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File: 1582208012531.jpg (51.75 KB, 456x604, 114:151, 8Ln06jdhwRvJJAUQzSAIVxBHby….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Evidence That Conservative Students Really Do Self-Censor

>To measure student tolerance for views with which they disagree, the researchers chose matters of ongoing controversy on campus––the fate of a Confederate statue, affirmative action in admissions, immigration, health care, climate change, and whether Christian bakers should be compelled to make cakes for gay weddings against their will––and presented students with mainstream positions that a liberal or conservative classmate might hold. Respondents were asked to indicate which among those positions they found most objectionable.

>Next they were asked: If confronted with that view they identified as most objectionable, how appropriate would it be to take a series of actions, such as asking a tough question, publishing a dissent, or more extreme measures? An alarming 25.5 percent of survey respondents said it would be appropriate to “create an obstruction, such that a campus speaker endorsing this idea could not address an audience.” This authoritarian view was held by about 19 percent of self-identifying liberals, 3 percent of moderates, and 3 percent of conservatives. More than 3 percent of liberals and 1 percent of conservatives thought it would be appropriate to “yell profanity at a student” for endorsing the objectionable idea.

>Also troubling were the undergraduates who reported having kept an opinion to themselves in the classroom, even though the opinion was related to the class, because they were worried about the potential consequences of expressing it. Almost 68 percent of conservatives censored themselves in this way, along with roughly 49 percent of moderates and 24 percent of liberals.

>Expressing unpopular views “can reveal critical blind spots in prevailing thought patterns,” the authors of the report note, and even when a view is wrong, its refutation allows both parties “to better apprehend why the correct view must be true.” But “a substantial proportion of respondents fear social sanction, or even outright grading penalties, for sharing their views.” What’s more, almost a quarter of conservative students reported being more than slightly concerned that peers would file a complaint against them for speech related to a class they are in together.



File: 1582211091468.png (298.7 KB, 964x1326, 482:663, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Bloomberg's odds of winning the primary seem pretty small. Why burn the ad money after entering so late?


I think he just literally has nothing better to spend his money on. I mean buying yourself more money and power with investments must get old after a while, after you've got enough, why not try buying the presidency? Even if he spends 10 billion dollars he would still have like 50 billion more dollars than Trump, so who even cares? Even if that only raises his shot of getting the nomination to like 5% that's probably a better use of his money than anything else he can think of.


It is so much worse then that.
He is a egotistical moralistic authoritarian that truly believe he knows better then everyone else and that he has the authority to use the govenment and his massive wealth to bend everyone to his will and fall in line.

He did it when he was mayor, he is doing it now with his special interest groups and think tanks, and he wants to do it on the federal level as president.
He is a tyrant that needs to be put down. Otherwise he will violate the whole constitution on a federal level and bring forth authoritarianism the likes America has never seen before, all in the name of the greater good.


So you're saying he's like Trump, but with morals.


No, he is not, and he doesn't actually have real morals. He uses moralistic arguments to justify giving more power to himself and the state over the individual. I am talking about every level he has and wants to interfere in peoples personal lives. Just look at he record in NY to get a taste of what he wants to do the the nation.


Even far leftest recognize how dangerous Bloomberg is.


>He is a egotistical moralistic authoritarian that truly believe he knows better then everyone else and that he has the authority to use the govenment and his massive wealth to bend everyone to his will and fall in line.
funny how many people this can apply to


Oh, so just like Trump then.


Last time I checked Trump didn't dictate how much soda you can drink or spend millions of his own money to take your rights away, or tell cops to molest you any time you left the house.
Bloomberg did/is doing all of those things.
There is a pretty huge diffrence between the two.
For example Trump is called racist but hasn't actually done or said anything that is racist.
Bloomberg on the other hand not only is racist but is proud of implementing institutionally racist programs that he wants to see implemented across the country.



The right hate him too
Dude is a monster and a hypocrite of the highest order.


Yeah. Some people don't understand that money also has diminishing marginal utility. A dollar for a billionaire is worth a lot less than for your average person. Spending millions on something is nothing for them. That's also why people are wrong when they say that the only ideology rich people have is money. Rich people are the only ones who get to blow their money on pushing what they actually believe in, and that means a lot.



"If people feel uncomfortable with the idea of being injected with strange artificial liquids and express their concern about it, the correct way to proceed isn’t to use studies and scientific literature to mount a defense of the whole practice.

No. Don’t even try to explain to them why the ingredients are safe.

Just shun, shame, and mock them for their crime of not having blind trust in muh science."


Evidence doesn't really mean much for some people. They'll happily ignore a mountain of evidence because they're emotionally attached to something.


Ah, of course, the daily stormer.


>defending vaccination
Good goy, I hope you'll consent to your mandatory microchipping one day too


Enjoy getting entirely preventable diseases I guess.


The problem is that nobody trusts the authorities anymore. And the reason they don't trust the authorities is because the authorities have brazenly acted in ways contrary to their stated motives for decades.

Doctors and scientist could well be argued to be much more trustworthy than politicians and bureaucrats, but they have clearly allied themselves to the rest of the establishment authorities and regularly act to give them legitimacy. It could be said that scientists have traded away their legitimacy in exchange for money by becoming pawns of bureaucrats and politicians.


No ones asking anyone to trust authorities. Anyone can read the papers and look at the data. The only thing they need to trust in is that the numbers aren’t forged wholesale. And at that point there’s no convincing them anyway.

This whole antivax shit started well after vaccines became widespread, with a single paper that has since been thoroughly debunked. If people were trusting enough to believe the first paper, then why have they since stopped believing? Because they never cared about evidence in the first place. They just wanted some small em lance of validity, and once they got it no amount of evidence could take it away.

Furthermore the establishment has no allies in “science” and vise versa. Many governments censor and suppress findings they dislike, and scientists likewise hate them for it and the fact they don’t heed their findings in the first place.


I got vaccinated late in life and it gave me autism. I'm being serious.


And I thoroughly do not believe you. Got any evidence pal?


File: 1582324269435.png (252.95 KB, 480x440, 12:11, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Colloidal silver has known detrimental side effects to your health which vastly outweigh its antimicrobial abilities. This has been confirmed by a multiplicity of studies. It should be completely unsurprising that ingesting a heavy metal on the basis of the fact that it kills living cells has negative consequences, even if it kills bacterial cells faster than killing human tissues.

The people who militate against vaccines tend to hawk colloidal silver.

Bleach is one of the worst, harshest poisons known to mankind. The hazardous childhood ingestion of bleach is the primary reason Dr. Jay Arena established the Poison Control hotline in 1939.

The people who militate against vaccines give children bleach as medicine.

And to sell it as a cure for anything and everything, from autism to coronavirus.

This is not politically neutral. These particular forms of antimedical insanity are very consistently right-wing in origin, in focus, and in practice.


You can't just contract autism, especially not after your formative years.


>The only thing they need to trust in is that the numbers aren’t forged wholesale.

That is pretty hard to take for granted these days. Studies have such low replication rates that there is plenty of reason to suggest that the data is regularly completely fabricated. And replication rate problem is in basically every scientific field, not just social sciences. Medicine being worse than many other hard sciences.

I am not saying that vaccines cause autism or anything like that, but it is understandable that people dont trust scientists and doctors when they present research. It is only natural to begin to distrust scientists when such symptoms of such unhealthy research methodology begin to show up.

If the medical/scientific system wants to increase their public trust then they need to seriously clean up their act. Ridiculing people who don't trust in them as some sort of moral authority isnt going to work when their fields are rife with such dishonest people. No more faking studies for grant money, and they need to start seriously punishing people who do it as well. As in serious prison sentences.


If numbers and proof fail to convince anyone, then clearly they need some other method.

>And replication rate problem is in basically every scientific field, not just social sciences. Medicine being worse than many other hard sciences.

Social science is not a real science, and medicine can verge into social science due to the placebo effect and the fact that human health has far too many confounding factors. Show me any other field that has any replication errors.



>These particular forms of antimedical insanity are very consistently right-wing in origin, in focus, and in practice.
Totally faluse.
It is also extremely popular with certain groups of far leftest types, which is why such areas have had all the outbreaks of normally nearly nonexistent pathogens such as polio and measles.

Stupidity is apolitical. This dumbshit effects both sides.


So I read it, and its only source saying that there is any problem reproducing results is a poll. No actual meta analysis. In fact the only statistic it gave me was that one journal rejected 7.5% of its entries due to a lack of reproducibility.


And here is a survey of many different fields of scientists on the replicability of papers in their field.

About 52% of scientists surveyed think that there is a SIGNIFICANT reproducibility crisis in their field. And an additional 38% think there is a slight reproducibility crisis. This is in biology, chemistry, earth and environmental, medicine, physics, and engineering sciences.


I get the feeling you didn't actually read this and are just going off headlines or something because this is really weak support of your argument.

Then again this whole line of reasoning is kind of a red herring to being with.


That link seems to still support me. The number you cite are what people think. Not what the actual case may be. In fact most papers that recreate experiments are accepted and published regardless of findings. If there is a reproducibility crisis in science, then there is nowhere near enough studies exploring it to declare it so.


> chemists being amongst the most confident despite reporting the most difficulty replicating other researchers’ or their own work.
The 7.5% figure is meaningful because the journal that performs those rejections is the only journal that actually implements reproduction as a requirement prior to publication. It indicates that ~7% of published Chemistry work is likely irreproducible.


Again, even though they report difficulty, they haven't put forward any concrete numbers about how often something isn't reproduced. Also many studies fail to be reproduced to sheer chance. While 7.5% is above the threshold to be statistically significant, it's still quite small.


Why should people believe what scientists say one case but not believe scientists when they say that their fields have a significant reproducibility crisis?


Because one case has solid numbers, the other so far does not. Scientists are people too, and are not free of bias or hysteria.


