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File: 1581639743561.jpg (642.38 KB, 1559x1080, 1559:1080, 1576294859634.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I remember watching a stream that had an IRC chat visible off to one side a while back. It was all pretty edgy stuff, with the host messing around with people, trolling, making prank calls, etc.

Anyone know what it might've been? Not proud of it, but edgy trolly stuff like that makes me feel alive and invigorates me.


Is that a fat dachshund?


File: 1581641230301.jpg (56.05 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's a pig breed. Seen one of them in real life, but don't know what they're called.


Might be it. Thanks!


File: 1581654047661.jpg (537.38 KB, 1657x1263, 1657:1263, 1483550363358.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


embed some spicy content of his




>I can't watch the face of a succubi in a thumbnail because im a faggot


oh wow, did he really said that greentext?


look at her boobs and open mouth and hand, the thumbnail was clearly generated and specifically chosen to simulate a blowjob (fellatio) involved in a gangbang in order to arouse its viewers' sexual desire leading to their masturbation


That is some super crab level thinking right there.


I want you guys to complain every time someone posts a thumbnail with a 3d succ or when someone posts a video where you can see 3d succs.
stop using the word crab as an insult when probably everyone here is one in denial.


>stop using the word crab as an insult when probably everyone here is one in denial.
That sounds like something a crab would say.


The site isn't about who is a crab or not, neither about who is a truewiz or similar stupid shit. It's just for virgins.


whatever crab


>he keeps insulting other virgins on wizchan


ok crabber


You keep breaking rules by calling me a crab.


No rules have been broken.
Shells on the other hand…


crab is a normalfag insult. People shouldn't be using it on wizchan.


that ship has long since sailed.


it's akin to using the word virgin as an insult.


I know, it's just good luck getting anyone on wizchan to stop using it at this point. It's a wordfilter even, so it's moderation endorsed.


>not wanting to look at a succubus is crab
imagine being this much of a whiteknight cuck


Pot Belly pig nigger


I wish I was a farmer who owned a pig like that. It seems very comfy just looking at it and its surroundings.


File: 1582125067883.jpg (658.95 KB, 1477x2067, 1477:2067, 1409701523265.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>think going to find cool IRC server and channel
>been waiting for a good one to fit into
>get click thread
>image finally loads (slow Internet)
>the oats meme


>deleted comment
I wonder what it was and why the entire thread was not just pruned instead of tempting me.

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