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Who else here is diagnosed with autism/aspergers/ASD? What are your symptoms? What are your special interests? How long have you been diagnosed for? I hate how autism is used as a joke now, especially on the internet. It’s like people who say they have OCD because they like organizing things.
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These days i feel out of place on any community based around autism because i'm not one of those ""high functioning"" manchildren who flap their hands and play with literal fucking toys. I don't mind masking because i actually put effort into analyzing and imitating the social cues yet everyone there treats trying to fit in with the sheepies like an absolute torture and demand that society as a whole caters to them instead.
Those who would have been "people with Aspergers" back in the 2000s have basically no voice in the community nowadays because they don't act autistic enough, which is ironically the sort of shit that the neurodeviants tried to get rid of in the first place. On some places you even get mocked for being high functioning to the point of masking near-perfectly because MUH PRIVILEGE.

I miss when the whole idea behind the movement was just "autistic children shouldn't be automatically sent to mental asylums"


If you can fit in perfectly, then you don't really need an autism website. I can't imagine mastering social cues or anything like that to the extent where it wouldn't be noticeable.


What reason do you have to be part of autism communities if you can pass perfectly well as a neurotypical? If anything autism communities are not hostile enough, people who don't suffer any of the consequences of autism like succubi and the high functioning don't belong, most of them are annoying braggarts who act as apologists for neurotypicals while constantly shitting on actual autistics for not being functional. You didn't put in any special effort, you are just lucky to be higher functioning than the others, 80% of autistic college graduates are unemployed and being autistic takes two decades off your life expectancy. What problems do the high functioning have to deal with that they need to post on autistic forums? They just whine all the time about other autistics making them look bad anyway

And yes society should cater more to autistics because it's society's fault they're suffering so much, a hundred years ago autistic people could live in the world just fine, now thanks to public schooling and workplace culture they're having a much more difficult time


File: 1600241246576.png (115.37 KB, 398x398, 1:1, box.png) ImgOps iqdb

I just ordered a few books on NVLD. After I read them I might make an NVLD thread on /wiz/. More wizards should know about this learning disability. Over the years a lot of wizards have described having learning issues consistent with NVLD, which is no surprise since it seems to frequently co-occur with Asperger's.


Yeah I'll be honest, if I have had known about it earlier on, I'd have been able to avoid making a lot of bad decisions based on "I can do well if I try really hard" because I knew I had these problems but I didn't realize how bad my situation was so when other people would progress at things and I stagnated no matter how much effort I put into them, it was inexplicably frustrating. Then the even worse part is usually the fall back for people who aren't good at cognitively intense stuff is physical labor and with NVLD having shit motor skills means you will fuck up a lot and get fired. The social aspect eliminates any sales type or other customer-oriented stuff as well. It is truly playing life on nightmare mode since it's not visible but so impairing.


>Well, Alice, it seems we both have Autism, haven't we?
Do you remember this guy? I read today that Tik Tok zoomers have made thousands of videos mocking him.


it's still is funny. I think it just that teens are fucking edgy about it and toxic as possible. So instead of just laugh at it, they have this need to annihilate and bully and mock the person into the ground. Like all kids are.


File: 1600542602345.jpg (85.99 KB, 1440x1088, 45:34, 1594889494742.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have aspergers and I'm honestly glad I do. My obsessions have made me prioritize my hobbies over perusing hopeless relationships with succubi. From early on I realized that this world isn't meant for me, only problem is that the world I have retreated to, the internet, is being infested with succubi and normalniggers trying to make it more like their realm.

>What are your symptoms?

I hate light and touch. I have to write a schedule of things to do everyday or I will have a melt down (even though I am a NEET). I get wrapped up in one or two interests and don't do anything outside of those things. Also the normal shit like eye contact and crowds. And most importantly I don't understand most people's emotional reactions toward things.

>What are your special interests?

Music and anime. Anime was something I got into in my teens where as music has been a lifelong interest.

>How long have you been diagnosed for?

Not very long actually. My entire school life consisted of my teachers telling my mom that I should get tested, but her refusing because she wanted me to be treated like a normgroid.

Autism is a joke because normalniggers hate us. They hate that we see through the bullshit of their social interactions and emotions. Their propaganda doesn't work as strongly on us because we have our own specific interests and routines. This is why autists should aim for wizardry, because groids will forever want us dead and succubi will moralize at us for our reclusive ways.


