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Who else here is diagnosed with autism/aspergers/ASD? What are your symptoms? What are your special interests? How long have you been diagnosed for? I hate how autism is used as a joke now, especially on the internet. It’s like people who say they have OCD because they like organizing things.


I’m autistic. I haven’t been diagnosed long. My special interest is walking/hiking.


File: 1592077769978.png (88.6 KB, 642x401, 642:401, yup.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Wasn't officially diagnosed until the age of 18 but my moms told me that she could tell from the moment the doctors handed me to her that I wasn't "normal". I'm moms third child and apparently I was the first one to actively resist her upon first being held. Normally there's a strange oxytocin based high right after giving birth that keeps you shackled still as a newborn or something I don't really know.

But ya being a burg in society is hard but I wouldn't trade who I am for what iv ever seen anyone else be.

>I hate how autism is used as a joke now

Naw its fine, awareness is important but I guess the issue is how people don't understand anything about it and just assume its a synonym with down syndrome. You could call psychology one of my special interests so thinking back on it I have wasted a lot of time clarifying the difference to people.


File: 1592082753750.jpg (124.66 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1584870351344.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i was diagnosed with autism in my childhood but i've sadly none of the "cool" aspects of it like obsessive niche interests or at least it faded away as i grew older.
> I hate how autism is used as a joke now, especially on the internet.
it never bothered me that much it's romanticized as depression is and other non funny subjects are but hey! that's the internet for you. at least some fun came out of it so why bother?


You really autists and not aspies or something? I know a real 22 year old diagnosed autist, there's no way he could formulate posts like these.


its all autism spectrum now


I'm a diagnosed asperger since over nine months already. I'm 23 years old.

My special interest is making music (literally mostly harsh noise and experimental stuff in general, it's pretty good for someone like me, who otherwise can’t do anything right), also basically everything else to waste my time, like walking, reading, watching videos / movies, listening to music etc.

Yes, autism is a joke on the internet, but I didn't care about it at all, becaue it's just a stupid phenomenon for more or less regular people, which have nothing better to do, than to deal with this kind of stuff, actally sad for them in some sort, but I think this is how they compensate for events they didn't even try to understand.

I am currently on autism therapy. A therapist comes to me once a week for two hours each to talk with me about my everyday life and also my thoughts about certain things.

Has anyone of you experience with autism therapy?


i have been called asperger and autistic by a few people in real life, i dont like being called that. my commander said i had aspergers when i got discharged from the military. ive never been to therapists or psychologists or whatever you need to do to get diagnosed so they shouldnt be saying stuff about me. i can relate with stuff i read about aspergers but i've rationalized my entire way of life so it's hard for me to admit im behaving this way because im autistic. i would rather continue believing my judgements about life, about work not being worthwhile, socializing being a waste of time, people being obstacles… i want this all to be conclusions i've arrived at through rational deliberation


You could be missing out on benefits and free money. If something like neetbux is possible you should do anything you can to get a diagnosis


if you enjoy harsh noise you must be barely on the spectrum


Can you explain the pic? It doesn't make sense to me.


I had a court hearing today about an a 60-something autist living alone in an apartment and terrorizing his neighbors and landlord for years with loud noises, singing, screaming, threatening behavior, scaring off hired workers, repeated harrassment, criminal conversion and so on. There was a disturbance report with like 300 different indicents on it. He genuinely did not understand the widespread assblast he was causing just by being himself. Now he's probably going to get booted out on the street. Conceal your power level, wizzies.


Can you give more examples of his singing and screaming antics?


>Conceal your power level, wizzies.
Yup. Been a skinwalker all my life.


It started with the guy getting pissed about the elevator not working. He had no trouble using the stairs himself, but was offended on behalf of the older people in the house. So he called up the landlord's property manager and shouted at him about it. The managed got an elevator technician to go out and fix the elevator. While the technician was working, the tenant wandered into the elevator machine room and shouted at the technician that he was an incompetent idiot who couldn't even fix elevators. The technician got spooked by the sudden attack, accidentally snagged a naked cable and got hit with 240 volt.

Later there were contantly problems with the elevator because the elevator guys refused to go out to the house without escort, since they were afraid of the tenant.

