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A genie appears. You will have one wish granted. What do you wish for?

I wish to be able to remove all the people from the world at will, and add them back whenever I want. Imagine being able to walk around and do whatever you want. Take whatever you need from stores. You could be a hobo without any danger.


I wish for your freedom, Genie


>I wish to be able to remove all the people from the world at will, and add them back whenever I want. Imagine being able to walk around and do whatever you want. Take whatever you need from stores. You could be a hobo without any danger.
Just wish for time controlling abilities.


ALL of the anime


quicksilver's power from x-men


painless death or time control or shape shifting


Come on genie, don't be a dick. I don't want to get banned.


His power.



Universally useful and nearly impossible to wishmaster/twist into something shitty without adding on a bunch of absurd stuff that was never asked for or agreed to.


immortality if im being serious

if its just for fun i would like the ability to learn and memorize new things instantaneously without effort


mastery over life and death


For everyone who regularly posts on imageboards to drop dead instantly.
>Haha but that would include you
Yes, I know.


File: 1591683396758.jpg (168.86 KB, 252x600, 21:50, And_i_must_scream_5442.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Toenail/fingernail material all over my skin like armor. I would be unstoppable.


File: 1591713039123.jpg (79.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, wishmaster.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Granted. You now can transfer, at will, all people in the world into the sun. However, all people does include yourself. Have fun.
Granted. I'm finally free and the first thing I want to do is trample a human to death with my unordely large goat hooves. You're now dead.
Granted. You can now change the timer of any microwave within a 20 feet radius.
Granted. You're now transfered to the far future, long after humanity has perished. In front of you, a refrigerator sized hard drive with all the anime ever produced, a computer, a pair of headphones, a monitor and enough battery to last five thousand years. You and your apparel is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, or it was an ocean. You're 5 billion years into the future and the sun is turning into a red giant, evaporating everything in its path. Enjoy.
Granted. You can now move at superhuman speed. Moving at such velocities causes internal injuries and as soon as you stop your corneas detach from your eyes like an old sticker. You're now blind.
One wish, mortal.
Granted. You're sent to the far future. Your body is destroyed and your consciousness is transfered to >>245422 hard drive. Have fun.
Granted. You're now a sex slave for soldiers, and a jester, in Varanasi, India, 800 BC.
Granted. You now have the same deductive powers of Wilhelm His Sr. had at the of age 72. You're also 72 years old now. Make good use of it.
Granted, your body is now made of graphene, and transfered into the edges of the universe, beyond everything's event horizon.
Granted. You're now turned into a Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish and tossed into the ocean.
Granted. There's now a revolver in your hand. You have your finger on the trigger. The muzzle is inside your mouth, pointing at a 45 degree angle.
Granted. Several other people get killed as thousands of IB users drop dead from the skies like rain for 24 hours, making one hell of a mess.
Granted. Your whole body is covered by nails. However every movement at the joints cause the nails to bend and break. Your skin is covered with paronychia infections.

Come on, humans. You have one wish. Try your luck, be everything you want to be, have everything you want to have. Come on, humans. You have one wish.


Here's my motherfucking wish:
Go fuck yourself.


eat shit


Bend over and prepare yourself


This bootleg genie really didn't think it through, eh?


Amusing read, well played djinn-kun.


File: 1591725526977.png (327.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1591713039123.png) ImgOps iqdb

Granted! Djinn's spiked penis curves downwards, penetrating the anal cavity into the coelom. As his anus stands ajar, a vesicant miasma hits your body with the force of a gas explosion, bleaching your skin and make breathing not only extremely painful but almost impossible. Demonic, corrosive seminal liquid bursts in enormous quantities out of the Djinn's nostrils, hitting you in the face, neck and shoulder, bursting your shirt into flames, and causing severe chemical burns. You are now in a coma and your hair is falling out.

Granted! Five deranged, starving, oversized baboons with metal teeth and sharp nails appear. They surround you, screeching with deafening force, it feels like the liquid inside your eyes are violently vibrating and it's about to leak out of the sockets. One baboon jumps on your back, sinking its teeth on your shoulder, you can hear your bones in full contact with its fangs. Another bites your hand and thrust its head with incredible force like a crocodile, breaking every bone up to your wrist. The rest jump at you, tearing you to pieces while fighting each other, while you hopelessly try to fend them off. The baboons are screeching, fighting, laughing, laughing! They're covered with your blood. You can't fight anymore, your insides is pulp you feel a piece of your ear touching your neck. They eat you, leaving nothing. The Djinn is watching this, sitting with his legs crossed. The baboons stop, they look drunk. One by one they fall asleep. The Djinn gets up, walks to the first one, grabs it by its neck. The Baboon struggles to no avail. The Djinn opens up the ape's belly in a single hand movement, and pulls from inside the wound the rectum, the colon, the small instestine, the large intestine. He eats it. He eats everything, feasting the organs and everything within it, that is, the shit, the metabolic waste, that is, you.

Granted! The Djinn bends over and then even farther, until his knees touches the ground. He prepares himself. There's a weird glow in the air. You realize it right there. It's ionized air, it's radiation, and it's increasing. You can feel the heat, your tongue feels funny, your hands feel like they're smaller than usual. You can feel.your.face. The Djinn prepares himself, he's in flames, a weird, purple flame, you can hear his teeth clack at enormous speed. He's turning into the elephant's foot, a large mass of corium, radioactive lava. You're feeling nauseated. You vomit, you vomit so much it feels like your your lungs are going inside out. The heat is unbelievable. It makes your head feels like it's going to explode. Your eyes seem to have given up, and all you can see is textures of sand at a distance. Rapid cellular degradation. Your pulse is going down. You faint, still hearing the demonic clacking of the Djinn's teeth.

You think you can outsmart the Djinn, mortal? You think you can trap me in, human? Make a wish, have at it. Make a wish, mortal. Make the wish, master.

Make a wish and all shall be granted. Make a wish, human.


