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I am currently a qualified physics teacher due to start work September. I am currently a NEET with a bit of money left due to fucking up a masters qualification. Oddly, the teaching qualification and teacher training is one of the few things I didn't fuck up at during my 18-25 period; they said I was actually good, but I think they say that to all physics and maths teachers as we are really sought after.

However, I want an escape route in case the ridiculous workload and 80 hour weeks that come with teaching just fucking get to me.

What are some good jobs for wizards?


Did the other thread reach bump limit?


This is currently the only wizard employment discussion on /lounge/.


so you avoid /wiz/ because?


I'm shooting for research. I'm majoring in a fairly niche science so competition isn't too stiff. It's a marine field too so I ideally I can spend months at a time out at sea, or in remote locations like antarctica or greenland taking ice cores. I don't want to be a teacher cause grading exams and shit sounds like hell even if I get a TA. As for you OP, you can always try working in some physics lab. As for fields with much less schooling, working on a cargo ship would also be great. Months at a time with only a handful of people around. The work on cargo ships seems pretty intense though.


/wiz/ has a thread on making a living off the internet and one on 'working from home' that was moved by mods to /dep/.

This is currently the only general jobs for wizards thread.


OP here.
I have two recurring fantasies that I have had since I was 17/18.
Join the French Foreign Legion.
Become a Catholic or Orthodox Priest.

I am fascinated by the foreign legion for the chance to become someone else. Someone who isn't a pathetic nerd. I want the FFL to squeeze every ounce of weakness out of me and turn me into a fucking fighting, marching and shooting machine. I am not unfit but it is extremely unlikely that I would get in. They would spot that I am not Legion material and send me home pretty quickly despite passing the physical tests.

Atheist wizards might find the catholic priest fantasy stupid or pathetic. I oscillate between believer, agnostic or atheist, but I have always had a profound respect for traditional Christianity, both philosophically and aesthetically. I was baptised Baptist Protestant, but it was Trinitarian form so still valid in the Catholic Church. I could start attending mass and undergo RCIA. My mind is filled with thoughts of being a priest and delivering the sacraments; if God exists and Catholicism has truth then I am being called, perhaps. The demand for Catholic Priests is so high and I have a degree plus teaching experience so they would probably have me.


Fair enough, I will quit bitching then.


Being an Orthodox priest or monk does seem wizardly, but I don't think most people here, including myself, could cut living in a monastery with other monk and no internet etc…

I get the impression that the Catholic Church is in big internal trouble at the moment. Modernists and traditionalists are seething with resentment towards one another and if it wasn't for the commitment to unity they would probably have a full on schism.

French Foreign Legion training is hell from what I have read/watched. They treat you like a bitch and will psychologically fuck you up. Not something a normal person would be happy to go through.


Digital Nomad jobs.


File: 1581662847505.jpg (63.76 KB, 1000x685, 200:137, 1tz98z.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Any other wizards in law enforcement? I am about to enter the academy for my department. It probably seems like an odd career choice for a wizard though now that I think about it.


Please be more specific


What line exactly did you get in to? Security? Dispatch? Those and being a patrolman seem pretty relaxing, but do know that much of a conventional officer's day is spent doing council with both groups and one-on-one with civilians. It takes a people person to be a people's defender so there won't be much work to favor someone who enjoys working in solitude.

I've had romanticized visions of being a private investigator cracking crimes from the computer, but nobody bothers to make their wrongdoings private these days.


Deputy Sheriff, which means I will have to spend a few years in the jail serving as a correctional officer before I can become a patrolman.

It's a very un-wizardly job. To even get this career, you have to convince at least 20 people that you are a normal, socially well-adjusted person in order for them to vouch for you during the interviews and background investigation.




Can we stay on topic and stop posting normalfag jobs?


All jobs are normalfag jobs.


I wish lighthouse keeper jobs were still a thing. Being a lighthouse keeper on an isolated island seems comfy.

There are jobs more suited to wizards. Not all wizards here have the option of living off welfare or from parents.
Playing fire-watch made me think that a fire watch job in America or Canada would be comfy. I like to be amongst nature. Hopefully, if I build up some more teaching experience I can relax into a good wetlands education and monitoring wildlife job. Would have to teach abroad (there a good international private schools in the middle east where they pay for your accommodation and you can build up a lot of money).

Then come back to the UK and get a quiet job with the saving I have.


False. IN the only job I had I was alone packaging products, adding to them a label and then putin them in boxes. I didn't talk with nobody except to the guy who gave me the list of products I had to pack for that day, and that was all I did. How is that a normalfag job?


