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My father never coughs at night while he is sleeping. He never coughs when he's hunting. In all my years on Earth, I've not once seen him get up from a church sermon to go cough. But in the morning when he wakes up, and when he gets home from work he begins his coughing fits. It is constant, and it is absolutely violent. He wails and wails. It sounds horrible, painful, and he has recently given himself a hernia from his coughing.

His reason for this is because he has asthma. But, he hasn't had an asthma attack since he was a child… in other words, it's not asthma… When I moved back in and started noticing how he always coughs at certain times, like, when he's getting anxious. It's like a tic he has, so I got him to carry around a cup and spit up all the stuff he coughs into it. Well, the cup turned up empty and he's not actually spitting up anything at all. He's just coughing. And at this point, he's doing real damage to himself. My theory is that it is a tic and he just feels like he can't stop, like that itch just has to be scratched, and at this point I'm pretty damn sure I'm right… But is that really what's going on? I just posting this here incase anyone has had or known of similar situation, thanks and God bless.


Your suspicion that it's just a tick is solid. A few of my family members are also chronic coughers, and while for the most part they're actually expelling gunk, even on days of clarity they still try hard to get something out. I myself have habitual ticks from when I used to have long hair. They're not intrusive like dry coughing, but someone who's gone a few years of performing a routine action associated with feeling better won't be quick to drop it even if they don't depend on the act to feel good anymore.


While sleeping is automated breathing, the other two environments typically demand conscious controlled breathing. It could be a sign that when in a casual environment, he's just not breathing enough and his lungs react adversely.


Huh. That's actually a genius theory. I wonder how many people have something like that.


I cough at specific times, it has something to do with the ambient temperature. My tonsils get inflammed sometimes due to infections or me eating something hot. Early morning coughs get worsen when I don't drink much water when I go to sleep because I sleep with my mouth open because of constricted nostril passages that makes my throat dry and feels like I swallowed needles when I wake up. I don't expel anything when I cough.
But it's definitely something different from what you make out to be. He never checked it with the doctor about this?


wiiz what book is the thread image from i forgott.


does your house have allergens or something, maybe get a air filter

maybe the humidity isnt right

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