I wish for eternal youth


File: 1591729660472.png (37.58 KB, 259x224, 37:32, wakata.png) ImgOps iqdb

infinite money and 5 minute shipping for anything i order online


You're a miracle worker Djinnwiz, please grant my wish, if you can't do it then no one can: I wish to be happy.


Most of those things have nothing to do with what was wished for and in no way do they actually grant the wish. They also all add things that make no sense to the wish.

Basically you don't know how this game is played.


File: 1591741322480.png (244.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1591713039123.png) ImgOps iqdb

GRANTED! You immediately feel your legs giving in, getting weaker, your blood feels like it has to be pushed around inside your veins like it's ash instead of a liquid, you feel like you're a pile of sand. You're in the dark. A faint image appears in your mind's eye. A distant, floating, silent, tiny mass. There are a thousand cockroaches running mad inside your chest cavity. There are tiny, dry hands opening and closing inside your throat. The image gets clearer, it gets closer. The mass now has a shape, it seems to be moving up and down. It's flat, it has five stubby protuberances. It's a foot, a tiny, delicate, child's foot. It seems to be doing ballet or some other sort of dance. You can open your eyes and you do so. A mirror framed in silver is in front of you. You look beautiful. Your skin is untainted, your lush hair gleams, your eyes are sharper, your mind has risen above any fog, and is clear, attentive. Your muscles lack any weakness, you could jump over yourself standing up. Every organ feels perfect, no pain, nothing. You're healthy, perfect. Indeed it feels like it's the first time you can actually breath at all! "So! Is this what breathing feels like?!" Indeed it is. You feel like you can live forever.
There's a hunger though, a weird wanting you didn't know before. The child's foot now comes back to you. It doesn't feel like a child's foot anymore, it feels like something else. It feels like food. like a juicy burger. You want to eat children's feet. And so you shall. Your youth is eternal but it depends on nutrition. To maintain this absolute youth you need to feed on living children's feet no younger than four, no older than eight. And you must do it every seventy two hours otherwise you'll become a cripple, old, detestable sight of a man. Your body will be covered in pus and your mind deranged. But there's more to it, continue reading bellow.

GRANTED! You have a weird taste of metal inside your mouth. In fact every tooth taste like metal, like zink, like you have been drinking out of copper mugs for years. Your body feels heavy, you feel like you have been poisoned. There's something stuck in your throat, you want to cough badly as if there's a terribly heavy phlegm stuck inside your chest. As you cough, you can hear the sound of metal hitting the ground. An one dollar coin. But you want to cough some more. More dollar coins come out. Then more. You can't stop coughing as the coins won't stop coming out. A weird website shows up on your computer monitor. It looks like one of those old, 90s websites full of stupid gifs. In between the constant coughing and vomiting coins, you can type something. It's a product indexer. You can order from there and it will be delivered in 5 minutes or less. Credit Card only.

GRANTED! Your heart leaps with joy. Your mood is lifted. Your heart lightened, your spirits, brightened. You glow with happiness, a constant flare of joy, your hopes soar, sunshine floods your soul, happiness finally, finally comes, and you feel like smiling, and do you smile, inside and out. Quiet and warm contentment spreads through you and your every thought. Gratitude flows into your every moment. All hate, all unpleasantness, all misery dissipates like an insignificant pile of salt in water. What even are those negative emotions? You can't remember! Tears run across your face. All weights are lifted and gone, and there's only perfection. Life - is - perfect. What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful moment.
A minute passes. You remember now. You know this. Pain. Horrible memories, shameful moments. Your chest feels heavy. You know this… anxiety. You can't breath, like you fell from a high rock, and indeed, master, you have. You touched bliss and it's gone. You're up to the neck in shit and mud, and ashes. Again. Melancholy. Everything, everything tastes like waste. Your tears are now of other nature and you know it. Life is now more miserable than ever.
Something else happens. You now share a strange connection. Like a small door at the back of your mind, a space you didn't even know existed. You can hear a voice. "Hear" but not through auditory perception, but through something else. The beyond is here, inside your head. It's a human voice and it gives you a strange hunger. You close your eyes and you can see a delicade, child's head going up and down, like it's dancing ballet or something else. The child's eyes grows, and grows, bulging out until it looks like a ball of ice cream, of delicious flavor. You know this. To reach that happiness again and keep it, you must feed on living children's eyes every seventy two hours, risking absolute misery if you don't. You can hear the eternal youth wisher, the one who wished before you, you can talk to him. You can perhaps going out hunting. For children. He gets the feet, you the eyes. He gets the youth, you, happiness.

You think you can outsmart the Djinn, mortal? You think you can trap me in, human? Make a wish, have at it. Make a wish, mortal. Make the wish, master.



end of all


File: 1591742061681.png (1.3 MB, 609x5033, 87:719, 1437032697388.png) ImgOps iqdb

I wish to OIL UP because you can bet your djinn ass IT'S TIME.


You don't actually grant most of the wishes and as someone else pointed out you add many things that were not wished for.

I don't think you know how such games are played.


No worries bros, these illegal Turkish djinns can't do shit.
You have the right to withdraw from all distance and off-premises contracts within 14 days according to the Directive (EU) 2019/2161 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019 amending Council Directive 93/13/EEC and Directives 98/6/EC, 2005/29/EC and 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the better enforcement and modernisation of Union consumer protection rules.


File: 1591812215149.png (151.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1591713039123.png) ImgOps iqdb

GRANTED! Darkness. Absolute darkness. Nothingness… then. You wake up with the sound of a phone ringing. You open your eyes to find yourself lying in bed. Your bed. Same sheets, same pillow. You turn your head and look at the floor. Same carpet, same stains. Nothing has changed. Same walls, same ceiling you have stared for countless hours. This is the same dim bedroom you spend most of your time in. Mm. Nothing has changed. "Maybe that Djinn was a phony after all, the clown" "Maybe he doesn't know how to play the game." you think to yourself. "what a waste of my time." You realize the phone is still ringing. Did you have a phone? You do now. Unknown number. You pick up, wait for a voice at the other end of the line. "Hello? Wiz, this is the president speaking." You hang up, turn airplane mode on. Prank call, whatever. As you sit down, you realize there's a commotion outside. Actually you have been hearing it this whole time but didn't pay any attention until now. Cautiously you look through the window. Yup, same street. The world still here, the god damn fucking planet is not gone. Nor the universe for that matter. And now there's a bunch of people outside. "A rally? What is it this time?" You notice something weird though. People are holding signs, but that's not the weird part. What's weird is that those signs have your name on it.


