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Just a minute ago there was a guy outside in his car using a megaphone to inform the residents that there are people with corona in my neighborhood so we take precautions.


Fake news


Did anyone else here suffer the 2017-18 winter flu?

Now that there was a real nasty novel coronavirus.


Long before detailed symptoms were posted everywhere in the newsmedia - a wizard here posted that his mom treated young people in a hospital and they had scarred lungs on x-rays.


You really think people would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?


The loss of cognitive function is what scares me the most. If i end up crippled or whatever, so be it, I spend most of my time on the computer anyway, but if I lose my mind it's a different story.



File: 1593273889622.gif (613.65 KB, 500x208, 125:52, kaiki doubt others.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I'm saying you trusted that dude just cause he said his mom is a nurse.


And somehow that dude just predicted a very specific hidden symptom?


>virus affects mostly the lungs
>who could've foreseen it'd be bad for the lungs
Also that other post had no source or anything. He just said he "read up" on it. It's probably the same guy. You are way too trusting.


Looking for pulmonary fibrosis is how they look for covid infection when they don't have test.


My mother is having her friends over soon to sing. I don't like this. I keep reading about how singing is particularly bad for spreading the virus and we're having more cases than ever now in the country and she told me they're not going to wear masks.


Anyone knows where I can obtain some coronavirus strain to inject myself with? I want to prove that this overhyped flu is a hoax.



The authority figures who claim that masks are helpful to prevent disease spread are liars.


that's why all the european governments were in a panic to hoard masks this spring, and why america even went so far as to basically steal european mask shipments by paying the chinese manufacturers double for their shipments right on the tarmac

because masks aren't helpful at preventing disease


you could lick doorknobs and the like at elderly care, hospitals, and other hot spots if you want to go full retard.
But other then that I can't help you.


There's a new flu strain on China that could become deadly. Might be all hype.

If not, God is definitely trying to kill all of us. I don't blame him, the world is a fucked up place.


They apparently track loads of viruses and there's a list of like 10 priority virus families WHO think have the highest potential to be the next epidemic. This specific one may be hyped in the sense that there are other viruses that already do animal to human transmission in the list.

Easy to see why the people studying this stuff thought it was bound to happen soon.




People who do this kind of virus research see these new viruses all the time, like you said. They teach over and over again that the next big one is coming, it's coming, etc. It's just a matter of time because so many new flus are created each year.


I am more and more convinced that COVID is infecting the brain and causing permanent cognitive degeneration. I think this is part of the reason why the world seems to be getting crazier and crazier right now.



Feels like it was getting crazier before the virus started, but also how do we know whether its getting crazier or its just our perception. I think a virus like corona is bound to make people go a bit crazy though.

Weirdly enough though I see corona effecting the craziest places in the world the most, maybe it affects those with more damaged minds, but then again stupid/crazy people are less likely to care about social distancing and hygiene and also probably live in dense areas and I've always seen a correlation between city density and craziness/assholes, its a bit like that mouse experiment where the mouses overcrowding made them really fucked up. We don't know yet all the ways COVID affects the human body and brain as well.


Well any added craziness likely has more to do with the lock downs caused by COVID than COVID itself. However it has basically been confirmed that COVID does infect the brain and I have seen a few articles that suggest it affects the brain badly. In particular this article was kind of alarming.

If a large percentage of the world's population get even minor brain damage from COVID I think it will cause a ton of problems in the long run. I tend to think that societies on earth have each advanced to the point where lowing its IQ/mental health even marginally will cause efficiencies to be lost to the point where catastrophic failures in many different areas will become quite common. This affect already seemed apparent with the dysgenic breeding and global population movements in the last 50 or so years, but if the entire world suffered cognitive decline all at once I would think the situation would be catastrophic.


Sounds like empty rumors and fear mongering. A month ago people were saying it made you sterile.


if you've been around it's clearly the jewphones, 5 billion, very herd-minded people who were too stupid to get online suddenly got interconnected in the past ten years on their faggot phones, the combined effect of the informational overload and muh social media where they're struck with the global herd affirming the things they saw on TV (doomvirus is gonna getcha) (orange man bad) (worship niggers) is making their poor little NPC gourds spin


It is pretty much speculation as far as COVID causing brain damage to people with more minor cases. It will take time before we really know for sure what the long term effects are.

