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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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NJ just shut down the NICS System which means no one can legally buy or sell guns in the state.

And since the courts are mostly shut down too this can't be legally challenged ether for the time being.


Looks like Orban has declared a nation wide emergency in light of coronovirus and has suspended parliament and democracy in Hungary.

He now has full control over Hungary. Hail Viktor Orban



That sounds like a major happening.


Viktor Orban is in the pocket of the Russian mob.


You have any evidence of that or are you just shitposting?


File: 1584922836434.jpg (451.74 KB, 2048x929, 2048:929, ETuysSKXYAMtM9U.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1584930180102.jpg (42.71 KB, 600x649, 600:649, 1584382898745.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


grrrr this picture angers me so much.


File: 1584930497977.gif (127.39 KB, 637x359, 637:359, 22511.gif) ImgOps iqdb

future rape victims


They're transgenders?


File: 1584931901058.png (51.61 KB, 343x324, 343:324, 5l7ku9dkay931.png) ImgOps iqdb

the sex is irrelevant during wartime


I'm pretty sure the china virus and the economic crisis is going to give more energy to the already existing nationalist right wing trend in Europe. That and the Turkish use of immigration as a weapon of mass destruction will probably dry up what was once the seemingly endless good will of Europeans. For US I think that Trump is going to lose bad and be an one term president. Ultimately it might be a good thing for the populist right, because I don't think the American right will go back to a pre-Trump era, and Trump getting out might mean someone more competent and actually more faithful to the spirit that elected him getting in. On the other hand, by that time the Republican party might have already been demographically locked out of the presidency, especially with the accelerated replacement that is to come with a Democrat government. As for the state of the whole world, I see China continuing to rise while US as a nation and its world order decays thereby slowly but surely moving the center of power from West to East as a result.


File: 1584949035236.png (1.01 MB, 780x558, 130:93, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Sometimes I wonder if people in pol threads are retarded from all the internet memes

>all-Female Alert Airmen from Minot Air Force Base pose in front of a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle at a Missile Alert facility near Minot, North Dakota, March 12, 2020


Wow, I never knew US had a transgender military division.


Ur mother is transgender


They are just unattractive somewhat masculine succubi. Which isn't surprising given it is the military.
What I don't get is why are you posting such pictures here.



>the draft legislation gives enormous discretion to treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin in deciding how the money is spent, and offers little in the way of transparency about where the money ultimately goes. Mnuchin can waive provisions that prevent companies from using funds to buy their own stock, and Democratic senators say there aren’t real requirements that businesses keep workers employed, provide them paid leave, or limit pay and bonuses to management.

Lol, the republicans are actually trying to hide who they give the money to until after the election. You know 100% it's just going to the wealthy and politically connected and regular people won't see a dime. The republicans would never waste an opportunity to make workers more desperate because the more desperate they are the harder they work.


Dems block the stimulus package (flubux) so thanks to them we don't get them sweet free monies.
If you vote based on bux then be sure to remember this. They did you dirty.


I think the democrats are commited to never winning a fair election again ever.
This bullshit is despicable.


They're trying to hurt Trump, and it will probably work. Especially because Trump is also incompetent and doesn't seem like he wants to win reelection. All he had to do is send a thousand bucks to every American with no strings attached.


> All he had to do is send a thousand bucks to every American with no strings attached
That is literally what he tried to do dude.
Did you not pay attention?
The dems blocked this and now made a counter bill that has all kinds of unrelated strings attached that have nothing to do with stimulus and are ment to be permanent changes to things like immigration policy, voter registration rules, environmental bullshit, and all kinds of other crazy shit that has nothing to do with what anyone is concerned about right now.

For once all trump wanted to do with this package was partially save the economic in these rough times by giving out money to be spent.
No extra bullshit was included and it is/was clearly a temporary measure to deal with the current crises so that we don't end up in a depression due to everything being shut down.

They aren't hurting Trump, they are hurting the American people and themselves. They have actually made Trump look reasonable in comparison which isn't a easy thing to do most of the time. Meaning they really screwed up this time.
Even with the mainstream media trying their hardest to explain this away people are really pissed at them this time. And by people I mean people who normally are all for democrats and their normal tricks. It is just that this goes so far beyond that point of decency to leverage this crises for totally irrelevant political grandstanding it is beyond what anyone reasonable can tolerate.

Then again while Trump was making a task force in January to deal with this virus they were busy with the bullshit impeachment. So that shows their priories pretty clearly.


The more I find out about and read the shitty democrats counter bill the angrier I get with them.

I may have voted for Obama but thanks to shit like this I will probably never vote for them again.


Oh, forgot the link to the actual bill so you can read/skim it for yourself.



why are you ignoring the fact that they're blocking the republican version of the bill while submitting their own that gives people more bux? Republicans are all fools who are easily played by propaganda. Take a look at the actual objections the democrats are giving and the actual differences between the bills.


> while submitting their own that gives people more bux?
That isn't actually true though.
Read the bill posted here

>Take a look at the actual objections the democrats are giving and the actual differences between the bills

I did which is why I am so fucking irritated at the democrats. Have you seen the bullshit they are trying to push in this bill? They copy and pasted stuff straight from the green new deal among other failed proposals into their version of the bill. It also is full of special interest corrupt bullshit that again has nothing to do with the point of the bill.
And their objections are farcical. Oh no, giving out loans to buisnesses that they have to pay back once all this shit is over is too pro-business, because people don't need jobs. What is really needed is to make sure public art programs are still funded, and spend millions on mandatory diversity programs. You know the stuff that matters.

It is very likely that they know full well it wont pass and they actually just want a new great depression. That is what their actions show me.


>And their objections are farcical. Oh no, giving out loans to buisnesses that they have to pay back once all this shit is over is too pro-business, because people don't need jobs.

way to prove you have no idea what their actual objections are and you get everything you think you know about what democrats believe from a right wing propagandist.


This is the shit the dems tried to sneak into their bill: diversity on corporate boards and money set aside for diversity trainings, $15 minimum wage, bailing out the postal service, same day voter registration, expanding use of minority banks/credit unions, stricter emissions standards for airlines.
Source: https://twitter.com/rachelbovard/status/1242116258834845710?s=21

Is that really the time for this shit? The democrats could have decided to take the higher ground in response to partisan demands in the Republican proposal by just pushing through a neutral relief bill, but instead they're playing brinksmanship by sneaking in their own divisive demands which will obviously incite the right. Neither party comes out decently here.


You are so full of shit. Let me ask you where you got your info from?
I highly doubt you are going to say.

Actually look through the bill so you know what you are talking about rather then just make up accusations.


Here is a lefty who also objects to the democrat's bill.


Republicans want to give corporations a ton of money with no strings attached. Democrats are trying to attach some strings. If you personally disagree with diversity requirements being one of them, okay, but that is no excuse for wanting to create a giant slush fund with zero transparency or accountability. That's what the democrats are complaining about. If you think they are holding up the aid over the diversity requirements, you're just wrong, they are holding it up because it makes no sense to just create a giant pool of money with Steve Muchin sitting on top of it where he hands out whatever he feels like without having to even tell people what he's handing out. They will just pick the winners and the losers like they always do, and the guys they pick to be winners are the guys who are already the richest. Republicans love big business and try to give them every advantage over small business time and time again. They are trying to do that again by picking oil to win over renewables, but why the fuck should a bailout only be for fossil fuel industries and not for renewable energy industries too? Everyone is hurting from this.


I read over 300 different sources of media from around the world. I spend all day reading news, that's literally 80% of how I spend my day.

how do you not understand that all these youtube niggers are paid shills? Jesus christ, stop listening to people who know nothing and go to the people who do the actual investigative reporting on shit. That is how you know about what is true and what is false. You don't just find some random youtubers and listen to what they have to say because the only people putting that much effort into producing these types of videos have been paid to do it to spread misinformation. Any youtube source is immediately thrown into the trash because that's what it is.


>Republicans want to give corporations a ton of money with no strings attached.
They are loans.
You do know what loans are right?
The strings are that once the crisis is over they the business you dislike so much have to pay back the money, often with interest.
That is totally reasonable.
>Democrats are trying to attach some strings.
>by pushing out a 1400+ page monster of bill filled with absurd special interest crap and several things that if passed would kill several sectors of the economy
They had no intention of passing this bill.
> but that is no excuse for wanting to create a giant slush fund with zero transparency or accountability.
Except it isn't that at all. It is a fucking loan dude. Do you seriously not know what a loan is?
> but why the fuck should a bailout only be for fossil fuel industries and not for renewable energy industries too?
Because one is actually currently viable and reliable and the other isn't.


Why do you waste everyone's time with such shitty trolls?


> Any youtube source is immediately thrown into the trash because that's what it is.
Guess CNN, NBC, ABC, and all the rest of them are out too.
Because since they put their stuff on youtube that automagicly makes them invalid.


Yes, I know what a loan is you fucking dumbass. Having to pay back the money is literally the only "string" do you really think that is enough? There is no interest btw, that's the point, it's a stimulus, that's why it's called "free" money. The only reason they even need this money is because they mismanaged everything else they earned irresponsibly with stock buybacks and exorbitant CEO salaries and bonuses. There is nothing stopping them from doing that and shafting the workers again. There are only joke "limits" like only being able to pay your CEO's a bonus that is twice as large as it was the last year. There is nothing requiring the companies to retain their workers or provide paid leave, they can just axe anyone they decide isn't profitable for the company to pay right now at the same time the government is handing them our tax dollars. This will also be massively inflationary btw, so the poor and elderly on fixed incomes will suffer the worst. The GOP bill is filled with ways corporations can pay less taxes, but nothing about how to protect workers or ensure those corporations don't just pocket all that money for the owners.


That is a source that is on youtube, not a "youtube source". Can you really not understand the distinction?


Those sources are all trash in the first place, but that's beside the point.


>The only reason they even need this money is because they mismanaged everything else they earned irresponsibly with stock buybacks and exorbitant CEO salaries and bonuses.
And he calls me the "fucking dumbass".
How are you this wrong about current events? I am convinced you are simply trolling now. I can't take you seriously.
>There is nothing stopping them from doing that and shafting the workers again
Can't have workers if their is no company left.
>This will also be massively inflationary btw
No shit, it is being done to prevent the shrinkage of the economy, aka a depression.
Since when has anyone in the past 20 years in government given two shits about inflation.
>so the poor and elderly on fixed incomes will suffer the worst.
You know what would make them suffer even worse, not having any income at all because all business ground to a halt, which effects tax revenue meaning that even the poor that depend on government gibs won't have any income.
So in this case blocking the bill over partisan bullshit makes them suffer far worse.
>The GOP bill is filled with ways corporations can pay less taxes
Do you not understand the economic situation right now?
You can't squeeze blood out of a turnip.
>but nothing about how to protect workers
I will say it again, there would be no workers if the company goes away. By giving loans so the company can stay up and running through this crisis, the preserve the jobs that would have been lost thus protecting the workers from permanent unemployment.
>or ensure those corporations don't just pocket all that money for the owners
I have a feeling you don't have a sound grasp of how a profitable business is run. Then again I already know you are just trolling so maybe you are saying retarded things for funzies.


>Critical thinking is too hard
>But playing semantics is just my speed
Are you trying to be funny?


>And he calls me the "fucking dumbass".
How are you this wrong about current events? I am convinced you are simply trolling now. I can't take you seriously.