This meta-analisis suggests that about 2% of scientists openly admit to having fabricating data, and another 14% said that they had seen colleagues falsify data, 72% said that their colleagues had questionable research practices.



Funny how those numbers go up drastically the further away from first hand it is. Anyway, I wouldn't count those numbers as being a crisis. This reinforces the idea that the idea of there being some huge schism in science is only a product of the mind, as it seems everyone suspects there are far more frauds than were reported.

It's not like it matters though. People will go on believing and disbelieving regardless of what any of these studies say.


2% admitting to fabricating data is a big deal, and indicates that at least twice as many have fabricated data. 14% claiming to having seen colleagues falsify data is high, probably a cross-observation effect (Mr. A and Mr. B both see Mr. C perform a nefarious act = 66% of misters have witnessed a colleague performing nefarious deeds), mitigated by perpetrator surreptition. It's likely 3-to-1 or 2-to-1 versus perpetrators.

If 4% is a probable lower bounds and 7% a probable upper bounds for deliberate fraud, then that would work quite well with 7.5% of published Chemistry papers being unreproducible.

It's not that people suspect more frauds than are reported, it's that we have a fairly high confidence that the frauds that are reported are actually frauds.

Like the "vaccines cause autism" fraud.

If people were better educated on the actual meaning and implications of the reproducibility crisis they'd be better armed against those sorts of frauds and more willing to rely on the highly-reproduced datasets suggesting that vaccines are not harmful.


I guarantee you that virtually no one who denies climate change or is anti-vaccine actually reads up on shit like this. They were all swayed to their beliefs by non-facts and emotional arguments. No amount of data and reason will convince them.

That isn't to say that analyses like this are worthless, it's good that scientists root out fraud and corruption as best they can. It's just that in term of educating people and debunking things, it's not gonna do much of anything.


the climate shit cultist also doesn't question the vaccine industry, what a surprise


Who is ready to get forcefully sterilized while having to pay out of pocket for it because feminism?


vasectomy isn't even close to sterilization you retard


>surgery to make a person or animal unable to produce offspring


>the surgical cutting and sealing of part of each vas deferens, typically as a means of sterilization.

The only retard here is you.


too bad this is just a political stunt. If it were serious I would be donating to this succubus's campaign. Forced sterilization after too many kids is exactly the kind of policy we need. I'm actually glad rightards are too stupid to get her point and think it's real because now she's moving the issue into the window of discourse without even meaning to.


You are aware you wouldn't be exempt and you would have to shell out thousands right.
Why do authoritarians like yourself always think shit wouldn't eventually reach you too?



Plenty of scientists are skeptic about the climate science religion


I'm not gonna have kids so this would never affect me dumbass. It would only make my life better by stopping dumb normies from breeding excessively.


Yeah he’s a skeptic. Not a denier. Do you even watch the links you post? In the first few minutes of the talk he says that man-made climate change is definitely real, he just thinks the current models and predictions may be off base.


The surgery is simple and completely reversible, tired of your stupid clickbait videos


if only this youtube-addicted retard would post article links instead
i googled it and it turns out to just be a political stunt as >>237896 said

(and lol at the gimmick of this youtuber, this is embarassing to look at)


Proof that journos can't math.

19% of libs, 3% of moderates, 3% of conservatives…
25.5% of total.

The journo literally added the percent of individual categories together. How did this guy graduate college?

In case anyone is interested, the real value is 13.3% of total respondents thought it would be appropriate to "create an obstruction" to deplatform a speaker. It's still a frighteningly large proportion, and it's still disturbing that so many anti-free-speech folks call themselves liberal, but its nowhere near the 25% reported in the article.


>How did this guy graduate college?
Pretty sure you don't have to take math in college if it's not in your major.


Doesn't change the fact that it is indeed sterilization
I am tired of your retardation dragging every political thread down. You literally never know what the fuck you are talking about including this case where you claim that something that is literally defined as a method of sterilization by the strictest definition somehow doesn't count.
You don't get to define words however you want. In this case you are dead wrong.


Let me guess, this is the Alaskan again shitting up another thread because he has a intentionally broken browser and a basement level IQ. Worst yet prone to always acting like a know it all while never knowing a damn thing.

Dude in the other thread is right. You do drag down every thread you post in.


The bill makes it mandatory for every man at age 50 or above to get the snip. Not just breeders.
Probably by feminist logic, because most 50 year old succubi go through menopause, men should be force to make up for what they think is unfair. I will say it again, the bill says that ALL MEN must get the snip, not just breeders.

Then again, maybe you aren't planing to live that long or something. One of the clowns who wants to watch the world burn then kill yourself before the fires reach you.


>past 50
Very few men have kids past that age anyway. Why waste time and money sterilizing old men?


For "EqUaLiTy", but mainly just petty revenge and as a way to hurt men.
Feminist are really nasty people like that.


no, and you need to stop over-reacting son


not even close


Thanks for confirming it's you, lol.


You say in a thread with a antivaxer using stormfront as a source.
Quit you bullshit nigger.


fuck off with your yellow journalism bullshit already, go ahead and cope trying to convince yourself it's one person, everyone here thinks you're a moron.

at least the last video gave me a little chuckles though, stupid ass spends the first 3 mins complaining about being demonetized, hope all those sensational shittubers like him lose their cash flow and have to go back to working at walmart.


You are too retarded to discuss politics.
Time to leave the adults to it and go back to whatever shithole you came from.


god you're dumb



Now that is some quality journalism.


So much better than whatever made youtube hater butthurt about this time.




When I was a kid watching Disney movies, I always asked my mother, “mommy, why are none of these succubi rubbing their vaginas together and shoving dildos into each other, then beating each other up?”

Finally, Disney has decided to make it so no child will ever have to look up at his mother and ask this question.


Why do you post dumb shit like this?


it's more interesting than your little catfight up there


It isn't a matter of if they will screw Bernie, it is a matter of when and how.


maybe if you're like 7 years old and don't know how to tell obvious bullshit from the truth. If you really think disney is producing a children's film with hardcore lesbian sex scenes in it, it is because you are stupid and gullible. Honestly you're probably a bot, why do I even bother.


It's the current year and I've seen how fast society can fall. It's only a matter of time. You'll live to see it degenerate in manners that you could never imagine, I know I did.


I'm going to take the time to explain why your thinking is flawed. You think to yourself "I have seen many "degenerate" things happen, therefore it might be true that this degenerate thing could happen" but let's try to think a little bit harder here. If the movie had a hardcore lesbian sex scene in it, it would not be able to get a rating that would make it ever considered a children's film. It would have to be rated R or M or X or whatever. So either the censors have decided to change their rules which would have been big news or there is not a hardcore sex scene in the film like you alleged.

Now knowing the latter is true, you should be asking yourself the question of why someone is trying so hard to convince you that "degenerate" things are happening when they're really not? It's because they are trying to influence and control you. I'm not about to click on that shitty link to find out exactly how because I don't care, but if you're the type that has actually been sucked into this shit you may want to take a step back and rethink your entire life and worldview because it's probably largely based on lies and distortions that you have gobbled up because of the emotional rush they give you. This one lets you feel righteous and indignant, you're one of the good ones fighting the fight against moral decay or something. It lets you feel like you're needed to help accomplish some great task that can be accomplished simply by reposting this bullshit everywhere. You are a tool dude, you are being used.


File: 1582559446450.jpg (262.06 KB, 1280x1136, 80:71, 1573650253549.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I didn't read the article and I didn't say it was true. I said it wouldn't surprise me if it eventually becomes true.

As for your in-depth psychological analysis, I'm afraid you can't possibly know enough about me from a single post with 3 dozen words in it. If anything, the fact that you feel inclined to create a character for a stranger in order to dismiss him tells us more about your psychological flaws than mine.


I've seen a children's movie with beast sex scene. Wolf Children. It's PG according to imdb.


That movie was cute and pure, fuck you.


I wonder how many kids saw the beast sex scene in theatres.


Well that movie was fantastic, so I hope tons did.


Why do you think you posted a link to an article you didn't even read and don't know if it's true with a comment acting like it was true and also a big problem that you are drawing attention to? What do you possibly have to gain other than the good feelings of being a white knight cyber culture warrior? You are literally just virtue signaling.




Maybe we should be doing anymore anyway despite the skepticism? The worst case sounds pretty bad, and either way cleaner air/environment and living has huge known benefits anyway, also skeptics agree that regardless things are gonna really warm up, we need to learn how to survive that


where did I or the article say there's a hardcore sex scene? stop being dumb


I didn't post it. >>238028 was my first post.


>stop being dumb
You are aware of the topic an source right?
Being dumb is unavoidable with such a black hole of stupidity.


now you're just moralizing, stop being dumb


That isn't moralizing and your reading/word comprehension is shit if you think moralizing is applicable.
You keep saying stop being dumb but you are the one being dumb. Follow your own advice first.


it was implied
why is dailystormer a "black hole of stupidity?" oh yeah, teh racisms and aunti semitism, i.e. your fucking moralfag moralizing


Or maybe it's their stupid sensationalism.


nice save


I'm a different guy, if you can believe it.


They are stupid for the same reason parody tabloids are stupid, only worse because some retards take their absurdest ramblings as actual news somehow.
At best it is a overly edgy tabloid and at worst it is such a high level of density that it causes it's readers skulls to cave in and form mini black holes of intellect. Actively sucking away the IQ of any intellectual bodies caught in the path of it's self generating gravity well towards the bottom of irrationality.

Or to put it into words you can comprehend.
It's dumb, like really really dumb. That is why I called it stupid.


>some retards take their absurdest ramblings as actual news somehow.
so disney did not make a kid movie with overt lesbian dialogue?


>overt lesbian dialogue
It's not even out yet as far as I know. So no, I don't believe that the lesbian character says to her partner "I'm gonna lick your vagina then ram your asshole with a dildo then beat you".

