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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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Why are there so many unabashed collectivists on this site? Leftists aren't wizards. Period.


If Capitol Hill is autonomous, why does it rely on an outside supply of electricity, water, and cellular? lmao!


File: 1591989463360.jpg (93.78 KB, 960x500, 48:25, qeqkyaw6kln31.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Dude still thinks we're in the 2000's lmao. While you were being a "radical individualist" your enemies were organizing and that's why they are winning.


The left is "winning" because they are the sociological equivalent of entropy and death; an inevitable function of time. My personal politics only exists as a mental exercise and a preference at best. Yours does too if you were honest and weren't LARPing. The best we can do is simply wait for the inevitable collapse and hope we don't go down with it, but what "right-wing" society that rises from the ashes will still be stunted in relation to the past.


It always amuses me how whoever made that image chose to take it from "300", a film about a small group of men who chose to die fighting rather than give in to the tide of a huge collectivist egregore. They were right to do so, death is always preferable to slavery. I'm not going to bow down and become chattel to whatever movement you think is going to save us. I'd rather keep my soul and take as many of these tyrants down with me as I can, if it comes to that. So long as I keep my soul, they haven't won.


>small group of men who chose to die fighting rather than give in to the tide of a huge collectivist egregore
It's a battle of a small collective against a bigger collective. Spartan society is highly unpermissive and practices large scale slavery themselves.


>Spartan society is highly unpermissive and practices large scale slavery themselves.
lol check your tenses, the lacedaemonians haven't existed in 2,000 years


File: 1592035622537.png (282.71 KB, 1033x1033, 1:1, 1591918975153.png) ImgOps iqdb

according to rousseau we essentially live in a state of slavery to the common good with each of us mutually given over to each other. just studied the legislative process and rulemaking and this makes total sense. we have no way to break through the "iron triangle"


Americans sure love to talk tough on the internet, but from what I've seen you'd probably drop to your knees and kiss a boot if a black man showed up in front of you and asked whether black lives matter.


What makes you think that guy is American?


File: 1592082433881.mp4 (10.7 MB, 256x144, 16:9, hypocrites.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


It's hard not to see journalists as traitors in the last few years, either they have no self-awareness or they're malicious.

Maybe there just needs to be a news channel where they look at social media and the news and describe how each side is trying to spin the same events, using the spin to find a middle ground since nobody is honest.


That's excellent actually, but nobody would want to fund that idea. There's very little to be gained with the truth in politics the truth being all sides are malicious, power hungry liars pieces of fucking worthless shit, not just the people at the top but everyone, down to the voters making minimum wage.


File: 1592085181617.jpg (81.22 KB, 460x460, 1:1, GboTChE.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>the world
Well at least around here nobody gave a shit. Pretty sure people in Asia didn't give a shit, either.


That was an incredibly well put together video
Where did you find it wiz and do you have anymore in that style?


File: 1592086108903.png (958.46 KB, 3732x3288, 311:274, 1591977716536.png) ImgOps iqdb

shut the fuck up yuropoor
the protests were pointless because they couldnt stop the chink menace on their own and no western country was gonna risk their honey pouch to try and save a bunch of pseudo chinks


Here's the source.
Doesn't look like the rest of their videos are that good.


Oh we actually had more than 5 cities with over a 100 protesting here then? We don't even have 5 cities with over a 100 people. Who even counted and came up with the data? Fucking lol
It got no fucking coverage whatsoever, but now that I think about it there were those 26 people in front of the embassy. There were about about 30 for Hong Kong at one point too though, so, I guess 4 more people cared about that.


You are delusional dude


They are coming for the internet archive.
This could be the end of one of the biggest stores of books online that has ever existed.
A digital book burning on the same scale as the burning of the great library of Alexandria.
Also say goodbye to all the sites archived on it.

And why?
Because of stupid greed from the education cartel.


This is just going to push for even more piracy. These publishers don't get it.


Dear conservatives, what policy goals do you most want to see the government enact and why?


File: 1592093961009-0.jpg (91.76 KB, 640x624, 40:39, nigger problem,.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1592093961009-1.jpg (167.54 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 1533065676784.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1592093961009-2.png (204.11 KB, 1715x1091, 1715:1091, Crime.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ship all niggers back to Africa, because I dislike violence and theft


Good thing libgen still exists.


Any good sources for ebook piracy?


fuck off glownigger


And what's your problem?


File: 1592098603186.png (430.95 KB, 599x641, 599:641, 44f.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Spongebob is now a steaming homosexual that gets butt blasted by Patrick.

Maybe Hitler wasn't all that bad, maybe in fact right.


Poland's based status: revoked permanently.
What the fuck is wrong with them? Everyone is bending over. Why are all these nations which had fuck all to do with slavery kneeling and groveling?


File: 1592100721997.png (64.84 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, ENIireOW4AU3bW7.png) ImgOps iqdb


I'm in one of those countries with a +5 protests but actually saw none and it got no coverage on TV if there were any that actually happened. I would have known about this because I'm in the biggest city there is (500k inhabitants) and yet nothing. Pretty sure people outside the 2 bigger cities don't even know about this, I don't know how they even found more than 3 cities, maybe the other 2 are in another dimension. You want to know the last US event you would see people talking about on the streets? The housing bubble thing, now, when was that? 2008.


Do kids even watch Sponge Bob? I have two nephews, 5 and 7, you know what they're watching these days? The first seasons of Power Rangers, which they found by themselves on YT. The 7y old wanted Minecraft as the theme of his birthday party, and before that was a streak of Pokemon for 3 years.
Snorlax and Poliwhirl are his favorites btw


Both are literally and figuratively asexual.


>The world is so fucking stagnant kids are still watching cartoons and shows from 20 years ago.


The conservative in me:
- Severely reduce or eliminate as many occupational licensing laws as possible, or at the very least, simply make it so that occupational licenses 'carry across state lines.'
- Eliminate the AMA, get rid of the medical school quotas.
- Repeal the ACA.
- Cap SS, medicare, and medicaid.
The libertarian in me:
- Eliminate agricultural and oil subsidies.
- Put something in place so that panic-bullshit like TARP can't happen.
- Read the bills act.
- Legalize and decriminalize cocaine/heroin/etc..
- Let people buy antibiotics OTC like every other country in the world.
- Eliminate copyright and patent laws. At the very least don't make them the most powerful godddam laws in the universe that last for 150 goddam years.
- No more DMCA, SESTA, FOSTA–no more passing bullshit like PIPA, SOPA, and the TPP.
- Get rid of FATCA, SARs, CTRs, bring back the 1k and 10k bills–or at the very least make their 10k limits scale with inflation. I see what they're trying to do by slowly making it functionally impossible to use cash in the near future.
- Bring the troops back home. At the very least leave the godforsaken Middle East; and I don't care about Syria, Venezuela, and Cuba.
- End the trade war with China.
- Get rid of civil asset forfeiture.
- Get rid of 'qualified immunity.'
- Get rid of the CIA and if possible give the necessary CIA actors to the Hague for what they've done. Point out their infiltration of mass media. Eliminate their bribing of media outlets.
- Get rid of DARPA and its funding for social media manipulation/Metal Gear Solid 2-tier bullshit.
- Repeal the 2012 Smith-Mundt Modernization Act, and the rest of the NDAA as well
- Get rid of FISA courts and the NSA. Restore the fourth amendment
- Get rid of the airport theater bullshit. Let people fly like they used to pre-9/11. Better yet, fucking PLEASE GET RID OF THE PATRIOT ACT ALREADY.
- Repeal the direct election of senators.

…that felt oddly cathartic.


But >>245781 is not delusional. The MSM has gone completely off their rockers.


Agricultural and oil subsidies are foundations to the modern economy. Without them food and logistic prices would rise massively, and the reliance on foreign imports would skyrocket. Low food and transport costs are the backbone of the economy. It's not ideal that it has to be socialised, and it would be better if people were just richer and could afford these things, but reality is a harsh mistress.


Because NEETbux (or they're not white). There's no other reasons.

Also leftism != collectivism. Leftism is rife with infighting and narcissism which is the epitome of individualism. Meanwhile rightards just parrot their favorite edgy youtubers imagining they're thinking for themselves when in truth they're just a hivemind.


I work in agriculture and I can tell you that agricultural subsidies are absolutely bullshit. They are paying people to leave their fields fallow, it's called CRP. The reason they give for this is soil conservation, but do you know the result? The result is that it becomes lucrative to turn poor pasture ground into row crop ground (plowing up the soil, CAUSING soil erosion) to get row crop history on the ground so that the owner can get those "soil conservation" subsidies that pay him to do nothing but spray some weeds in the field every once in a while.
And then there's the crop insurance circus. It is practically impossible to go bankrupt doing farming in America unless you're an Africa-class retard with money or get ridiculously unlucky with the weather. So you might say this is a good thing, that it keeps American farmers employed. No, it's not a good thing, the end result of this fail-proof system is that the majority of small farmers are mouth-breathing lobotomites who do not care about improving their yields or even getting the crop planted on time because they can just lean back on the insurance safety net rather than put effort into farming. And do you know about "prevented planting" in crop insurance? If the farmer procrastinates putting the crop in and then it starts raining at the last moment where he was planning on planting, he can just take a big insurance payout and leave the field fallow. It's often more lucrative to farm by not farming in the US.
This all goes double for the big corporate farmers who do thousands of acres. I can't even guess what sort of subsidies they are taking in, I do know that the corporation that rented 500 acres around our place chose to take subsidized insurance payouts rather than plant this year.

The effect of all this is that the price of farm ground and farm equipment is artificially inflated to a ridiculous degree, which makes it exponentially more difficult for new people to get into farming and entrenches the huge corporate farming operations and the "good old boys" who inherited their land from their granddaddies and most often end up abusing the soil every year since it's more profitable in the short-term to do a heavy plow rather than cover crops and no-till. Often times the big corporations choose to abuse their ground as well since, first, they often rent it, and second, when they do own it they know that even if they erode it down to nothing, according to the patterns of artificial land price inflation, it's still going to be worth more than what they paid for it, which means that it's profitable to do so.

Of course, farmers are a huge voting bloc in the US so you're never going to get a politician who'll come out and say that we should let the farmers who are bad at farming go bankrupt.


>Of course, farmers are a huge voting bloc in the US so you're never going to get a politician who'll come out and say that we should let the farmers who are bad at farming go bankrupt.
that's probably not the problem, considering cities like seattle, L.A., and new york outweigh them in regards to issues like gay marriage. So non-farmers definitely have a lot of voting power. It's just that no one knows these issues exist (I didn't until your post), and they aren't inflammatory enough to get journalists sites to report on them. Also few people want to get into farming so that further leads to a lack of push behind the issue.


american political compass is so absurd. you would be considered a hard-line marxist in any other country


I can see it. There have been a number of times after talking to someone that they come away with the impression that I'm a socialist, and I just give them this confused look.
>Of course, farmers are a huge voting bloc in the US so you're never going to get a politician who'll come out and say that we should let the farmers who are bad at farming go bankrupt.
Political possibility and political aspirations are two completely different things. E.g., I anticipate that copyright law will only steadily grow and become more and more AND MORE AND MORE powerful.


This is a really interesting post.

I've heard New Zealand's agricultural system is really good. What do you have to say about it?



