving here, and stop trying to find a magic bullet. 'Getting into crypto' won't save you, having a budget will.


late bloomer crab


>the 'quality content' are posts like mine
What is it about self improvement faggotry that makes one become a self-aggrandizing douche? You'd expect this behaviour to gradually peter out as one 'improves' yet it almost never happens.

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