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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction


File: 1587943416140.png (54.99 KB, 691x354, 691:354, 3434d3f.png) ImgOps iqdb

So I'm still scanning for bad cluster on my hard drive, it's been 24h at this point. This shit is really frustrating.


File: 1587943776497.png (7.25 KB, 426x146, 213:73, Screenshot_4.png) ImgOps iqdb

you can say that I haven't truly lived then Jackie. What good is living anyways, can you argue in favor of life? Maybe from your position, but what about the life I had to live? Even without those things you mention that make a life a real experience according to you, I can say that I had lived.
Yeah, the whole thing feels unreal, no shit, but it's very real, trust me. It's just that you or anyone wouldn't like it, so perhaps a better word to describe such a life would be "scary". Don't you agree, Jackie?


I miss when hobbies were just hobbies and not ways to attract attention online. When everyone figured out their own style with minimal tutorials in magazines and books. Now everything is for youtube or instagram and it's all follow the same exact steps everyone else is.


File: 1587967455990.jpg (4.66 KB, 226x223, 226:223, 1587831549626.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Went to buy food today and the market had shitty soundcloud rap on the loudspeaker. Every pop song is a rap song now and vice versa. It was really distracting shopping there and I kept forgetting what to buy. Everyone around me besides myself was dance walking or dancing in one spot.


What kind of supermarket do you go? The one where I work doesn't really have a set playlist. Usually it's 90s/00s pop, but they often play either country or 90s rap. They were playing Cypress Hill last night.

Most of it sucks, but it's somehow entertaining in a "the fuck is this playing in a supermarket" way


It's stuck. I give up. Lost a bunch of data, turns out I don't even care about it. I'll just not download crap I'll never watch/play anyway and it's all good.


That sounds unlikely, also why not just shop with headphones in like I do.
I choose the soundtrack to my own adventures! The quest for bread and eggs is a epic one befitting the most powerful of power metal as I deftly avoid plague zombies while cart drifting each turn. Racing against the clock to preform the magic ritual that will summon the powerful magical boon only known as "brownies" that will temperately boost my power to the limit in shear bliss.


>Everyone around me besides myself was dance walking or dancing in one spot


lol good lord


File: 1588001770175.jpg (8.21 KB, 224x224, 1:1, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sounds like a job for Samir Al Hydeul


File: 1588009624146.png (5.1 KB, 482x104, 241:52, download.png) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone here use bitchute?


me, I dont know many good channels, most content I watch is just is reupload from youtube mostly conspiracy stuff. Can you recoment some good channels?



too hard to search and navigate, the search system is whack especially and i wanna just use an alternative youtube but its too hard to even find songs

such a pain in the angus, and theres theres alt right crab shit everywhere too


I use it to watch a few channels that were more or less pushed off youtube as well as uncensored rant videos from other youtubers.

But other then that I don't because the site is broken for actually finding interesting content or channels that you don't already know about.


This is it's biggest problem. It's just "banned from youtube" the site.


It would be better if they ever are able to fix their search function, related tabs, and other methods of content discovery. Because there is almost no way to find stuff related to a general interest it is just to hard to discover new stuff that is of interest.
It is actually harder to find content then sites like dailymotion. As a viewer that is probably the biggest problem with the site. It isn't fun to spend all day clicking video to video just browsing around and using the recommended bar to discover fun and weird videos so to like how old youtube got so popular.





Sorry, I know that was probably just a dumb post to make here but I don't really know what else to say. How are you?


File: 1588037071644-0.gif (12.05 MB, 375x211, 375:211, 53E141AB-08A3-4C6C-81DC-20….gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1588037071644-1.png (105.71 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, A3AA56AD-30C2-49DC-85B0-AD….png) ImgOps iqdb

I’m doing alright. How about you?


Sneaky image snuck into my post. Also here’s a random thought

The clarinet gets a bad rap because of spongebob, but it’s actually a beautiful instrument.


I feel like shit, it's just one of those days but I have to keep reminding myself it could be worse.


File: 1588037404439.webm (1.28 MB, 720x720, 1:1, doggy sniff.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Try going to bed early today. Here's a dog to maybe cheer you up.


I thought some people didn't like it because of it's association with Jewish folk music.


File: 1588039060632.webm (2.43 MB, 480x360, 4:3, khajhiit sex.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I never even considered/heard of that. So is squidward a jew? He has a huge nose and plays the clarinet.


File: 1588044053873.png (211.96 KB, 784x702, 392:351, p2p.png) ImgOps iqdb

>an alternative youtube
try lbry its P2P youtube similar to Dtube but you can actually watch videos unlike in dtube, things just keep buffering . Unfortunately there is not much content uploded,just some crypto currency channels. They both suck for now but eventually when youtube puts up a paywall due to lack of storage or some bullshit, then these platforms might become popular.


fuck cats and dogs too. i want to kick that fucking nose so hard, punch and shatter its fucking ribcage


I want to eat parsnips, but I live in the south. It's not popular here as well, so I don't think any grocery stores sell it. I have never eaten a parsnip before, but I get a weird nostalgic feeling when hearing about them or seeing them. They're such a beautiful root vegetable. It's the same with non-orange carrots too. So beautiful.


You can buy Parsnip seeds off Amazon for $2 and plant them in the fall before first frost. If you rent, you could do some guerrilla Parsnip planting. I'm assuming you know that the leaves are phototoxic. Have fun, Parsnip wiz, I've never tried them.


I live in california and saw some in the store the other day. Just keep looking and try different stores.


Prepare to be underwhelmed


>non-orange carrot


File: 1588100409791.png (482.06 KB, 512x341, 512:341, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

What's not to understand? He means carrots that are not orange.


>Peel them
>Cut them into large chunks
>Boil them for 15 minutes
>Put on baking tray
>Put in oven until golden brown
>Eat those fuckers

Roast parsnips are traditional christmas dinner food and taste amazing. Treat them like you would roast potatoes and you get something great.

Speak to your local veg supplier or go to the market and you may find them.


>roast potatoes
Inedible every time I tried, and nothing like the results anyone else gets.


Boil them for 3-5 minutes before hand, and rough them up together in a pan or bowl before roasting them.
When roasting them, make sure the oil is hot before putting them in. Then every 10 or so minutes, use a spoon to re-coat the potatoes in hot oil.


goddamn, no way could I do all that without fucking it up severely.


i've literally just cut up potatoes and put some olive oil on them and they roast fine


metaburgers strike again


File: 1588206646023.jpg (2.53 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, Parsnips and Baby Yellow C….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Look what I got guys. I've eaten the baby yellow carrots and it tastes just like a regular carrot. The top, the greens of the carrot, are really rough and without much water. Chewing them turns it into a grainy pulp and the taste is quite bitter raw. I'll be roasting the parsnips soon and I'll probably also be doing something with the baby yellow carrots. There were also baby purple carrots, but I wanted to try the yellow. I could not find any regular non-orange carrots though.


what's up doc?