Man, now I have to take the time to explain basic stuff about how things work because you clearly don't get it. When a company is publicly owned as most companies are, they are governed by their shareholders. If the shareholders tell the company to invest in growth, they will invest in growth, if they tell them to return all their money to their shareholders, they will return all the money to the shareholders. They can also tell the company to keep reserves of cash on hand so that the company can survive a rainy day. If a company does this, they should be able to get through the virus with minimal loans from the government, but since the government is giving them free money with no strings attached, there is zero incentive for the shareholders to ever try to make their company more able to survive a downturn. If they know the government will just turn around and bail them out, what incentive do they have to do anything other than give every single cent of profit to the owners without saving any for the health of the company? The more irresponsibly they govern their company the bigger the government handout they get will be. Why do you think stock buybacks increased so much after the last bailout? Because shareholders knew they would be able to get another one the next time it happened. Everything else like investing in the company or the workers, giving them paid sick leave for example becomes pointless to spend on because no matter what happens the government will just hand them another pile of cash.

>Can't have workers if their is no company left.

why am I not surprised I'm arguing with a guy who fucks up his homophones… No one is arguing against saving companies who need help, the issue is whether that should come with some sort of strings on how they can then spend that money. Should they have to give it to workers that they're not even using or can they just give it all to their CEO? If there are no strings attached they can fire all their workers, give their CEO a bonus and pay the shareholders, as long as the company can repay the loan eventually it doesn't matter. For every dollar the government gives them the expectation is that they should be able to effectively invest that money in the company and earn back more than a dollar, all that profit is just free to go to the same shareholders who decided to gut the company to pay them the most in the first place.

>No shit, it is being done to prevent the shrinkage of the economy, aka a depression.

Since when has anyone in the past 20 years in government given two shits about inflation.

Coronavirus is going to cause shrinkage of the economy regardless of how much money is pumped into the economy. It will cause stagflation which is when the economy is stagnant and prices are going up anyway. Prices go up because supply shrinks while demand stays the same and people's incomes continue to rise. If people's incomes rise unequally, ie the wealthy rise more than the poor because the money is going to shareholders and not workers, that will only make the inflation that the poor experience even worse. Anyone who is on a fixed income like retirees will not see their income rise while prices will rise a lot.

>You know what would make them suffer even worse, not having any income at all because all business ground to a halt, which effects tax revenue meaning that even the poor that depend on government gibs won't have any income.

So in this case blocking the bill over partisan bullshit makes them suffer far worse.

Again, no one is arguing we should not help companies from going under, that is not what we are debating here, you are really just completely missing the actual issue at hand.

>Do you not understand the economic situation right now?

You can't squeeze blood out of a turnip.

I was merely highlighting a difference of priorities between the GOP and democrats. The former only cares about businesses and the wealthy and enacts policys that make wealth inequality worse while the latter at least is trying to govern with the interests of everyone in society considered, not just the wealthy.

>I will say it again, there would be no workers if the company goes away. By giving loans so the company can stay up and running through this crisis, the preserve the jobs that would have been lost thus protecting the workers from permanent unemployment.

and I will say it again that you are completely not even understanding the point here. There is not one version of the plan where corporations get saved and another where they all fail. This level of ignorance about basic reality is staggering.

>I have a feeling you don't have a sound grasp of how a profitable business is run. Then again I already know you are just trolling so maybe you are saying retarded things for funzies.

And I bet you don't either because of how profits are paid these days. They prioritize stock buybacks now because it helps them dodge more taxes, when the market cap increases people's profits increase because the individual share price increases.

This is my last post talking to you. I am done now.


File: 1585079783356.png (67.57 KB, 420x294, 10:7, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


so that's a yes then, lol

okay then, let's highlight what I actually mean then. One is an actual company with actual reporters who actually investigate shit and then report on it. The other is some guy on youtube sitting in his basement with an opinion. He adheres to no code of journalistic ethics, he doesn't disclose any of his finances so you can see who his financial backers are and you can derive their biases. Why would you expect some youtube idiot to be a valuable source of information on anything? He could very easily be lying or distorting everything he says. Why do you even expect them to be a source of what an actual person really believes about anything for that matter? The major youtube personalities are pretty much all propaganda. Do you really think no one in power would ever think to try and influence the common people with youtube? How naive could you really be. They can find some charismatic dude, give him a script and funnel people to them by gaming the algorithms. It's the same thing they did with Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones only now on youtube. Just some talking head who with authoritatively tell you how the world works while stoking people's passions. I don't have to listen to these youtube heads to know they are rabble rousers who use emotional language and tone and try to make it sound like they're stating facts and using logic to make their case when really they're just mixing lies with truth and distorting things and manipulating people. They're all the same, you wouldn't be linking me these videos if it wasn't one of these alex jones type paid shills. Sure, it might be one of the ones who isn't a shill, but why would I waste my time watching to find out? I can read dozens of time faster than anyone on these videos speaks and they usually go over the same point over and over again. The cost benefit analysis does not pan out when it would take a large amount of time and the returns are likely to be low. Youtube videos of experts being interviewed or giving talks about their filed of expertise is a whole different thing and can sometimes be worth it, but not something like this which is just trying to convince you what to think about something the wealthy care about. I can make up my own mind thank you very much.


>putting this much effort in debating youtube autist
You know he's just gonna ad hominem and keep spamming garbage, right? Just ignore him like everyone else already does.


File: 1585080742203.png (802.36 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1585081704745.png (4.79 KB, 220x218, 110:109, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Tucker nailed it in the second part of this video (starts at 4:20). This crisis is going to accelerate China's dominance because they'll suffer relatively less than US, and corporations will ass kiss the CCP more and more. The corporations that America created will ditch America for China because that's where the money increasingly is and they'll happily do the bidding of the Chinese government for the privilege of accessing their markets. Meanwhile short-sighted libertarians and the neocon free-marketeers will happily walk towards their serfdom to an authoritarian foreign government. I wouldn't be impressed if a few decades in the future you won't even be able to talk shit about the CCP because they own or have power over almost every corporation.


>calling him Tucker like he's your bff


That's my culture, don't be a racist


chinas' economy is suffering from this as well and will likely end up in a just as bad if not worse condition


My thoughts exactly.
The CCP is not in a strong position in all this and is currently putting most of its energy to taming the very real anger their own people have with the party over this.


File: 1585142219664.png (409.23 KB, 640x452, 160:113, Half Aryan with Dumpy.png) ImgOps iqdb

Not only does this arrogant retard allow this corona pandemic to get this bad in the U.S. but this very same moron will be wasting 2 trillion because he refused to take action earlier.

>Faux News: Them evil godless chinamen will profit from this
Moron, China is losing more than the U.S.. The government clampdown on the corona response has crippled Chinese manufacturing and business. The U.S. has the resources to literally print more money to overcome this.


It's China that gives US money its purchasing power, because in the end money is only as good as what you can buy with it from people who actually make stuff, on top of buying a lot of its bonds. The dumping of money in the economy is to yet again give another few years of life to an already broken system, it wasn't corona that created these increasingly worse economic cycles.


He already made a taskforcee specifically all the way back in January, but he was a bit distracted with being impeached.
Then whenever he tries to do something a certain block of people are committed to do everything contrary to anything he says or does.
That said his response was largely pretty good.


>has the resources


File: 1585169847362.png (1.41 MB, 1186x850, 593:425, 1563427755559.png) ImgOps iqdb

Why are Southern Europeans even considered white or European?

The modern Greek is a mutt that was conquered for 400 years by the Ottomans and their gene pool corrupted by brown Middle-Easterners. Ancient Greeks were all described as pale white with blonde hair, the same for Italian Emperors.

Spain was also conquered by the Moors for 800 years, which is around 26 generations in which Spanish succubi were raped and impregnated by Middle-Eastern men, hence why the modern Spaniard has brown skin, brown eyes and dark hair.

Literally mutts.


>being this bored
You know if your computer is decent enough to open an internet browser you can probably emulate some video games with it.


File: 1585180231903.jpg (207.51 KB, 900x1021, 900:1021, 900_St Jerome as a Hermit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does anybody else feels kind of "left out" (to put it in a way) of politics as a wizard? I have lately been watching videos and reading articles of political nature, and I have noticed that they often put big emphasis on social interaction and relationships. Like for example I have come across some leftist articles that pretty much implied that if you don't have relationships with succubi then you are unable to connect with them and that's harmful, and right wing leaning people also often seem to have a focus on marrying and having a stable family.
I say this because as of lately I have been trying to become more politically aware, but is kind of disheartening because I feel that as someone who doesn't pursue any kind of relationship is always doing some sort of harm, even if not actively.
Also sorry if this rant doesn't goes here, I just wanted to vent and didn't know where else.


Too bad no one chooses how they are forced to exist in this hellhole


>forced to exist
Wrong. You can end your life any time you want.


>they were blond now they're not
you mean they evolved


>Does anybody else
probably many because it's contained everywhere


no, he already existed, what he can do is stop existing


Politic is relationship scaled up. It's just gossiping for wiz who have no means to interact and influence those relations.


Lone men with a gun have altered the course of history. It doesn't take a group to change the world.
Just saying.


>Trump team failed to follow NSC’s pandemic playbook

>Trump disbanded NSC pandemic unit that experts had praised


>Exclusive: U.S. slashed CDC staff inside China prior to coronavirus outbreak


If you're wondering why the US is so unprepared, we were prepared until Trump decided to fire everyone who was supposed to be there to deal with this shit in multiple areas of the government and then he completely ignored the plans we had in place already to deal with a situation like this. Trump is literally responsible for killing thousands of people.


but wait, there's more: Trump also axed funding for a program PREDICT which was supposed to study diseases in animals which may be able to transmit to humans and cause the next pandemic.

>Scientists Were Hunting for the Next Ebola. Now the U.S. Has Cut Off Their Funding.



Whoops, looks like there's even more. The US intelligence agencies warned Trump in JANUARY about coronavirus and how the Chinese were covering up something that was actually much worse that would likely become a global pandemic and what does Trump do? Ignores it completely.

>U.S. intelligence reports from January and February warned about a likely pandemic


This is really the most astounding failure I have ever seen from a world leader.


Please don't spam.

Also, you might want to use archive versions of those pages because those companies have been known to edit their shit after the fact all sneaky like.


Anyone with a brain already knew trump was a retard for years now. The people that memed him in to office wanted chaos, now they get their chaos. Honestly it's pretty fun, better than just same-old boring day-after-day grind.


>our deep state heroes warned trump
>them COMMIES were hiding sumthin
buffoon, the "communist" party themselves warned trump in early january about the germ, where the hell do you get your news, sean hannity?


And he already made a taskforce and wanted to enact measures to minimize the potential problem as things developed in January, but he also had his hands full with being impeached. It also didn't help that all of the mainstream media at the time and both the CDC and FDA underplayed the situation until it already got out of hand in several countries that they weren't payed off by.

It is the whole tds all over again. Trump says it is a potential problem to be concerned about. Mainstream media will take the contrary stance that it is nothing and only stupid ist and ism's would take it seriously.
Trump says it isn't the end of the world and not to panic. Mainstream media goes out of it's way to incite panic even going as far as blatently lying.
Trump points out that this was China's fault every step of the way and that they did nearly everything wrong. Mainstream media says he is somehow a racist that has hurt the feelings of the Chinese people, and China didn't do nothing.

I don't like Trump, or the government in general but god damn is the mainstream media so much worse in comparison when it comes to people who are disingenuous scumbags.


Okay, what the fuck does that have to do with the intelligence agencies warning him and him ignoring it? Do you have a point you would like to make or are you just going to grunt and bang your chest? They warned that the Chinese were downplaying everything and it would be much worse than what they told them. Read the article and you would know this. None of that is excusable, he should have acted the first time he was warned, but still after all this time he is not doing what he needs to do.

Yes, he made a taskforce 8 days after the US got its first case, what proactive thinking! Oh and of course what a smart idea to block travel to China 9 days after the first case in the US, that'll really help things. Do you know how many times this asshole praised himself for that? There was a plan and organizational structures filled with trained experts designed so they could act immediately at the first signs of danger in China, and Trump destroyed it all years ahead of time with budget cuts and firings and then he tried to just have his own guys do whatever at the last minute instead of following the plans and procedures we had designed for this and would actually protect us. We are suffering the consequences and we are continuing to suffer the consequences of his subsequent moronic actions like trying to keep the economy going instead of issuing a lockdown. Trump is personally responsible for the deaths of thousands now because of his own gross incompetence and nothing you can say will change that fact.