This is why stormer is retarded. Getting mad about gays in kids film is fine by me, in fact I encourage it cause i fucking hate them, but spouting all this bullshit to make it seem way worse than it really is just makes me never trust anything they have to say cause now I know they are prone to lying.


You’re that idiot from the questions thread aren’t you? Figures you buy into the dailystormer’s schlock.


They do lie a lot and they have fanfags who will defend their lying.


Backpedaling as People Call Them Liars, CNN Says Latest Russian Hacking Hoax was “Overstated”


It is intolerable that anyone would tolerate this talk of Russians as if they are wizards engaged in spell-casting.

If they are claiming that Putin is an evil wizard casting spells, they need to come out and say that.

If they’re simply saying that Russia is posting on the internet in support of Trump and Sanders, then they need to explain why it is that the government of Israel is allowed to spend millions of dollars on television ads attacking Bernie Sanders.

Here’s one of the ads from the Israeli government running on American television:

Is that “foreign interference”?

They are talking about this Russia thing all day, every day, and we who are forced to listen to it have a right to know what the hell they are talking about.

If the mysterious “influence” is promoting Trump and Sanders on the internet, then we need to know what the difference is between Russia and Israel.

Furthermore, we need to see some kind of evidence for these claims. Because even though I am unable to understand how it would be illegal for Russia to promote Trump or Sanders on the internet, or why it would even be considered a problem, I also don’t even believe it is happening at all.

Why should I believe it?

Because CNN told me to believe it?

CNN told me Donald Trump was involved in a conspiracy with Russia to “hack” the 2016 election. They told me that for 3 years, then it turned out it was a complete hoax. CNN has told me a lot of things, in fact, which did not turn out to be true. Sorry, I am simply unwilling to accept the idea that CNN should be treated as the voice of God, and I want to see evidence for these claims.



Jesus christ will you stormfags fuck off already?


Daily stormer is for room temperature IQ people and telling others to go back to revleft is a cringe response that has been stale for over a decade now.


File: 1582650433199.png (323.12 KB, 400x504, 50:63, 73640C92-8F83-4742-A2EC-BF….png) ImgOps iqdb

>the dailystormer is “the right”


I’m saying that calling dailystormer retarded isn’t calling right wing politics retarded, because dailystormer is not the entirety of right wing thought. You really are dumb.


are you missing his point on purpose or are you really that stupid?


he doesn't have a point


He really is that stupid.


Looks like the crazy leftest have moved on from vandalizing historical monuments to vandalizing more contemporary memorials such as 9/11 memorials.




I hope Tim Pool gets a really horrible disease and dies





Coronavirus kills old people. Dear God (or the demiurge or whomever handles these sorts of requests) please let if kill like half of Congress. Some of those geriatric fucks should have been put out to pasture decades ago.


I doubt that. I've seen some videos of children suffering.


It generally seems to "kill" people with weak immune systems, so that's why elderly and children are dying.



are you making fun of the beanie poster or are you actually the beanie poster? and if it's the latter why are you even posting this on this board? are you a bot or are you being paid to do this?


You do realize that the more you bitch and complain the more people are going to post it just to annoy you so you will go on another sperg rampage and shit up the thread for their amusement.
Really it is your fault for getting so irrationally upset when videos of certain youtubers are posted regardless of context.
It has been years now. You really expect no one to exploit your triggers to fuck with you?


Guess that sucks for the people who date.
There will always be simps though, so I guess the feminist can settle for them or date eachother, lol.


Basically what happens is someone posts a tim pool video that they actually think is interesting, you throw a fit over it, and then people just start posting his videos because they know it'll trigger you.



it doesnt trigger me, I find it absurd
who cares about dating on this board?


Why should a largely shut in NEET website care about politics?


largely? lol! twenty percent of us here are neets, if that…
and to answer your question politics are a broader topic than dating and relationships, and one that can directly affect us


Where did you pull twenty percent from?


Maybe whoever posted it just wants to laugh at feminist making things worse for themselves even when they get what they want.

Like this story which I think even you would find comical if you weren't so triggers by "beanie man"


File: 1582761929291.png (483.9 KB, 640x698, 320:349, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i might find it comical but im not going to grab my headphones and sit through thirteen fucking minutes of this clown talking before his camera

my ass
it's most probably lower than that


Woah, 13 minutes. How will you ever survive?


No, it's more like you post 10 of his videos and people tell you to stop shilling on wizchan.


The embed function is completely unnecessary. Most would think twice before spamming youtube vids if it werent for the visibility it gave them. Also is a nice way of shutting down discussion as one can always claim that whoever replied didnt listen or didnt make it to the very end of their favorite youtubetard rambling for like half an hour.


Do you really think such obvious lies help your case?
Why make up things that are so easily debunked by reading the thread or the archives?


you've posted four in this very thread.


File: 1582815989512.jpg (1015.39 KB, 3088x2320, 193:145, z7qy9fqbyyx21.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i posted the beanie man dating video and didn't even watch it. just shows how basado i am.


File: 1582816354137.jpg (28.16 KB, 300x240, 5:4, moving-the-goalposts-300x2….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>it's more like you post 10 of his videos

I think it is time you just stop.


This has got to be a bot.


what an ugly cuck, no wonder he wears the beanie


>Someone posted the YouTube man I don't like
>Better reeeeeee off topic for a dozen post
>Because I actually care about the quality of the thread
>It totally isn't a ego thing at this point
>And it surely isn't just a pretext for shitposting, derails, and general bullying

Talk about politics you dumb nigger or fuck off.


Just post the article link or archive next time.



You are full of shit
When that is done you still complain rather then say anything related to politics or the topic at hand.
Also no one is going to reward your multiple year campaign of whining and trolling.
Go get fucked and die of aids.


Someone should tell Erdogan that diversity is a strength and that refugees will be paying for his retirement so the more the better.

Man, you're delusional. People just tell you to stop shilling your e-celeb and you create some conspiracy around it.


What took him so long? I would have done it years ago.


US psychologist declare all masculinity as harmful and that traditional masculinity is toxic too.

I wonder if this will be mixed with red flag laws so they can justify disarming all men that don't work for the government.



When they say toxic masculinity is bad they mean Chads are bad and beta wiz males are fine, it's actually good for us, it's maybe some fringe college leftists and right wingers misinterpreting who make it seem bad


File: 1583022820032.png (61.06 KB, 327x366, 109:122, 8226.png) ImgOps iqdb

>When they say toxic masculinity is bad they mean Chads are bad and beta wiz males are fine, it's actually good for us

did you just call me and everyone here a beta?


No, they pretty much mean all expressions including people like wizards. It isn't good for us at all. It means feminist have fully taken over the mental health field and men can't get treatment from such people.
The only thing they say isn't toxic is being a emotional simp.

You need to get it through your head, feminist generally hate ALL men, especially people like wizards. They don't like you. You aren't exempt from their bad intent.


When they say "toxic masculinity", they're referring to any guy who isn't a male feminist. They hate us even more than Chads and normalfags. And we're not beta, we're omega.


no they mean anything male


They don't like male feminists either, other than for their usefulness to the cause.


File: 1583037313911.jpg (397.61 KB, 1936x1936, 1:1, 1568742843935.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Did any of you read about the death of Scott Jenks? I bet you didn't. I didn't either, until a few minutes ago. There's no outrage about this one. You see, he wasn't black, unlike the guy who brutalized him for 80 minutes while making it clear that he despised his victim's race. The fact that he was an illegal certainly doesn't make the media more inclined to report it. You probably heard it a thousand times already, but if the races were reversed, things would be different. It would've been first page news in all major publications, no doubt. "White Nationalist beats undocumented immigrant to death" or something.

What about the mass shooting in Milwaukee by one Anthony Ferrill? Turns out the media isn't very interested in shootings if they're not by White males, I wonder why. He killed his coworkers because he believed they were discriminating against him for being black (racist), which is not impressive given the mainstream media wants everyone to think that there are White racists everywhere, which is why they would never give too much coverage to this to begin with. So those people ultimately died because of media-induced hatred against Whites. Now, most importantly, do you think this will enter some statistic about black anti-White hate crimes/mass shootings? I very much doubt it. So, next time some "well informed" leftist posts a graph about how "ackshually" it is those evil White nationalists that are the biggest threat and the ones shooting everyone, remember this.

Stuff like this happens more often than you think, but you will not be told about it. If it makes to local news, which it probably won't, it certainly won't make to national news.


>What about the mass shooting in Milwaukee by one Anthony Ferrill
What are you talking about, that one has been all over the news non-stop because it fits the anti-gun agenda as well as mass shooting always mean good ratings.

Quit with the race baiting dude. We all know what your agenda really is and it still ain't wizardly. Go off and make them white babies already Mr.Warror for the white race. "They" are outbreeding you as we speak.


Latching on a single point out of a dozen is likely evidence that you cannot argue against what was said. What I'm doing is not "race baiting", that's what the media does when they create an alternative reality where "White racists" hunt blacks on broad daylight. I'm merely exposing the hypocrisy and deceit. If it sounds bad and makes you uncomfortable, maybe it's because you do know it's evil.



You didn't make a dozen points and pointing out where you are most obviously factually incorrect is a completely valid thing to do.
You aren't exposing anything you are simply wrong in regard to the things you bring up and trying to push a invalid agenda of stupid identity politics. You are misrepresenting reality (aka lying) in the hopes of engaging emotional reactive responses rather then rational and critical ones.

Identity politics is irrational and I have a distaste for it and the stupid people who try to push it here such as yourself because it is irrational.
Maybe if you could use critical thinking and reason to construct arguments you wouldn't need to rely on hyperbole and lies to make your case.

And before you start, it ain't because you are white. I dislike when other identity group idiots do this shit too. It is all irrational collectivist pseudo-tribalist bullshit.
Again, I already know your agenda. You ain't fooling anyone. What is truly evil is collectivism.

Edit for spelling.