There are some jobs in academia that are very wizardly, but they are difficult to find/obtain/keep. For some time I got paid ~$35 USD/hour to read forums and grade students based on what they wrote. I didnt even apply for it, a professor just emailed me and offered me the job because I was the best student in a previous year. Funding got cut eventually though


are you the newfoundland wiz?


> For some time I got paid ~$35 USD/hour to read forums and grade students based on what they wrote.

What kind of forum was that? Presumably it was a uni forum where students posted under their real name?


>I know wizards don't want to be lectured on this, but you all really do need to prepare yourself for some type of actual career and not these hourly wage-slave jobs.

I know what you mean. To be fair, a lot of working class/lower class people work hourly wage-slave jobs their whole lives; they don't know any different.

I am a qualified physics teacher; teaching might seem like hell for a wizard but I keep getting praise for it and I was one of the few people that actually passed the teaching qualification with a top grade (40% drop out rate in my year); I have failed at everything else since 18 so this might as well be my career for now.

After teaching this year and building up some money I'm going to look for private school jobs abroad; they're well paying and they often come with free accommodation, especially those in the Middle East. Either that or fulfil one of my fantasies: join the Royal Navy, FFL or enter a religious order. A lot of ex- physics and maths teachers in my country seem to go into the civil service or local government for some reason.

I'm 25 years old so I've missed the boat on a lot of things.



File: 1581703596441.jpg (1.64 MB, 3968x2976, 4:3, po2992.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Like I wrote in some previous thread. I work as a deliver guy driving a van. I sit alone all the time and communication between people is minimal. Can kinda work on my own speed don't have to rush things if I don't want to. Also have no boss telling me all the time I have to do this and that. It's comfy only could pay more.


You're making so many generalisations that I don't know what you're talking about. Mainstream jobs pretending to be a normie… may as well suicide now. We arent normal people and need to search out niche jobs that suit our unusual personalities. That isnt mutually exclusive with "an actual career", although I am not sure what that means


"Condemned"? gtfo normalfag. Reported for violating rule 4: disparaging reclusive lifestyles

Being a recluse is a desirable thing, it is not about ineptitude


File: 1581710215092.jpg (41.84 KB, 467x442, 467:442, sanjuro4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> my lack of confidence in myself led me to believe that I was not more worthy of more in life
>my lack of confidence
>push out of my comfort zone
>comfort zone
>I had so much more potential
>every wizard here on this site has this potential
> I got my first job by enlisting in the military
> I eventually pulled myself out of neetdom so I really do believe every wizard is capable of it


File: 1581713984640.jpg (463.53 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, fat blob cat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yep, you nailed it wiz. In fact no one is even a virgin here, it's all a big LARP. After all, if we were really virgins, we'd just be living it and not posting an a message board for validation.


I'm not against people living in isolation, if that is indeed what you want for yourself. But I know it isn't what you actually want, because you would otherwise just be living it and not posting on a message board for validation.

When people talk about isolation they don't always mean absence of the internet. Also, I don't think we necessarily post for validation; comfort and joy can be found in interesting and stimulating conversations with people who are more or less like minded.

>All this neeting will come to an end eventually. You won't be a neet in your 40s and 50s, I am sure of it. All this "I can't do so-and-so because I'm a wizard" will come to pass.

Some people do stay unemployed in their 40s but their lives are often very fucked up and they probably have wealthy parents that left them money. A lot of hikkikomori in Japan are actually in their late 30s and into their 40s as they are part of the lost generation that got fucked when in the mid to late 90s when the Japanese economy crashed.

But yeah I take your point. For most wizards here neetdom and isolated jobs just aren't a viable or rational option for most of your life.


Good little documentary on the last lighthouse keepers.


i want that cat


Yeah because most people kill themselves before they reach that age and the rest go homeless.


Drawing furry porn for perverts is probably the best route.


File: 1581738162113.webm (185.34 KB, 506x284, 253:142, 1581273992983 (1).webm) ImgOps iqdb

When I was 16, I would say, programming.

Now in my age of 21 I say its not a best way. You will both enjoy programming and earn money only if you have your own company.

The scene from matrix where neo is treated like a trash by his employer for not coming on time to his workplace. it should have been big warning for me. What my value will be like.

Basically I know C,python,C++,C#,java, php,javascript, microsoft SQL,mySQL

Reversing in IDA pro..
Whatever you throw at me, I will be able to code in it.

And im still treated like a trash.
nobody gives a shit about me, my github projects are uselees.

Knowledge does not matter at all on job interviews. If it actually mattered, my demented boomer father would not have his job and mother would be homeless.