So where you end up getting them anyway?


As far as i'm concerned they are only good in compliment to something, like roasted in butter with some other vegetables and served with meat.


Boil them a while, wrap them in tinfoil and put it in low oven, with butter or oil. It will take a while but I've done it quite a few times and it turns out great. Alternatively slice them real thin and coat them in oil, it pretty much fries them but it's good too. Add some garlic and parsley for taste.


File: 1588230144740.jpg (522.39 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, DodtKt_U4AI-Sfh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone else feeling homicidal lately?


All the time man. The lockdown has ruined the internet further. I just want it to go back to how it was when I started out as a kid. Damn it.


Like more than usual? There are always homicidal thoughts running through what little is left of my brain. I can comfortably pass them off as story ideas or hypothetical "what if" scenarios because I know I'll never have the balls to do anything besides grow old and expire naturally, but the frequency and brutality of these fantasies has mellowed out since the beginning of the year.


That's a good image. Shame I can't find a high quality version of it.


File: 1588267049730.jpeg (17.19 KB, 218x232, 109:116, index.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Glow somewhere else


File: 1588268299386-0.png (339.44 KB, 738x538, 369:269, robt.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1588268299386-1.png (549.61 KB, 750x566, 375:283, rbnt.png) ImgOps iqdb

I will break down at your feet and beg forgiveness, plead with you but I know that is too late and now there's nothing I can do. So I try to laugh about it cover it all up with lies. I try to laugh about it hiding the tears in my eyes cause boys don't cry

I like this music video a lot. I like how Robert Smith shadow dances in the background with those red eyes, while a kid is playing the guitar and singing.


Jackie Chan is a filthy scumbag who cheated on his wife and the hoe got a bastard daughter from him afterwards. After getting caught by media he "justified" his actions by saying that was a usual thing done by many. FUCK HIM AND FUCK JOHN CENA.


File: 1588462041631.jpg (246.03 KB, 875x974, 875:974, 254 - tagme.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



I bought some generic kroger's instant coffee, it's remarkably powerful, a little spoonful is equivalent to my daily pot full (6 tablespoons) of nasty ass folgers my parents buy

at $3.50 for 8ozs it's clearly a huge savings over the dumb folgers, I wonder if all instant coffee brands are this potent

I bought another jar for the long term, stuff is this good


File: 1588548896872.png (20.09 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

comfy wizzie


Instant coffee isn't all that bad. It really is the cheapest way to drink it for sure, and you can easily make it stronger or weaker to your taste. The only thing that I think is lacking is the smell, it just isn't the same.


>The only thing that I think is lacking is the smell, it just isn't the same.
the processed, almost artificial coffee stench is rich and bold in its own weird way, I like it tbh

then again I don't need to smell it for long anyway, I chug the stuff down, it's not a freaking beverage to me…just a necessary stimulant


I like both instant and regular coffee, I see them as completely different things. I don't know the brand you're talking about but if one spoon of instant is as strong as six of the other one you're probably making it wrong. In my experience, the ratio for coffee strength is about 2:1 in favour of instant.


>I don't know the brand you're talking about
kroger is an american chain store that also calls itself fred meyer, the jar says "product of germany" fwiw
>you're probably making it wrong
I have just a normal mr. coffee machine, there's only one way to make any coffee with machines, it's not me
>In my experience, the ratio for coffee strength is about 2:1
maybe it is, I'm not experienced with lots of ground coffees, mostly folgers, which I know for a fact is weak
weak and nasty smelling
I don't know why my parents switched to it
but they also think marijuana smells good and never turn the bathroom fan on


Today for the first time in years I have visited a ylyl thread again and it's disgusting. Not only do I not get the humor, it's actually sad what people think is funny. Hope it's all teenagers which is likely. Still I need some time to recover from this experience.


me when i visit youtube with adblock off, or when the right side is visible, or the shit after a video appears… holy hell i would be crazy if i wasnt able to remove it all from my sight. i have to disable it to check videos on channels which is what causes it every now and then, probably i should fix that.


File: 1588642213856-0.gif (2 MB, 450x255, 30:17, hj95u90nj9e.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1588642213856-1.png (546.63 KB, 1165x458, 1165:458, 9946.png) ImgOps iqdb

>click home in twitch
>this appears
>gif my reaction


so…did you like it?


anyone ever watched a something on vimeo? for whatever reason some people use that shit over youtube. it doesnt have any volume controls, that blows my fucking mind. what kind of fucking person decided that? it has to be a deliberate design choice.


Only reason to use vimeo is the same reason as every other not yt video service, being you want to watch something that is either copyrighted or counts as some no-no hatspeech so yt deletes it.


what do u mean, there are volume controls. Maybe it doesn't work in IE or some shit, I dunno


File: 1588698842299.png (693.46 KB, 957x537, 319:179, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

firefox, but i might have disabled something perhaps? i never used vimeo before 2017 but for the last 3 years for sure i haven't seen any volume controls, they look like this to me


File: 1588720532305.jpg (41.08 KB, 480x480, 1:1, cc04ee780ccbc11d293b19a46a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No! The Super Wizards of legend were an invincible warrior race! I am their son! And at long last, I have risen to claim my birthright! I have stepped into the ranks of greatness! All my life I have worked towards this goal, and for what?! To be brushed aside as easily as a common housefly by a witchy?! A true Super Wizard would not have fallen! Maybe I'm not who I think I am! Perhaps there are still new plateaus for me to reach, far greater heights to which I must ascend! Yes! I will ascend! The universe will marvel to see the ultimate Wizard potential once again realized! And I will be… legendary! And then, Witches… then I will see you bow before your prince!


>firefox update
>we added new stuff
>how do i remove them
every update


I will be skull knight and bring calamity to the normies. They will kneel and I will grant them the pleasure of death… like bags of sand cumming in their eye sockets!


File: 1588750620880.jpg (29.07 KB, 500x250, 2:1, comfy wiz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


He's very comfy now


I stopped updating at 62, ff not only is getting increasingly cluttered but also constantly breaking addons and on top of that they have fucking popups every 10seconds now telling you to update that you can't turn off.


