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File: 1587257597587.gif (3.78 MB, 450x450, 1:1, gibs.gif) ImgOps iqdb

just claimed $4000 in Trudeauxbux
they expect it back but word is they'll just keep any income tax returns we file for
not a problem if we dont work lmfao


Enjoy your time in prison for fraud LMFAO !



You can't close America… well you have to admit Trump supporters are pretty Chad, they won't put up with a coronavirus vaccine which will give kids autism and fuck you up, I do hope Trump manages to fire Fauci



Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one. Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.


Maybe we could have the best of both worlds, Trump supporters can go out and work and PARTAAAAY, but everyone else can stay at home and watch anime but get money from the government while they quarantine and the people out there get herd immunity or kill each other or whatever, it would be much less strain on the system overall since less people needing money like what is going on now


Anyone else living in a country where you can get fined or even arrested for being outside? It hasn't happened to me, but it's fucked up on principle alone. Of course you can't protest it because 'we've got to think of the poor health workers and the people at risk of getting sick!!' How convenient. Now the government can pull that shit over and over again and the oversensitive retards won't bat an eye, just like anti-terror 'emergency' measures.


Yeah, the worst part is they didn't allow you to visit forests either. They lift it tomorrow so at least I'll have a place to walk to. I want to die wizard, more than I ever did. If there's another crisis brewing there's no chance of me ever finding work that pays well. I'll have to do some aggresive minimalism and frugal mindset.


This is why it's vital for every citizen to own guns.


Why is the right so keen to open the economy up again and end the lockdown? Do they really want all the right wing boomers to die? Is it really just a flu?


Guns are pacifiers for grown ass men who think themselves to be though big guys who need no boss, into accepting servitude, because they are led to believe that their guns will keep them free and they could revolt any time they want (but not today or tomorrow, maybe next election), while all meaningful social relationships and organisational capacities are eroded and rendered impotent by disruptive socio-economical change, psy-ops, and surveillance technologies.

Guns are worthless and the easiest thing to procure and manufacture. It's the very last thing you have to acquire and worry about in order to be able to form any resistance.


>Guns are worthless and the easiest thing to procure and manufacture
Then how come every time a foreign government sponsors a revolt the very first thing they send them is guns?


They send guns to people who have organisation and most importantly a way to enforce loyalty, detect free riders and punish traitors. The CIA don't send weapons to the first random kid they find in the street. They send weapon to terror organisation that function like a sect (intense loyalty), tribal group (loyalty again), or rebelling armies (organisation).

Amerimutts right-wingers don't have any of that. They probably can't even form a militia without being infiltrated by the feds immediatly. They probably can't even create a militia if the feds aren't the one doing leadership job. They can't even have a tribal in-group, since they can't even sit in Thanksgiving without arguing about Blue Team and Red Team, and agree that Blood is more important that Blue, Red or America.


Sounds like you do actually think guns are important, and just hate americans.


And also as you've said, foreign governments will procure you weapons. See? Isn't that the easiest shit you can get? People will litterally give you FOR FREE (in exchange of service, like causing chaos, or giving preferential treatment in case you win something). Not to mention manufacturing, all you need is a dozen of machine tools and guys who know how to use them, and you're ready to go, Pakis and Filipinos can make guns in their garage, despite living in non-industrial shithole. Not to mention the number of shady arms dealers (often time working in coordination with foreign intel) more than willing to supply you with containers full of guns, ammos, rockets. And the Houthis rebels, who are sheep herders for all I know, can fucking build their own fucking guided cruise missile, and bomb drones.


They're the least important, and yes the Americas from Alaska the Argentina are the dustbin of humanity.


>He likes Americans




I don't know how I feel about that, on the one hand it would be useful if my government did become fascist, but on the other hand I like living in a country without guns because they seem to just cause a lot of deaths and at least I stand a chance in a fight and can't get instantly murdered by some psycho punk.

I'm okay with my country being tight with gun ownership though because I don't really see our government going fascist any time soon


Guns are just tools


guns are metaphysically evil

except the ones the state uses


Guns are required if you're surrounded by spics and niggers.


File: 1587371456313.jpg (44.36 KB, 720x480, 3:2, huy0ey0ervt41.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You will NOT SHUTDOWN AMERICA! If you didn't want to die from Covid don't be a fucking nurse




Should have ran this cuck over. When will we start opening up our economy, after it collapses and we all die?


Holy shit, the price of a barrel of oil just collapsed totally. It's under $2.50 per barrel now. This is crazy.


Trump isn't doing enough to end the lockdown, he's bought and paid for by Fauci, Bill Gates, Soros etc. he's actively sabotaging the economy and it will crash and people will fucking die



>That wiz who shitposted for years about oil dying was right


File: 1587407907809.png (54.63 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1587407965532.jpg (9.39 KB, 242x186, 121:93, photo_2020-04-20_21-39-13.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's negative now


File: 1587408005093.jpg (53.12 KB, 744x958, 372:479, photo_2020-04-20_21-39-47.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1587409150604.gif (2.24 MB, 300x169, 300:169, deal with it.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I really don't know how to feel about this stupid disease anymore. On the one hand it feels like I've been fucked over cause of it, but on the other hand it's nice seeing stocks crash and boomers freak out over it.


File: 1587409419727.jpg (57.29 KB, 400x257, 400:257, Event201-logo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Results of the U.S-funded research at the Wuhan Institute were published in November 2017 under the heading: 'Discovery of a rich gene pool of bat SARS-related coronaviruses provides new insights into the origin of SARS coronavirus.'

The exercise was summarized as: 'Bats in a cave in Yunnan, China were captured and sampled for coronaviruses used for lab experiments.

'All sampling procedures were performed by veterinarians with approval from the Animal Ethics Committee of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

'Bat samplings were conducted ten times from April 2011 to October 2015 at different seasons in their natural habitat at a single location (cave) in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. Bats were trapped and faecal swab samples were collected.'

Another study, published in April 2018, was titled 'fatal swine acute diarrhoea syndrome caused by an HKU2-related coronavirus of bat origin' and described the research as such: 'Following a 2016 bat-related coronavirus outbreak on Chinese pig farms, bats were captured in a cave and samples were taken.

Experimenters grew the virus in a lab and injected it into three-day-old piglets.

Intestinal samples from sick piglets were ground up and fed to other piglets as well.

Event 201 also predicted it would spread from pigs:
Event 201 simulates an outbreak of a novel zoonotic coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people that eventually becomes efficiently transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic. The pathogen and the disease it causes are modeled largely on SARS, but it is more transmissible in the community setting by people with mild symptoms.

sauce: https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/scenario.html


does that mean if I "buy" a crude oil stock that they have to give me $35?