The tenant in turn only got more pissed that the elevator didn't work. Over the years he made hundreds of calls and voice mail to the manager, screaming at the top of his lungs about how the manager was a retard and an imbecile and everyone in the house hated him. The landlord CEO interjected and got the same treatment.

He had a habit of rage-calling and sending long emails in the middle of the night when he got roaring drunk. Some nights after he was done calling and emailing everyone, he got out on the balcony, turned on "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" by Rolling Stones on his stereo and shrieked along with the song. Other nights he went around the house and shouted profanities at his neighbors through the letter slots in the apartment doors.

One old succubus neighbor got a restraining order against him for targeted harrassment. So he dutifully stopped harrassing her directly and instead started harrassing other neighbors by shouting at them about her.

So yeah, pretty savage.


Lol, this guy needs his own HBO special
Was it mostly about the elevator or did he have any other grievances?
Was he on disabilitybux?
Did the other tenants testify?


Mostly the elevator. During his own hearing (a 2-hour rant) the elevator not working was his explanation for all the evil in the world.

It was a constant cycle of him sabotaging any attempt to repair the elevator, getting more angry that the elevator doesn't work, and sabotaging even harder.

Everyone testified against him. The landlords employees, the elevator guys, neighbors of all shapes and sizes, the lot. The only one who refused to testify was the elevator guy who got spooked and jolted. He's deathly afraid of him. The tenant also had to be removed from the courtroom multiple times because he interrupted the witnesses during the testimonies and shouted obscenities at them. It's a miracle he didn't get charged with contempt of court. We had a patient judge.

Not sure about his bux status since it wasn't relevant to the case. He does live on a very fine adress and he's been living there for 40 years. His life is about to get turned upside down pretty badly. Proably going to end up in some social housing for junkies and such.


He sounds like an asshole.


He is a diagnosed autist with no self-awareness and no capability to judge his surroundings.

The funniest thing is that he actually seemed to have noble intentions. He really just wanted to protect his neighbors from the idiot imbecile landlord and that old hag on the second floor who is clearly weaving a conspiracy against everyone and against him in particular.


Was anyone else in this thread in special education when they were in school?


An extremely invalid assumption.

Why should an Asperger not be able to like extreme noises?

I understand that noise itself can be very distractive for someone with autism, even for me, when I'm busy with something and I hear an unexpected noise in the background e.g. when someone enters the apartment or when other people are talking on the street.

Making noise music is just an activity that catches my attention for a longer time, like other autists play video games, writing their own programms and what not.


Wizzie, are you that guy who said months ago you had purchase some audio equipment to make noise music? I was really interested in that. Do you care to post your stuff somewhere on /music/ so we can listen to your stuff?

Sorry the off-topic.


Yes, it's me, thank you for remembering me.

I bought some more or less cheap things like a old and used e-guitar, some distortion pedals and a mixer. Still looking sometimes for further equipment.

I have released a bunch of albums in the last months but I'm not really sure to post about it on this site.

Like I said, it's experimental noise music, so not necessarily suitable for the average music listener and the albums itself are quite long (up to one and a half to three hours each).


>I'm not really sure to post about it on this site
I guess you could edit just a 10 min version or something and upload here anonymously if you don't want your nickname, soundcloud account or stuff like that linked here, which I understand. It's up to you though. Good to know you went through your plan of making music. That's nice.


>Some nights after he was done calling and emailing everyone, he got out on the balcony, turned on "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" by Rolling Stones on his stereo and shrieked along with the song.
I don't want to use that word but I don't know how else to say it – based


Which is ironic since you are using that word incorrectly anyway


How so?


If you knew so, you wouldn't have made the mistake


No shit, retard. I didn't make any "mistake".


Status update. Angry autist lost on all accounts. But of course he didn't just back down, he appealed the verdict. And then he started sending emails to the landlord in Spanish, despite this guy having no connection to anything spanish or latino or whatever. A few days after his attorney turned in the proper appeal to the higher court, he sent in his own letter of appeal… in spanish.

The ride continues. We might end up in the Supreme Court at this rate. Can't say that would be good PR for autism.


What were the 'criminal conversion' incidents that you mentioned before and can you give us some more stories and antics of his?
I feel like they could fill a book


I'm pretty sure not breastfeeding causes autism.


I am pretty sure you are wrong.