But guess what.
My 50 year old father is programmer and Im not. Mother is accountant :D

Both of them are pieces of shit.

Yesrerday he told me:
"Son, if you dont go to college, you will never get hired as programmer"

I dont really care. I can code for personal amusement anytime I want. Just not for money.

When I was younger, I thought:
When I will learn this thid and this, I will get this this and this job because I meet the rewuirements!
Im able to learn by myself, im creative, i think outside of box, i will get that programmers job, I will make some friends, i will make nice money xDDd

But no.
I've been on 15 job interviews(just counting the programming related ones) and no one gives as shit about me.

From these 15 interviews, I had 5 where the programmers ibterviewing me were openly arrogant and acting like all knowing assholes, when they in fact had worse knowledge than me.

So basically, I learned im easily replacable trash. Knowledge itself does not bring you forward in life.

People are .. assholes.
People might not be best st programming, but what they are really good is ; backstabing, shittalking, intrigues, lying and they will do anything to get in front of you, so they can have little more money in their lives


File: 1581744324931.png (7.64 KB, 595x63, 85:9, Screenshot from 2020-02-14….png) ImgOps iqdb

i am unsuitable for most jobs. most jobs require communication skills and social skills.


Did you look for any programming jobs online? I can't stand getting



I have no experience hiring people, but your dad may be right. I got lucky and got a very wizardly, high paying programming job right out of college. No way would I have got the job if I didn't have a degree. Most of the jobs I were looking at required a degree anyway.

I am working on some software that will help me earn money for the day when I inevitably lose my job. I don't think I will ever get this lucky again.


>communication skills and social skills.
just being around people is bad enough, can you imagine needing to service them, too? especially after years of neeting
I would probably go insane and murder someone on the first day
hell with jobs


Here we have an improvebrah in his natural habitat: people he believes are crabs that need to "improve" and get better jobs like him. If only we'd step out . of our shells.

Fuck off back to /r9k/ or whatever shitpit you crawled out of.


Improvebrahs don't realize that there's a reason some people stepped into their shells to begin with. If you find out that you're not compatible with other people, and this generally happens pretty early in adolescence, then there's little reason to "put yourself out there" and expose your true personality to people, since you are painting a target for other people to take advantage of you. The best solution for all parties involved - for the wizard/outcast and for society at large - is for the former to be allowed to live in solitude.


Here we have a crab in the bucket who feels the deep need to validate their dysfunctional world view by dragging down everyone around them while also shitting or anything that is remotely functional or based on realism and pragmatism.


that anon thinks 'i can therefore everyone else can', is that realism and pragmatism to you?


File: 1581788099298.png (525.46 KB, 581x368, 581:368, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

How am I "dragging down everyone around them"? You and/or the faggot you're defending literally said that nobody can work quiet or isolated jobs and you have to prepare to "pretend to be a normalfag." He's the one injecting his moronic world view into a thread where he's obviously not welcome, I don't give a fuck what job anyone gets, but don't proselytize you improvebrah Jordan Petershit worshipping loser.

There are lots of jobs that pay just fine and are still isolated. Nothing he said was realistic or pragmatic, especially for a lot people who have problems interacting with others. Once, again, piss the fuck off. Mods won't do their jobs so the community has to push back against you human excrement.


>everyone that disagrees with my invalid opinon is a no-no outsider person
>reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee at anyone that doesn't agree with my lies

The only one that needs to be pushed back is you self made losers back into your containment board where you belong.
You literally never ever bring anything to anywhere but whining and disruption and all your arguments are based on made up strawmen.

You are exactly the type to go out of your way to troll threads you don't like for months because it doesn't fit your inner image of a invalid loser. But the thing that pisses me off the most about crabs like you is that you have constructed your whole identity around being a worthless loser, and then project that idenity on all wizards, more or less saying that wizchan is a den of nothing but losers and anyone who isn't a loser like yourself is a outsider who must be purged.

Being weak sack of shit like you see yourself as isn't a good thing here, irl, or anywhere else.
Don't project your personal hangups on every other user of this site

One more thing
Fuck you for even implying that being a weak sack of shit like you see yourself and being a wizard have anything to do with each other.
Unlike you some of us are happy to be wizards and don't see weakness and being a shit human being as having anything to do with being a wizard.
Get fucked and never come back crab.


It really does sound like you are disparaging the reclusive lifestyle, doesn't it.


Why are you getting so angry? Thinking that everyone here is capable of doing the same things a normalfag can is plain dumb, blind beliefs you can't defend. Have a nice day.