What the fuck is going on here? This is not a rally, these people are standing in front of your house, shouting your name like you're some sort of rock star. Someone spots you looking through the window and start shouting and pointing at you. The crowd gets even more excited, it looks like this might go awry, they look crazy, like they're one step away of breaking in. "That FUCKING phony genie! PIECE OF SHIT!" You back away from the window. Trapped in your own home. What now? You can hear the police sirens approaching. You risk taking another peek through the window. The officers are containing the "fans". That's good, but it doesn't explain what's going on here. There's also an ambulance. And more police cars. Actually there's a lot of them. It's a whole fleet! You hear a helicopter, it sounds like it's flying low and around your block. It's circling your house.

A knock at the door. "Mr. Wiz, it's the police, let us in, it's time!" It's time? Now you're really trapped. Time for what? "Mr. Wiz, it might not be safe for you here, you have to come with us". Not ten seconds after hearing the officer, you can hear your front door snapping like a bundle of twigs. The police just broke into your home. You can hear the heavy boots stomping rapidly towards your bedroom, you can already imagine the heavily armed men breaking into you bedroom… but they don't. You hear them standing right in front of your bedroom door. A knock. "Mr. Wiz, we're ready for you, the doctor is coming in". Sure enough, three people people come in, not police officers. Or maybe they're, you can't tell. They have hazmat suits on. "Mr. Wiz, I just wanted to say you're really a hero. It's remarkable." Doing what? They take your pressure, your temperature. The police stares from a distance. "OK, we can take him. Please, this way Mr. Wiz." There's no chance of escaping. How would you even attempt to get away? You comply. They put a mask on you and take you to the ambulance. People go nuts, they try to touch you, approach you, the police has a hard time creating a human corridor to lead you to the car.

The ambulance and the police cars fly through the streets, they're empty. You can hear the helicopter following the fleet. "The streets are empty for us, it's a very special day, this is unprecedented in the history of humanity." The doctor tells you, touching your arm. You can't see his face, he has his mask on. "Oh, I'm sorry about that." he points at his mask. "We dont need that anymore, do we?" Your heart sink. In front of you, the most uncomely, repugnant, repulsive, hideous, grotesque face you have ever seen in your life. It doesn't even feel like you're seeing it. It feels like you're imagining it, as it causes such a sharp contrast against the reality of everything else. Can you even call it a face? It's more like a facade containing bottled up, hidden horrors of the beyond. The beyond? His breath hits you like bricks. The smell of rotten liver, shit, blood and… and onions. Your eyes fill with water. "Your wish, Mr. Wiz, your wish, dear master, is of uttermost importance to us." Can't be. You realize it now. In front of you, the very demon from a forgotten eon, the demon you made a wish for in that wizchan thread. He's here, that's the Djinn. "The motherfucking phonie genie, yes." Shit! Can he hear your thoughts? "Thanks to you, the Gates of Misery crumbles. Soon we'll arrive. It won't be quite the ending you wanted, but oh, dear master, what an ending! FOR YOU." Your face, it feels like it's melting. You look around, there's three other people in the ambulance with you. None of them look in the least distraught with the demon right in front of them. "Mr. Wiz, you should have realized it by now, you're the only one who can see my true form, in fact, you're the only one who can hear me, if you notice, I'm not - even - opening - my - mouth." You didn't know until now what it feels like to scream in horror. The urge to scream is coming from your testicles, gushing like a million particles of ice to your stomach and chest. It doesn't feel like you're using air to scream at all, but the very revulsions of your body.

The ambulance stops. They have the entire main avenue ready for you. Through the window you can see a platform. There are thousands of people contained in the streets, many of them holding signs with your name, pretty much like you had seen in front of your house. "I'm sure you're curious to know the outcome of your wish, Mr. Wiz, master? Well, you'll see it now." They drag you out of the ambulance. People go completely crazy. They start to shout in unison "Savior! Savior! Savior! Savior! Savior! Savior! Savior! Savior! Savior! Savior! Savior! Savior! Savior! Savior! Savior! Savior! Savior! Savior! WIZ! WIZ! WIZ! WIZ! WIZ! WIZ! WIZ! WIZ! WIZ!" You want to cry so bad, but you're not sure why. They put you in a comfortable chair right in the middle of the platform. There are many public figures there. You recognise some of them. Politicians, doctors, social climbers. Normals. Fucking normals. You look at the crowd. Thousands of people, and there's something odd about it. So many bald people, sickly looking people, people in wheelchairs. It looks like half of the people here is ready to drop dead. Hospital pacients, many even have the the IV bags on. You can't quite make sense of it. "We're here today because one man decided enough is enough. One man decided he was going to defy modern medicine, and bring a cure that millions of people every year long for. One brave, brilliant, a genius, kind, the best of men. Mr. Wiz!" Some bigshot says it through the microphone and the crowd goes insane, shouting, crying, saying they love you. The police has a hard time containing them. "Mr. Wiz, along with Dr. Jean D. Monn, created an amazing contraption to bring the cure so many have prayed for. Well gentlemen, well, children, ladies, everyone. Rejoice, the cure, is here!" More crying, more shouting. That fucking abomination, the Djinn, or Dr. Jean D. Monn as those people know him as, now steps to the mic. You alone can see the abomination he is, his grinning teeth, the stench that doesn't go away even in an open area like this. "Me and Mr. Wiz met online. The first thing he said to me? >>245509 END OF ALL. The first thing, would you believe! I knew this man was ready to do anything necessary to finally find the cure for A.cute L.ymphoblastic L.eukemia. So we began to work, and boy did we work hard, huh Mr. Wiz?!" Two men in white attire tie your wrists and legs to the chair. Can't people see you don't want to be here? Do they even care? "Me and Mr. Wiz don't want to see you suffering anymore! So I'll make this short, let the procedure begin!" More men in white bring a huge magnifying glass on a stand. The glass is framed in thick, shiny silver, covered in weird letters, symbols, numbers, drawings, it looks like a map? You can't understand any of it, nothing. The situation is so uncanny, it feels like a dream. Like a nightmare.

