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File: 1587762182373.jpg (53.13 KB, 500x561, 500:561, 1586120290853.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What categorizes someone as a norp? Get specific with it. I feel like I know one when I see one but I want a list I can make to help others realize it.


File: 1587762651595.jpg (12.33 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1587432383652.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Experiences everything through a social sense/perspective, prefers group values over personal, changes self to fit dominant group behavior, justifies own behavior through social support, lack of empathy for social outcasts, and lastly, complete unawareness of these tendencies, general lack of self-insight.

succubi and extroverted males are peak normalfags usually.


File: 1587778004171.jpg (371.79 KB, 1277x671, 1277:671, Capture.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Negan is a norp that sold out wizchan


Admin sold out wizchan. Mods sold out wizchan.


Solid list for normalfags in general but I'll add a few things. It is pretty obvious who is from kiwifarms, who the 4chan crossposters are, who the redditors are, and who is genuine.

Kiwifarms users post reactionary pics, obvious bait, false flags, and make snarky sarcastic replies to get reactions.

4chan crossposters call people "schizo" and like to post smug anime succubi. Post hostile but concise insults.

Redditors are passive aggressive, call everyone they don't like a crab, and angrily make passive aggressive replies when a controversial opinion is posted.


negan is a king


thank you apprentices


Strict adherence to social mores
Groupthink in general


Wishing to appear better than others. Cliquish teenage social aggression that extends into adulthood. Thinking that you are superior to the "normalfags" is in fact normalfaggotry. Literal chimpanzee tribalism.


are you him? fuck you either way, normo


Why are you fags so pathetic you spend all day on a witch hunt over nothing? Even if a normal fag came here and started discussing games or their solo hobbies who gives a flying fuck? Wizchan is comfy when it's wizzies hanging out talking about things they're passionate about. It's as bad as /soc/ when it's a bunch of smelly faggots on a witch hunt for the guy who brushed his teeth last.

Get the fuck over it. It's an anonymous board, if normal fags blend in then it doesn't matter. For all we know you're a normalfag fishing for replies to post on your youtube channel.


>if normal fags blend in then it doesn't matter.
The problem is that they don't really blend in most of the time. They tend to be condescending, hostile, and make bait posts…you know, kind of like what you're doing here.


it's a comedic list… for the fun of making a manifesto… people who take everything seriously is what ruins this site


ive browsed wizardchan since grand opening and i still get tryhards calling me normie/failed/outsider because they want to fit in on an anonymous forum

i even got banned from some gay wizchan discord because of it, just lol when newfags think youre not elite enough for their faggot club


Using discord isn't normal behavior?


who the fuck is normal in 2020 when literalyl everybody watches anime and plays videogames

and no i dont use discord i just clicked the link


>and no i dont use discord i just clicked the link

Why would you tell a lie this obvious? You have to have an account to use discord and be banned from it. You also clearly used the discord if you were banned for something. You didn't just click a link and stumble onto discord. You use Discord.


A certain amount of gatekeeping is necessary for any small online community, especially if it's members fall into a minority. Without gatekeeping, outsiders will gentrify the site and push out the original userbase. I've seen it happen to multiple communities and most users here can probably name at least a couple sites they used to use that this happened to.

I strongly suspect the "lol who cares if succubi and sex havers use this site it's all just a meme bro don't take it seriously man" types are outsiders who feel threatened by gatekeeping and want to demonize those who engage in it to try and shame them into stopping.


File: 1588044609014.jpg (101.91 KB, 814x578, 407:289, asperger.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

OBVIOUSLY you have to make an account to use discord you midwit imbecile.


So you use discord. Don't try to downplay it by saying "I just clicked on the link" like you stumbled onto it.


Not even going to grace you with a response. We are done here, utter fucking retard.


>Not even going to grace you with a response.
You just did though. You should learn some self-control.


I remember when I used to post here a few years ago people would openly talk about having real life friends and not get banned for it, or if they did get banned it was very short, the admins here are all sexhaver norplords


You don't need to have a Discord account, you just create a username and they automatically make you a temporary account. If you link it to your email, it then becomes a permanent account. It's pretty pathetic that you know this yet you're deliberately ignoring it just to fuck with someone that didn't fit in with your little clique.
Don't let those faggots get under your skin. Every single Discord group I've ever seen has been pure cancer. I can only imagine how terrible a Wizchan one would be and the type of people who would use it.