I stopped at 11


Does it have support for ad blocks and can you play videos from yt on it?


Started using this new text to speech program called Balabolka.
Now I can turn any book into a robot read audio book I can listen to at work.
Will have to look into downloading other voices then the default ones that come with Microsoft.


no and no, keeping js turned off prevents ads anyway, and I never use jewtube, it's a completely useless shitty site

every site and software since like 2011 has gone to shit


I live off of food I dumpster dive out of dumpsters behind Aldi's and a vending service company


are you the one I advised on checking food vendor dumpsters? make sure you never let them find out you're using it, and tell no one about it

I miss the dumpster in my town, those were the good days, goddamn bums ruined everything


File: 1588849658335.jpg (143.32 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, Poster.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just torrented this and I'm going to sum it up in a few words:

ίncel trash


Last night immediately before going to sleep I ate 2 Whoppers, 2 regular BK cheesburgers, fries, a Coca Cola, Ju Jubes, and a large coffee. I slept like a frog under a frozen lake for 8 hours but woke up starving so I just killed 2 Pub Style Chicken Hungry Man dinners and a Monster energy, about to make some coffee. I've been so hungry these past few days and it seems even when I gorge myself I still find room for more. This is my wizprivilege


i remember seeing an interview with the lady that made this. according to her it was never meant to be about crabs so im a bit shocked thats how you would describe it. she seemed to just have an appreciation for 4chan and wanted to shed light on the people from there.


well, fuck her and her shitty "documentary" trash


I can eat that much and still not gain weight, but I don't abuse it, eating is boring


I'm tempted to watch it. Is it mostly narration over images or do I have to look at her dumb face the whole time?


Me too
Just end up with extra-large poops


in my case it's usually more like 2 or 3 in a day, and needing to find a secluded spot in public


My dad's friend's son committed suicide recently.
One of the biggest, worthless scumbags I ever knew. Arrested 5 times total, in jail I think twice, and apparently was about to go there again. Sold drugs to minors, used his college grant on a mustang, which you can see in action here https://youtu.be/Xmi7dzwXZ8s
Drugged underage succubi to fuck them, faked his own death made a fake gofundme at some point, made money from selling drugs and shoplifted/stolen shit. Just a typical scumbag of a human who never amounted to anything.
But man he's dead now, and on the family's gofundme they talk about him like he was some amazing standup citizen. They've made a few fucking thousand bucks! Fucking how??
We all know he lived and died like a piece of shit, why act like this now that he's dead? My parents act the same way.


moralfag virtue signalling


Why are you virtue signalling about not virtue signalling


I have 0 virtues I am darktriad badboy


Why does every one have a gofundme page now the moment something happens? If I stub my toe should I open a go fund me page for it?


sure, why not


because idiots keep donating for some fucking reason.


Gofundme a big airtight chamber


the only one that looked crab tier was kantbot and that's because he's a fatass, those 2 tall square jawed normalfags larping as crabs were really cringe, where are the balding manlet deathnics in the movie? why did they only pick white guys?


File: 1589052919451.jpg (14.28 KB, 319x300, 319:300, schopenhauer.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Out of curiosity, and against my better judgment, I just opened kohlchan /int/ for the first time in several months. It reminded me why IBs have gone to shit. Every other thread is 3DPD porn, shitposting is the norm, the same post-ironic memes from years ago are still around, and virtually every thread is low effort inflammatory clickbait. I felt mentally unclean even after closing it.


I understand but almost all of us did our part in creating this type of internet. Remember that one time telling someone to kill himself, saying "shit taste" or using another way to release your bad mood on someone? Using retarded buzzwords and catchphrases. I believe everything is connected so let's not pretend it became like this by itself. Those who never forgot that they are human beings even on the internet deserve respect but it's a minority. Or maybe it was inevitable because of the oversaturation and overpopulation of the internet? In any case this process is not reversible.


I think Omegle banned me for speaking uncomplimentary regarding the Hebrews the other day.


Being human is not enough to deserve respect. Respect is something you earn and is something given not taken.

If you would remember the original 4chan days it didn't matter what any single person did. I never partook in chanology, I had no reason to and I didn't care. I still saw the site go to complete shit as /b/ went mainstream and a bunch of underage kids were posting more than anyone else. Kicking a dead horse once isn't the same as two hundred guys spending a weekend kicking in.

Imageboards were killed by youtube and reddit. Reddit is a better news source for people wanting fast updates on things and youtube is a better creative outlet. Instagram, Twitter and facebook can all make you money off of your art. So what's left? Acting like a tard is the only value anonymous websites have any more because everything else ate at it's market share in various ways. And I'm not even touching on how literal faggots have moved in to start grooming people. Check out some 4/b/ threads some times and it's people exchanging kik names to jerk off together.


Respect is gay anyways


Pretty much this. Us imageboard "purists" have just been left behind. Everyone else knows that you go to reddit or twitter for news or "discussion" and that IBs are just good for screaming into the void and memes. It was different before because those websites weren't really options, but now those of us who wish to remain anonymous have been left behind.


forgot how pleasant being drunk is. my entire body is made of clouds, i can genuinely smile for no reason, not a care in the world is in my head, and falling down doesn't really hurt them much


>And I'm not even touching on how literal faggots have moved in to start grooming people.
Sounds like you weren't even around in the early days of imageboards if you think homosexuals havent always been a large part of it. Anything private like an anonymous board will attract homos since they are likely to grow up knowing the importance of privacy


I wish alcohol affected me like that. It pretty much just makes me feel bad, unlike illegal drugs


File: 1589111005049.jpg (26.5 KB, 474x258, 79:43, sdfasd.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can someone remind me of that obsqure website where you could watch youtube videos without adding clicks to the original videos, also no ads and i think there were download options.
First time i heard about it was here on wizchan couple years ago.
Big chance it was closed.




You can do that through duckduckgo's video tab I think


Are you retarded? People joking if traps are gay is different to 3 boards full of homos trying to groom people. Go check /r9k/ on 4chan some time and tell me nothing has changed.

Maybe adding a literal board for faggots was a bad idea?

