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File: 1591039726449.png (359.96 KB, 506x344, 253:172, yblx4t8ifr151.png) ImgOps iqdb

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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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File: 1591040338913.gif (1.07 MB, 284x249, 284:249, FrigidViciousAtlanticblack….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Sometimes things are put in perspective. I found out recently the town where I grew up had a riot over almost nothing a couple hundred years ago, where they pulled up all the stones from the pavement and smashed all the windows around the town centre setting it on fire.

I look on these norman riots with disgust but riots are part of the human condition I suppose for a long time.


Who the fuck rushed the new thread when the old one is still active and still on page 1?


File: 1591044531978.jpg (166.81 KB, 1024x716, 256:179, Tiananmen_Square,_Beijing,….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Mob mentality, an excuse to trash stuff (because it's fun right?), mostly young people with no particular grasp on cost and labor.
The chinese should've been in charge of stifling this shit.


File: 1591044636566.jpg (718.88 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1591027817663.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Right, you need an authority that already shares the same biases as you do to tell you what to think about an author. It's impossible for you to use your own knowledge to judge ideas on their own merits because that is beyond your mediocre critical abilities. That's why you will only skip through that video yet you'll gladly spend twice as much time as you'd spend if you actually watched the whole thing researching reasons to not do it, much less tackle the ideas on your own.

In all fairness, I don't expect you to change any one of your opinions even if you actually watched it. The video wasn't directed to you. Only emotionally uninvested and relatively intelligent people can be convinced with logical arguments, and you're neither.


File: 1591044783124.jpg (20.43 KB, 625x626, 625:626, thisisbait.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


By the way, that image is somehow one of the saddest I've seen out of all that came from these riots.





Guess they didn't have a license for those edgy opinions.


It hit the bump limit


It was still active and on the front page.


Dont care.


>By the way, that image is somehow one of the saddest I've seen out of all that came from these riots

Sadder than someone LITERALLY being killed by a cop?


well that wasnt exactly part of the riots


File: 1591053741183.mp4 (15.1 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ripsave - Police actively ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

File (hide): 1591053656110.mp4 (15.1 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ripsave - Police actively ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb [play once] [loop]
>not a part of the riots
you haven't been paying attention. Multiple people have been killed by the police since the protests and there are multiple videos online of police showing up to peaceful protests and violently provoking violence on them.


File: 1591055529748.mp4 (3.02 MB, 480x270, 16:9, fascism.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Looks like we're going into full blown fascism. Marshal law declared.


They just decided it was illegal to stand over there and shot everyone who wouldn't comply. What the fuck man, how did it come to this?


Based mods.


File: 1591059455665.jpg (100.88 KB, 625x626, 625:626, Bait_efc2b5_5907668.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1591066316326.jpg (134.75 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Rome.Cole_Thomas_The_Cours….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yes. People die all the time, but when libraries are being burned by mobs it feels like a civilization is dying before your eyes.


Stop oppressing violent criminals! They are fighting for the common good and also workers by indiscriminately destroying public property and other people's means of production. Going around in organised gangs to commit vandalism, arson, armed robbery, highway ambushes, assault with deadly weapons, death threats, attempted murder, and and actual murder, is their sacred political belief and you must respect it, fascist pigdog!!


File: 1591073047535.jpg (128.72 KB, 634x665, 634:665, din_du_nuffin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Speaking of violent crime, our boy Georgie F wasn't a very gentle giant.


fuck niggers


addition: still doesnt give the cops right to choke people to death, regardless of them being dindus or not


Makes me want to revive the communist dream of Soviet identity that destroys all this multiculturalism and religious shit. Transcend it comrade Stalin, leave all this shit in the tank tracks of history.



Yuro here. Is this the famous "chimp out"?


You'll just have this happening in every city.
How do you destroy multiculturalism? You can prevent it, but if you have minorities already?


Don't understand how the communist can defend these niggers when they literally want to break into wizards' dens and rob/murder them for being white.


I don't understand how all these non-black people are so apologetic to the blacks, it's like they are from a entirely different world from me. My entire life there has been a consistent pattern of blacks acting like complete animals around me, trashing classrooms in school, taunting me when I was in the mental ward, attempting to rob me when I'm at the convenience store, many more cases but those are just prominent examples. I don't understand it, when I see white people rioting with all these blacks, I just don't get it, these people must be extremely sheltered, and I hardly go outside, these people must be living in some luxurious sanctuary with no blacks within a thousand miles, it's honestly insane.


File: 1591112119935.mp4 (9.09 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 875fcbf8ebf2ac4469763bbba2….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


master baiter.


File: 1591122185608.mp4 (10.56 MB, 854x448, 61:32, a8e8162f750323d01c0efadb3b….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1591122638620.gif (282.16 KB, 750x500, 3:2, fennekin.gif) ImgOps iqdb

That's pretty funny.


ethnic cleansing


just heard the fucking pigs are murdering innocent bystanders now, with their bodycams turned off, and it was a black restaurant owner who used to feed them for free

this is a great turns of events *sarcasm*


>ethnic cleansing

The comments in this thread are disgusting and nowhere near civil. You all have no shame.


Go back to reddit.


It's more like a religion. US is experiencing its own cultural revolution. I imagine that the Chinese were also taken by surprise back then on how fast people got insane. One day you're just an average chinese person, planting rice and doing your chinese stuff, then suddenly you're a fascist and everything you like is reactionary and you gotta kneel to the rioting teenagers and profess your love for the revolution or get lynched.


So glad I live in a small 95% white town.


Where are the lockdown protesters now?


What is there to protest when the lockdown is being so openly broken? Besides, they prefer protests not riot freakouts.


File: 1591132765736.jpeg (155.93 KB, 1200x989, 1200:989, EZerk4kU0AAH0l5.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb



I agree, what kind of idiot would bring a child to a riot? Cool photo op though right


police should increase their standarts of entry lmao


There are fairly strict physical standards to get in but not to stay in, apparently.


>I agree, what kind of idiot would bring a child to a riot? Cool photo op though right

They aren't supposed to be riots. They are supposed to be peaceful protests but unfortunately you have bad actors that turn them into riots with agitators, anarchists, antifa, and far right militiamen.


>There are fairly strict physical standards to get in but not to stay in, apparently.

Nope not in America. In other countries like the UK, but not here.


Huh, actually we're both right, each police academy can have its own criteria, that's odd but what do I know.


The lack of standardization in general is why there are so many fat dumbass cops in certain regions/cities of the US.


Corporate media was treating breaking the quarantine as a crime against humanity, now they don't care anymore. Just shows you how much of a psyop that was.


militias haven't existed since the 90s after oklohomo city you dumbass


You are joking right?
If not I suggest you do a internet search on active militias. You will probably be surprised.


Yeah, once they are in many end up getting fat and out of shape, especially desk jockeys. Thing about emergency like riots is it is all hands on deck so the out of shape cops that are normally filing paperwork and the like are now front and center being part of the blue wall.


you might find a honeypot or a shitlib site with something they call "evidence" but militias don't exist anymore, unless the FBI stopped doing their job

I'm supposed to believe the FBI and other jack booted thugs stopped caring about "white supremacist anti government militias" and let them pop back up? yeah right


No really, please look it up for yourself. Militias very much are still a thing in the US, always have been a thing, and them being a thing is very strictly protected by the constitution so unless the constitution is changed they will always be a thing.


Man this is getting nuts



keep drinking your koolaid


Your denial doesn't really change reality.
What evidence would it take for you to change your opinion that militias don't really exist in the US?



Militias exist but they are composed 100% of feds and they exist for the sole purpose of entrapping people.


I'm gonna click on shitpedia like I'm gonna click on alex jones or david icke


Answer the question dude.
What evidence would it take for you to change your mind?
Or do you admit you will remain steadfast in your denial no matter what?


prove it.


there's no possible evidence for your CNN kookspiracy theory about McVeigh era militiamen being behind the riots, you were just shoehorning that in to peddle some anti-white hate and fear, the same as they do, throwing shit at the wall to see if it sticks

what evidence we do have of something is the massive federal campaign after oklahomo city to destroy the militias (successful) and keep them from returning with cointelpro honeypots


Nice strawman and movement of the goalpost dude.

But what you really mean is you admit that you will never admit that militia are currently a thing in this thread.
Which is fine because it just means I can stop wasting my time talking to a wall.


Companies need to stick to just selling people shit and stay out of identity politics.


whiny faggot, youd love it if companies started cheering for whites and spammed nigger nigger


Your assumptions and projections are baseless and make you look like a jackass.


I admit that you're a conspiratard

I admit that only shitlibs would take black riots and accuse them of being run by "white supremacists"


and I am done with your bait attemps


Trump is the antichrist…or at least a minion, he held the bible backwards and upside down


hes a senile neocon boomer


To be honest with you he seems like he is playing a type of pot-stirring jester role, so minion maybe but not the antichrist. The antichrist will be/is much much more beloved by the World. Trump is casually a joke to most of it, a meme God-emporer to some, and some kind of Hitler figure to others.


File: 1591191821939.mp4 (382.45 KB, 640x632, 80:79, trump_mocks_george_floyd.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1591193985947-0.jpg (39.48 KB, 1187x820, 1187:820, exhibit_a.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1591193985947-1.png (48.6 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, exhibit_b.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1591193985947-2.jpg (83.38 KB, 680x766, 340:383, exhibit_c.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Just saw the full footage of that police blunder. I think the people protesting the arrest indirectly killed the guy because it looks like the cops entered in some kind of powerplay with them so the cop kept his knee on the guy's neck as anything else would be "backing down". Long story short the civilians interfering with the arrest made it spiral out of control cause the cop was a brutal immature idiot. It's stupid as fuck but it is what it is, i think i know how normie power dynamics works. If this happened at night with no one around the guy would be probably alive right now. I don't believe the cop wanted to kill him in particular because he probably arrests 100 dindus a month and they were witnesses and phone cameras so it makes no sense.


File: 1591203026459.mp4 (636.72 KB, 360x448, 45:56, niggercaught.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

If you don't own a gun yet you better get one.