But oil is not ending at all, is just worth less. oil is not from organic life, is juts an organic component, there is seas of it underground still, the problem is that wee need to BREED THE STRONG.


Yes and you have to store a barrel of oil




File: 1587413607890.jpg (88.74 KB, 854x649, 854:649, 1ab90d367fc178ebe5b6645d78….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>One of the biggest economic crisis in history that exposes all the holes in capitalism
>Nothing will come from it because the modern day left is comprised of trannies and podcasters who tweet all day about bashing the fash when they can't order pizza with taking their anxiety medicine


it's not just stocks dying you fool, if you're murikan this is a doomsday scenario that will dwarf the great depression


I'm not American



Seems a bit exaggerated to me, god forbid Americans live a bit less decadently for awhile. They would be more than okay if they were just willing to trim a tiny bit of the fat off their Jew overlords a bit (like real trickle down which never happens because people like Trump and Reagan are puppets who like fucking you up the ass bigly while you enjoy it)



Its okay, the lockdown protesters will ensure that the economy is open up and some retarded boomers die and sacrifice themselves so the economy doesn't crash


the whole economy is based on consumption, 50% unemployment is gonna knock it all down in domino effect, that's how it works


Well, fuck. It is now mandatory to wear face masks to go inside any store in my state now. I ordered some of those wuhan sourced face masks from amazon but they say it prob wont get to me until next week. I wonder if I'll get kicked out of the grocery store if I tie a tshirt around my face.


You'll be fine if you have a makeshift mask.


Cloth mask are fine so a tshirt or bandana, or whatever else you can improvise is fine too.
Only thing that doesn't count is stuff like Halloween mask type mask.


As an American I can honestly say. Let it all burn it was never worth saving to begin with anyway.


File: 1587465640119.jpg (42.39 KB, 460x579, 460:579, 1587409100039.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Then maybe we need a better economic system, maybe one that doesn't get toppled so easily and demands constant immigration and diversity



I mean doesn't demand, it seems like the rich love immigration, even if they pretend to hate it like Trump who just lets in Pajeets and Saudi Arabians in


>black people have street party and get angry when police tell them not to
>/pol/acks call them dumb niggers who are ruining everything
>trump supporters ape out and protest the lockdown
>/pol/acks now suddenly agree and want freedoms to gather and easing lockdown


yes everyone who disagrees with you is the same person


I wonder how we'll all look back on all this shit in like ten years.


I have a deja vu about these posts


File: 1587541844581.jpg (32.33 KB, 556x372, 139:93, Scenarios for the Future o….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Rockefeller Foundation had conducted a Scenario planning exercise that includes cyber terrorism ,pandemic simulation etc Rockefeller Foundation sanctioned this report which appears to be the script for not only Event 201, but everything we are seeing unfold right now concerning the outbreak itself, and the police state response.

and if you look at the members who attended Event 201: Professor George F. Gao Who is the Director-General of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

then Bill Gates Lies to the public he says this is "uncharted territory" due to a lack of investment and preparation for such a pandemic.


File: 1587561674497.jpg (194.69 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1587560236048.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I need to get back to work or mr. shekelstein can't afford his next house in the Hamptons


Would now be a good time to buy oil options?


Haircutbro can cut his own hair. Hardly anyone needs massage therapy.


> Hardly anyone needs massage therapy
uhm no


Only people with medical conditions need it. Everyone else wants it


given the distance between them and the other protesters it's likely people trolling irl


I'm not worried about boomers dying when the lockdown is lifted I'm worried about getting coronavirus myself and losing my sense of taste/smell, food is my last enjoyment in life, and the smell of it, and just good smells in general, I've always thought that smell has an influence on depression, hence why there can be smells that remind you of childhood and lift your depression


I don't think corona virus has any long term effects, it's just fear mongering spread by boomers to try and scare young people so they don't spread the disease to them


I'd heard that it can scar your lungs, but nothing about losing taste or smell.


It comes back from what I hear, but if it's in the nerves it may end up acting up again at some point like shingles does.


Looks like its police vs lockdown protesters now, protesters ganging up outside of a police officers house



What are those normcattle even whining about?

Are they even speaking english, just sounds like zombie moans to me


File: 1587679806989.png (34.27 KB, 2400x958, 1200:479, top-charts-1200.png) ImgOps iqdb




The state took 3,000 tests throughout the New York to get a so-called snapshot of the infection rate.

The number from New York City was startling: More than a fifth tested positive, having recovered or been asymptomatic.

As far as the breakdown by region:

Long Island, 16.7%
New York City, 21.2%
Westchester/Rockland, 11.7%
The rest of state 3.6%



I am glad that the right is learning not to bootlick at least


fuck the lockdown and fuck the bootlickers.


I hope corona-virus makes people IMPOTENT.


lol so not only is the virus harmless but most people don't even get sick from it. The gangster government must be sweating thinking of how they're going to admit that they shut down society over absolutely nothing.


it also increases potential of blood clouts by multiple magnitudes


total deaths per country


File: 1587741952474.jpg (295.29 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, bigstock-Hamburger-homemad….jpg) ImgOps iqdb



um, most burger places are open and you can get them delivered


burgers are the easiest food to cook at home, wiz. Pretty cheap if you're in America, too. they even sell preformed patties if you're worried about messing that part up.


How's that? There are at least 9 different components on that burger, not counting the ingredients in the bread and the binders in the meat. Just to buy all the different items probably costs 30-40 dollars.


You realize that you can make multiple hamburgers with those ingredients right? With 30 dollars you could probably only buy three burgers of the size in the pic.


I miss eating out too honestly. yeah I can still get stuff drive thru. Not paying extra for delivery not now not ever. But getting out and eating a fast food place is good for me because no one bothers you and it gets me away from my family. Even though I hate people those random normies couldn't care less if I dropped dead and their is comfort in that. Also a change of scenery from my prison cell room is nice.


I actually occasionally just get takeout and since I am on a bike and don't feel like carrying that shit I just sit down out front and chow down. Yeah it would be comfier to sit inside and chill while eating, but I just pretend it is a really shitty picnic of one and honestly it ain't bad.


File: 1587912979597.mp4 (3.47 MB, 502x720, 251:360, “No Touch” Service.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

This is ridiculous


It is also a rather obvious joke.


>This is ridiculous
Parody tends to be.