Homos are the people least about to stay private. Tech nerds know the importance of privacy and that's why they don't post on an image board which bans all VPNs


File: 1589119463043.jpg (55.58 KB, 600x439, 600:439, e2078c47ff193235e35e306c0d….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone here have problems with doing things that you know have worked as pastimes in the past? Such as reading novels, watching anime, movies, youtube, writing, drawing, playing an instrument, videogames, exercise, etc.? It's a weird cycle and I'm left unable of doing any of those things. When it occurs I enter into a weird state of mind where I can't go from one of those things to the other because I see no point in doing them, it's like they never existed and I don't want to do anything. It always happens and I don't know how to avoid it. Think about having all those things to keep yourself distracted or entertained, and not being able to do them because you're not in the right state of mind. It's not depression although you can feel sad when it happens but I can control so I don't know what to call it. It's like if I got a sudden anhedonia along with a tired body.
It's strange because I always try to distract myself with many things and then this happens all of a sudden and I can't do anything. I hate it because it feels like I become trapped and have to wait for a day or maybe two to escape it and restart.


Thanks to this i found the one i was talking about - it's hooktube. Thank you!


File: 1589128864105.jpg (104.53 KB, 538x539, 538:539, if only you kew how bad.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was looking forward to playing the FFVII remake. I pre-ordered it and had it mailed to me. I still haven't played it. I said once "maybe tonight"-nine days ago. It's like I can't bring myself to partake in things I know I would probably get into a bit (or have a chance at such) but I just don't, can't, for what seems no good reason. I just smoke, and pace, and treasure sleep. Maybe it's a passive guard against tainting and I don't wish it to be associated forever in mind with what is now.


I played like 20 hours of it and burned out. I really liked the twist they put on it but it plays terribly. The combat is great, it feels good and it's got some decent depth to it. The problem is everything else is gaming in 2020 in a nutshell. It's literally "walk slowly as characters talk at you" for hours at a time. Aeris is especially annoying because everyone jerks off to her over and over. She's Disney princess turned up to 11 and arrogant on top of it. Fucking bitch needs to be stabbed.

Remake isn't like FF7. It won't taint what you liked because it's very different.


Growing up, I used to love reading, writing and drawing comics. I somehow grew out of it. It's a shame, as I wish I had the attention span to at least read a book a week.


I still like most of my hobbies but for some reason I just don't enjoy manga like I used to and I don't really know why.


How should I live my life? What should I do with my life?


Secure livelihood. Do things that are fulfilling to you in your free time. Wait for death.


File: 1589314373837.gif (1.37 MB, 207x207, 1:1, 1548882551824.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Quality jest! Heavens what the company to ask!


Do you have any suggestions for fulfilling activites?


i wish suicide booths were a thing


Browsing wizchan.org/b/


it's may 12th and there are still piles of melting snow here and there, christ I hate my state


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vv9nVW3Tung another Kodomo No Jikan removed for no reason the cuckening rises


Why would you link a vid that has been removed?
What is even the point?


to prove my point?


which is?


it was deleted and there's a conspiracy against lolicons


Or it could have been because it violated copyright and got pulled by one of the many scrubber bots.


booru is hiding loli now, twitch bans you and even here there was a hardcore antilolicon group recently they are everywhere


And that has to do with youtube's notoriously harsh copyright bot problem how?

You post almost anything anime related now and 4 out of 5 times it gets clamed at least once. Sometimes it is put back up for fair use but most of the time it isn't.
Youtube ain't how it was back in the day where people could upload full seasons of shows uncut, and amv were everywhere.

As for booru, I barely know what that is nor do I really care, and twitch has always been shit and banned h-games as well as been less forgiving of Asian games for stuff that they wouldn't give two shits about in a western game like witcher or GTA. If twitch didn't have double standards they wouldn't have standards at all. It is a platform where a succubi smearing paint on her tits is A-OK but dude playing CS:GO in shorts and a thin A-shirt violates their sensitive sensibilities and is far too lewd of a clothing choice for twitch so dude must be suspended.

Twitch is pretty much for soft core thots now. Fuck twitch.
/twitch rant


On a tangentially related note.
Looks like julay.world is gone.
Granted I only used them for their delicious cake board but still, it is just one less source of loli.
Another alt-chan image board to go down without explanation. You would think with so many people being stuck at home we would be seeing a new golden age of activity on alternative image boards but they have been dying off even faster then usual.


Just because you don't care doesn't mean others don't. Luckily there's still other source of lolicon porn but I worry they may also disappear in the future. Worse come to worse we'll have to start trading lolicon pictures like it's CP.


Alt chans are like forums, they're mostly just relics of the old internet.
I've noticed a steep increase in moral panic with regards to loli and shota hentai. Hell, some are even freaking out over hentai of 15-17 year old characters. Even most so-called free speech advocates are against it.
I miss the youtube of the 2000s. Before copyright bots, "influencers" and before normalfags completely took it over. Now every youtuber follows one of the 4 or so formulas that are done to death.


File: 1589475566100.gif (1.68 MB, 500x281, 500:281, Haruhi.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Latest PotPlayer update:
>Added the ability to switch the playback time <-> remaining time

Now I can just move mouse down to see it on the panel. No need to manually press a key to display information about how much time is left.


I wanted to replay god of war ascension and halfway through my gaystation 3 corrupts my save file

thanks, you fucking piece of shit


lol I like the colours in that game, it gives it an obscure shadowy nightmarish golden vibe… Too bad it's glitchy. I don't remember having any problems though with the save files. Did you enjoy the online multiplayer back in the day?



gelbooru has been on a downwards spiral for a while now. I can't remeber what crappy thing they did before this, but I was upset before the lolicon hiding fiasco. I still tolerate them since they have better and faster servers than lolibooru. I can't even get a video to load on that site. e621 also hides loli/cub through accounts and won't let you use temporary emails. It takes about 5 minutes to make a new account on google. They also had a site-wide background change or something that pissed everyone off. I missed it, but I think they changed it back. It looked pretty bad. I think it was e621 that pronounced they weren't a "porn site" but a "community". They're half right. They're a porn community mostly.

All of these sites have useful things, and yet they're going down the shitter because of stupid policies like this. lolicon, shotacon, and most likely, other fringe content is going to be assaulted in the future because some people are just triggered about it existing even if it doesn't affect anyone.

Twitch was always crap.

Link to the anti-lolicon group? What do they call themselves?


enjoy it? pffft, I'm not some socializer

I've never multiplayed anything in my life


The multiplayer was the main attraction of GoW Ascencion since it was going to be the first GoW to have a multiplayer mode, that's the major reason why the game is so short in comparison to the rest in the main series, except for the titles that came out for the psp. In my case, I only got to enjoy the demo.


To all those wizards who feel like giving up, keep going.


File: 1589561712840-0.jpg (156.05 KB, 2048x1364, 512:341, ham original.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1589561712840-1.png (860.58 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, hamwiz.png) ImgOps iqdb

Not too long ago I stumbled upon a wise hamster and skillfully edited that photo to provide quality entertainment to myself. I want to share it today.