File: 1591203665605.png (479.41 KB, 1000x1209, 1000:1209, 1587229185816.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm sure they'll take advice on what they "should" do from you.





That pic is right but also kind of wrong, they'll still slurp government boot under the right circumstances


Why would you post something that you know is against the rules? It's just gonna get deleted.


Can you imagine if someone of note who also just gave zero fucks Tweeted this image? Can you imagine the magnitude of anti-meme butthurt and total social seppuku of such a person?


Did that happen? Cause I'd love to see elon musk or someone tweet that.



whatd he post?


A pepe cop kneeling on the neck of a brown wojak.


They will if they like money.


Am I the only one who hates big government AND corporations/corporate tyranny?


You realize no one likes tyranny right?


It is like the people who feel pride for disliking nazis or brag about not kicking puppies.


Tyrants do.


Most people really are biorobots, mindless, easily manipulated cattle.


How is it corporate tyranny when all interactions with a corporation are voluntary and they can't actually force you to do anything?


The current system is shit, but what's the alternative? Whites in the US are basically digging their own graves right now. Voluntarily extinction.


They'll continue making loads of money regardless.


Companies fall all the time after pissing off their potential customers.

That whole get woke go broke thing has more then a few examples.


the leftist subhumans who screeched about corona for weeks are now protesting some shitniggers death
if you ever listen to "experts" again or leftist agitation, youre fucking stupid



Corporations have literally caused civil wars and destroyed thousands of communities, and use big government tyranny and power as their tool to Jew us


File: 1591229952922.webm (123.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, you wanna fight.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>Corporations have literally caused civil wars
So have blacks, but I don't see you calling for a ban on them.


File: 1591230054636.png (1.75 MB, 1048x2418, 524:1209, 1583604322006.png) ImgOps iqdb

That whole "get woke go broke stuff" is wishful thinking from right wing libertarians that don't want to admit that more and more corporations are getting on the "woke" train and they're doubling and tripling down the rhetoric yet they're making loads and loads of money and there's no end in sight.




oh well if a leftist newspaper pundit says so it must be true



File: 1591234166955.png (27.13 KB, 626x227, 626:227, 898678768.png) ImgOps iqdb

Didn't expect Dilbert creator and Trump supporter Scott Adams to accidentally out himself as a commie/socialist/class warrist, then again he did say he was on the left from Bernie, but what he says is true America is rigged against the poor


That's the thing about these companies, they just sell cheap made in China consumer crap. They thrive on soulless neoliberal globalism and goldfish attention spans. Nothing they say or do matters in the grand scheme of things. As long as they show minimum effort, pander a little and go with the flow they'll be fine.
It's all facades and calculated signalling. Sony needs to keep the plebs wanting to buy their bleep bloop game boxes that no one actually needs. On the other hand corporations like Alstom or BASF make real stuff so they don't even need to pretend they give a fuck about the superficial sensations that preoccupy the masses.

Unfortunately this. Under all that screeching and gesturing pinkos aren't much different from neolibs.

I think corona is a real mortal danger.
I agreed with the leftards on this one even though I knew it was a case of a broken clock being right for once. I despise the hypocrisy of the pop-left. At least rightoids tend to be more straightforward about their cruel convictions.
The disingenuous fucks dropped the most important issue in favor of a whimsical street violence bonanza. In the end both the right and the left demand a blood sacrifice.
Even ignoring the direct killing and destruction caused by the rioters this is going to cause tens of thousands of completely avoidable corona deaths. "I can't breathe" they said.

I think he wants to see the politicians solve this by kicking the can down the road, constructing a superficial common ground for the people as is tradition. This could calm things down but will only exacerbate problems caused by the ever growing black privilege.

The whole world is but there are classes within classes, sides within sides. "The poor" can't be considered a homogeneous group, other than "no money" we have little in common with each other.


Scott Adams is not a leftie. He is a typical boomer conservative.
Which is a shame to be honest with you. I loved early dilbert showed how dumb the corporate structure is, but when you are pro free market, pro corporation etc, you can only critisize corporate bullshit to an extent. Similar to how a commie will stop shitting on ussr at a point.

His personaliy also sucks, he crated sockpuppet accounts to praise himself on social media(and get caught), he believed in his bullshit too much and had tanked businesses etc.

that being said, you don't need to be a leftie to say lower classes have more in common with each other than upper class who share the same race, Tucker carlson said the exact same thing few months ago.


You can say it and still be entirely wrong. That's why poor whites have a lower crime rate than rich blacks do. Even though poor people are poor, black people are still black and white are still white which influences how likely they are to act in destructive ways.

Neo cons are lefties. That's the whole point of being a neo con instead of a conservative.


File: 1591261425831.mp4 (2.55 MB, 768x576, 4:3, 1591246415326.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Richter: Die, NIGGER! You don't belong in this world!
Blackula: It was not by my hand that I'm once again given flesh. I was called here by white men who wish to pay me tribute.
Richter: "Tribute"?! You fuck white men's wives, and make them your slaves!
Blackula: Perhaps the same could be said of all religions.
Richter: Your words are as empty as your soul! Mankind ill needs a savior such as you!
Blackula: What is a white man? A wimpy race that needs to get blacked! But enough rap! Have at you!


I mean the whole tea party "movement" was basically a coup by the Koch brothers and a few other wealthy people who just paid for a massive astroturfing organization to support their chosen candidates. The whole movement was bought and paid for by the same people who bought and paid for the libertarian party first. The tea party candidates have been ridiculously subservent to corporate interests. It is as if they are basically just their willing servants.


I am sure you can both elaborate and provide evidence for your statements.


You needn’t look any further than the banana republics.


Such as?
How so?



Banana republic is a general term given to countries that are reliant on export to a larger country. Countries like Cuba, Honduras, and Guatemala. These countries entire economies in during most of the cold war were based on the export of things like bananas and sugar. Because of this, many American food companies would set up shop in these countries, and would often pay workers nothing. When workers attempted to strike often times mob tactics were employed by the rich company to disperse this unrest and keep the workers in line. If the government tried to get involved, usually these companies would either politically strong arm them (because they are the basis of the economy), bribe them, or fund revolutionary groups. These methods essentially made a lot of south and middle American countries vassals of companies like Dole.

Just for the record I am not communist or socialist or whatever, but I do see how companies are able to coerce and abuse people. After all, any group can acquire power enough to abuse, so I don't find corporations inherently evil.


also, oil companies.


File: 1591295931698.jpg (53.46 KB, 900x655, 180:131, berg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No, that's retarded. The proper way to deal with mind killed people getting upset to one of the ~10 or so unarmed blacks killed every year (less than the amount of police killed by blacks since 2018, in fact) is to ask questions about why black criminality is so high. They can't argue the statistics so they'll just lose their shit and you haven't done anything wrong.

Another option is making a t-shirt that shows the correlation between a vector of various IQ subtest X brain size relationships vs the vector comprised of the magnitude of b/w differences for each test. The correlation is positive at .51. I guess most people wouldn't get it.


I hope things get much worse. I want to see rioters dragging people from their homes and killing them. I want to see white children killing their parents for being racist. I want to see random black mobs making people kneel in submission or die. I want things to get so bad that people will beg for someone to save them. And if no one shows up then at least it's better for the West to die with a bang rather than a whimper.


Song name?


Could it not be argued that this was entirely due to how the repressive government was set up rather then the normal operation of corporations.


You could argue it, and while it may have facilitated it, it wasn't really the primary cause. The nature of those countries is indeed what made them ripe for exploitation by these foreign corporations, because they were all weak nations, with corrupt governments, and had such civil unrest that it was easy to find revolutionist groups. However, the corporations also largely reinforced these conditions because it was what made them so profitable. Some corporations went so far as to hire mercenaries to overthrow the standing government to replace them with others who would cooperate. So even though it was the fault of the previous government that these corporations were able to take hold, it is also the fault of the corporation for worsening the situation and preventing any attempts at removing it.


they've all already sold out to China, whether they promote woke shit or not in the USA doesn't matter much


It sounds to me like the corporations molded themselves to the situation that they found themselves in when it came to such countries rather then were the cause of the situation.


They chose to make the situation worse. They could've paid better wages and invested in the countries they profited off of like good businessmen. But because there were no controls on them they could fully unleash their cruelty.


You seem confused as to what corporations are and their objectives.
They are are not moral actorts nor are they made to be.
It isn't the purpose of corporations to improve society according to your personal moral principals. They work with and adapt to whatever system they are within in order to maximize profit.
If the system/government they are within is corrupt and 'evil' then they will adapt to such a system.
If the system/government has strong rule of law and high regulation they will adapt

The only thing that corporations can't deal with is is high levels of instability.



Any wizzies here starting to want to be cops so we can punish normies?



I'm pretty sure they don't accept manlet twinks.


you talk like a glow in the dark



lmao at horse trampling that BLM filth


they dont talk about corona as much now that the riots thing has become the center of attention.


It’s not the corporations purpose, but it is a human purpose. And corporations are run by humans. You’re trying very hard to absolve them of wrongdoing but they chose to be evil in those situations and nothing could stop them except. It’s textbook tyranny.


The 'protesters' who come down with dat 'rona should be denied ventilators.


No, it's a for-profit entity with the goal of maximization of profit. If they act ethically, someone else will swoop in with lower costs. It's just the nature of having a private sector that requires investors.

Privately-owned companies tend not to get as big and sometimes make decisions on private morality e.g. Chik Fil-A/Hobby Lobby/Patagonia, but they still have to make decent profits to last.


cop are normalfags. you will not last on the force if you're a wizard.


horrible, there's so many clips of cops pushing people and they always land on their nogging.


I wonder what's dulling these peoples' intrinsic instinct to protect the head during a fall?


> If they act ethically, someone else will swoop in with lower costs
In these banana republics they had an utter monopoly. Having competition would have actually made them better as a company as offering more pay or better working conditions would completely take the workforce of their rivals. So again, there was nothing stopping them from acting morally other than their own self interest. There's still no excuse for it.


>but it is a human purpose.
Objectively prove it.
That is quite the irrational assertion that your whole argument seems hinged upon.