They place the framed glass right on top of you. A purple light glows on the cursed silver. You begin to feel sick. You can see tiny black dots detaching from the crowd, exuding from the sick and the fucked, like they're letting go a million baby flies that funnel up in the air, like migrating birds, and it all goes towards you, towards the cursed silver and magnifying glass, and into you. "The sacrifice of Mr. Wiz is not just for the people present today! But every single human cancer cell is now being drawn from people around the world, into the body of the brave Mr. Wiz, a true hero!, who couldn't stand to witness the suffering of his fellow humans any longer! Can you believe the heart of this man? Can you believe his courage? His compassion!?" Dr. Jean D. Monn won't shut the fuck up. You feel your body getting swollen, getting huge. The bigshots and everyone else now evacuate the platform. Huge curtains are drawn around you. You can still hear the people shouting of the crowd and the Djinn praising your qualities as your skin start to burst as every inch of your body absorbs the cancer cells of humanity. "The Gates of Misery…" you remember the Djinn's words. The Darkness. You think you can see the gates… Absolute darkness. Nothingness… then.

continues bellow



GRANTED! As you read this post, a pleasant scent fills the air. It smells like food, like olive oil. The keyboard feels moist and awkward. As you approach your face to the computer you realize the scent is coming from it. The space bar is visibly humid now. You touch it and smell your finger. Definitely olive oil. Will you taste it? The sides of your monitor darkens. There's a liquid leaking from it. You quickly realize that yes, it's olive oil. The monitor flickers. You get up quickly to get some toilet paper or something to wipe the liquid but it's too late. The computer has shutdown completely and won't turn back on, no matter how many times you press it. The oil won't stop coming out, faster now, quickly flooding your table and into the floor. You try to wrap the computer in a blanket but soon realize your problem is much bigger than that. There's oil oozing from the floor, too. And from the furniture. You can hear weird sounds coming from the wall. Huge bubbles form on the paperwall, you press one. More oil. The entire room is leaking now. The lights go out. The pleasant scent is now a pungent stench it's so strong. The plaster on the walls are now falling off and everything is covered in olive oil. On the floor there's now a shallow pool of the liquid. You try to get out of room but can't. The door is shut. Did you ever shut your room? It's shut now, firmly. You can't pry it open no matter how much you try.

The olive oil is now up to your knees and the whole room is about to fall apart. You can hear creaking sounds coming from the floor, ceiling and walls, the whole structure is about to give in and colapse. You're still thinking what you should do when part of the floor colapses, not two feet from where you are standing. You look at the hole but it's not what you expect. It's a dark green ocean down there, and there are…things swimming in it. Things with shapes you have never seen. Transversing slowly the viscous dark, green ocean. You try to open the door again, and this time it opens, because everything around it breaks apart. The walls, huge parts of the ceiling. The door frame hits you with enough force you colapse to the floor and faint, hearing the alien calls of demonic ocean creatures.


You wake up. You're all oiled up. In fact, you're lying in a small pool of oil. You sit down. Your room is gone. You look up. Empty space. Infinite empty space. You're probably looking at the bottom of Tartarus. Or… where are you? The floor is made of polished black marble. One continuous piece for miles and miles, perhaps stretching in all direction to infinity. Perhaps the Demiurge is the creator of the universe after all. You can feel a presence right behind you. You turn around… A door, not thirty steps away from you. It turns out it's your door. Your bedroom door. There's no walls around it of course. Just the door. Locked. But there's something else just far ahead, something way bigger. Immense in fact. It's the size of a whale, or what you imagine the size of a whale would be. The shape is not quite of a whale though. It seems to be alive. Barely alive, it breaths the longest breaths you ever heard. It seems to take several minutes for this thing to fill its lungs with air. As you walk around it you realize something that looks like a gigantic belly button. There's… hair coming out of it. And there's more to it that that. You pull the sticky, red and purple skin around the hair just to recognize a very familiar shape. It's a human head. It's alive. You back away with such force you fall on your back. Is this disgusting mass of disease a man? You know in your heart it is. You actually know exactly who it is. Its the END OF ALL wisher who posted right above you. You know because you read his story in this post. It's him. Just what the fuck is going on here?


Afraid to be wishers, humans? I can see now, no mortal here can outsmart me, you can only lament, and you will lament, little masters.



um…I don't own a phone


A painless death


I wish to never have existed.


delete the material plane. end of existence is fine too


Make Russia pay for all the suffering brought upon other nations since ancient times.


warp me back to myself, Jumangi style, to May 28, 1989


File: 1591904820636.png (306.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1591812215149.png) ImgOps iqdb

Last Djinn's post background music

>>245592, >>245594, >>245626, >>245627

it begins

>>245592 is immediately transferred to the most luxuriousl hotel in Moscow, to the rooftop penthouse apartment. A couple of round and comfortable chairs rest over a pink patterned carpet. The windows are open, a shy breeze gently moves the tall curtains. A huge breakfast tray, filled with all sorts of drinks and foods lies on the center of a long table. This place is huge. It's a bright, summer afternoon and you have a private terrace all to yourself with the best view of the city. The sky has no clouds, it's calm and of a gentle blueish hue. At a corner table you see your computer. It go transferred here with you. The internet is of excellent speed. You try the bed. You never imagined a bed could be this comfortable.