>what does that have to do with
well because there's a difference between what really happened — completely transparent diplomatic communications going to everyone's and trump's desks from PRC about the virus — and the horseshit you're intimating about secret intel whispering in trump's ear about a PRC coverup

why do you hate china?


God. The current generation of jews and goyim running murika are as fucking stupid as they are evil. These aren't your grandfather's jews. They aren't even bush sr. They can't even think two steps ahead.

"Hay gaiz, our totally not secret color revolution in hong kong is running out of steam and our trade war is hurting us more than china, let's take one of our taxslave funded DARPA bioweapons and smuggle it in there, durr hurr heee. That'll show those dumb gooks. And when our employees at the epicenter get sick…*snort*…let's fly them back here without quarantining them or even giving them surgical masks."

Now the systemic panic knocks down our service industry based house of cards economy overnight, pops all our banking bubbles and tanks oil prices to the point where murka's bottom is threatening to fall out. Whoops. Didn't see that shit coming. QUICK! Let's beg russia to cut production so prices rise and we can stay basically solvent. Duh… what do you mean NYET??! Uh oh. Guess six years of war mongering at them and amassing nato on their border wasn't so conducive to future negotiations. Now our saudi vassals will die too because russia says they can do $20 oil for ten freaking years and there goes our petrodollar stranglehold on the world.

A child could've predicted all this. These retards really believe their own exceptionalism horseshit and think they're invincible. They think they could do bioweapons and it wasn't going to bite them in the ass.


Dude, you may want to read these articles before commenting and acting like you know everything. The article very clearly says that intelligence agencies said that China was downplaying the severity of it all publicly. I have nothing against China, that's just what happened based on available evidence. I've read other reporting that corroborates this as well, the early coverup before eventually coming clean could make them legally liable for the whole damn thing.


This level of stupidity is almost impressive. You must really have to work at it to become this stupid.


This pandemic again exposed that overregulation and risk aversion by the FDA kills when time is of the essence.


Jesus, this shitshow just keeps rolling. Trump is refusing to implement his powers to force military suppliers to produce ventilators because he says he doesn't think we need any more.



Private industry is both willing and able to supply the demand for ventilators without nationalizing production of ventilators.
Calm your tits.


Is that really a problem? America can always import more Americans from oversea babiy factories.



First child to die in the US went to urgent care and was turned away because he didn't have health insurance.

Posting this in the politics thread so I say it's fucking ridiculous that we still can't get Americans to support single-payer healthcare in this country. Our system is broken, our people are broken.


So does it mean that all the ones who's getting treatment for corona right now must be insured there in the US?


Ordering the military to create ventilators is not "nationalizing production" of ventilators. That implies that private industry would not be allowed to produce them. Private industry is worried that if the government is making ventilators then they won't be able to price gouge as much for the ones that they make so they lobbied against it, and since Trump cares more about the profits of private industry than people's lives he assented even though the best thing to do would be to have more than you think you need just in case you are wrong about how many you will need. Any future ventilator shortage is on Trump now even though I hope it will never come to that point.


No, hospitals will still treat the uninsured and they went to a hospital afterwards and got treatment, but the delay could have been what caused him to die.


>is on Trump now
You would blame him regardless, I'm sure.


you're such a dense motherfucker


File: 1585413971499.jpg (323.18 KB, 720x840, 6:7, 1585407493503.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This really is a fuckload but I guess that is capitalism for you, have to make up for the Mexicans not getting in and boosting businesses, two parties are one party


If we got rid of the minimum wage this wouldn't be a problem.


US-China relations are rightfully in the shitter. The US might actually decouple from the economy of China both in the public and private sectors, which would mean that China wouldn't be able to get away with anywhere close to the amount of shit they have been up to now.
I actually think the cutting of trade relations in this case is a good thing. Too bad so many people had to die to cause it.


>may decouple from the biggest holder of us debt
and pigs may fly


I really don't feel like putting in the effort to explain why your implication is wrong to a throwaway comment.
You people exhaust me.


Nah, it would've spread to america regardless and no one in the west truly knew what they were in for.


Nearly 2 months ago congress tried to give Trump emergency funding for coronavirus but he turned them down. They also turned down working test kits from the WHO and wasted time having the CDC try to make their own test which didn't end up working right.



Not to mention that there wasn't really much he could do at the time given the politics of the time.

Now you just being dirty with the way you are spinning events. For example Trump didn't turn down the test kits, the FDA and CDC did.
And the emergency funding desistion didn't involve trump.
You also seem to be going full hindsight bias and willingly ignore the information they had available at the time rather then what we know now because you can use it for your TDS narrative.


you can't explain anything, you're just here to try rabble rousing against china for strange reasons, I wouldn't be surprised if you're one of those government shills paid to spread this shit around


I see your retarded accusation of shilling or whatever and reverse it.

You don't support anything you say, you are just here to play defense for the CCP for strange reasons. I wouldn't be surprised if you are one of those government shills paid to spread this shit around.

Wow, looks like we are even now. That was so productive and interesting.


File: 1585431727872.gif (1.93 MB, 500x298, 250:149, a4da3534a9c0f5b2e5299f76bd….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>ooga booga commies bad


Yes, communists are evil. They do not recognize private property rights and therefore they cannot understand the concept of self-ownership. According to communism, the collective owns your body, not you.
And before you blindly go "nuh uh you're stupid" explain to me why I shouldn't be allowed to engage in capitalism by freely exchange labour or creations of my labour, both of which are products of my body.


Don't tell me you are dumb enough to be defending china because you actually somehow still believe in comunism/marxism/maoism.


The Dems are so phony and childish.
I hope their party is replaced and this is the end of the democratic party.


>For example Trump didn't turn down the test kits, the FDA and CDC did.

To be fair, I did say "they" as in the Trump administration, not Trump personally although I could have been more clear. Trump is in charge though, he picked the people for these agencies so ultimately he is responsible for how they function.

>And the emergency funding desistion didn't involve trump.

Trump personally is supposed to be in charge of submitting his budget requests to congress so you can't absolve him of responsibility here. If he had his underlings manage it and they fucked it up that is totally on him since it's literally his department.

>You also seem to be going full hindsight bias and willingly ignore the information they had available at the time rather then what we know now because you can use it for your TDS narrative.

This is showing that the information they had at the time was people were telling them it would be an emergency including literally congress. By February 5th the WHO had already declared a world health emergency for over a month. The virus had already spread to dozens if not hundreds of countries including the US and the number of cases in China was exploding. China had already released preliminary studies and estimates of R0 and CFR that lead us to believe it was much more contagious and much more deadly than the flu which already kills tens of thousands every year in the US. Trump was warned time and time again at every stage of this that this would happen and the most disgusting lie to come out of his mouth is when he says "no one could have predicted this". Many people predicted it with things like basic math, science and reason, and they told him about their predictions and he just hand waved it away and said they were worrying too much and it wasn't going to be that bad. The same shit he's still doing and for some reason all his cult members also continue to do. They are just fucking crazy, Trump most of all.


the irony is you'd be a freer capitalist in "communist" china than in murika

it's been how many years since deng xiaoping and the capitalist reforms? this ain't the 50s anymore son


>the irony is you'd be a freer capitalist in "communist" china than in murika
That is completly and totally false and I don't know how you could be so stupid as to say something that absurdly wrong.
They don't believe in or allow propery rights dude.
They economic freedom index score is abysmal.
By every objective mesure they are not a free econime in any sense of the word.

Fuck off with your blatent bullshit you stupid nigger.

>China's economic freedom score is 59.5, making its economy the 103rd freest in the 2020 Index..

>The United States' economic freedom score is 76.6, making its economy the 17th freest in the 2020 Index.


not him but
>economic freedom index
So, some arbitrary rating scale made by americans ranks every non-american country as less free then america. Wow, what an amazingly introspective and non-biased source. 🤔

If you consider that an objective measure than I'm not sure if I can trust you.


>"freedom score"
some horseshit rating system invented by the neocon heritage foundation is what you're going on? you really are dumb


File: 1585436524671.png (185.12 KB, 480x342, 80:57, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Can I offer you a free helicopter ride?


Really makes you wonder what is going on in this thread.


United states is ranked as #17.
You claimed that
>you'd be a freer capitalist in "communist" china than in murika
Using a capitalist-centered score of freedom is completely applicable here. If you think that one of the metrics they use is anti-capitalist, explain how.


because there's either nothing scientific behind their so-called "metrics," you wannabe smart-sounding little faggot, did that make you feel oh so smart? … or at best one's "freedom score" is based on things like how loose a country's laws are to the predatory capitalists and kikes like those who invented this "freedom score index"


>because there's either nothing scientific behind their so-called "metrics,
It's not a scientific matter.


Yes anon, lack of anti-capitalist laws is typically seen to be friendly to the freedoms that capitalists recognize as essential.
I'm going to remind you that the freedom score was posted in response to your claim here >>240622 which you seem to have abandoned defending in favor of weak appeal to emotion and name-calling.


>implying china isn't pro-capitalism
yeah that's why they're so filthy rich and everyone in the world is clamoring to do business with them

because they're anti-capitalist


I don't think you even know what capitalism even is at this point.



>President Donald Trump bashed governors he claims weren't "grateful" enough for federal assistance, and said he's directed Vice President Mike Pence not to call such governors unless they "treat him right."

literally witholding federal aid during a pandemic because the governors didn't fellate him hard enough. Jesus. He is the most broken person I have ever seen.


Have you looked in the mirror Satan?

Also you are flat out lying.
The article said absolutely nothing about him withholding federal aid. It more or less just said that he ain't calling to talk to people who badmouth him, because why would someone want to have a conversation with someone who metaphorically spits in your face after you hand them millions in aid.

I know you have hardcore TDS but stop cut the bullshit dude. It ain't right.


if you define it as lessaiz faire predatory capitalism where shyster jews and jeff bezos can ship your industry off, promote transsexualism and get away with murder, then yeah I guess china is not capitalist


I don't think anyone knows what capitalism even is at this point with all the intervention from the government and the fed.


How you are still embedded with the china=commie=bad from the 50s US imperialist propaganda.

Everything you stated as a bad thing of communism has been exercised without fail by US/capitalist backed governments throughout the past century. Most notably US backed coups in Latin American countries.

The collective instead of being the people of the country are instead the elites and foreign corporations. Instead of the people owning their country it is the elites and foreign corporations who own your life while providing you with enough distractions (freedum) to make your life not so miserable.


It's a pretty obvious fallacy to say that the crimes of the current Illuminati fuckos make the backwards ethics of communism anywhere near acceptable. How about we have neither and you stop pretending that there's only two choices?


>freely exchange labour or creations of my labour
That's not capitalism. Capitalism is not synonymous with labor and is not another word for trade nor exchange. Capitalism refers to the process of the extraction of value from products of labor by a production owner who rents the hours of labor of the actual production laborers, who therefore by definition cannot own the product of their labor, nor the process of labor. It is for this reason that slavery is incompatible with capitalism, since the process of extracting value from renting labor in order to own the labor process and labor product is incompatible with direct ownership of laborers.
Private property rights have never been synonymous with the concept of self-ownership, either. Private property rights co-originate with aristocratic social organizations tied to serfdom, caste systems and slavery. Land ownership and slave ownership have for most of the history of human social organization been tied together in ways that many philosophers argued were inextricable, until industrial capitalism severed those chains.


Called it.
I knew you didn't know what capitalism is.


More and more are waking up to the unacceptability of the fascist government of China.


free buttsex and tattoos

democracy NOW



fascist government of China = bad
fascist government of Hungary = good



Respecting the democratic wishes of your people and closing your borders to rapefugees = Bad fascist goy


File: 1585585824341.png (22.42 KB, 344x175, 344:175, 6hy.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

All the liberals on twitter are crying because Viktor Orban has complete control over Hungary now.