Given that you haven't quoted the first case, I can only assume you really hadn't heard of Scott Jenks. As for Anthony Ferrill, you certainly haven't read about the racial motivations of the attack and it has certainly been downplayed greatly by the media. Furthermore, it seems that you do not actually disagree with most of what I said there and the only point you've made is that you actually heard about one of the cases, which means you haven't actually argued against most of what was said in the post.

Now, I've merely stated the facts. I haven't argued for anything. What is supposedly my ideology was your deduction, and you are the one setting an agenda here. I don't really care about what you think about identity politics, I'm not interested in hearing the ramblings of a self-defeating and mostly harmless libertarian, I was one myself at some point and know well enough that you can only get out of that intellectual hole yourself.


> you haven't actually argued against most of what was said in the post
>repeatedly calls you factually incorrect, invalid, a liar, and irrational

Are we reading the same thread?


File: 1583122361674.png (216.56 KB, 734x1406, 367:703, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Outspoken fringe Libertarian blogger and Open Source Initiative co-founder Eric S. Raymond claims to have been kicked out of the OSI mail lists over an argument involving the implementation of a Code of Conduct. But the Code of Conduct disagreement seems insignificant compared with the years of resentment that Raymond has built up around himself in completely unrelated subjects. Like how the Free Software world launched attacks against Richard Stallman the moment an external, politically significant opportunity presented itself. The fact is that both of these men have been social embarrassments for their particular camps, though for very different reasons. Large portions of their organizations were sharpening knives for some extremely long times. The specific cause of the moment is almost never the real cause of a movement.

A succubus accused Eric Raymond of sexual misconduct not long ago, and everyone laughed at her because Eric Raymond was a well-known sexually promiscuous pagan orgiast degenerate. I don't have any idea whether or not the accusation was true, I only know that it was deemed inconsequential when balanced against his history of extreme sexual success.

In comparison, a succubus accused Richard Stallman of saying unforgivable things in defense of Marvin Minsky, and he was immediately cast out of the organization he founded and led for three and a half decades, and this was to a very significant part played up in the media as a matter of Stallman being particularly reprehensible because he is sexually undesirable. The unkindest cut of all from that angle was delivered by none other than Stephen Levy, whom Stallman had probably considered, if not a friend, then at least an understanding spirit.


nerds are normies


Are you really claiming that all of the hobby related boards are normie?
Also what the fuck does that have to do with politics?


It is the tactic that the sjw cultural marxist have been using for years.
Get a few people in position by sucking up to the simps.
From that position open the gates to other cultist
Then once a critical number in positions of power has been reach start purging any wrong thinkers that were originally there to complete the take over.
Then because the organization is now based around ideology rather then competence or actual care for whatever the thing is, the organazation/community/whatever dies and they are happy for yet another victory.

It is why gate keeping is so important and you can never let any of these people have a foothold in anything. They are out to take over and destroy everything they can. No matter what tactics they use they are ultimately up to no good.


Richard Matthew Stallman was the second biggest lefty in software.
The biggest lefty in software being Alexandre Oliveira, a die-hard dyed-in-the-wool Communist who stands by Stallman and defends him today, tomorrow, and hopefully for all days to come. For which he has been "cancelled."

Eliminating the biggest lefties in Software does not seem like the best way to go about taking over any organizations for explicitly leftist purposes.


The problem is he wasn't the correct kind of leftist.
You underestimate how fractured and cannibalistic the far left currently is.


File: 1583127747455-0.png (176.87 KB, 1084x702, 542:351, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1583127747455-1.png (367.56 KB, 1070x1348, 535:674, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1583127747455-2.png (132.21 KB, 1064x526, 532:263, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Oliva, not Oliveira.
Here's some screencaps of Oliva recommending copies of Marx while defending Stallman and excoriating cancel culture.
Previously, while Stallman was still being removed:
>I'm seeing a lot of calls for re-examination of FOSS values […] making me fairly nervous that we're going to undo a lot of the structures that have allowed for collaboration and enter an era of confusion.


no, I mean the people themselves are, they're so nasty and underhanded, concerned about "social embarassment" and mobbing one of their own like apes, etc

they front like they're so different but they're the same as every normie out there


I agree, scifi and tech nerds alike have the worst cases of an over-flattered special interest groups out there. It's the Myth of the Alternative Crowd that a wizard once posted about. They're not "tolerant" or "accepting" or "loyal" no matter what sort of reputation they might have acquired for being good groups for social failures to join, and for one reason. All of those qualities, all of them, center on and require that one be unusually forgiving. Maybe it's just due to flattery and this idea that they're already better than everybody else at exercising social tolerance, that there is this idea that being unwilling to forgive social faux pas constitutes some sort of positively virtuous act. That Stephen Levy article criticizing Stallman for fucking dancing alone in public like no-one was watching is just saddening.


Yes. Turns out saying someone is "wrong" is different and requires a lot less effort than actually addressing his points.


File: 1583164529161.png (461.29 KB, 1000x1446, 500:723, antiworker.png) ImgOps iqdb


You are aware that one doesn't have to go through something line by line to argue against what someone said right?

So far your counter argument has been
>you totally really believe what I am saying because I insist you do
>you haven't gone though my whole gish gallop of all the bullshit I spewed so you must think I am right about everything you didn't mentioned

Both are retarded non-arguments.
On a fundamental level you are wrong because the main point of your argument isn't supported by the real world. They are lies and massive exaggeration meant to try and get a emotional response related to the topic of identity politics.



Dude, there are like 3 mass shootings a day in america, we don't hear about most of them.


because they're committed by blacks and mexicans


Things keep looking up for Trump lately, meanwhile on the dem side I can't think of a item of good news for them in the past few weeks.


This actually does explain pretty well why the far left is so extremely intolerant, even to the point of violence and blatant authoritarianism.

And no, I am not going to transcribe or summarize the video. If you don't want to watch it then just sit out any discussion based on it.
That means you Alaskan.


excuse me for not being eager to join a discussion about your novel revelations that I learned myself years ago


No, that's not how a debate works. When you say someone is wrong, you have to explain. I made many points about unfairness and hypocrisy and all you said was "you're wrong" without explaining further. You did so because the media being unfair and hypocritical is something so painfully obvious that you'd sound like a retard if you actually tried to explain how they are actually being fair.


File: 1583335203312.jpg (124.85 KB, 939x1024, 939:1024, 1580262880114.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Like >>238565 so astutely pointed out, it's about the race of the perpetrator. As I've mentioned, this is stale but think about what if the races were reversed. Disgruntled White employee kills a bunch of black coworkers because he thinks he's being treated unfairly for being White. Do you think the media wouldn't push that story for days as an example of White supremacy? Of course it would. We're talking about a media that will make a White teenager staring at an injun a hate crime worth of being national news.


>No, that's not how a debate works.
>implying you know how debate works
>implying this is a formal debate
>implying singling out one invalid argument among many isn't legit
>implying debunking the foundation of the arguments logic isn't legit

>When you say someone is wrong, you have to explain.

I did explain on a first principle level why/how you are wrong.

>even more you totally really believe what I am saying because I insist you do
AKA, Ipse dixit (bare assertion fallacy)
>now with insults and a appeal to ridicule
Not a counter argument.


>a White teenager staring at an injun
Even phrasing it like that is skewing it in favor of the indian. All the kid did was stand his ground when an old man got up in his face blatantly trying to instigate a fight. I'm still amazed that the media had the gall to try and spin something like that.


Two months from now at least 75% of the population in the US will have been infected with coronavirus unless drastic quarantine measures are taken. It's impossible for politicians to actively campaign during that time and not catch it. This is going to be a big factor. If some of these 70 year old fucks are at deaths door or even end up dying, it will completely change the dynamics of the race. I really hope Elizabeth Warren stays in until at least right before the next big round of voting. If she has to endorse Bernie to stop Biden from winning I think she will do it, but maybe we will get lucky and either Bernie or Biden will end up dying and she can take their support.


>Two months from now at least 75% of the population in the US will have been infected with coronavirus unless drastic quarantine measures are taken.
See you in two months.


Man, I'll be damned if the democrats aren't some fucking pussies. How do you accept being kicked around like this time and time again without ever once trying to assert yourself? They are utterly spineless. It makes me ashamed to call myself a democrat. I will still vote for them because the republicans are almost cartoonishly evil at this point, but I wish I could choose a party with a soul and spine, not have to choose between a party with one but not the other.


File: 1583346104462.jpg (100.88 KB, 625x626, 625:626, Bait_efc2b5_5907668.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You could always vote 3rd party or not vote at all, or even be a single issue voting independent.

You don't owe your vote to people you don't think deserve it.


the democrats have good policies just not good politics. They suck at politics and therefore never get any of their policies enacted without being majorly watered down to what the republicans want. I won't vote for any other party because none of them offers better policies besides perhaps the green party, but that party is a joke in the US and it would be a complete waste of a vote if you're interested in trying to use your vote to get you the policies that you want.


I find that more direct means are more effective then using the slave suggestion box. So I don't vote anymore.

Besides I haven't seem much talk of coherent functional actionable policy from the democrats this election anyway. I see a lot of double talk and vague impractical aspirations from most, and the few more direct policies they have advocated for in this election cycle have been down right ignorant. Even then they usually try to hid what they really want under ten layers of bullshit, as most politicians do.

If the democrats suck then don't vote for them. They won't get any better otherwise unless they are held accountable for their mistakes.


What do you have against taxpayer funded healthcare for everyone? It would save us tons of money and cover more people and make it so people aren't disincentivized from seeking the treatment they need (or forced to be wage slaves if they want insurance). Free college is another one I can't understand anyone opposing. It would cost less than 10% of the military budget which is already massively overinflated. They have both these things in Europe and it works out great for them, so why the hell wouldn't it work here? Meanwhile what do the republicans offer? More tax cuts for the wealthy? Whoopie.