Yes, wizards visiting twitter is bonkers


Boris Johnson says that it is not yet time to lift restrictions/lockdown…will this finally shutup the people crying "muh economy"? I mean this is a big business conservative guy. Arguments could still be made that the lockdown is fascist but not that it will destroy the economy, I trust Bojo on this one, he is the UK Trump.


Lol. What economy? The only things left are the state and food retail.


Even buying an entire package of each component wouldn’t cost all that much where I live, less than $20, and that’s assuming you had nothing but salt and pepper to start with. Plenty of the ingredients would last a long time (pickles, cheese) and others could be used for different recipes (ground beef, lettuce).
Looking at any recipe’s ingredients as a complete shopping list makes even simple dishes seem decadent, but you aren’t supposed to buy every ingredient that’s called for and immediately toss out what remains.


I added everything up and it came to over 40. Obviously things like salt, pepper, sauce, etc are extra. Even more to add seasonings if I had to make my own patties. Then the end product would taste like terrible because I cooked it. It's just a waste for me to even try when the finished product is easier to get and tastes better.


Is anyone gonna get the vaccine?


By the time it comes out no one will likely care anymore.

Might get the flu shot though.


Probably, I don't expect it anytime soon, though


The right love to bootlick when it suits them.


I'm going to force you to lick my boots, communist scum


File: 1588555183638.jpg (39.92 KB, 469x625, 469:625, doctors-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



I'd rather peel off my retinas.


yeah that image is dumb, if anything doctors today prescribe way more fun drugs like methamphetamine, adderall, oxycodone, ketamine etc. Best you could hope for back then was some opium.


Seriously though wizzies, stockpile long life food. If you have a year of food you should be good - and you will probably eat more than you expect, too.


global economy is wrecked and murica and chyna is heading towards some sort of confrontation

ww3 when? maybe a normal collapse? Whatever happens, you will probably get hurt.


yep, the end is near

fucking amerika always did ruin everything


Amerikkka's success was purely based on luck, now their luck is running out as reality reveals what's hidden behind their fake power


You would think everyone ignoring your brainlet baiting would make it obvious that no one cares.
Can you stop? It is just eating up post in the thread with stupidity.


>what's hidden behind their fake power
it's only hidden to murikans, the rest of the world sees it, there's only so long you can realistically run an economy based on debt-shuffling and internal consumption and an empire based on sea power until someone invents hypersonic missiles or there's a bad flu season


I see that ur not a mod because u only quoted one of my posts…. If you saw m tag u would see gook self hating hapa poster



Maybe the anti-shutdown people are right, but its hard to hear their logic if they have any in between them saying vaccines cause autism and government is lizard people


im sick of the saccharine attitude around the coronavirus shit, i've seen several banners on houses with cheesy messages of gratitude for nurses, post office workers and so forth, and the ads on tv and radio are as mawkish as you'd expect in this situation. I wonder why there haven't been civil unrest or even riots in some countries with the harshest lockdown measures like spain and italy, and i mean spontaneous, grassroots backlash, not the manufactured outrage you see in the us.


Generally organised movements will causes disease spread. Realistic movements tend to have some kind of thought behind them, and so can recognise that rallying together during a pandemic is not a good idea for anyone.


The virtue signalling is out of control and it's going to be a bitch to complain about these services in the future.

There's no backlash because they believe what's being told to them. The bigger backlash is against stupid people having parties.


>hundreds of thousands of drains on the economy dying from corona

I don't get it, the economy should make more than enough money with all that excess population drained


Very few people are dying in case you haven't noticed. We have pretty much a thousand unemployed people for every coronavirus death (even taking into account that anything is being recorded as a coronavirus death these days).
The virus would have to be a hundreds times deadlier for it to reduce welfare costs…


Normalfags losing their minds over coronavirus, meanwhile over half of them have HPV and like a quarter have genital herpes. Lol.


it's june 21st and like 90% of the shoppers in any major store here are still wearing masks

the doomvirus hoax is pretty obviously set in stone at this point


They actually enjoy wearing masks because it let's them socially signal they are part of the herd mentality


I work at Home Depot and starting tomorrow, everyone has to start wearing them. I hate it because I wear glasses which fog up like crazy


get a respirator instead. They have a good seal so nothing fogs up.


File: 1592809831657.jpg (449.52 KB, 2500x1664, 625:416, hazmat-suit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



that would mean they don't really believe the hoax, and that's unlikely

people are genuinely this stupid
they're wearing the masks to ward off what in their minds is the new black plague


File: 1592823207593.jpg (57.5 KB, 640x537, 640:537, 1584748595559.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Maybe, if:
>it isn't made mandatory in order to make purchases, be employed, be educated, or be a tenant
>it does not contain any digital signature/certificate or nanotech

If it's either of those things they can literally chop my fucking head off for all I care, I am not taking that mark and will resist such a "vaccine" with those features.


Hope we get another lockdown in Europe, dontwannawork.


if hot war with china is actually going to be a feature of the broader doomvirus hoax like these manufactured nigger riots, deliberately crashing the economy, and "vaccines" peasant control, I just hope the regime kicks it off with china soon

I don't want to suffer whatever hyper orwellianism those evil pizzagate demons are trying to install, because china will literally nuke our asses, I'd rather die than shuffle down a government bread line every day while schlomo sticks me with a biological cattle brand every month when they claim [strike]the flu[/strike] doomvirus mutated again


>war china doomvirus hoax manufactured nigger riots deliberately crashing the economy, "vaccines" peasant control, regime kicks china hyper orwellianism evil pizzagate demons china nuke, government bread line schlomo biological the flu doomvirus mutated
LEA double agent infiltrator detected
And the usual imageboard guy is on holiday so they sent the BBS guy instead. LMFAO


triggered neo-cohen


It will be a good thing to finally have some of these types be culled. The natural selection process has been fucked up for too long by civilization making it possible for everyone to thrive.


Most of societal, civilisational and spiritual ills are because of a lack of death. People dying too old, people not dying young enough, not enough people dying in general ; and just not seeing, smelling, hearing, death in general, and being regularly reminded of it's presence through butchering of animals in the daily life, kissing of the dead relatives (which is also why people dying is so important) and public execution of criminals.


It's almost as if nature is perfectly balanced, by herself


Why do you think humans aren’t a part of nature?


That's too long a conversation and would warrant it's own thread, thought i doubt you'd be convinced anyway


I was doing some reading and saw the US death rates have a giant lag time, the cdc website says they only reach about 75% of deaths registered at around 8 weeks.

In the UK the figures are 92.5% in 4 weeks, and 60% in 5 days. US death rate might be higher and it will take weeks to know.