I always like the edits the people here make.


maybe I'll completely restart ascension today, I really wanted to fight the monsters in that statue near the end, they keep throwing mobs of nothing but high level monsters at kratos you're supposed to fight all at once, with a time limit even, it's a serious challenge

but more like I'll just edit someone's save file and upload it to my gaystation, I ain't starting all over, screw that


How to escape?


For the past few weeks I have this weird feeling that I want to make a mark of my passage on this earth. I've been learning how to do a game at rpg maker. I don't really care how shitty it turns out, it's consuming all my time, it's really amazing in a way. I wake up at 9am and sit in front of the computer trying to figure this thing out and when I see it's 7pm. The best escapism is death, the second best thing is to be completely absorbed into something. I hope it lasts, much better than boredom.


>make a mark of my passage on this earth
pearls before swine


I guess, but as weird as it sounds, it's not about leaving something for other people as much as finding something to put your time into. In other words, having a goal is a pretty good way to escape I guess, as your mind is always fantasizing about it and not idling about and getting frustrated, which is normally my case at least.


File: 1589599378925.jpg (222.54 KB, 1003x796, 1003:796, approaching-storm-nanotyra….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just took 5mg clonazepam seeming on a whim. I am always careful, usually, to not fuck around with it, taking only one 1mg here and there only when necessary. As prescribed. I wonder how long before I brown out and go to sleep.


What’s the key to lasting happiness?


How should I know? Isn't that what everyone is trying to find out?


would it be worthwhile to crush a clonazepam onto a joint and smoke it or would that be pointless?? can it be smoked?


Go ask on Facebook on Reddit's rap forum


RIP Jacob


I miss playing pretend with my stuffed animals and my mother playing along back.


I just found out walmart sells cabbages and lettuces for $1.87 apiece…not by the pound – apiece

I wish I knew this before I wasted my money elsewhere

this is a beautiful lettuce sitting on my lap



Where I be, lettuce would be like, 1.50 or 99 cents on sale and cabbage, which would probably be like, 3-4 pounds, would be 50 cents a pound, so 1.50 to 2 dollars.

I live in the South of the USA, so it's weird to think colder crops like cabbage would be so cheap here.


I live in that place which shall not be named, and produce prices are probably the highest you'll find in america, so I was amazed to find them this low on cabbage and lettuce. At the other stores the price is almost double.

I just ate my lettuce with a can of tuna. Sprinkled some salt on top and chewed mouthfuls of lettuce & salty tuna together while reading the news. It was so damn good. Ooomph.


They literally grow tons of both down south during the "winter". Cabbage especially likes the sandy soil of northern Florida.


I live in that place which shall not be named, and produce prices are probably the highest you'll find in America
Ether Hawaii or Alaska, but I am going to guess Alaska for obvious reasons.


File: 1589735099534.png (296.21 KB, 523x767, 523:767, 3v9jk596ozw41.png) ImgOps iqdb


Did mods delete my pajeet post?
Ultimate BAKA!


> i'm jobless and homeless, succubi are a bitch for not wanting me
the absolute state of mgtow



File: 1589748696262.jpg (55.5 KB, 800x840, 20:21, iscoffeegoodforyou.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Alright, say I have the following situation: I want to quote a sentence that has a particular punctuation mark, but the sentence enclosing needs a different punctuation marking.


Did Hitler really say "Gas the Jews!"?

"Gas the Jews!" is an exclamation, but the sentence surrounding it is interrogative. Is this the correct way to apply the punctuation? The best source I can find is https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/general_writing/punctuation/quotation_marks/more_quotation_mark_rules.html (*), but this does not address the situation of a sentence ending with a complete quotation. What if I really wanted to emphasize that the quotation was not an interrogative?


Detective Clouseau noted that the stenographer had indicated that the suspect had said, "He was shot.". He did not say, "He was shot?".

Would this be the correct way to punctuate it then?

(*) This gives a different punctuation rule than I remember learning in school. In school, I was taught to always shove the punctuation inside the final quotation mark. So, I'm not completely sure if this is correct, either. But I have so many issues with leaving off the ending punctuation of the enclosing sentence, mainly because you lose the context of the enclosing sentence being an interrogative, declarative, or exclamatory statement.


where do you live? both american and british styles don't seem to have that rule taught
i don't even think commas or periods should be inside a quotation as they are unrelated to the quotation itself, the us has many strange rules people are too lazy to change

>This placement is traditional in the United States. William Strunk, Jr., and E. B. White, writing in 1959, noted that “[t]ypographical usage dictates the comma be inside the marks, though logically it seems not to belong there” (36). In other words, in the predigital era, when fonts were fixed-width, setting a period or comma outside the quotation marks would have created an unsightly gap:

> In British style, spacing issues are less pronounced because it uses single quotation marks instead of double, and commas and periods are placed outside the quotation marks:


How you can even read 10 books a day? It also reminded me of this spanish literary author who had the same habit of reading almost everywhere and at all hours.


read short books.



One imageboard thread = one book


File: 1589759259130.png (144.47 KB, 402x582, 67:97, starsz.png) ImgOps iqdb

This Google mandated autodrive training has been up my ass recently. Every time I try to sign in to any account, post anything outside of Wizchan, and even try to pay a bill, this thing pops up. The images load slow and fade in/out so even if I'm hitting the right squares fast it still chews up time.

Now they're looking like this.


What is this kid reading? Maybe she is speed reading


>Maybe she is speed reading
No one casually reads 10 books a day unless it's fucking Dr. Suess.


But what about sentences that end with quotations where you need to include the ending punctuation of the quotation?


>low camera angle
>bare feet and legs
creepy thumbnail wtf


Yes, that is how I was taught. I believe it's correct.


it's pretty clear in your own link
> Place a question mark or exclamation point within closing quotation marks if the punctuation applies to the quotation itself. Place the punctuation outside the closing quotation marks if the punctuation applies to the whole sentence.


in case it's still not clear. it's not


File: 1589814096726.jpg (3.01 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20200518_102747.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

found a mushroom outside today that looks like a bat penis


It’s a stink horn


Not even my parents care about what i have to say


what do you have to say?


What a chance to kill some fuckers around the world, you know what to do.



File: 1589853307901.jpg (71.56 KB, 440x600, 11:15, 440px-Henry_II_of_France..jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've had the misfortune of interacting with some normalfags lately and they're completely depressed about the coronshit, literally on the verge of tears for not being able to see their friends and form new relationshits. They're handling the quarantine situation incredibly poorly and it seems like a real torture to them.