Meanwhile, in the black marble infinity room on the edges of our dimension, where >>245511 and >>245509 find themselves, weird events are taking place. >>245511 's bedroom door start flaking out, like it's made of dry skin. He can hear weird noises coming from the other side, which is weird, since he can walk around the door, there's no other side… yet there is one, there's something banging its fists on the door, and it's starting to give in. The horrible howling freeze >>245511 's blood and he instinctively start to run as fast as he can, away from the door (nice job abandoning the other wizzie to his fate, wiz!). >>245509 would like to do the same but he can't. He can still hear the demonic creatures on the other side of the door, but his gigantic cancer body won't move an inch. >>245511 is already a good hundred steps away when he looks back to witness his bedroom door exploding in a million different colors, like the very fabric of reality is getting ripped. Like a huge computer bug in this dimension, colors break, air turns solid in wrong ways, the very space seems to warp and twist like a violent, deranged snake. And then >>245511 sees it. Djinns, one, two, three, ten, twenty, hundreds of them, coming through the ever enlarging gap between dimensions. He can hear the demonic screams;


Djinns are not the only thing coming through, but every sort of beast and devil, some riding over the others, like horsemen. An abomination army stomps forward with incredible velocity. >>245511 witness as several demonic beasts devour >>245509 's huge cancer body like sharks on a dead floating whale. Other demons runs towards his direction, much faster he could ever run. But something happens… They're turning dark, like the very marble of the room. The floor grows around them, engolfing every creature or groups of creatures in immense, ashen black eggs. More demons cross through the portal, but they're immediately engolfed in more ashen black eggs. >>245511 can't believe his eyes. The sight is uncanny. It looks like an alien museum. Many of the eggs gently wobble around slowly, like elongated billiard balls. Eventually, the demons don't even need to touch the marble, but from the portal itself black eggs come out, rolling here and there, some the size of a human, some several times larger. >>245511 can feel the stench coming out of the partially eaten >>245509 's
body. >>245511 is far from safe himself and keeps running from the portal to avoid the rolling eggs crushing him. He realizes it's getting more and more difficult to run, walking even, and it has nothing to do with his shortness of breath or because he's tired (even though he's indeed exhausted). No, it's the marble floor. The texture of it is changing, getting mushy, yet still very dry. It's turning into a sand like substance and every step sinks >>245511 's feet up to the ankles in it. Finally he can't take another step and sits down. He looks back. The eggs. The eggs are sinking in, quickly disappearing under the dark sand…


It's a beautiful summer, 19XX AD, >>245594 's great-grandmother is seven years old. She's out with her family to visit a lake, and maybe go fishing. The flowers are blooming, there are birds chirping and the trees give a bright green hue to the streets. The sunshine is like powdered gold over the grassy hillside. Again and again, the cicada's untiring cry pierced the sultry summer air. Then the family can hear a strange sound over the cicadas'. It sounds like a weird whistle at first, like howling wind. If humans had reflexes ten times faster than they actually have, they could've looked up to see a huge black, ashy egg falling from the sky. They don't even realize it when the egg hits them full force from above like the Demiurge's fist, sinking so deep into the ground it would take days to recover their remains, if there were any. They had become a paste, mixing to the earth, becoming unrecognizable from it.


As soon as >>245627 reads the first word of this post, he is transferred to May 28, 1989, while still retaining all his memories up to this moment. He notices it's a rather different 1989 though. The Kegworth air disaster still happened on January 8, The Stockton schoolyard shooting still happened on January 17. Bush still became president on January 20. Ted Bundy is still executed on an electric chair on January 24. As you arrive in the past, you notice people are not talking about any of these events, none of the things you remembered was important back then is important anymore. People can only talk about a single event. Only one event is covered on the news, only one event is worth paying attention to. The world is mesmerized.
On January 28, 1989, four months before your warp, something amazing happened. Something horrendous. Judgment Day. The Day of the Lord, or simply, The Judgment, happened. And it just happened in a single place, more specifically, one country.


Judgment Day, or so the media called the event, happened during a period of four months, in Russia. On January 28, 1989, all Russians from the very first moment the Russian identity was conceived, came back from the dead. Every single one, even children, even babies, everyone. They sprouted from the earth like grass, naked and confused, crying for help, not knowing what was going on. The world could not believe it, everyone thought it to be a hoax, even people seeing it happen right in front of them could not believe it. They couldn't believe even when millions upon millions of Russians would rise from their graves, from lakes, from the rocks, from under the streets, appear floating on the oceans… It was not a hoax. As if this was not a surprising, haunting enough of an event, one thousand human sized black eggs fell across Russia like meteors. Some hitting cities, killing hundreds of people and destroying buildings. The Demonic knights arrived, the Djinns, the race who had established itself as the right hand of the Demiurge had arrived, and they were there to carry a wish >>245626, for that's what Djinns do. The Soviet military had absolutely no chance against a hundred Djinns, much less a thousand. You can't hit a Djinn who doesn't want to be hit, they're Demons, of a different flash, their hearts are beyond this dimension.

continues bellow


The other countries, upon realizing this was not a hoax and treating it as an Alien invasion, sent military help, but to no avail. Everyone, anything, everything crossing Russian boarders would combust and explode into smithereens, except Russians. They would just fall in the ground, fainting instantly. Force could not destroy the Djinns and just 24h hours into the event, one Literature professor from Moscow actually suggested these were demons, he actually hit jackpot, he knew these were Djinns! He was crazy enough to suggest it, and he was right. However, as people would wish to the Djinns, nothing would happen. The demons would not take any more wishes. The professor couldn't know this, but the Gates of Misery had opened in 2020 AD in the Fall of Man timeline, thus releasing the Djinns from their wish granting curse in all timelines across the material plane.