Yes, we must ban this guy >>242792


>4chan crossposters call people "schizo"
What the fuck i am reading?
"Schizo" posters are obvious reddit and facebook crossposters due their normalfaggotry
>and like to post smug anime succubi.
Thats discord and such crossposters.


>"Schizo" posters are obvious reddit and facebook crossposters due their normalfaggotry
"Schizo" is the new catchall insult on 4chan. Also most 4chan users these days are just as normalfaggy as redditors. 4chan has been a normalfag cesspool for like the past 10 years at this point.

Also by crossposter I mean someone who still actively uses 4chan. I realize most of us used 4chan at some point or another.
>Thats discord and such crossposters.
Meh, there's a lot of overlap between discord and 4chan users. Then again these days there's a lot of overlap between reddit and 4chan. Sometimes I forget how homogenized internet culture has become. But regardless, I stand by my original statement that smug anime succubus posters are likely 4chan crossposters.


You can't gatekeep anonymous boards. For all we know you're a porn star larping.


idk at this point I might just be a recluse on the internet as well. there's nowhere for asocial weirdos to talk.


It's not about "thinking we are superior to normalfags", that's just a strawman.
First, consider how many websites that over the years were completely taken over by normalfags. And of course once the normalfags take over anything they either ban people like us or push us out even if we were there for many years before they were.
Aside from that, pretty much everyone wants to be around those who are likeminded and relatable. If you're a normalfag this is pretty easy but if you're a wizard, this site is pretty much it. You can call it "tribalism" but it's why this site exists in the first place. Then again I'm sure you're one of those faggots who treats this website's premise as some "ironic joke" and mocks anyone who takes any of it remotely seriously.


I hope that person is a porn star, if only because it's funny to me


The actual funny thing is that a virgin porn star would still be allowed here as long as they did solo videos or cam whore stuff.


Obsession with assigning blame for things. For some reason they just can't let anything stand without informing you that the bad condition is your fault. Hallmarks include totally irrelevant phrases like "stop blaming others" when nobody else was blamed in the first place and the thing can't even be controlled by anyone.


A couple more:
-refer to you with condescending nicknames like "bud", "champ", "pal", "chief", etc
-checklist adultism and trying to put others down by way of not being as much of a manly real grown-up adult as them. "I do x because I'm a man" "you're a kid because y", "I used to x but then I grew up" and so on. It's like they have a list somewhere of "adult" or "manly" behaviors and think following it makes them Real Grown Ups and also better than you (no need to ask, they'll tell you).


Yeah, this is the really annoying thing. People can't let it sit that someone got a shit hand without either putting it on them or dehumanizing them.


This falls under a broader behavior of normalfags, probably one of the worst ones, which is kicking people when they're down. It often comes in the form of blaming everything on the guy (it's usually a man that they do this to) down on his luck but it also includes things like telling him to "man up", telling him he deserves it, mocking him or otherwise pouring salt on the wound. Probably comes from the instinct to assert dominance and weed out the weak.


You seem kinda heated, bud. Hope everything's going good champ. Keep your head up high, chief. You should turn off the computer for tonight pal…


It's because their coping mechanism is based on the assumption that the world is some arena of human will instead of what it really is, which is mostly just circumstance. If they were to admit that you were simply fucked from the start then they couldn't logically justify having children and generally being life affirming in a world as fucked up as ours. They usually can't follow anything through logically but even they get this, even though it's not really consciously formulated in their walnuts


The most annoying are the ones who go on a self-righteous tangent where they shit all over someone and pretend they're trying to help with "tough love" and by dropping "truth bombs". Usually it goes something like:
>With everything going on in the world you're upset about X? Are you fucking kidding me right now? Holy fuck get the fuck over yourself! Whiny entitled manbabies like you give men a bad name! Check your privilege and man the fuck up! YOU ARE THE PRODUCT OF A BILLION YEARS OF EVOLUTION FUCKING ACT LIKE IT!!


Disparaging neet/comfy lifestyle.


I would rather take straight up insults rather than passive, pissy little comments.

But that might just be me.


Normies like you ruin sites though, that's the reason for chasing them out, they ruined comics, video games, they will run anime in the west too, that's why wizards and outcasts need to keep them out


This is a big one. It doesn't matter if a man is alone and lives "like a wizard" if he still lets societal notions control his mind and look down on other NEETs. In my own worthless opinion, living free of those bonds and being shamelessly alone is a big part of being a wizard, otherwise you're just a self-loathing crab.


