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File: 1589510020141.jpg (27.31 KB, 400x600, 2:3, jacob'sladder.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Are there any movies or video games that you repeatedly watch/play because they help you through things?

I really like watching the movie Jacob's Ladder (1990) or playing the game Dear Esther when I feel down. I feel rejuvenated after I've completed them for some reason.

I guess to me they feel like some dark or forlorn pilgrimage with new things to understand about the story every time I watch/play them.

I want to know if anyone else has something like this that they'd be willing to share. I posted it here because the subject contains multiple subjects that wouldn't otherwise fit into any board.


I often let Star Wars Battle Front 2 play in the background on my PS2 while I sleep. Not because it's relaxing just the only form of constant background light and noise.


I wish there were games or flicks worth replaying


None I wish I had one


File: 1589537571344.png (1.04 MB, 1735x1038, 1735:1038, r547647.png) ImgOps iqdb


I have one TV show I do this with but it's obscure enough to potentially identify me more than I would like. But, I get what you mean.

I used to play Final Fantasy XII in a repetitive manner and found it really calming, soothing and cozy for a time around 2006-2008, at least two multiple-hundreds of hours played maxed out files where I'd get to 99 by traversing the map on foot one side to the other and back, so not even the most efficient grinding. I don't do it any more though.



Stardew Valley.

I am hopelessly addicted to it and own it on all three major home consoles and PC.


When I was feeling a most intense bipolar hopeless dread despair/so-called ""blackpill"" phase in february and march this year I binge watched a bunch of old animated films from when I was a child (like early 2000's disney or pixar films) and OH MAN especially going back to listening to all the 80's music that i like totally and inexorably rapes all the dread and fear i had and nails it all into a bloody dirty coffin never to be seen again which is quite marvelous really.


File: 1589613928596.jpeg (38.59 KB, 1280x693, 1280:693, jacob-s-ladder-movie-doct….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Funny to stumble across this thread cause i watched Jacob's Ladder a few days ago for the third time in my life. The movie had, just as you explained it, an almost reassuring feeling. Probably because it's a good movie worth rewatching which combines pleasure and familiarity. I like the shady and gritty New York 90's atmosphere. It also reminds me of early 2010's when i watched it for the first time, and back then i was blissfully umaware of how things really were and no one nor anything had any expectations of me, fuck.


is that the one with the character named van? I had fun playing the side jobs stuff and doing all that crap to be able to fight the omega weapon or whatever it was called who had like 500 million health points, that had to be the hardest boss fight in rpg history, man…


stuff by tsutomu nihei


Yep, that's the one. And old Yiazmat,yeah,for the damage cap of 9999 in that game utterly ridiculous battle. Over an hour even if you managed to be perfect and always be doing max damage at all possible times..and that probably isn't happening with more than one of your three. XII was so fun…I like RPGs but tend to dislike action-heavy RPGs (the new FFVII remake is giving me really mixed feelings about the battle system and I wish there was a way to make it a bit less chaotic and like a sensory-overload but without making it then way too easy with battles over before I get to use any interesting abilities), I feel XII found the perfect mix with it's optional but highly customizable if you think about it gambit system and the type of control you have always with one-which can be in addition to Gambit instructions too, if you want.


I watch Un Homme Qui Dort probably 4-5 times a year, and its been like 5 years.


also i can add for movie: avalon (2001)
music: a song from that movie called "log in"
anime: a few .hack stuff, even that 3d one from a few years ago ive watched at least a dozen times by now. theres a 3d anime movie called space captain harlock or something ive been rewatching every year. i havent watched final fantasy the sprits within for a while, but i used to watch that every year
i played warcraft 3 for over 15 years but the reforged shit made me stop

seems to be stuff from late 90s and early 00s that im able to reoeatedly play/watch over and over, maybe its like a nostalgic comfort or something


I keep re-reading the same 2 books, The aleph, and Collected fictions by J.L Borges. Normally I just read a book once, but these two are different, and I don't know exactly why I like reading them even though I'm already familiarized with all the ideas and concepts.


>I keep re-reading the same 2 books
there are no books in my house except a big old public school history book from like 1990 I re-read in the kitchen during food, it helps me through the ordeal of eating, I hate eating

but I also hate reading the same old american propaganda

*shrug* what can you do


What about buying new books or even reading them online?
Reading while eating is very unpractical, if you managed to master that rare skill then reading will be very fun to you.


>Reading while eating is very unpractical
…. it is?
a billion people do it every day at the breakfast table


File: 1589803536611.jpeg (155 KB, 850x657, 850:657, 9A5F8C06-F18D-45DE-91C8-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I play Katawa Shoujo a lot to the point whetevI hit 1.5k hours on a visual novel and I will continue to play it. I’m not sure if I’m just addicted or it’s a cope or both.


that's compulsive neurotic behaviour my wizza. Your mind's probably broken for good lol


How the hell were you able to maintain interest in any one thing for that long?


Buy another book. Now's a bad time, but if there's any thrift shops in your area you can usually get a decently big nonfiction book for $2 or so. You can dull the pain and learn some stuff at the same time.


I watch Keno's Journey at least once a year because it puts me in a good headspace to think about my life


I bought veblen's theory of the leisure class and read it twice over meals but then it disappeared… into the trash probably

the only other thing I like really is national geographic, value village has those, but since the early 90s it's nothing but pap and photos and big ads, in recent years they've even been doing lots of shock photos of african machete victims and birth defects and shit, anyway



I like terraria so I tried to get into this game. But I couldn't because your character has stamina and is limited to do a certain amount of things per day before getting tired, like in haverst moon. This type of game mechanic always makes me anxious.


The closest thing I have to this is probably the TV show Smallville. It is about the teenage life of Clark Kent and how he eventually becomes Superman. I love Smallville because I became fond of the characters through all those 10 seasons. The first 4 seasons take place during high school and even after that the show keeps a soap opera feeling but I don't mind it since I like the characters. It is also a very nostalgic series for me because I first discovered it on TV when I was a kid. Of course, like most capestuff it has many flaws and childish stuff in it but whatever, I enjoy what I enjoy. I watched Smallville twice from start to finish, this is quite a big thing for me since I don't usually rewatch things unless I come across them accidentally on TV later.
I guess rewatching horror movies which I enjoy also gives me peace and energy. I watch quite a lot of horror and slasher movies, I like it when I come across Friday the 13th, Halloween or other classics like that on TV by accident.
Currently I am going through Spider-Man The Animated Series (1994) and watching it always cheers me up and cures my melancholia. Pure fun, really.

To tell the truth, I thought Jacob's Ladder was kind of overrated. It had some good effects and moments but it just didn't leave a lasting effect on me. Pretty much the only thing I remember is that there was a succubus named Jezebel in it. And some military experiments or something.

I love me some BM too. Good to see that other wizards appreciate this band too.


File: 1596896935719.jpg (13.79 KB, 279x216, 31:24, th.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>90s cartoons

Only spiderman?


File: 1596923035801.jpg (99.42 KB, 630x1200, 21:40, bowfinger.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This movie is pure happiness for me.


i go through phases where for like 2 or 3 years i'll play a single game exclusively. it was a symptom of poverty at first i think


this is maximum comfy though. much better than finish game -> move on to the next one without even doing the postgame content of the game you just finished. normgroids usually to this so they can keep up with what's new


The thing that I've done the most is re-reading LotR. I read it 4 times. I know that's low compared to others but I like the feeling of seeing more details and understanding the lore deeply every time I re-read it. Maybe I'll start the 5th soon.

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