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There used to be a helpful thread before, so I'd like to continue wizards sharing thoughts and advice, and talking about their journey waiting for SSI in burgerland


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I've been hearing a lot of people have been going on unemployment because of the corona chan economy. Apparently the government has raised the pay amount. Also I have a neighbor who is a veteran who is able to neet from VA benefits by claiming to be disabled. He says a lot of other veterans do this too. Pic unrelated, I just thought it looked funny.


it would be greatly appreciated if somewiz who does successfully neets off of gibs me dats to explain to us how he does it


I had autismbux, stopped getting it once I got over $3k gambling my autismbux on stock options. I had autismbux for about 4 years.

I laid around after highschool for two years then my mom applied me for it and as part of that I had to go into a "vocational rehab" program. I was interviewed by a fat dyke, I was a hikki neet back then and never interacted with non family members. I tried to not think about it at all until it was time for the interview but that didn't work, I was very nervous. Almost yelled at her after she asked why I couldn't work.
It took several months and then I got the maximum amount, over $700/mo plus some large payments for the months it took to be approved after applying, increased to over $800/mo this year. I also got a part time job through the vocational rehab program at the same time.
My autismbux was reduced by half the amount of what I earn. Felt like I was working for 20 hours a week for only like $400 because that's all I got more from working. It also sucked that I could not save more than $3000, very repressive. When I first started getting money after being a zero dollar neet that never imagined having money I was afraid to spend any and I just kept eating the junk food my mom bought. When I went over $3k once I started buying more of my own food (organic and pastured) and eating sushi. I quit my job after 9 months and planned on being a programmer but went back to my NEET lifestyle instead. Lived decently for a couple more years. Eventually it occurred to me to stop spending so much and start gambling 'speculating' with it every month. I took risky positions that would give me enough money to justify losing my $800/mo.

My advice is to make neetbux work for you rather than letting yourself be fed as livestock. Welfare only exists to weaken and control people. It is a tool of human domestication. Think a lot about things you could do with your money. I should have bought a car back then because a car wouldn't have counted towards the $3k limit. I could have even bought some land out in nowhere for under $3k. Don't continue to live like a 0 dollar neet.


Regarding getting it:
On what grounds would you get neetbux? I had a diagnosis of asperger's.


Was on it because my mom set it up after my autism diagnosis.
The money went directly to her to spend directly on bills.
Left home on my own and moved several states away, got a job, got a better job, currently looking for a even better job.

Having my own money that I earned and living by myself for myself feels pretty damn good. The welfare life just ain't for me.


You could hide savings with cryptocurrency or accumulate other objects to store wealth


You made two mistakes. One is letting a stinky have complete freedom with your money which you may or may not have had a choice in. The other was simple and takes a few seconds of googling and common sense to realize you can't stack neetbux.

I'm also sad to see someone with a diagnosis have to go full self-reliant normie.


I didn't want to have any worries about fraud. 3000 was net worth minus some things like home, car, wedding ring.




I didn't know that your neetbux had a 3k cap savings limit. That sucks. Is that for your state or is it a federal thing? As far as I know my veteran neighbor says he gets his gibs me dats for life. He isn't an old boomer or anything either, he's an Iraq vet. His "disability" is like backpain but he also had a ptsd diagnosis.

I guess military disability compensation is a way different than neetbux.


I am almost certain it is a state thing.
The state I got bux in, didn't take into account savings, they only cared about income.


File: 1594827400657.jpg (38.14 KB, 478x266, 239:133, sleepy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i went to some jewess dr and she was like yeah this guys fucked up give him money. i then applied for public housing. now i pay around 250 bucks for everything including this internet connection. also another thing to note if ur parents are old and retiring ull get more money monthly when they apply for there ssi provided they worked there whole life thru the system. also when your parents die youll get even more money on top of that.


oh yeah one time my mom's welfare got reduced by $60 or $80 and it went to me hahaha I got more than my mom did.


Is autism a valid reason to get bux?



How about not wanting to go outside?


>Eventually it occurred to me to stop spending so much and start gambling 'speculating' with it every month.
Can you go into detail about how you did this? I have a couple grand of saved NEETbux now that I was putting away to fix my smashed molars but I'd rather try to turn it into more cash if I could.