I've read 30% who caught it gonna have lung fibrosis for life.
And 70% probably will experience delirium.


Over 47,000 new cases today in the US…


Just a minute ago there was a guy outside in his car using a megaphone to inform the residents that there are people with corona in my neighborhood so we take precautions.


Fake news


Did anyone else here suffer the 2017-18 winter flu?

Now that there was a real nasty novel coronavirus.


Long before detailed symptoms were posted everywhere in the newsmedia - a wizard here posted that his mom treated young people in a hospital and they had scarred lungs on x-rays.


You really think people would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?


The loss of cognitive function is what scares me the most. If i end up crippled or whatever, so be it, I spend most of my time on the computer anyway, but if I lose my mind it's a different story.



File: 1593273889622.gif (613.65 KB, 500x208, 125:52, kaiki doubt others.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I'm saying you trusted that dude just cause he said his mom is a nurse.


And somehow that dude just predicted a very specific hidden symptom?


>virus affects mostly the lungs
>who could've foreseen it'd be bad for the lungs
Also that other post had no source or anything. He just said he "read up" on it. It's probably the same guy. You are way too trusting.


Looking for pulmonary fibrosis is how they look for covid infection when they don't have test.


My mother is having her friends over soon to sing. I don't like this. I keep reading about how singing is particularly bad for spreading the virus and we're having more cases than ever now in the country and she told me they're not going to wear masks.


Anyone knows where I can obtain some coronavirus strain to inject myself with? I want to prove that this overhyped flu is a hoax.



The authority figures who claim that masks are helpful to prevent disease spread are liars.


that's why all the european governments were in a panic to hoard masks this spring, and why america even went so far as to basically steal european mask shipments by paying the chinese manufacturers double for their shipments right on the tarmac

because masks aren't helpful at preventing disease


you could lick doorknobs and the like at elderly care, hospitals, and other hot spots if you want to go full retard.
But other then that I can't help you.


There's a new flu strain on China that could become deadly. Might be all hype.

If not, God is definitely trying to kill all of us. I don't blame him, the world is a fucked up place.


They apparently track loads of viruses and there's a list of like 10 priority virus families WHO think have the highest potential to be the next epidemic. This specific one may be hyped in the sense that there are other viruses that already do animal to human transmission in the list.

Easy to see why the people studying this stuff thought it was bound to happen soon.




People who do this kind of virus research see these new viruses all the time, like you said. They teach over and over again that the next big one is coming, it's coming, etc. It's just a matter of time because so many new flus are created each year.


I am more and more convinced that COVID is infecting the brain and causing permanent cognitive degeneration. I think this is part of the reason why the world seems to be getting crazier and crazier right now.



Feels like it was getting crazier before the virus started, but also how do we know whether its getting crazier or its just our perception. I think a virus like corona is bound to make people go a bit crazy though.

Weirdly enough though I see corona effecting the craziest places in the world the most, maybe it affects those with more damaged minds, but then again stupid/crazy people are less likely to care about social distancing and hygiene and also probably live in dense areas and I've always seen a correlation between city density and craziness/assholes, its a bit like that mouse experiment where the mouses overcrowding made them really fucked up. We don't know yet all the ways COVID affects the human body and brain as well.


Well any added craziness likely has more to do with the lock downs caused by COVID than COVID itself. However it has basically been confirmed that COVID does infect the brain and I have seen a few articles that suggest it affects the brain badly. In particular this article was kind of alarming.

If a large percentage of the world's population get even minor brain damage from COVID I think it will cause a ton of problems in the long run. I tend to think that societies on earth have each advanced to the point where lowing its IQ/mental health even marginally will cause efficiencies to be lost to the point where catastrophic failures in many different areas will become quite common. This affect already seemed apparent with the dysgenic breeding and global population movements in the last 50 or so years, but if the entire world suffered cognitive decline all at once I would think the situation would be catastrophic.


Sounds like empty rumors and fear mongering. A month ago people were saying it made you sterile.


if you've been around it's clearly the jewphones, 5 billion, very herd-minded people who were too stupid to get online suddenly got interconnected in the past ten years on their faggot phones, the combined effect of the informational overload and muh social media where they're struck with the global herd affirming the things they saw on TV (doomvirus is gonna getcha) (orange man bad) (worship niggers) is making their poor little NPC gourds spin


It is pretty much speculation as far as COVID causing brain damage to people with more minor cases. It will take time before we really know for sure what the long term effects are.

However COVID has been found in the brain cells in autopsies of dead people multiple times, and even without direct damage from brain cells being infected both blood clotting strokes and low blood oxygen levels can cause permanent brain damage or death.

Well I agree that all those things are causing lots of problems, but people have had cellphones and the internet for years now. The new problems I am seeing seem to all be in the last several months. Maybe its just because the election is coming up. I do hope that I am wrong but it just seems like something unique is going on here.


File: 1593580772463.jpg (47.57 KB, 409x600, 409:600, PurgeElectionYear-jpg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wish COVID would actually kill millions of niggercattle as advertised by media but the mortality rate keeps going down. Niggercattle have always been crazy and the main stream media is intensifying it, they want niggercattel to go insane and kill each other as the virus is clearly not doing it's job.The MSM commands people to snitch on each other for not obeying the lockdown-Newnormal laws,they want absolute obedience but at the same time they are promoting and funding nigger chimpout rebellion & if you disagree with their chimpout revolution or if you do not obey Newnormal laws then you are a criminal and deserve to be canceled. The (((media))) is causing brain damage


all of a sudden every business in town has signs on the doors and throughout the inside saying customers are "required" by order of our jew mayor to wear a mask, and I'm seeing a good 50% increase in mask wearing everywhere I look

nobody has physically tackled me (yet) for not wearing the cuck mask but I don't like where this shit is trending, this is nuts, and so far we've managed to avoid the real craziness going on elsewhere like quarantines

it's only late june, I dread what this kook will start dictating when the cooler months return, goddamn this virus hoax


Don't worry, the moment they come up with a vaccine is the moment people start dropping like flies and end up with brain damage.


Yeah, that was really bad, sickest I ever felt in my life, hope Corona either turns out to be mostly fake or I avoid it, I was really good at being a hikki at the start of the virus when people were freaking out, but now I've been pretty blase about it recently.


Why are you even going outside


that is a very stupid question


Forgive the hikki, he knows not what he says.


Just say you have a medical condition that makes it dangerous to wear a mask. I hear it works pretty well.



This. Just say no. If they demand, "No". If they threaten, "No". You are not a slave.