I have autism. I get obsessive thoughts and find it hard to emotionally connect with people (as I’m sure many wizards do), among other things. My special interest is walking. I’ve been diagnosed for a few months.


I am kinda glad to have it but without it I would probably had ended up a normal but it's impossible to know that.

>What are your symptoms?

I don't feel love or show much emotion. I don't want to express them and don't exactly know how it feels wrong doing so. The worst thing about my mental situation is being dyslexic and having challenges with calculating things just doing basic mathematical actions so I am not just autistic I am retarded autist as well which makes life just wonderful. Hate touch, crowds very loud sounds all the usual stuff though I don't have meltdowns. I have high functioning variant.
>What are your special interests?
It's sort of changing over time focusing from one to another over the years but I still keep some interest in what I liked. I was heavily into history at school but learning I won't make a career out of it I stopped being so into it, not being able to remember dates required for it was a cut off as well. Then it was old technology, computers but after dropping out of college I became fascinated by drugs. I have tried dozens of drugs and know a shitload about them. I like purifying, creating one type of drug to the other and course the effects they give. I like to think they are the this world's magic potions.
>How long have you been diagnosed for?
since highschool. I knew something was off with me I wasn't just a loner as other loners still had friends and were social. Went to psychiatrists and found out. They say I also had some ADHD symptoms as well but since my countries mental institutions were a joke at that time I just got diagnosis and that's it never been to the psychiatrists since then.


IIRC Tony Attwood said the autistics who "only" have the classic core social issues and perhaps a few mild sensory problems are the subgroup of ASD that has the best outcome. After reading many ASD memoirs and countless blogs and articles it's my opinion that most of those upbeat "autism is my superpower" types are reasonably high IQ members of this subgroup. One ASD YouTuber I watch has taken to calling them the "autistic aristocracy."

If you have more severe sensory issues and co-morbids like anxiety, OCD, depression, etc., your likelihood of a good outcome is far less certain.


People like Temple Grandin make our live worse.


File: 1601018947885.jpg (39.1 KB, 459x344, 459:344, Julian-Assange-004-Priscil….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has Asperger syndrome and depression, court hears
In two precedent-setting cases, the UK refused the extradition of Gary McKinnon in 2012 and Lauri Love in 2018 to face hacking charges in the US on the grounds that they had Asperger syndrome and depression – conditions that would put them at risk of suicide.
Over the past two days, medical experts told judges at the Old Bailey that Assange had depression and autism, and hence would be at high risk of suicide if the court ordered his extradition to a US prison.


Hiding in an embassy is a terrible idea. Why did he not move to an anti-US country like Edward Snowden did?


He was in a different situation. He didn't think he'd be arrest in the UK but then he was and had to surrender his passport and everything, so he broke bail and couldn't easily escape country. Snowden only just got to Russia in time without prior notice of who he was and they were forcing planes down to find him.


I don't remember that being a thing, plus nobody really cared anyways.


File: 1601401005848.gif (258.8 KB, 240x180, 4:3, SquareHead.gif) ImgOps iqdb

What do you do if your a aspie with no hobbies like >>245780 explained
? I have this problem and I'm 20 as of now (High functioning autism diagnosed at 3 ), In fact sometimes I think I really dont know much about my autism mostly because for a long time it seemed to be a crunch for social situations where I felt even more isolated and I didn't want to acknowledge how powerless I felt(I now realized it allowed me to see the inner turmoil most people dont experience like selfishness and surviving bullying and gaslighting until there later teens or adult years so I guess that's a plus but the downsize I still have problems relating to people in normal social situations ) mostly because its easier to be a child who doesn't know some social cues , however a child who doesn't know this to a farther extent seems to be set for failure unless they have a good father figure or a good surrounding of people to help them. I had this but still heavily struggled for a long time. I still do but not to the extent I can analyze some what of a social situation and come on top with out the feeling of inadequacy but I need to still prepare to enter that situation by imagining a scenario. Also I would like to apologize if my writing appears to me unstructured and schizophrenia like. I don't get to talk about my autism much since I don't have people in my life on my level of autism, where I can communicate it clearly or just unclearly but more truthfully to them. Also what music do fellow aspies enjoy? I enjoy talking heads , brian eno , television , and unwound. I've been getting into more Noise Rock since I feel like my over sensitivity to music as lowered and Im able to enjoy more genres now. Speaking of losing crutches of over stimulation to certain things, do any of you think of getting diagnosed again? Sometimes I would like to get a diagnostic again so I can further understand myself and my symptoms on why I act how I act. However could that lead to a dangerous turn as where I over analyze myself more then I should? Or even worse over medication recs from doctor's, I would like to hear what you guys have to say about this. I would like to apologize again if the structure of my sentences seems unstructured or if it's hard to answer or if there is any spelling errors or mispronunciations.


