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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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File: 1587103022191.jpg (23.82 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



So the poor don't get bux?


File: 1587105550048.jpg (184.55 KB, 1045x836, 5:4, capitalismworkingasintende….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

as a concession so that they do not guillotine the rich, the poor will get crumbs to fight among themselves for. Although most of it will just end up back into the hands landlords, the rich who do not produce anything, yet they gain an income for privatizing the means of life; a privatization of the planet backed and enforced by government violence. Nothing different from feudalism, just working a bit differently to fool the poor into thinking they are free.


The evils 9f hierarchy won't disappear with communism, you are closer to it by being a mad scientist and building a nuke strong enough to not only wipe out all life on earth, but make it impossible to ever happen again, like the Necron did in one Warhammer game.


Yes they would. By definition they would disappear, or else it wouldn't be communist.


>abolition of the state, capitalism, wage labour and private property (while retaining respect for personal property, along with collectively-owned items, goods and services)[18] in favor of common ownership of the means of production,[19][20] direct democracy, and a horizontal network of workers' councils with production and consumption based on the guiding principle "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"

>"The immense constructive work demanded by a social revolution cannot be accomplished by a central government . . . It has need of knowledge, of brains and of the voluntary collaboration of a host of local and specialised forces which alone can attack the diversity of economic problems in their local aspects . . . Socialism will certainly make considerable progress, and new forms of more independent life will be created based on local autonomy and free initiative . . . But the success of this reconstruction will depend in great part on the possibility of direct cooperation between the different peoples. To achieve that, it is necessary that . . . there should be a union of all the workers' organisations of the world, federated to deliver world production from its present subjection to capitalism." [Anarchism, pp. 255-6]

TLDR libtards cry "n0 TRU3 C0MMIN1ZM m3Me"


The quote "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"
says otherwise I'm not liberal btw even in anarchy hierarchy will come back one way or another some beings of the same species will always be above others is just how this shitty world works only technology can make things fair through utopic isolation in vr or total annihilation.


I wonder if they can still deny they are a police state with a straight face.



If communism is unattainable, then what's the point of it? That's why people make fun of "not real communism".


Under anarchy not only would there still be a hierarchy, but those at the bottom of the hierarchy would be even worse off than they currently are under capitalism. Think of the central american countries (like Honduras and El Salvador) where the gangs have more power than the governments. Crime is rampant and the people live in constant fear. It would basically be like that but even worse.
In order for anarcho-communism to work, you would need everyone to agree to cooperate, contribute equally or at least to the best of their ability, not horde resources, not steal, not harm anyone, all under a system with no authority to punish them if they break the rules. Just a small percent of greedy, violent, and/or malicious people would completely fuck the whole thing up. Not to mention it would only be a matter of time before gangs were formed and we're back to the whole mob rule thing. Anarcho-communism is just one of those things that crumbles under the slightest bit of common sense, which is why most people who believe in it are dumb teenagers and spoiled trust fund babies who have been sheltered from the real world. Though there are also a lot of "anarcho-communists" who don't even actually believe in the ideology and are just in it for the internet arguments.


Tik tok is a tool of the CCP

It also is normie as fuck


Nobody here uses Tik tok but you would know that if you weren't a /pol/ retard.


thank you, I'm sure all our tiktok wizards will learn something from this video


Just posting stuff that conforms my long held theory that social media sites are tools of state powers as a intel op.

This particular one if owned by the CCP.
FaceSpace and Twater used by the US

That and even if you don't personally use the shit, if you have family n shit that use them then you still have to be careful because shadow profiles are a thing.
Just because you don't know about something or even don't use something doesn't mean it can't hurt you.


More paranoid fantasies from /pol/ retards. Take your meds, schizo.



Defending data collecting, nefarious big tech companies and an oppressive dictatorship to OWN the pol boogeyman.


Do you honestly believe the life of a fascist crab who spends all day on /pol/ and shilling for /pol/ all over the internet is of any interest to a multibillion dollar company much less the government of a foreign country? Stop shitting in every thread and take your meds.


Apparently opposing authoritarianism is fascist now. What a joke.


File: 1587516887987.jpg (268.36 KB, 1400x1048, 175:131, 1515334892990.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The only acceptable form of socialism is national socialism.

All you lame commies and your failed system of socialism sucks, that is why it always self implodes.


Didn't national socialism also go down in flames too?


It didn't last very long, but at the same time they started one of the biggest wars in human history no that long into the start of it. Communism at least lasted through the cold war, but it was always at odds with capitalism too. Really hard to judge stability of an economic or political system when they are assaulted the whole time.


File: 1587518478675.jpg (301.08 KB, 1156x1672, 289:418, QES5SZB.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A little too obvious with the false flagging there, champ.



Oh no, not the gnatzee flag


Dude national socialism lmao


File: 1587520360147.jpg (789.39 KB, 1000x1494, 500:747, history-education-pss-comm….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The only good communist is a dead communist


File: 1587521375865.jpg (452.07 KB, 1188x1515, 396:505, EWLF7ZOX0AAaozp.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is your average wizchan communist


>deviantart link on the sign



Furthermore, Russia’s figures for the deceased are broadly similar to those of its large eastern European neighbors (Poland 385, Ukraine 161), but the thing that differs significantly is testing. While Russia has carried out over two million, Poland has conducted just under 215,000 and Ukraine only 61,997. Thus, if there really is a story of concealment or misreporting east of the Elbe, it’s arguably more likely to be coming from Kiev or Warsaw, than Moscow.

However, as Ukraine is a US client state, Western media, generally speaking, doesn’t cover its affairs critically: Ukrainian elites “may be sons of bitches, but they are our sons of bitches,” etc. Much like how Russia received broadly favorable coverage in the 1990s when Boris Yeltsin’s Kremlin supplicated itself to Washington. Meanwhile, the misery, torment, hardship, and pauperism of millions was largely de-emphasized, underplayed and glossed over. Except when it could be exploited for dramatic, comedic or cautionary effect.

As modern Russia refuses to beseech Uncle Sam for mercy, it bears the full brunt of the US/UK media’s butthurt.


File: 1587542943833.jpg (222.96 KB, 800x822, 400:411, Aleksandr_Dugin_on_White_r….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>rt com, russia today
a legit source of info, yeah right. They can write all they want in their little cesspool


if you want to post battlepics at least wait until they start insulting first


Can you tell us more about this guy?

Sounds comfy


Wow!! A contrarian racialist, how genius. Maybe if he was interested in more than making a shock statement he could lay out all of the non-white values he seems so fast to espouse. Tell us how Zimbabwe is doing it better than continental Europe.


He's a pro-Russia extremist who's butthurt about America keeping Russia outside of the #1 spot on the international stage, which is the exact same driving force behind Chinese politics right now. Part of his plan for a realignment of the world's power axis involves undermining the west's social fabric by promoting liberal ideas and exploiting racial tensions. Still sounds comfy? People like Dugin are only concerned with funneling the world's money back into their own leaders' pockets. I'm not an apologist for the west by any measure but intellectuals of this particular cloth are NOT liberators.


Zimbabwe's side instead of Rhodesia's side.
Yeah this guy is a lunatic self hating white man.
Russians have killed all their intellectual elite and the few that were still alive left to better countries like America or the West in general.


> extremist
It's the west who's extreme prohomo not Dugin. Normal seems extreme in an abnormal land called the w*st.

> butthurt

If someone is angry against a murderer oppressor he is not butthurt

> Part of his plan for a realignment of the world's power axis involves undermining the west's social fabric by promoting liberal ideas and exploiting racial tensions.

Good! Death to the demons.

> Dugin are only concerned with funneling the world's money back into their own leaders' pockets.


> NOT liberators.

Not liberators for the west for sure, as he stands for liberation of humanity, not the globalhomo.

He is not self-hating. He hates nonhumans acting as if they were humans. That's all.

> still alive left to better countries like America or the West in general.

Like faggots and feminists?


Yes, he stands in opposition to vile subhumans of the west. What good is the "west" when it means nothing but subhumanism, sodomy, and cuckoldism? Would rather have a poor but a human country than a rich but a nonhuman country i.e., USA or Europe.


A man who stands for humanity. That's all you need to know.


Yes, you ahve to watch CNN and MSNBC like other brainwashed burgerites.


File: 1587755682859.jpg (87.49 KB, 828x467, 828:467, WApvi7P.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I remember when this was just a little spammed meme on 8chan back in 2015.


File: 1587755840934.jpg (93.28 KB, 476x640, 119:160, Bleach games.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What is a MAGA supporter's favorite anime?


Judging by number of memes I would say My Hero Academia. It would be my guess.
That said I ain't really a insider on MAGA's so it is just a guess.


Nick Fuentes - Dismantled by furry libertarians.


I am surprised no one brought up that Trump actually ended almost all immigration at least temperately. He also said that part of the reason was to prioritize Americans during the economic recovery. Talk about America first, might actually think the guy meant it.


Touhou probs


touhou isn't an anime


They're still giving easy green cards to doctors who will make far more than most americans

I guess he wants to prioritize Americans for plucking chickens or other shit work


No, it's already getting butchered and by end it'll probably be so full of holes that it won't really matter. Just another bait and switch tactic to get his base excited for nothing.


>it's already getting butchered
Oh, how so? This is a progressing story so I would like to stay up to date and well informed.


>President Trump's musings on whether injecting disinfectants might treat COVID-19 horrified medical professionals and raised fresh concerns that his stream-of-consciousness briefings could push frightened people to poison themselves with untested treatments. Trump later said that he was being sarcastic.
lmao, madman


I love this man.


He's a pretty fun guy.


That picture is fucking retarded. "Top professionals" as in entertainers are literally the priests of today. They tell people what to think and what to feel.

And then you put the fucking simpsons as "everyone else". And completely ignore the scale of things, where everyone could literally talk to everyone up to the gentry just by knocking on their door. Try doing that to the corporate elite.

I could comment on how stupid it is ideologically but that's obvious.