The Demons gathered all the millions, perhaps the billions of Russians in the Central Siberian Plateau. What a sight! Billions of prisoners of fate, guarded by demonic entities, some flying in circles, some running around like vicious, supernatural wolves. None could escape. A single clap from one of the Djinns started the judgment. The process was actually straight forward. The person who killed, would be killed. The person who raped, would be raped. The person who mutilated, would be mutilated, the person who tortured, would be tortured, those who lynched, would be lynched, and so on. It wasn't always so straight forward however. Many have commited theft but those people had nothing left to be stolen from them. Except their own bodies. Some lost their ears, some their eyes, some their fingers. Billions upon billions of teeth were pulled during those four judgement months, enough to make a mountain of blood and bones, and that's exactly what the Djinns did. Their cries could be heard, it seems, from all across the globe. Never in the history of humanity, there such a concentrated amount of suffering.

People had the impression even the air had darkened with clouds of blood. Very few went through trial and out of it without losing a limb, but there were innocent people among the Russians, who had no blood to pay, and they were let free. And then, on May 28, 1989, all those people were turned to ashes again… one loose end remained, however. A veteran named Andrei, who had gutted an Afghan succubus with his hunting knife during the war. In fact, Andrei wasn't even brought to the Plateau of Suffering (thus named after the event). Decades would pass and no Djinns came to him. He began to assume he had escaped. Andrei didn't know nothing escapes from a wish wished upon a Djinn…


2020, Moscow.

>>245592 is fast asleep after having a delicious meal and gazing at the beautiful summer sky from his private terrace. He's having delightful dreams indeed, and doesn't realize the sky grows dark, and darken still. Immense black, ash eggs are falling from the skies. The time of men is over, the time of Djinn is upon us. This time it's not just in Russia, but everywhere. Not just in one timeline, but every timeline. Not only on this planet, but all planets. The Gates of Misery opened, and the Demons, lead by Djinns, wanting to flee recycling in their own dimensions invaded the material plane, causing havok beyond belief. The first Djinn fell in Moscow, on top of a luxury building that one solitary wizard was staying for the week. The egg hits the rooftop ten times faster than the speed of sound, killing >>245592 instantly and without pain. He never woke up and now never will… in this cycle. Even the power of the Djinn has its limits and the universe is a strange place, even to its makers. Also, there was another man killed in he first egg drop on earth. A man named Andrei who worked at the hotel as a janitor. He was gutted by the wreckage of a boiler and had to endure two days stuck under the demolished building with metal pins across his guts, before perishing of thirst and blood loss.

Trillions upon trillions of Demons came down from the dimensional hills, destroying, enslaving, devouring. Alien races, millions of years ahead in technological advancement compared to humans, could not withstand 48 hours against the Demiurge's right hand race, the Djinns, and all sorts of demons from the lower depths, holes that not even the gods dare to look. Earth's defences fell in fifteen minutes and in a week it had become an enslaved race. Within a few generations, only 1% of humans could still read and write, and all the glories and advances of the once promissing ape from the blue planet, all its hopes and its history, everything was lost. Now reduced to fodder for the vicious wantings of Demons, who would only keep humans for their deprived amusings and nothing else. The age of man was indeed over. For a thousand years Demons rules the material plane. But one last wish remained…


One Djinn knew this invasion was doomed from the start, but he kept it to himself. He knew the material plane's existence had to end. For one man wished upon him >>245595, and a wish wished upon a Djinn etc, etc. Yet he managed to twist the wish as the wisher had not specified an exact time he wanted the material plane to be over. And so he withheld the wish for a thousand years. This had a tremendous effect on the him, for a Djinn who does not grant a wish goes sick. His body starts to rot, the pain of humanity falls upon him like bricks hitting opened eyes. The pain was insurmountable. He had fled the company of the other demons, for showing weakness in front of a Demon is making yourself a target, they would have teared him to pieces and caused recycle on him.

He lived inside a deep hole in the Arabian Desert, fighting his sickness for a thousand years. There's nothing a Djinn fears more than recycling, and so he held on to his pain as something preferable, but each minute it got worse, until he could no longer withheld the wish. It seemed an octodecillion voices cried in unison and the entire planet could hear it.


The Earth's core began to cool and harden, making Earth itself lose its geomagnetic field, in turn making it lose its atmosphere. The Earth was dying, along with the other planets, cooling, the sun and all the other stars, and everything in the material plane. The Big Freeze, and then, everything would turn to dimensional sand, broken in parts so small it could not longer be dense enough to be material. Everything evaporated, humans, Djinns, planets, galaxies, space itself. It rained for half an eternity in the other planes because of this event. Some knew what was going on, some didn't, some thought the Demiurge had lost its place, some thought it was nothing too critical. In any case it could not be stopped. It was over.

The Djinns and the other Demons evaporated to their own dimensions, most to get recycled. Humans, who do not get recycled, but transformed in other shapes of matter now disappeared completely, as there was no material to be transformed. Truly over for men. Truly, the end.
The end.

And then…

Thank you for taking your time and readership, I appreciate it.


What the fuck happened to this thread


We got our oiling-up nice and greasy. Good McDjinnalds, would order from again.


Demiurge vs WizDjiin, who wins??


Both seem to be assholes so no matter who wins we lose.


Suggestive trips. The way I see it Djinns are demons with way less imagination and brain power than a Demiurge. Neither created matter, but the Demiurge did create all things matter can turn to. Like a kid that's really good at coming up with stuff made of Lego. Djinns on the other hand can only manipulate things that are already created. I'm sure there's much to be thought out here (what if someone wish for the Djinn to create a new chemical element for example?). I don't know. I like the idea of the Demiurge being a higher class demon when compared to Djinns. Both belong to a dimension that's much faster than the material plane, where things can become by a simple thought, that's how they can grant wishes. I don't know if Djinns want or even could overthrow a Demiurge. It would be like if a gang of 5 year olds killed all the scientists and engineers in charge of a nuclear power plant. Things would break and go out of control pretty quick.