>- Legalize and decriminalize cocaine/heroin/etc..

This one is way more important than most people realize. Basically all crime in the world is funded by regulators capturing lucrative markets like drugs and prostitution for criminals. The wealth it brings them allows them to expand their operations which also include all sorts of other crimes. The mob started getting into financial crimes really big in the late 80's and 90's and it became so powerful that it literally is the dominant political force today in the world. No exaggeration. The stories go untold because they just kill people who find out. Journalists that look into things get iced out by higher ups who have been threatened or compromised and know how things work. Trump is a mob controlled puppet. The reason drugs will never be legalized is because organized crime holds so much influence in politics and makes sure that they remain illegal. If they became legal they would quickly be out of business as Walmart would sell better cheaper product with way less hassle than they ever could.

Really I think if we could organize a global campaign around just a single issue: to legalize drugs and prostitution (the two big money makers for organized crime) we would fix so many of the problems endemic in our society. Epstein was a state actor in the sense that he worked for the intelligence services of several countries, but ultimately who was actually pulling the strings was organized crime who had already by that time infiltrated heavily into intelligence and law-enforcement agencies. They have literal genius computer scientists that they have compromised with sex like Marvin Minsky and have been applying their expertise not only to financial markets, but also to stuff like social engineering using the highly established private surveillance network that advertisers have built to influence people the other way. You wonder why people seem so fucking crazy? It's because mobsters control the world and they are fucking with people's heads trying to destroy the liberal democratic world order that has seen peace and prosperity reign and replace it with a system of dictators where all that matters is personal relationships and power and no one has rights or freedom.


Nice paranoid schizophrenia dude.


Right, the (((mob))).


File: 1592165437579.jpeg (121.47 KB, 1100x550, 2:1, 5e3c735f0ce3d132cb5c4033.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

No, social decay is bad as it is now, with legal drugs and the ease of getting illegal ones. The last thing we need is making it even easier for people to get hooked on heavier stuff and become even more drugged up and pacified.


Come on, giving the whole bootleggers and baptists political theory model, even if it isn't true that the most dramatic depiction of that (glowniggers are using drug money to fund child trafficking to blackmail politicians), there are a few ounces of truth in what anon's saying there.


*s/even if it isn't true that the most dramatic depiction of that /even if the most dramatic depiction of that isn't true/


So, about those free books again. Any recommended sources?


only if by mob you mean "russian" mob, and only if by "russian" mob you mean jews

that might be a pretty clever way to avoid your local anti-semitism laws


Zeronet, dark web (hidden wiki), torrents–you know, the usual.


>infiltrated heavily into intelligence and law-enforcement agencies
it's the other way around. the typical mobster is a weak idiot. the typical glow-in-the-dark is a well formed, educated sociopath whose job is to infiltrate and basically control weaklings and idiots. I mean, think about it for a second, how many mobs have state funding and can afford to actively research on how to torture, break, spy, control, cheat and deceive people?


you glow in the dark



>I mean, think about it for a second, how many mobs have state funding and can afford to actively research on how to torture, break, spy, control, cheat and deceive people?

The Russian mob (AKA Jewish mob) for one which has taken over the Russian state (and arguably several others as well including the US and Hungary but I won't get into that). There was a whistleblower named Alexander Litvinenko who was an FSB officer. He said the FSB staged a terrorist attack on their own people and blamed it on Chechen terrorists in order to elevate Putin to power because Putin was a member of the mob. He coined the term "mafia state" to describe what Russia had become. He said that he had been ordered to assassinate the owner of a bank that rivaled Alfabank, the mob's bank, and he instead warned him. He was eventually assassinated by poisoning with Polonium. They were sending a message, you don't fuck with the Russian mob because we have nukes and shit. Many other assassinations of people in Russia who have spoken out have happened. The intelligence service and the mob are basically one in the same in Russia and they are the ones calling the shots in the country and they will kill anyone who opposes them. They use highly advanced deception and propaganda techniques that have been developed over hundreds of years.


They were in clear violation of the law. Not much we can do about it.


>He was eventually assassinated by poisoning with Polonium.

Reading this I realize it is very unclear who I am referring to. I mean Litvinenko was murdered, not the Banker, the banker managed to flee with his life as far as I know.


File: 1592182332046-0.png (401.76 KB, 596x613, 596:613, 5t4.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1592182332046-1.gif (4.43 MB, 600x338, 300:169, ezgif-3-4c679703356e.gif) ImgOps iqdb


You are an unhelpful whiny bitch and a pol memer to boot. Get the fuck out.


b-ok.cc or b-ok.org is REALLY good


I think you're inverting things here. If you told me some intelligence agency controlled some organized crime group I'd be willing to believe it.


So, is Corona still a thing or is it done for now?


It's harmless if you're in a BLM riot but very serious otherwise. I don't know why but that's what Science says, and who am I to doubt the clergy?


File: 1592189119583.jpg (78.25 KB, 528x660, 4:5, 1580915510300.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

These past few weeks have changed my perspective about the future of US and the world. Before I still thought that there could be a stable state of affairs and perhaps even a comeback of some sort. Now I think it's more like that the American experiment has failed, and it is better for everyone that America dies and everyone moves forward. Like it or not this will be the century of China, and this will actually do more to preserve the Western world than if US continues at the top, and the sooner the Chinese take the crown the better it'll be for all of us. For Whites this will be the century of cutting the losses and doing the best to hold the lines so that maybe next century the ground will be set for a revival.


Kind of sucks. I liked the few freedoms I had.


File: 1592191375563.jpg (52.68 KB, 600x701, 600:701, 4e9.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>and the sooner the Chinese take the crown the better it'll be for all of us
it's one thing to say we should be more like China in some ways but to suggest Chinese growth to power is quite silly. While China's good is a good we wish we had, a lot of turmoil and blood stems from China's current approach to building a society.


Make to mistake, between the two there is no lesser evil.
Considering local and regional power balance here in the EU I fucking hope USA recovers and remains a powerful counterbalance to Brussels and Moscow, otherwise we whites are dead.


America was never meant to last, Who the fuck enslaves people that are bigger, taller and stronger than you? slaves are supposed to be meek and weak.

America was like a bigger Haiti, eventually it was going to be overtaken by the most powerful creature.


13% of the population. Calm the fuck down.


File: 1592201163218.png (6.31 MB, 2400x1200, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>For Whites this will be the century of cutting the losses and doing the best to hold the lines so that maybe next century the ground will be set for a revival.
There isn't going to be a "revival" for western whites. Just look at the birth rates and take into consideration how whites have become extremely docile, xenophilic, guilt-ridden and self-loathing and how every generation is worse than the last. Best case scenario for western whites, in a couple centuries they'll be a small minority in every western country. An underclass that exist only in the outskirts of civilization, similar to how native americans and other indigenous minorities around the world live today. Maybe Slavs have a chance at rising to the top at some point in the distant future though, who knows.




File: 1592209309798.png (440.86 KB, 673x473, 673:473, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


The slavs? Within 5 to 10 years EU slavs will be like Germany. Not rich and powerful like Germany, just culturally debased and racially compromised like Germany. The western media and popculture taught them to hate themselves and lust for diversity. Poles especially are swallowing it hook, line and sinker. They're shifting into full woke in accelerated mode. Slavs subject to Russia will simply fade away in squalor. They're just food for the gangster state, already oppressed beyond salvage.


America is on the cusp of finally removing the racists from positions of power and transforming the society into a truly free and equal liberal state. We can finally realize the ideals the founders gave us. We are closer to becoming complete than ever before.


>Poles especially are swallowing it hook, line and sinker.
Care to elaborate? I'm a Pole and I'm curious how does it look on the outside.


>truly free and equal liberal state
So more intelligent, better qualified people will still end up above those who are less inteligent and less qualified? If so then asians will continue to have the best life expectancy, education levels, and per capita income, followed by whites, latinos with blacks still at the bottom by a wide margin.
I'm not saying there aren't racists in positions of power. If there are people who will choose a less qualified person instead of a better qualified one over ethnicity, gender or sexual preference, then this person shouldn't be the one in power to make that choice. But also, and this is very important, people are not equal. I live in a country where Asians are less than 3% of the population and they make up 20% of engineers. Whites are 40% and they make up over 85% of doctors. Latin America country if you're wondering

This is the hardest pill to swallow to many. People are not equal and in a free state with equal opportunity to all, there still will be those at the top and those at the bottom, and looking at IQ charts and history, ethnicity will continue to be a good indicator where you'll end up because, surprise surprise, genes play a central part when it comes to determine your intelligence, along with everything else. I'm an English tutor in a language school and even though I treat all my students equally, there are still the smart ones and the not so smart ones. I had hundreds of students by now and guess what, the chinese kids are usually the A students.

Pretty sure everything I said is common sense but nobody dares to say it on the media. In fact, I partially agree with avoiding talking about this because it is a delicate subject and dumb and violent people will use these facts as an excuse to do awful things to each other, but I also disagree to pretend it doesn't exist. Not even scientists with all the hard data in hands can talk about this. It will remain an open secret for now but not for much longer I'm guessing. This is the elephant in the room for a very long time now, it will come out at some point.
We'll see how things go from here.


> Not even scientists with all the hard data in hands can talk about this.
This. It’s just insanity but it will come back to bite the left. It’s already starting to with many men pretending to be succubi and then winning sports competitions. But they know this, they know people are unequal but in their hubris they are trying to stamp out individuality. You can even see it I’m the way “rights” movements have subtly changed their slogans from equality to equity. They know that western countries are incredibly equal, but now they demand equity. It can’t be sustained forever. There will come a tipping point where people realize the delusions peddled by the left are just that. When people can’t humor the trannies anymore or can no longer explain why Tyrone just isn’t able to do math as well as Tojo.


There's no way you can claim to know that these effects are genetic and not cultural. The culture blacks have developed is one that has lived with the reality of systemic racial oppression for generations leading back to when they were slaves. Why would you expect them to be educated if their educational opportunities have been systematically attacked over generations? It is only a very recent development that blacks were allowed into the same schools as whites and the reality of the matter is that they're still very segregated with blacks going to worse, underfunded schools because the school funding is attached to local property taxes and since blacks are more poor and own less valuable property they consistently raise less money from them than rich white suburban areas. Also, why would you expect them as a culture to even value education in the first place when they are excluded from the opportunites such education would bring anyway? Without equal opportunity they would naturally be less inclined to fall for the normalfag wage slave memes.


File: 1592235668586-0.jpg (533.92 KB, 815x3993, 815:3993, 5.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1592235668586-1.png (53.42 KB, 744x541, 744:541, 4.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1592235899664.jpeg (82.22 KB, 1024x430, 512:215, A35EC71C-F102-4FCB-9CC8-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Culture is as hereditary as genes. So even if blacks magically become super civilized geniuses when raised in a different environment, the group as a whole still perpetuates their awful culture and are just actively sabotaging themselves. Also if you admit that what’s really holding back blacks is their culture and not racism, then you’ve defeated any argument for stuff like BLM in the first place.


>>245943 here. Just wanted to make one last reply to you before other wizzies attack you.