File: 1601401370998-0.jpg (72.88 KB, 837x837, 1:1, topsters2 (68).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1601401370998-1.jpg (400.02 KB, 1922x1174, 961:587, topsters2 (70).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Here are some of my favorite movies and albums as well as albums.


Snowden is a confirmed spook


I wonder if my brother or sister wrote this. Haha…sigh.
>Aspie behavior can actually be scary for a NT person to witness. The whole idea of a person who can literally only think or care about themselves and their perspective is frightening. The narcissism, stubbornness, constant criticism and whining, mindblindness, meltdowns out of nowhere, verbal and physical abuse, negativity, and bizarre, controlling behavior in general can be very traumatizing to a NT person. The scariest part, however, is the just the whole robotic, lack of human connection. It feels like you aren't even communicating with another human being. In response to "Over", yes, it is normal for them to be neurotic, unreasonable, and complain nonstop and ruin anything good by either pointing out something negative or going out of their way to ruin it themselves. It seems like they're constantly anxious and need a problem to fixate on so if there is no problem they will go out of their way to make one. You can't make a situation with them better because they lack reasoning abilities and don't understand that there are different perspectives to problems. To them only their point of view exists which is an insane concept to any NT person.


But that is LITERALLY how neurotypicals act 100% of the time? What the fuck?



I once lived with a borderline abuser. I tell you that they can surely learn to properly behave, just use whatever it takes to make them know that you won't ever fall into their impulsive dramas…

If he smashes a jar into the floor, the cure to such a mania is surely forcing him into cleaning the pieces with his mouth and a lil plastic bag.


I'm not talking about some borderline abusers. I'm talking about the average normal. It's one massive projection.


No he isn't


I know, right? I've known autists who can be annoying or antagonistic, but the only truly mean people I've met were normalfags.


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he quick brown 🦊 jumps over 13 lazy 🐶.


im laughing so hard because of your post, its literally me when I still drank a lot a few years ago.


Assuming your story is real (seems made up but who knows) I have no sympathy for people like this. Loud disruptive tenants in apartments are the worst regardless of what mental disorders they may or may not have. Landlords are way too reluctant to evict them even when numerous other tenants complain.
>Loud music
>Barking dogs
>Kids screaming kids stomping around
>Speakers with loud bass
It's all so tiresome.


I have difficulty understanding emotions etc. I’m too “nice” and I’m afraid of pissing people off for some reason. I’m a manlet too and dumb as a doorknob.


Noise music is as non-normal as it gets m8 (I’m not him though)


>"Utterly Confused", the reason your ex fiance needs down time and self isolation is because he wears a "mask" to hide his true self when interacting in the world. It's exhausting for the person with ASD. When the mask slips, that is when you see the real self. Everything else is disingenuous, fake, not real, a script. What comes naturally to the NT, is anything but, to the disordered ASP. This is a serious neurological and developmental disorder, no matter how high functioning the person with ASD is. Their emotional IQ is stunted anywhere from toddler age to around the age of 10, according to the latest research. Their Intellectual IQ may be normal or even high, but not so with the Emotional Quotient. We are dealing with children. That is another reason marriage counseling will never work. It is geared towards 2 adults in a relationship, and in the NT/AS marriage, there is one adult and one child. Absolutely impossible to have an intimate reciprocal relationship with an adult and a child. It cannot happen. It's very confusing in these relationships and that is one of the biggest reasons. We sense it. We need to listen to our intuition that is warning us.

Is this part I quote below even true? Has anyone seen the research he mentions? I've seen partners of autistics say this or something similar often over the years.
>Their emotional IQ is stunted anywhere from toddler age to around the age of 10, according to the latest research.


Don't have AUTISM but am really introverted.