File: 1583351496098.pdf (1001.68 KB, BASIC_ECONOMICS_A_Citizens….pdf)

Cute that you think you can bait me into a argument on issues I never brought up.

That said give this a read if you are actually for real i wanting to understand why anyone would object to the stuff you said.

If you ain't a reader the audio book can be found on youtube for free as well.

Also, maybe you should actually read/watch what the candidates have really said on those subjects rather then what you wish they had said, as well as what concrete policies they actually have proposed and would be prepared and capable of implementing, rather than wishywashy flim flam that sounds good but is ultimately meaningless. I think your wishful thinking has gotten the better of you because none of the candidates actually have the policies or plans that you have described.

Lastly I would suggest you inform yourself about the policies and socioeconomic situation in Europen countries as well as the applicability of such policies in the US.

I know you are eager to pick a fight or whatever but I ain't interested. Instead I leave you the resources to inform yourself and gain better understanding of the world. Once you truly grasp economics a lot of things will make a lot more sense to you.


And the thing is, that altercation shouldn't be worth even appearing in a local newspaper. But the media saw a White teenager and a drumming injun, and that was enough for a news story. National news story, like it's the most important thing that happened. If it wasn't for the rest of the footage showing up, no one would know any better and those teenagers would've had their lives destroyed. And then you have to wonder, how many times did that happen and there was no video to prove someone's innocence against the media's character assassination? Then this guy tells me that I'm the one racebaiting. Race baiting is the entire modus operandi of the mainstream media and progressive organizations and calling it anti-White is being accurate. When the entire intelligentsia is hellbent on creating a narrative about how one race oppresses the other, then that will have an effect on how people perceive the world. Who knows to what extent this fictional persecution played a role in that Black guy shooting his White coworkers, or in every other case. And just like an unimportant altercation gets overblown because of media race baiting, who knows how many actual hate crimes go unreported because they don't pass the media's race bait flowchart.


Is there are point to being in a community where you have to conceal your true self? If you have to self-censor by the risk of being banned, is there any point in being there as a means of enjoyment? I believe I follow a streamer that meets that criteria. This goes a bit deeper though. If you're on a platform that won't allow you to express yourself to the fullest extent, then I can't see much of a reason to get attached to that platform. For example, on reddit, you'll be banned for alt-right thinking. Those believe in those ideals must not be able to connect to that place. I also feel that way with reddit because you can't really be edgy without getting banned. Because of these restrictions, I just use the platform as a way for information. Those who express themselves differently, more towards reddit's communities, will have no problem getting attached to certain subreddits or the platform as a whole.

I don't know about you guys, but even if I felt like certain ways of thinking were wrong or saying certain words makes me feel more constrained and conscious of what I'm typing. I'm very glad that wizchan allows us to say what we want. I could say "gas the kikes" or "feminism is actually a boon to society and succubi actually deserve rights" without being banned. As long as I don't disobey a rule, the mods will let me say these things.

btw not alt-right or anything. I'm just saying the more leniency you get with posting, the more people feel welcome to stay. If discussion is allowed, then it's great. If mods interrupt discussion, then it's really bad.


you know what would really make america great again? coronavirus killing everyone in it


It appears the mods did not like my original response, so now I will go through the tiresome exercise of explaining why you are being a faggot right now and maybe the mods will allow it.

Your original post was bemoaning a lack of functional actionable policy from the democrats. I then go on to cite two such policies from the democrats which I am greatly enthused about. You then respond by accusing me of trying to bait you into an argument on something completely unrelated to your post, but my post is directly related to your post as I have just explained. Then you go on to adopt the most condescending tone ever while dodging my question and suggesting I just "learn about economics" and then I would understand. You can't say any specific reasons why you oppose these things yourself because you don't understand why you oppose them, you're just trying to pretend like you know something when you know nothing. You are the worst type of idiot, the kind who tries to pretend like he knows everything to justify taking stances on things you know absolutely nothing about and that's why I called you a faggot.


There won't be an outbreak if they don't test for it. You'll just see a spike in death from pneumonia in retirement home (good, except for the healthcare industry), less homeless people on the street (good with no downside), and maybe less poorfags who can't afford proper immune system, sanitation, working from home, and medical care (could be bad, but there's enough Indians and Latino in the world to replace every dead). China should have let it spread to get rid of their own boomers, instead of wasting all those ressources and economic activity trying to contain it. Seems like they're a bunch of idiots and CHINA NUMBA WAN is for the next century.


>poorfags who can't afford proper immune system
What's the going rate for an immune system anyway?


>China should have let it spread to get rid of their own boomers
China had a baby boom generation??? When did that happen? During the famine years?


Being born with good genes, eating good healthy food, exercising, sleeping well. Yes suprisingly most poorfags can't afford it, or maybe they're just stupid (probably).

Believe it or not, China had a babyboom despite all their disaster. How would you explain that they went from 500M in 1950 to 1000M in 1980?


that's just the pace they always birthed at, it wasn't a boom like america had a boom, i.e. a 500% increase in the average number of births


The Alternative Hypothesis guy (Ryan) made some videos grilling free market fundamentalism. I thought it was interesting since it doesn't come from a left winger. Basically talking about where the wealth comes from, its functions on society, etc. I don't agree with everything he says and I think he could have better takes on other stuff but nonetheless it's pretty good to see that right wingers are waking up.


A video rebuttal singing the praises of capitalism.


>The typical male worker must now work 53 weeks — or more than a year — to make enough to cover what American Compass Executive Director Oren Cass calls the annual "cost of thriving," the earnings required to pay of a basket of essentials such as health care and housing. By comparison, in 1985 that same typical employee needed to work 30 weeks to cover those same costs, found a recent analysis from American Compass, a newly formed conservative economic think tank

>American Compass, a newly formed conservative economic think tank

>conservative economic think tank

Ok, CBSNews might be biased about who is an isn't conservative, what do periodicals explicitly targeting the business owner and finance classes of capitalism think?
>The median male US worker now has to earn more than a year's salary to afford the annual expenses for a family of four, according to "The Cost of Thriving Index" published by the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank, and previously reported by The Washington Post.

Well, how about the online rightwing ideologues?
>The study's author, Oren Cass, is a former adviser to Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign.


File: 1583632063480-0.jpg (447.04 KB, 828x1163, 828:1163, 1581137253018.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1583632063480-1.png (150.06 KB, 1454x1052, 727:526, 1582387439114.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1583632063480-2.png (234.02 KB, 1147x605, 1147:605, 1581135959244.png) ImgOps iqdb

We're fucked.


That didn't touch anything that he said in the video though.


Shit you don't need becoming cheaper while shit you can't live without going through the roof. Doesn't sound like a recipe for a happy society.


death to america


Strange since there are so many middle class families that do just fine with that number of children or more.
Same with lower class families that don't depend on assistance yet still have what appears to be a first world level quality of life.

Makes me think that something about how they calculate "cost of thriving" may be off. It almost makes me think it was a abstraction that has little to do with reality.




It's really not strange at all that many two-income families indebt themselves beyond repayment to remain at a middle-class standard of living if Cass were right about a median one-income household being unable to sustain itself, especially since economists consider middle class to be defined around 67% to 200% of median household income while Cass was considering median male income.


Because we totally need to pay child care cost, and pay for text books/collage.
Those are totally required cost that you can't live without.

Sucks that food cost are going up though.


fuck you


File: 1583641164095.png (83.4 KB, 1002x508, 501:254, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

So, is your plan for parents to see to the continued health and wellbeing of their lineage in a socioeconomic system of increasing automation and ever-increasing credentialism coupled to higher technical requirements actually "Mike Rowe told me that dirty jobs pay six figures?"


Now that's anti-semitic.


1. 95% of collage text books can/are pirated.
I didn't pay for that shit and almost now one but people on major grant money payed for that shit
2. unless it is STEM or some other subject that requires labs you can both learn it without collage and probably get the job a lot easier by spending that time and money gaining relevant experience in the field
For most subjects collage is obsolete due to the information and courses being online for free or cheap.


College isn't about skill or knowledge. College is about elite status and "priestly" education, learning the manners, mindset, shibboleth and networking. If you have no hope to rise above middle/lower class or be part of the priest caste, then forget about it. It offers the same service as the dance, manner or French teacher back in the day, utterly useless unless you are an aristocrat or bourgeois aspiring to join high society and be invited to ball and greet the duke properly on sunday at the church.


It talks about the fundamentals of capitalism and how it is functionally different then how alt-hyp described it.


The childcare 'issue' has always seemed strange to me. It is an inherently expensive service that is highly labor-intensive that does not lend itself to automation or economies of scale like the manufacture of TVs or something. Historically this kind of personal service would be only for wealthy succubi while other succubi had to raise their own children; the reality is that nothing has really changed other than succubi collectively deciding that they are entitled to receive childcare services so they can dump their children and do other things. Society getting richer means nothing in this case, the only way childcare gets cheaper is by your wages increasing relative to the childcare workers' wages.
The reality is that the succubi who can't afford it are the ones on low wages, so basically we have low-paid succs complaining that it costs too much to pay other minwage succs to raise their children for them.
Somehow the purpose of putting children in childcare so the mother can go off and work as a shop assistant or clerk or something is just beyond question.


yeah….there's really no difference between them now is there


succubi wanting less responsibility and accountability while gaining more privileges has been the trend since they got the vote.
I agree with your assesment of the situation involving child care. Another big part of the problem is the break down of the family and the major problem of single motherhood that is driving the issue of childcare.
These succubi made bad choices and everyone else is expected to neutralize the consequences of their many bad choices so that they can be free of responsibility and accountability.


I watched the video and it didn't touch any particular point that Ryan made. It just made a general defense of capitalism.


Don't forget mass immigration made to keep wages low.


Most of his "particular points" was him waffling on about objectively incorrect assumptions he has about how markets work, then using those incorrect assumptions to justify the stance of needing some sort of intervention to interfere in markets for the greater good.