>It’s textbook tyranny

I also totally dispute this as you haven't actually demonstrated that nor do you seem to be actually using the text book definition of tyranny in any sense of the word.


You seem not to understand that monopolies can not really work without state force right?


Not really, because monopolies have all the power in their hands to crush whatever competition arises. State is just one of those tools, there are countless anti-competitive practices that can be employed.


lmao what's up with that boomer. If you're so weak that a gust of wind could knock and kill you then you probably shouldn't try to stop the riot police alone.


He wants the cops to beat him so he can become a martyr.


File: 1591380257004-0.png (41.84 KB, 596x350, 298:175, 5v.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1591380257004-1.jpg (18.35 KB, 360x220, 18:11, EGaREc1XoAAx2Kt.jpg large.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Reddit board member steps down and demands a black board member take his place.

Unprecedented levels of clown world going on.


reddit moment lol


File: 1591380628406.jpg (22.67 KB, 506x539, 46:49, how queer.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't even know what to say.


About what would be expected out of reddit LMAO


I would like you to explain how you think a monopoly can form and function without governmental force behind it.


File: 1591395606173.png (16.55 KB, 523x291, 523:291, OH_NOES.png) ImgOps iqdb

B-but the nice people in black hoodies told me it was all insured corporate property?


If the beta uprising starts now can we all have a million to spend on tendies and sex dolls? Imagine being so stupid you have people burning everything town so you thrown money at them to keep it up.

Banana republics aren't "nice" to competition. They hire gangs and street thugs to murder competition. If the government tries to fight back they fund rebel groups and import them all the tools of the trade. The CIA use the same playbook.


I would like you to give specific examples of these banana republics.
Because when you say hire gangs and street thugs, you are wrong. They asked for the US government to step in, which they gladly did by sending in the military.


not him, but he doesn't have to. it's not necessary (and probably impossible) to prove it; but it doesn't really matters, for governmental force exists, but "free market" (understood as capitalism without state intervention) doesn't. the liberal "free market" only exists in books and youtube videos. capitalism without state (this is, without an entity monopolizing violence) has never worked.
the state is a "necessary evil", therefore, if you think that free market and competition are morally good, then aversion for corrupt functionaries and dishonest businessmen is the natural conclusion. I mean, his whole point was about personal preference and morals, so there is no point in discussing the subject if you are a moral relativist.


>No, it's a for-profit entity with the goal of maximization of profit
negation is not an argument, you still have to prove that corporations are not:
>run by humans


>capitalism without state (this is, without an entity monopolizing violence) has never worked.
But the closer we get to it, the better society becomes. The opposite is true with communism.
>inb4 someone tries to equate nigger warlord despotism-by-force with capitalism


I am simply asking for details and explanations of the reasoning behind what I believe to be a erroneous view on the subject.

The argument that was put forward was that these nonspecific companies were tyrants in of themselves who were able to force people to do things.
My point is that they are simply operating within a system that they themselves were at the mercy of since they didn't actually have the ability to force anyone to do anything, the government did.

Also I am not a moral relativist I am a objecivist who sees talk of morality in general as a spook, akin to emotional special pleading and the like, and usually devoid of reason, if I may be that honest.


Hi Terry, would you like to give me a banana for one of my apples?
Okay Dave
Thanks for the Apple Terry!

WAIT WAIT! where's the government!?! How can trading freely be done unless we have someone thousands of miles away tell us how to do it!?

Youtube is the complete polar opposite of a free market. It is heavily censored and removes people's ability to make money regularly.

Specific examples of companies hiring thugs to enforce policy they want the government doesn't? It's called Us history.


>every time the state loses the monopoly of violence and collapses society gets better
you are confusing state intervention on economy (the consequence) with the strength of the state as monopoly of violence (the cause). the first is the product of:
>corrupt functionaries and dishonest businessmen
who exploit the second, or, put in other words, the tendency of society to delegate violence to an entity (the state). see any point in human history for reference.


I see

>I am simply asking for details and explanations of the reasoning behind what I believe to be a erroneous view on the subject.
thanks, I appreciate honest discussion.

>they are simply operating within a system that they themselves were at the mercy of

>since they didn't actually have the ability to force anyone to do anything, the government did.
they are plotting with dictators and politicians to use the state (a necessary institution) as their personal thug. it's not only bad from a moral standpoint, but also economically harmful.

>objecivist who sees talk of morality in general as a spook

close enough, the point is that you don't have morals, then discussing whether an action is good or bad with you is ultimately pointless.

day 1:
>Thanks for the Apple Terry!
day 2:
>Please don't kill me King Terry the First!
that's what really happens when there is no state. see any point in human history for reference. do everyone in this thread a favor and at least read the wikipedia page of thomas hobbes or john locke before posting again.

>Youtube is the complete polar opposite of a free market. It is heavily censored and removes people's ability to make money regularly.

your lack of intelligence amazes me. the message that the "free market" is an abstract idea that only exists as content for books and videos went completely over your head.


Now hold on a sec Dave and Terry.
You need a centralized bank to keep you in debt servitude. Are you forgetting the 6 million? You're not antisemitic are you?


my civilization doesn't have libraries, only bookstores


Fuck the government fuck these communist ass curfews. And fuck the IRS. They're only doing it to violate our first amendment rights In the first place. Sons of bitches them.


File: 1591407238639.png (158.51 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 1577974875685.png) ImgOps iqdb

Your civilization doesn't exist, wiz. It's a mental exercise, a theoretical situation no more real than the middle earth, and a much more detrimental one because it prevents you from engaging in actual meaningful conversation and action while your enemies gain ground. It's the perfect intellectual trap, ensuring that you'll be an inane individual cursed to spend eternity arguing about theory and hypothetical situations in your small allotted containment chamber.


I hate to use the word triggered but this kneeling shit is triggering me beyond belief. Not so much when the cops do it because they are partly to blame but the national guard and random white people do that shit I can feel my blood pressure skyrocket.

It all boils down to being heavily bullied in school and those fuckers were always looking for ways to try and demean me and others. Kneeling or bowing was something they tried and it sickens me to see people demanding the same of random white people for their BS social justice bull shit. These are the same people who down play people like us and out our mental illness while telling us to call the suicide hotline or some other bullshit. I never gave in and did what those cock suckers wanted back then at least not willingly and I won't do the same now.

This country was started in a violent revolution who would not kneel. Not kneeling to king George of Britania and I am not kneeling to king Tyrone of the melon patch.

never kneel and never give in. Even if they are armed and all you have is a knife take at least one down with you if they try and force you. Don't go picking fights but if they give you one send them to hell.


alexis ohanian is rich as fuck and probably hasn't been doing shit on it for a while. he will find a way to profit off this


> the point is that you don't have morals, then discussing whether an action is good or bad with you is ultimately pointless.
Good or bad can be assessed in a objective manner using critical thinking, logic, and reason rather then eternally vague and functionally useless wishy washy special pleading and emotional garbage that is the use of "morals".
Morals rely on ether the arbitrary and subject judgement of some guy, or in the case of those that claim some sort of objective morality, that morality comes from the arbitrary subjective judgement of of some powerful being such as "god" that they then filter through their own interpretation of the being's will usually by some old text of dubious origin.

The objective truth is that morality doesn't actually exist. It isn't actually real. It is a abstract concept that is only within the mind in it's totality. Undetectable and unmeasurable. Unverifiable and unfalsifiable.
Morality is a spook.


>asked for specifics
>gets even more general, vague, and elusive

I see
So you are unable or unwilling to answer the rather simple question.
It is one thing to claim things but it is apparently a step too far for you to be able to back up your claims with any sort of citation.


>let me tell you whether an action falls between these two moral categories
>btw, morality doesn't actually exist
see my point now?

>Good or bad can be assessed in a objective manner using critical thinking, logic, and reason

if good and bad exists, and you can differentiate between them, that's morality.

>Morals […] in the case of those that claim some sort of objective morality

you literally did that in the previous sentence…
>that morality comes from the arbitrary subjective judgement
… are you sure you are not a moral relativist?

>Morality is a spook.

you went from moralist to relativist to nihilist in 2 (two) paragraphs. did you get any useful conclusion out of this discussion? probably not, because this discussion is:
>ultimately pointless


Wizlogic: Society had no empathy to me so I have no empathy for it

Don't you see how circular that is, becoming the monster that raped you


Left wing radicalization will only get worse, and people who denounce it will be called right wing extremists.


>btw we're still going to shit on you and have no empathy for you, but here's another way you're bad, for not having empathy for US

Can smell the outsider here.



For a moment I thought you meant the kneeling on someone's neck, the type of thing bullies did to me as a kid


>and people who denounce it will be called right wing extremists.

Getting close to there already, anybody right of center at all already is a candidate for being accused of supporting "the alt right" or "is a Nazi". But of course, their side is a beautiful spectrum of tolerance and understanding. Sounds like a joke, it is in a way, but it's becoming such a common and accepted attitude.

Social engineering is a hell of a drug. Infighting, proxies and order out of chaos. That's the MO. And just look around.


>Don't you see how circular that is, becoming the monster that raped you
Abusing society =/= Abusing innocents. Even then, the fact that you try to justify and forgive them, when they don't give a shit about you, proves that you are different from them.


It is only pointless because you seem too ignorant to be able to discus the topic.
Between mislabeling well known philosophies to using words completely incorrectly it is abundantly clear you are out of your depth when it comes to the subject of philosophy in general.

But whatever, time for low effort
I utterly reject your presupposition that the terms good and bad are automatically and exclusively moral categories, thus I reject your whole argument made in that post as those words as far as I am concerned don't mean what you have asserted them to mean.

>if good and bad exists, and you can differentiate between them, that's morality.

Totally wrong on every possible level in every possible way.
I know I said this would be low effort but god damn I need to clear this frustrating level of stupidity up.
Good and bad are not things. They are not something that "exist"
Good and bad are conditional adjectives and descriptors that are context dependent. You can describe something as good or bad in a particular context but good and bad are not some magical universal substance baked into the fabric of the universe or something.

>… are you sure you are not a moral relativist?

I don't think you know what that word means. I am actually pretty sure you don't know what a great deal of words mean, to a frustrating degree actually.