Yes I'm sure we can improve a lot in the cultural side of things and I do believe the culture is the one thing we can improve, so let's work on that. I don't think we as a society (I'm talking global here, I'm not even an US citizen) should have all our eggs solely in the "racism" basket though. I never see the US media trying to make black people to take responsiblity for their own actions. It's always this victim card that's played on them and I think this is a complete shit tactic for all sides, including blacks themselves, perhaps it hurst them the most. Again, I'm not saying racism doesn't exist but there has to be a better, well rounded message here. I think we can improve that message, it can always be improved.

Now to finish my reply to you because I really hate to talk about pol. Everything I'm going to say now doesn't retract anything I said above, BUT, I don't think culture and genes are separate. One thing that is happening with the current racial issues in the US is that people from across the globe is now talking about it too. Countries that has no history of slavery, and yet when they punch the numbers they see that, yes, ethnicity is a good indicator of your position in life. I'm not even talking about black people btw, but again we see genes play a part. You can say it's a purely cultural thing again, which I won't agree. It doesn't really matter I guess, since there's not much you can do about genes existing. So culture is what we have left.

You know, I'm being completely crazy here, but if both sides of this debate in the US would just chill a bit and come up with a better message/discussion about racial relations that doesn't excuse blacks on their share of the problem and actually treat them like actual citizens while also adressing whatever racism that fucks minorities up and how to improve on that end, everything would be better for everybody everywhere. The way you guys are handling this makes me think that the title for this thread is more accurate than ever.


This is some real shitty evidence, but I've gone over the existing evidence and I concede that blacks have lower intelligence on average and that these effects are genetic. That's beside the point. Does the genetic predisposition for lower intelligence in blacks on average explain their current lot in life? No, absolutely not. Each point of IQ only accounts for about $300 more income per year according to data on intelligence and income. This fits with what you would expect from common sense. A 100 IQ person can easily earn more than someone with an IQ of 120, there are other factors that are much more important like who you know. Nepotism is still the rule for hirings, not the exception. The vast majority of new hires are people existing employees have some sort of a relationship with before they were hired. Each generation's treatment affects the starting position of the next generation and each generation you go back in history in the US the uglier it gets for blacks from a position of racial oppression. If they were accepted from the start of this country as full and equal citizens, then today there would be a very small difference in social outcomes between blacks and whites just like you see with outcome between individuals with different IQs. People use these small differences in intelligence between the groups to justify the racial oppression that has created today's status quo, but that's fucking bullshit, the history of systemic racism is by far a much larger explanation for the inequality we see today.


You don't understand the leftist mind or how they understand this issue. This is very black and white for them with no room for deviation. You're arguing for a compromise, but as far as they care this is no different than if you were arguing for a compromise about committing genocide. There is absolutely no room for compromise in that. Besides, there aren't two sides in the debate, so there is no point in even arguing for a compromise or mutual respect. Self-described racial realists are completely out of the debate at this point. The only people in the public debate are leftists and the "conservatives" who accepted all their premises but disagree on the details or solutions.

Case in point: Jared Taylor would agree with most of what you said, and he's defined as a "White Supremacist" by the people who control the debate.


Won't happen. Peak white has already been reached, and, this is as good as it will get.

Asians can perform well on tests but useless in areas that need initiative like war and economics.


File: 1592238370742.mp4 (9.29 MB, 720x720, 1:1, give10dollarstoanigger.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I want to know, would the communist spammer give $10 to a nigger if the commissar told him to? Would he give up all his property to the nigger collective, when the time comes to do so?


>be the product of a sephardi outcast atheist jew and a mestiza
>from a country where whites are a minority
>get called white supremacist
I would be the brownest person to ever be called a white supremacist. Finally I could be the first at something.

Ugh, pol is upsetting. I'm done here.


If you concede that there's a genetic component, then why bother with the rest of your post? It's not the 60s. Systemic racism today is as low as you can possibly get it, and the system even favors minorities in a lot of areas now. There are more scholarships and free money available to minorities than ever before. So what should white people do? We can't make them perform better. We tried. We are still trying. But they are handicapped from the get go, and worse the culture they have now handicaps them further and makes them not want to try and get educated or earn money any other way than rapping or sports. At this point if blacks or any minority wants a better lot in life that's their responsibility. We have given them access to infrastructure and money. They have full rights. What else could we cede to them?

He was agreeing with you.


>He was agreeing with you.
Yeah I know, I was just making a joke.


This shit makes me think of what >>245949 was saying. I know that no one will pass up a free ten bucks, but do any of the blacks get angry that they're just some charity case? It's like some rich asshole walking by and casually handing you a $100 and saying "buy yourself something nice you heathen". They don't feel demeaned by it?


And negros have just so happen to have been "racially oppressed" for the entirety of human history? I don't buy it.


In that case whites are truly a lost cause. The more I think about it the more I think whites are genetically more empathetic and as such, more susceptible to guilt. Think about it, there is no equivalent of white guilt that exists in any other ethnic group anywhere in the world. We are the only people on the planet to give Affirmative Action type benefits to other ethnic groups in our own countries. Some non-white countries do have affirmative action policies but they're put in place by the majority to protect the majority. South Africa has it to give preference to black South Africans over whites. Malaysia has it to give the Malays preference over the Chinese. We're the only ones to do this the other way around.


> but useless in areas that need initiative like war and economics.
What? You need to explain this


I assume he jabs at their poor decision-making and management skills.


Very good documentary on the nature of coercion by the State


What do you mean by conservative?
In the standard normie political sense I am not a conservative at all. Not even close.
But because I am right of marx I am consistently called a ultra far right super nazi here for daring to not like communism or socialism in particular and collectivism in general.

To put it very overly simply I value individual liberty and being left alone. Apparently me not wanting my money stolen and given to womyn and breeders makes me evil incarnate.


…wait, does that graph on the far right REALLY have a correlation of 0.81? Visually, it appears to have as much spread as the previous two graphs. Let me see the dataset on it.


File: 1592259217455.jpg (48.37 KB, 615x557, 615:557, EaISPYEXQAIoFFU.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I don't have a pdf of that book so I can't really give data source.


"The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses."

—Vladimir Lenin

"We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us."

—Vladimir Lenin

"Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred."

—Joseph Goebbels

"By means of shrewd lies, unremittingly repeated,
it is possible to make people believe that heaven is hell - and hell heaven.
The greater the lie, the more readily it will be believed."

Adolf Hitler

Just a little something to think about…


1. all those claims are factually correct and not really ideological nor political
2. modern marketing and mass manipulation procedures are much more harmful for society


>all those claims are factually correct and not really ideological nor political
They are all opinion or intent statements, not statements of fact.
I don't think you actually know what factually correct means.


Today, the American Supreme Court refused to hear several cases involving gun restrictions. Instead, it made it illegal to fire homosexuals, transsexuals and other sexual deviants. This comes from a supposedly "conservative" majority, although what these conservatives are conserving is a mystery.

This is from an article on Politico:

>Seven years ago, just nine Senate Republicans supported a bill codifying workplace protections for sexual orientation and gender identity. And after it passed the Senate, the GOP-controlled House never took it up.

>But on Monday, the Republican Party seemed generally supportive of both the substance and process by which the Supreme Court extended Civil Rights Act protections to gay, lesbian and transgender workers. President Donald Trump declined to trash the decision, calling it “powerful” — and his party largely agreed with the Supreme Court’s surprising ruling.


File: 1592276011576.png (182.37 KB, 625x300, 25:12, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Wow, it's actually coming true.


Disgusting. I hope the deranged alphabet "people" won't get any rights ever in my country.


trump is a centrist, the "obscene right winger" image is just propaganda. people shouldn't take narratives seriously


And this should really cement that politics are a complete waste of your time.


>Step 1: Get hired by megacorp for some shit tier minimum wage job.
>Step 2: Act like a tranny or homo.
>Step 3: Act increasingly lazy, incompetent and annoying until fired.
>Step 4: File multi million dollar lawsuit.
>Step 5: Contact LGBTQIA+-% groups and media outlets.
>Step 6: Settle out of court for 6 figure payday.

And if you're a legit wizard they would have zero evidence that you're not a homo. Not to mention with all the "ironic" gayposting that goes on here a lot of you have experience with step 2. Some of you wouldn't even be pretending for step 2, or even step 3 for that matter.


Whites just need to wait them out. Eventually they will turn the world into ash and rubble. Then the whites can return from the mountains.


Well the problem is the huge number of normalfags who made this superficial politicking their religion. Which caused the present situation where you're one failure to virtue signal away from getting beaten to death. I can't help but feel they will come for us at some point if this continues.
It hurts me because I'm just a sad old lonely crustacean who never did anything to anyone, but outside of ephemeral anonymous postings like these I can't ever discuss my issues with anyone. The guaranteed jumping to conclusions and immediate hostility is one thing, but saying whatever might be used to flag you as an undesirable is downright dangerous now. The righteous wokie hordes are scrambling to dox whomever they don't like and sic lynch mobs on them.
Things just keep getting more depressing.


Megacorps use at will contracts for wagies so they can just fire whoever is a problem without giving a cause or reason.



Cleanse got the boot because of its field text, which reads “destroy all black creatures”




This guy got fucking rekt, one less libshit gross parasite



And another one


"No reason" actually he was moving his wrists away from the cuffs and struggling, probably a pissed off weed smoking anarchist who thinks he is a sovereign citizen and shouldn't get arrested, so he got a rightful beatdown.


Your kind aren't welcome here kid.



File: 1592307007624.jpg (103.3 KB, 720x529, 720:529, Poppy-fields-and-soldiers.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

all mafia is jew at the top and jews are the ones who promote liberal democracy.



Are you surprised the supreme court found it was illegal to discriminate against people in 2020? That's a basic value of liberal republics everywhere (of which the US is the first and oldest).


>Are you surprised
Absolutely not, I am in fact probably even less surprised than most progressives. That was expected, even inevitable. What surprises me is the speed at which US is progressing, not the direction. Watch the video and you'll know why.


It is not illegal to discriminate against people. I can discriminate against someone because they have a low credit score, I can discriminate against them because they have a history of not paying for services, I can discriminate against them because they are wearing clothes or have tattoos or a hair style that I find offensive… discrimination is how free association works, and there's nothing wrong with that.


Okay but not on gender or race, this is legal precedent.


The practice of crossdressing and wearing makeup is not a gender.


but you can't even tell it's crossdressing unless you pay attention to their gender in the first place, and then it becomes that you're discriminating against only memebers of that gender who are doing the thing you don't want to allow which is literally illegal. Now if you want to ban anyone who wears a dress and makeup, go right ahead, but if you only want to ban the men who are doing that, that's clear cut gender discrimination.


It's entirely legal for men to be denied jobs for facial hair, but not succubi. It's also completely legal to make separate uniforms for men or succubi and demand that men have shorter hair than succubi. It's not gender discrimination at all. It's also already legal to discriminate against pedophiles and registered sex offenders, only trannies and gays get special treatment.


>you're discriminating against only memebers of that gender who are doing the thing you don't want to allow which is literally illegal
So if I go to the succubi's locker room in my factory and strip naked it would be illegal for them to fire me for it? Cool.


The argument is about discrimination regarding characteristics that are inherent to the individual and not a matter of free choice, such as race or sexuality.