I've been diagnosed but I'm not sure I trust the psychiatrist's judgment on this. I've always been conflicted between aspergers and schizoid, but I don't think I fit either very well.

>What are your symptoms?

I've had some symptoms that sort of fit the criteria but I'm not sure they're necessarily related or come from other sources:

General aversion to physical contact since I was a child. Particularly kisses (but that might be more OCD than ASD). I've also always been disgusted by bodily fluids, kept a separate glass of water to drink in and such. Some textures also made me feel bad and gave me frisson as a kid.

Speech development delay, but quick to learn how to read/write.

Very picky eater. I basically eat the same meals everyday.

Very sensitive hearing but general difficulty in understanding people in noisy places.

Had to learn social cues the hard way by studying people since I realized I had no idea how to behave in my teenage years. I still struggle with some things. Funny enough I never really gave a shit when I was a kid and it never bothered me. Only in my teens I figured out there was something wrong with "being myself".

Had to learn to look at people in their eyes when talking to them. I didn't even realize this was a thing until high school. Not sure if I had always been like that or if it was all the bullying that caused it.

Anxiety actually wasn't a thing until I was bullied into submission in my teens.

Always felt I was different/special. I sort of felt like I was something like a "chosen one" in my childhood and closer to an alien in human skin in my teens. Nowadays I feel more like a robot.

>What are your special interests?

This is one of those things that I don't think fit well with the ASD tag. I've always been into video games, but I only became more restricted to them after the teenage bullying. I like history and I'm good with identifying countries/capitals but that's more from grand strategy gaming and curiosity for useless trivia shit. I don't actually have deep knowledge of much, but I also notice specialists usually falter often in their fields too.

>How long have you been diagnosed for?

Some 3 years.

When I was a kid I also would see some illusions like pictures moving when staring at them for too long, photographs of people moving their eyes staring at me and seeing weird figures in the dark. I'm not sure whether this is related to anything, but whenever I mention it people act like it's some freak shit, so I don't know if many other people had it.


Did they screen you for a Nonverbal Learning Disorder? I've read conflicting info about it, but some researchers consider it "autism lite," because NLD people have moderately better social skills and no all-consuming special interests.


Nope, I've actually never even heard of that. I'll take a look.


>What are your symptoms?
Symptoms are the usual social incompetence. I am incapable of taking care of myself or others, I can't communicate accurately with direct means, it's all covered in layers and layers of obfuscation. I've come to hate the misuse of language quite a bit.
Can't make eye contact. Don't like being touched without warning. Despise being near anyone against my will. Despise having to do anything on someone else's time and pace. Basically I have an enormous amount of baseless pride, yet without any of the confidence.

>What are your special interests?

I have regular interests. I care about art and storytelling in any form it appears in, also music. I like animals, nature walks and beaches. Just the most inane things you can think of I probably care about at least a little bit. I view interests from the perspective of them being medicine for your physical and mental well being so I prioritize variety and compatibility with mood. There are no big obsessions which is I assume what special interests are about. That, or I have too many to list.

> How long have you been diagnosed for?

Since I was a kid. They thought it was Tourettes at first then settled on Aspergers which is apparently not an official classification anymore. I haven't asked about it but I imagine I was taken in for having weird physical quirks like jumping from excitement and hand flapping. The former is gone, the latter is on its way out but can still resurface if I'm out of it.

Joking about it is fine in my books. I call myself a retard all the time, it's only accurate. Not that there's been many competent people in my life for me to feel confident not calling a retard on some level though so it's a bit of a meaningless word.

I identify with the vast majority of this post. I've always assumed seeing things move is just daydreaming.
You're not actually seeing them move, you're vividly imagining what that would look like. I assume not everyone had an intense capacity for it.
I still daydream all the time but I have to put in more deliberate effort to get anything on the same level as a child's mind could produce.


Are you a NEET? How old are you, wiz?


I can no longer make it happen the same way as it did when I was a child, sadly. I think I lost a lot of my imagination/creativity (and many, many other things) as I grew up. I do daydream a lot too, I'm always distracted in some thought process and need to be "awoken" from them regularly. I'm not sure if this is part of the reason I became desensitized to external sensations. It's how I actually spent most of my time outside before I had a mobile phone to browse the internet on.