>you went from moralist to relativist to nihilist in 2 (two) paragraphs.

Oh look, more words you don't know what they mean.

>did you get any useful conclusion out of this discussion?

I got the conclusion that you like to get dismissive rather then even attempt to make a rational statement or rebuttal.
Which is why I am done with putting a effort in starting now.


>you are wrong, see: *butthurt textwall*
lol, thanks for proving my point


File: 1591465013548.png (19.38 KB, 594x177, 198:59, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Linus Race-mixing Tips


This shit makes me nauseous.


May I ask why?


File: 1591465629328.jpg (347.01 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, EZ189OlU4AUBlVW.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Press x to kneel for #blacklivesmatter


It's self destruction and delusion of the highest order. And it's everywhere.


>self destruction and delusion
How so?


File: 1591465983916.png (315.5 KB, 960x540, 16:9, goobacks (1).png) ImgOps iqdb

Not him, but he basically wants our already diverse species to turn into raceless mutts who look like pic related. In fact, disregard that, blacks breeding like rabbits unlike whites and asians, so racemixing won't even be on equal terms they will basically replace us and colonize entire world. Imagine the world full of blacks, that's what I call apocalyptic future. But is seems like most whites (barely 10% of the world population) really want to go extinct.


This has been tried, it's called Latin America. Why the world pretend we don't exist?


>Why the world pretend we don't exist?
Cause you go against the narrative.


Even in LatAm there are still white, black etc areas with little to no racemixing.


File: 1591466567190-0.jpg (64.27 KB, 600x400, 3:2, noti-1573880985.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1591466567190-1.jpeg (39.6 KB, 600x252, 50:21, 1_ohkdf5HPS3art8Lg8CRFAQ.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Not to mention that pardos are literally goblin looking mf (no offense), they look like prehistoric humans
The future is grim.


>replace us
Who is us? Please speak for yourself.
>Imagine the world full of blacks, that's what I call apocalyptic future.
Could you expand on this?
>But is seems like most whites (barely 10% of the world population) really want to go extinct.
But the image is actually about people wanting to reproduce.

So it's about skin color and prettiness? Seems a bit superficial for this page.


>But the image is actually about people wanting to reproduce.
this is actually how disingenuous you're gonna be?


Today violent thugs rioted in London, supposedly because some dirty cop killed a criminal in bumfuck nowhere, USA. Makes perfect sense.
To make their point even clearer these bullies defaced statues of Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln. You know, those two well known bigoted cryptofascist whiteprivileged men (because of course they are old straight white men, yikes wowee I'm literally shaking rn fam, smash the patriarchy and dicks out for Lloyd George RIP in pieces sweet princerino).

It's D-Day anniversary. 99% of those western Allies who fought against Germany would be called Nazis by current year's social media users and abusers.

Don't feed.


>this is actually how disingenuous you're gonna be?
Disingenuous? Is there any part of >>245180 image I'm not seeing?


It's not just that, black culture itself is shit, its "music", its "art", its behaviour is destructive. They don't deserve all those privileges that they have in the West.
Same goes for modern, Western leftism.
The more you give, the more they demand. They want to be equal to whites, but they don't want work hard to achieve that equality like Asians. They don't want to change either, they want US to change.


They could just cozy it up in neetdom like me but for whatever reason lots of them don't know how to enjoy handouts; quietly in a big city where you can be anonymous and never leave your shitty flat, and now with the pandemics it's even socially acceptable, too.


>black culture itself is shit, its "music", its "art", its behavior is destructive
Is culture genetically transmitted?
What is black culture? How do you differentiate it from North American culture?
>They don't deserve all those privileges that they have in the West.
What privileges? Human rights?


There's nothing wrong with jazz/blues.


>Is culture genetically transmitted?
No. But they refuse to assimilate.
>What privileges?
Affirmative action.


I'm talking about modern, mainly afro-american culture.


File: 1591471021786.jpg (32.58 KB, 800x600, 4:3, EZ17W2rXkAQgQMI.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There is a systemic anti-male bias that is pervasive throughout this country.

Smash the matriarchy!


>Is culture genetically transmitted

Partially. It's called nature of nuture effects. For example, if one group consistently scores 15 points lower (on average) than another population on IQ tests, their culture will reflect that delta, to the extent the differences reflect genuine disparities in general intelligence. Spearman's hypothesis suggests this is the case.

>What is black culture? How do you differentiate it from North American culture?

Are you saying that if you asked a random cross section of Americans, they wouldn't be able to differentiate black vs white culture in the US?

You know, hip hop, jazz, soul and funk, ebonics, not "acting white" by doing well in school, strong norms of masculinity/"male honor" in the streets, etc. I'm pretty sure everyone can figure out what African American culture is, despite attempts to obfuscate what we all know with reductionist arguments.


I'm more concerned with the widespread mutilation, torture, and murder of newborn boys.


File: 1591471470348-0.jpg (224.21 KB, 1152x2048, 9:16, EZ1kstJXQAA_bz9.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1591471470348-1.jpg (107.29 KB, 1125x1675, 45:67, EZ1ktVhXgAMJxR-.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hate speech vs. Peaceful protest


"okay"? actually it feels fucking good to be white. Don't get me wrong, this demiurgic realm is pure abomination, but imagine being born in nigger form, or any other minority. Yeah nah, I'll stick with this color



The real problem is balls and testosterone, we need to cut off men's balls, that will stop them from having sex which is normie and aligns with wiz interests, and will get rid of the normgroid testosterone that causes all the violence and world problems



All of that in America arose from the way they have been treated constantly, with slavery, then Jim Crow laws and Southern Strategy, the latter only a generation ago, it leaves behind scars just like it would an individual who had a fucked up childhood and upbringing (most grow up fucked, not all but most) and its not the same as Italian, Chinese or Irish or whatever who came in slowly and differently. I don't have a solution for it but to start America needs to get rid of its failure drug war, power tripping police (WHY did America kill off all its unions except for the police union which protects corrupt police) and stop doing war shit, do something about its overpaid CEOs and stagnant increasingly unlivable wages, stop fucking its working class



If America didn't rape South America throughout the 1900s with constant espionage and coups there wouldn't be so many immigrants wanting to go through its border


Lefty subhumans are not welcome here.



This here is proof that American police don't even respect the constitution and their own laws, they just serve corporations e.g. the casinos in this case



Leftism is the closest thing to wiz getting neetbux and to antinatalism (the wiz philosophy) that we can get, right wingers are pro life wizard bullying losers


The chinese and japanese were also treated terribly, yet they have done just fine for themselves in America. And lots of hispanics do as well, most poor ones are recent immigrants. Even other "white" groups like the irish and italian were treated horrendously when they started coming to America. And in places like russia where serfdom peristed for a long time, they do just fucking fine as well. So tell me again why they can't do what others did?


On a side not, I found out the Japanese got reparations https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civil_Liberties_Act_of_1988


> arose from the way they have been treated constantly
Blacks got their independence 60 years ago, in 60 years Japan managed to change from a primitive, feudal nation it was in 19th century to a world industrial power and almost conquered entirety of Asia.
Africans also have way more resources. Blacks themselves are the reason why they are so unsuccessful and why people treat them with disdain. They need to change.

Western leftists don't represent working class, they are privileged white, educated individuals who have been indoctrinated in colleges or on social media. The vast majority of antifa members are white, the vast majority of leftist college professors are white. In fact they are more white than some white supremacist groups. Same could be said about white liberals, although they are not as idealistic. There is no class struggle going on, they hate themselves and they want to drag everyone else down with them, because they are on the path of self destruction. That's why they focus first and foremost on a trivial cultural aspects, instead of their main ideological goals.
They don't give a shit about future, for them it's here and now.


Wizardry is a combination of both.
Wizards don't kneel before some lowly forms of life. They have self respect.
They also don't have much empathy. Unlike leftists, wizards are rational and logical.


Also, notice how lefty/liberal use black supremacist symbols (black fist) and gestures. It's beyond pathetic.


Leftists would label us all dangerous crabs and throw us into internment camps.



Nearly all of the continent of Africa was under colonial administration until the end of World War II. It's spent hundreds of years having its resources siphoned away and having its political systems eroded. Once independence finally came, it was granted along mostly arbitrary lines. There's no national cohesion because the borders of states were basically drawn at random, not along any sort of national lines

The period of colonialism in Africa was quite late, and by then the European powers had mastered it. They were able to lay infrastructure like rail lines and establish river ports along the Congo that were all designed for the sole purpose of moving goods directly out of the country with as little contact with the natives as possible. Most of the infrastructure completely routes around towns and doesn't serve locals or local business at all.

Because of that, ordinary Africans can rarely benefit from any resource development because they're basically extraneous to it. The mining companies bring in western labour and ship directly to port with just a handful of employees. For practical reasons, these employees never have to have contact with African culture, and spend none of their pay in Africa.

Compare to places like the US where a mining operation would involve contracts with a lot of local firms, moving through towns, sourcing local food along their production lines, and creating secondary and tertiary jobs by spending their money in country.

There are eastern europe countries with white people that are shitholes too for the same reasons..

Also its hot as fuck and dusty try getting anything done there


File: 1591480126927.jpg (193.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, booboo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just found out about these guys, interesting.



on that last point, Africa has no indigenous beasts of burden (animal's that help humans). - Zebras and shit aren't able to be domesticated - Therefore agriculture suffers, lack of agriculture leads to a lack of exports and lack of GDP.

Introduced Animals have a hard time surviving in Africa, as a result of the lack of relevant vegetation and the tropical/sub tropical climate. If you look at pictures of Cows in Africa, you'll see they look malnourished

Also there is lots of corruption there too, its like how Russians are white but their country is still a shithole because of Putin and his cronies, even China is a shithole too and only JUST getting better sort of



cause I already addressed that, they were introduced into the country in a completely different way and still treated better than blacks overall



Whatever troll.
Thanks for proving you never had a point.


BLM in the UK are commies that just want money and power.