A general defense of capitalism setting the record straight of how when capitalism is left alone and markets are left free that is in fact what leads to the greater good for the most people involved.


Would you like to be more specific on which assumptions he made were incorrect?


>Would you like to
No I would not like to because I care not to waste that much time listening to him rabble again.
I sure as fuck not doing a line by line rebuttle ether when Austrian economic theory in general proves him wrong on all of his fundamental assumptions about how competitive markets work and as well as disproves his ideas of the inevitability of all powerful monopolies.
It is for the most part ignorant rantings of someone who leans towards socialism and has a poor understanding of basic principles of economics.
Meanwhile there has been no economic system better for humanity in every objectively observable way in all of its history then free market capitalism.


I didn't think you could. You've posted hundreds of hours of videos at this point and demanded others to watch it before talking to you, but you will not subject yourself to actually watch and argue about a video with any if it doesn't agree with you.


File: 1583755791649.jpg (217.11 KB, 1024x1009, 1024:1009, 1583754599872.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thank you Corona-chan.


This. Keep going. All the geriatric fucks in congress and the boomers who keep voting for them need to go.


The important thing is to keep this attitude if/when gets your turn to get fucked.


File: 1583760112123.jpg (136.93 KB, 686x695, 686:695, 1583443215913.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Depends how am I getting fucked. If it reaches "my" level, then society is fucked as a whole and I won't be alone.


No, that's not the right attitude wiz. You should say thank you Corona-chan.


Are you retarded. I debunked the central premise and already watched the video once.
>when Austrian economic theory in general proves him wrong on all of his fundamental assumptions about how competitive markets work and as well as disproves his ideas of the inevitability of all powerful monopolies.
>post a video that directly contradict his central premises with real world examples to the contrary

I am not doing a line by line essay as it isn't necessary and I am not watching the same overly long shitty video several times in a row.
If you can think of a argument that he made that isn't debunked by basic economic theory then name it but I am not wasting any more time on that shitty video when I have already posted several valid general arguments against the video.

Your problem is you are unable to understand arguments based on first principles, which is something even children can understand. Quit wasting my time.
Make a actual argument

Or you could watch this and learn something.


I live with my boomer grandparents so I don't exactly want to cheer for something that's likely to kill them.
That being said, I don't enjoy life and the world as a whole so I don't mind things getting shaken up a little bit. I'll keep on keeping on and if things get really bad you'll probably never hear from me again.


The stock market rallied last I checked but it is kind of doing a whole yo-yo thing so that may have changed since Friday.


File: 1583772520102.jpg (62.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sip.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I would have preferred something more deadly that literally destroys civilization, but this is a good start.



> it is kind of doing a whole yo-yo thing
Dead cat bounce


File: 1583785084659.png (31.79 KB, 200x255, 40:51, 1583597394937.png) ImgOps iqdb

You didn't debunk anything, you basically said "capitalism good". The thing is, he didn't even make arguments against capitalism in general or a market economy, but against billionaires and outsized wealth, that's why the video is called "on outsized wealth" and not "on capitalism".

>I am not doing a line by line essay

No one asked for an essay, you haven't even touched any point at all.

Since I'm a nice guy, I'll try to sum up some of the points that he made (which is more than you ever did for any of the hundreds of videos that you posted):

>1-Billionaires are not particularly more intelligent or capable than the average person

This point is what caught my interest because you'd assume he'd attribute their outsized wealth on simply being superior since he's big on hereditarianism, but that's not the case.
>2-Billionaire's wealth is mostly a matter of luck and not of talent
This point was supported by a paper https://sci-hub.se/10.1142/S0219525918500145
>3-Once outsized wealth is established, it tends stay there by inertia, as the low hanging fruit gets picked and therefore other people would have a much harder time challenging the established industry
For this he gave the example of Amazon. Once Amazon amassed the largest market share, its very size became its biggest advantage against competitors, and challenging it for dominance is virtually impossible. Being as good as Amazon itself wouldn't be enough, and you wouldn't ever get to be as good to begin with since you wouldn't have access to everything they have (unlimited funds, the warehouses, supply chains, etc). Jeff Bezos wouldn't be able to compete with Amazon if he had to, for example.
>4-This is a monopoly on a process virtually inherent to modern society
Online commerce, for example, would exist regardless of whether Amazon existed.
>5-Billionaires who started these companies generally contribute very little to their operations once they become large
This means that they basically have a passive income derived from the quasi-monopolistic operation of a function of modern society.
>6-Outsized wealth has great power over society
Case in point: The think tanks that you get your ideas from are funded by these billionaires. The possibilities are limitless though, they can for example buy a media company to push their propaganda, which they often do. With so much money, they can do almost anything. Not being regulated like the State is also makes it possible for them to do things that the government wouldn't be able to easily do. Google can censor opinions with very little repercussions, for example, and therefore they are a bigger threat to free speech than most Western governments given their ubiquitous influence.

So these billionaires, who derive wealth from what amounts to operating a fundamental aspect of modern society that they acquired through mostly luck (being in the right place at the right time), are allowed to have a disproportional influence over the world. There's no value judgement here, these are the facts.

He made other arguments regarding stuff like protected markets and how the Japanese managed to create an automotive industry because they sheltered their industries from established foreign (American) competition when they were in their infancy.



-8% today, so yeah, it ain't exactly rallying


That level of self own is cathartic.
Destructive assholes get exactly what they deserve by their own hand.


Welcome back, Tim Pool poster? Where have you been?


Oh so totally correct in my assessment and rebuttal.
So you don't understand first principal arguments or have any grasp of Austrian economic theory. You also seem totally unaware that real world opservations of markets proves most of his hypothesis wrong.

Worst yet you bring up irrelevant things that I ignored in the video because they were simply his I'll informed opinions on things rather than arguments for or against anything.

It also is annoying that you keep bringing up non-argumen like trying to claim stuff about videos posted. Is this bait or are you just stupid? Such things have nothing to do with what is being discussed which is economic theory.

As I said before all of the relevant points are counteracted by using the Austrian economic model as a way of understanding what is going on.


There are like 4 different people who post tim pool videos though…
Probably more since it caused more then a few bitch fits and derails.


only one retard does it seriously and not to troll


Kind of a shame Tim Pool doesn't do ground footage (with no commentary) like he used to before meeting Carl of Swindon. It was much more interesting than the reading bot he is now. I'd pay him all my life saving if he went to Milan or the Grand Princess to film the situation on SARS-COV-2 right now.


Man tfm tore althype a new asshole for being dumb around the 40 minute mark.




Wow, he completely misrepresented alt-hype because he heard a word he didn't like. What a genius.


The assessment wasn't wrong despite you crying he in some way misrepresented althype's dumb ramblings.
Just cut through all the shit is all he really did.


Even if they call it free market, the monopolies of these businesses are based on government coercion (licenses, patents, wage laws) so these corporations are basically fingers of the gangster groups.


They aren't even monopolies though…


Sorry, I guess I couldn't hear poop monkey over the sound of his free review-dildo vibrating in his ass. You wouldn't think something like that would make enough sound to come out in his mic but it still manages to.


Jews attempted to cast Adolf Hitler as The Devil by aggressively pushing the lie of the Holocaust. They didn't realize that some people will always want to worship The Devil. Eventually He evolved from a Demon to a God. The Jews caused modern Nazism.


Tinnitus or schizophrenia?
Either way you're hearing things.


All property is based on coercion (Hobbes, Leviathan, chapter 14), and when a state exists all coercion is ultimately backed by either the active or passive support of the state.

Adam Smith and David Ricardo were wrong to loathe Landlords and rentiers as a particularly debased kind of private property, and every Libertarian who exists today recognizes the validity of rent despite Smith's statements regarding it in Wealth of Nations chapter 11, amongst other locations. Even Karl Marx proved that landlords necessarily cannot be exempt from the laws of capitalism that create competition and force capital accumulation to reshape itself in a changing environment (Capital, volume III).

In future generations, the ridiculous spectacle we see today of modern Libertarians making obscene noises about the development of intellectual property will be seen the same way Adam Smith's statements on rent are seen by Libertarians today.


ricardo was a hypocritical landlord


Smith was a hypocritical old blood aristocrat, Marx was a hypocritical journalist divorced from production labor, Engels was a hypocritical factory owner, Ayn Rand was a hypocritical welfare recipient.


and their philosophies are all loads of shit, so stop talking about them


>1. 95% of collage text books can/are pirated.
>I didn't pay for that shit and almost now one but people on major grant money payed for that shit
Under Spartan laws, children were given less food than was necessary for them to survive. There were harsh penalties exacted for taking more food than was provided to them, but the purpose of those penalties was not to prevent them from becoming thieves. Rather, it was to force them to teach themselves to become the very best thieves in all of Greece.
The most famous story of a young Spartan boy involves the boy having caught a fox, and was immediately found by a superior. He kept the fox hidden within his cloak, even as the fox bit him, and tore out his vitals. The boy carried on a conversation exactly as normal with his overseer, and made not a single sound that would betray his possession of an illegal fox. The boy died rather than indicate that anything was even slightly amiss. Thus Spartans taught their children to become the very best liars, thieves and scofflaws in all the world.
The effects on their society are debatable, since the Spartans were as a rule illiterate. Only the stories that other societies bothered to record about the Spartans are with us today, so we do not know if the series of utterly embarrassing humiliations that had been set upon them by the Athenian military in the early days of the Peloponnesian War were ever attributed to misconduct, though historians do frequently attribute Athens' poor performance later in the war to the Plague of Athens and the breakdown in social conventions and misconduct that followed that particular crisis.
What is known is that when the Romans conquered Sparta, they conquered a society where men decorated themselves with gold, silk, and even makeup; mere possession of gold had been illegal under the Code of Lycurgus, and Spartan currency had been minted out of iron coins treated with brine to ensure that a warrior's valor was his only currency of value to other states. The secondhand embarrassment of Roman military chroniclers at the disgraceful collapse of Spartan society into selfish decadence always seemed out of place for me. The story of the fox is taught as a story of self-discipline, but it is at the same time a story of a society undermining itself.