No it doesn't.
Feel free to quot any portion where such a thing was said.
Oh look, proof of what I just said.
>and all your arguments are based on made up strawmen.


>No it doesn't.
What qualities are leading you to call that anon weak. Describe these losers you are talking about.


Doesn't look like a quot to me.

Looks more like you are inferring content that wasn't there.
Maybe something you personally internalize and actually believe yourself rather then what the actual words I said?

Also, you just slipped up and shown where you really are from, lol.
Maybe you need to go back to where you came.


Screw you, I like using anon.
That's some cowardly stuff you are doing right there though, just describe what you mean by weak, loser, dysfunctional or functional, any of these will do, the whole conversation will clear right up, because right now under that context it really sounds like you are disparaging the reclusive lifestyle, I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding .


What do you think they mean in context and most importantly why?

Think about this, if there are several ways to understand the meaning of something, and you always choose the most negative interpretation, odds are the problem is with you.

You made quite the allegation, now prove your allegation with the evidence available. If from the post made alone is not enough to support your allegation without some sort of additional information then it is pretty clear the only reason it sounds that way to you is because of your own associations with those words.


Well let's see the conversation:
this anon gets annoyed at 2 posts, one implying it's necessary to go into the mainstream and "pretend to be a normie" the other post saying explicitly that being a recluse is something you are condemned to.
To this there's this reply:
implying the previous anon is dysfunctional and opposed to anything remotely functional
To this there's this reply:
defending the possibility of isolated jobs.
And then there's this really angry reply:
calling him weak and rambling about losers.
That's a lot of vitriol!
Why are you calling him weak or what do you mean by dysfunctional then? If I've made associations it is because your post is a response, and there's nothing else in the post you replied to that would lead you to use those words, and I don't see why you refuse to say what you mean by them.


>Unlike you some of us are happy to be wizards and don't see weakness and being a shit human being as having anything to do with being a wizard.

I really don't understand what this has to do with telling someone to step out of their shell and get a better job and "pretend to be a normalfag". It sounds like you're just doing damage control for an obviously braindead statement. As you can see nobody is really agreeing with you here so I'm not sure what your endgame is other than just getting a kick out of trolling.

>Don't project your personal hangups on every other user of this site

But that's literally what you're doing telling everyone they need to get better jobs in a thread about isolated jobs. I'm seriously not sure if you're aware what you're doing or just trolling, but you're a double-digit IQ mouthbreather regardless

Don't really care about the rest of the shit you wrote, sounds like you're just trying to justify what you're saying with some truwiz shit, I'm sure you're part of the volcel monk larper crew who are just norpers who hide behind "i flirt with succubi at work to PRETEND TO be normal!" facade. "REAL wizards live a completely normal life but they shun sex". ok bud.

Sorry to derail this thread OP, wish the retard mods would do their jobs for once, this is the most brazen breaking of rule 4 i've seen in awhile, and mods empower these niggers.


This thread is getting derailed over a pointless argument.
The thread is about good jobs for wizards. I have always thought that a cozy job would be night time security guard.


Good jobs for wizards are easy to come up with, the issue is getting the jobs.


I learnt programming and got masters degree but dont know how to get comfy remote jobs without experience


You failed to realize many things.

I absolutely do not have problems with getting invited to job interviews. If they did not want me because of me having no degree, they would not invite me to interview in first place.

Some companies do not give a shit about degree, some do.
I live in eastern europe, where skilled programmers are hard to find.

That being said.
I do not think getting a degree would help me with going through a job interview. The reason why I cannot get a job is the fact that hirers see me as weird and they do not want to hire weird people they consider as weird. Degree or no degree.

I can still lie and tell I have degree. Have not tried that. But I dont think It would help. Besides, degree only tells employer you are usable obedient trained monkey.

My father opinion is not worth considering.
He is not good at coding, all he is good is interaction with boomers in his workplace and following orders.

Just short greentext so you can get image of my father

>father comes home

>I look at him
>my boss praised me today. He told me he is happy with me always being positive and smiling

I do not know what is more sad and humiliating. The fact that my father is going trough divorce and he pretends that he is happy, or the fact that he was legitimately proud of himself, because his boss praised him for being positive and smiling.

Imagine having so brainwashed father. Telling is son how happy he is because his boss praised him like a good dog xD

Maybe I should just kill his boss.