He also has the ability to throw Marxists, communists and liberals in jail for 5 years under the "fake news" law.


>no not my succubi! I'd rather be a wagie! :(


File: 1585593149282.jpg (97.11 KB, 1249x395, 1249:395, 1583616778004.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>nooooo not the refugerinos! not the heckin replacementerinos! you cant just protect the interests of your people! what about the mohamedinos, they should be getting the money not your own people!


far right conspiracytards: they are going to take advantage of a pseudo-pandemic to get us locked into fema camps and declare martial law!
also far right conspiracytards: trump/orban/insert rw demagogue is going to declare martial law and get full control over their country, so BASED.

can't wait for right wing militas to serve as auxiliary to the state they (pretend to) despise so much lol.



Right winger fiction: Our own people should get the money not refugees!

Right winger reality: Only Schlomo Goldberg and his business class should get most of the money, the other classes should suffer



forgot to add to the second one: and also we should import "legal" refugees who work for less and actually refugees are good for capitalism!


I actually got a tiny updgrade to my bux when the refugees came to my country while right wing made it stay the same but it still a garbage bux I couldn't survive with without breeder care


Man, you really love building strawmen don't you.


whats the strawmen?


Nearly everything you said


>unironically taking politics from this dumbass sargon
>someone gives a correct and materialist description of capitalism in response to a failed ideal of liberal theory that has never happened in reality, only in liberal fantasy
>keeps arguing that the fantasy is real but if pressed can't provide historical proof for his definition of capitalism (because the "free" market is fantasy and never existed)

What is the point of arguing with capitalist apologists when they consistently deny reality and invent fantasies to confirm their delusions? Its a waste of time speaking to these anti-intellectuals and energy would be better used by doing conventional praxis, if your goal is to educate people.

I'm not that guy but what has he said that hasn't been happening in America or in other countries in the world? Literally everything he's talking about has been happening around the globe. He did exaggerate though because right wingers seem to genuinely believe that giving money to corporations will trickle down to the workers and unspeakable inequality and power imbalances are good for society if the stock market is up. They claim to be against government centralization, but say nothing when it becomes more centralized and authoritarian under pandemics like this, robs us of our taxes money to bail out corporations (so-called "crony" capitalism and the free-market at work here), and they say nothing about demilitarizing the government while the people are scantily armed in comparison to the state army. Go on being a fool though and thinking politicians and corporations will save you when the dominant tendency of history shows that they would rather save themselves and their power, fucking tool. Brainwashed tool of the bourgeoisie.


>someone gives their own personal definition of a common word that no one uses
>gets bent out of shape when people don't agree with that attempt to redefine words to better suit their argument
Capitalism already has a well defined meaning and definition that has been agreed upon. Redefining it into something else because it fits your shitty arguments better isn't valid.
Name calling and dismissal also isn't a valid argument.


>well defined meaning
If you want to live in a fantasy liberal world, then sure, but in the material world, in the real world, capitalism does not meet how it is idealized and described by liberal academics theorizing about it.

Go ahead and believe in failed theories though that do not agree with reality, you're only working against the interest of knowledge.

Also, you must not be familiar political philosophy if you think the definition of capitalism is universally agreed on. Maybe in bourgeosie academic fields like economics it is among bourgeosie economists, but not outside of the bourgeosie intellectuals.

The only shit argument is the ones set forth by you capitalist apologists that talk so proudly of a system that you can't even honestly define and examine.


Did someone mention capitalism?


Let us look up this word and see who is right and who is full of shit shall we.
First 5 results
>an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market

>Capitalism is an economic system in which private individuals or businesses own capital goods. The production of goods and services is based on supply and demand in the general market—known as a market economy—rather than through central planning—known as a planned economy or command economy.

>an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, especially as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth.

>Capitalism is an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit. Characteristics central to capitalism include private property, capital accumulation, wage labor, voluntary exchange, a price system and competitive markets. In a capitalist market economy, decision-making and investments are determined by every owner of wealth, property or production ability in financial and capital markets, whereas prices and the distribution of goods and services are mainly determined by competition in goods and services markets

>Capitalism, also called free market economy or free enterprise economy, economic system, dominant in the Western world since the breakup of feudalism, in which most means of production are privately owned and production is guided and income distributed largely through the operation of markets.

Notice the pattern and how absolutely none of them are even remotely close to how you tried to define the word for the sake of your argument.

Now will you stop with this sophistry


>If you want to live in a fantasy liberal world, then sure, but in the material world, in the real world, capitalism does not meet how it is idealized and described by liberal academics theorizing about it.
That's true of literally every political theory.


Technically that doesn't apply to fascism because it is a label that was applied to something observed rather then a theoretical ideal system to be worked towards.


Do you think you're making a point because you're not. None of those definitions disagrees with what he said about capitalism. Private ownership of capital allows whoever owns that capital to extract profits from the surplus value that the laborers produce.


and the total sophistry just keeps flowing.
This time it sounds like you are trying to push labor theory of value, which was disproved nearly 200 years ago.


File: 1585757505228.png (461.29 KB, 1000x1446, 500:723, antiworker.png) ImgOps iqdb

Nah, Schlomo should get fucked too. He's the biggest force pushing for mass migration anyway.



This is such a ridiculous statement. You may as well have said the theory of the Earth being round has been disproven. It's times like this I wish the site had an ignore feature. You are a cultist who is incapable of rational independent thought. You just regurgitate the propaganda of the ruling elites without ever trying to think critically about whether it is true for yourself. People like you disgust me.


Are you seriously comparing all modern economic theory to flat earthers?
Labor theory of value is wrong, always has been wrong, and every time it is attempted to applied it fails.
Calling me names and various other personal attacks doesn't change the hard economic truth.

Here are some completely reasonable and dispassionate arguments against labor theory of value. No need for emotional appeals, no need to call people names, just cold hard rationality.

Also look into the completely economic theory that supplanted it

join the 21st century of economics and quit following Marx. He was wrong about just about everything.


If the laborers really own their own bodies they should be able to sell the product of their labor as they see fit. Likewise, a third party such as the state or whatever euphemism you want to give to your gangster organization that is going about "distributing the wealth" barging in and using force to dictate what someone can and can't do with the products of their own body is just violence. Communism does not recognize the individual's right to their own body, and therefore communism is slavery.


File: 1585796181391.jpg (78.42 KB, 720x678, 120:113, qm5a7c7B0JTbm1E-N5F9CTqBFH….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm not even a communist and if you read my post you'll notice I never mentioned it once.

stop spamming links and use your own words. Link spamming is just gish gallop. If you want to make your own argument and then add sources that add context, that's one thing, but just saying you are wrong and here is a link that proves it is of no use. You do realize there are links that say just about anything these days? You can find a dozen articles "proving" that the earth is flat. Why should I take my time reading any one of them when you haven't even said a word yourself? You are just a conduit for propaganda at that point.



The government and police just exist to protect rich people and their property


wow, look at that non-argument.
Look at the pure lies
look at the denial of information to suit said non-argument
Look at the willful ignorance.

Tell you what, I invoke Hitchens's razor
>That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence
Any unsupported claim you make or have made I can and will dismiss as you have provided no evidence or support of their validity.


What is the point of saying things that are demonstrably false like this?


not him but it's true



>my weird exception disproves the rule


What you really mean is
>I can't

And my point stands.


File: 1585870343625-0.jpg (30.14 KB, 720x540, 4:3, trivszou3xj31.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1585870343625-1.jpg (44.49 KB, 483x600, 161:200, on3od31kn0741.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1585870343625-2.jpg (166.87 KB, 1008x674, 504:337, 77u56jzwhqv31.jpg) ImgOps iqdb








police originated in the u.s. by breaking unions, working for the rich to stop poor people from uniting their power to get better conditions and wages. see the link.



I can go on forever here counting their injustices

It doesn't. All cops are bastards.

Police operate no different than gangs do. Police and govermnents are just the biggest gangs around and set the rules for everyone.

See -


academics - https://www.offiziere.ch/wp-content/uploads-001/2017/07/Saab_Taylor_2009_Criminality-and-Armed-Groups.pdf



File: 1585871265610.jpg (49.34 KB, 640x673, 640:673, 0apr0leghk741.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

shit liberals say


Strange how the vast majority of what you posted isn't actually support for your argument.

Also read up on what unions were actually like back then. They were violent thugs and sometimes it literally criminal gangs with connections to the mob. Actually they still have connections to the mob in most places. It 100% is the job of Police to handle violent gang members and thugs.


File: 1585876667520.jpg (61.31 KB, 378x540, 7:10, 42628e051e4287af5ad570a08a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


If you think those links aren't support for the argument that all police are scum then we have completely different world views, morals, and beliefs on justice. You must be an authoritarian that supports strong governments and dictators or something, defending any act of oppression they commit against the people. I'm a libertarian and I'm against governments and all authoritarianism.

Do you have any source on unions being violent thugs? I've never heard about this, but all I've heard were that corporations were violent thugs and they hired thugs to suppress people from joining unions like the Pinkerton thugs that still exist today. When people fought against child labour and fought for a 5 days work week and 40 hour work week, corporations would send the government to attack them and break the unions. They would kill union members to scare people from joining unions and use any means they could to stop unions so they could exploit workers uninterrupted. So all I've heard were that corporations and govermnents were acting like thugs, not the people fighting for rights, to end child labor, for minimum wages, and for a 40 hour work week. I can find sources if you want, but I always thought that this was commonly understood if you actually studied the history of the labor movement.


>all police are scum
Then I suppose you support universal gun rights and laws that prevent police from stealing people's private property through taxation?


>If you think those links aren't support for the argument that all police are scum
So you have changed your argument
Look at the reply chain, looks like you lost the plot.
And with that I say good day and goodbye because I will not suffer fools that can't keep up with the conversation.


File: 1585879325143.jpg (208.93 KB, 1292x2000, 323:500, crimeth.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I believe in use rights, not in private property rights. And yes, everyone should own a gun at least as deadly as the guns the govermnent has. Ideally there would be no government and no guns, but right now everyone should own guns to defend against government oppression.

Also, the most ardent supporters of private property rights are those that need the police the most and the people that use them to oppress people the most often. If private property rights defenders didn't have police to enforce their so-called rights, then no one would respect the private rights and people would freely associate together on natural terms, not by artificial legal constructs enforced through state violence. Private property is essentially legal theft back by state violence, and this is also why the government is nothing but an institution of thugs.

It's the people that don't own property that should really be worried about police oppression, not the rich property owners. It has been this way for all of the history of civilization. Most of the time the owners of private property just buy politicians to lower their taxes or send their money into overseas tax havens, because the government is always on the side of rich people anyway.

I wasn't the guy you were replying too I just happened to see a bit of the conversation and made a response. My argument has always been ACAB - all cops are bastards.


>I wasn't the guy you were replying too I just happened to see a bit of the conversation and made a response
So you were all in the Kool-Aid and didn't know the flavor.

Meh, you position is less interesting to debate if I am being honest so I just going to peace out.



>In early May 2018, media reports noted that Rear Admiral Tim Ziemer, the top White House expert on global health security, had suddenly left the National Security Council. Moreover, the NSC team he oversaw was disbanded by John Bolton, the national security adviser, as part of a reorganization. As the Washington Post put it, this meant no senior official in the Trump administration was “now focused solely on global health security.”

>Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Patty Murray (D-Wash.) were troubled by this news, and they sent Bolton a letter noting the dismantling of the NSC’s global health squad “comes amid continuing concerns that the nation and the world are unprepared for pandemic outbreaks or other global health threats.” (At the time, there was a new outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo.) They posed Bolton a series of questions about the NSC’s preparedness to address a pandemic, including, “What current structure is in place at the NSC to address global health security?” And the pair requested a “staff-level briefing on the Administration’s global public health work” within two weeks.