Have you applied for loans? I had no credit history and I got a loan for periodontal treatment. The dentist applied for me, borrowed like $3000. It's probably easiest for you to go to a dentist and say you want that treatment and have them apply for you. They asked if I could afford a monthly payment of X a few times and I said no and they actually just lowered the price of treatment a few times. I intended to pay it but I sent money for a couple months and then got a letter saying they didn't get it, so I just stopped paying. Meant to sort it out but forgot about it. Now if I do nothing in a few years it won't even be on my credit report. If you don't pay, when you get calls from collections just don't tell them anything and hang up. I've heard there is some chance of being sued. I'd rather be sued than go without dental treatment. It's not like there are debtor's prisons anymore (except for child support) you shouldn't be afraid to take a loan. For legal reasons I think I should say that I am not advising you to fraudulently take loans without intending to pay them back. I'm just stating the fact that it's not that bad to take loans and not pay them.

My advice for trading:

You'll have to look up a lot of things on investopedia for things I do not explain. Calls are options you buy to bet a stock is going up and puts are options you buy to bet it's going down.

I started at the best time, the friday before the wu flu crash in late february/early march. In a bull market everyone seems like a genius. That's all I owe my success to. I used to think I was a stock picking savant but actually it's just opportunity, boldness and luck. I pretty much just keep making bold bets that the whole economy will go up and I multiply my money that way. When it started going down I actually bet on it going down and then I switched at the right time. I'd say there's still time to make easy dumb money, I suspect that the market is going up until the election and if Trump wins it'll probably go up some more as it did in 2016. After I think it's back to normal I'm probably going to adopt a safer and less profitable strategy, probably just putting my money into exchange traded funds (etf).

Almost entirely I trade options rather than stocks. Options are the way to make lots of money fast. Whatever amount of money I want to keep safe I buy stocks with. I don't even care how much my stocks go up and down because they don't move much compared to options. An exception is TVIX, an etf that goes up when the market goes down. I think it has to do with short selling (borrowing stocks that your broker owns and selling them, then when the stocks go down you buy the stock and give it back to the broker). It moves about as much as options do. There are no options to trade for it. It's getting delisted soon, so if I wanted that I would buy options for SQQQ, a similar etf but it is less voltitile.

My strategy is to buy call debit spreads (look that up on investopedia). Usually out of the money. I've tried out other options strategies but right now I just buy debit spreads. I buy ones that expire about two months later. In the past I have bought naked options and sold when they shot up instead of waiting for them to expire. I do not look at indicators or the greeks at all any more. I just think about it and trust my gut. I am "dumb money" as opposed to institutional traders and ai day trading bots and such. Two important things to keep track of is holidays where the market is closed (you might be making plans for say friday but then on friday you find the markets are closed) and earnings reports if you're trading individual companies. Earnings are when companies report their quarterly earnings. You can find which companies are reporting soon on earningswhispers.com or you can look up the companies you're interested in.

I advise against trading single companies instead of etfs, which average out several companies. As I've said I mostly only trade Dow inc, but I treat it as if it represents the entire economy and that works because it's a big manufacturing company. I suggest SPY, NASDAQ(tech), DJIA(manufacturing). I trade single companies when I know something that makes me think I can predict them. An example is Logitech, I bought calls for when people were buying cameras and microphones and such, and I judged it to not be "priced in", meaning that I didn't think the stock price went up because of that yet. I sold them right before they reported earnings and that was exactly the right time to sell them even though their earnings were good because the price went up too much the week before earnings.

Along the way I have had to learn things and have made several costly and dumb mistakes. You definitely will too. I have emotionally adapted. I will suggest avoiding selling your options planning to rebuy them at a lower price. It's always been a mistake for me. Sometimes they go way higher than they were before. Then you've got to decide whether or not to accept the losses and buy them for more than you bought them for before. Or after you sell they could go down and you're excited to buy them at a cheaper price. And they keep going down and become worthless. I kept buying more of an option as it went down because I thought it was a better price for me. I would have lost all my money if I didn't have some of another option that did really well. I used to spend hours pacing and thinking. I don't need to think much anymore.