>2. unless it is STEM or some other subject that requires labs you can both learn it without collage and probably get the job a lot easier by spending that time and money gaining relevant experience in the field

>For most subjects collage is obsolete due to the information and courses being online for free or cheap.
Good luck convincing employers that an online reading program is actually meaningful, or was even something that a given prospect actually completed. If we lived in a society where men were honorable, honest and upright rather than self-interested pirates such as yourself. Bachelors' programs and college students are usually better positioned to spend at least the latter two years of college "gaining relevant experience in the field" than, say, an Associates holder or a high school graduate. The exception here being STE sets of Associate of Science degrees, since an Associates in STEM will often go as far or in some cases further than a Bachelors, particularly in a subject like Biology. Those STEM-aligned AS degrees are very much the exception, most employers believe that applicants with Bachelors' degrees in even vaguely related fields will be smarter, more trainable, and better qualified than applicants with equal or greater numbers of years of experience.


What the hell are you on about? How is the culture of Sparta encouraging thievery, some Spartan boy dying from stealing a fox and Sparta declining in its later years an argument against piracy? Even you admit the effect of this culture on Spartan society is debatable. Stop sperging out on some unrelated historical factoid to look smart and just say what you are trying to say.

>Good luck convincing employers

At least for programmer jobs you can still get away by having an impressive CV of personal projects. Maybe in other fields you can find alternative ways to back up your expertise too, like personal or community projects or maybe they can underbid jobs and internship away from less impressive college graduates.

>If we lived in a society where men were honorable, honest and upright rather than self-interested pirates such as yourself.

An honorable, upright men would want to disseminate knowledge and make education accessible as much as possible.



Has feminism ever actually done anyone on this board wrong? I don't get the wiz hysteria against feminists, glimpsing at the video if abortion was allowed there would be less of us alive to be miserable and be stuck in norm society, also teh guy in the video looks like a bald cuck and I hate how loud his voice is every time I open one of his videos it's like he just shouts at my face



This is what Trump gets for firing the pandemic team and just generally downplaying the coronavirus and thinking he can just think it away with normie confidence like he usually does (mostly when his daddy's money will cover him and he can just be a bankrupt drain on society but get away with it because of Jews)


it allowed succubi into positions of legal authority that caused severe suffering throughout my childhood for one thing

it also lets them become lawmakers who destroy social morality with shitlib progressivism for another thing

third thing, it empowers moms to be raging bitches and if they don't divorce your dad and shack up with tyrone making life 100x worse, then still make life hell for you and everyone growing up

there's more


Would you like the damages they did to society or would you like more personal tales of shit feminist have done to me in person in particular?


Oh look, the classic "who hurt you" bullshit they always pull when people point out the atrocious behavior and bad ideas of feminist.
They are bad unlikable people in general who do almost exclusively bad things in the name of the greater good.
Do you personally have to be gassed by nazi to point out that they are hateful assholes?



That's tough luck that some succubi were bad to you so your biased against them, I can also mention the douchebag dudebrahs and power tripping males who made my childhood hell too

>it also lets them become lawmakers who destroy social morality with shitlib progressivism for another thing

wtf does any of this even mean


Are you guys ready for socialism? Marx said that the world would naturally turn to socialism once interest rates hit zero globally. We're almost there now.



You people are just emotional and illogical and you have emotional baggage around succubi that colors everything you think about them. It is literally the exact same thing that happens to feminists who become man haters, only there's one difference: men are objectively much much much more deserving of hate. What do succubi do? Refuse to sleep with you, spread nasty rumors, vote for things you don't like? What do men do? Oh, that's right literally beat and threaten and rape repeatedly on a mass scale. They try to take away your political rights and the rights over your own body. They literally want to make it so that a man can rape a succubus and then the law will force her to have the child. They literally want to take away their right to vote or work and make them second class citizens who have to beg for scraps from men. You are literally advocating for some of this in this very thread right now. Your lack of self awareness is stunning. You and your kind are positively execrable and it makes me ashamed to have to inhabit the same board as you cretins.


File: 1583937460543-0.png (76.97 KB, 1262x400, 631:200, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1583937460543-1.png (77.34 KB, 1208x258, 604:129, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1583937460543-2.png (89.17 KB, 1262x378, 631:189, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

How is requiring that people engage in piracy in order to complete their education while legally punishing piracy unrelated?
The selection criteria for all software positions will undergo a radical transformation within the next 10 years, as the number of available positions will continue to shrink, the proportion of the population with personal project CVs continues to rise, and wages continue to fall.
>An honorable, upright men would want to disseminate knowledge and make education accessible as much as possible.
That's socialism.


There is nothing to attack in your post because there is no coherent point you're standing on.

>How is requiring that people engage in piracy in order to complete their education while legally punishing piracy unrelated?

So are you against piracy? Why? What is your implication in bringing up that piracy is practiced widely despite illegality? Why do you bring up the Spartan anecdote?

>The selection criteria for all software positions will undergo a radical transformation within the next 10 years, as the number of available positions will continue to shrink, the proportion of the population with personal project CVs continues to rise, and wages continue to fall.

I thought we are arguing the necessity of college degrees to find work? Are you agreeing with me that programmers don't need degrees?

>That's socialism.

What's this supposed to mean? I didn't ask you to identify what ideology my ideas are. Are you for or against socialism. Why or why not? What do you have against accessible knowledge?

Why are you speaking in vague disjointed ideas? Are you schizotypal?


>You people are just emotional and illogical and you have emotional baggage around succubi
succubi =/= feminism
Feminism is a collectivist ideology that uses sex as the main divider in marxist class struggle of oppresses/oppressed to create a victim narrative as a way of leveraging power for a political interest group.
succubi are just female humans.
Speaking of marxism
Marx was a idiot and 99% of the things he said were bullshit.
Amyway back to the rest of your dumbass feminist apologist man hating. Which I doubt is even sincere because if it was you really don't even belong on this site, but whatever.

> It is literally the exact same thing that happens to feminists who become man haters

There is no male equivalent of feminism realisticly speaking. Nor should there be because it is a fundamentally shit idea and all maxist flavored collectivist movements need to be put in the trashbin of history. Why any of those ideologies survived into the 21st century is beyond me.

>only there's one difference: men are objectively much much much more deserving of hate.

If you feel that way why do you use a site exclusively for men?
Why go where you hate all of the users intrinsically?
>What do succubi do?
I don't give a shit.
I am here to discus political ideology not biology and succubi are not a political ideology.
>bait bait and more bait
Nah, not that hunger
>Your lack of self awareness is stunning.
>You and your kind are positively execrable and it makes me ashamed to have to inhabit the same board as you cretins.
Oh god, someone doesn't agree with feminism, the horror.
By the way you are free to leave at any time.


>That's socialism.
No it isn't.
At least not inherently.
Same could be found under the various forms of anarchism and libertarian beliefs for example.


File: 1583940018010.png (437.76 KB, 498x551, 498:551, ~_~.png) ImgOps iqdb

Again no arguments, no rebuttals, you cannot write a single sentence on why something is wrong beyond saying "Austrian economics proves you wrong" without making a case for it, over and over like a broken record, like some intellectual zombie growling the only few words left in your rotting brain. I'm not even sure that you actually know why you believe in the things you believe, otherwise I'm sure you'd be willing to actually explain, like any human of at least normal intelligence would. It's tiring and I'd feel bad for having actually wrote a meaningful post only to receive a garbage response, but I didn't expect you to do better than this so I'm not distraught.


You get the amount of effort you deserve.
Like I said, I ain't writing a fucking essay for your dumbass no matter how much you try to bait with insults, jabs, or in this case even pulling out the anime reaction pics.


Can be found in theocratic systems too to a certain extent.


The sad thing is, I probably know more about it than you since I considered myself a libertarian for a decade and engaged in countless arguments over it. So talking to you feels kinda like talking to a dumber version of myself.


File: 1583943246857.jpg (32.92 KB, 625x626, 625:626, NotEvenBait.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1583944786200.pdf (924.96 KB, Against Intellectual Prope….pdf)

>That's socialism.


They mutilated my genitals.


are you sure it wasn't the jews?


If you're talking about circumcision, male circumcision is not mutilation at all. The vast majority of circumcised males don't develop a hysterical victim complex over it like crabs and MRA neckbeards do. You were not mutilated, get over yourself.


Female circumcision is not mutilation at all. The vast majority of circumcised females don't develop a hysterical victim complex over it like whores and feminist legbeards do.
You were not mutilated, get over yourself.


Yeah cause female genital mutilation and male circumcision are totally the same thing. One was designed to repress female sexuality and make it so sex is painful and they can't orgasm, the other reduces the transmission of STDs and has no serious side effects. I literally can't tell the difference!


It caused wages to go down and bitches in HR deciding about my life.


>Yeah cause female genital mutilation and male circumcision are totally the same thing
They literally are the same thing in many cases.
>one was designed to repress female sexuality
and the other was desingned to repress male sexuality.
> the other reduces the transmission of STDs and has no serious side effects.
Proponents of both have said the same thing with rather weak evidence on ether side.
> I literally can't tell the difference!
Because they aren't.
Funny how you care so much about the sexuality of succubi.🤔


A Sargon video? You've gotta be joking.
>They literally are the same thing in many cases.
They're not. Men and succubi have completely different genital anatomy.
>and the other was desingned to repress male sexuality.
>Proponents of both have said the same thing with rather weak evidence on ether side.
One is supported by quack doctors in the third world, the other is supported by real doctors in America as well as the WHO.
>Funny how you care so much about the sexuality of succubi.
Unlike you, I'm capable of feeling empathy for others.