File: 1594018738380.png (28.54 KB, 540x186, 90:31, bubuub.png) ImgOps iqdb



I go watch the huge city fireworks show every fourth of july, this time when I walked 5 miles there all I saw was an empty lot with a sign saying cancelled due to moh covid 19, just another good thing ruined cuz the fucking jew media wants to fear monger for ratings, figures….


I had it, wasn't fun.
I had the flu in summer 2018 also (somehow)
I had the 2019-20 winter flu (might have been corona, don't know and don't care)


I can feel it, Jesus is coming.

It might be the anti christ though.


And they can (and probably eventually will) ask you to leave.


Most of the business owners in my town have been waking up to the fact that this thing was hoax. Our female mayor of course was blustering about declaring martial law but even if she did the police wouldn't listen to her. Maybe it's different in liberal cities but here in the midwest I haven't been stopped once for not wearing a mask.


what's wrong with masks? They are great for privacy and facial recognition. Before this shit there was more concern about anti-mask laws. Hong Kong went suddenly from making masks illegal to making it illegal not to wear one, hilarious


Aside from it fogging up my glasses, I love them. No more pained facial expressions or fake smiles.


Why do you want more people to catch the virus? We have clear data that show if everyone wears masks it greatly decreases the spread of the virus. There is no conceivable reason not to wear one.


I don't think that hyping up a flu gives a centralized power like the state the right to coerce people into wearing an article of clothing.
One of my rules is, if someone tries to bully me into doing something, I refuse. No matter the consequence. I'd rather die than be made a slave. But that's just me I guess.

>We have clear data that show if everyone wears masks it greatly decreases the spread of the virus

Post that data please.


So if I started bullying you into drinking water you wouldn't?


I would ignore you, carrying out what I would have done anyway, and if you tried to physically coerce me into drinking water I would retaliate until either you are incapacitated or I am dead.


File: 1594175424701.jpg (168 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1594114900781.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Corona is gonna last until 2024 or longer, I can feel it.


Just tired of hearing about it at this point. All my family has bought into it and completely reoriented their lives around it. Every website has a "covid-19" banner at the top of the page. I went camping a few weeks ago, the first time leaving my house since May, and there were fucking signs on the side of the road saying "WEAR THE MASK WHENEVER OUTSIDE"

Before now I could avoid taking part in any of the cult hivemind bullshit. Don't vote in elections, don't watch football or whatever is popular on TV. But this shit has taken over everything, it's impossible to avoid.


I wish.


pretty soon they'll be using the cuck muzzle as a litmus test to spot bad thinkers, ie not wearing the cuck muzzle indicates someone with wrong thoughts on all the other agenda points and gets you put on a government list as a potential terra-rist or something

they're already conditioning the public for this



Followed this guy for years, he travels a lot and got very wrecked by corona


>red star on back background as avatar
is this guy a commie?


Not at all, he's just interested in Soviet stuff.


Disappointing, but still pretty cool.


hes a jew promoting the corona fake


So glad bald didn't die. One of the few travel vloggers who makes really interesting videos.



Same, anon. Don't vote (even though technically compulsory where I live), been avoiding news for years, but caved in March because I had histrionic family members telling me to my face I was going to end up in a hospital dying and the nurses would refuse to treat me because I'm a 'worthless stinky NEET' and there wouldn't be enough ICU beds (this is a paraphrase but it's pretty accurate to what they said and the tone). Then the billboards and megacorporations and advertisements wouldn't stop mentioning it. THEY WANT YOU TO SUBMIT TO THEIR 'REALITY'. The real 'pandemic' is hysterical contagion, and if anything needs quarantining it's those people infected with fear who insist on spreading it around, they do that because they want to justify their own fear. There's also a huge class element to this, with white collar corporate and government workers having a relaxing semi-break from work as they work from home for now, what motivation do they have to challenge the narrative?

One thing that occurred to me is that if you look over the past 20 years and then the 100 years before it, you just see a constant stream of major narratives of fear driving people. It's like people WANT to be ruled by some sort of unique panic for their time. The hysteria post-911 affected things for a good 10+ years, and I guess people feel empty without something to drive them. I guess it's also more understandable to be afraid of a virus, something that's unseen to the naked eye, and it leaves a lot of room for the MSM to exploit the narrative and promote fear to get clicks\views. I resent this whole intrusion into my life, especially with the lockdown shit which is basically mainstream society saying "yeah we're going to intervene in your personal life and assume that you're willingly a part of our system", but what can I do. Now that I'm read up on the virus and know it's a nothingburger, I can go back to doing my own things for the most part - i'll just try to passively resist whatever the cult throws at me.


File: 1594474843707.png (1.19 MB, 4576x2316, 1144:579, 1594466888220.png) ImgOps iqdb


My mother is becoming ridiculously lax about this virus and doing stupid things. We are all going to catch it. Now I am worrying about every episode of diarrhea or coughing as a possible sign we are already infected.


>wizlamic law


I've been following the wuhan virus since mid January. It went through a phase of being absolutely nothing, through being a major panic, and is currently swinging through oh it's nothing again into oh god maybe we shoulda done something.
The reason the media flipped is not because reality changed, or the virus changed, or anything like that. It flipped because the super rich in charge of the media realised that if they let it spread uncontrolled, they would likely get it. And die from it, as there is no cure, just treatment. They flipped on masks when supply issues changed. They will flip on airborne (they actually mean aerosol), they will flip on lab creation (awfully silent now that the evidence can't be denied any more).

The virus luckily is fairly non-lethal. However, there are long term pathology issues that statistics are not being collected for; IE long term fatigue and chronic weakness, brain damage, and so on. Some people suffer from this for months. They won't die, but they'll suffer, continuously. Survivors are granted with permanent lung and heart damage. If wuhan virus takes 10-20 years off your life, does it count as fatal?

I'd watch out for the secondary economic effects of shutting down a debt-based economy for half a year. And second waves. The way this is looking is that it's a fairly weak virus, but it's one you don't get immunity for. It looks like immunity only lasts 2-3 months. Expect yearly waves.


File: 1594494447659.jpg (1.1 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, rieynsytlg651.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Exploiting a global crisis for the sake of profit. What a great system capitalism is, sucking on the blood of the poor and the suffering for the sake of the property owning vampires :^)


Is there any other?


>Survivors are granted with permanent lung and heart damage.
Can i get NEETbux from being wuhan-disabled?


Where is this? Looks like Japan, and comfy at that


>However, there are long term pathology issues that statistics are not being collected for; IE long term fatigue and chronic weakness, brain damage, and so on
Do you have a source for this?