When you're making a trade, You should know how much you're risking, how much you might gain (with debit spreads you know exactly the maximum amount you can gain), how high you expect the stock to go up. You should know about limit orders and stop loss orders. I've never used stop loss orders though because I am always bullish on my own trades. Also listen to the song "The Gambler", that's good advice. There's a book I've been meaning to read that is good from what I've seen of it, Confusion de Confusions, written a few hundred years ago about the culture of traders on the Dutch market. They even traded options back then.


"not wanting to go outside" wont cut it you need to go full hikki and demonstrate that to them.


How? Grow my toenails? Act crazy?
For some reason i have never been able to lie or act different, only my stoic unreactive self


Just say that you have strong irrational urges to kill people and that you torture animals for fun. You'll quickly be booked in a nice hotel for neets.


>booked in a nice hotel for neets.
Is that what you call prison?
I do not have the body type to survive in such institutions


Most people here seem to be willing to be prisoners of their parents if it means not working.


While living with your parents sucks, it generally doesn't involve rape, getting stabbed or jumped by gangs. Not to mention typically there's at least some internet access living with your parents vs none in prison.

Personally I would rather be homeless than in prison. I'm sure most prisoners would rather be homeless if given the option between the two, but most homeless people wouldn't rather go to prison. If the latter were willing to make the trade, they could easily do so, but they almost never do so willingly.


Homeless commit crimes to get into to prison all the time, what world are you living in?


You don't go to prison for being a potential danger to others, you get involuntarily committed in a mental hospital. Rape and murder doesn't really happen there. Or even in a modern prison for that matter.


Is an official autism diagnosis enough to get bux in the US?


Provided your paperwork is all in order, yes.


How do you go about the process? Looking up online it seems really discouraging especially if you have no official work history. I have a paralyzing fear of fucking up legal stuff so I've just been sitting on it for about 3 years now.


when I did it i signed up online, but ultimately got rejected by my psych but that was after in person appointments.


What is this called? They asked for my mom's social when I applied but I think ssa sent me a letter that I couldn't get it?


No, and I speak from personal experience. I've been diagnosed with autism from two different therapists and I was denied SSI. I applied for reconsideration and took it to court but I lost at every level. I live in a state that has a higher than average approval rating for SSI as well.

My problem is that the doctor they sent me to for a consultative exam decided I was not disabled and able to work. She had a hostile demeanor off the bat so I guess either there was something about me that she didn't like or she had a bad day and just wanted to take it out on someone else. Judges often give consultative evaluations a lot more weight than therapists or doctors you've seen for many years and such was the case for the judge I got apparently.

I plan on applying again but I already know the odds are against me because I was already denied once and ssa almost always denies you if you're applying for the same reason you were already previously denied for at the hearing level, though there are exceptions.

Really the only diagnoses that guarantee SSI are blindness, stage 4 cancer, or paralysis. Everything else is a coin toss at best and anyone claiming otherwise just has survivor's bias.


I'm on SSI because employers don't want to hire autists. It was a natural course of action to get on the bux and live in squalor for the rest of my life.


File: 1595205090899.jpg (91.55 KB, 640x480, 4:3, AWC14.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ideally I'd like to get on the tismbux and then do odd jobs under the table like moving people's furniture, computer stuff, online articles, etc. Then I'd just get a little shit shack somewhere quiet so I can finally /neet/ in peace and live off of gibs me dats.


I have an official diagnosis of PTSD, anybody know if that is enough to qualify for neetbux?


Does America actually have neetbux? I thought you had to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and just believe in God, Bernie Sanders would be a Nazi in my country but he’s a communist there


And here we see a Californian trying to roleplay as a Swede.


If you get declared disabled by a doctor you can get disability social security payments I think. There is a federal program called TANF that gives block grants to the states to use for welfare programs but the programs vary from state to state and you have to have children to qualify and it has work requirements of 30 hours a week for single parents and 55 hours a week for couples so you basically have to be working full time to qualify. Welfare in America is fucked up man.


Sorry for asking essentially the same question for the umpteenth time this thread, but is a paranoid schizophrenic diagnosis enough for neetbux? I got diagnosed from a psychiatrist two years ago and have done absolutely nothing since. It would be nice to have some money for once.


Yes, it is. Just make sure to emphasize the voices in your head and how it distracts you.

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