The funniest part is he could have just said he doesn't know anything about the medical field and was just making broad statements, instead he doubles down and claims he was just joking


I think admitting to ignorance would've been a worse move than just playing it off as a joke.


there's video footage of him saying it and it sounds nothing like it was supposed to be a joke though, he's just digging his own grave here


i don't think anyone cares tbh even the so-called experts are full of shit



He says and does a lot of things, but he's still flooding the country in with Saudis and Indians while pretending to be anti-immigration when really he's not much different than Democrats at the end of the day if you compare the stats, he's a Jew York liberal capitalist who loves foreigner labor


>but he's still flooding the country in with Saudis and Indians
Going to need a source on that.
Also right atm unless they are essential workers like doctors nobody is flooding nothing.
To say he is not much different from democrats who have been openly calling for totally open borders is also pretty absurd.

Generally I think you are just being hyperbolic only took it a bit too far.


Multiple Outlets Report Kim Jong-Un IS DEAD, China Sends Team Of Doctors, What Is Happening?

You guys think this is true. If so what do you think will happen next?


>beanie retard reading a fucking TMZ article then switching to the daily mail like it isn't just the same tabloid bullshit
oh will you fuck off already? I thought this moron couldn't pander any lower with his videos, but seriously reading fucking TMZ gossip? Seriously? fuck. off.


The guy you're replying to is right and you're wrong but you can't see it from your perspective. We'll take the exact same example but apply it to abortion to show why.

Guy 1 is pro life, thinks abortion is murder and shouldn't be allowed ever.
Guy 2 is pro life but thinks abortions for retards and vegetables is fine
Guy 3 thinks abortion is okay but should have some restrictions to prevent it being abused.
Guy 4 doesn't care if a bitch shoves a coat hanger up her vagina and supports all abortion no matter what.

From guy 1's situation Guy 3 and 4 (maybe 2) is on the same page. They're all supporting killing babies.
From guy 4's perspective guy 1 and 2 are on the same page and wish to restrict succubi's right to murder their unborn children.

Trump is guy 3 in this scenario. So if you're guy 1 or 2 then Trump is exactly the same as 3 and 4. When you want none of something or only the bare minimum then people wanting any of that all look the same. Trump has shown constant support for mass immigration but wants to funnel it through the system rather than people smugglers doing it.

>In b4 the thread derails into abortion politics


he can only communicate through the youtube content that he brings here.


I asked for source, that doesn't look like source.
Unless you got hard numbers/proof that can be independently verified you didn't really effectively argue your point.

People claim trump does all kinds of shit. Most of those claims are bullshit. Unless I see evidence to back up a claim of what trump did or didn't do then I will just assume it is bullshit too.


I don't see you posting any sources either.


Jared Kushner would never allow Trump to stop immigration.


>Many Trump supporters unaware of the dynamics of the current administration expressed confusion after the presidents call for a total ban on immigration was followed by a flaccid 60 day ban of only permanent immigrants, allowing hundreds of thousands of foreign workers to continue seeking employment within the US.


That makes no sense.

Explain how one would give source on doubting a claim because of lack of source?

Now this is something.
I agree that the way that the H1B visa program among others is a problem and that Kushner is apart of the swamp but because he is kin he falls into Trumps blind spot.
He is a problem and the visa way the visa exceptions are used are a bigger problem.
Him directly profiting from corrupt Chines money is the biggest problem. Kushner needs to go.


In the country I live in, the government decided to just release criminals because they are "at risk" in jail. They're supposedly on probation, but they don't have enough tags for all of them so they're just setting them free. There have been already cases of criminals getting out and murdering or robbing on the first day.
I swear it feels like the plot of some shitty thriller movie.


The gov can't feed them anymore bcz 'muh economy stucked'



isnt this guy a massive faggot? did not click or watch btw


File: 1588370057247.mp4 (5.75 MB, 852x486, 142:81, QCBmupAFbohGAf2J.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


no, he's King Volcel.


The ADL Attacks Steam and DEFAMES Valve In Moronic Anti Gamer Rant


god what a horrible fucking video. how do people bring themselves to watch this shit?


File: 1588611906764.png (3.89 MB, 1600x1118, 800:559, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is their common tactic when they try to shake down platforms for money. They whine about their interest group being under attack so they must be brought in to help solve the problem or else they will kick up a fuss and try to smear them as a hate group for not giving them money.
It is the same shit Jessy Jackson did back in the day.



ww3 when?



America has basically become a place for foreign citizens to exploit and have a little play place


Anglos dont have a place in America. they genocided the natives. when other ethnicities came here they mostly did peaceful trading… not disease and war. The only true americans are the native maericans. perhaps anglos fear the retaliation for their war crimes and human rights atrofcities committed against the non-anglos. When america collapses they will be rounded up into camps. what comes around….


Doesn't that propaganda station run a anti gun piece at least once a month?
Also maybe after he gets a taste of freedom he will extol its virtues to others from his country. Or abandoned his shitty dictatorship and bring all his money and productivity to a place where it will be rewarded.


You are speaking nonsense.
Are you using google translate to type messages or something, or are you just that unintelligible?


> when other ethnicities came here they mostly did peaceful trading
Yeah dude, the spanish and portugese were so friendly and nice to the natives when they got to America.


File: 1588695297236.jpg (406.86 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, 2a7dd1fd93854bbb9f1d147614….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The Anglo did nothing wrong. It's entirely the right for a fruitful people to take the land and resources of a bunch of savages who never achieved anything.

Nice to know that Anglos will never be rounded up and put in camps, as America is never going to collapse.


You mean what America has done to the rest of the world? Actually no, these guys are playing solider, America goes to the length of killing random governments and gets away with it.
>when other ethnicities came here they mostly did peaceful trading… not disease and war
They were all trash. Even the Norse, they just couldn't handle it for too long before leaving.



Taking back our country from the European Union, bring back hanging!!!! Can't wait for the wiz white race revolution, every white wizzy will take part, inb4 the anti-white wizchan mods delete my post





"Sudan criminalises female genital mutilation"

That females are still victims of genital mutilation in wartorn, poverty-stricken backwards shitholes has been one of the (irrelevant) arguments used to attack people who propose that male genital mutilation should be outlawed in rich and supposedly civilised countries.
Hopefully putting an end to it will take that ""argument"" off the table.


You mean embezzled funds that are then used to raise housing prices via real estate speculation.


AltHype did a good video on this. There was no native genocide, in fact if anything it's the opposite.


>male genital mutilation
Oh great another crab with a victim complex who thinks male circumcision is mutilation. Male circumcision and female genital mutilation are nothing alike. Male circumcision only removes a bit of excess skin and doesn't affect function, unlike female genital mutilation which eliminates sexual pleasure by design. You've either been reading too much /pol/ crab or men's rights drivel if you think male circumcision is in any way mutilation.


>circumcision doesn't eliminate male pleasure by design
Other than the practice used for religious ceremonies, it was championed in the United States as a way of curbing masturbation by taking away pleasure.


Someone unmutilated can easily pull back the skin and feel what it's like to have less: i can confirm jerking off with less skin feels like shit, especially when the glans dry out.
It's an absurd mass delusion to imagine that dried out glans can feel as good as moist glans with mucosa sliding over them


I watched as much of that video that I could bother to. He just goes on about population for 45 minutes. Yeah, the natives weren't lined up and shot, but there were multiple full on wars with the natives that saw them lose more and more territory, and they were treated horrendously by most people especially the government that they were eventually citizens of. So it wasn't a genocide, but it certainly was a calculated way of sweeping an entire peoples under the rug and raking away nearly all autonomy they might've once had. They faced many injustices.

though that's just a consequence of losing, had they been able to fight off the colonizers things would be very different.


How do i moisten my gland when i'm circumsized?
Would sex-having help?


Lubrication like lotions and oils.
>Would sex-having help?
I know you're being facetious but I imagine it would, as succubi have their own biological lubricants.


Dunno about anyone else but I grew my precum glands until they started slopping it out, there's always more than I ever need. Lubrication-wise it beats the hell out of whatever this "moistness" is hiding under the ugly shriveled flaps of the non-circumcised.


Do you know what glans keratinization is? Even if you use a gallon of lubricant you still have a thick callous over what would normally be a mucous membrane.


no and I don't care, it has nothing to do with me


Your body part having been unjustly crippled by savages who had a duty to protect you has everything to do with you. I was mutilated as well. It is not acceptable, this is not acceptable. They harmed us, they flayed us and removed our body parts. It is an attempt to bind us, a mark like how they mark cattle, a symbol of subservience, emasculation. It is unacceptable.


uh huh

I've never had a dick callous, no matter how hard I've masturbated. Tell your circumcision polemics to someone else, all you really care about is the supposed extra pleasure a foreskin supplies, even though that's the last thing you premature ejaculators need.


This poster is female.


No I'm not.


The entire thing is a callous if you're mutilated. The body part wasn't designed to be constantly exposed to the elements, rubbing against things. You are talking someone who either isn't circumcised or who doesn't have a penis.
>all you really care about is the supposed extra pleasure a foreskin supplies
I care about the hundreds of boys killed every year because of mutilation "complications"
I care about the many boys who are literally emasculated because of mutilation
(google "circumcision complication" if you really want to see something)
I care about the adverse mental health effects that occur as a result of the brutal trauma of cutting apart a newborn's genitals


You're not fooling anyone.


>The entire thing is a callous
Hmm? For such a "callous" it's pretty damn soft and supple. I bet you couldn't even tell the difference when you're sucking it.


Can the mods actually do their job and clean out the bullshit trolling and totally off topic retardation about dicks.

This isn't /b/ and rule 5 still applies to this thread.


File: 1588895275405.jpg (26.7 KB, 580x310, 58:31, 7090acf612499afd17eb535bf5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>wanting to have your whole body that you were born with makes you a crab
The moment "call him crab" finally jumped the shark. It means nothing now. You people have destroyed it through overuse.


btw it's called callus


It doesn't make your cock preference objectively superior.


It’s not a fucking preference. It’s a decision you’re forcing on someone for life. What if your parents decided you were lactose intolerant or snipped off your earlobes? Yeah the overall impact of that is minimal but it’s still something that can never be undone.


File: 1588898948736.gif (2.84 MB, 419x313, 419:313, d2503892b5ca5319dd6573d7df….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Starting to think this whole virus thing is an excuse to do a controlled burn of the economy. They knew it was going to crash, they knew why. This way they get to crash it without taking any of the blame. They might even share some of the fake money they are printing with "regular" people this time. Nowhere near the billions they will heap onto their piles, but enjoy your table scraps.