>hundreds of years
In what reality? Because The Scramble for Africa only started in 19th century, before that most African lands were not colonized.
They were conquered and colonized, sure. But it only means that at the time of colonization those resources belonged to the colonizers, because the natives failed to protect their own lands. You really think the Mongols cared about the human rights?
There are still A LOT of resources in Africe to this day.
But they still have colonial infrastructure, they failed to properly utilize it, to sell those surplus of resources and to develop their own nations. No one to blame, but the blacks themselves.
>inb4 whites are to blame for their power and money hungry dictators
>There are eastern europe countries with white people that are shitholes
> Russians are white but their country is still a shithole
Russia(Soviets) managed to become one of the strongest industrial powers in the world (and later a superpower) in just ONE generation. Before that the most Russians just like Africans were literally slaves and they had massive civil war that devastated their country. Not to mention that pretty much everyone in the world refused to even recognize them as a nation at first.


This whole article just circularly states "they're different because they're different". They even use the fact they're physically brown as a point, lol.


It looks like the left now has its own "Its okay to be white" equivalent



They're just tryhard /pol/ memers. Back in the day idiots who tried to flaunt their epin imageboard credit IRL were mocked and shunned. Unfortunately normalfags dominate everything now so we're doomed to watch these endless attention whoring efforts spawned by their intrinsically unfunny normalfag personalities.
Basically they're all NZFGs, incapable of introspection and self awareness.


Honestly fuck Africa. And fuck white apologists such as yourself. Those resources were there for many millenia. Why did the Africans never bother to do anything themselves in regards to harvesting these metals? If it wasn't for European intervention, I guarantee you there would be no mines or industrial activity throughout most of Africa since they wouldn't get around it to themselves.
Either way, resources belong to the people who can control the territory with military rule.
Would be better if we nuked the entire continent and ended the lives of all those aids niggers and took all their resources. We owe them NOTHING.


funny, since they shit on old white people all the time for being antiquated "racists"


Fuck Africa all you want, but quite a few people makes a good living off humanitarian aids and imf/world bank investments, and Western political legitimacy and loyalty test are based on Jews, trannies and negros worship. The West would collapsed overnight and be taken over by the chicoms if we did nuke them and took their ressources.


Oh no. Reading these comments is incredibly embarrassing.
Just look at these clueless cunts masturbating over heroics of "madmen charging blindly into the unknown." Regurgitating stupid myths and legends. Did these dumbfucks not study any history at school?
The invasion was meticulously planned and practiced down to the tiniest detail. Almost nothing was unknown.
Let me refer one of Steven Zaloga's talks as an example: every single battery of the 716th Static Division has been identified by the Allied intelligence, and all were targeted accordingly.
Only at Omaha the intelligence failed. They even knew of the 352. Infanterie being in Normandy but they thought it was stationed elsewhere. Hence higher losses in that sector, 10% casualties being the most extreme estimate. Gold, Juno, Sword, Utah, Pointe du Hoc all went according to plan. Allied victory was certain.
The ones who were in the unknown were Germans. They were stretched thin and overwhelming disinformation effort ensured they didn't know where the real attack was about to come from.

Attacking where the enemy is known and weak is an ancient concept and it's exactly what happened on D-Day. All the fawning over guts and bravado cheapens the entire campaign immensely. It was all careful preparation and methodical execution. No "huge balls" involved. No Captain America wrestling with Hitler.
These people don't understand anything about anything, and they don't want to know. They just want to boil everything down into fun platitudes and memes.

If you need something to chemo your brain after reading plebbit here's the talk I mentioned. Zaloga is a great man.


File: 1591497594331.png (663.09 KB, 860x833, 860:833, 288-2888886_meme-dank-vsau….png) ImgOps iqdb

So what if all blacks were to… suddenly… disappear from the U.S.?

Murder would go down 49.7 percent, welfare recipients would go down 40 percent, SAT scores would go up about 100 points, the average IQ would go up 7 points, and AIDS victims would go down a staggering… 67… percent.

Significant changes for race that only makes up 13% of the population.

But what is… "race"?

In biology, races are distinct genetically divergent populations ‘’within the same species’’, with relatively small morphological and genetic… differences.

Populations can be described as ecological races if they arise from adaptation to different local habitats or geographic races when they are geographically isolated.

However, if sufficiently different, two or more races can be identified as… sub… species.

So how long do two races have to be isolated from one another before they're considered separate species?

Earlier this year, Archaeologists found artefacts in a cave on Western Australia’s Barrow Island dating back more than 50,000 years, making it Australia’s earliest known site of human occupation.

In contrast, the domestication of the dog began just 15,000… years… ago.

This distance, some several thousand miles between the mainlands of Australia and Asia also caused another kind of distance.

Genetic… distance.

Genetic distance is a measure of the genetic divergence between species or between populations within a species.

Dogs and wolves have been found to have a shorter genetic distance between each other than Negroids and non-Negroids.


Fuck me, I can't believe how well VSauce's pausing and cadence was copied here.


The distance between Eurasians and Africans being even larger than Homo Sapiens and Homo… Erectus.

Well, it kinda makes sense. I mean, can two races with diverging skin tones, eye colors, behavioral patterns, intellectual and athletic capabilities even be considered the same subspecies? Is it even a question? Is it even a question you're… allowed to… ask?

In October 2007, geneticist James Watson, best known as one of the co-discoverers of the structure of DNA, and the familiar double-helix model we all had to learn in High School, was lambasted by the scientific community for a response he gave in an interview regarding the divergence of intellect between geographically isolated populations.

"There is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically," James wrote. "Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so".

The response resulted with a suspension of Watson's administrative responsibilities and was forced to… cancel… his book tour. And tragically, in 2014, Mr Watson auctioned his Nobel Prize medal he won in 1962, stating that "no-one really wants to admit I exist".

Harsh. But people tend to react this way to ideas that go against their own personal world view and… cognitive… biases.

Confirmation bias. It's the tendency to search for, interpret, focus on and remember information in a way that confirms one's… own… preconceptions. This effect, stronger for emotionally charged issues, warps your interpretation of data in a way that keeps you from… being… wrong. There is something fundamental in our minds that makes us hesitant to question ideas that we've… already come to a conclusion to.

We all do it. But who could blame us? That's just part of being a member of the human… species.

And as always, around blacks, never relax.


Rich people shouldn't be politicians, they don't have true economic sense in that they've already got theirs and so they don't really think hard about penny pinching or really managing the economy effectively, more just managing their own popularity and helping out their friends



The poorer politician sees the country like himself and wants to do the best and be efficient, he wants to go up and be effective



And the poorer politician is probably smarter too given that he got there through his circumstances, unlike the rich politician who is almost always usually a trust fund babby, or a bankruptcy/grifter artist who deals with money and being slick but never did anything good for anyone



this one with the succ has gotta be the scariest one i've seen so far from all of this



Also the poorer politician cares more about the working class and the vulnerable which is good for me and my values also the poor politician is more likely to have learned how to do stuff on their own instead of relying on wads of cash to do stuff for them, you could argue that a rich person would be less likely to need to enrich themselves but that is pretty untrue based on history


Fuck off succubus


They'll buy them instead as it should, so you're back to the starting point. Power should serve power first.


ahaha butthurt gay deleted my post.
What's wrong whiteknight? Can't stand m'ladys being criticized?


Seeing how much everyone lies and distorts things casually on social media makes me suspicious that we've been living in a land of lies forever. I certainly feel this internalisation of propaganda language feels modern from everyone trying to control the online narrative but maybe I'm wrong and the whole of history is people doing this shit, gets the misanthropy juices flowing.


Poorfags can be just as greedy and cuthroat as richers if not moreso.


You got the right impression. We're entering schizo territory if we're not right in it already.


Fuck off normies


mods deleted a post against succubi?


File: 1591516695645.pdf (3.49 MB, floyd.pdf)

I don't understand how cops kill so few criminals. The typical criminal commits dozens of crimes before being caught. yet they are still given leniency. They pop right back out after they do a third of the time they were sentenced too. Think of millions of unpunished crimes that have occurred.

I guess it doesn't matter. these norms have never had crimes committed against them. they have never been the outcast, the easy target. They don't need the police to protect them because they are the majority.

I wish I could still find this funny. At one point i would have laughed at watching these people turn our country into south africa. But i just can't anymore. I just imagine the horrific crimes that are going to become increasingly more common.

If only I wasn't tethered to this world by my family. Then I wouldn't have to worry. I could just move to my shed in the woods and witness the decline. But now I'm just in this shed worried about their well being.


It is a op and false flag bullshit.


You mistake is depending on normies for your personal protection and survival. You need to take personal ownership and responsibly over protecting yourself. To be a loner requires strength and self reliance.
Get armed, get some training and practice, learn to protect yourself. You only got yourself in the end. Don't trust normies, or anyone else, to have your back in your time of need.


don't shoot until you see the yellow in their eyes.


yes, right-wingers and 4channers would never do this


They're a bunch of retards who love to talk big and show how strong and brave they are, but as soon as the slightest danger to their precious person shows up, they are nowhere to be seen. It's all LARP.


the gun isn't going to help me when they drag me out of my car. the gun isn't going to help me when my nieces and nephews are victimized in public school like I was. the gun isn't going to help me when they continue to import the 3rd world, reducing the value of labor. the gun is only useful in a very small window of situations.


Self defense is wishful thinking. You're just one man. Once you're up against two opponents the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against you. Guns work but they're only available in murica while the anti-white riots are exploding everywhere.
The training and practice he speaks of depends on normies agreeing to teach you, for years.
Training and practice is not a realistic advice for a sad recluse ground down by a lifetime of hostility from the same normals.


If I am woken up at 3 AM by a troop of niggers trying to force my door open, I'm going to be a lot happier if I have a firearm to point at the door than if I don't. I'm sure you would be too.
Besides, you're assuming that combat will be taking place. Most of the time once the first shot is fired, they scatter. Sure a gun probably isn't going to save your life if an actual army of niggers come across the town like locusts, but at least you can take some down with you before they kill you.


Just like Atomwaffen


Yeah i posted a response about how femoids should be eaten by normalfags and they got angry lol

Note how it doesnt even deny being a stinkubus.. >>245267


In the past they've also deleted a 'female hate thread' while letting a 'male hate thread' stay up, and they've censored threads about neonatal genital mutilation multiple times. There is definitely something suspicious with the mods.