Tried cannabis?


I try to stay away from drugs.


If you have a fever you wont take paracetamol?


Did any of you autists have behavior interventionists assigned to you in school? Or is that a recent implementation?


What's that?


Have it. Too many to keep track of. Don't really have any, went on quite a journey last decade and long to heal. Since Pre-K.

The internet, sadly, is a combination between an idea and absolute power: it can either define you with its corruption or destroy you with it.


The neurodiversity movement was a fucking mistake. I actually want to kill myself because of far away this "autism acceptance" self diagnosing SJW garbage set us from a cure for all the people who actually have this shit.


NVLD is the worst to have. It gives off false positives in terms of people judging your intelligence so they have inflated expectations of you. I hate that I was good at memorizing useless trivia because it worked enough until shit got real.


It's the most idiotic shit, and it's embarrassing that it has grown so much. It's a bunch of dumb snowflakes, most of them are probably borderline succubi pretending to be autistic for attention. They think it's like a personality type or some shit. The retards keep repeating it's not a clinical problem, meanwhile a lot of people with actual autism can't even bear to walk out of home because they can't deal with the overstimulation.


It takes resources and attention away from those who need it and redirects it all to the strong, cunning and manipulative. Whatever they co-opt is transformed to fit their liking and ambitions, further harming the afflicted. Worse, if you try to make your voice heard these paragons of virtue will use what you are as a weapon against you. They will deny your issues and warp them into hideous assertions to label and brand you for immediate cancelling. They know their targets can't defend themselves. The wokes, the SJWs, the whole loudmouthed progressive bunch are all bloodsucking monsters. Wolves in sheep's clothing.


>Worse, if you try to make your voice heard these paragons of virtue will use what you are as a weapon against you. They will deny your issues and warp them into hideous assertions to label and brand you for immediate cancelling.
That's my experience as well. If you try to point it out, they will pretty much accuse you of trying to pull exactly what they do. It's generally the same with all forms of manipulative behavior on the internet.


She would eventually figure out how to write her own script and kick you out, I think. Either way, I don't think most autism youtubers are legit because of the aforementioned issue of the awareness movement. Most people think autism is a perk that makes you smarter than everyone else and they pretend to have it to seem special. Nothing makes me cringe harder than seeing these people patting each other on the back for supposedly being more intelligent than others. It's probably my inherent distaste for all forms of identitarianism speaking.


its just results from the aspie quiz. Google aspie quiz and take the online quiz its fun.


File: 1595571083133.jpg (56.98 KB, 750x918, 125:153, Edhp7GNWAAI8YEy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I may be a bit overly trusting, but most of the autistic channels I come across seem legitimate. And many of them have videos describing their official diagnosis in great detail. I've heard that many of the self-diagnosers eventually get bored and move on to a new issue to identify with.

A lot of the ASD vloggers will pay occasional lipservice to neurodiversity but most of their content focuses on their struggles.

They remind me of people whose kids or spouse makes them miserable 90% of the time, but who always start the conversation about them with "I really love X, but…" They have to tell themselves autism is at least partly a gift. To admit otherwise would send them into a deep depression, I suspect.


Why the hell would you watch this fake succubus bullshit anyways? And going into business with one of these cretins would be impossible as a wizard since their boyfriends are probably the ones handling that side of things, nor should most wizards desire to.


He just likes being able to post 3D succubi and bend the rules.


He's been posting them everywhere for awhile now. He likes to defend these autistic females and read about them, but I don't know how can he relate or care about them unless he is actually an autistic succ in disguise. My bet is on him being a troll or a mentally ill guy.


My bet is on him not being a him as you suspect.


Have you read any books on NVLD? Can you recommend any?


File: 1595612275804.jpg (305.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ReLIFE_03_9.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I honestly dont even think its a real disorder though. I'm pretty sure it is nothing more than a psychological condition and doctors are trying to put us on meds in a blantant attempt to oversocialize us (like 99% of people living today). I have autism too (not self diagnosed, I actually have seen a psychiatrist) I prefer solitude and limited speech. I'm not going to just talk to normalfag retards if it has to do with small talk bullshit. Honestly, if you have nothing important to say to me just shut your damn mouth. Just yesterday, I went shopping at walmart and this cashier took his sweet ass time and trying to make small talk with me. I seriosly wanted to tell him to shut the fuck up and bag my shit so I could leave. That was the last time I'll ever use anything but self check out. The only reason I did it that time was because the self checkout line was huge.


literally not being a people person means you have autism. autism is a fake mental illness. the same goes for sociopathy.