>It’s a decision you’re forcing on someone
I'm doing no such thing. Anyway, I'm gonna be perfectly honest here… I'm glad they circumcised me. I've seen the alternative and it makes my stomach churn. No alleged little increase in sexual pleasure is worth my dick looking like some burn victim or that hotdog that dan aykroyd ate in Nothing But Trouble. I mean jesus…


You could have gotten the operation done when you could actually, you know, consent. I don't get how you can't understand this. Boys have been killed from this. Boys have had their penises amputated from this. A newborn's genitals are pretty tiny, it's easy to make a mistake. And even if the boy survives you've removed a natural part of his anatomy for no reason at all other than blind tradition, and inflicted a great deal of pain on him besides. There is no good reason to inflict this barbarity on boys. If you hate foreskin you can get your own cut off when once you're actually cognizant.


I don't care. They're all normies anyway.


>cheering the murder and torture of babies because they're "normies"
I think you have some problems, ma'am.


nah they were gonna be volcel wizards


I guess the obvious question is why do you think it was especially wrong for Europeans to wage war against indian tribes when they waged war and conquer territory among each other? Honestly it seems that you're holding Europeans to a higher standard of morality in order to be able to bash them as villains in history.


>I guess the obvious question is why do you think it was especially wrong for Europeans to wage war against indian tribes
I don't
> Honestly it seems that you're holding Europeans to a higher standard of morality in order to be able to bash them as villains in history.
I'm not.


You called it an injustice.


What was done with them after the wars certainly was. They were given treaties and agreements that were routinely violated.


>He just goes on about population for 45 minutes.
Let me guess, does he do the old "the population is bigger now than it was back then!" trick, ignoring anything that ever happened in between those hundreds of years? I really need to read more about pre-contact population, since not only does it seem difficult to measure, there's also disease killing off a lot of people and recent discoveries of settlements in the continental US being bigger than once expected. People talk like the entirety of both continents were barren when cities like Tenochtitlan were one of biggest on earth at the time.
This is so fucking stupid and misses the point. It's not just about history, it's about how this history's legacy still lives on to this very day and still affects people. How fucking retarded do you have to be to not get that, that current conditions are rooted in history. No one is saying that the natives were pacifists that never had war instead of the typical hippy dippy strawman you always pull up. Stupid tribal rivalries from centuries ago have less relevance today than the current government you live under and is responsible to putting your on shitty tract of desert land you were put under by gunpoint.
>Honestly it seems that you're holding Europeans to a higher standard of morality in order to be able to bash them as villains in history.
Europeans hold themselves to high standards of morality in their own mind, they just never live up to it. When you talk for centuries about how civilizing saints you are, stop crying when people bring up all the moments when you weren't when all of this is a reaction to centuries Europeans painting themselves as saints and ignoring any other side of the story, you just hate people talking about this because they make you feel bad and have "white guilt" and other shit.
>They were given treaties and agreements that were routinely violated.
The biggest example of this is are Cherokee. They were given the title of being one of the "five civilized tribes", adopted a lot European customs and religion and even tended to have the most mixed ancestry, fought alongside the US government against the British during war of 1912, and their treaties were still violated.


>it was championed in the United States as a way of curbing masturbation by taking away pleasure.
You mean by the guy who thought cornflakes were supposed to do the same thing.



Yep, the real reason is that usa is the new jerusalem, a land ruled by the elite who hide beyond Judaism.

Cornflakes is about getting you addicted to sugar and shit much before you can choice yourself what to eat. Oh, stupid mother, isn't a chore to do healthy food for your offspring? Try this processed stuff.

You can define the words as you pleased in your head, but this won't chance reality. This is the trick they use to govern the world - the so called platonism.
Communism is, was, and will be about central banking - just as capitalism (that by definition, has too never tried in any big country, at least, in the past century). Of course, most commies don't know about it.


The USSR involved a lot more than making a central bank. What happened in the USSR is that the state took on the functions large megacorps would take in America and Germany and so on, whereas the Fascist model (which America basically follows at least economically) has the corporations merge into the state and effectively become the state.
Commies didn't invent the central bank. That goes back to the old Bank of England, the Reichsbank in Germany, and the banking establishments of Europe. Those entities were well in power by the time the USSR became an actual thing.


if you're alluding to that thing about how jews supposedly want circumcision widespread so they can hide amongst the goyim, that's ridiculous, look at any country in europe, especially germany

having a non-circumcised population isn't some bulwark against kike infestation


Sorry, I don't exactly know what are you trying to point out. Maybe none and you were just sharing your thoughts. So I'll try sharing my thoughts.
>The USSR involved a lot more than making a central bank.
Yes, but that doesn't invalidate the fact that communism is mainly about central banking (which I gues is what you were replying).
And central banking implies a lot of things, such as enslaving people, develop a two tier society, and prune all people that is seen as incompatible with this system.
>What happened in the USSR is that the state took on the functions large megacorps would take in America and Germany and so on,
When Bolsheviks finally took Russia, there was hardly anything you could describe as mega corp.
>whereas the Fascist model (which America basically follows at least economically) has the corporations merge into the state and effectively become the state.
The shape/colour of the links between mega corps, state, and central bank are just colours (so people can choose what model they think is better among the presented models).
The mechanics remain the same - as you said mega corps merging with the state or the state controlling megacorps is the same result.
>Commies didn't invent the central bank. That goes back to the old Bank of England, the Reichsbank in Germany, and the banking establishments of Europe.
I didn't said so. I just said communism is about pushing central banking, such as any other enough big ideology. Communism is just the team/colours designed for attracting the lower classes into asking for central banking.
>Those entities were well in power by the time the USSR became an actual thing.
Right. Actually, they were the ones pushing communism since the beginning.

>if you're alluding to that thing about how jews supposedly want circumcision widespread so they can hide amongst the goyim, that's ridiculous
I didn't allude to that fact. I think that there are multiple reasons for such measures, and all of them have synergies.
In my view, circumcision is about marking the new born with a painful and traumatic experience. And in really past times, it was a meant to enforce cohesion among the tribu.
But, yes, such fact remains true, after all USA has been designed to be a the jew secular state. It is not ridiculous at all: without that fact in secular Jews could not keep their mutilation tradition while passing as a gentle in some spaces - mainly public schools.
>look at any country in europe, especially germany
In Spain and Portugal, France, Germany and UK, until the 1800s Jews never tried to dilute into the population. In first place, they never tried to be seculars. Even the ones who converted in such epochs, didn't embrace the secular life - there were no public schools.
>having a non-circumcised population isn't some bulwark against kike infestation
That reason don't imply it is. You can have the elite ruling any population without needing to have a jew. The amount of jews have nothing to do with "ideological kike/semitic infestation". There are little jews in China, and what a nest of kikery China has been.
I don't think jews rule the world, just that the higher puppets of the masters just happen to hide behind Judaism. Jews are a caste, as cattle as goyim. They just happen to be above most other religious castes in this world.


>Let me guess, does he do the old "the population is bigger now than it was back then!" trick
That's not a trick. If your population is growing it's hard to argue that it's suffering a genocide. The argument was aimed especially at those retarded ideas about how there were dozens of millions of injuns living in US before the White Devil killed them all.

>This is so fucking stupid and misses the point. It's not just about history, it's about how this history's legacy still lives on to this very day

How so and why does it matter?

>Europeans hold themselves to high standards of morality in their own mind, they just never live up to it.

Kind of true but not in the way you purport it to be. Whites engage in self-flagellation and White guilt, and you won't see many White people who proudly say "we civilized them, they are better off now" like you implied. In reality, all I want is for everyone to be held to the same standard. Almost all people in the past fought and conquered, Europeans were just better at it for some time before they lost their will and that's why you and others are salty and see the opening to attack a people who is down.


>whereas the Fascist model (which America basically follows at least economically)
Do you even understand fascism? It's a national level ideology. Being bought out and then rented your own country by international bankers is the exact thing fascism rose to oppose. It's very very different unless you think the government and your national industry being bought out is the same as your national industry being linked to your government.

>Europeans hold themselves to high standards of morality in their own mind, they just never live up to it.

Except when the British destroyed their entire empire by trying to give third worlders first world tech. And used the most powerful navy in the entire world to police the oceans and prevent an international slave trade.

The best argument against blacks whining about slavery in the USA is the state of Africa. The white race adopted all other races under their wing and tried to lift them up to a civilized standard. The issue came that these people could not rise to that European standard or even maintain what was given to them. So instead of lifting the world up they ended up being dragged down by them. Compare any remote african village today to any ghetto in the USA and you can't tell me whites morality hasn't played a huge part in that. The issue is you can't see it because you see it as normal. From a spear chucking savage who can't tell you when tomorrow is to a thug in the ghetto who gets the same education as white children if he wants it is that morality in action. It's become so ingained you think it's normal when it's completely abnormal to every other race in history.

Remember when Asians dominated the world they raped and pillaged everything. Even when Europe had to take back it's own lands from Muslims it didn't go full genocide mode and it easily could have. China in Africa will show you the white man's morality for China has none and no one can stop it now.


>China in Africa will show you the white man's morality for China has none and no one can stop it now.
I wish I could be around when the chinese start a new apartheid state in africa and watch all these virtue signaling dumb crackers completely lose their shit, while the gooks just throw it back in their faces and basically say "we don't give a fuck"


There's already a huge problem where gooks are fucking every succubus they can get their hands on then moving on to the next construction project abandoning them.


I find that really funny cause the chinese fucking hate blacks, but as soon as they have free pussy suddenly they're more appealing.


China lacks succubi and one of the key reasons to expand is to find more. Imagine the buck teeth on those niglets/gooklets nigooks?


White men like the US' founders always liked free pussy. Strom Thurmond fathered a black child despite being a segregationist.

There's also a long tradition of Chinese/black mixing whenever chinese workers are imported somewhere without chinese succubi like the carribean.


A anarchist making a case for suspending the next big election in the US.



"A hole is a hole as I always say" -some normie


Elites are always finding ways to exploit and make money off things like Coronavirus and Brexit. Research about Jacob Rees Mogg and his sticky fingers in Brexit and Coronavirus, he even looks like a stereotypical monopoly man or at least monopoly man's dopey grandson.


>Elites are always finding ways to exploit and make money
That is the thing that conspirasy people miss.
It isn't that they intentionally cause crises like this. It is just that when put in such situations they are the kind of people to look for how to best use whatever circumstances they find themselves in to enrich themselves. It is kind of the main reason why they got where they are after all.