The moddess clique is kinda old news. Most people just deal with it cause there's not a lot of places to leave to.


The only thing Atomwaffen achieved is to normalise transexuality amongst far-right extremists.


Killing a cow in India is blasphemous, just like self-defense against niggers. You're fucked either way if that happens. The only medium to long term solution is moving oversea is the only option if you don't live in a community that's too far for them to reach.


Could an American explain to me how exactly is Minneapolis expected to survive without a police force?


I don't know.
t. American


Honestly it wouldnt even surprise me if there was an actual f*male among the mods at least in the past. They're extremely parasitic by default and constantly try to infiltrate places like this.

Dunno why anyone would want to whiteknight here anyways.


Because talk of sex and other social activities is misty banned here, it makes it very easy for succubi and gays to come here and feel welcome because they are usually put off by the way male normalfags or anons talk about those things.


There is other law enforcement, state police, sheriffs, and highway patrol that are all different organizations than the police department I believe



That's from someone who tried to reform the police I think. They seem to have the idea with mental health training and mediation all the crime will be fixed, but they do have reasons why they believe in starting from ground up.


Because left-wingers and BAMN types never fake things to gain victim points and attack their enemy groups.

They are actually trying to claim that these guys were the real ones that cause the 'totally peaceful not at all a riot' protest to violence through sabotage and instigation. With antifa, thugs, and other such groups totally not to blame because they dindu nuffin. That it was them evil white supremacist and nazi who cause all the violence. Well them and the police who are also white supremacist nazi by default in their eyes.

The narrative is absurd and the whole thing looks bullshit as hell.
The group literally didn't exist a month ago anywhere and feels exactly like astroturf.


It isn't going to help you because you have already been defeated in your mind.
In your case you already lost before you even tried.


Private security forces and ethnic militia/criminal organisation. They're going to achieve true ancapistan.


White Americans should start considering immigrating. Unless something big happens things will only accelerate, as time goes on resentment and grievances against Whites will only increase. I don't even want to think what it'll be like in 50 years.


Not really necessary as America is a lot more then it's big cities.
Whites will just white flight again to the country and suburbs and keep "trouble people" out through economic discrimination.

Most parts of America hasn't been effected by any of the nonsence that has gone on this year. Not the CCP virus, not the riots, not the WWIII fears, none of it.
It is all over-hyped bullshit to most people in most places outside of major cities.


So far it's the worst case of narrative schizophrenia I've ever seen. The cognitive dissonance is simply too much for these brainlets to handle.
>Are we just burning down our own towns and killing our own people for no reason?
>NO. It is surely the white man's workings.

But they can't even agree on who these white instigators are. Some say they are Nazi infiltrators. Others say it's the white leftists who ruined everything by culturally appropriating the peaceful movement that belonged to blacks.


File: 1591574996476.jpg (1.18 MB, 1238x2513, 1238:2513, ghouls.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

tried what? I own a gun. If you think guns are going to protect you from the ghouls your wrong.


it doesn't count if it's a potato gun


Disgusting. There needs to be more harshness and misogyny like in the past.


File: 1591591961672.png (277.57 KB, 1019x585, 1019:585, 1533012395153.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's all so tiresome…


Solidarity with blm and my fellow black wizards. All lives matter, and all lives won't matter until black lives matter.


All lives don't matter.


Vaush on how right wing terrorists are pawns of the ruling classes cultural hegemony and are protected by the state.





File: 1591622857633.jpg (238.66 KB, 1140x760, 3:2, Eugenics.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I agree normalfags should be castrated, it would solve every problem caused by them.I think there should be some kind of eugenics program to detect normalfag behavior and remove it from the human race at a genetic level.


why are succubi posting here?


For the same reason these normalfag baizuo come here to spam their inane shit. They want to destroy our home and humiliate us for the hell of it, just like niggers and antifa do IRL.



File: 1591635572620.png (2.94 MB, 1218x3960, 203:660, f0b0b14-1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Nice info-graphic for the uneducated. If you are against anti-fascism then you likely are a fascist.


Fascist here, glad to hear there are 3 billion more of my kind


The Distributist made a video about Vaush a few days ago regarding the whole debate shtick that happened between Vaush and styxhexenhammer666 and also the debate between Vaush and Dankula.

It's pretty clear that Vaush has never been interested in a honest debate. The guy is an extremely dishonest person with good rhetoric, like he knows exactly what fallacy he is going to use and does it consciously. This thing about "if you are against antifa, you are a fascist" sounds exactly like one of the dishonest bullshit you'd hear from the man himself or one of his acolytes.


File: 1591638034519.png (61.76 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, 1586888083629.png) ImgOps iqdb

lmao right?


Not watching that because I don't watch debates for knowledge since they are too emotionally charged most of the time, I watch them for entertainment. And the video he linked isnt even a debate, it's a commentary on current events. Also I've seen enough right wing retards get demolished by destiny and vaush to know that they do not care about seeking knowledge through debate either. They are even avoiding vaush now because they know they would get owned in a debate with him. Video related. Also, you dumb ass, he didn't say all that are against anti-fascism are fascists. He said that they are probably fascists. That doesn't mean they all automatically are fascists. They could be uneducated liberals or something else that's not a fascist as well.


I share the same thoughts as the guy In this video, regarding debate.


>If you don't bow down to niggers you're a nazi!

Don't you people realize by now that when you call literally everyone who doesn't support you a bad word, that word loses all of its power?


Why did the mod who posted the OP use the same photo op that is featured in this leftist video?

Is the politics mod and the communist spammer the same person?


File: 1591646305896.jpg (77.06 KB, 455x662, 455:662, 8888888.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Lol butthurt Nazi is mad. Why don't you take pride in your own ideology? Fascists are so cowardly and weak that they always have to hide and lie about what they actually are, or they're too stupid to realize they're fascists. Socialists are honest about being socialists and never lie about it like you fucking cockeroaches do. Relevant quote from Marx.


File: 1591650254774.jpg (44.75 KB, 469x480, 469:480, 07b9cf9f9db87e090b82fa34a1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why should I feel bad for a low life thug dying?

He was a convicted drug dealer, armed robber, and rapist. If you do not support the death of this nigger thug that preyed on vulnerable people, you're anti-wizard and you don't belong here.


File: 1591650268813.jpg (116.09 KB, 667x1000, 667:1000, 39465-1024__06249.14907672….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Add rampant racism to this list and the USA right wing checks every box. There are also reports of the ice camps being gassed with poison under the excuse of treating corona ( source https://news.yahoo.com/immigrant-detainees-say-ice-is-using-coronavirus-disinfectant-sprays-that-cause-bleeding-burns-and-pain-170426900.html and https://www.businessinsider.com.au/report-detention-centers-use-disinfectant-causing-bleeding-and-pain-2020-6 ). You can cry like a snowflake all you want but you're still a fascist.


i wish they were gassing kikes and mamzers instead


Would you personally bow down to a nigger like the succubus in the video if he accosted you in the street and demanded it?




people who unironically say this drive me nuts


USA fits literally none of these criteria. You americans know nothing.

Antifa are fascists.


File: 1591652162253-0.jpg (506.17 KB, 1080x1275, 72:85, 7b816a0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1591652162253-1.png (3.58 MB, 2377x2271, 2377:2271, 44dd867.png) ImgOps iqdb

Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses.
Can't tell if you're genuinely confused, stupid, or a fascist trying to revise the truth so that no one opposes your beliefs. Maybe this image will help.


I am far more concerned with the communist then any of the so called fascist. The so called fascist haven't razed cities to the ground, murdered, raped, looted, and vandalized like a roving pack of barbarians.

The communist have done and still are doing such things. Things that I fear are just a dress rehearsal for the shit fit they will have come November.


Hmm maybe I should call my terrorist organization "anti-evil", that way there would be inarguable proof that anyone who opposes me is evil, regardless of what my actual actions are.


There is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things.

How they killed that low life thug was the wrong way. That said, all this drama isn't really about him at all.


Truth hurts to those who depend on lies.


I would as any proud American.


File: 1591653496533.jpg (13.23 KB, 187x250, 187:250, antifascist_action_by_part….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No one said anything about good and evil. We were talking about a specifically defined political ideology called fascism. Of course, however, you can intuitively infer that those opposed to fascism believe that it is evil. Why are you chuds such weasels about the truth? You constantly deny reality and the truth at every turn. The amount of mental gymnastics it takes to be a fucking fascist is amazing to me. The allied forces during world war 2 were antifa by the way.


File: 1591653546675.png (3.43 MB, 5100x5280, 85:88, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

The police did not kill Floyd. He was complaining that he could not breathe before they restrained him. He had severe heart disease. He was full of drugs and freaking out, which is why he was restrained in the first place. He also had coronavirus.
He died of a heart attack which was probably caused by the dangerous cocktail of drugs in his system. He was not strangled.


>specifically defined
By whom? The dictionary? Your unsourced arbitrary chart that you posted earlier? Some figurehead? A mob's feelings?
And then you have retards like this >>245359 who obviously are not using the "specifically defined" semantic argument that you seem so proud of and are just saying that everyone who is opposed to these rioting niggers is secretly a fascist. Anyone who is racist is a fascist. Trump is definitely a fascist too right? Even though he's giving all that money to niggers and Jews, so I guess he's a pro-negro pro-jew fascist? Obama can't be a fascist though, he's a holy figurehead.


if your on the same side as the large multinational corporations that control us, your on the wrong side. this isn't a revolution it's a bunch of puppets repeating what they hear on their corporate controlled media news/website. I promise you the results of the current happenings will be a lower quality of the life. You think black neighborhoods are bad now? Have fun watching your neighborhood turn into south africa.
Always brings a smile to my face when i see Marx quotes. I'll gladly agree to that, because all you degenerates would be sent to the gulag.


File: 1591655678299.jpg (82.27 KB, 850x400, 17:8, b14d784b0402f7a30e20291f42….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Was Che Guevara a fascist?