Meanwhile, the average wiz is chilling like nothing ever happened. Isolation is our natural habitat, so for many of us, the last couple of months have been more of the same.

Don't underestimate your strength, wizzies.


Every day now I have to hear my dad joking how "everybody is living just like you now, anon! HAHAHA!"


I fucking hate this shit because the shut down everything but my job.
So my life has just turned into almost nothing but
over and over again until my days off.

The cut public transport, they shut down the bank
hobby and comic shops are closed
movies are closed
food places are closed
anywhere I would want to spend money is closed
bike path is crowded with bored normies every morning now and the streets are packed with crazier board normies at night so daily bike rides aren't even comfy

Yeah it may be fine for NEET wizards but it still sucks for wizards who don't have the privilege of being a NEET.
This shit sucks and I want to shoot the commissioner who shut down the bus.


Sounds like a very peaceful life, do you enjoy your work?


File: 1589881645386.png (463.07 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2m59s749.png) ImgOps iqdb

Why do you have to compare wizards to normalfags? When it's obvious that at every sphere of life normalfags wipe the floor with your average virgins.
There is no joy in knowing that you can live like you're always been living due to fucked up circumstances. No real strength there either. The life of your average wizard is predominantly marked by passiveness, anxiety, and monotonousness. If you were being truthful to your own situation, then you wouldn't find it a relief to know how others are doing, especially not normalfags.


Its been a wile, so i went to pornhub, clicked the first video on the page, came after a minute of jerking off and felt okayish like 3 minutes after.
Thefuck is the point.


that's not how you do it, bakaaaaaaa


How to deal with norman pajeet therapist who tries to push me to do math and find a career? I have a call with him and my parents later. Every time I tell him about my suffering, he says it’s just an underlying belief that’s causing it.


you should be jerking it to 2D exclusively, ye norman.


shut up, you're not my real dad


File: 1589900112610.jpg (36.4 KB, 452x543, 452:543, zu83517160_main_tm15779834….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

me giv you the funnies


how the fuck do you search within a subreddit? do i just have to use google

i hate how fucking websites, software, games, etc scrapped their forums and just direct you to a reddit. fuck this gay shit


you have to tick a box i think


i see that option, but i had to type "old" in front of the url for whatever reason. dumb shit website


I know, reddit's formatting is awful and it sucks as anything more than an information aggregator with semi-shit navigation.

Roaching is so degenerate.
I need to quit the cannabinoid Jew.


it's especially infuriating when you look up something on a search engine, come across a relevant reddit thread and it's almost nothing but 'post deleted' 'post deleted' 'post deleted' …


more like that feel when you can't ever look something on a search engine without that piece of shit site at the top of page fucking #1


Get yuge man feet by 12 years old


How you know what a bat benis looks like hmmm???


TFW when wizzing becomes the new normal and we still don't fit in


I will admit that my job is a more tolurable due to the shutdown because now I only have to interact with co-workers for work related reasons and don't have to deal with customers anymore.
That said it is still stressful on my body.
I am tired of feeling tired and sore all the time.


File: 1589992096958.png (548.18 KB, 1030x799, 1030:799, jb.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Jackie Chan is a filthy scumbag who cheated on his wife and the hoe got a bastard daughter from him afterwards. After getting caught by media he "justified" his actions by saying that was a usual thing done by many. FUCK HIM AND FUCK JOHN CENA.


I don't know about any of you but I often maintain a very strong inner monologue still in dreams, even non-lucid ones and sometimes what I remember most from a dream is what my dream-self's inner monologue was saying.

Last night one part of one dream was being told about a small young dog a friend of my mom's just got, that it had just up and died, because it willed to die, because it wasn't the right environment. My dream-self inner monologue said "I wish I could figure out how to do that" very starkly.


Went for a hike in the woods, then had a chicken sandwich and a large Diet Coke from Wendy’s, now enjoying a cold beer while playing Death Stranding. Life hasn’t been this good in a while.


why the fuck do you care anyway?? oh lemme guess…cuz "poor witchy :( "



Imagine New York with NGE-like sliding giant barricades around the coast.


Now this is Simpsonposting


File: 1590016066164.jpg (409.75 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, yourpost.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Did you kike mods seriously delete my thread about LARPers??
You are the ultimate form of retardation
And i'm reposting the link so f— you
Just try and delete this too because im screenshotting it you knuckle-dragging oafs


They didn't delete it.
They put it on /b/ where it lasted for a few hours and was spammed off page 10 by nigger posting.

Do you just make a thread and then don't check up on it for a full day?


>I will admit that my job is a more tolurable due to the shutdown because now I only have to interact with co-workers for work related reasons and don't have to deal with customers anymore.
Exact same situation, anon.
Only for me, that slight increase in tolerability has made it fucking amazing for me.


What else is there to do with wizchan's slow-posting?
The best i can hope for is 2 replies per day, so i'm not going to wait around staring at the screen, i have my daily check-in time, is that too much to ask?


And what was wrong with the article in the first place?
It's relevant and interesting, both unlike mods entire existence


File: 1590037376862.jpg (67.11 KB, 1280x920, 32:23, 61b2qhc0ZeL._SL1280_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been using the same single blade bic razor for the past 5 months.

It's getting pretty dull, but I can still shave with it.





I wanna shave my head


You should do it. I’ve always wanted to cause my scalp seems kinda bumpy but I don’t know if it’s my head or hair.


my mom almost killed when I shaved mine please be careful


How did she manage that?


File: 1590089546155.jpg (89.44 KB, 598x360, 299:180, 1354972116303.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I fucking hate urban living. Every day in a city makes me wish a 200k tonne hunk of iron would smash into it from space a little more. Every fucking month they are increasing traffic, operating more heavy engines, constructing more obelisks from which to carve out holes for people to exist in like a termite mound. People dying to live like fucking insects. People come here from everywhere. They want to be here.

No, I'm the problem.


File: 1590090462137.jpg (46.22 KB, 800x450, 16:9, massive city2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I like it.


I can't even sleep anymore because I wake up two times a night to take a piss.

I wake up the first time with the feeling of my bladder being super full and stomach pain, then I lay down and sleep some more. I finally get awaken again with the need to pee, the same as before.


Worse is some rednecks bringing with them some roosters crowing all the fucking time


Rural life is the best.


File: 1590099543203.png (111.32 KB, 915x155, 183:31, 35ttwe.png) ImgOps iqdb

It is a good life we lead, brony.


air rifle


I really wouldn't if I were you.
If they really are rednecks they will shoot back and it won't be pellets they be firing.