It's not hard to fathom that one could go from exploiting events to just causing them. Of course there's limits to this, as I doubt anyone intelligent enough to manufacture a virus wouldn't also realize that it's a shit idea. However other events like assassinations, terror groups, recessions, etc. are very much within the scope of these people and are much better ideas. After all, the best way to stay in business is to make sure you're always in demand.



if this man is right it would seem there's just three months left to buy whatever you gotta buy at the stores before everything goes completely to hell


Even if he's wrong, there's still a chance of shit going to hell. The economy has been fucked super hard and it's going to feel perfectly normal as if nothing has gone wrong.. until it hits the fan fierce.
Stock up on food. Don't worry about tech gizmos too much.



This succubus alleges that she is a nurse and that her nurse friend has asked her to say that New York City hospitals are doing a shitty job with no oversight, putting people on high-pressure ventilators causing lung damage needlessly, avoiding contact with patients to the point of not rendering them care, etc. I do not fully understand the implications of the medical jargon procedures she is alleging, and I do not endorse this video as anything more than hearsay.

Still, if everything she says were true, we would not be hearing more than hearsay about it.

What we do know as a matter of fact is that medicare is giving hospitals $39,000 for every person they put on a ventilator. We also know as a matter of fact that most of these hospitals are going under financially, given that the federal government ordered them to stop seeing non-emergency, non-coronavirus patients, and it just isn’t really possible for them to stay financially viable after being forced into this situation for going on three months, so they’re going to be trying to get money however they can.

Most of them are just lying about people dying of coronavirus, given that in order to mark someone down as having died of coronavirus, all you have to do is “observe weakness at time of death.” They give you $13,000 for that.

But a lot of hospitals are going to want that $39,000. If someone is already dying, just let them die on a ventilator, and that means you don’t have to layoff another doctor.

So who knows if the material in the video is real. It certainly could be.

This is from late April:


The president of Tanzania, a Ph.D chemist, states in this video that he received coronavirus tests from abroad and tested various things, including a goat and a papaya fruit, labelled the samples as human, and sent them to a lab, where they came back positive. The video itself is theatrical and funny, and supports the notion that they are misdiagnosing people with coronavirus who come into contact with the hospital system for other reasons


If the lab, which he describes as funded by the West (presumably WHO), did label a fruit as coronavirus positive, then that certainly brings up even more questions about the way this virus is being diagnosed.


When you put things that weren’t meant go into the test in it, of course something is gonna get fucked up.


Not quite how a PCR tests works, really. The conclusion is perhaps wrong though; it could be really bad lab contamination. Like one of the lab personnel was actually sick.


Is the test PCR? I’d have thought they’d test for some antibody or enzyme rather than trying to identify it by DNA.


Most of them are PCR tests. There's a big list of tests somewhere, and it really does depend on the test.But generally most of the tests will use some kind of chemical reaction on a very specific chemical component, and if you throw other shit in there it should return negative rather than false positives.


I still find it mystifying that there are people who take the mainstream media seriously as a source of news anymore.


yeah right im sure you do



I just assume now whenever a religious group is targeted they're probably faking it themselves for publicity. Seen it too many times.


thats bullshit, just some random old footage of a burning building thrown together and spread to fake news sites


>Dim Tool
>Spreading fake news
water is wet


why limit it to religious groups?


you're thinking of jews


It could be, it's being investigated so only time will tell.
Ether way it is a extreme response that is more then a little concerning.



Because of its geographical location, the US military/intelligence asset conventionally known as Australia has been a major focal point for the US-centralized empire’s propaganda campaign against the most powerful unabsorbed nation in the world.

China is in the news constantly now, and it’s not because of any virus. It’s not because of Hong Kong, it’s not because of Uighurs, it’s not because of intellectual property violations or any of the other scattershot, unrelated hodgepodge of excuses you’re being fed as to why the Chinese government must be regarded as the latest Actual Hitler all of a sudden.

China is in the news all the time because of imperialism.


The focus of identity politics is a cultural Marxist plot to destroy society.


It's actually an scheme to breed super humans


I wish man. It's just a way to pacify discontented groups in a woke consumerist stupor.


You're like really thick aren't you?


How do you figure that?
I don't see what would lead you to that conclusion.


have you even read Marx? probably not, since fascists are too dumb to read. Labeling anything you don't like as "cultural marxism", whatever that means,is an anti-intellectual way for alt-righters without any understanding of theory, philosophy or economics to blame certain people or ideas for alienation and consumerism in society without having to do research other than look up wikipedia early life pages and look for jewish connections. fucking morons. Don't like something? Just invent a term that doesn't mean anything. Don't like reading books or studying? You're in luck because books and universities are jewish inventions. Despite claiming to be the opposite the alt-right, aside from its spokesmen, is extremely intellectually undeveloped. Daily Stormer back in the day was famous for its members that demanded audiobooks instead of actual books because reading took up too much time and money.

I'm sick of your fucking retards polluting any rational discussion of politics with neo-nazi conspiracy theories. Nothing will change with you dumb asses though of course, and I just felt like ranting.

Not to mention that christians and cuckservatives cry about identity politics all the time while on the other hand enforcing it when it goes their way, such as enforcing anti-abortion laws and other authoritarian bullshit. Just fuck off back to 4chan you retarded fascist.


Being a wizard is an identity you fucking idiot. Go back to /pol/ with the other low iq inbreds.


it's obvious you've never read marx yourself



Right wingers will benefit from this. At the end in the first index you'll find a list of books the author recommends to improve your skill in reading.


All the great political theorists have been philosophers, so a background in philosophy may help too. I have been roughly following Toni Kannisto's recommended pathway through a self directed teaching method and it has helped me immensely. This is far from a definitively sufficient list, but its good enough to get you started if you have no formal guidance.


And here is Marx's magnum opus, Capital, if any of you want to understand him. David Harvey has excellent explanatory lectures on youtube as well, but it is best to come to terms with the whole of it yourself first before seeing it in the eyes of Harvey.

Basic understandings of anthropology,history, economics, and perhaps biology may also be beneficial in building a sophisticated political stance.

And this is my last post in this shithole thread. When I come here and see all the brain dead fascists posts I feel like Proudhon when he remarked on the liberals in his day - "your intelligence is asleep, or rather it has never been awake. You are a man for whom logic does not exist. You do not hear anything, you do not understand anything. You are without philosophy, without science, without humanity. Your ability to reason, like your ability to pay attention and make comparisons is zero. Scientifically, Mr. Bastiat, you are a dead man."


inb4: I don't understad shit in politics.

What's the point of labeling communism as bad if what i see in China is better than my so called democratic country.


Every single thing you said in that post was just a string of insults and other fallacies.
It is impressive that you could type that much and yet have nothing of even the smallest value to say.
I mean all that effort to express what translates into just

I am happy to discus the topic with someone able to be reasonable and cool headed but you clearly aren't.
And don't bother replying more insults or bait. I will just ignore it.


> China is better than my so called democratic country
Wait, your country currently has industrial level state run slavery, concentration camps, and is on a ongoing campaign of genocide on a scale worse then China?

I find that hard to believe.


Then how in the fuck they have Disnayland and all this hipsters having fun? All families of party chairmen?


>Then how in the fuck they have Disnayland and all this hipsters having fun?
Easy, not give as shit about people dying so just keep on lying.

You have yet to explain how your country is somehow worse then China. I mean if you are maybe from Africa or Central America maybe, but a developed westernized nation, unlikely.


>All families of party chairmen?
Yeah, probably.


>fascist wants to discuss conspiracy theory

We might as well debate over whether santa clause is real if thats what you want.


I bet you talk with a lisp irl


There are a lot of people in China. A percentage who are native to the bigger cities like Shanghai/Shenzhen/Beijing have gotten really rich off the economic growth from the foreign investment while on the other hand, the people who assemble your phones and computers aren't doing so hot.


How's that diversity working out, America?


if you don't like America then get out or stay in your shithole country you racist piece of shit


File: 1590896708439.mp4 (2.12 MB, 640x360, 16:9, juCU-FFrHm1aa3E0.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Now we have Blacks lynching Whites after being lied by a Jewish-owned media about how Whites supposedly hunt Blacks.


Fascist piece of shit you've gotta try harder then this. Why don't you show the full fucking video of that guy chasing people with a sword. He derserves his ass being beat


idk how to get the video off of twitter to turn it into a mp3 video.

Racist scum like you are the reason people are protesting. Fucking literally fake news


Quick question:
There is an indisputable gap in average intelligence between US blacks and whites, on the order of 15 points. What do you think this is caused by? I'm assuming you already think the difference is unimportant, and or that IQ is not real or predictive, so just save that bit please.


Imagine trying to blame the victim of a lynching for trying to defend against looters.

Reminder that there's absolutely no evidence whatsoever that blacks are unfairly targeted by the police and that Whites have already died under the same circumstances, yet the narrative that is causing these riots is the false idea that "white cops hunt blacks".


File: 1590898817827.mp4 (12.09 MB, 640x360, 16:9, v5PiETXvb4Q11lyb.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

fuck you fucking fascist scum go back to fucking nazi germany and get the fuck out of this country you worthless piece of shit

Yeah what an innocent person literally bringing a sword to protestors FUCKING TRYING TO KILL PEOPLE YOU FUCKING MORON.
>absolutely no evidence
Yeah these people are just protesting for nothing, its all made up and they're rebelling for nothing to a right wing dumb ass. Are you fucking chuds insane?? Why don't you stop suck that black guys cock that you love so much and speak to them for a second to find out why they're oppressed by the police instead of living in a fantasy land like racism doesn't exist in this country and its not a problem.

Oh wait you wont, because you're literally fascists and your whole ideology is built on racism. fuck you.

So much protecting and serving in this video, cops doing a good job here alright, no police oppression to see against the people. Free country alright, we're not authoritarian. - some right wing retard


are any of you wizzies going to these protests? shit is going down and i am not going to miss out. am hoping to get a free upgrade on my iphone and maybe a new laptop


File: 1590898967448.mp4 (2.51 MB, 320x320, 1:1, OTlzQsP_I08GcEH3.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Protecting and serving. No authoritarianism to see here. - says the right wing authoritarian moron


File: 1590899107704.mp4 (4.22 MB, 320x690, 32:69, tqVKMvJPFDy0wbBg.mp4) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1590899342315.jpg (107.6 KB, 573x902, 573:902, 1590767116049.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Yeah what an innocent person literally bringing a sword to protestors
Oh, gee. I wonder why! Why would any one single, vastly outnumbered person bring a weapon to try to defend against a mob that has been ravaging the country, attacking people, looting stores and setting everything flammable on fire? Hmmm.