>In an interview with Mother Jones this week, Warren recalls that Bolton blew them off.

>Bolton, she notes, did not provide her and Murray the briefing they requested on global health security and pandemic preparedness. The senators received a generic response letter that did not address their list of questions. Warren says this reply symbolizes “the heart of why this [coronavirus] crisis is hitting so hard right now. Our government has been run for the past three years by people who don’t believe in government or at least don’t believe in government except to help themselves and their friends.” She adds, “The consequence of that is that they were willing day after day after day to strip out the people who perform the basic functions of government.”

If you fire everyone involved in keeping people safe from a pandemic, everyone will get totally fucked up by a pandemic when it happens. Who knew. Oh that's right, everyone with a brain. Why the fuck do people think that if we tear down government and only use it to prop up big business and crush the little guys that the country will somehow be better? That just makes us a failed state like they have in Africa where a few rich guys just control everything and give no shits about the suffering of their people.


Fake news from a known liar along tribal lines.


>peace out
don't talk to me about kool aid you ghetto nigger




"At the time, it was overcome. The viruses were identified, sequences to the vaccines were available.

"Labs around the world could be working right then on developing protection for potential coronavirus pandemics. Why didn't they do it? The market signals were wrong. The drug companies. We have handed over our fate to private tyrannies called corporations, which are unaccountable to the public, in this case, Big Pharma. And for them, making new body creams is more profitable than finding a vaccine that will protect people from total destruction."

"why do people think if we tear down government and only use it to prop up big business and crush the little guys that the country will somehow be better"

Because conservatives think they are elites and can be rich someday too, or have friends who are etc. or they are just propagandized by the billions of dollars from Koch and other big names who have spent decades misinforming also they love the feel of Trump slamming his fat cock in their ass and screaming BIGLY!!!!!!


File: 1585941913366.jpg (323.18 KB, 720x840, 6:7, 1585407493503.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This is your brain when it's only instruction is "OWN THE LIBS"


File: 1585948562259.png (579.1 KB, 480x841, 480:841, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


Any reason that guy decided to stab a little succubus to death in broad daylight? Is it just cause he's somalian?


because world is a fuck


shed probably grow up to be some pozzed antiwhite progressive, dont care tbh


Putting the cart before the horse there don't you think?


People die and are murdered every day.
Why would you think I care about some random little white succubus more then any other random human?


I dunno, why did people care about trayvon?


You are asking the wrong person. Didn't care about him ether.
If anything he actually was partially responsible for his own death by engaging in a fight that he didn't have to.


I can't decide whether I hate succubi or niggers more. In an ideal world the niggers would kill all the succubi then we'd have an excuse to lynch all the niggers. After that we need to cull the rest of the normalfaggots. They're all hedonists so we can implement a program where electrodes are implanted into their pleasure centers in exchange for giving up their rights. Put them in a pleasure coma then we can handle them later. Then you have the moralist normalfaggots left, these can only be subverted through memetic warfare. If we put our best men on the job it'd probably take 20 years to implement a religious system of wizard-worship. Then they'll be at our mercy. Only wizards will be left then, and as our abilities develop we will no doubt be able to fully transcend our corporeal bodies and ascend as angels or demons. After this happens Earth will have served its purpose.


Guess you really hate female "niggers" then.


Certainly yes.


Why did you put niggers in quotation marks?


Because it is a quote using the term you used.
I personally don't use it much because the meaning is so subjective that it is near meaningless.


File: 1585961055940.png (721.01 KB, 647x710, 647:710, aacbyjk7fnq41.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is scary


The sheriff in Seattle just announced that hate speech should be reported to 911 despite it not breaking any laws.

Also Florida is being sued for closing churches and arresting pastors but keeping big box retailers like Wal-Mart and home depot open.

Man this crisis is bringing out the petty tyrants all over.


It didn't stop the feminist in spain and now look at them.

Then again you say scary but I suspect that new world order believers find a lot more comfort in the idea of some ultra competent cabal of overlords then the terror inducing truth. The truth that chaos reigns and the people quote "in charge" are overwhelmed idiots who usually have no idea what they are doing but have fooled themselves into the delusion that they know better than all those other idiots.


>The truth that chaos reigns and the people quote "in charge" are overwhelmed idiots who usually have no idea what they are doing but have fooled themselves into the delusion that they know better than all those other idiots.
That's true but it doesn't mean that they're not trying, and it doesn't mean that they can't be successful in some cases.


Since Sean Malstrom is usually right about everything that he ever comments on here's a pertinent article from him on the situation.

Just substitute the word "rich" in his article for "Jews" if you want the plain and unvarnished truth.


Wuhan Virus Only a “Pandemic” Because Rich People Can Get It

Once upon a time, there was this thing called the ‘Cold War’. You have to ask yourself, “Why were people so afraid?” They even did drills of students hiding under their desks as if ‘nuclear bombs’ would be stopped by the desk. Governments spent an astronomical sum to prevent ‘nuclear war’. ‘Nuclear war’ also dominated entertainment and economics for decades.

The reason why ‘nuclear war’ was such a crisis was because of one thing and one thing only: the rich would be affected by it. A nuclear bombs wipes out rich people as well as poor people and middle class people. If a nuclear bomb only killed poor and middle class people, I highly doubt there would have been much concern for it.

The Covid 19, or Wuhan Virus, is a crisis only because the virus does not care if you are wealthy or poor, famous or not famous, elite or non-elite. The rich are scared. This is why they are shutting down the economy and demand lockdowns everywhere. Unemployment doesn’t matter to the rich… because they are rich. Let me elaborate.

There is intellectual dishonesty going on the Internet (Editor’s Note: Understatement of the century…). When people challenge or question assertions made of Wuhan virus or even defy lockdown orders, the response is, “These people are idiots, and they are endangering people! OMG!” I want to ask people saying that, ‘Do you really know what it is like to be poor?’

Life has trade-offs. For example, I take an extremely dangerous risk by driving on the Houston freeways everyday. However, I have to get to work to make money. People die all the time on freeways. However, as a society, we have accepted this type of death rate for the price of automobile driving.

Flu season kills X amount of people each year. Heat waves kill Y amount of people each year. Heart disease kills many people each year. We have come to accept those deaths and did not shut down society because of them.

What I would like for those people wondering why people question the ‘pandemic’ is to, first, realize that these people’s lives have already been destroyed. They have lost their jobs and their retirements. They are prisoners in their own homes. How can you not blame them for not asking, “What the fuck is all this!?” After all, we did not shut down society with other forms of deaths. Why this one in particular?

So the person looks behind the ‘lock down’ orders. They were based on models. What are the models? They then find out that the models have been waaaaaayyyy off. So they get more suspicious. What they want to know is, “Why was my life destroyed?” If the only answer you offer is “Virus”, this will not be a satisfactory answer as there have been many other viruses and many other forms of death. These people feel they are being screwed… because they are being screwed.

Yet, instead of listening to them, you’re telling them that they are stupid and ‘dangerous’. Dangerous… to whom? “Why, to life itself.” And how do you define life? Is life now defined sitting inside your home?

Consider the physical presence of religious sacraments. The religious view spiritual life as more important than physical life. Do you remember the Bible’s New Testament accounts of the lepers? The lepers were shunned and were outcasts. They were not allowed to be part of the community. Jesus went out there and touched them anyway. Did you know that leprosy is highly contagious and is spread by water droplets from the face or being very close to one? How ironic that Wuhan virus, or Covid 19, is spread in a very similar way. What is even more amusing is that modern science is having difficult times with the virus… meaning it is harder to predict (modeling has been way off) and harder to test (much of the testing is faulty).

So the modern world is finally confronted with something that it cannot control. It’s my observation that the more faith individuals have in God seem to be less scared of the virus. “If I die, I die,” they say. The non-religious cannot comprehend this as they are more scared than I’ve ever seen them.

So about the “pandemic”… Again, why is THIS a pandemic while other extremely nasty viruses were NOT pandemics? When our arrogant readers read this, they are reading something else entirely. They are reading, “The pandemic is a hoax; it is not real. The virus is not deadly.” When someone says that, what they are REALLY saying is… “Why does *this* virus warrant economic destruction while the other viruses did not?” Answers to this will be that it is more contagious, that there are more unknowns, that it affects different people differently, etc. The person will then say, “It doesn’t seem that much different than the flu…” and this sets off the other person. “How DARE you say that! It is not the flu because of BLAH BLAH…” They are hearing something else entirely. The people that are questioning the ‘pandemic’ are not questioning the deadly or contagious nature of the disease, they are questioning the difference in response. The fact that the modeling has been wrong, the social distancing hasn’t done much (virus was here since November), and no one is talking about re-opening the economy only heightens people’s sense of paranoia. Conspiracy theories abound.

The real answer as to why Wuhan virus is a “pandemic”, and other things are not, is because Wuhan virus infects rich people.

Rich people were not affected by illegal immigration. “We do not need a wall,” they said as their estates are hidden by giant walls and fences.

Rich people were not affected by offshoring of manufacturing. In fact, they profited even more from it.

Rich people are not affected by lockdowns. They don’t want to interact with peasant society anyway. Rich people tell YOU to go quarantine yourself in your home while their ‘home’ is a gigantic super yacht or a major mansion complete with private gyms, pools, and various concubines to keep them company. The rich do not care about re-opening the economy because they do not need it. The poor and middle class do. But the rich don’t give a shit. The poor and middle class going to work means the rich might have THE CHANCE to be infected, and once infected, have A CHANCE of dying. Can’t have that. Can’t risk it.

Who owns these big corporations these governments are bailing out? Rich people.

Who doesn’t need retirement with stocks crumbing? Rich people.

Who doesn’t fear unemployment? Rich people.

Did you know that Wuhan Virus was spread by rich people? After all, it isn’t the poor and middle class who engage in constant international travel, it is the rich.

What do the poor and middle class want? To not be poor and middle class. These lockdowns are essentially telling these classes to ‘stay poor’. This is why there is so much conspiracy theorizing out there. I think the simple answer is that today’s rich people are a bunch of cowards. I actually prefer the rich people of centuries and more back. Those rich people made pyramids, hanging gardens, and castles. Our rich people suck. All they do is buy whores and drugs. And when the going gets tough, they throw the poor and middle class overboard. Imagine we are on the Titanic, the rich have taken the life boats with the bail out money and the ‘quarantine’ is keeping you locked inside the Titanic as it goes down.

Do you know why there is no talk of immunity? It would present a risk to the rich that they would have to get infected and then naturally cleanse that virus. But can a drugged out rich person be able to do that? Perhaps not. No wonder they are scared shitless.

A reader says, “Bill Gates calls for massive lockdowns…” Bill Gates is the epitome of the ‘rich person’. Do not confuse ‘rich’ with ‘smart’, or, ‘rich’ with ‘brave’. In all the wars history has seen, did you see rich people go off into war? No. They sent the poor and middle class to die for them and their interests.

“Why are you saying this is a reaction of the rich?”

I’m explaining why they insist on economic lockdowns with NO MENTION of ever opening up the economy again. ONLY a rich person can talk that way. Poor and middle class NEED the economy to live. The rich already have their money. They don’t need the economy… for now.

And, yes, Wuhan Virus, or Covid 19, is being outrageously over-reacted. Covid 19 is a chest cold. That’s it. Is it dangerous? It is especially if you are unhealthy. Is it zombie apocalypse? No. Is the virus, itself, a nuclear bomb? No. People will die. But people die all the time. But here’s the thing… RICH PEOPLE AREN’T SUPPOSED TO DIE. Dying is for the peasants. This is why it is news when a rich person dies in a helicopter accident or something else.