Any suggestions for a flash drive? I want something I can put all my comfy pictures, songs, and movies on. Preferably something rugged that I can wear around my neck. Thanks.


Thanks, i am disappoint


I've done it


just found out if I plug my earphones into my laptop, have a usb hdd plugged in, and wake it up after the dumb power save firmware put the hdd to sleep, I can hear it loudly go whiirrrrrrrrrrrr starting back up in my earphones

I don't understand how this is possible


You the same edgelord that claimed to "cleanse" his neighborhood of dogs with a home made bow and arrow?


Some laptops have poorly isolated soundcards which recieve interference from other components. It sounds a little farfetched but I have a few Dells which make events on the screen - such as the cursor moving or a video playing - distinctly audible.


he used the word cleanse?! bwahahahaha

that's some ronan the accuser level fanaticism


File: 1590180800512.jpg (35.44 KB, 574x528, 287:264, sausagedog.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone with potentially more knowledge of food-spoilage and longevity than me, I have a question. Anybody's opinion would be welcomed so I could gauge this.

Frozen fully-cooked whitemeat chicken strips, heated and cooked in a a toaster oven again until crispy, and then sealed into a plastic ziploc bag(s), one at least going into a soft semi-insulated lunch-carry that zips up. Say I had 25-30 of these strips. How long would they last in a reasonable good case and kept dry outdoors? How many days before they would likely spoil? If, let's just say, one a day=food for 30 days, by day 30 is the strip of doublecooked chicken likely to make one sick?


I've always relied on smell, appearance, taste rather than specific times and it hasn't failed yet.


they'd need to be absolutely dried out, baked to a fine crisp with no moisture inside that bacteria can use

ain't no non-cured meat lasting 30 days without spoilage


That isn't how you preserve meat.
That would only last about a day or two before it could get dangerous. Shorter if it is hot out.


File: 1590194454647.jpg (103.79 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, i6j.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

the more tired I am, the more depressive thoughts i get, and it doens't help that I always tend to be tired, unless im doing something that takes effort, but after that i get tired, and then start to feel bad again. then it's boredom and sadness. Will I be able to fix it somehow? Maybe with time I will get better who knows. I need to learn to be satisfied and to get rid of those thoughts, I don't know how to though. Is it even possible? Fuck this brain.


Nutrition helps more than anything else imo. The modern human is perpetually poisoned and sick.


>The modern human is perpetually poisoned and sick.
Do you even realize how many nutrition related illnesses humans have essentially eradicated in the past 200 years? Humans are even taller on average because everyone gets way better food now.


People also think mcdonalds is food.


McDonalds is better for you than the hard tack and cabbage soup peasants used to eat.


been feeling tired, sick and depressed myself lately, all I've had is bread and tuna since the 15th

gotta buy a lettuce to nourish myself but it's so hard sneaking out of the house


Why do you have to sneak out of your house, wiz?


my mom hates me with a passion and will try to break into my room if it's known that I'm gone and destroy everything


why don't you beat her? I started doing this with my mother and after a couple of days she stopped complaining


because this isn't turkey or whatever simian shithole you're from


sounds like mine


I have a healthy diet, and also do some bodyweight exercise at home. I think I'm physically fit, still there's got to be something wrong with my brain or body in general, but I've always been like this since I hit puberty. Maybe there's something irreparable that can only be palliated with.


i can't remember what is was like to chew food before wisdom teeth. was there a gap behind your second molar? did food go in there?


File: 1590282086948-0.jpg (751.51 KB, 2047x2047, 1:1, EVerL0GU4AAw5K2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1590282086948-1.jpg (824.88 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, EVerL1nU0AAXaNm.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That garbage is mostly just water without any vitamins/nutrients or calories.
Get cabbage, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, okra, FRUITS, avocado, eat that shit with eggs/tuna/meat of your choice if you have the money.

US, but yea, it should be legal to beat the shit out of your parents if they are being abusive.


I bet it's all because you aren't chad, isn't it


lettuce works just fine for me, you aren't a doctor, so shut the fuck up
>it should be legal to beat the shit out of your parents
you don't leave your no-go zone often do you? white people don't beat their moms


File: 1590287047841.png (4.92 KB, 887x79, 887:79, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i remembered humble bundle was a thing, logged into it and saw all the stuff i bought for pennies years ago. adding it all to my steam account now

all except this shit though! someone with a reddit account can try it. it is from a 6 year old humble bundle, i'm curious if it still works


It worked, doesn't do much but hide the ads now it seems since they changed their paid scheme. Cool it works after 6 years though.


I will re-run this trash flick if the japanese dub ever goes to torrent



I feel like a idiot.
I just realized Jamaica (the beverage) is just cold unsweetened hibiscus water.


wow i'm surprised it worked


Nigs get upset by cats for some reason. This Black broad used to bitch about my cat when I lived in the ghetto. I asked her if she liked the rats better. It seemed lost on her the cat was more productive than she was


if you haven't noticed, people in general don't like cats


what are nigs?


if you ask me, most people are niggers


File: 1590372976459-0.png (94.97 KB, 685x505, 137:101, shortparents.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1590372976459-1.png (66.04 KB, 697x400, 697:400, shortwizard.png) ImgOps iqdb

It seems that being short can make you a wizard and an eugenicist, but then there's always the asshole who finds a midget to procreate with, and creates more sufferers of heightism.


Hilarious how pandemic movies always have it to where people will go full hiki until it's over but in reality normalfags can barely go a few months without deciding risking a deadly virus is worth it to go clubbing.


> a few months
a few days


I wasn't aware that anyone made an ism out of height


wiki has a nice article on it.

>Height discrimination (also known as heightism) is prejudice or discrimination against individuals based on height. In principle, it refers to the discriminatory treatment against individuals whose height is not within the normal acceptable range of height in a population. Various studies have shown it to be a cause of bullying.

>Research indicates that the human brain uses height as a measurement to determine social status and fitness. The brain automatically associates physical size with leadership potential, power, strength and intelligence, an effect which has been discovered in smaller infants as young as 10 months old. Evolutionary psychologists theorise that this is due to height indicating that the individual had been better fed, indicating higher social status and thus resources available to them, as well as indicating general health and physical strength, the latter of which can be useful in asserting dominance. The automatic association between height and the mentioned traits has also been found to be stronger when it comes to assessing men than succubi


>Hilarious how pandemic movies always have it to where people will go full hiki until it's over but in reality normalfags can barely go a few months without deciding risking a deadly virus is worth it to go clubbing.