>Yeah these people are just protesting for nothing, its all made up and they're rebelling for nothing to a right wing dumb ass.

Not for nothing, but for a false idea and the opportunity to loot. There's no reason to believe that George Floyd was killed because of "racism", even though that's the reason mobs are looting and burning.


File: 1590899449912-0.mp4 (2.94 MB, 320x568, 40:71, RzgBDQYSzdgZ-wXB.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1590899449912-1.mp4 (5.53 MB, 320x568, 40:71, pLoI3caEJ6wAi3PO.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

some dumb ass probably a white supremacist right wing retarded redneck trying to shoot down protesters with a bow and arrow.



Imagine not only being on the side of violent lawless chads taking, destroying and murdering whatever they want, but demanding that others be on their side too because the laws that function as a tiny protective shield to protect the weak are actually chad-oppressive and stuff.

Inb4 I'm spamblasted with 10 pages of insults for not wanting to be murdered or have what's left of my wageslavings expropriated.


Right, a mob of black people, tonight, forming in front of your store, in a city where there are riots and looting happening, aren't going to loot it. Slimeball logic.


Looks like he shot the arrow when someone was about to jump on him, so it's self-defense. They burned his car too.


File: 1590900070898.jpg (163.33 KB, 774x500, 387:250, looters.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>attacking people
ohh noo what an innocent man trying to attack people with a sword to protect his property.

Oh wait I forgot you're a fucking chud that thinks property is worth more than human life, so he was justified in trying to kill them.

Property > people I guess to you motherfucking bootlickers.

>looting stores

OHH NOO MY POOR STARBUCKS, MY POOR TARGET ): they won't be able to suck all the money out of the community from small businesses anymore to enrich billions ): I'm so sad my corporate masters can't exploit us anymore

I don't agree with people attacking small businesses, but thats what a fucking riot is, you can't control it and the wider message to end govermnent authoritarianism is worth it in the end, because those businesses can be rebuilt. They should be better organized to prevent small business damage. I don't give a fuck about multibillion dollar fucking companies though like wtf dude how can you be such a brainwashed bootlicker to care about them???

>looting and burning



By the way, speaking of actual looters (not the poor people of this country trying to survive), WHY DIDN'T YOU MOTHERFUCKING RIGHT WING DUMBASSES SAY SHIT WHEN THE BANKS AND BIG BUSINESSES FUCKING ROBBED THE TREASURY LAST MONTH????????????????



File: 1590900389487.png (255.88 KB, 600x366, 100:61, fuck12.png) ImgOps iqdb

dumb motherfucker he was out there threatening to shoot people with a bow and arrow, otherwise he would've stayed in his car and been left alone like everyone else. Fucking literally chud logic. Dozens of other cars passed through the protesters but they were left alone, I wonder what couldve caused this fucking guy to get fucked???? idk, maybe BECAUSE HE WAS SHOOTING PEOPLE WITH AN ARROW YOU BRAINWASHED MOTHERFUCKER.





Stop typing in all caps schizo, nobody here cares.


>Property > people I guess to you motherfucking bootlickers.
Very well, you conceded to the point that he was acting in defense of his property. You are obviously a deranged individual so I won't try to convince you that your value system is insane, so as long as we agree on the facts that is enough.


>I don't agree with people attacking small businesses
I'm not crying for corporations, I probably despise them even more than you do. The looting and arson looks pretty indiscriminate though, so trying to make it something about "sticking it to the man" obviously doesn't fly.


Wrong. They are acting 1) On the false idea that White people hunt blacks and 2) On the opportunity to get free shit. No one cared when Tony Timpa died because of the same maneuver that killed George Floyd. That's because people aren't protesting "police brutality" or "authoritarianism", but the false idea that Blacks are being hunted by Whites.


File: 1590901597136.mp4 (1.86 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Vn27kFKWFKrq1zH1.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know all the circumstances regarding the archer guy, but according to him the confrontation started once he shouted "all lives matter". Similarly people have been attacked by mobs for wearing maga hats for example. These people want blood, kinda like you and your "fascist" thing. If they detect any sign that another person is from the "other team" they will lynch them. I've seen videos of leftist Whites being punched by Blacks for nothing other than presumably being White around rioting Blacks.


File: 1590902601479.jpg (76.67 KB, 750x784, 375:392, acab.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is my last message to you, because you are too fucking brainwashed beyond redemption. I just want to say that something is seriously fucked in your fucking head to see all those videos of police oppression and to continue believing we don't have a problem with government authoritarianism in this country. Also your logic of defending property above human life is the same logic used to justify slavery, unsurprising that you share the same ethics of slave owners though you evil son of a bitch.

>all lives matter
I can tell you have never been involved around minorities or oppressed groups, because when messages like this are shouted its done to undermine the message. Yes obviously all lives matter, but the message of the protest is to focus on a particular unit of society that is particularly oppressed and to end that fucking oppression. White people weren't enslaved for 300 fucking years and systematically hurt by a racist fucking country not even less than 100 years ago, but black people and native americans have been, so when you come to a protest yelling shit too dilute the message of course people will be rightfully angry.

Imagine going to a gay rights protest and then saying all sexualities matter or counter protesting with "heterosexuality rights matter" like straight people are being oppressed, or a fucking protest for womens rights and counter protesting mens right when we live in a fucking patriarchal society. These people don't give a fuck about the oppressed, they're either just too stupid to realize that they're undermining the focus of the protest or they're trying to deliberately water down the message of the protest because they benefit from oppressing the minority or some other evil bullshit.
>atacked for wearing maga hats
Trump is a fascist so they got what he deserves. Motherfucker has been inciting racism his entire presidency, he threatened to shoot the protestors, he literally shared a tweet to kill all motherfucking democrats in the country 2 days ago, he tried to shut down a PRIVATE SOCIAL MEDIA COMPANY (attempting to violate the 1st ammendment or what ammendment it is to censor media) because he was saying fake news…. holy shit I mean I could go on for ages because this piece of shit is so fucking corrupt. I would beat these dumb motherfuckers still supporting this textbook fascist too.

Anyway I'm done. you people are probably brainwashed people beyond any hope of seeing past your own shit, literal complete puppets of the rich pulling your strings to protect their power and privileges. Imagine thinking a billionaire like trump gives a fuck about a poor person like you LOL

(and I'm not a liberal, I'm a libertarian and hate all politicians and govermnent. the democrats aren't any better).


>I just want to say that something is seriously fucked in your fucking head to see all those videos of police oppression and to continue believing we don't have a problem with government authoritarianism in this country.
Never said that, I said these riots are not a "fight against authoritarianism", they were never even framed like that by anyone other than by some very few people moving goalposts on the internet trying to furnish some reason to what is a fundamentally unreasonable and mindless violence. That's why I gave an example of a White man that died in very similar circumstances and whose name you have never even heard and whose death didn't cause any protest let alone riot. Let us be fair, this is about race.

>I can tell you have never been involved around minorities or oppressed groups, because when messages like this are shouted its done to undermine the message. Yes obviously all lives matter, but the message of the protest is to focus on a particular unit of society that is particularly oppressed and to end that fucking oppression.

I've been around plenty of nonwhites, believe me. Not that it matters. In any case, the reason these riots are happening is precisely the false idea that Blacks are hunted by Whites, that George Floyd was killed by the police because he was black, when there is absolutely no evidence for such. Furthermore, would you argue the same if it was a Black person shouting "Black Lives Matter" at a group of Trump supporters? Would you excuse them if they lynched the Black man for "undermining" their message? Certainly not, in fact that is unthinkable, it wouldn't happen and if it somehow did happen it would itself cause a riot that you would support.

>Trump is a fascist so they got what he deserves.

Trump is much closer to being a fellow libertarian of yours than a fascist. But again, I'm not here to argue about a value system with you, it's easy to understand how fruitless such a pursuit would be.


File: 1590904581393.jpg (93.72 KB, 720x720, 1:1, poorProperterian.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


"yeah its all in the protests heads I guess. Its all just a fantasy, we don't have a problem with police violence against minorities in this country its in their imaginations." - retarded right wingers that don't give a fuck about civil rights

>trump is closer to a libertarian than me

You have no fucking idea what a libertarian is if you think that trump is even remotely close to a libertarian. You are confusing libertarian with propertarian (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propertarianism ). Trump is very close to a properterian, not a libertarian. How the fuck do you lead the most militarized country in the history of the fucking planet and have the gaul to say you believe in liberty. You people have a seriously twisted and corrupted view of what liberty is, but I would expect no less from someone with so much brain cancer as to be a fucking properterian while not being rich. It makes sense for trump to be a properterian, he's smart for it, since he's a billionaire after all.


>yeah its all in the protests heads

As for the libertarian thing, I said he's "closer" to being one. But, in any case, that is ideology. We could spend weeks debating what actually means being something and still not agree, that's why it's fruitless and I'm not interested. In any case, you've said at least twice that you wouldn't post anymore itt/respond to me yet you keep doing it. Please don't lose any sleep because of me.


how did this revleft black dick sucker find this place







lmao, antifa old men get pushed to the ground, fucking cucks


File: 1590913993740-0.jpg (223.15 KB, 1200x898, 600:449, liberator.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1590913993740-1.jpg (134.43 KB, 584x876, 2:3, liberator2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is exactly why we need the 2nd ammendment, to defend againt an authoritarian fascist govermnent oppressing the people it falsely claims to protect.

Karl Marx's wise words are relevent here: "Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary."

Every wizard should buy a gun, preferably assault rifle like an AR-15 or something powerful, to defend themselves against shit like this.

Join the socialst Rifle association too: https://socialistra.org/


File: 1590914546179.jpg (91.85 KB, 1024x444, 256:111, b248a97d614d73412b81e1d060….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What i say is no lives matter.

*metal riff


File: 1590914641584.jpg (25.09 KB, 229x320, 229:320, GlowInTheDark.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Every wizard should buy a gun, preferably assault rifle like an AR-15 or something powerful, to defend themselves against shit like this.


So clinging to private property is good, when the property is something you plan to use to murder wizards?