The idea of demons hating the human race come from abrahamic religions, where they were cast aside when God created humans and put them in the center of everything. There's a serious sibling rivalry going on there.
Anyway it was fun, I hope the wizzies who did read it enjoyed it. We're all just killing time here.

I honestly thought I would be cut short, another wiz, even before I posted mentioned Wishmaster. Every post I thought someone would just write something like "I wish you to go back to your ruby" and the game would be over pretty quick, since that is how you defeat the Djinn in that film. Welp, in the end it didn't happen.


infinite money


i wish i had infinite wisdom


force everyone to behave based on this philosophy and see what happens


File: 1592504628434.jpg (36.32 KB, 768x576, 4:3, 1583358336550-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My wish would be to never have depressing intrusive thoughts ever again. basically becoming a wirehead and feeling nothing else but pure joy all the time


You have defined a normgroid without realising it, they are biochemical automations that feel good wagecucking and sexhaving and friendhaving, going about here life like a dream without a care in the world, even if third world living


File: 1592588445901.png (265.75 KB, 559x357, 559:357, 1 LQxb2Tqdhe0ngxG9qHvFyQ.png) ImgOps iqdb

I wish to be a Wizchan admin so i can delete polthread, fapthread, /b/ and all other bullshit.


>not deleting /dep/
no one hand this guy the keys


I wish that people could no longer live in denial about anything. I want people to know exactly how shitty they are at all times.


File: 1592666724491.png (234.29 KB, 625x625, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


one ice cold can of diet pepsi


File: 1592733850870.jpg (44.58 KB, 190x263, 190:263, groo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

my one wish is to magically post in this thread without bumping it, if i get that one wish to come true then i will be eternally satisfied and content


hahaha oh wow this is fantastic, now i can be smug as all fuck about how content and satisfied i am


Truly you are a wise and powerful wizard, O Sage One.


ok but it's flavoured with sucralose instead of aspartame


I wish for my deepest desire to show itself and that wish goes true- cause i've no clue what I truly wish for. I thought about this for awhile and i couldnt find what I want. Enternal happiness will get dull, wishing for money is stupidity. I want deeper meaning within myself and I been seeking all my life.


The genie smiles and snaps his fingers.
Your vision suddenly goes black and you feel your body crumple to the floor. Your greatest wish was to die


Hello Satan


if death is what i wish for, death it shall be. I trust myself to make the right choice for me.


To become a god, with no limitations.


You know that since god isn't defined you could be left basically the same but have the title of god with no additional limitations, but also no additional abilities related to godhood ether.

So basically you would be a normal dude, but technically be god, with no special downsides, but no upsides ether.


Using that logic the genie could refuse to grant any wish you give him on the basis that he deconstructed the verbiage that was used and decided that it wasn't defined well enough.


Except that a god is generally accepted and defined as a supreme, supernatural being. Plus I specifically said no limitations, so a human that can control time for example, might as well be a god.


I use my wish to cancel out this guys stupid ass wish


File: 1595219908244.jpeg (20.67 KB, 480x270, 16:9, images.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


So you have played this game before.


I wish that I never met you, genie.


File: 1595366185950.png (179.7 KB, 500x520, 25:26, misery simulation.png) ImgOps iqdb

End the simulation.


All i wish for is that the new simulation starts with the ps1 music


Take me a place where I have control about everything and all dreams are dreamless dreams


I wish this thread would be deleted


Crab in a bucket. Imagine a god that favors wizards.


File: 1595414319566.jpg (2.74 MB, 1254x10000, 627:5000, time travel brain chemical….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I would wish for all sentient beings in all of existence to experience perpetual heaven with no suffering for the rest of eternity, no questions asked, no strings attached. Heaven could be something like a DMT trip that lasts forever that also has the constant pleasure of heaven multiplied by infinity. If I can't have that, I would with for the multiverse to be permanently destroyed in its entirety so that suffering can never exist again.


File: 1595414684560.jpg (15.11 KB, 331x499, 331:499, Better Never To Have Been.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Imagine unironically wanting to be immortal. Life is nothing but suffering. Immortality is only appealing to those who don't realize just how much suffering they will experience in their infinite lifespan. People who want immortality are either masochists or completely enslaved by their animal instincts. I would much rather with for instant painless death with zero chance of reincarnation so that my suffering can finally end.


*constant pleasure of heroin


That comic makes me want to cry.


You also forget that there are people who are egoist like myself who would view immortality as a absolutely massive boon because some of us are able to over look short term suffering for the sake of long term personal benefit.
Do you know what a determined person can do with 10,000 years? 100,000 years?
There is nothing that could stop someone with time truly on their side from accomplishing whatever they wish.


I'd be scared to become bored


File: 1595447563666.jpg (135.61 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, I am tired of earth.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'd like to be immortal because I want to sit back and watch how humanity goes. I want to know how it all plays out. I want infinite time to waste. Though I also fear >>249147



Boredom is ultimately caused by chemical reactions in your brain. If neuroscience gets advanced enough, it should be theoretically possible to re-engineer your brain to remove all sensation of boredom.


Why do you think that the suffering will only be short term? How do you know that you wouldn't suffer throughout your eternal lifespan?


>Why do you think that the suffering will only be short term?
Because there is no rational reason to think that immortality means I would be cast into hell or tortured for all eternity.
I don't plan to hop into any active volcanoes and trapped in lava pits.

Baring something of that nature any and all suffering is indeed temporary and not in any way eternal.


Most misfortunes in life come uninvited and some of them can result in permanent maiming or long-term pain. The longer the lifespan, the greater the likelihood of being subject to such a misfortune. Poe's "The Man that was Used Up" comes to mind.


What, you are referring to bodily injury? If you hold that immortality allows for bodily injury I would simply obliterate my body and live as a spectre. But immortality is a form of divine perfection so it would obviously not allow for foreign marks being made upon the body.


My conception of immortality is biological immortality, or the suspension of senescence, which is exhibited by some extant species. Invulnerable immortality is magical bullshit not even worth arguing about.