File: 1594531130657.png (618.98 KB, 861x533, 21:13, Josh Park-Fing.png) ImgOps iqdb


I'll just post one response and then leave the thread, because I resent above all being pressured into participating. I'm sick of hearing the word "virus". Society has done little to nothing to help me in life, society as a collective would happily walk all over me to get ahead, I'm a vegan too so the death of massive numbers of humans doesn't upset or shock me. There could be a nuclear war killing millions and I'd just want to go about living my own life. I also feel that I've learnt enough about this to know that it's not a significant threat to me relative to other threats and dangers. It's just hysterical contagion.

>It went through a phase of being absolutely nothing, through being a major panic…It flipped because the super rich in charge of the media realised that if they let it spread uncontrolled, they would likely get it.

From what I can tell, while Wuhan was getting a lot of attention on social media in December and January, it takes time for those sorts of things to be seen by the average person as more than just "shit in China", and because there was a huge conflation of actual reporting with hysteria-mongering by 'citizen journalists' ("succubus Says Coronavirus Patients Cremated Alive!!!!!") and people on social media, there was a lot of noise for international media agencies to deal with, and for the most part international audiences in the US and Europe are less interested in things going on in China. There were other things dominating the headlines internationally (There was the Suleimani dude getting DRONED, then escalating stuff between the US and Iran, the missile attacks by Iran into Iraq, then the missiles taking down that airliner, Australian bushfires, etc). So I don't think there was any 'flipping', generally I think the media just report on what consumers are responding to or interested in - in this case the focused interest in Wuhan spread mostly online and through social media first, then mainstream media started responding a bit late in the game. Looking at image-boards and archives, I see there was a lot more attention online for these things earlier on, but I'd say that's because you had "super spreaders" of hysteria on those boards, and it was a time when less information was available. By the time the MSM really started going with the story, you already had panic buying, in fact in some cases I think the panic buying (which was driven initially by a minority, but ultimately drew in large numbers of people) was what really got the MSM doing more coverage. I don't see the MSM as something the super rich owners could suddenly sway in the manner you're describing.

>They will flip on airborne (they actually mean aerosol)

Whatever the truth is about this, aren't they mostly reporting on what health organisations are saying? What I see is that the media LOVE speculation in these areas which are up for debate. Look at any "Coronavirus" section of a news site and you'll see many, many headlines for articles that are phrased as questions - which sure, it's legitimate to ask questions, but much of this is about keeping viewers\readers speculating, and leaning towards the more catastrophic or fear-inducing possibilities, which ultimately feeds cycles of fear.

>they will flip on lab creation (awfully silent now that the evidence can't be denied any more).

I tried understanding some of these claims but it's too complex for me to comment on. I do have a fair knowledge of how conspiracy theories become popular, and I've also seen a lot of China-bashing since this virus, so I'll remain extremely skeptical about this. Sure it's possible, I guess, not sure how you'd prove it.

>However, there are long term pathology issues…

I haven't seen much real evidence of this. A few people speculating, or a few people commenting that it took a while to recover from, sure. Generally, if a disease causes long-term damage, the evidence of that damage would be immediately available in some form, and I'm not seeing that. Going on those respirators probably does some longer term damage, I guess.

>If wuhan virus takes 10-20 years off your life, does it count as fatal?

Absolutely no evidence of anything like that. I mean where did you get 10-20 years as a number from? You're speculating here, but presenting it as assumed fact. Why start at 10 years? Anyway, go look at the stats for mortality from all causes. Look at how many people die every year from diseases that would be preventable with very basic alterations in diet and lifestyle. This is one of the issues that exposes how ridiculous the response to the virus is - all the 'productive human hours' destroyed and disrupted by the shutdowns, all the debt-dollars created to respond to the shutdowns, etc could easily have been invested in much more sensible, less invasive ways to save people's lives, if that was really something society cared about. Here in Australia there have been 107 deaths from the virus, the average age of death is 75 for men, 85 for succubi or something - the latest death was a 90 year old. The government has spent at least $17 billion (some figures say $189 billion), taking that figure of $17 billion - the government has spent $164 million per death (over a 7 month period). Based on stats on annual morality in Australia, since January you can fairly assume 79,000+ deaths from all causes, and that of that, 750-1500 people have died from influenza. Also in the same time, based on previous years, starting from January 1 we've had at least 1500 suicides (1125 of these or 75% being male), where the average age of a suicide is 44 years old! Just imagine if the government had handed 1500 people a million dollars each, then spent a million dollars providing therapy or other services to these people, you'd only pay 3 billion, and you'd have saved many more people, and vastly more 'productive human years'.

Here's a simple fact: If you, the person reading this, happen to be male and under 40, you have significantly more odds of dying by your own hand than of covid19. Actually it looks like even for the elderly that's the case! A few years back a young kid, Josh Park-Fing, died in a workplace accident after he was forced onto 'work for the dole', in a role that SHOULD have been offered as an actual fucking job that he could have applied for, why wasn't his potentially 60+ years of remaining life worth kicking up a fuss about, while a bunch of retired rich boomers 2 years away from death are worth getting upset about? Absurd.

Back to games and manga for me…


I've been taking advantage of the situation by neglecting my hygiene. I figure why go to the hassle of getting showered every day and washing my clothes for people who can't smell anything except their own breath under their cuck muzzle.

I mean, I still wash my butt after I crap but the rest of me hasn't felt a drop of water in two months. My t-shirt at this point would probably drip green-brown water if I get it wet. My pants probably smells like cum. Fuck it.


very wizardly post, i enjoyed it.


Finally, a truwiz makes an appearance
We have been waiting for you


Coronavirus: Thousands say debilitating symptoms last 'for weeks'


Coronavirus: Calls for awareness of long-term effects

They don't look common but they exist.

>then leave the thread.
Fair enough, I appreciate the effort you put into a response. I'll reciprocate later.


I miss the golden age of wizlam posting a few years ago.


I find out today that walmart security won't let you inside if you aren't wearing the cuck muzzle, so I wasted my day going there.

It just gets better and better…


The walmarts around here it is optional for customers but mandatory for the employees due to the county commissioner saying they would fine them if they didn't follow every stupid guideline.

What is really fucked up is every week I see more and more small businesses I liked close up shop for good due to all this. The lock down is murdering small business all over the state and the politicians don't give a shit. Soon the only thing that will be open is big chain stores like walmart.
I mean I like walmart and all but I don't want that kind of future. Not like this, not because of some bullshit over corona.