Just because you have autogynophilia doesn't mean you're forced to crossdress in public.
If someone in their job interview states, "By the way, I am sexually aroused by feces. It's a very large part of my life and I will therefore be wearing clothes which proclaim my scatophilia to everyone and I would like to be addressed as 'poop-lover'." It would be entirely legal to deny him the job because of that. His sexuality is not why he is being denied the job, his behavior is.


What about race?


What? What does race have to do with this >>245999?


I'm asking you whether you agree that racial discrimination should be illegal and why.


>President Donald Trump declined to trash the decision, calling it “powerful”
Wait, what? Just this same month Trump got rid of healthcare protection for lgbt people. Is the president really this much of a two-face conman.


But that's completely irrelevant to the discussion we're having.


Pretty sure he just signs whatever congress puts in front of him.


It has everything to do with it, and the fact that you can't give a short and straight answer makes me believe that you know it.


File: 1592346624945.mp4 (180.62 KB, 640x480, 4:3, explain_the_logic_underlyi….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>It has everything to do with it,


jfc this is the most baldfaced attempt at derailment I've ever seen.


The issue at hand is discrimination, and what sort of discrimination should be legal or not. Knowing whether you think discriminating based on race should be illegal or not would give insight to your belief.


File: 1592349641446.png (141 KB, 475x468, 475:468, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>whether you think discriminating based on race should be illegal
You mean like Affirmative Action?


It could be firing someone because of their race, denying them services because of their race, refusing to rent for them because of their race, or anything like that. Should that discrimination be allowed?


File: 1592351873601.png (158.09 KB, 260x264, 65:66, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

So like…scholarships that are exclusive to a certain race?


So you mean like affirmative action or not?


Why is "insight into my belief" necessary for you to respond to my points here >>246055? I don't see anything in the post that hinges on my personal traits or beliefs. Presenting yourself as a crossdresser is different from race because one is a matter of free choice and the other is not. Therefore any discussion on racial discrimination is irrelevant to this topic.


I think that discrimination of someone based on irrelevant inherent factors is wrong but I also believe fully in freedom of association.

Rather then use the force of law and violence to force people to hire certain people, it is far more ethical and makes a lot more sense to remember that freedom of association is a double edged sword. If word gets out that some person or organization is bigoted assholes then people such as their customer base or desirable workers are free to disassociate with such a organization leaving them high and dry.
Their actions have consequences without the need for violence, ether by vigilantes or from the state.
Thus through freedom the problem of discrimination is solve as it rewards those who base their decisions on merit and punishes those who base them or dumb shit like gender preference and race.
No quotas, no laws needed, no affirmative action, no threat of state violence. Just freedom and capitalism to the rescue.


Because I'm not talking about crossdressing and I need to know where you're coming from in this discrimination debate so I can tell you whether you're inconsistent or your principle is flawed or maybe something else.

The question I made is pretty simple. Any leftist would proudly state that discrimination about race is wrong just as discrimination about sex and they both should be illegal. There would be no attempt to obfuscate that. A few days ago Tucker Carlson mentioned roughly that you can tell which ideology is gaining ground by how willing their supporters are to express their beliefs, and it's absolutely true. You ask so-called right wingers about these topics and they'll obfuscate their opinions, but a left winger will tell you and the whole world what they believe in.


> Any leftist would proudly state that discrimination about race is wrong
No the fuck they wouldn't.
They are probably some of the most racist people I have ever met in person.


You're trying to make this discussion about my personal beliefs instead of the original issue of discrimination against those who call themselves transgendered. That makes me think that you're uninterested in having a discussion about the issue. Am I incorrect? If I am then please accept my attempt to refocus this. If I'm not incorrect then I suppose this conversation is over.


He's just trying to force you into a catch-22. If you say racial discrimination should be illegal, he'll call you a racist bigot. If you say it shouldn't be illegal, he'll argue that you're a hypocrite and also a bigot, maybe not a racist one, but just as bad. Either way he thinks he can make you (and by extension, anyone on the right) look bad and potentially influence the beliefs of more neutral observers here.

Also worth pointing out that he completely dodged the topic of affirmative action, which is a policy that blatantly discriminates on the basis of race and gender.


The discussion is about discrimination. The supreme court ruling was about LGBT people, not "transgendered". It is now illegal to fire people who are homosexual for being homosexual, for example. I can only assume that you would be fine with discriminating against someone who is homosexual but otherwise looked straight? I don't know, it's hard to talk to you because you obfuscate your beliefs instead of being straightforward.

You are wrong, that's not what I want. You are assuming too much. You people are so on guard, it's like you're expecting me to burst through your door and scream "you fell for my trap, your life is over!" as soon as you give a simple answer.


>The supreme court ruling was about LGBT people, not "transgendered"
The T in LGBT is for transgendered.


File: 1592364696817.gif (Spoiler Image, 324.3 KB, 360x457, 360:457, 1581541233583.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Yes my based magapede, Democrats are the REAL racists!


We're not talking only about them. Are you?


> You are assuming too much
You are one to talk, lol.


>Democrats are the REAL racists!
I mean they literally are both historically and currently. Their actions speak a lot louder then any virtue signaling to the contrary.


How so? For the last few posts I've been trying to know what you actually believe in instead of just assuming it.


And yet you still make loads of assumptions along with many incorrect premises based on those assumptions.
Like the assumption that I am the other guy that you keep trying to get a gotcha on but aren't clever enough to pull it off.


I was, yes.


>Like the assumption that I am the other guy
That's the "loads of assumptions"? It is just one. I'll explain to you how it works: We're in an anonymous imageboard. If I reply to someone, and then I receive a reply regarding the same subject, I can only reply as if it were that person, as I am unable to identify your person as another participant. Is that all? Please do not butt in other people's conversations like that if such confusion disturbs you so much.

Then we're not talking about the same thing. I am talking about the right to discriminate in general and the supreme court ruling about discrimination against LGBT people in particular. I am not talking about crossdressing because the supreme court ruling is not specifically about that, but rather about expanding protections against discrimination to LGBT people.


Just because the government groups them doesn't mean I have to.


It's hilarious how he's trying so hard to drive you guys into that one 'genius' trap he devised. Looney Tunes commie spammer edition.


What do you mean? Are you saying you don't group LGBT people together? If yes, are you saying that you support anti-discrimination laws for, suppose, homosexuals, but not for transsexuals or crossdressers?


Do you always assume that any inquiry into your beliefs are just someone setting some trap? How can you have any meaningful discussion that way?


> If yes, are you saying that you support anti-discrimination laws for, suppose, homosexuals, but not for transsexuals or crossdressers?


Anti-discrimination laws are a joke for the most part anyway. lgbt-wise, unless it is something like healthcare which you could easily see the discrimination(and yeah lgbt people are actively discriminated against by healthcare organizations, no one cares), then the laws mean absolutely nothing. An employer could fire you or not hire you because you're gay, you're black, or maybe she/he just thinks you're fucking weird and doesn't like you. The employer just has to make up some bullshit that doesn't hurt anyone's feelings and there would be no proof otherwise. The concept itself sounds nice but in reality is fruitless and leads to senseless crap like 'affirmative action' where you end up with the sassy niggress at the DMV that works as slow as is possible for someone who doesn't give a single shit.


When people tell you what they believe point blank but it doesn't fit what you are trying to do you ignore or spin.
What you are doing is transparent as fuck.
You aren't as clever as you seem to think you are.


File: 1592370856323.gif (982.52 KB, 400x223, 400:223, 1566670393447.gif) ImgOps iqdb

OK. Oh, boy, it was sure a journey to find out that you actually agreed with >>246048 for the most part. And just to be clear, I am against anti-discrimination laws and wanted to know to what extent you were against them because I wanted a sort of meta-discussion about them from a right wing perspective regarding how to address the argument itself.

No, I literally only wanted to know to what extent he was against anti-discrimination laws. But it's almost like I'm talking to a lawyer protecting his client. "You don't have to answer the question!"


To be fair he really is under no requirement to answer your questions, nor do so in exactly the way you want him to.
Your motivations are suspect and all good faith has been destroyed.
Those are the terms and context of this thread you have to deal with whether you like it or not.
No one trust you nor should they. There is no more giving the benefit of the doubt.


File: 1592395168496.jpg (9.57 KB, 260x194, 130:97, hesright.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Prageru and poverty: misinformation amateur hour


Fuck off.


File: 1592416795151.jpg (101.81 KB, 720x720, 1:1, fakeNews3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Fox news photoshopping to spread hysteria. It's fake news folks.


Prageru and tradition: the conservative utopia


File: 1592418275044.jpg (76.18 KB, 1080x1127, 1080:1127, EaGjOa_XQAgyg56.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Sand nigger on the fundamentally broken police system.


Marxist socialist globalist Jew John Oliver on systematic racism inherant to the police system.


File: 1592420607557.mp4 (9.09 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ripsave - New footage from….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Welcome to CHAPO 2077

(Edit of some dumbass Fox news montage that Tucker Carlson made to demonize the rebellion. Based on the cyberpunk 2077 commercial)


Antifa anarchist Marxist Jew dunks on cuckservitards arguments against the rebellion




So, have you given $10 to a negro yet? >>245954


File: 1592423087029.jpg (89.53 KB, 540x960, 9:16, trump23.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

One random guy saying a naive idea somehow makes you hate an entire movement? It's a better idea to liberate property from the property owners and turn all workplaces into worker cooperatives. The rich are the thieves that looted half a trillion dollars from the treasury anyway, but why do you pick on the poor trying to scrape from crumbs?


Your money is your property is it not? You're going to have to give all that up once your revolution happens, you realize that right?
>One random guy saying a naive idea
Everyone was cheering him, I didn't see any backlash at all. Do you disagree with him on moral or on pragmatic grounds? If it's just pragmatic then there's nothing keeping you personally from following his supposedly just ideal and giving your money to a negro.


File: 1592423920742.png (85.9 KB, 679x261, 679:261, unplanned.png) ImgOps iqdb

>It's a better idea to liberate property from the property owners
Got you covered comrade.

Now stop hoarding your 10bux. Are you a kulak? Denounce your white privilege and pay reparations to the negroes. Or else.


Money is a medium of exchange, it's not property. More specifically, I meant expropriate capital, not money. Money does not produce wealth and it is a social construct, but capital does and it has material value.

Poor people don't own factories, only the ruling class does, despite the poor building those factories and the poor building all the wealth in the world, by means of private property rights violently enforced by the government, the wealth built by workers is stolen and horded by the title holders of that property, giving the wealth created by work to those that do nothing but "own" land. In other words, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and passive income is a myth. We are tired of being exploited, so now we will fight back.

Our ultimate goal will not just be be turning the capitalist factory into the peoples factory, a workers cooperative ran by a consensus direct democracy based on self management and decentralization, and abolishment of the government to be replaced by a decentralized, federated liquid democracy with power flowing from the bottom up, our ultimate goal will be the complete overthrow of all the existing social relations perpetuated by the ruling class and the complete abolishment of the factory itself. We do not just want more money or "egalitarianism" (I am not an "egalitarian" and I am a communist so I want to abolish money), turning a factory into a "peoples" factory will not be enough, we want to abolish the factory itself, we want to enjoy life to the fullest and live a ludic lifestyle of play.


>three arrows
I had no idea art hoes and aging hipsters browsed wizchan.