File: 1590915194601.jpg (32.36 KB, 850x400, 17:8, old schoppy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i dont get how someone can be an ultra lefty and a wizard.

I imagine the philosophy of wiz chan is more Schopenhauer and emil cioran and less marx


File: 1590915953946.jpg (65.1 KB, 680x681, 680:681, 7f5.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

anyways, what i figured out a long time ago is that neets and hikkimoris are most likely to be anarchists because they come from the lumpenprole class. if you have no job than you exist outside of capitalism, in the same way a whore or mafioso does.


>Generally unemployable people who make no positive contribution to an economy. Sometimes described as the bottom layer of a capitalist society. May include criminal and mentally unstable people. Some activists consider them "most radical" because they are "most exploited," but they are un-organizable and more likely to act as paid agents than to have any progressive role in class struggle.


socialists distinguish between private property and personal property. A gun is personal property because no one else needs it to live, private property would be something like a factory that the community depends on to live or a public library. Your home is personal property. We like personal property, not private property.

Yes, owning a gun is good to defend yourself from an oppressive government. Everyone should own a gun because of this.

I haven't yet read schopenhauer and I've never heard of emil cloran, but existential and nihilist anarchists do exist (and I haven't read them much either), and I think they would be similar to schopenhauer's ideas from the little I know about him. See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Existentialist_anarchism Franz Kafka or Max Stirner are some of the more famous of these type of anarchists
>less marx
I'm not a marxist. I'm an anarchist.


Schopenhauer deals with eternity not politics

Schopenhuaer, emil cioran, peter zapffe, and thomas ligotti

all doomer tier

this is pessimism not existentialism


oh yeah another good guy to get into if you are a bored wiz. Philipp Mainländer. this guy is obscure but neizche ripped him off. He was the one who first said god is dead, but he added it was a suicide.



>god committing suicide
pretty funny tbh


File: 1590918198622.png (72.23 KB, 500x402, 250:201, f465cs3xrqw41.png) ImgOps iqdb


I can't imagine how much mental gymnastics it takes to be a right winger. They always cry about brown people doing terrorism in other countries when we send our military to steal the oil and other resources in foreign lands or to rig elections through the cia funding paramilitaries in other countries, and the consequent people retaliating against the u.s. by using terrorism or terrorism starting in their own country because it has been destabilized, but when the u.s. government commits terrorism against its own citizens they applaud it and stay silent

This just shows you who the real terrorist blood thirsty scum are - right wingers.


File: 1590920270734.mp4 (15.1 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ripsave - Police actively ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Just protectin and servin :^)
totally nothing to see here, we don't live in a police state :^)
america's finest :^)


What is wrong with white people? At least blacks fight for themselves when stuff the Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd happened

But when this happens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBUUx0jUKxc&bpctr=1590923740

where is the white people demand that Brailsford be charged? I respect black people a lot for this, the ones protesting not the ones rioting


See, this is exactly what i was saying in the afterlife thread, but noone believed me, why is this concept so hard to grasp for people?


Nigs don't fight for themselves. They fight for loot. Every chimpout confirms this. Their political ambitions don't extend past forcing the whitey to step back so the violent animals may pillage and destroy as they please.


Media will support black people, there's probably glowies or other factions helping them stir shit up.


Fuck man, this video is disturbing. Was he weeping before he was shot? He was probably at his limit and the fucking cop was playing some murder version of Simon says.


It's crazy how mind killed people are, as if the only reason cops kill blacks at high rates is just magical
"racism" sauce. You give blacks Head Start, you give blacks special racial scholarships, you give blacks Affirmative Action, blacks find success as entertainers and athletes, and yet somehow the magical, all powerful "racism" stops them from going to school and getting a decent job.

Hey, we know that within groups, intelligence is roughly 80% due to genes, while many personality traits and behaviors are highly heritable as well. Wouldn't it be a kick if the between group heritability was also very high? That sure would explain a lot, hmm…


The wikipedia article is even worse.
So you murder a guy and you get 2500$ monthly before you're even 30? Living the dream.


You mean a mob linching a dude for defending his life and property with the best thing he had at hand but it still wasn't enough?

Love your fucked up framing to fit a agenda though.
Also it ain't a protest, it is a riot.
Then again you are clearly a troll so I don't know why I even bother.


>pick fight with police for hours on end while violently rioting.
>second they respond to violent rioting record and cut out the context to make them look bad

Dude, I don't even like the police but this is a classic and blatant propaganda tactic that the black block has used and published using for decades now.
Maybe if commie fuckheads would stop acting like brutally violent thugs you wouldn't give the police a excuse to use force to keep you in line.

Then again it is a hell of a lot better for you guys then the alternative where people start forming up militias themselves to bring order back to the streets, which is at this stage of things fully within their rights to do.

I am just glad I moved away from the city and to a place where almost everybody is armed.


File: 1590937928981.png (341.05 KB, 749x650, 749:650, 1590082679637.png) ImgOps iqdb

>all that violence
>that racial cold war on twitter
God damn US is fucked.


Twitter isn't represenative of real life.
This temporary spasm of violence, instigated by the mainstream media oddly enough, is not even close to enough to fuck USA. The country has been through worse shit in the past 50 years and made it though it. I don't see why it wouldn't now.


Godspeed Warlock.


Lol, get fucked.


Fucked in the sense 'i wouldn't survive a day in there'. There's nothing of this sort happening here, ever.


Reminds me of that video where some twink goes out of his way to approach a cop to push him only to get beanbagged.
Like what the hell are they expecting? Either kick it up a notch, or don't start fights you can't win.


Nice man. Did you get anything? I'd be worried about someone else fighting me for loot.


You forget that they want to be victims and that in their warped sence of morals the highest good to them is sacrificing themselves for "the greater good". It is a feeling I can't empathize with at all. Something that seeks validation in satisfying their darker emotions and vices while intentionally disregarding reason. A inversion of a reasonable and virtuous person.


Are you nuts? It's way too dangerous, not worth it for some free shit


Maybe Wiz is the danger.


File: 1590946641081.jpg (99.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, nigger_slayer.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


negro korosu beshi


you are going to get raped by those gargantuan man-beasts


File: 1590947716864.jpg (52.5 KB, 599x577, 599:577, khokhlokot.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My cunt sister is going to one of these protests now. I honestly hope a cop breaks her fucking nose or some nigger knocks her out. She needs to be put in place.



The Attorney General announced that antifa is behind these ongoing riots in America. Mostly, the Trump Administration has been condemning people setting fires and rioting.

However, this administration has been extremely supportive of antifa in Hong Kong starting fires and rioting.

China’s English language state media has published a pretty funny op-ed pointing out the absurdity of this dichotomy.

Hu Xijin writes for the Global Times:

US political elites seem to be fierce in all directions. They directly applauded Hong Kong’s riots, calling them a “beautiful sight” of democracy. The chaos in Hong Kong has lasted for over a year and military forces have not been dispatched. Yet after only three days of chaos in Minnesota, Trump publicly threatened the use of firepower and implied military forces could be utilized..

Imagine if the rioters rioting across America were holding Chinese flags as the rioters in Hong Kong are holding American flags.


Is she a coalburner?


Everyone defending the govermnent terrorism against its own citizens should move to fucking saudi arabia.

People shouldn't live in fear of the govermnent, the govermnent should fear its people.


I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me.


saudia arabia is actually a very progressive place nowadays, you're probably safer under the mohammed bin salman government than in the "free" countries


The rioters want the death of America. Leftists are enemy combatants, not citizens.


Everyone defending the nigger terrorism against its own government should move to fucking Sierra Leone.
LOL j/k, they're not even terrorizing the government. They just want to loot and burn down their neighbor's shops.


> Right wingers siding with govermnent authoritarianism when they claim to be against it and support the second amendment for situations like this

Not surprising at all you people are fucking frauds. At this point we need a civil war. If you want to live under authoritarianism then suit yourself, but I believe in freedom and liberty.


Freedom to smash windows and liberty to ransack Target.


File: 1590954828719.jpg (61.18 KB, 828x831, 276:277, h0clb8tw38t41.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Freedom to rebel against a system people feel is doing them injustice. This is a rebellion.

Retard, property is not a living thing, its not worth more than how much a community values it.

If the community valued property more than their liberty, then they wouldn't have attacked those fucking stores and windows.

>ohh nooo my poor target ); billionaire can't exploit me anymore im so sad
>my poor autozone. poor mcdonalds i can't get my chicken tendies ); im so sad billionaire wont exploit the community anymore

fucking bootlicking moron go suck your coporate masters cock


File: 1590955148356-0.jpg (474.41 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, WIRoPzbZH9ZbmRiT8B9xW91RJE….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1590955148356-1.jpg (30.14 KB, 720x540, 4:3, trivszou3xj31.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You can't commodify every single aspect of living and then not understand looting as a legitimate form of protest. Looting is the ultimate strike against a system that deems mass-produced objects more valuable than life itself. it is humanity demanding to be recognized.


i can predict your dumbass response will go some bootlicker shit like this :

>Things would go much more smoothly all around if the human capital stock would just know its place and behave properly.


I'm gonna laugh when the niggers enter korea town and get their heads blown off


i went to the protest in deep ellum, dallas. the verizon store was broken into, unfortunately i wasnt able to get a new iphone, but i did get the new air pods and a few other things from some of the other stores
cover up your body entirely. long pants, thick hoodie, gloves, face mask, maybe even sunglasses if its not too dark. you have an excuse because of the covid and not wanting to be identified, nobody will be able to tell nog from honkey. everybodys doing their own shit, they mostly dont care if you loot but if you get electronics hide them in your clothes just to be safe.


>air pods
Nice to see iPhone posters here. #Whizzchan 2020.


as a wizard why would you not want free shit? its basically just gibsmedats but in the form of goods rather than neetbux. inner cities are basically one big charity event rn, giving back to people crushed under predatory capitalism and discrimination


I understand the humor but let's pretend to be serious for now: the blax aren't burning their loot in giant pyres to make a statement. They are appropriating the goods for private use.
Oh no. That means they value monetary gain and ownership of mass produced commodities over the well being of their race. Because one way or another they will all be made to pay for the damages. They will suffer the direct cost of having to fix their busted environments. Their taxes will be spent on rebuilding the public property and strengthening the police, depriving their communities of nice-to-haves. Businesses aren't going to be happy serving a populace which decided to destroy their facilities for no reason.
As for the social consequences of their collective outburst they have proven the paranoid brutal cops were right all along. Blacks can't be trusted not to behave like violent animals. They lose composure for the slightest of reasons, act irrationally and need to be treated as ticking time bombs.