I wonder when the media will finally admit that this thing was created in a lab. How could they not yet have a cure to a strain of an already known virus? The thing just happened to mutate in the wild so that all previous treatments are now ineffective? Fucking bullshit.


if it was made in a laboratory then zog should fire the scientists because for a weapon this is the weakest flu ever


I wonder if these politicians realize that the amount of poverty that they are creating has the potential to generate far more deaths than this cough flu.

But maybe that's the plan. Maybe they're intentionally making as many new poor people as possible in the hopes that they'll sell their soul to socialism after they get promised free stuff.


Hard to tell, but I lean on the theory that they are just stupid rather then actively malicious in this case.
Though who knows for sure.


You people really need to have a look a /pol/ somewhere.


seatbelts are communist inventions along with masks. car crashes are a hoax, they're fake news, just like this damn flu.


It should absolutely be legal to drive your car without a seatbelt.


I never wore a seatbelt in my life and I'm fine. so for what reason do I get charged an arm and a leg to insurance in order to keep my car if I'm never gonna crash?? just like this damn flu, its a scam and a hoax made to funnel money out of our pockets to the god damn rich at the top. its communism plain and simple, the government is robbing the people blind.

They're making us wear masks, so whats coming next? A hijab??? we gotta convert to muslim and start praying to obama marx bin laden??


File: 1594875758540.png (352.49 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1593681371965.png) ImgOps iqdb

People talking shit about seatbelts have never even sat inside a car before. Don't knock it 'til you try it.


Shit is getting really off topic really fast.


File: 1594877471611.jpg (61.21 KB, 720x666, 40:37, libcuck899.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

hell yeah brother. AMERICA IS THE BEST


File: 1594878565300.png (678.42 KB, 628x768, 157:192, sameLogic2332.png) ImgOps iqdb

same logic


File: 1594880316451.png (1.55 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 1579434600579.png) ImgOps iqdb

>People are still convinced Corona is around because someone in China ate bat soup


Apparently they're finding multi-organ damage in people who had asymptomatic cases, even children. Most common is lung damage with kidney, heart, and testes damage also in the mix. There are also neurological effects including issues with memory and cognition. You can catch it more than once because antibodies don't last that long and don't form in all people. This is something we should really be focusing on stamping out so that no one catches it.


>UK is making masks mandatory when shopping starting next Friday
I was naive to believe that it was just starting to go away.

Nonetheless, the fact that we are enacting such measures so late into the pandemic makes me believe that no one has any idea what they're doing.




Drunk driving absolutely should be legal. You are not harming anyone by driving drunk. If you cause a car accident, that is harm and you have committed a crime against someone. If you drive recklessly you are impairing other peoples' ability to drive on the and so it is a crime. But not wearing a mask cannot be compared to driving recklessly. Going around coughing and sneezing on people sure, but not simply lacking a piece of clothing.


>all those deaths of old boomers must mean that corona did it
>because someone died with it, must mean that they died because of it
Fake news. News outlets are just counting deaths by people who just ao happened to have the disease.


how many of us aren't affected by this at all? if i weren't on wizchad i wouldnt even know this was a thing


Really the only effect I've experienced in paranoid aul ma becoming a hikki to avoid the cough.

Also I made $1000 from buying stocks after the market crashed when businesses started shutting down, which is nice.


jesus don't remind me
my mom spent literally every minute indoors from march to june and went insane, and I was the stress relief outlet for it

I hope america gets nuked in a war just for what they did to neets with this virus hoax


try massagging her feet. Who knows


At least you can stay anonymous without any wierd looks from people. Thats the only plus to it.


File: 1594944877256.png (268.56 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I wonder if I could wear one of these to the grocery store without getting in trouble


This bullshit was China's fault. Why nuke the US?


>Wearing stockings on your head in public like a pervert
What next, wear panties on your face while browsing the toy isles?
Or how about a full latex catsuit and gas mask to have full body coverage.

Why draw the attention onto yourself? I don't understand why a wizard would desire such a thing.


People can still recognize you from your eyes sometimes. Stocking is the cheapest option for full-face coverage. Calling attention doesn't matter because you're fully anonymous.


It isn't about being recognized, I don't like people looking at me.
Wearing pantyhose on my head would make people look at me.


They aren't looking at you. They're looking at some unidentifiable man in a stocking.


I have a bandana I can wrap around my face, no way I would wear a face diaper. Even a scarf or ski mask looks nice than looking like a cuck.


gorona biruss :-DDDDDDDDD


which language is this (??)


indian i think



Not really. Everyone where I live at least has already gotten over the Chinese flu. Seems like the only people who are still panicking are oversocialized city folk.



File: 1595537551641.jpeg (92.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 67C55490-ECB3-4E60-9F15-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

wizards I’m actually starting to get scared, a couple nurses from my mom’s hospital just died and she has 40 covid patients being currently treated, people that work with my mom are starting to catch covid, I don’t care about this crap but I don’t want my mom to die, what would I do if my mom dies


>just blindly trust authority figures, goy


Yeah, if my mom died I don't know what I'd do. I'm too much of a coward to kill myself.


That's why I only listen to Koch bros funded youtubers like Crowder, Rubin, and PragerU


I am in a much worse situation if my dad dies I would have to take care of mom

That's why I come to my own conclusions on things by looking at the evidence provided and then doing my own research


If my dad dies my mom can take care of herself, but I think I'd have to be around for emotional support. Which is bad as I don't want her to rely on me exclusively since I intend to kill myself eventually


Liberals believe in a George Soros funded medical doctor and a bill gates funded vaccine.

It's a fake virus. If it was real then I would've seen somebody infected with it by now, but no one in my town has got it. Of course the fake news don't cover that cuz it don't fit their communist narrative


conspiracytards are their own worse enemies again. any semi-interesting question or speculation about the virus and its general consequences is now forever toxic because these morons will fall for whatever nonsense is being spewed out by the professional bullshit peddlers and useful idiots.
it works every single time.
(yeah i know you're trolling but we've got a few legit nutjobs in here)


File: 1595590450633.jpg (91.18 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 960x0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't blame them because the behavior of mainstream media has caused public trust to fall drastically in recent times, for example they tell you to be locked down inside your house at all times but also to go outside protest BLM & defund the police, then they say police state is bad but contact tracing surveillance and more policing is necessary for the grater good, sometimes they say masks are useless & sometimes they say they are mandatory & they save lives , even if they are manipulative assholes still there is no consistent narrative to follow. You literally can not follow them as they tell you to hold two two or more contradictory beliefs or ideas all the time therefore all boomers now get there news from Facebook posts & they believe them blindly without doing any research on that subject.