When people call the pandemic ‘fake’, they aren’t questioning the mettle of the virus, they are questioning the mettle of people scared of it. The virus is revealing the fakeness of society… the fake money, the fake education, the fake leaders, but most importantly, the fake courage of supposed ‘elites’.


i normally hate long reads, but this one was interesting. Thanks wiz



File: 1586215181546.png (6.17 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 3423423fdsfsdfwew.png) ImgOps iqdb

fuck off back to 4chan you scum. This guy is a Neo-fascist and would genocide all wizards if he had power


not him but this thread isn't your shitlib safe space little boy


Is this dude retarded.
there are hundredths of thousands of ways and sites to get into amateur porn super easy.
Only fans is just getting media attention lately because their monetization model and record keeping is pretty good and easy to understand.

Also if sluts want to be sluts online then whatever. I honestly take more umbrage with the dumbass monkey simps who give these chicks money despite living in a age of nigh unlimited free porn.

Just the old cuckervative whining about muh degeneracy and my traditional succubi.
It's all bullshit. succubi are generally trash and letting them "exploit" themselves in the one way they are actually useful is probably for the best.


Interesting video using anarchist analysis of hierarchy to understand the left-right political spectrum.

shut up you fascist apologist. You get the fuck out too. And I'm not a fucking liberal. It's the liberals that allow scum like this here in the first place. After all, liberalism is a right-wing ideology that creates the condition for fascists like this to gain power. However much I don't like liberals, at least they don't openly advocate for the genocide of wizards like fascists have and they even allow neets to exist in the richest liberal countries.


They ain't a anarchist, he is a communist and collectivist who bends terms to fit his narrative.

Why don't you run off to your circle jerk before you get your feelings hurt. You sit here slinging insults and just generally acting like a jackass knowing full well your overly sensitive ass can't take even one tenth of the spanking back.
Stop with the unproductive rule 5 violating inflammatory insults and shitposting to everyone you don't agree with.
You clearly don't have the maturity to discus politics in a civil manner and probably should leave.


File: 1586224897487.jpg (42.28 KB, 500x399, 500:399, 15bfwaib1bx31.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know or care if he's an anarchist but he's analyzing the political spectrum from the basis of hierarchy, which is an anarchist method of analysis. Also, which of his statements do you think are distortions of the truth?

>i want the freedom to promote anti-wizard pro-sex pro-normie ideology without any backlash and anyone that says otherwise needs to get the fuck out

Yeah, no. Don't expect to be spouting anti-wizard anti-neet ideologies here without being fucked bullied and shame for the fake piece of shit that you are and that you don't belong here. Nevermind that the channel posting from that fucking facsist is called "the red-pill" a movement about getting to fuck succubi and how to be a "chad" to fuck them.

There is no midway or compromise that we should have with an ideology that is expressly against core wizard values and who would kill wizards if they could you fucking moron. We will shame you and bully you until you get the fuck out of our site because you don't belong here.

I'm not going to be civil or mature to fucking fascists, they don't deserve respect or civility. All those barbarians deserve is a bullet.

>is this guy retarded
Most fascists are. They aren't known for their intellectualism.


Little does he know he is replying to the same person…

Oh so by your own standards since I think that all forms of socialism are the same and all equally anti-wizard and anti-neet I am totally justified in flaming you whenever and wherever you post about your commie bullshit?

As well as use any means nessasary to shut down anything I personally don't agree with, like yourself?
So what you are saying by your own standards is that I should try to bully you off this site by acting like a hysterical SJW jackass?

Are you seeing a problem here?
Do you think that you deserve respect or civility or not?


Anti-chinese shilling (paid by Soros) is getting out of control.


It's funny that he pretty much criticizes how capitalism targets financially struggling people desperate enough to degrade themselves. But he doesn't realize it, or that Onlyfans barely even the worst example of this at all, he just calls it Satanic because that's all he's capable of doing.


The Chinese shilling (paid by the CCP) is getting out of control.


how do i get one of these shilling jobs


Either be an unpaid intern at a "marketing" company or keep answering shady job listings on craigslist until you get lucky.



He's a proud virgin who calls himself a volcel though.


I really liked The Distributist's video on what it means to be "right wing", found it very insightful.


Why progressives hurt progress.


Average volgroid would genocide every wizard without a second thought.


Berniebros…we got too cocky.


Crabs aren't wizards.


what does crab m ean?


COVID Means the End of US 'World Leadership' - US Decline Will Now Accelerate


There was one huge problem, however. The quality and sheer size of the AngloZionist propaganda machine was very successful in keeping most of the people in the West in total ignorance of these realities. The faster the Empire was collapsing, the more Obama or Trump peppered their patriotic flag-waving ceremonies (aka “press conferences”) with references to an “indispensable nation” providing “vital leadership” thanks to its “the best economy in history”, the “best military in history” and even “unbelievable CEOs”, “incredible politicians” and even “incredible conversations”. The message was simple: we are the best, better than all the rest and we are invincible.

Then COVID19 happened.


He lost because he could never get black people to trust him. Black people are a huge problem for democrats tbh. They are highly influenced by identity politics and propaganda because they're not as smart, wealthy or educated as the rest of democrats. They always end up voting for the corporate candidate because they can't see them for what they are and they vote at the most stupid level, not a level of policy. The conservative neoliberal wing of the democrats always manages to get the blacks to vote against their own interests and defeat the leftist candidates who might actually make their lives better.


what a surprise, the commie is also a racist who blames black people while ignoring bigger more obvious problems that lead to the defeat.

BTW no refunds.


File: 1586388095358-0.jpg (65.17 KB, 1024x797, 1024:797, 1583325038732.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1586388095358-1.gif (3.22 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 1583620312479.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Blacks are low educated voters. Period.

Why do they even have the vote, when all they vote for is neo-liberal corporate candidates that dupe them?


bro, you cannot identify people by their posts on an anonymous website so stop trying. I am not a commie, I didn't support Bernie, I wanted Warren. Bernie was nearly as bad as Biden for all sorts of reasons. I'm not racist either, I am just a realist who can accept what the data tell me.


I mean, at least they're not voting for republicans. That's 20 times worse. I am honestly embarrassed as fuck for the white peasantry in America.


>when all they vote for is neo-liberal corporate candidates that dupe them?
You libs caused this problem in the first place. You bought their votes with "free shit" to the point they were dependent on it, then the neo-libs that had more money and connections to throw around beat you at your own game for their vote.


I call you a commie because you sound like a commie, and I call you a racist because you say blatantly racist things.
Trying to play word games doesn't change what you really are which is racist. You can bullshit yourself but you can't bullshit me.


Nothing wrong with being racist.


The very bases of racism is a logical fallacy.
At it's very core it is both incorrect and irrational.
Meaning there is plenty wrong with it.


Fallacious how? So long as you're not saying something like "this one specific black man must be a criminal just because of his race" I cannot see how any fallacy is taking place. It's a fact that negroes are, as a group, less intelligent and more prone to violence. And making up excuses such as, "they're just being oppressed by white people", is 1) completely irrelevant to the fact that they are more likely to be violent criminals and 2) completely unsubstantiated speculation at best.
Unless you don't believe in evolution you must recognize that different genetics groups have different traits. Analyzing and making value judgements on these traits does not run against logic in any sense.


File: 1586433100104.jpg (128.52 KB, 925x925, 1:1, EVIhaUUXsAUwOtM.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

niggers and jews are an invasive pest, and left*st cunts are their enablers


Stop using words you have no clue about, zealot


Are you homosexual or just redditor?


No word was used incorrectly and I don't know what you are on about with this zealot nonsense.


Weird how you dont acknowledge the perfectly logical argument posed against you in favor of a one liner oh I forgot you are just a shilling wannabe propagandist


File: 1586469652062.png (405.56 KB, 800x623, 800:623, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Might be time for the US to leave the WHO as they are clearly just a dangerous pawn of the CCP.


“We do not need numbers. We need Hungarian children.” said PM Orbán as he announced his pro-natal policies.

Now the results are in. Births are up 9.4% from last year and there is a near-100% increase in marriages and the fertility rate has risen to 1.6, marking a sharp turn around for the Hungarian birthrate.


>if we just throw money at succubi that will solve the problem

This will backfire so fucking hard. Calling it now.


>racism is a logical fallacy
different races are different, sometimes negligibly, but occasionally to extreme levels, you must be insane or extremely stupid to think otherwise


well, what do you think they should do? they don't have anywhere close to a sustainable birthrate


Invest in automation and close off all immigration to prevent the roaches from swarming in.


now witchies are gonna find some wizzies to get their hand on the money


You treat your views like it is word of god.
Humans are not equal, so are races, yet you deny this obvious observation in favor feel good communistic nonsence.
You are zealot.


Gibs are bad, unless a right wing demagogue does it, then it’s not so bad. Based orban


>meme response
>non imageboard macro
Leave, vermin.
And for sure as hell you are human garbage.


If you want to give bitches money then go to a strip club.
I don't know how you could possibly be in favor of handing tens of thousands over to succubi to bribe them into breeding while somehow still considering yourself a wizard.


File: 1586521657979.jpg (61.2 KB, 500x480, 25:24, brown-donkey-eating-hay-50….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The level of assumptions you have made are staggering.

You have just completely made up some imaginary foil, concocted a totally fabricated argument, and even then made preposterous presumptions about the imagined construct you have substituted me for.

How exactly do you expect me to respond to this chicanery?


>well, what do you think they should do?
Depends on if we are going by their end goal and their values or my values and end goals.
If the goal is to increase the native birth rate by any means necessary then the solution is simple but unappealing to most. Which is to go full traditionalist/patriarchy when it comes to gender roles and get rid of all gynocentic laws that impede male authority over his household. End universal education past 8 grade for succubi, and end universal suffrage instead replacing it with a system where one must somehow earn it, like being a net tax payer or something.
Such a system would greatly increase the birth rate and internal stability of the country while making it fairly resistant to outside influence.
Or to put things simply they could find their pimp hand, take succubi's rights away, and put them in the tradcuck's dream of in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant.

What I would personally prefer would disregard the problem of birthrate and would instead focus on upscailing per-person economic productivity through lax regulation and small nudges through tax intensives, and use that increase in productivity to fund strong hard borders, while ending all forms of government welfare for everyone but disabled citizens.
Would also deregulate social and relational laws to all private/business matters that are of no concern to the state.
In effect turning the country into a nightwatchmen state with strong border controls and little reason for migrates to come unless they are actually highly productive.
The funny thing is because people would be responsible for themselves with little intervention from the government, because of female nature and limitations they would likely pair bond in a subservient role to productive males in order to gain security since most can not actually compete with men on actual equal meritocratic footing.
Or to put it simply, my personal solution would be to totally get out of social and economic manners thus ending all female special privileges and unearned "rights" and instead focusing almost exclusively on defense and criminal matters to keep the rift raft out/subdued. This would lower expenses
Economic freedom would increase productivity. In combination with lowering of expenses this means far less people are required to maintain the same standards of life and government function.
And since succubi are more or less on their own without the government to act as a substitute daddy or husband they would ether have to pull their weight for once, or submit to the authority of man in exchange for being taken care of (which would ether raise production or birth rate so ether is a win-win).


Why do continue to refuse to explain why you think racism is fallacious? Is it because you can't actually think of any rational reasons?


For one thing you would ignore whatever I write and instead argue points I never said, as you did repeatedly above.
Another thing is the last two times I used logic syllogisms to break down arguments I got banned for it.
Lastly I suspect you are just a troll that wants me to expend a lot of effort and then write something low brow and low effort or ignore entirely to get a rise out of me for your amusement.

Or to sum it all up, you are disingenuous with dubious motivations and it isn't worth my time or effort to get overly invested in any communication with you.
So you can stop with the bait.


every low IQ working class worker deserve to die TBH


did someone from the working class hurt you?


They don't. But the middle class should be crushed and send back to live with the proles like they deserve, like the pathetic drones they are.


Ever wonder how no one chooses the status or body in which they are born?