>are pawns of the ruling classes cultural hegemony and are protected by the state.


double lol


a bunch of faggot westerners trying to shut down non-pozzed discussion
sounds about right


I had to pay reparations today. I didn't believe the right wing patreon users when they told me this obsession with privilege and whiteness was everywhere, I thought it was only on twitter. I haven't been outside in a long time and don't talk to young people so I guess I'm out of touch. I have paid $5 in reparations to some patreon grifters to right this historical injustice.


He had first hand experience trying to train a black militia in Congo. It's actually an intriguing read to anyone interested in history, this rogue guy trying to export his revolution to Africa and finding all this fucking problems with the people he was trying to help (help with or without quotes, depending on your political stance). In the end he just gave up and went back to Cuba.


>The allied forces during world war 2 were antifa by the way.
There was no connection whatsoever. Antifa was a half baked German edgelords' club with no presence or influence anywhere.
Allies had neither structural nor political ties to these do-nothing armchair rebels. There wasn't even a shade of common anti-fascist sentiment as demonstrated by Allies' cooperation with Brazil and disinterest towards Portugal and Spain. Before September 1939 Western diplomacy pursued a consistent agenda of conciliatory actions to maintain peace with the Third Reich. After the outbreak of the war Allied military stance was purely defensive and rather passive, until realization of the Manstein Plan directly forced the confrontation.
The alliance operated under pragmatic strategic and geopolitical objectives, not juvenile ideologies.
But why am I even explaining this? You're literally not allowed to make that moronic claim anymore. The antifa imbeciles have repeatedly defaced the statue of Churchill and desecrated the Cenotaph.
By their own actions they have exposed their dissociation from and disdain for the Allies.


File: 1591662512056.jpg (62.53 KB, 750x999, 250:333, 1501148124978.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been a white nationalist since I was 17, which is the beginning of when I started to become political. There is really no other relevant ideology.


>Human Rights are Unworthy of Consideration or Respect
Meanwhile antifa constantly mocks the concept of free speech and advocates abolishing it.


Antifa is an adjective you moron. It's not a club or an organization. Anyone opposes to fascism is an antifascist.


Yeah and the Jews should have debated with the Nazis over being sent to concentration camps and being genocided. Fucking idiot. NEVER DEBATE NAZIS. JUST SHOOT THEM.


Yeah che was a racist before he became a socialist. What's your point? And he also died while trying to liberate African countries from capitalist colonialists.


This is complete bullshit. Both autopsy reports said it was a homicide. The fascist media and government are trying to emblazen white supremacy by distorting the truth. I know you chuds don't believe in science, but once again, the scientists and medical doctors agree with me - see here https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/voices/george-floyds-autopsy-and-the-structural-gaslighting-of-america/


Also multiple countries and human rights organizations around the world have condemned the us for violating war crimes and human rights violations against its own citizens (source https://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=25933 ). And radical left wingers don't kill people, right wingers do. Almost every mass shooter has been a right winger and you people openly talk about murdering people ( see vaush video earlier with proud boys). You are a fascist though so it's not like you would care.


File: 1591665065870.webm (104.29 KB, 434x772, 217:386, notstrangulation.webm) ImgOps iqdb

The opinion piece that you linked to is nothing but whining about diction, there's no proof or evidence that contradicts my post. He was hopped up on a cocktail of drugs, he was freaking out before he was restrained, these are facts.
How do you explain Floyd saying that he couldn't breathe before he was restrained?


Che went to Congo in the mid 60s, he was a socialist and a revolutionary way before having to deal with Congolese and writing his Congo diaries, where he shows disdain for the people there and from where that quote most likely comes from. Also he never died liberating Africa, he left Congo because he saw it was a shithole nobody could save and died in Bolivia. It's a cool piece of history of Latin America, I remember being a fun read. But whatever, I have the impression people itt will manipulate history way beyond acceptable levels, so I'm done around here.


Nope. It was quite literally a Weimar era political club for mildly disgruntled gentlemen which still existed in a rudimentary form during the Second World War. When you incorrectly claim "the allied forces during world war 2 were antifa" the factual antifa you're referring to is that wannabe resistance club, whether you realize it or not.
Retroactively formulated definitions will not be discussed.


Yeah, you people are fascists whether you realize it or not. Fascism will never manifest itself exactly the same way I. Different areas because the material conditions are not the same. Trump is a fascist and so are all of his reporters. And unlike you, I know how to read and dont get my understanding of complex political terms from the fucking dictionary. I'll recommend you fools writing so that you can understand your own ideology better : https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://libcom.org/files/Robert%2520O.%2520Paxton-The%2520Anatomy%2520of%2520Fascism%2520%2520-Knopf%2520(2004).pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjP4oaKx_PpAhX1lXIEHb2lA0gQFjAAegQIARAC&usg=AOvVaw0ITFlK36j6ZcLUOLDJNZiZ https://www.amazon.com/Mass-Psychology-Fascism-Wilhelm-Reich/dp/0374508844 https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.sjsu.edu/faculty/wooda/2B-HUM/Readings/The-Doctrine-of-Fascism.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjNkvbPx_PpAhX6gXIEHfhqC58QFjAAegQIAxAB&usg=AOvVaw3nSfof2UwQkOgX1hnae3Y4 https://www.marxists.org/archive/trotsky/works/1944/1944-fas.htm https://www.academia.edu/37435050/The_Apprentices_Sorcerer._Liberal_Tradition_and_Fascism . Also relevant video on antifascism.


I meant foLlowers not reporters. I'm typing on my phone and I'm more used to a keyboard.


You're denying reality once again and you didn't read the article because it links directly to the autopsies conducted on Floyd that states it was a homicide. Not to mention the article was written and approved by almost a dozen medical doctors. Are you gonna believe a news anchor/government official that has a political agenda to push or are you gonna listen to the actual fucking professionals.


The specific quote about indolence is from when he was younger. His congo diary doesn't have anything about them being shitty because they were black. He just didn't think the groups he encountered gave a shit.


Okay then since you insist that antifa is an organization then where is my membership card? Not even the FBI can find any evidence of antifa being an organization ( source https://www.hstoday.us/subject-matter-areas/law-enforcement-and-public-safety/the-fbi-finds-no-intel-indicating-antifa-involvement-in-sundays-violence/ ). Hmmm maybe that's because ITS NOT A FUCKING ORGANIZATION. You're just trying to make up a fake Boogeyman to use as a scapegoat so that Trump, like the fascist he is, can indefinitely arrest anyone that opposes him.


The denial of the obvious when it comes to antifa being a well funded organization is pure gaslighting.


>Not watching that
I didn't expect you to. People who start dumping videos usually don't watch anyone else's, it's a trend in this thread. I still recommend it though, he exposes some of Vaush dishonesty.

>he didn't say all that are against anti-fascism are fascists. He said that they are probably fascists

Not much of a difference and still as wrong. The brown scare is way worse than the red scare. There is no fascist hiding under your bed, not that you or Vaush care about the truth.


[ fash-iz-uh m ]
(sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.
(sometimes initial capital letter) the philosophy, principles, or methods of fascism.
(initial capital letter) a political movement that employs the principles and methods of fascism, especially the one established by Mussolini in Italy 1922–43.


File: 1591669058135.png (211.13 KB, 596x494, 298:247, asd.png) ImgOps iqdb

>The allied forces during world war 2 were antifa by the way.
This revisionism always cracks me up. Like any leftist would agree that the average White American was "racist" in the 40's, much very so in fact. Yet grandpa immediately becomes "antifa" when talking about WWII, as if he had a high opinion of blacks.


George Floyd was a violent thug that threatened to shoot a pregnant succubus's belly among other things, he was trying to pass counterfeit bills on purpose and that's why the police was called. In that day he had enough fentynol to cause an overdose, he had also consumed meth, on top of having other drugs in his system. He had heart disease AND he had coronavirus. He complained of trouble breathing BEFORE he was restrained for resisting arrest.

If Derek Chauvin really was responsible for Big Floyd's death he'd deserve a medal for making the world a better place for everyone.


If you opposes fascism then you are an anti-fascist. Historians will look back on you fuckers denying reality in complete shame. Not that fascists care about studying history or the truth. You care more about appearances and hatred than seeking knowledge.


Succubi are normalfags too so fuck off again


Don't bother fren. That retarded argument was already dismantled in every possible aspect. The spammer will keep repeating herself anyway.


File: 1591672311690.gif (36.23 KB, 268x268, 1:1, giphy.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Cry more fascist. The truth hurts doesnt it? It's no wonder you motherfuckers spend so much time lying and distorting the truth so that you don't have to own up to it. Just going to remind people once again that there have been reports of the ice concentration camps being poisoned under the excuse of treating corona. The Nazis used a similar excuse when they poisoned the Jews during the Holocaust. https://news.yahoo.com/immigrant-detainees-say-ice-is-using-coronavirus-disinfectant-sprays-that-cause-bleeding-burns-and-pain-170426900.html https://www.businessinsider.com.au/report-detention-centers-use-disinfectant-causing-bleeding-and-pain-2020-6


I was going to reply to him but I guess you're right, I don't think I can say anything that hasn't been said at least twice.


Yeah, you can be a racist and an anti-fascist. Being a racist is not enough to make you a facist. Many of the most famous socialist theorists were racists and homophobic, even though these beliefs are contrary to socialist philosophy, and people criticize them for it. Also, America was very close to becoming a fascist country itself and it was so racist that the Nazis were inspired by it ( source https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/04/30/how-american-racism-influenced-hitler ). Just because you're an anti-fascist doesn't mean you're not a piece of shit in other ways. I'm a socialist and I hate liberals and conservatives, but I would still fight with them to defeat fucking fascists.


Haha. Like a liberal or conservative would ever fight with some anti-fafag.


Yeah, historically liberals have sided with fascists, but not all the time and right now in history it looks like a significant majority of them won't either. Otherwise we wouldn't see protests around the country and the world.


Could you at least stop samefagging? There must be a limit on how dishonest you can be.


File: 1591674365027.png (122.47 KB, 450x281, 450:281, big honk.png) ImgOps iqdb

So if two fascist countries go to war does that make them anti-fascists? Or maybe it just cancels itself out and they become neither fascist or antifascist.