Masao said he recently got diagnosed with autism. If you don't know him, he's a very eccentric guy who makes popular cooking videos in a very messy apartment.


File: 1609161381122.jpg (64.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, gubsy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>What are your symptoms?
I have problems with empathy and do not understand some social aspects like if a conversation is getting awkward or if I'm doing something incorrect. I've gotten better at this over the years by consciously training myself and analyzing conversations, though most of the time I still only realize when I've made a mistake in hindsight. I have a very monotone voice and don't express much emotion when speaking to others.

>What are your special interests?

I didn't get anything cool like trains or airplanes unfortunately, it's just Half-Life and shortwave radios. They just never cease to be interesting to me for whatever reason. I could talk about them for hours without tiring
>How long have you been diagnosed for?
Since I was roughly 7 or 8 years old. I am in my early twenties now
>I hate how autism is used as a joke now, especially on the internet. It’s like people who say they have OCD because they like organizing things.
It's just the way slang/language evolves. When someone calls you an autist/cuck/chud/whatever other normalfag buzzword, they don't mean it in the actual sense… it's basically a stand-in for calling you stupid or a faggot and you shouldn't think too much of it.


Where do these people diagnosed with "autism" come from in this thread? USA or some commonwealth country?

Because reading the "symptoms" it just look like they label you as autistic so that they make you pop pills from big pharma (pills that you pay of course).

By reading what you all write and thinking of the people I knew back in school it seems like everybody would be labeled autistic which I call bullshit.


That doesn't like autism. Sounds like bipolar disorder or some kind of latent personality disorder


I'm really god damn clumsy, I fumble typing and I mix up my words a lot, I have trouble detecting movent outside a narrow slit of my vision, and I've done it my entire life. I've always felt really bad for causing trouble but sometimes I wish I could get a break. People know I can't understand sarcasm and vague directions, they know I don't like eye contact, they know it makes me freak out if they mess up my personal belongings or otherwise destabilize my surroundings. My mom knew I probably had aspergers over 20 years ago. But just because I'm intelligent enough to do some things, which really I just can do because they interest me, they think I shouldn't have a problem being on the same level as everyone else. The problem is, even if I know I'm clumsy, I'm still clumsy. I feel like I barely have any control over my arms and legs. I stutter and can barely form coherent sentences, and when I do I use really limited vocabulary because I forget phrases and terms whenever I need them. Yes, I can express intellectual ideas with some effort and an understanding of what I'm saying, but its no more than that. I'm VERY good at understanding things on a conceptual level, but when it gets to the details I get lost. Really lost. And I can't explain the concept to anyone else either. It frustrates me so much because anyone I speak to thinks that if I can make some sense when I say stuff, I must be alright even if I'm knocking shit over and slurring my words like hell.

I just wish I sounded as disjointed as I feel so that people would give me some slack.


I feel like noise sensitivity allows me to feel sounds more intensely, when it's something coherent and not an overbearing jumbled mess like a city.


I used to think my autism diagnosis was bullshit. These days, I seem to see more and more people describe me as autistic. It seems too much to be a coincidence. I punch myself in the face sometimes when I get angry. Apparently that's an autistic thing to do.


>I seem to see more and more people describe me as autistic. It seems too much to be a coincidence.
I am tested as 100% not autistic, and people - no not just 'people' but 'professionals' - call me autistic, everything I do is autistic to them, I tell them I took the test and I am not even close to autistic, I've been told that testing doesn't matter because they can 'just tell' or 'it doesnt matter what it's called'. I've walked into multiple doctor's offices and they instantly label me as autistic, it is a total meme diagnoses, if you are not normal then you are autistic, that's it.


But autism really is one of those things that is immediately apparent from just interacting with someone. You probably are autistic.


It really is obvious you do not even need to test someone because you can tell within a moment of seeing them escpially if they are walking.




Actually it's possible if you know what signs to look for. Autistic people like myself tend to avoid eye contact, are very quiet, make quirky movements whenever possible and are otherwise alien in our mannerisms.


maybe. But merely by the way you walk? I don't buy it.



I got diagnosed by a psychologist I hardly said a word to. It's pretty obvious by my face. I believe autistic face is high fetal test + head inflammation somehow related to that.


It is obvious if you have high social skills and known autists before.
Obviously there are lots of tiny signs we could write out but the ind picks up on all the signs subconsciously.

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