Getting butthurt at things that conflict their pre-existing beliefs and aren't open to new ideas. Also using the insult crab when they run out of NPC dialogue lines.


File: 1595540863139.png (97.28 KB, 245x268, 245:268, 35D3F05B-6A72-4CCD-961D-E5….png) ImgOps iqdb

>gets mad about crab
>uses NPC


People that use the "muh X" formula I automatically imagine are normans


>assuming he must be mad about it for pointing it out
Very emotional thinking


He dislikes it is the point.


I just find it interesting that he dislikes one meme buzzword but has no problem with the other.


You may have some kind of disorder


just read something on 4chan, 'a succubus' claiming she browses here and feels at home. She also shares personal stuff here except doesn't say she's female. It makes me sick to my stomach honestly. Why the fuck would they even want to post here?


If "she" manages to post here and no one realizes it's a succubus, then I don't see the problem. It becomes a problem when they act like their true disgusting normalfag selves.


Most wizards are betas who have girly characteristics, not to mention the gays here


screen cap?


it's probably the one on b here who does the "man baby" posts, you can tell it's a succubus rather than someone pretending to talk like one, she's really obsessed with us

she's probably really fat and ugly, why else would a succubus even use chans


This honestly. I used to care a lot about them merely being here until I thought about it. If you can't tell, they have conformed to our order of things here and are not disrupting it. I bet they like to feel like sneaky spies, but people caring about them being here incognito is all that gives them that pleasure. Really, they are forced to conform to us or silently lurk, or be outed and expelled/ignored. This is why the no females rule is important, it maintains the overall quality even if it isn't enforcible in a literal way.


It's sad that wizards still lust after girlss subconsciously at least


you retards get trolled so easily, all anyone has to do is make a post saying they’re a succubus that browses this place on another website and you instantly believe it


It provides the illusion of talking to girlss about which they feel a tingling, men are controlled by so many hidden things like subsciousness, hormones, horniness


The problem is that you have a few mods here who ban people for ridiculing feminine posting style under rule 5.


you probably get banned for being a newfag


The problem is you responding vehemently to those posts instead of reporting them and moving on, further shitting up thread.


That's pathetic but it makes more sense than all of them just being completely retarded and gullible I guess


Well I guess the theory about females being expelled or outed is out the window. They can just rules lawyer and make sure that they never explicitly say that they're a female then they can do whatever they want.


File: 1595773079692.png (72.81 KB, 1356x662, 678:331, Screen.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is just odd, this person claiming to be a fellow wizard. Thats all
inb4 you shit on me for being on /soc/ OR being this female. I was just lurking and I've never posted on that board, I was simply curious to see what these peeps are like. It's a v*gina rating thread, just scrolled up and saw she posted 'hers' too. Not going to screenshot that or the other posts

I think I'll get banned for actually listening to you, oh well I don't care desu


back to 4chan


implying you don't ever visit 4channel or 4chan since 2014


jesus, if you found a wizchan reference on a random visit to that place then we really are in trouble


> It's a v*gina rating thread
self admitted crabs hating woomen everybody


someone asked for a screen *shrugs*


why the fuck are your browsing 4chan soc you normalfag, and I'm supposed to believe you just came upon that by accident and didn't post it yourself, yeah right


>why the fuck are you browsing 4chan soc
already told you that, I was simply curious. Learn to read.


you just happened to be browsing a vagina rating thread on 4chan soc, you are a troll, crab, or just a normalfag, there's nothing random about that


Yeah I believe you was just curious enough to browse 4chan, and soc, and virgana rating thread, and met that particular thread


whats so hard to understand? are you dense? I opened 50 or more threads that day to skim them, I have all the time in the world

Look at the thread you're in


and fapped to those delicious vags too, amirite?


not only that but you wrote 'desu' like some 4kids retard, you probably came directly from that place just to post here


I hardly fap, the last time I fapped was a month ago to some torrents I found and even then I forced myself to jack off with a semi


I did, what's the problem buddy? Don't you understand the meaning of the word 'just read on 4chan'? Methinks you're just an annoying elitist. I'm done with this cancer


ignored from here on out


yeah whatever you say wiz


Pretty sure doja cat used chans.

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