In the 1930's the u.s. wasn't fascist. It was close though. Fascism occurs as a reaction to trends towards socialism when capitalism fails and decays. It is no coincidence that in all the fascist countries during world war 2 that there were strong popular and growing socialist movements and the fascists appropriated socialist rhetoric (calling themselves national socialists) and the first enemies they seeked to crush were socialists ( just as the res scare in the u.s. and "antifa" today). Also I notice that you people keep taking something I say, distort what I say so that it fits your outlandish imagination and looses it's reasonable nuance, and then running wild with that purposfully forged misinterprotation. I say "some people do this" and you read "all people do this" like a fucking idiot. It is no wonder you people hate reading books so much if this is what you do to authors and it's for this reason that WE DO NOT DEBATE FASCISTS. JUST SHOOT THEM


Shoot me then faggot.


He can't, we've got all the guns.


"Dr. Anthony Fauci says there’s a chance coronavirus vaccine may not provide immunity for very long"

I think the corona virus is a manmade virus by China that has special stuff inside it for some unknown purpose, whether its to alter DNA or do something to our bodies I just don't know, or it could be a test



Who really cares about Churchill though (and before you come up with an opinion and reply don't assume my political ideology)


The inhabitants on Great Britain who didn't have to endure the same atrocities the french did.


Nah, I don't think so. Of course it's the chingchongs fault but it's not a purpose made weapon. They are just that filthy and careless. Consider how many outbreaks they've caused since 2000 alone. When you're that irresponsible with your food sources it's only a matter of time until things get proper deadly.
I wasn't even surprised because I remember what the plague-o-logists were warning about after each of these epidemics. But every time everyone moved on as if nothing had happened.


File: 1591687075578.jpg (317.83 KB, 1200x1059, 400:353, 67985cbbd3106461d3b08557d5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Im not a liberal. Liberals want to disarm themselves. Revolutionary socialists are more pro-gun rights than cuckservatives.


You have no guns.


Seriously why do they have to eat such disgusting things?


Who knows. But disgusting is subjective, the real problem is their complete disregard for hygiene and health standards.


"Anti fascism" now is just code for retarded upper class anarkiddies with daddy issues and trannies.


He's right to be skeptical in this climate


It's not just blacks man, did you see how the media misrepresented George Zimmerman? White people got it in for the BAME brothers.


File: 1591745769638.jpg (37.73 KB, 634x412, 317:206, article-2289588-187EBA0C00….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They must've been antifa doctors paid off by Soros or bill gates.


Just dropping in to say that white supremacy kills white people too, for all the racists in here. You keep calling for more police and more authoritarianism despite countless videos coming out showing police brutalizing white people. Trump even called some 70 year old man that got pushed down by a cop a member of the fake group "antifa" to dismiss the brutality and you idiots bought into it. And even before all this shit black lives matter defended white people from police brutality. I remember Daniel shaver, a white guy, was murdered by the police and black lives matter were the only people to bring attention to it for the media to talk about ( https://blavity.com/blm-activists-call-attention-to-graphic-video-of-daniel-shavers-death-at-the-hands-of-arizona-police ). You people are just authoritarians that want to see other people get hurt because it's not you, so you justify anything the government does no matter what. White supremacy kills white people too and fascism is a death cult.


>Just dropping in to say that white supremacy kills white people too
I think you are substituting words and concepts related to general authoritarianism and other problems with police and criminal justice erroneously with white supremacy.

It very clearly isn't white supremacy and you labeling it as such is not only derisive but diverts attention from the actual key issues making them harder to address. It is like a unintentional bait and switch caused by agenda and ignorance.


You're confused. I'm not using innapropriate language here. If you were paying attention to the news and this thread it would be clear that white supremacists are the people that want more authoritarianism and excusing the police violence no matter what. White supremacy and police brutality have always went hand in hand too. Many white supremacists join the police force and very lenient to white supremacists groups. No one has mentioned it but the FBI has even reported on this for years ( https://www.pbs.org/newshour/nation/fbi-white-supremacists-in-law-enforcement ). These people don't care about white people either, they are out for blood.



You're delusional and pushing a false narrative to avoid real issues.
A narative that doesn't even make sense even internally because it isn't about reason to you, it is just about emotional validation.

I mean do I really have to point this out.
>white supremacists
>These people don't care about white people
Like really?
Are you that incapable of even the most basic internal logic?

But since words don't mean anything, logic and reason are to be abandoned, and reality gives way to feelings, of corpse you can't make a point that even internally make sense.


Massive rise in homicides across the US. In LA alone there is an unbelievable 250+% increase in murders perpetrated by blacks.
Stop feeding a low effort amateur ruseman.


Facts don't care about your feelings. I'm backing up what I say with research yet you have nothing and call me delusional. You're also too dumb to comprehend that you can call yourself something but fail to follow the attributes related to that something. Like calling yourself a Christian and not practicing what's in the Bible. God damn right wingers are stupid….


Typical dumb ass Fox news right winger statistic again to push a racist narrative. I just looked up where you got this 250% thing and it's straight from Fox news. It's coming after the fact that la just had corona virus lockdowns where everyone had to stay inside and people just had a fucking huge protest all over the country so of course there is going to be more violence when people start going out again. The article also says nothing about black people, you're just being an assumptuous fake news racist and playing with statistics to push a racist narrative. It also says crime dropped 23% after the lockdowns, which further backs my point that more lax corona virus lockdown restrictions and the protests bringing people outside again would likely lead to more crime. You shouldn't expect right wingers to understand how statistics are used for propaganda though. Fucking 1.3 gpa retard.

You don't even mention the police murders of innocent people, including many white people for you racists, during these protests. Police crimes against the people far outnumber civilian crime, yet they get qualified immunity and are above the law so no one cares. Or at least the authoritarians at Fox news and the chuds that watch their propaganda don't. This is why white supremacy kills white people too.


250% increase, facts don't care about your feelings soy guzzler.


Also John Oliver made this episode yesterday of how deeply policing is tied to white supremacists. Pretty good.


Words have meanings that you repeatedly ignore in favor of your maxist bullshit.


It's time to stop. Politics can be contentious but even then you can at least try to be cordial.


Thread is over a hundred post past the limit and I wasn't actually using insults and smears like a particular someone.
I was trying to remain civil but when you consistently don't enforce rule 5 in a thread you don't like certain people are going to take it as a green light to take things to the extreme and think that the rules don't matter.


for someone who bitches endlessly about fascism and lying authorities you should know


>Police crimes against the people far outnumber civilian crime
Do you have some statistics to back this up? What are you counting as a crime?


Police is not being brutal enough.


File: 1591801979990.png (232.3 KB, 768x768, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Demographics is destiny and the US is headed to the demographic winter. 2020 is the last time you have a shot at electing a republican president. You have nowhere to run, the only White flight possible will be the flight to another country.


it's pretty easy to just rot away in some small town in idaho or somewhere else rural and never see anyone who isn't white


No, even that depressive scenario isn't going to be where they'll stop at. You're lying to yourself if you think that your enemies will spare you when you're down. It's the opposite, when you're defeated and most powerless is exactly when they'll attack you more viciously than ever before. This is only the beginning of your future, America.


Sounds like wishful thinking on your part.


I can't even bring myself to feel sorry about what's going to happen to you and your country.


You are going to be disapointed


File: 1591827900249.jpg (56.2 KB, 677x1024, 677:1024, doubt.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The recent events tell me otherwise.


we will see.
America has been through worse and came out better for it. I am confident America is going to be fine.


File: 1591833837254-0.jpg (58.16 KB, 596x367, 596:367, 4f.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1591833837254-1.gif (3.4 MB, 600x366, 100:61, ezgif-4-1ad5c53d8219.gif) ImgOps iqdb


It's a laugh riot.
I'm glad the hobos did't fall for it. The CHAZ gang wanted to manipulate the city's most desperate to gain dirt cheap meat shields. An old trick, to hold a new territory take the exploitable and "give" them a new "home," make them defend it. It's basically resettlement and colonization in micro scale.


File: 1591839569851-0.png (150.01 KB, 543x468, 181:156, 5266f612ad82a24d323ad7dd94….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1591839569851-1.png (14.57 KB, 595x167, 595:167, a837616d0917d8610dea90aa4f….png) ImgOps iqdb

Could you give examples? The only time America "came out better" that I can recall was when you convinced gullible Churchill to practically hand over all the Empire's future to you during WW2.


File: 1591840282877.png (730.09 KB, 880x593, 880:593, cdaa6a2a6f9b7449677ecd3de1….png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1591849860582.png (18.86 KB, 1061x408, 1061:408, floyd-19.png) ImgOps iqdb

It begins.


But science said BLM protests didn't spread coronavirus wtf


It's gone now. I took it yesterday from the Bing tracker but today it looks completely different. Suspicious.


I am an arch far-righter yet I appreciate left-wing posts more because they are genrally mire high-brow. They bring sources to their comments, presents new ways of thinking and link interesting books and videos. I disagree with a lot of it but sometimes they have pushed me to refine or revise my opinions (sometimes paradoxically pushing me even more to the right) while RW videos and comments mostly consist of muh SJWs or muh antifas circlejerk.
That said at the personal level most LW are assholes.


agreed uphold the glorious cpc and chairman xi against the baizuo.


I wonder who funds and organizes antifa in the background.
I hope they get caught for domestic terrorism.


It boggles my mind how any self-respecting recluse can support a political framework where "struggle sessions" are a thing. This is disgusting.


The fuck is a "struggle session"?


Never mind, I watched the video.


Oh no no no, I'm not watching it. That guy's shtick is so forced and embarrassing it makes me physically uncomfortable. He's the pope of tryhards.
The cancel culture has no roots in any particular ideology. It's merely a facet of the natural normie clique forming behaviour. Groups of cronies discrediting an individual they dislike or acting as if he doesn't exist, putting pressure on everyone else to emulate the group's attitude, thus undermining their enemy by denying them social credit, marginalizing their influence and limiting their opportunities- that's always been a staple of little bitch classroom politics. Cancel culture is the direct translation of these tendencies to the realm of social media.


No, this is on a different level. It's more like the chinese cultural revolution.

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