The only way to escape this is to monkmax, which is sort of like living in limbo, which is unironically what the devas who conquered death were said to have done, and closed the cave doors behind them


Biological immortality usually comes with or is due to healing and good health.

Can't really call it immortality if you can still get sick and die from shit like cancer.

Just about every depiction has the immortal able to relatively quickly recover from just about anything not explicitly made to counter immortality or some conditional specified weakness.

Even for normal humans who experience injury they don't endlessly suffer for the rest of their existence


*would wish


There's no rational reason to think it would be paradise either. Even if it isn't hell, and if eternity has an average valence level similar to the life I currently life, eternity is not worth living.


File: 1595532617562.png (608.59 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, __saya_and_sakisaka_fumino….png) ImgOps iqdb

A song of saya scenario while being unable to remember my wish after I've made it.


File: 1595533854718.jpg (63.86 KB, 526x526, 1:1, 446cdb554c54cb1c28d2d8e441….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Making the entire world an alternative anime world where hitler had won is the only correct answer. I cant believe none of you want this. I'd accept anything done to me to realize this wish.


What exactly is that scenario?


I enjoy life pretty well. You just need to sort yourself out.


clean rom??


Because most people here have problems that go deeper than politics.


You should just play the game. Its about 4 hours long and the good ending is incredible


Is it too gorey?


Not that gorey no.


for some reason I cant open it. help?


Download parts one and two. Then select both files simutaniously and click to unarchive both of them. After that you'll want to apply the english patch in the folder directory. And be sure to right click the .exe file in the folder and click "run as administrator" to play the game.


File: 1595621068638.png (28.86 KB, 487x505, 487:505, Screenshot_2020-07-24 Saya….png) ImgOps iqdb

First I downloaded 2 parts from free download option, then English patch. I have Windows 7 so I changed to Japanese locale https://erogedownload.com/faq/changing-to-japanese-locale-on-windows-7/ Without that it showed ???? and not Japanese characters in the installation wizard. Then I used Daemon Tools Lite, changed and added patch files manually to the folder.

Now the game says about grotesque images. I think I'll choose by default hopefully it's not to gorey.


Please report back to us after you've played it. I have this visual novel on my backlog and would like to know what its like (without any spoilers) right after someone played it


Does anyone else know that feeling of accidently ending humanity? Djinn has granted my wish more than once itt and I have been responsible of humanities destruction more than once


Humanity will always be back, so its destruction is of no consequence.


Give an infinite amount of time, every cell in your body will reassimilate to this exact configuration
You can never die my wiz


File: 1601231032462.jpg (187.46 KB, 786x1017, 262:339, my wish.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wish that you will send crabs mystery packages that will permanently and instantly turn them into beautiful succubi.


These fucking whites and their constant "oh the the JEWS" whenever they try to talk about the evil of humanity.
Whites: oh no, "Gods chosen people (who are pretty much fucking white) are being persecuted and inconvenienced" *continues to terrorize, displace, rape, genocide natives of the americas*

>"A kind of deep respect for the facts - for the man who suffers from them and for the riddle of such a man's life.

>"The truly religious person has such an attitude"
Yep, Grade A garbage.


Shut the fuck up already schizo nigger. No one cares.


File: 1601251668275.jpg (21.08 KB, 932x470, 466:235, 7EA19EDCE8014787998FD1ADD7….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

agreed king, these mayo monkeys will know the great ancestral sprit of kings


Infinite wishes


How am i supposed to transcend ego by going through ego? What does that even mean?


For the White race to become extremely fertile and live on forever


Europeans made it to the American continent tens of thousands of years before "natives of the americas" did.


anglos wuz kangs and shit, anglos build da pyramids yo


look how much effort I could pour into writing not even 6 months ago and for some random thread at that


Make my dick huge, i wanna make jerking off a challenge.


Europeans now become the new blacks, Europe has a population of over a billion whites, they rape albinos, cannibalize each other, receive handouts yearly from the world bank, and live in constant squalor of their own doing. Their culture disappears into tough guy "fuck u i got mine" gang shit and rap.
Like your wish?


So europeans basically become Americans is what you are saying


City/Southern americans. Midwesterners aren't tainted yet.


I wish I had some sort of dial with which I could control how much and when I sleep, then I could just sleep for ten years straight. It'd be like time traveling.


Become the god of this universe, because clearly God doesn't care about doing his job any more.


You might not either after 14 billion years


I like to imagine things like that, too. Let's assume with the bible that all living things are creations or children of God if you will. Imagine caring for trillions upon trillions of children for over 4 billions years. It does looking exhausting. And those numbers are for earth alone, who knows what's out there.

It's like when you start playing Dwarf Fortress and at the beginning every dwarf counts. By the time you hit 30 to 50 you don't really care. When you reach a 100 that's when you REALLY don't give a shit. It's interesting.




Those who are totally powerless and lack self efficacy in their real life tend to compleatly over do it and overcompensate in their fantasies.
For it is only through overwhelming world bending power that they could ever see themselves as being anything other then impotent.


>a wizard feels powerless in his life
Gee Freud, you come up with that shocking analysis yourself?


True, but if he is going to retire he should at least hand his power to someone else before staying in heaven. Someone like me, who is totally powerless and lack self efficacy in my real life tend to completely over do it and overcompensate in my fantasies. For it is only through overwhelming world bending power that I could ever see myself as being anything other than impotent.


I wish I could exist and live as long as I want in whatever form that I want in any fictional universe of my choice


Lol Midwesterners are some of the most aggressively boring, unaware and petty people I've ever met.


yeah, pure ignorant meth country


File: 1609335628219.jpeg (36.43 KB, 680x604, 170:151, EqaJEm7XEAEKd28.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I want you suffer like me, Genie. Know the pain of a mortal, forever.


Just fucking kill me


Omnipotence, or as close to it as a genie could possibly grant. Just one niche wish wouldn't solve all the problems I want to solve.


End the universe. This experiment has gone on long enough.

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