File: 1586808250420.png (468.47 KB, 883x572, 883:572, 7378648638686.png) ImgOps iqdb

So this just happened. Remind anyone else of 2016? Wonder how many Bernouts gonna kys themselves over this.


None because it's the only sensible choice. The better of two bad choices is still the better choice.


I knew he was a fucking liberal in the end.

Hopefully after see this all the american online socialist communities will stop wasting time on bourgeosie electoralism and focus on organizing workers in their communities, where our real power lies. Tired of seeing authoritarianism and radical liberalism being promoted in the american-centricn online socialist communities and being shamed because I don't support their fucking liberal king. Bernie had a long history of imperialism as well that never gets brought up and Murray Bookchin warned us about him long ago https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/bookchin-sanders but these fucking libs don't listen. Voting is a sham because we do not live in a democracy and politicians should not exist.


Bernie's authoritarian tendencies definitely soured me on him. He was actually a fan of the Russian communist party and the soviet union and other authoritarian "socialist" hellholes.

Bakunin had it right:
"We are convinced that liberty without socialism is privilege, injustice; and that socialism without liberty is slavery and brutality."


This is proof that communism can't work. Every communist has a different idea of what "real" communism is, it prevents any of the social fascism that the system is predicated on.


No, that's not really why. Everyone has a different idea of what republics, or democracies, monarchies, or capitalism should be like, yet they so far have worked more or less. In my opinion it doesn't work because in the absence of a hierarchy, one will always form, communist societies always get quickly overtaken by totalitarian regimes.


Bakunin was an anarchist, not a communist. Communism is an ideology of fascism, but you can do socialism without that. Fascists are just better at seizing power, so that's the only version we've tried, but there is ground-up from the people by the people of the people style governance that can work. The reason we don't have a good idea on what exactly a perfect socialist society would be is because any time you try to do socialism the capitalists sanction you and refuse to trade and even fight wars with you. They are bullies who won't let anyone try out anything that might reduce their grip on the laborers. We need to experiment and we will find a better way, even just reforming the current system to be more libertarian and equanimitable would be a good start.


Only outsiders, typically liberals, that don't study and understand socialist theory say this. For serious socialists that understand and study theory, we know perfectly well what communism is, but if we break when talking about what should be considered as socialism. This is where you get into the big divide between the authoritarian socialist schools (Marxist-leninism, Maoism, ect), and the libertarian currents of socialism (anarchists, council-communists, communalists, ect).

We mainly disagree on how to get to socialism, and how we get there will likely change outlook of the ends. Should we use authoritarian means to get to communism/socialism (through a Marxist-leninist vanguard party using the state as in China, the USSR), or should we use libertarian means of getting there by abolishing the state and capitalism at the same time and implementing socialism directly through the people after a long history of prefigurative politics https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prefigurative_politics building a new world in the shell of the old (which is what anarchists typically do).

Bernie is also not a socialist and he never was, though he appealed to a lot of authoritarian socialists. He is a social democrat (they do not want to end capitalism, just have a capitalist welfare state), and a type of politician that europeans are used to. Only in a country as right wing and brainwashed as america would he be considered a communist.

And btw, not all socialist are communists, though I would say most are. Market socialism exists.

>in the absense of hierarchy one will form
this is a-historical dogma that is being proven wrong this very moment by the experiences of the libertarian socialist communities of the Zapatista's in mexico and through other libertarian revolutions that have happened.

An actual valid criticism would be how would we defend the revolution on small scales against the entire liberal-capitalist world order working to destroy it. The Zapatista's are surrounded on all sides of their territory by the mexican army, preventing the revolution in mexico from spreading and similar developments of capitalists states sabotaging socialist movements have always occurred throughout history. Which again brings us back to the divide between libertarian and authoritarian socialists. Should we try to achieve socialism through an state and use that to defend it, or should the people directly defend it through their own organizations and peoples army.


>this is a-historical dogma that is being proven wrong this very moment by the experiences of the libertarian socialist communities of the Zapatista's in mexico and through other libertarian revolutions that have happened.
What works on small scales rarely does on large scales. It's why few countries are true democracies and usually republics.


Bakunin was a collectivist-anarchist, not quite a communist but close. Many anarcho-communists believe that we need collectivism before we are ready for communism, and you make a gross mistake to confuse communism, the stateless classless and moneyless society that we strive for and which has never existed in modern history at least, and fascism, which is an authoritarian ultra-nationalist state driven by racism and bigotry. The two are complete opposites, diametrically opposed political views which is why anti-fascists are almost always socialists.

Here is an article that may clear up some mistakes you have on what communism actually is https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/wayne-price-what-is-anarchist-communism . When I say communism and call myself a communist I am not talking about what you refer to, as fascism or the USSR/China/Cuba, I am talking about a stateless, moneyless, classless society. I opposie fascism and the USSR/China just as strongly as anyone else does.

>what works on small scales rarely works on large scales
Can you tell me anything that is empirically proven with historical evidence and not just dogma? We know why the centralization of the USSR failed, which is because the intricacies of details and wider context of everything on the ground is too much for any centralized system to effectively manage without those details being blurred and becoming unclear when being passed up through the hierarchy. Workers on the ground know their situation the most acutely, what parts they need, and the details of their operations, so they would be the most suitable individuals to deal with them directly if they had the power to do so. We can see this is quantitatively true through the outcomes of large-scale worker-cooperatives like Mondgragon in Spain as well as countless studies on worker-cooperatives in revolutionary times.

Not to mention the qualitative improvement that is never brought up through the increase in freedom of controlling your own life. I want to say more but I have to study.



Forgot to add that liberals and authoritarians hypocritically never connect the centralization and loss of detail through hierarchy into their own hierarchical organizations in liberal states, namely liberal representative "democracies" and capitalist corporations, which effectively function as totalitarian institutions. Especially blocking out the qualitative increase in value given to the people through freedom, because they purely see the world in numbers.

Should we be slaves to an economy as cogs in a machine keeping it running just for the purpose of it, or should the economy be in our direct control and molded to our desires? I think it should be the latter, but authoritarians will tell you otherwise.


File: 1586828389833-0.webm (2.96 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1586810002945.webm) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1586828389833-1.webm (2.51 MB, 576x1024, 9:16, 1586809349640.webm) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1586828389833-2.webm (1.03 MB, 848x480, 53:30, 1586805330098.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I'm so glad we destroyed the economy for this. Absolutely worth it. Honestly we aren't doing nearly enough to make sure that hospitals are so empty they can spend all their shifts making tik tok videos to raise awareness.

It's time to #TwerkForCorona


How dare people take ten seconds to have fun in tough times.


>you make a gross mistake to confuse communism, the stateless classless and moneyless society that we strive for and which has never existed in modern history at least, and fascism, which is an authoritarian ultra-nationalist state driven by racism and bigotry
Generally when someone uses the prefix "ultra" to describe something on top of making sure to throw some curse magical words (such as "racism" and "bigotry") he shouldn't be taken to have an unbiased opinion on the subject and, indeed, you don't. That's a very self-serving definition of communism and fascism, one easily read those as "good" and "evil".


I actually mostly agree with you, but your critique of centralization is not even necessarily left-wing.


You must be a fascist yourself. I mean, if you don't want to take my word for it since I am admittedly a communist, just go on Wikipedia.

Liberals control Wikipedia and they control the current world-order and even they call you scum bags ultra-nationalists as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism

I'm not telling you to read actual socialist theory, because I know fascists are aversive to educating themselves, but wikipedia, a liberal controlled website, even says the correct definition of communism and you can read it there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communism They say the same definition as what I said.
> socioeconomic order structured upon the ideas of common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money and the state.

Not that I think truth comes from whoever is in power though.

I have heard capitalist economics make these arguments of centralization, but because they are blinded by ideology they never apply it to their own organizations.

Anarchist's, however, made these predictions long before the liberal economists did. After all, the entire point of anarchism is a critique of hierarchy.

And yes, anarchism as a sophisticated political theory has existed in tendencies throughout history through the working class and even thousands of years back philosophers in China theorized very similar ideas, specifically the Taoists (see the zhuangzi).

Also I don't think it's good to associate with the left/right wing spectrum when thinking of anarchism because it leads to a misrepresentation of our ideas and carries to much baggage. I posted a relevant video to this earlier in the thread here >>241420 . Marxist-Leninist are considered left-wing by mainstream though, but they literally killed anarchists and I hardly consider them socialists. We are too different in our praxis to be compared side by side and simply promoting this dogshit left/right wing spectrum leads to too many unproductive conversations because people can't tell the difference between us.


oh no my demagogue newscaster is making me scared these are tough times :(


File: 1586833069163.gif (1023.6 KB, 242x227, 242:227, 1433390471305.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Genuine question, why do you bother with this thread? You seem rather educated yet still bother with a thread that is always retarded shitposting.

You are retarded. Millions of people are losing work over this in countries all around the world with economies tanking as well. Even if this disease is a hoax or harmless, the actions taken because of it are not.


>losing work
This should be a good thing for them, now they're NEET and they get free unemployment.


They are not the people experiencing tough times.


Yeah, I mean being a healthcare professional can be tough but they're getting paid well for the most part. Most of the US economy is service sector based so it's going to suck whenever the shutdown ends and the stimulus does as well.


>You must be a fascist yourself.
See? You don't even try to have a genuine, good faith conversation. If I don't agree with you, or I call you out on your bias, I must be one of the evil "scumbags".

>if you don't want to take my word for it since I am admittedly a communist, just go on Wikipedia.

Imagine believing that wikipedia has some pro-fascist bias. This is how far removed from reality you are.

>I have heard capitalist economics make these arguments of centralization, but because they are blinded by ideology they never apply it to their own organizations.

I've seen many people who defend capitalism to some degree make arguments against centralization and apply it fairly from government to private institutions.

>We are too different in our praxis to be compared side by side and simply promoting this dogshit left/right wing spectrum leads to too many unproductive conversations because people can't tell the difference between us.

I said left-wing in a general manner precisely to show how far you can go and still find critiques of centralization of capital. What's unfair here is you disliking the handle "leftist" and arguing that it's not descriptive while basically suggesting that the real dichotomy is communist vs fascist, with everyone else that doesn't agree with you being a different degree of "fascist". Congratulations on adopting an even more obscuring ideological compass.


Hopefully they'll realise they don't that much people to run the economy, and only need people to
exponentially consume, and decide to give out free shit to keep it going, or shrink the economy and throw the dead weight in the grave.



The latter is more likely. This was put out in 2005 and it'll be an even worse situation soon.



Jesus fucking christ. Trump delayed the stimulus checks a couple of days so he could have his signature printed on them despite not being an authorized signer for payments made by the treasury under law. He had them add it to the memo line lol. That is such a fucking slimy move. He is getting desperate. He knows he fucked up by denying the coronavirus and he's doing anything he can think to try and make people like him again. Well, good luck getting the families of the dead to like you faggot.


Your trump derangement syndrome is really getting old.


This response is such a cop out. Over literally hundreds of issues and hundreds of specific criticisms of Trump, the defense from Trumptards is always the same, they don't even try to defend him on the issues because of course they would always lose if they tried that, so instead they just personally attack anyone who dares shed light on the fact that Trump is an amoral moron. Trump supporters are insane and delusional to the point where it's like they're living in a fantasy land rather than the real world. They all have the basic psychology of cluster B personality disorders. They idealize Trump and have split him into all good and this belief is important for their psychological comfort so they just attack anyone who threatens their image of Trump as the great savior who will make everything okay. They are scared little children who just want a big strong daddy to take care of them but sadly their narcissism and delusions made them pick a man to lead them who was just as weak and broken as they were to lead them, and look where it got us, with thousands of unnecessary deaths due to his gross incompetence. Wake the fuck up already.