Ah yes, the "capital" delimiter. You do know that your computer is capital, yes? And if you have a car, that's capital. Anything that can be used to turn a profit. How are you envisioning this going down exactly? Are you and everyone else going to willingly give up your capital to… who? A mob? A centralized state? What happens if someone says that they'd rather keep their computer? Are you going to kill them? Are you willing to go to the houses of the wizards who post here and take their computers, cars, who knows what else, at gunpoint?
What happens if a group of people forms who decide that they'd rather own their capital privately? Will you leave them alone, go to war with them, what? If you leave them alone, what are you going to do with the inevitable mass of capital owners who flee from your new country because they want to keep their stuff? Kill them, imprison them? Let them go?


I mean capital as a means of production: a factory, the roads, the library, all collectively used property. No one is telling you to share your personal possessions such as your toothbrush or your car, we only want the factory and the land that the capitalist has privayzed to get rich off the blood of the working class. The earth belongs to everyone, not the rich that have divided and conquered it with money, rented and exploited it, and desecrated everything sacred from it. If, however, you can work on a factory entirely by yourself, not having the need to create wageslaves in order to operate the factory, then it won't be expropriated (good luck with this. Nearly all work is done collectively. I only say this so that you realize that people can be freelancers and work alone if they wish, as long as they don't enslave anyone). I already said in my previous post, I want decentralization and to abolish the state, not a centralized authoritarian state like China (see this video for an explanation on the difference between the means and ends between libertarian communists and authoritarian ones. I am a libertarian). It is basically bottom up prefigurative politics ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prefigurative_politics ) from the bottom up, not the top down. Which is why we support libertarian rebellion so fervently, because they are part of the revolutionary process of making people class conscious, so that they realize their true enemies are the government and capital, not just capital (which is why we do not use the state, but abolish it and build libertarian alternatives to the state). I don't want to impose freedom onto people. You can't force people to be free, because of they still have the slaves spirit into them they will just form another state and become slaves to capital again. To break free from the spirit of slavery we struggle through rebellions like this (this was a spontaneous one. Ideally it would be more organized like a general strike, but it is good nonetheless since people are realizing that their true power is not in politicians, but in themselves and their communities). We hope these struggles will build the psychological basis for a libertarian paradigm shift and lead us into our ultimate emancipation into a free world.


Stop mansplaining. Your kind talks about "we," "us," and "our" but your blubbering shows you can only think from the position of a whiteprivileged whipcracking master.
What you really mean is always ME ME ME, you want to "equalize" everyone but only in that one particular way which profits YOU first and foremost.
Oh, so suddenly you're displeased with the system you've built on the corpses of POC? Good.
But wait a second… you demand to be "equal"? Excuse me? You wish to place yourself on the same level as the peoples who had to endure centuries of ceaseless slavery and cultural rape to build it all for you? They brought you where you are on THEIR bloodied backs. They bleed and suffer even now to fuel your criminal privilege. Right now thousands are dying locked in this capitalist meatgrinder so you can go online and post your white ideas about a world where you don't have to do shit.
You have the gall to wash your hands off the blood and say OK, let bygones be bygones and from now on we're going to be all equal?
No, it doesn't work like that you cryptofascist shit. Your life doesn't matter until Black Lives Matter. How can you still not understand this, despite all that's happened? The absolute arrogance of it is mind blowing, tbh I'm shaking right now. It's like you want to fuck them over again, throw everyone other than you and yours under the bus, all for a new pair of boots to lick.
Listen you racist prick. You don't even get to speak until you pay for what you've done. It's not in the past. It's still going on, still happening all around you yet here you are, enabling the white evil by sitting doing nothing, talking out of you're ass about some dreamed up fantasy. Your not even pretending to be an ally. You're actively co-opting the revolution. Typical colonist mentality.
Never forget this. You have to answer for 400 years of genocide, rape and systemic oppression on every imaginable level. So you better get out of there and start working to redeem your worthless ass, and you better not stop until the Black community judges the damage you wrought is fully repaired. Until then you keep your nazi mouth shut.
The whole Black world is crying in pain, trying to tell you this and you pretend to listen but really you never accept it. You refuse to internalize the facts, you plug your ears and keep dreaming up your utopian white fantasies. As you are now you are still the enemy, no better than the pigs.
Actually you're even worse, a wolf in sheep's clothing. Get it through your thick caucasian skull already you selfdeluded chud.


File: 1592428615304.jpg (124.94 KB, 750x500, 3:2, es-nazi-composite-twin-up.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Lol and people wonder why no one takes this thread seriously, shitposts like this. REMEMBER WIZKIDS, IF YOU SEE A NAZI DONT TRY TO TALK TO THEM, JUST PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE.


one of them just did that in new mexico and is gonna be shitting in a bag for the rest of his life


What you don't like when people beat you on your own game? That was hilarious lol
Maybe we should keep this thread after all.


Okay, so we've moved from expropriating capital to abolishing employment. Those are two very different things.

Some questions:
Would a person who owns a completely automated factory which he and his family maintains without employees be able to keep his property?

Would an outside contractor be considered an employee? Thus, if I purchase IT services for my office where I do work on my computer, would my computer then be seized from me?

If someone of their own free will wants to sign an employment contract with someone, is there anything that is keeping them from doing so? Will you use force to prevent the arrangement?

Once the employees own the capital that they used to operate, how will the business be managed? Will it just be up to the employees to figure it out for themselves? The only intuitive way I can see it to centralize power with some workers who happen to be good at business. Will these people be allowed to get paid more? And what happens if a worker is bad at their job or negligent? They can't be fired since they're a co-owner now, right?


Wait wait wait. You said here >>246195 you were libertarian, and now you're advocating assaulting people based on their clothing? Do you advocate killing these people as well? What is the deciding the factor on whether I can harm someone who's offended me? Could I assault an authoritarian communist if I saw one?


Now you're asking me to predict the future on a highly suspect hypothetical that isn't even likely. I can't tell you what the people in the future will decide, but personally for me it would depend on the size of the factory. If it like Jeff bezos Amazon size, multiple factories and shit then fuck no, if it is just a small trivial business that is automated then I don't give a fuck, it would be a good thing actually. I don't see why other people would care either as long as you're not exploiting anyone and servicing the community.
And no, I doubt a free world of free people would let you get into a loophole of enslavement by hiring contractors, who really are more exploited than traditional employees with no benefits, no PTO, cheaper and they are the reason we have a fucking gig economy. Someone could possibly freelance cleaning your house or something, but they would not be your subordinates, but equals. We reject contract theory because a flaw in its central claim, that the contract is a means to secure and enhance individual freedom. Slavery is the antithesis to freedom, so in theory, contact and slaves should be mutually exclusive. But historically, they have gone hand in hand, previously in the form of chattel slavery and now in the form of wage slavery. Contract theory cannot provide the theoretical support needed to secure and enhance individual freedom. Rather than undermining subordination, contract theorists justify modern subjugation and you will often seeing them say shit like "work is freedom. Choosing a boss is freedom, etc". The question central to contract theory is not "are people free?" Bit rather "are people free to subordinate themselves?" This type of question is only fitting for people that have be corrupted and depraved that they do not know what liberty means, the American "libertarian" is really just a propertarian ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propertarianismb). I don't believe that all contracts are legitimate. Free people would not make a deal that denies him freedom. If you are able to express yourselves by making free agreements, then those Agreements must be free internally as well. Any agreement that creates authoritarian social relations and thereby creates a negative liberty negates the assumptions underlying the agreement, making the agreement void. A "VOLUNTARY" slave is still a slave and would have no place in a free world. Unless it's a sex fetish or something I guess.
I only accept the forms of free agreement that are based on co-operation and self-management. We want to replace the relationships that negate liberty, which are those reflected under capitalism, with relationships that reflect positive liberty and self expression. This opposition between autonomy and subjection can only be supported by rejecting contract theory, and it is the key difference between actual libertarians like myself and the "right-wing" libertarians that stole the name and believe in property more than liberty. A free society can only be based on the individual whose individuality depends on the maintenance of free relationships with other individuals. If you deny another individual the capacity to self-manage themselves through contract the you introduce a negative qualitative change into the relationship, you turn freedom into slavery and subjugation. For us libertarians, these so-called voluntary relationships you call contracts are the paradigm of what freedom isnt, while you call it the ideal of freedom. Or as Hitler would say "arbeit macht Frei" (work is freedom). There are all sorts of problems with contract theory but I'll stop here. This video is how a free world might look like.


Hitler was a socialist.



Is it not true that all contracts create obligation which subordinate both parties to each other in certain ways? So, would it be correct that your stance is that contracts as a concept are aggression? Or is there some delimiter besides subordination (which will always exist in a contract) that determines whether a contract is aggression or not?
You say that
>I don't believe that all contracts are legitimate
Implying that some contracts are legitimate. The delimiter that you use that some deals "deny you freedom" is nebulous and ill-defined. Any choice that results in a change in your life circumstance eliminates certain paths your life can progress down and therefore denies you certain freedoms. There must be an objective test that can be applied to a contract to see whether or not it is legitimate in your ethos.


>I only accept the forms of agreement that are based on co-operation and self-management
There is your answer.
>Nebulous and I'll defined
It is the difference between a hierarchical relationship and a horizontal relationship of socially equals (and I stress that I'm not a egalitarian. No serious socialist is, we recognize that people are not clones and there are differences in the local material conditions, but that doesn't stop capitalist retards from strawmanning us). It is based on something we anarchists call "self-management" which pretty much means that all workers effected by a decision have an equal voice in making it, one worker one vote. This will end the division of labor between "physical" work and "mental" work, or in other words, the workers will become managers of industry, instead of selling their arms, blood, and brains to those that employ them. This will allow us to not only get out of production a quantitative output of commodities or wages, but we will also get out of work a qualitative benefit from being able to excercise more freely our human needs.
It is not the same as what the authoritarian socialist calls "workers-control" in which you vote on a manager or are appointment a manager by the so-called workers state (I stress that libertarians reject state socialism). It is also not the same as capitalist schemes in which workers have more say in how factories are run while maintaining wageslavery ("participation, co-determination, empowerment" or the other bullshit capitalist tricks they use to boost productivity and the profits of the capitalist). Self management is not simply giving workers a modicum of control in a strictly limited area of decision making, which is a voice at best secondary to those higher on the hierarchy. This is a capitalist scam made to give workers the illusion of true freedom so that capitalists can exploit them more of ideas or their increased motivation to "work". Self management means the end of hierarchy and authoritarian social relationships in a workplace, relacing them with free agreement, collective decision making, direct democracy, social equality and libertarian social relationships.