They earned themselves their decaying communities and police brutality. All for the low price of a new iPhone.


File: 1590959626303-0.jpg (121.11 KB, 700x416, 175:104, e3a10aec-6c23-4f3b-8088-19….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1590959626303-1.jpg (222.32 KB, 1460x1464, 365:366, acab3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1590959626303-2.png (727.55 KB, 720x877, 720:877, z0ycob7adm151.png) ImgOps iqdb


>falling for the ruling classes trick of being divided among racial lines so that you wont stand in solidarity with people that are more similar to you than the billionaires manipulating you to despise them

>literally divide and conquer tactic and you're falling for it. you're a poor worker too and the establishment is just using racism to divide you like they have always done throughout history


Not that I'm surprised right wingers are siding with the establishment like they always do, falling for the divide and conquer tactic like they have more in common with billionaires than their fellow people.


I prefer to Obey Order than it being LAW OF THE JUNGLE which is the natural state of man, where the CHIMPIEST rapes and kills the smaller runts.


Not all the rioting is done by blacks nor from people from inside the community.
Got a lot of white upper middle class larping anarcho-commies coming into these cities to stir things up and do as much damage as they can.

Race isn't the only factor here. The dysfunction is a lot bigger then that.


You just said why. There's tons of commie fags that think they dindu nuffin and want to go LARP about smashing the state while they raid a macy's.


File: 1590965017263-0.jpg (42.26 KB, 539x960, 539:960, Epp9qOF.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1590965017263-1.png (62.49 KB, 500x347, 500:347, in-a-rich-mans-house-there….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1590965017263-2.jpg (89.25 KB, 750x560, 75:56, jesus2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>doesn't deny he's a cuck to the ruling class
>talks about "might is right law of the jungle prevails" while being a FUCKING WIZARD as if he is some type of strongman
>in reality he's just a coward too scared to stand up against oppression and injustice
>you prefer "order" (kowtowing to the ruling class) over justice, autonomy, liberty, individuality, and freedom

Go ahead and argue for your own enslavement then you fucking tool of the ruling class falling hook line and sinker for the agenda that the establishment controlled media is pushing to silence the people rebelling against them like always happens in history.

You would be the same motherfucker, during the time when the romans had slaves or slaves in america, that would be enslaved yourself and then go snitch on the other slaves for revolting against the master and plotting to escape because of some immaterial abstraction called "order" (AKA submit, or else).

The same motherfucker defending the kings divine right to rule and his holy "order" when liberalism was a radical idea and people revolted against the monarchies.


I'll prefer freedom and building a better world more suitable for human dignity.

You can boil the entirety of your fucking chud logic into this:
"Don't Revolt against the status quo, or else!"
The systems based on this maxim have always only been beneficial to the rulers and is an affront to human dignity. Revolt is the only way they have ever been meaningfully changed, and the ruling class is smart enough to recognize this which is why they create so many narratives that violence is always bad EXCEPT WHEN THE RULERS DO IT. with the one exception being if the people are fighting on the side of the ruling class, which is where chuds like you come in.

The amount of cognitive dissonance it takes to be a chud is purely insane to me. You claim to be christians so go back and tell jesus to not destroy the merchants property in the house of god or else face the punishment of the govermnent you fucking heretics.

Go back to all other rebellion's in history: the boston tea party, the hong kong protest, the yellow vest protests in france, the french revolution, the slave rebellions, the workers rights movement and tell them the same shit you fucking inbred morons and see how much freedom you would be enjoy today. None at all, because the only time society has ever advanced and the ruling class has conceded to giving us peasants any concessions HAS BEEN THROUGH REBELLION.

if you like "order" so much where no one stands up for anything, then MOVE TO FUCKING CHINA OR NORTH KOREA and see how you like it so much you cowards.

Also I thought people here claimed to like diogenes, but I see now that its just another superficial lie and you're all larpers believing in "might is right rule of the jungle" like you're some type of powerful person, or perhaps just a brainwashed slave mentality masochist. you fucking dogs


File: 1590966787755.mp4 (15.1 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ripsave - Police actively ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

It's not a surprise the establishment media is ignoring the police brutality and only narrowly focusing on the destruction of the property owner businessman. YOU WILL NEVER SEE THIS ON THE NEWS (except rarely, the majority will be a narrative to protect property owners and the rich. manufacturing consent).

We are living in an Orwellian authoritarian state controlled by the capitalist class through manufacturing consent and indoctrination in the public education system.


Better be safe an sorry, Unrest and Anarchy will only lead to the death and rape of the weaklings.

I am not saying is the best way to live but is far from the worst and could get way worse.

Hell, it was greed and Capitalism what got the mighty negro to America in the first place.



Yep, no surprise people defending the property owners and the rich instead of the real message of the protest which is to end authoritarianism. The media is controlled by the capitalists so of course they focus on the looting and give lip service to everything else. video related


fuck you white supremacist piece of shit. How the fuck would you like to be enslaved for hundreds of years and systematically discriminated against for decades. people like you are why the world is so fucked up.


The situation on the ground proves otherwise. The mob is devoid of organization or political objectives. Brunt of the activity is focused on acquisition of property by means of theft, therefore putting the personal wealth of an individual rioter over the good of their entire community. The conduct of the rioters is incompatible with your assertions. Their actions are guided by the drive for ownership of material possessions and increasing one's position within the existing system. If anything their performance is the highest expression of the ideology you claim to oppose.
Down there it's every nigger for himself.

Your persistent attempts at misdirection are tiresome. No one's going to waste time chasing the points you raise if the rant is based completely on feigned lack of reading comprehension. Your LARP powers are insufficient.
Samefagging and spamming does nothing to improve your game. You need to challenge yourself.


File: 1590967856261.jpg (42.7 KB, 828x746, 414:373, bootlicker2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

enjoy your boots, bootlicker.

>devoid of organization

yeah, thats what a fucking rebellion is. You can't control it. Sorry they don't train people on how to make a fucking proper protest, but they do TRAIN THE FUCKING POLICE TO NOT ABUSE THEIR POWERS, YET WHY DO THEY KEEP BRUTALIZING PEOPLE???

Just shut the fuck up already, everything you say is just about defending the rich and I can easily see right through you fucking dogs. Your mother is watering for some boot and I can see that in every sentence you type. Unlike you, I have human dignity and will stand up to fight for my freedom.

You're just a TOOL OF THE RULERS falling for the narrative that is used by mainstream media to deflect the main problem of systemic indiscriminate State violence. Police are used to inflict violence to protect private property.



>better safe than sorry
not surprised coming from a coward right winger with the spirit of slavery

Your entire political ideology is based on fear of change. It is the ideology of cowards.


Well yes, the Capitalist society has allowed the small weakling runt to survive in ways that would be outright impossible in nature.

But you see If I am ever enslaving anyone I would have never enslaved a race of people that could cave my skull in with a single chimp-punch.

Point being, we are to late in the game to change, we must adapt what we already have.


The amount of faggot twitter memes in here is nauseating.


It's one dumb, bored user doing his level best to try and stir shit up in an attempt to have someone to talk to. His moronic posting is kinda depressing really.


It is just one faggot that seems to have mental issues and needs attention.

It's annoying but hopefully he will fuck off back to wherever he came from once his manic fit calms down.


File: 1590970385499-0.jpg (91.03 KB, 1679x1091, 1679:1091, chud32.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1590970385499-1.png (841.58 KB, 662x651, 662:651, antiwork.png) ImgOps iqdb

if capitalism is so great then go tell the wageslaves in /dep/ that you bootlicking dog.

>survive in ways


>we are too late

only subhumans like you that have been domesticated by the ruling class so much that they are beyond help. It is like how dogs were domesticated from the majestic and free wolf into being a slave for humans, or how cats and cows and all other animals were domesticated to being under the foot of humans.

Here we witness the chud, the succesful example of human domestication into a slave, formed through subjugation over thousands of years of the properterian world order.

And stay mad chuds. I'm not going to stop speaking out against your bullshit.


lol just go back to ernst with your fellow aging sois, schizenu. your shtick is just cringey and played out at this point.


Rise up
When you're living on your knees, you rise up
Tell your brother that he's gotta rise up
Tell your sister that she's gotta rise up


>tell your sister that she's gotta rise up
only she won't because all succubi are pro-nigger


You're not wrong. Capitalism is shit, but it's also what created the wealth we have to live more comfortable lives. The main issue is finding something reasonable to replace capitalism with, because most alternatives right now are either dogshit or not viable in a large scale at all. Regardless, all systems will be shit for wizards, we don't fit any society at all.


crab is mad because he doesn't get to fuck his sister, but the black mad does. lol





They will show it 1% of the time so they mantain the appearance of credibility, and the majority of the rest of the time they'll just play looting on loop. That's what he means and thats how they manafacture consent.

video related


The real message of the protest isn't "end authoritarianism", it's "end racism".


But there is no racism. It's the non whites who are overprivileged.


For anyone interested in a good analysis of the situation, watch this video. It is furnished with data that contradicts most of the official/corporate narrative regarding police bias and race, who produces this narrative, where do privileged people learn that they are oppressed, who are more likely to show ingroup preference, and so on. It's a very good, high IQ video that manages sum up a lot of the topic in just 40 minutes.

The corporate media is actually the one pushing the narrative about police brutality targeted towards blacks that is driving the masses to riot. You're consuming corporate content and reacting to ideas put forward by them and stories told by them.



their distant great-uncles and aunts were slaves, that means they get infinity grievance points


File: 1590986971525.png (617.73 KB, 1920x1078, 960:539, 1590386129566.png) ImgOps iqdb

Helter Skelter.


BLM here specifically targeted affluent areas. That was awesome.


I thought Americans have guns. Why don't they shoot the rioters?


File: 1590992640958.png (432.47 KB, 600x301, 600:301, good_police.png) ImgOps iqdb


I don't think police brutality is necessarily targeted towards blacks, but it is targeted towards normal americans so that is why the protests are justified in my opinion, and police stations deserve to burn



This pic is missing several others I can't find the uncropped version but it included people like Andrea Heath who got driven to suicide for being a whistleblower…these are only high profile cases we know about, police in america are pure shit


i don't have a sister retard


>police stations deserve to burn
Then who would enforce the law?