Yea I'm surprised too at how irresponsible most people are. East Asian countries (Singapore, South Korea, Japan) did a much better job at following quarantine than the West.


>discriminating based on height
that's not an ism



Yeah, I always knew this to be the case but my dad was a huge coper. He thought he was some sort of ladies man because he could hook up with single moms and succubi from poor countries. Though on occasion I see some short guy tall succubus couples, but that's probably due to money. was always grating to hear him talk about this shit.

And yeah, procreating is easy since there's always someone desperate enough.

Worst part about being short is getting outgrown by people I was the same height as as a kid. It was like damn fuck me. That's in addition to being a shrimp when I'm getting towered by all 6'0"+


Yeah, just an example of idealized movie bullshit. The same way that in movies the smartest scientist is always also attractive, the fights have flourishes and moves that involve turning your back to your enemy, "average family" lives in a cool modern house, everyday barely escape horrifying deadly trauma and then joke about it with a line and this has no effects on their mental health, ect. All kinds of shit, the people who make them know it's idealized bullshit (sometimes it's just their own ideals); but a part of the audience feels the shlock actually accurately represents their real world and themselves.

Reading a YouTube comment section and seeing dozens of "___ sent me here" comments with thousands of likes is odd and disturbing. Little cults over internet nobodies who feel compelled to mark where they were directed to go.


didn't click
people are retards for slapping that goddamn suffix on everything, every little action or thought is not an 'ism', refusing to hire a dwarf for a shelf stocker job isn't rooted in some formulated belief about height, like only normal height people should exist or some shit, an making a dictionary appeal to authority fallacy doesn't make it so


I actually like wearing a mask outside.


Me too! Along with my glasses and a cap I feel shielded from the outside even when outside. Pretty cozy.


I don't even have a basic one, it's really not bad here and lots of people don't wear them and just distance, but some do. However it makes me wish I owned some kind of trooper gas mask because it would be funny to wear it around all the time in public and have an excuse when questioned (which you probably wouldn't even be)


>search images for "human trash"
>stumble upon link to yt "human trash compactor"
>some smug faggot making a review of a guy's channel "L.A. Beast", calls him idiot and laughts
>go to L.A. Beast
>very comfy videos, though the guy looks like an absolute chad, if you watch enough he turnes out to be quite a polite weirdo, obviously just acting out, ironic sometimes, and making good content, sincere dare i say.


The last time I saw anything of him was years ago and he was eating things and puking. Hopefully he is doing better content. I guess he's sincere. Seemed like a friendly showoff dumbass


But eating things and puking is good content.


File: 1590422226224.jpg (33.5 KB, 540x387, 60:43, Pokemon-Ash-death-bed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb






I always asumed pokemon had shorter lifespans than humans, unless that another pikachu


no, you see, the rocket team finally succeeded, and devised the ultimate plan to steal Pikachu from Ash. What they did was to shoot him with an aging beam, making it impossible for him to keep fighting back.


Depends on the Pokemon. Some legendary ones can live oves a 1000 years. I assume most have the average lifespan of a human. They must die of old age a lot too, there are huge graveyards across all regions in the games.


what is up my wizards, drunk as hell. i spent at least 4 minutes checking each word in the sentences preceding this and going "hmmmm i guess that's ok". i drunk until i vomited and i feel like my inner core is oozing some kind of comfortable feeling. no existential amgst or crippling anxiety sitting in my rooom feeling unable to do anything. if only this feeling could persist, maybe then i could start feeling human and understanding life


File: 1590455503320.png (315.21 KB, 640x480, 4:3, vlcsnap-2020-05-17-18h16m3….png) ImgOps iqdb

>what is up my wizards,



he was the coolest beyblade character. i remember as a kid i would impersonate him


File: 1590457060514.mp4 (15.45 MB, 540x360, 3:2, Beyblade amv Kai vs Tyson.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


i wanna sing but im afraid my mom will hear me and mock me :(


File: 1590480559835.gif (68.74 KB, 500x393, 500:393, RTkI1qbzzgco1_500.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I can never retain a proper sleeping pattern


Do you have a schedule?


Sometimes, but not always, some dreams I have really leave me with an impression of encountering a collective unconscious, though often in really banal ways. The image that struck out to me the most from the last dream I had was looking at a map of the roads and streets where I live, but noticing that the name for my street was wrong. So I looked in a map app on a phone (first time I ever dreamed of using my smartphone) and it too had the name wrong. Called it 'Tobacco Road'. Very clear image of that physical map and the screen saying that. I had never in my life heard of "Tobacco Road". Like it came out of nowhere, two random words. But I looked into it anyway, and apparently it's a bunch of things.


I'm not even American and it's the first I heard of any of this. But that name in ink and clearly stands out even now.

I like dreaming.


I made it so my computer autolocks at bed time, and then if I unlock it after it auto locks every 10 minutes.
Instead of going to sleep I sit unlocking every 10 minutes for hours. I need to make my password long and confusing so I can't remember it. No self control once I get sleepy.


I gave up and just wake/sleep whenever I want. My schedule cycles all around the clock and i dont give a fuck


File: 1590543926290-0.png (107.05 KB, 991x965, 991:965, sexgamefaqs.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1590543926290-1.png (41.31 KB, 798x217, 114:31, sexgamefaqs3.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1590543926290-2.png (26.42 KB, 733x193, 733:193, sexgamefaqs4.png) ImgOps iqdb

just found out that gamefaqs has a sex board and it's pretty active. What the fuck is wrong with normalshits, and it's next to the Mario community board in number of topics.
Who had the idea of creating that board in a website dedicated to videogames. The same people who made detailed guides and faqs about videogames? I don't think so.
I checked it and it has weird shit. Who the fuck discusses this things, I feel like the biggest virgin ever, and I thought I was a perv for watching porn and masturbating, this people who go there are just freaks, and there are a lot like I say, it's amazing. And it's on gamefaqs that's the most funny part, they're discussing about anal beads, showering after sex, sex with their exes, fucking their neighbours, casual sex, etc. on GAMEFAQS.


lol, disgusting honestly, but funny as well


Um gaming communities are super normalfaggy. Gamefaqs isn't the same as it was in the 90s/early 2000s.


>Um gaming communities are super normalfaggy.

Yea, you're right but damn that is hilarious and weird the Gamefaqs sex thread discovery. Who would've thought that a Gamefaqs forum with an outdated 90s layout would attract normies? Wizard that discovered it, what were you doing on Gamefaqs anyway? I haven't used that since like 2002 during the Gamecube era.

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