The delimeter is the difference between someone else making a decision for you and you actively participating in the decision making process that effects the collective workplace. This means collective work ownership, control of all aspects of production, distribution and investment. The means to do this if through participatory democratic workers assemblies, council's and federations. These entities would replace the functions formerly reserved for the capitalist owners, managers, financiers and executives and there activities would relate directly to productive activity rather than just maximizing profit and power.
Workplace self management is based around general meetings of the entire workplace, held regularly (though we don't make a fetish out of meetings and attendance will be voluntary). These meetings would be the final source of authority over decisions affecting policy and relations with other outside entities. They could elect workplace councils whose jobs are to implement the decisions of these assemblies and to make the day to day administration's decisions that will come up. The council is directly accountable to the workforce, subject to instant recall, and imperatively mandated. The councils will likely rotate members frequently so that the experience of a council member isn't monopolized by anyone. Smaller councils could be formed as desired within the smaller divisions of production, depending on the size of the workers cooperative.
This is one way in which workers could maintain free relationships as equals. They would associate together to cooperate without subjecting themselves to an authority and their collective decisions would remain under their direct control. Organization like this would afford people the fullest excercise of their liberty, without letting any individuals rise above others in anyway other than In their natural influence (social skills, Intellectual qualities ect), without the institutionalization of individual influence (no hierarchies). So if you have an idea that sounds good then you will be better able to influence the plan of the cooperative, and no one can impose an idea onto you simply because of a position they hold. A society based on these ideas has been proven to work before and the best example is from the Spanish civil war of fascist Franco vs the insurrectionary socialists in Catalonia. See video documentary on it or here is a historical book documenting their achievements https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/sam-dolgoff-editor-the-anarchist-collectives ) it's not some futuristic idea that is impossible, it's something that can be done in the here and now. And it's not a utopian idea. Utopia is impossible, I just think it will be better to live in than this shithole.


File: 1592436347107.png (89.08 KB, 730x490, 73:49, faceofcontempt.png) ImgOps iqdb

I see the commie is projectile diarrhea shitting all over the thread with spam and seeing what of his bait gets a response.

Is this your plan? To try and spam the thread to death?
If you can't get people to agree then use any means necessary to silence everyone else through volume?


I meant, more specifically, the delimeter is the difference between someone making a decision for you and you taking part in a decision that will effect you, under the influence of the agreement of the collective. You will have self-management of your own personal or local production units and be free to act how you like so long as you are meeting the minimum demands of the community or workers association. It's not like you can just take a place at a workplace and do fuck all, you will still be obligated to do things, albeit with far more freedom. I personally don't believe full automation will ever be possible or desirable, and since our ultimate goal is not a people factory, but the abolishment of the workplace, I do not see the factory as something neutral. It is an inherently oppressive creation that must be destroyed so that we can truly love a lifestyle of play rather than a dull life of work (and work will be better under self management but its still work. Better than wageslavery, but still work)


More specifically, rather than the factory, techno-industrial society is not neutral.


Don't feed that retard, report every post and move on.


How would you prevent a direct democracy like this from becoming a tyranny of the majority? It seems like a move to this framework would just put all the power in the hands of whatever person happens to be the best at influencing the short-term opinion of the voters. If an exceptionally charismatic demagogue arises he could have the same amount of power that the factory owner has today, and use the voting system to cement that power. Except here it's a lot less likely he'd have profit in mind, he's more likely to be the kind of person who cares most about social status since he arose out of natural selection for social engineering skills alone. I'm not sure that those who possess high intelligence or needed skills would be at much of an advantage at all in this system, since the #1 thing that you need to climb the hierarchy is social skills and social skills alone.
>a hierarchical relationship and a horizontal relationship of socially equals
But you seem to that people will remain social equals despite differences in personal ability. Why is that?

And another interesting point that this raises is, is the majority allowed to harm the minority? Could they sack someone just because he's unpopular? If it's just a direct democracy with no outside checks or balances I can't see why they wouldn't be able to. A more extreme example would be, the socially adept demagogue has a failing kidney and he convinces a majority of people to vote to forcibly remove the kidney of an unpopular worker and give it to the demagogue. Do you envision this system being enforced by an outside power or is it something that would just naturally arise? If it just naturally arises you have to accept the possibility that some groups of people will disagree that this is the best way to arrange things and go for a more anarcho-capitalist approach. Are you willing to let those people do their own thing?

This is more about contracts in general, not just employment contracts. If I build a house on a vacant piece of land, and a family approaches me and asks to rent it, and we both come up with a contract that we agree on, would this be aggression? It doesn't violate your delimiters, we both took part in making the decision and creating the terms, and we both agree on the terms. What ethical principal exactly is being violated?


Can you give me a historical example of tyranny of the majority ever happening? I'm not aware of any. I can give you countless examples of tyranny of the minority though.
>Social equals
Maybe politically equals is a better wording since it is impossible and undesirable to get rid of peoples natural social influence. One person one vote.
Anyway I could answer you more but I don't feel like it right now, maybe I will later if I get the motivation.

Finally liberals are calling out Facebook for platforming far right groups that spread conspiracy theories. Leftists have known this for a long time, but now that a liberal is getting so mad about it on the corporate news I hope it gains traction and they ban all these neo fascists from Facebook. Btw he is only mad now because they are now spreading a conspiracy about Joe that he assisnated his assistant, he probably wouldn't care if it didn't personally effect him, liberal scum.


Do an internet search for "sundown town".
I can't see how you can have faith that it would be impossible for an unjust or harmful ruling to pass a popular vote if people are riled up enough.


>Can you give me a historical example of tyranny of the majority ever happening? I'm not aware of any. I can give you countless examples of tyranny of the minority though.
…is this one of those things where you define the words in your sentence really weird so that you make yourself correct even though nobody agrees with you?


Yeah he's not very smart.


File: 1592448287556.webm (2.82 MB, 1280x692, 320:173, Black Lives Matter.webm) ImgOps iqdb

This guy told a group of blacks that they couldn't just cut the line the line. As a result, he got brutally beaten, and the guy that kicked him in the teeth in the end shouted "black lives matter". If he had a weapon and defended himself he'd probably be branded a racist and thrown in prison for the rest of his life.

What do you think, did he deserve it for not recognizing his White privilege and therefore have systematically oppressed that group of black youth?


I mean he literally violenced with microaggressions at these peaceful youths. That's a full racism in my book. Not quite as bad as shoah but close.
Also fake news white supremacist propaganda false flag photoshop, shut up fascist.


Good video explaining how Forest Gump is a 1984 tier ruling class propaganda movie that upholds the capitalist cultural hegemony. It should be called cointelpro the movie instead of Forest Gump. I still like it though, it's a good film.


File: 1592452187357.jpg (407.97 KB, 2039x1530, 2039:1530, auntTeefa.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Violence happens everyday. I could just as easily find you white people attacking other white people or white people attacking black people or black people attacking other blacks or Mexicans attacking whites ect.. what those people did was fucked up, they jumped that guy. No reasonable person would defend that. But it's obvious what the fuck you white supremacist pieces of shit are trying to do here
You are RACE BAITING. This is why when you go on any fucking white supremacists website they always have a section called "black crime" to stir on the racist prejudices of users. I don't understand why you people freak out so much when people call you what you rightfully are, far right extremists. And far right extremists tend to be terrorists, whether they are white christians or right wing Muslims in the middle east, or right wing extremists in south America. It's pretty fucking obvious and youre not fooling anyone that isn't a moron.


>what those people did was fucked up, they jumped that guy. No reasonable person would defend that
This person would >>246198


??? Lol you fucking idiot I'm that guy. I'm the person that posted the aunt teefa post and I posted the puncha Nazi post. Like idk wtf you people have this crazy idea about leftists. I'm not denying that there are crazy people out there, and they tend to be white people, that think white people should be ultra cucks to blacks, but they are a tiny tiny tiny fucking fringe minority. Ask any leftist of that video is okay and 9.9 times out of ten they will say it's fucked, but we know that you're fucking race baiting when you post shit like that in the way that fucking white supremacist did.


So far I've only seen packs of feral niggers doing this shit.


File: 1592475562338.jpg (45.81 KB, 768x768, 1:1, Eaqnn68WoAA98iN.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


literally nothing wrong with living with/off your parents, as far as I know only sociopath anglo countries like the US have that system enforced by decades upon decades of propganda telling them to be (((independent))) and (((individualist))) and buy into the (((housing market)))


Nothing wrong if you are a wizard, wizardly person. But those fucks want to decide our future. But they don't understand that they're basically digging their own graves.


You can take your 8shit memes back where you came from.


They are bitter normies with crab in a bucket complex who want to see the world destroyed because they can't always get their way despite most having nothing to even complain about.


But what's the control group? The control group should be Reddit as a whole, and I suspect the percentages are about the same.


Sounds like they're just a bunch of teenagers.


It's funny because these are the people who will shame you the hardest if you live with your parents and are generally labelled a loser. They'll eventually eat you alive for some arbitrary reason even if you bend over backwards for their anti-white terrorist ideology.


Yeah I bet you'd have that same attitude if it was a video of a group of skinheads beating on a black person.


WizchAn 2020. Just get out of this site already


Interesting that you focus on the living wit their parents on not the fact that only 14% of them support free speech.


If you don't hate neets then why is that in the meme? You should be permanently banned off this fucking website you piece of shit


I mean it's redzit so yeah, that's a given.

You do realize not everyone who lives with their parents or doesn't have a job isn't automatically a wizard or worthy of defending. Hell, it doesn't even necessarily mean they are neets. They could just be young and still in school.
These are freedom hating collective loving normies we are talking about. Not recluses or wizards.


You are a fucking weasel trying to at the same time post slyly how you hate neets but the. At the same time back out of it and deny so you don't get perma banned like you fucking deserve. This isn't even the first time you pieces of shit have used anti-neet rhetoric on here. It doesn't matter if they are normies or not, and some of them aren't even normies, it's the spirit of denigrating people for having meet qualities which is bad and why you should be fucking banned. It wreeks so heavily of normalfilth bullying wizards in real life for being homeless and neets. Get the fuck out of WizchAn back to kiwifarms or cow or whatever shithole you came from and don't come back


File: 1592493229625.jpg (173.54 KB, 1818x1818, 1:1, trumpFascist3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Don't fucking tell me that Trump isn't a fascist when he's doing shit like this.

Here is what the Nazis did to wizards https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_triangle_(badge)


>Those considered anti-social included alcoholics, homeless, gypsies,[1] beggars, nomads, and prostitutes.

What exactly do you think a wizard is?

Also trump isn't fascist. 😜


Go back to /cow/. What do you think wizards tend to be normalfags or something like you????

The black badge included neets on welfare, the disabled, the anti-sociald, nomads, beggars, the homeless. All wizardly qualities and it's no doubt that he would have killed every single wizard on this website, only leaving the most normalfaggish virgins here that are probably just late bloomers instead of actual wizards..just go away already we don't want people like you browsing this website. Wizards tend to hate life but we don't want to be murdered and brutalized


Yeah man, true wizards always believe what the MSM says.


How about you fuck off to whatever shithole you came from you commie collectivist who would probably send most of this site's userbase to the death house because they don't agree with your monsterous gargage.
Because you seem to want to ignore what happens every single time communism or socialism is tried and what happens to social outcast.

Also anti-social doesn't mean what you think it means dumbass.


I always knew it right winger/conservatives are basically normies. Just look at their ideology. breeding pull bootstrap . might make right. female worship etc. Its very obvious.
Reminder that stormfag have overtake 4chan since 2012-13 probably backed by glowies in response to OWS. Infiltrate and subverting the comfy internet as we know it. If you remember the old internet things were less political until that shit cumskin trump happened.


Lol look this is censorship, happened in republican regime.
Right wing bootlickers in this boards like >>245906 will just chalk it off like its nothing.