Do people on here ever actually watch this shit? I looked at the guys channel and the comments and the video reccomendations after clicking on the video and he seems to be some sort of alt-right guy. I make sure to look up the background of someone doing a research type video like this so I know how credible he is, and this guy does not look fucking good. It turns out he is a neo-nazi (unsurprisingly with neo-nazi's browsing this site frequently) and given that, I'm very skeptical of watching him. Skimming through the video he also just sounds like an incoherent rambler throwing wave after wave of statistics at you that a lay person wouldn't be able to make sense out of.

Anyway here is a bunch of dirt from reddit I picked up of this fucking neo-nazi, and yeah, I don't think I'll trust watching shit like that. He's more likely than not just trying to manipulate people to push his political agenda as a fucking nazi.

here: https://www.reddit.com/r/badscience/comments/7o5hxx/a_response_to_the_alternative_hypothesis_video/

https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Ryan_Faulk - fascist


Here is some purely social-science research published in an academic journal about the issue, and I'll trust this over any 40 minute long video by a fucking neo-nazi with a racist agenda to push. https://scholar.harvard.edu/files/fryer/files/empirical_analysis_tables_figures.pdf https://sci-hub.tw/https://doi.org/10.1111/puar.12956 http://www.oas.org/en/iachr/reports/pdfs/PoliceUseOfForceAfrosUSA.pdf Not that I've looked at any of this stuff or that I plan too, I just want to leave it here to counter the nazi propaganda posted in this thread. I'll leave some leftist propaganda on the issue too, and I haven't watched any of the leftist vids on the issue and don't plan to. I'm just leaving it to counter the fucking nazi's. And I'm saying that they are made by leftists as a heads up to anyone so they are aware of the perspective of the video maker, unlike that fucking nazi punk.


How Cops Are Trained To Shoot You In Your Home - SOME MORE NEWS


They typically don't have guns in major cities. The gun people are usually in rural/exurban areas.


>capitalist creates wealth
An economic system can not "create wealth" because it is an immaterial abstraction. Only something concrete can create something, and in the real world those that create are those that work, not some abstraction like "capitalism".
In other words, it provides conditions for things to get done in a certain context.

Wealth is created by labor as its father and the earth as its mother, which capitalists take the lion's share simply due to "ownership" of it, holding a title or deed to the land, water and means of production. There is enough for everyone on the planet, but the system of capitalism depends on hoards and denial of this vast abundance created to be equitably distributed.

There is more than enough for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed. There is a wealth surplus, but it goes to the landlords and capitalists, not to the poor and homeless.

>most of the alternatives are dogsit

Have you done any serious research into alternatives or are you just looking at different versions of capitalism? Most of the alternatives I've seen - particularly the ones that were anti-capitalist with worker-cooperatives replacing corporations - have been more successful than capitalism both quantitatively and qualitatively. If you want an idea of how a potential libertarian alternative to capitalism could work watch this video. It's also not just theoretical, there have been numerous examples in the real world of cooperatives being just as competitive as corporations and qualitatively bringing a more fulfilling work life. However, my ultimate goal as a socialist is to end all work so I can be a neet. Since workers own their workplaces in a workers cooperative, if we automate how stuff is done or even just through having direct power in how we do work, it is not hard to see how neetdom would be a much easier to achieve than if we were wageslaves with no control over our lives other than quitting and finding a new master to serve.

>every type of society would be shit for a wizard

Yeah, I don't really disagree. If you did want to live in a society, then I would argue an anarchist one - where power is decentralized, federated, based on a liquid democracy, and based on self-managment and free association - would be the best one to live in. Not a utopia of course, but better than any other type of society.

Still, I remain skeptical of being part of any society (for all the usual wizard reasons), and any society that is part of civilization - which is a form of social organization based on specialized division of labor and organized work - will dominate most of the natural world, leaving little to nothing left if you ever wanted to escape it (see the anti-civilization thread >>244370 ). I think a life of complete solitude like the maine hermit would be the best type of life to live, but because civilization encroaches on everything, escaping into the woods and never seeing anyone again successfully is not likely. If there were no civilization, then the natural world would be free again and a solitary life would not be a lofty dream. Looking at climate and how fast civilization has been accelerating the extinction of most life on the planet in the last few decades, its grand demise seems to be incoming in the near future. If it does happen, then the time after it would be a fine time to be a wizard. There is really no way to escape civilization, it has captured and taken hostage the entire planet. The day civilization ceases to exist is the day we will be free.


I'm starting to question the point of opinion-making videos like that, just like I start to question the point of sharing opinions online.


Here's an update on the sword guy that dumbass fascist tried to portray as some type of "good guy" : https://twitter.com/sable_sonya/status/1267148333203800064

Turns out he's just a sociopath. lol right wingers are pathetic, grasp at straws for anything and lie about everything because they know they would have no credibility otherwise.


Because Twitter is is a wellspring of accurate unbiased information on hot political topics

I ain't even clicking that cancer.


Suddenly the dude that post tim pool videos like once or twice a week doesn't seem so bad.


Really enjoyed this video, thank you wiz
The issue is that current power structures will not cede resources and capital down to the workers, so you end up stuck in whichever ideology controls the resources unless you get violent about it.
Tell me one time in history when the resource-havers have willingly stepped down and given away power?


>Tell me one time in history when the resource-havers have willingly stepped down and given away power?
The dissolution of the British empire in the 20th century.


13% of population.
55% of murders.
You can't make this shit up.


Based rioters cleaning the streets from homeless.


File: 1591031456748.png (336.15 KB, 971x706, 971:706, asd.png) ImgOps iqdb

So what you did was spend all the time you could've spent watching the video to score the internet for reasons to not watch the video so you could spare yourself from the pain of cognitive dissonance as you ignored good arguments in favor of maintaining your emotional investment in your current worldview. Ironically he touches on something like that in his video.


Are right wingers this stupid? Before you take in information of anything you want to look up the background of the author to look at how credible they are in teaching the topic they are talking about and so you recognize their biases. Did they never teach you this in school or something? It's no wonder you dipshits fall for so much fucking nazi propaganda.


Absolutely burned the fuck out.


I wonder what the butthurt commie has to say about this when it comes to their class struggle narrative relating to the riots.


uh collateral damage.. uhh casualty of war.


>13% of population.
55% of murders.
You can't make this shit up.

I'm sure that would have nothing to do with systemic racism and living in the ghetto where there are no jobs, gangsters control everything, and immigrant communities (Jews, Chinese , Arabs)are the only ones with access to small business loans. But no none of that has any affect. It's just "muh low IQ dindu nuffin" logic for you white nationalists. Even when blacks had their own thriving communities (Black Wall Street) they were destroyed. You don't want blacks to live separately or pull themselves from their bootstraps. Fuck off with your /pol Jared Taylor bullshit.


>hate facts are racist

The absurdly high murder rate does not have anything to do with "systemic racism" and other groups who live in the ghetto or poor have anywhere near the level of violence.


>The absurdly high murder rate does not have anything to do with "systemic racism" and other groups who live in the ghetto or poor have anywhere near the level of violence.

Man please. I just told you that other groups have a better quality of living in the ghetto via access to small business loans and that you have black gangsters preying on their own people. No shit Latinos and poor whites in the ghetto might be less violent if their lives are objectively better and they don't have violent gangsta rap being spoon fed to them at a young age. You're not even arguing in good faith with your "reee, systemic racism" shit." Aren't you a wizard? How do black people negatively effect you anyway? Why do you care?


Want to know how I know you don't know what the fuck you are talking about and never lived in the poor part of a urban area?
God you are equally ignorant and arrogant. The combination that fills me with the highest of contempt. Then have the gull to complain about people not arguing in "good faith" as you fight imaginary strawmen with using stereotypes and racist tinged identy politics.
Your dumbass is just as racist as the "race realist" dumbass only you just happen to feel bad about your racism, that you project on others.
Then have the fucking nerve to ask me why I care and about black people. Man fuck you. You really don't know me. I know you are a stupid troll but your stupidity has crossed into full retard levels of assumptions you are making.
How about you go take your racist dumb ass to "the ghetto" where they " have violent gangsta rap being spoon fed to them" and actually go talk to people on a individual level rather then as some sort of abstraction to be used to push communist evil. You don't get to use black people as a tool for your agenda. You don't own them, they ain't yours.
So shut the fuck up, get up off your ass, and go aquatint yourself with some real people in real life on a one on one level. They are people, not your political tools.


> don't have violent gangsta rap being spoon fed to them at a young age
They're feeding it to themselves.


Also all races listen to it, not just blacks.
And I don't hear dude complaining about the many other violent kinds of music that are stereotyped to other races.

Dude is quick to call everybody a racist but he is the real racist.


File: 1591064488101.jpg (36.42 KB, 460x276, 5:3, detroit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How would wizards fix Detroit?


1. build a cluster of 100 KFCs in Dearborn.
2. build enough modular 20ft high curved wall segments to completely envelope Dearborn.
3. Hold a special promotion at the KFCs offering everything for free for 2 days.
4. While the promotion is at peak attendance, airlift the wall segments into place to trap everyone in Dearborn.


Ironically enough gut all social services and cut all gibs for about 4 or 5 years.
Then once expenses are down and the people who depended on gibs to live there have left then cut taxes and eliminate as many regulations and zoning restrictions as reasonable.
Privatize construction improvements and most functions of the city besides emergency services and criminal justice.
Fire the current police commissioner and hire someone from a red state.
Disband family court system into a system private arbitration, civil court, or criminal court depending on what fits for the individual situation.

With all these changes it runs off all the people holding it down while also attracting heavy industry. Insentience this with additional deals such as special exemptions and accelerated permits.

Once industry is back revenue will grow, meanwhile spending is currently low. This will then start to grow a surplus.
Once surplus is created, then implement a pilot program aimed at offering support in the form of cheap/free housing/land, free high-speed internet access as well as a monthly stipend to a small research cohort of males showing signs of "social dysfunction". Publicly it will be a research program to see the long term effects on quality of life to "alienated" individual if the they have their basic physical material needs secured. The reality would be that it is a special secret welfare program exclusive to wizards with the facade of helping the male isolation problem that is growing around the world.

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