However COVID has been found in the brain cells in autopsies of dead people multiple times, and even without direct damage from brain cells being infected both blood clotting strokes and low blood oxygen levels can cause permanent brain damage or death.

Well I agree that all those things are causing lots of problems, but people have had cellphones and the internet for years now. The new problems I am seeing seem to all be in the last several months. Maybe its just because the election is coming up. I do hope that I am wrong but it just seems like something unique is going on here.


File: 1593580772463.jpg (47.57 KB, 409x600, 409:600, PurgeElectionYear-jpg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wish COVID would actually kill millions of niggercattle as advertised by media but the mortality rate keeps going down. Niggercattle have always been crazy and the main stream media is intensifying it, they want niggercattel to go insane and kill each other as the virus is clearly not doing it's job.The MSM commands people to snitch on each other for not obeying the lockdown-Newnormal laws,they want absolute obedience but at the same time they are promoting and funding nigger chimpout rebellion & if you disagree with their chimpout revolution or if you do not obey Newnormal laws then you are a criminal and deserve to be canceled. The (((media))) is causing brain damage


all of a sudden every business in town has signs on the doors and throughout the inside saying customers are "required" by order of our jew mayor to wear a mask, and I'm seeing a good 50% increase in mask wearing everywhere I look

nobody has physically tackled me (yet) for not wearing the cuck mask but I don't like where this shit is trending, this is nuts, and so far we've managed to avoid the real craziness going on elsewhere like quarantines

it's only late june, I dread what this kook will start dictating when the cooler months return, goddamn this virus hoax


Don't worry, the moment they come up with a vaccine is the moment people start dropping like flies and end up with brain damage.


Yeah, that was really bad, sickest I ever felt in my life, hope Corona either turns out to be mostly fake or I avoid it, I was really good at being a hikki at the start of the virus when people were freaking out, but now I've been pretty blase about it recently.


Why are you even going outside


that is a very stupid question


Forgive the hikki, he knows not what he says.


Just say you have a medical condition that makes it dangerous to wear a mask. I hear it works pretty well.



This. Just say no. If they demand, "No". If they threaten, "No". You are not a slave.


File: 1594018738380.png (28.54 KB, 540x186, 90:31, bubuub.png) ImgOps iqdb



I go watch the huge city fireworks show every fourth of july, this time when I walked 5 miles there all I saw was an empty lot with a sign saying cancelled due to moh covid 19, just another good thing ruined cuz the fucking jew media wants to fear monger for ratings, figures….


I had it, wasn't fun.
I had the flu in summer 2018 also (somehow)
I had the 2019-20 winter flu (might have been corona, don't know and don't care)


I can feel it, Jesus is coming.

It might be the anti christ though.


And they can (and probably eventually will) ask you to leave.


Most of the business owners in my town have been waking up to the fact that this thing was hoax. Our female mayor of course was blustering about declaring martial law but even if she did the police wouldn't listen to her. Maybe it's different in liberal cities but here in the midwest I haven't been stopped once for not wearing a mask.


what's wrong with masks? They are great for privacy and facial recognition. Before this shit there was more concern about anti-mask laws. Hong Kong went suddenly from making masks illegal to making it illegal not to wear one, hilarious


Aside from it fogging up my glasses, I love them. No more pained facial expressions or fake smiles.


Why do you want more people to catch the virus? We have clear data that show if everyone wears masks it greatly decreases the spread of the virus. There is no conceivable reason not to wear one.


I don't think that hyping up a flu gives a centralized power like the state the right to coerce people into wearing an article of clothing.
One of my rules is, if someone tries to bully me into doing something, I refuse. No matter the consequence. I'd rather die than be made a slave. But that's just me I guess.

>We have clear data that show if everyone wears masks it greatly decreases the spread of the virus

Post that data please.


So if I started bullying you into drinking water you wouldn't?


I would ignore you, carrying out what I would have done anyway, and if you tried to physically coerce me into drinking water I would retaliate until either you are incapacitated or I am dead.


File: 1594175424701.jpg (168 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1594114900781.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Corona is gonna last until 2024 or longer, I can feel it.

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