Generally anyone identifying themselves as one or other 'wing' is a normie. It's all subjugation to the left-right paradigm. They always want to drag you into identifying as one or the other because they themselves feel obliged to 'take a stand' for whatever reason. Ultimately they mentality of both is pretty similar. So by saying 'x' wingers are normies, you're feeding into that. You're dragging us into 'picking a side' when the issues aren't that simple, EVEN if you do have a general set of priorities or particular understanding of history.

I think this is why you see this mob right-wing shit on 4chan. Most people posting to a site like that aren't going to be in line with the mainstream media, globalist corporatist, internationalist world order version of "liberalism" that gets pushed everywhere. I mean, at least when it comes to the explicit political views held by these people, they're not going to be in line with that (even if ultimately there's no escaping it).

I think if you're concerned with the 'comfy internet', then it's not simply the right wing that threatens it, it's people with the mentality of mainstream media consumers. One thing i noticed over time on 4chan is that earlier on, while people would make reference to 'current affairs' and so on, most discussion was more thematic and raised organically, and then over time I'd seen more and more OP's relating to current affairs and the MSM news cycle. For example 'female hate threads' on r9k used to go from people posting tonnes of OC filled with stats and unique arguments about feminism\misandry… to eventually people posting screencaps from The Daily Mirror genderwars bait, and cuck roleplaying, cheating, and cheating revenge stories from reddit. As the mainstream news moved online, they altered the way we discuss things online and who's most vocal. More 'normie' mentality, reptilian brained people love the type of left\right-wing tension politics that gets promoted by giant news corporations, etc because it lets them express their obnoxiousness, they're not even so concerned with their ideas and more just projecting personality. Those who want to express, share, debate more thoughtful, circumspect ideas online are now pushed to the periphery by globalist media and these mobs of groupthinkers, even when those mobs are technically opposing the 'establishment' positions espoused by that globalist media.



Look, there's nothing wrong with being a NEET. I am saying that outright, it's an admirable thing to avoid working. But when you call yourselves the "worker's party", when you write essays about the "plight of the worker" and how workers are supposedly being victimized, how is anyone supposed to take you seriously when we find out that you've never even set foot in a factory yourself? You're theorizing and lecturing about issues that are completely alien to you, that you're just sticking your nose into peoples business out of a lust for tyranny.
What exactly do you think NEETs are going to do in a communist society? Communism isn't centered around NEETs, it's centered around workers. Unless you have access to a Star Trek replicator, you aren't going to be allowed to sit around and do nothing all day. The workers make the decisions under communism, remember? Not your elite group of aristocrats who have dedicated your lives to leisure and lecturing.

Do you know under what system NEETs do have the chance to thrive? Capitalism. Your parents wouldn't be able to support you if they weren't allowed to amass capital. Capitalism is the only system where you're able to build something that can support you while you do nothing. Do you think that receiving passive income just because you are lucky or made some smart decisions is a bad thing? Congratulations, you're anti-NEET.


File: 1592499756788.jpg (122.39 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, rightWingTard.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Tried to obfuscate and devalue the left-right paradigm because he doesn't want people to recognize that the right want hiarachy and the left want social egalitarianism.
>Thinks there is a "liberal" world order conspiracy theory (like Jews) and is too stupid to recognize that we live in a capitalist world order with competing interests between capitalists divided in the liberal and conservative parties.
>Thinks right wingers are opposed to corporations and the establishment while literally electing a billionaire that regularly flirts with wall street, installs wall street and tons of corporations to the white house, cuts welfare but gives half a trillion dollars to his billionaire friends that we don't even know because he won't release the names
>Also watches corporatist fox news owned by the establishment Murdoch family whose company also owns most other mainstream media corporations but somehow right wingers think they hate corporations because they are hypocrites and have brain worms
>Admits to browsing 4chan like a normalfag he is
>Admits to being a crab browsing r9k and talking about how he hates succubi because they won't fuck him, yet he still thinks hes a wizard and belongs here
>More conspiracy theory about the "globalist Marxist Jews that are problem with all the world ills" that literally no one in acadamia recognizes. Only right wing comedian talk show hosts known for conspiracy theories spread these ideas like Alex Jones
>Uses all this to distract from the fact that right wingers continually make anti-neet anti-wizard posts here and more people are realizing it



Why don't you share with us the details of how neets were venerated and treated to lives of luxury by commies in:
-the USSR
-Comecon (pick any country)
-Maoist China
-North Korea
-Viet Nam

I'm sure it will be very enlightening.


Stop talking to yourself and literally get a job.


btw, here is a starting point:

>18. The Russian Socialist Federated Soviet Republic considers work the duty of every citizen of the Republic, and proclaims as its motto: 'He shall not eat who does not work.'

Article Two


Observe how the communist defends a multinational billionaire.


This site has really fallen so low for posts like this to go on and you don't get fucking perma banned.

Also say what you want about the user, I don't defend them, they weren't perfect and I'm not even a state socialist, but they didn't fucking kill people for being ANTI-SOCIAL and give them a black triangle badge like Nazis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_triangle_(badge)



>Along with VOS and VOG (which operated under the purview of the Commissariat of Social Services), these groups set for themselves the task of integrating disabled Russians into society by helping them find “socially useful work; helping them complete secondary and higher education and find suitable employment; and drawing them into the ranks of active builders of Communist society.”1
>The structure of VIKO was [that of] a national umbrella disability organization. All decisions were made democratically (in the early ’20s it was still allowed), and only people with disabilities had voting power at VIKO . . . VIKO focused its efforts on providing work opportunities for people with disabilities by creating special production lines, kindergartens, resorts, health retreats, vocational schools and sport centers.




www.reddit.com/r/antiwork leftist subreddit about abolishing work

>Refusal of work is behavior in which a person refuses regular employment.[1]

>As actual behavior, with or without a political or philosophical program, it has been practiced by various subcultures and individuals. Radical political positions have openly advocated refusal of work. From within Marxism it has been advocated by Paul Lafargue and the Italian workerist/autonomists (e.g. Antonio Negri, Mario Tronti),[1] the French ultra-left (e.g. Échanges et Mouvement); and within anarchism (especially Bob Black and the post-left anarchy tendency).[2]

Also this famous essay by anarchist about abolishing work Bob black(SEE VIDEO or read here https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/bob-black-the-abolition-of-work )

Also more socialist ANTI-WORK theory here https://theanarchistlibrary.org/category/topic/anti-work



LOL like I'm going to read some jobless moron's spergout.


File: 1592502036075.png (477.6 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hey here's an idea, why don't we oppose ALL authoritarianism? Wait, you'll just say we're lying and call us nazis anyway.

Communism always has been and always will be anti-neet. Citing some powerless writers who share your self-destructive neurosis doesn't change that. Join a voluntary commune if you want, but quit trying to force your tyrannical machine onto the rest of us.


i.e. they forcibly indoctrinated them in re-education camps and then forced them to work against their will.


The mods themselves are fascist sympathizer wiz, they never clarify shit in meta. No different than every other sites that have been infiltrated and subverted since long time ago.
Uboa, tohno, Incrab.co, maybe fbi/cia whatever already bought this site too. As a honeupot/watchdog/lol cow for other truwiz here.
There still bunker ch at this rate. But idk they stance on neets.


>commie crying about infiltration
oh the ironing


File: 1592502897906.jpg (73.2 KB, 640x765, 128:153, trumpNazi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You don't even know what authoritarianism means because you're too fucking stupid and once again trying to lie and obfuscate to distract from the fact that you break rule 4.
>Supports a government and state, literally meaning a monopoly on violence that forces you to lay tax but tries to say he isn't an authoritaria
>Largest military in the history of the world but says he isnt authoritarian
>Puts Mexicans in concentration camps and gases them with corona medicine that makes them bleed like in Nazi Germany but says he isn't an authoritarian
>Far right wing groups regularly kill police and attack people yet because they support Trump aren't shown in the news and says he isn't an authoritarian
>Supports militarized police force and Trump tries to Ock investigation of USA war crimes overseas yet says he isn't an aithoritarian
>Countless videos of police brutality recently against rebels and people simy reporting the news and says he isn't an authoritarian
>Trump even used secret police like in Nazi Germany to take a Bible photo yet says he isn't an authoritarian
>Does not understand that all statists are authoritarian by definition, whether they are right or left wing. And I said I was an anarchist, by definition antistate and he is too stupid to realize the difference
>Keeps denying being a Nazi and denies the countless evidence right in his face because he is a coward or too stupid to realize it.
>Also denies all the evidence of the ANTI-WORK socialism showing once again that you shouldn't debate Nazis, just lunch them in the fucking face

Source?? Oh right you're just lying like Nazis always do


>waaa I'm an entitled baby waaa I dropped out of highschool waaa I was "educated" by unemployed youtubers waaa I want your stuff for free waaa I must samefag the whole site until I get free stuff waaa why does everyone hate me waaa


lol am I Donald Trump now? Where did I voice support for these things? Oh wait, I forgot you could magically read peoples' minds and tell if they're a nazi or not (everyone who disagrees with you is a nazi).

>ANTI-WORK socialism

Please elucidate me, who exactly will be supporting you if no one in society works? If it's possible to support you without work then why don't you just not work now and support yourself using this method? I suspect that your "anti-work" socialism is just blind angst about how scarcity exists and maybe if you bully people enough it will stop existing or at least they'll give you their stuff.


God I wish I could blow some fascist brain!!


But u blow dick instead…


kill yourself faggot


File: 1592504207290.jpg (145.9 KB, 1378x1378, 1:1, trump33.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Oh so now you recognize anti-workerism on the left. I dont care about explaining anything to you, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WEBSITE, YOU ARE NOT A WIZARD. YOU HAVE BROKEN RULE 4 TIME AND TIME AGAIN AND EVEN NOW YOUR POST REEKS OF ANTI-NEET SENTIMENT.







If, in your anarchist community, a group of people decide to operate off of an anarcho-capitalist ethical framework, would you advocate tolerating their existence or not? If you're okay with people consensually forming contracts with each other with no interference from the state, then you and I agree. If, however, you would advocate using force to prevent these people from engaging in consensual capitalism, you have some explaining to do. Rhetoric about how work is slavery is irrelevant, in this hypothetical situation all the parties who are engaging in stateless capitalism disagree with you.


I see, so all of your childish "problems" stem from not having worked a single day in your life.


Funny how people are able to freely be NEET in this "oppressive" capitalist society that we live in. Why do these people pretend that they need communism at all?


File: 1592505530861-0.jpg (127.17 KB, 750x558, 125:93, bootLickers232.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1592505530861-1.png (483.19 KB, 446x587, 446:587, fuckWork.png) ImgOps iqdb

Besides Nazis, "an"caps are the other group of people too stupid to dignify with any sophisticated response. You are a fucking propertarian monarchist https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propertarianism not an anarchist. Go read a fucking book and learn what anarchy means, then maybe I'll grant a response.

Yeah it's almost like most of us are wageslaves spending the majority of our lives suffering in slavery where we get to choose a master. But you think slavery is freedom because the bourgeoisie has indoctrinated you.



Is my body not my property? Are the products of my body not my property? And no semantic games where you acknowledge that my rights to my body are identical to property right but refuse to call them property rights because of the postmodernist obsession with emotional emotional connotation of names.
>Yeah it's almost like most of us are wageslaves spending the majority of our lives suffering in slavery where we get to choose a master
I guess 52% is technically 'most' >>246259
The other 48% have no excuse though.