"Real" conspiracies do exist for example the Jeffry Epstein sex trafficking case,the recent Canadian shooters RCMP funding,a corrupt wall street investment firm(BlackRock) managing the trillion dollar fed bailout and so much more horrible shit that's happening right now but the retarded boomers would rather read about Q anon and they believe him to be some kind of prophet that will save humanity.Just trust the PLAN!!!


Your first paragraph is so fucking spot on. MSM has been caught in so many goddam lies that people really should not be surprised that these weird conspiracy theories and even the stupidest things like flat earthers have been cropping up. If the same people that have been telling us that there were WMDs in Iraq, that the TARP bailouts were needed, all the examples you mentioned, etc. are lies, then eventually I find so many contradictions and lies that I figure I might as well believe the earth is flat.


Heart attacks are still a bigger killer than Corona lol
> "I'm still here, because you can't do your job!"


File: 1595616320841.png (214.04 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1593030180949.png) ImgOps iqdb

Heart attacks are still a bigger killer than Corona lol
> "I'm still here, because you can't do your job!"


Someone should make one of those hidden camera videos where when a store worker asks them to put on a mask they put on one with a big swastika or something else offensive printed on it.


childish and unfunny, this would be a hit with the youtube/4ch crowd


Yeah, that sure would childish and unfunny.


I seriously hope 'mericans reelect the orange man.


>the government counting coronavirus deaths by simply having the virus
>muh conspiratards


swastikas are the most ancient religious symbol turned backwards



>china's fault
if you want to talk conspiracy theories, I could say america did it with much more evidence to back it up than "china did it", and did it precisely in order to institute all these draconian population control schemes and other shit that we're living with now

much more evidence than you fuckingg paid anti-china shills have


Wu mao


I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna start licking every door handle and metal pole I see.


I knew a kid in elementary school who did that. He said he was marking his territory.


Enjoy your staph, hepatitis, diarrhea, oral gonorrhea, chlamydia, warts, ratshit viruses, etc. There's practically no end to the infectious agents that disgusting normalfilths leave behind on public surfaces.


I don't even care about china, I'm just sick of the neocon agenda against them, trying to rabble rouse people into an insane world war with china while we have real problems to deal with

nobody is buying your stupid "chinese doomvirus" war mongering you little toad


File: 1595646655478.jpg (39.86 KB, 750x538, 375:269, jiujiuj8j.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I liked this meme from reddit a lot.


Apt since both masks have almost zero effect on preventing the spread of disease. Mandatory masks are, at best, primitive echos of a superstitious past.


Mandatory masking and lockdowns are a violation of human rights.

Cringe. Masks offer no protection for you or others, it's all social conditioning.

2020: wear your mask
2021: take the vaccine
2022: take your chip
2023: take the "new and improved" vaccine
2024:take the "new and improved" chip
2025: beware COVID-24, it's worse!


What a bunch of retarded hyenas.


the only other big grocery store in town than walmart is getting increasingly obnoxious about expecting the cuck muzzle, now with plexiglass shields around the checkout lanes and some little whore at the doors pushing a mask in your face

it's not like walmart yet where you're not allowed in without this ridiculous bondage on no doubt getting there soon

dunno what I'll do for food then



If you walk around in streets, just how many fat people would you see? 1 in 10? 1 in 5?
I was checking this after you posted this and to my surprise half of the countries on the top 10 list I didn't even knew it existed until now.


Fake virus made in a Democrats lab funded by china, George Soros, and bill gates. All of it is to make trump look bad. I'm not taking that devils vaccine.


>Moon landing? That's fake. Mass shootings? Paid actors. Pollution? That's fake. Coronavirus? That's fake. Masks? Fake.


File: 1595895362793.jpg (37.12 KB, 480x360, 4:3, trumpmatrix23.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

We're living in a deep state matrix, brother. Qanon are the masterminds behind all these fake doctors and the fake reality we live in. They're deceiving the whole world, playing us for fools. Trump is the chosen one, he will save the world from the communist coronavirus and lead us into the age of glory. Sieg heil the holy God emperor trump


I'd rather wear a bandana than a mask.

A mask you look like a simp, a bandana you'd look like a cowboy or a gangster.


No matter what you wear you look like a idiot outsider.


you're not supposed to take his posts seriously lol



I would do this but I'd actually just be making other people healthier because of the extremely powerful stuff in my biological composition, I would be gracing other people with my bodily fluids which would boost their immune systems and power them up


all the people who wear bandanas look like low iq boomers that still think they're cool and rebellious


You MUST wear a mask
You MUST uninstall Adobe Flash
You MUST upgrade to Windows 10

how about I'm doing none of it


a hero we deserve


HOAX. Corona ain't real. You're watching too much of that fake news, brother. Trump 2020. Masks are for cucks. I ain't scared of no damn flu, I fight alligators and hunt bear for a living. Whats a Chinese communist flu gonna do? NOTHING! America is the best. Number 1, baby! Nothing comes close.


Corona is very much real and I’m so happy America is letting it spread. I can’t wait for all these boomers and stupid old fucks to just keep over already and rid the earth of their cancer. I hope it gets so bad in America it spreads back everywhere else and everyone over the age of 50 dies.


And I hate zoomers. Why hasn't your "so depressed look at me, pronouns it/xir" generation offed itself already?


Because they love something to be outraged about and this fits in perfectly



Most zoomers aren't like that it's just conservative media and Goldbergsteinsachmanrothschilds trying to make you think that


Zoomers are still brain dead idiots


>>249864 >>249869
let me guess, you're both fat as fucking hell?

nobody with an above 90 IQ buys the corona hoax anymore but there's a lot of fatasses and old geezers who know better promoting the lies, I guess they think feeding the safety hysteria will by them longer lives from the flu

you/they are so dishonest and no better than jews


One of the general store chains in my town had to put up a "masks required for customers" sign but every single person ignores it and even the employees don't wear masks. People are waking up to the fact that the Chinese flu threat was a hoax. MSM won't be able to convince people to crash the economy again just to save a few near-dead geriatrics. People are going to be very mad once the narrative is undeniably debunked when there isn't a mass killoff due to ignoring lockdown orders.


what if they double down on it and actually release the virus?


So is Covid really even that bad?


Define "bad".


I guess he meas health bad. But having the sniffles for a week and then recovering isn't as bad as what the ZOGs are doing on the pretext that we're all gonna die from sniffles.

Get ready for your Made In Israel ass chip if you wanna buy food.


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