The only people who took it seriously from the beginning were nationalists, admittedly because many of them wanted the border shut with or without corona. Meanwhile the left was crying racism (as always) and telling people to hug a chinese, the WHO was doing China's bidding, the liberals wanted the money and workers to continue flowing, and so on.


File: 1586976619454.jpg (63.18 KB, 432x371, 432:371, eeee.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>The only people who took it seriously from the beginning…
Meanwhile in reality the day after Trump was informed of the threat he formed a taskforce and counter response.


His reaction was ok at the beginning, but started deteriorating as time went on.


Schizenu, sperging out about le drumpfturds is so 2016.


File: 1586999591696.jpg (28.49 KB, 480x480, 1:1, COBw1rZUEAAcEl3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Are there people who like Trump here? I always imagined Trump supporters as narcissistic arch-Chads.


Kinda hard for me like Trump when he is off gutting food stamps and wanting to make getting disability even harder in this country. Don't get disability myself but there are lots of wizzes that do and I would rather not see them suffer more than they already do.


In what way?
Vid reladed is the only response needed.


Why would wizards like republicans when they're the main people cutting welfare checks and saying neets are parasites. You have to be a cuck or a rich man, or a wannabe rich man to like the guy.

I mean a lot of the crab types might like him because he resembles a lot of the prejudices they hold, but they shouldn't be posting here anyway (although they do unfortunately, they would be better off in r9k or pol).


Time to nip this in the bud.

Name any currently in office republicans that have publicly called for cutting welfare or saying neets are parasites.
I will wait.


I think most dont really like him or hate him.



The entire republican party including trump. I don't like democrats either, but republicans don't even try to hide that they are the party of the rich and powerful.

Nip what in the bud? You can easily find this out if you're paying attention, it should be common knowledge at this point and has been somewhat of a slogan for republicans to cut welfare for ages. Read this if you like https://www.cbpp.org/research/federal-budget/trump-budget-deeply-cuts-health-housing-other-assistance-for-low-and .

They have plenty of money for wallstreet, the rich, and the military industrial complex. Plenty of corporate "socialism", but only rugged individualism for the people. You can see it openly now too as they are robbing us of our taxes to bail out his rich friends whose businesses are failing while we get crumbs that will mostly be going to rent instead of our basic necessities, like we are living under feudalism.



jesus did jewtube took the nigger crime video down?


Happened right after it was posted here. My guess is the hypocrite commie spammed reports on it the moment he saw it.


Restructuing programs so that they are less expensive is not the same thing as calling for cuts.

For example the restructuring of snap to favor bulk buying food and give out low cost high quality food boxes appears more like a responsible attempt to make a program more efficient so that more people are able to be severed while spending less money.

Or ending a unconstitutional healthcare policy that was written by insurance agencies to force people to buy insurance against their will while also pumping public funds into private cooperation which was having the effect of driving up health care cost in the same way that public funding drove up education cost.

Being fiscally responsible and efficient so that social services are provided at lower cost is not the same thing as cutting programs in order to screw people.

Also still waiting on them direct quotes about neets.


This dude normally doesn't touch on politics at all but I really like his take on the Pandemic.
Like god damn do I agree.


ok but do you have anything to actually say on the subject though?



The article I linked says this -

>Cuts SNAP benefits for a broad swath of SNAP households. The budget also includes roughly another $85 billion in SNAP cuts over ten years. This includes requiring states to terminate food assistance to unemployed adults who aren’t raising children after only three months, even if they live in areas with high unemployment. States would only be able to waive this requirement in areas with unemployment above 10 percent, an extremely high bar that will miss many locations where few jobs are available to lower-skilled workers. (Current law allows states to seek waivers from the three-month limit for areas where jobs are scarce.) The budget also extends this three-month time limit to adults ages 50 to 62, who aren’t currently subject to it due to the unique labor-market challenges that many older workers face, including a higher incidence of poor health and outdated skills.

The budget also cuts SNAP benefits for many working families by eliminating a state option that allows benefits to phase down more smoothly as earnings increase, thereby avoiding a benefit cliff. And on top of that, the budget contains further SNAP cuts that would reduce benefits to 2 million more individuals, largely low-income seniors and people with disabilities, and households with more than six members.

So yes, it is cutting funds and they are planning to cut benefits to thousands of people.

And you mention "efficiency" but for who?

> And it would likely force households to incur greater transportation costs (and time) to get food for their families because they may have to pick up the commodities at centralized locations while still traveling to grocery stories for the remainder of their food purchases.

So now families that can barely afford gas not only have to drive to the grocery store, but also to a SNAP pick building just to get necessities, and they have even less choice in their SNAP because the government will probably buy cheap crap that no one wants to eat. It's better if they could choose what food to buy themselves.

On healthcare -
>The Trump proposal eliminates the ACA’s expansion of Medicaid to low-income adults and its subsidies that help low- and moderate-income people obtain marketplace coverage, replacing this funding with a block grant whose funding would fall further and further behind current-law funding each year. The proposal also imposes a per capita cap on federal Medicaid funding for seniors, people with disabilities, and families with children. Such a cap means that the federal government will only pay a certain amount for care per person, regardless of the actual cost of care. And, the proposal sets the per capita cap at a level that is below expected health care costs, with the shortfall growing each year. Finally, the Trump budget would weaken consumer protections for people with private coverage, such as by allowing states to eliminate key protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

>The budget also includes other policies designed to make it harder for low- and moderate-income people to obtain Medicaid coverage and marketplace subsidies. For example, it allows states to consider assets such as bank accounts in determining Medicaid eligibility for children, parents, pregnant succubi, and other adults. The vast majority of low- and moderate-income families have minimal assets, but proving that their assets fall below a specified level can be complicated and time-consuming for both families and states. That’s why, even before the ACA, many states dropped Medicaid asset tests; the tests were costly to implement, and few people were found to have assets over the limit.[2] By eliminating asset tests, the ACA made it simpler for people to access coverage and aligned eligibility rules for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program with those for the ACA’s premium tax credits, which has made it easier for people to move between these programs as their incomes fluctuate.

Taken together, the budget’s “repeal and replace” proposals and additional Medicaid cuts would cause millions of people to lose coverage and make coverage less adequate or less affordable for millions more.

Who exactly is this "efficient" for? Rich people? It's going to screw over millions of poor people, but the rich won't mind, so I guess that's efficient if you're rich. What exactly do you mean by "efficieny"? It's clearly not the same definition that we ought to use, which is to gain the maximum and sufficient benefit from the minimum amount of something while using the least human energy.

Never mind that you conveniently ignored the bulk of the rest of the article which plainly states the cuts being made in social services ect, where neets get their money from.

>still waiting on that quote about neets

I'm not going to find any for you, but you can see it on this website (there are meta threads on the front page up right now with evidence), talk to any typical conservative about welfare and they will speak of welfare recipients like parasites, or just google it yourself. I'm sure democrats say the same thing, but republicans are far more open about how much they hate poor people.

>being fiscally responsible

This is a republican meme. As I arleady said, republicans do not care about deficits unless its about helping the rich, wall street, and military industrial complex. Trump is running the largest deficit since world war II, he increases military spending while we aren't even in war time just to appease his sycophant voters, he bails out businesses (crony capitalism) that should be going bankrupt (notice the "free" market myth at work here yet republicans will always use this lie to defend capitalism) so the businesses know they will never have consequences of failing for not saving and will spend recklessly only to be bailed out by our stolen money (taxes) when they time comes. While Trump is robbing us to help his bandit friends, we only get crumbs back of our stolen income, most of which will be stolen right back from us because landlord parasites will take the bulk of it.

>unconstitutional to pay taxes

Are you not a statist? The constitution does not matter (and it never has). what matters is power between people on the streets and government officials. Personally, I'm a libertarian, so my principles are that taxation is theft and the govermnent as well as corporations should be abolished, but if you vote, then you are a statist, so I was speaking in a statist context. You can make this argument for basically all companies and everything that the govermnent subsidizes and pays into, and I would agree with you then since I am a libertarian, but if we are talking in the context of a statist, then taxation and the government is legitimate, so this is a deeply hypocritical response and can be applied to basically all government programs. As already said in the article, it is undeniable that he is screwing over millions of poor people with this budget, but at least the STONKS are up and wall street is happy amiright :^).


File: 1587084642070.jpg (69.91 KB, 470x720, 47:72, mlk.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>nothing significantly bad has happened because of trump

I can tell that you're a sheltered white person with no financial struggles to be saying this. I'm sure that nothing outside of your small, rich, white town matters, and who the orange man harms doesn't matter to you. Outside of your bubble, however, trump, and all u.s. presidents in the history of the u.s., have been war criminals, bandits, and severely harmed an unspeakable amount of people. It's no surprise that people hate whatever president gets into power, no matter if they are democrat or republican. The problem is that they can not see past the nature of the institutions that are oppressing them, because they are brainwashed to believe that these institutions are unquestionable arbiters of justice.


>Actually trying to play the race card
>Despite by objective measurements he has done better by black people then Obama

Your cultural marxist bullshit has no power here.
Black people aren't a class you can just use as a tool for your shity commie agenda.


>liberal conspiracy theory of "cultural marxism"
>thinks I'm a marxist and gets triggered for merely pointing out authoritarianism inevitably leads to harm because one size does not fit all and people exist outside of his local and narrow view of political life
>tries to use authoritarian, utilitarian logic of aggregate harm reduction, completely ignoring that people on the individual level will always be harmed because one size does not fit all

This is your brain on liberalism. This doesn't have to be applied to white people, it can be majorities that ignore the suffering of minorities or other more peripheral groups in other countries while thinking everything is fine. The Chinese ignoring the repression of the Uighur in China, mexicans and all american countries ignoring the government oppression against the indigenous people, the german's during world war II times and saying everything is fine meanwhile jews and other minority groups suffer racism everyday.

You can be a triggered little snowflake liberal all you want just because I mention white people, but that does not change the reality that Trump, just like every u.s. president in history, has caused immeasurable pain, suffering, and anxiety. Hence the hate against him is completely warranted, and whether you don't mind the suffering he causes or not, its incredibly ignorant to say he hasn't done anything deserving of hatred.

Also, I don't care about obama or any other politician. I'm not a statist, I'm a libertarian, they are all evil to me. It doesn't matter if one is allegedly less evil or more evil, because an evil is still an evil. We should not be forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. We shouldn't have evil at all. Politicians should not exist.


trump is a communist and a marxist because he does corporate socialism for the rich with a 7 trillion dollar bail out for them. Trump has a communist agenda for the rich, and a rugged individualist agenda for everyone else.


>unironically using term "conspiracy theory" while at same saying shit like
>The problem is that they can not see past the nature of the institutions that are oppressing them
>because they are brainwashed to believe that these institutions are unquestionable arbiters of justice.
Are you mentally unwell?
meanwhile jews and other minority groups suffer racism everyday.
>im libertarian
You also seem to happen to be retarded or pretending to be such, regardless of that you are not fooling anybody with your commie nonce-sense.


File: 1587134987981.png (17.56 KB, 575x400, 23:16, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

If you look at overall welfare spending from just before trump took office too now you will notice something.
Overall welfare spending significantly go down. Instead what is happening is money is being moved around within the existing welfare budgets with none really significantly being added or subtracted overall.

Kind of cuts into the narrative you are trying to pain when you actually look at overall numbers rather then cherry pick data points.


File: 1587138362226.png (133.33 KB, 539x802, 539:802, 35443454234.png) ImgOps iqdb


I don't know if images from Reddit are allowed here but I saw this posted there and wonder how valid it is

I feel like everything Trump does makes sense when you just filter it through "is this good for Trump's business and family and rich friends/associates who help his business and family"


File: 1587146415597.png (131.4 KB, 1900x764, 475:191, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Anything from reddit is automatically false, as everything on that site is curated by the Reddit admins.

Also, that post was made by someone who moderates a subreddit dedicated to worshiping vaginas.

Get off wizchan failed norman and back to reddit.

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