It's genital mutilation regardless of what you think the severity is. On top of that, it's performed on babies without any anesthesia, a procedure that is horribly painful. Any man with a foreskin can tell you that the idea of taking a knife and cutting it out without any anesthesia is nightmarish. It's simply not a moral thing to do to babies and it should definitely be illegal even for religious reasons let alone for "the insurance covers it so whatever".

Also, most mutilated African succubi don't mind the practice either or even defend it. It's part of their culture.

I don't think you can blame feminism for male circumcision, don't know how people associate both.


>it's performed on babies without any anesthesia, a procedure that is horribly painful
Ive cut into my dick a few times, it's not that painful, it also heals surprisingly fast compared to the rest of my body


>It's genital mutilation regardless of what you think the severity is.
It is not just what I think. American doctors as well as the World Health Organization agrees that it's not mutilation, and has several benefits. Do you honestly think you know more about circumcision than actual doctors?
>On top of that, it's performed on babies without any anesthesia, a procedure that is horribly painful.
Emotional argument.
>Any man with a foreskin can tell you that the idea of taking a knife and cutting it out without any anesthesia is nightmarish.
Oh no! Babies will feel a little bit of pain that none of them will remember. The world is ending! Ending!


Thinking you can cut part off of babies is OK because they won't be able to verbalize the event later in life is insane.
The fact that this ancient jewish mutilation ritual is still a topic of discussion is also quite astounding. americans are straight up fucked in the head


We should just cut the fingertips off babies. They won't feel it, and it lowers the chance of paper cuts in the future. Why not?


>Unlike you, I'm capable of feeling empathy for others.
a few post later
>Oh no! Babies will feel a little bit of pain that none of them will remember. The world is ending! Ending!

Like all feminist your double standards and hypocrisy are as blatant as your personality problems.


This salt goes so good with my pretzels🥨.


If you're still wondering, your post is a prime example of why we hate feminists.


he's right though.
it's not like you were castrated. I do agree that it makes no sense outside of religious/ritual considerations. Americans are weird.


Circumcision is an intensely traumatic event which rewires the brain. If a baby is circumcised he will grow up to be a different person than if he wasn't circumcised, probably for the worse.
Complications occur often during circumcision, such complications include permanent functional damage to the penis, amputation, and even death. In the United States in 2010 over 100 boys were killed by circumcision. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/240804903_Lost_Boys_An_Estimate_of_US_Circumcision-Related_Infant_Deaths
There are no studies conducted in a western country that show that circumcision helps prevent STIs. All of the commonly cited studies were conducted in Africa, all of which had significant issues such as "expectation bias (both researcher and participant), selection bias, lead-time bias, attrition bias, duration bias, and early termination that favored the treatment effect the investigators were hoping for". Additionally, there are many African countries where circumcised men actually have a higher rate of HIV infection than uncircumcised men. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5345479/


> So are you against piracy? Why?
In the first place, because fraudulent acquisition of credentials is within spitting distance of forgery of credentials. Each step taken in that direction would naturally involve the system having to adapt to widespread fraud in ways that will make it harder for honest individuals to acquire proper credentials. This is speculation, but it is based on generalized behavior, especially the extremely common behavior of writing false resumes.
A system that encourages such widespread fraud is as vulnerable signal problems and calculation problems as a totalitarian command economy. Fair dealing and valid contracts become unsustainable.
In the second place, because the argument that software programming is a legitimate field of endeavor is based on the productive value created by its end product, not by the act of programming in and of itself. Programmers are paid as a result of the strength and merits of intellectual property–including those who work exclusively on the service end, whose wages are upheld to the extent that they are because there is wage competition from intellectual property holders such as Microsoft. If the process of becoming a programmer involves delegitimizing the profession of programming then programming cannot be held as an example of generalizable work. It would be undermined by its own hypocrisy in the same way that Spartan law undermined itself.
In the third place, because the argument against formal education and in favor of informal education is that the informal education that can be gained through engaging with the intellectual property of professional educators requires that those educators produce educational material of significant quality. Compensation is the only motive educators have to continue to produce material of significant quality. It is theoretically possible to either have an MIT model wherein a few public sector universities of superb quality produce educational material which is then MIT-EDU licensed for widespread distribution (if and only if the educators volunteer their work in this manner, not if it is coerced upon them by the state, since such statist coercion would drive all educators of any quality out of the system in the first place), but if it were actually practical, then it would have already occurred. To take a software specific example, it has been half a century since SICP was published, and that book remains unequalled in the world of MIT-licensed free educational materials. The act of pirating materials itself is testimony to the failure of the free, anti-IP model. Texts like SICP or other MIT-likes would have already grown to dominate the educational sphere and the price of textbooks would have fallen rather than risen if anti-IP or even "unrestrictive" IP actually worked well. The anti-IP model has been intruded into actual educational work many times by highly qualified but ideologically motivated people and it has failed.

>I thought we are arguing the necessity of college degrees to find work?

We are arguing about the necessity of both general and specific credentials to find specific jobs. We are not arguing about the necessity of an electrician journeyman certification to become a plumber. The argument is that a college degree has become indispensible outside of highly specialized trades, and my argument is that programming is closer to a temporarily high-value trade such as welding than either of those are to either management or to unskilled labor.

>What do you have against accessible knowledge?

What do you have against paying a rational, agreed upon value for the product of work created by others in exchange for what you take?

>Why are you speaking in vague disjointed ideas? Are you schizotypal?

Why are you unable to understand analogy? Are you autistic?


There are no double standards here because female genital mutilation and male circumcision are not comparable. One is only done in third world countries and is designed to sexually repress succubi and the other is done for legitimate medical reasons, reduces the risk of STD transmission and has no impact on sexual function. What part of this are you having trouble understanding?
Am I the only one that finds it amusing that hysterical anti-feminists claim feminists are about "feelz over realz" and victimhood but when circumcision gets brought up their emotional maturity goes from a 13 year old's to a toddler's and they start shouting VICTIM, I'M A VICTIM, VICTIM RIGHT OVER HERE. I can't be the only one.

Anywho, i am hardly even much of a feminist. While I am sympathetic toward certain types of feminism, and I realize that feminists (unlike MRAs) have legitimate social grievances, being a "feminist" is not a big part of my identity. I don't go to marches or protests. The only time I even think about feminism is when I read drivel from crabs or MRAs or when watching a video about the subject which isn't even too often. I don't even agree with feminists on everything nor do feminists agree with each other on every issue. For example I don't believe that gender is a social construct nor do I think trannies are succubi.

I haven't even read much feminist literature but I can assure you I am for more educated on the subject than the hysterical anti-feminists who base their view on feminism entirely on "rekt feminist" videos.
Either way, your views on feminism are purely based on emotional hatred rather than facts and reality.


>legitimate medical reasons
>reduces the risk of STD transmission
studies prove otherwise
>and has no impact on sexual function.
countless articles, discussion, threads, and support groups for circumcised men to cope and rebuild lost sexual function.

You're a self-proclaimed feminist advocating for male infant sexual torture and dismissing arguments against the act as being made by bitter sexless virgins or succubi-haters. You're either a Jew, a female with daddy issues, or an ERPing troll. None of which are welcome.


Shouldn't companies who receive bailout give stocks to the taxpayers in exchange?


shouldn't we live in a perfect world


No, but I would argue they
shouldn't be bailed out at all. That said the bail outs were loans for the most part. Loans that were paid back with slight interest.
They weren't government buy outs and it shouldn't be a excuse to nationalize the companies.


For the record the thing that first set you off is a video of violence feminist throwing fire bombs at people who never aggressed upon them, and acedentlly firebombing themselves instead.
This is the kind of behavior you have been so emotionally defending.
The posting of such a video is the thing that triggered you.

How do you not see that you are clearly the bad guy here?


You must be a troll, I don't think someone legit could engage in this much ethical contradiction while still being able to tie sentences together.


I don't think
is a troll and I think is position isn't unreasonable.


Sorry I meant to quote >>239118 and >>239094 not >>239091


Looks like we're in meltdown mode now. They'll blame Trump or Corona-chan, but remember that these economic cycles are inherent to the current system and no amount of quantitative easing or manipulation of the interest rates will change that.


Besides the fact that she is unable to respond to counterarguments in any way other than namecalling?


You're very smart anon. Did you learn all those in college?


Trump did make things much more unstable by giving tax cuts to the wealthy and driving up the deficit during an economic expansion. Now what is he going to do? Deficit spend even more? That will bankrupt America. He should have done what any sensible keynesian would have done and paid down the debts that the US had accumulated using the great economy by raising taxes, especially on the wealthy where it wouldn't hurt the economy much. Instead he did the opposite. Mostly it changed nothing for people except it drove stock prices even higher since rich people had even more money to put into stocks, people's lives got better because it was the tail end of a credit expansion bubble. Trump sold out their futures for nothing, just a handout to the rich. Who could have ever seen it coming from the billionaire who has shafted everyone he ever could for personal gain. Surely he would never shaft the American taxpayers. Oh wait, that's exactly what he would and actually did do. Good luck trying to dig your way out of this recession now with the US debt higher than it has ever been before.


File: 1584056896812.png (335.83 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Fuck any "wizard" who voluntarily brings attention to this site. Literally kill yourself.



trump is so inept and dumb it's painful to watch, where's the right wing dictator we were promised? all we got was a typical babby boomer who can't even ban flights from china cuz he's scared of being "racist"


I love those Anime websites man.


Trolling the mainstream media is fine and all but I don't know why he had to mention wizchan. That said it was pretty brief and they then moved on to talk mostly about shitchan.



I like the part where he tricked alt-right retards into thinking he was further right than Ted Cruz



also the part where he was supposed to be anti-establishment that is also a cracker


I don't think he ever actually watched the video.
He just reflexively white knights whenever feminism is brought up regardless of context and tries to bait emotional responses.
I doubt he cares about being the bad guy as long as he can drag others down to his level.

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