File: 1592506668315.png (104.06 KB, 500x350, 10:7, 619741.png) ImgOps iqdb

You are not an object, you are a human being. Do you have no dignity? No self respect? Why do you not recognize your own humanity? WE ARE NOT OBJECTS. I don't know whether I feel more rage against you scum or sorrow for you to be so brainwashed to think like this. You are nothing but the domesticated product of thousands of years the propertarian world order. No longer a human, but a domesticated subhuman fitting for a society that values objects more than people, fitting for a slave to the ruling class.


>I'm not even a state socialist, I'm an anarchist,
Ain't that some real shit. This must be the ultimate in ERPing as a fucking retard.
Anarchism is an ideology for rich people who think that without a state they will have the means to isolate themselves from the world's scum, and for bandits who think that the absence of a state means they will simply be free to pillage and plunder. Neets depend on the state to organize their gibs; without the state the closest that someone like you would ever get to gibs is a bullet in the head. Lenin would have shot you on the spot if you had a tantrum like this in front of him, and it's what you would get in an actual anarchic situation if you started screeching that it was your right to take food away from people who worked for it.

Fairytale anarchism with goodwilled redistribution will simply never exist because the takers, like you, are not decent people with good will towards workers. People will not work all year only to have some greedy loafer (that's you) come along, spit in their faces, and try to steal their output on the basis that he "needs" it. You might need food but its producers don't need you. Redistribution is tolerated where there is a surplus and a state that performs it as part of the implied social contract. In the disorderly and impoverished situation that necessarily results from the absence of systems that promote order and enterprise, workers will literally kill you rather than let you steal the food out of their mouths.


I am not a piece of meat. If someone cuts off my arm they have not reduced 'me', they have reduced 'my body'. Would organ donation be outlawed in your communist utopia as well?
And what about the products of my body? If I build a house why don't I have property rights to that house? Why can't I enter into an agreement with someone to give them the rights to use this house in exchange for something that they have that I want?
Who is going to stop this transaction in your society? There's no centralized state, right? Are you just having faith that everyone will spontaneously adopt your political philosophy and follow your tenants of their own will?


That isn't censorship
Please learn what words mean.


Funny how you dipshits ignore all the time right wingers in here resort to insults, which is all they can do because they have no theory and take for granted th e current world order, and don't call them succubi but when the anarchist does it he's a succubus. This is peak hypocrisy.

No one is obligated to make lengthy posts justifying their political theory to you every other post, especially when they're handicapped by 100 years of red scare propaganda and misinformation and indoctrination. Like who the fuck has the time or motivation for that. And you can't even justify your own system because you're too stupid to do so, you just take it for granted. You were born in the world and say this is it, this is the natural order like how you were indoctrinated to believe in by your brainwashing education system.

And being outnumbered 1 to like fucking 7 or something right wing mother fuckers here to add to that. Why would he come to proselytize anyway?? Its better to just get you human scum off this fucking website, there is no point in trying to convert you.


>Calls everyone right of marx a right winger
>equates anyone he calls a right winger with ultra hardcore nazi that is literally hitler reincarnated
>wonders why no one is on his side


A self-proclaimed "anarchist" advocating for censorship is peak hypocrisy. You admit that you're in the minority here, either learn the site culture or fuck off. Quit trying to turn every site into reddit.


File: 1592517552984.jpg (43.76 KB, 456x700, 114:175, fuckfox.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Racism race-baiting and antisemitism all throughout this thread and throughout the website
>Negan the fascist that got on MSNBC posts here and attracted many fascists
>Somehow doesn't think we have an alt right fascism problem on wizchan
>And exaggerating how I label people fascists. I only label those who defend the fascists fascists or their sympathisers.
>Also have a clearly fascist regime controlling the white house


Fascism and racism are different things. Not everything that runs against the antifa handbook is fascist.


Post physique. Prove you're fit to survive in socialist jungle, coward.


I don't feel like fully explaining how Trump is a fascist but every other day evidence comes out. There should be a stick informational post Everytime people ask this, here is the latest red flag his regime has done: >>246286
If Trump is too stupid to be a fascist and he's just a racist that wants power, then he 100% undeniably has smart people working for him that are genuine fascists. I also call the people here white supremacists. You know there is a difference, but they aren't too far off from eachother. So I know we have actual fascists on here and some white supremacists that may just be racists but they should fuck off too.


Trump is literally not a fascist by the actual meaning of the word.
You are just namecalling as usual because you don't have rational arguments.


Yes he is. You just don't know what fascism is which is why you're denying it or you watch too much fucking Fox news and are part of his cult to deny it. Even libetals, and liberals are not leftists, are saying he is a fascist now in the mainstream. It's not just leftists saying it, bit right wingers too (liberals are right wing). But all the evidence in the world doesn't matter to you people because you will deny reality no matter what.


>How do you explain fascism to a child?
>Fascism is a form of government which is a type of one-party dictatorship. Fascists are against liberal democracy. They work for a totalitarian one-party state. This aims to prepare the nation for armed conflict, and to respond to economic difficulties.

So in other-words literally not Trump

or from websters
Definition of fascism

1 often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
2 : a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control

Again meaning Trump isn't a fascist by the meaning of the word.
You are just using it as a blanket meaningless insult. Other people using it as blanket meaningless insult doesn't make it actually true.


You are intentionally trying to bait off the point now.

Trump is not fascist.
Fascist has a established meaning, by that established meaning Trump isn't one.
You object to dictionaries in general like that maters, but have not actually explained your objection to how fascism was defined in this context. I suspect because it doesn't fit your narrative.


File: 1592523463869.jpg (19.92 KB, 400x475, 16:19, wp.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wonder how he's going to survive Trump winning 4 more years.


this thread is a disaster


I enjoy a good disaster.


Trump is not a fascist but if he was he'd have a chance at holding on to power and expelling his subversive enemies. The moment the riots hit he should have suspended democracy and begun the dirty war. Instead we have to wait until the leftist takes the election and begins a crackdown for the balkanization scenario to kick off in earnest with cons at the disadvantage


File: 1592528968671.png (41.97 KB, 2515x245, 503:49, The 'left' has been synthe….png) ImgOps iqdb


I'm >>246297 and I'm only posting ONE response for the sake of calling you out before I depart the thread, I doubt that at any point you can gain anything from this - even assuming you're not just here to disrupt things and annoy. I won't be reading or responding to anything else you have to say because you're a complete waste of time, and a trash-tier poster. You're the type of schizoposter who ruins imageboards for your own selfish need for attention.

Literally everything you did in your post was project, accuse, and try to push others into conformity using moralistic bullshit and manipulations of 'identity', like trying to claim that I'm not a "true Wizard", that I hate succubi, that I can't or couldn't get laid, that I watch Fox News (I don't even live in the US), that I'm at all concerned with 'Marxists', etc. Literally none of this is accurate or true, all of it is complete projection based on absolutely nothing - all of it is meant to attack me and force me into compliance with some giant "wing" of thought. You really fit the DEFINITION of a normalfag - you cannot accept that people have their own independent thoughts and evaluations of different topics and issues and that it doesn't neatly fit into the mainstream oppositional dialectic. You want to push others into conformity through moral manipulation. You're hystrionic and hypocritical too. Grow up, dude or dudette.

>literally defending a billionaire because 'lol Alex Jones'


File: 1592530355807.png (57.6 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, trump-and-black-unemployme….png) ImgOps iqdb

SCOTUS just told the Trump government that DACA stays.

So much winning, right my fellow MAGApede?


File: 1592539343601.mp4 (3.11 MB, 640x492, 160:123, putin.mp4) ImgOps iqdb




Putin is not antisemitic, in fact he had a lot of meeting with leaders of russian jewsish community, so on.
Looks like americans have very distorted view of who he actually is and retarded memes only strength it up


Why do I keep returning to this corpse of a website?


Nothing in that clip is true. Putin is a great man. He's going to be remembered as one of the few greats of our time.


XD pretty sure he will be joining the Stalin and Hitler in hell and others great men


This is the level of posting here now.


To see your fellow Wizchads


>a-at least he'll burn in hell!
shitlib copes for the fact putin kicked his country's ass


I don't really get why non-Russians have such strong opinions on Putin. Especially in the US.


Cancel culture is so fucking retarded.
They are pissed off at pizza now.


Because MSM needed an explanation for how Trump happened and acknowledging that most people don't like insane communist tranny sex-worship was out of the question.


File: 1592618098105.gif (181.21 KB, 826x672, 59:48, 1592573447865.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Who cares? This SJW roasting stuff is so old. Why don't you try caring about things that are actually news? While you're acting like a smug retard Domino's is genuflecting to BLM like every other corporation, giving them legitimacy, promising to put blacks ahead or to give them money or whatever.

If anything, I want them to get cancelled. I want every single corporation in US to be burned by a mob of enraged nonwhites. I want their CEOs to get gutted while still alive, that's what they deserve. They are the parasites that created the conditions for the revolution. If the subhumans don't kill them then someone else will have to.


Once SJWs stop trying to infiltrate and subvert every nook and cranny of society we'll stop talking about them. You've even got a few on wizchan for heck's sake.


Keep stoic, brother. They're an elephant in a chingchong shop. For now focus on keeping safe in your own environment. Elsewhere? Let them rampage.
Keep riding the storm and wait until they step on too many toes. Sell them the rope to hang themselves with.


That guy's voice makes me murderous


Exactly! SJW outrage is an effective strategy in toppling the corporatists.
Let them be outraged and let blood run in the streets


Even got few wiztrannies now :))


because they wish their leaders were capable and intelligent men defending them, instead of perverted and evil israel-firsters


File: 1592624278560.png (19.68 KB, 281x341, 281:341, 2nd_wave.png) ImgOps iqdb

Big second wave brewing. Highest number of cases in 40 days and there's a consistent upward trend now.
The rioters and robbers have directly murdered hundreds. The numbers are staggering, check statistics for homicides in the lawless cities. Record breaking spikes across the board. Now thousands will get killed by corona.
And nobody that matters is outraged. What a nightmare.

Also remind me, what was that thing they all said was supposed to matter now?


File: 1592624828113.jpg (366.05 KB, 1242x1084, 621:542, 1592244021926.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wrong. Science says that says that BLM protests don't spread coronavirus. Why do right wingers hate Science so much? I hecking LOVE Science!


If the second wave of the Spanish flu was so deadly because it selected for men in their primes coming back weakened from the frontlines, maybe covid19 will end up selecting for political activists.


>The rioters and robbers have directly murdered hundreds.
And where's the bad news?


Man, this one went by fast due to the shit fit.

Only lasted about a week before hitting the bump limit.

Speaking of Dissolution of the Union, the retarded protesters are now tearing down statures of heroes of the Union like Ulysses S. Grant.


>general Grant
One simply can not be this retarded.




Nobody speaks anymore with their own words.


Corona is no worse than the flu.


Just let it die. Sick of hearing about the nothing beer


Especially the antinatalists, quotes after quotes


File: 1592734190174.gif (17.16 KB, 659x431, 659:431, Brain_weight_age.gif) ImgOps iqdb

me too


It's pretty much 10 times worse.


Prove it.


120 thousand dead in 3 months.



Former leftist here, when you start hating on normans you become a bitter conservative.

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