Does anyone know if being a firmware engineer has any wizardly qualities? I like programming in "low" level languages (C/C++) and having a tight restriction imposed on resources sounds ideal, that is, in the age of software design currently people feel the need to allocate hundreds of megabytes of memory to incredibly basic react/vue/angular/[insert other shitty javascript meme] web pages. So being forced to write efficient, fast code with a strict set of restrictions sounds fun to me. Not only that, but I've always thought of working in firmware as getting a router/camera or something tangible and playing around with it on your own, instead of having to interact with a 10 man team in an "open office" having to discuss agile or unit testing or some shit.


I don't know but I would guess it would always involve some a product with a team and company that you have to work closely with. Shitty meme webpages may be one of the best choices unfortunately


>If you find out that you're not compatible with other people, and this generally happens pretty early in adolescence, then there's little reason to "put yourself out there" and expose your true personality to people, since you are painting a target for other people to take advantage of you. The best solution for all parties involved - for the wizard/outcast and for society at large - is for the former to be allowed to live in solitude.
One of the reasons why I became a NEET for a decade; that reality hit me too hard when I was 18. As of these last two weeks I got a desk job but it pays 14/hr.

Anyone have any recommendations on what I should pursue to learn to get a better wage? By the looks of this thread it seems some of you are well off by getting lucky by attending college/liked by teachers/well connected parents.


My advice is to get a side hustle that works on your skills and can build yourself up while doing your day job.


the problem with hardware-related projects is often that you cannot work remotely which means you either don't work as a firmware engineer or you need to go to the office every day. My first job was writing firmware for a device but I had to sign a very aggressive NDA which prohibited me from talking about anything work-related and obviously taking the stuff I was working on outside the lab. I had to travel across town to work which become such a burden that I switched jobs.

It might be just confirmation bias but what I've noticed is that often times jobs where you actually have to deal with difficult problems are the once where you don't have ball pools or "gaming rooms" or any of that shit. The work is, on the other hand, very hard and rewarding (if you like that sort of stuff) so it's a win-win. The only problem is that often times if you're working on something hardware-related, your customer is a big international company scared of somebody leaking information and force you to do sign NDAs (not a problem) but also may force you to only work on the task inside the company's walls which is annoying.

Obviously with non-remote jobs there's the problem of daily stand-ups and other pointless meetings you must attend which is very annoying.

There are some firmware/hardware-related jobs especially in the kernel domain though those jobs are often hard to get, especially if you wish to do that work remotely.


File: 1581858585536.png (2.54 MB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 1423200864067.png) ImgOps iqdb

>What are some good jobs for wizards?
If it's a quiet solitary job they're often niched positions that can be found in most sectors. Even in something as social as a school environment I recall a few people who had very low interaction, calm and fixed hours. Cleaners, bookkeeper, janitor, usually went about their entire day quietly doing their stuff.
A relative of mine is an architect specializing in drawing ventilations, he usually just gets drawings and a note sent to him then spends all week at home adding stuff to drawings, recently he was sent to a nuclear plant to sort out a ventilation solution for some new building they were making, suddenly he was spending every day discussing stuff with people, tons of meetings due to all sorts of safety considerations. So I think having a certain job in one place can vastly differ from having the same job in another.
No idea what to do with a teachers degree besides teaching though.


File: 1581874807107.jpg (165.1 KB, 1184x712, 148:89, 131800_00_2x.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

good job for wizards?

to post a creative answer, it would be an anti-piracy representative

what is that? it's someone who DMCA requests content be taken down from the internet, since they can represent that person's IP legally

all you gotta do is google some camwhores and offer your servics. youll make sure their shit is removed from other sites and search engines

to make it a BUSINESS and eventually lessen your workload finding clients, you just need to set up a recurring payment

to get an idea for how profitable this is heres the first search result for such a company's basic plan

>$ 169 per month

>Automated Search & Takedown Only
>50 Keywords
Unlimited Takedowns
>24/7 Monitoring
>Full Support
>Weekly Piracy Reports

now this is actually extremely primitive shit and its entirely possible to do this manually, since, realistically how much do you need per month to survive at a minimum? lets just say $1000. do you know how many clients you would need to meet that amount of monthly income. just 6 fucking people.

yes this job would require digital communication with camwhores, but shit, 99% of it is just surfing the web. there are tons of free tools you can use to automate this too and you can set up alerts for search result changes. their fucking plan for $169 was just 50 keywords and i guarantee the automation sucks ass. you can advertise your services as hands-on and completely manual, thorough, extensive, etc

just a thought i had barely 15 minutes ago but i thought it was pretty genius if i dont say so myself


You do know they do that mostly with bots now right?

Also underestimating the red tape involved in legally representing someone.

Lastly you would be the bad guy making the world worse and make shit money because the job is already saturated with big players who have the game/law rigged in their favor.

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