Cool story bro.


It is a good story don't make fun of wizards sharing interesting talking points (!!)


File: 1595616984641.png (85.03 KB, 640x400, 8:5, poly10a.php.png) ImgOps iqdb

Fuck I'm not even good at being assburgers. I hate everything.


>literally not being a people person means you have autism
No, and
>autism is a fake mental illness
no. Autism is not a mental illness, nor a fake mental illness, it's a developmental disorder. If someone were to read just the first sentence on wikipedia about autism or even looked the word up in a dictionary, that person would be better informed about the topic than you do, that's how much you know about it. So kindly shut the fuck up.

It's very real and obviously so the farther you're in the spectrum. I would like to force you to take care of my sibling for 2 weeks and then come and tell me it's not real. I would LOVE, LOVE to see your flustered dumb face then. Besides, nothing of your little story there is a symptom of autism.

If you want to see true hell see how a real fucked up autist reacts to serious injury, like breaking a bone. They'll scream and complain nonstop until getting so exhausted they'll literally collapse into fucking sleep. You can feel the urge in your hands and arms to murder everyone in the house and then killing yourself. If you believe in Jesus, a loving God, or any of that bullshit, I guarantee you having to deal with that will make you stop lose faith in anything good or positive about this world.


a mental disorder is a mental illness retard. and yes, being socially issolated and socially distant from other people are symptoms of the supposed mental illness known as autism. what this "mental illness" is describing are social outcasts which almost every single person (besides the fbi, cia, and other subversive social organizations) can be labeled as such. hell, in your own wiki page it literally states stacking things is a symptom of autism. thats not a symptom of autism, that is nothing more than a bored kid being a kid.


person *on imageboards


>occurs 4-5x more often in males than females
>it is not a fake mental disorder
Haha. OK


How is that in any way proof of it being fake?


I didn't say mental disorder, I said developmental disorder. You would know autism is not considered a mental illness if you ever tried to get treatment for yourself or someone else, went to clinics that treat mentally ill pacients and have yourself or the person under your tutelage denied treatment in those clinics because doctors and the law specifically say autism is not a mental illness. I went throught this countless times, read through hundreds of insurance papers on this, had lawyers and psychiatrists explaining this to me a million fucking times now, I won't even bother to correct you in any of this again. Believe whatever you want, doesn't change facts.


A neurodevelopment disorder is a subcategory of mental disorders. Nice try though. Why dont you take your larp and go somewhere else. That and your fake stories aimed only to disparage us


Regardless of semantics, it is real. It is not a personality. There are several neurological symptoms, it's not just about being asocial. It is more scientifically attestable than almost all psychiatric disorders.


File: 1595623484224.jpg (4.86 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 1589135016434.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wizards, have you ever used stim toys, fidget spinners, etc? Were they helpful?

I haven't, because I'm worried about people noticing. I like the wintertime, when I can move my keys around in my hand inside my big coat pocket.

I've also heard colored eyeglass lenses can help, but where I live this would cause unwanted attention.


All you're doing is proving you can't read. I didn't say neurodevelopment disorder, I said developmental disorder. If you ever had to deal with health insurance companies you would know these terms matter. I personally don't care. I don't give a shit what people call autism, mental illness or developmental disorder, what I know for a fact is right now, enough of the medical community states autism IS NOT a mental illness, and that is literally the law. Clinics for mentally ill pacients can, and will, deny autists treatment because of that, and that's exactly what they will tell you; Autism is not a mental illness. Health insurance will cover autism separately from mental illness. This is fact. Of course they won't bother making that clear though. You'll find it for yourself in the worst moment possible.

I wish your stupid ass was right though, because my life would be a lot easier. if enough doctors and law makers would just agree autism is a mental illness, lots of clinics would not be able to refuse treatment like they currently can and insurance companies would not have grounds to charge premium for a separate category.

I wish! Semantics is everything to the scum making the laws and deciding what your insurance can cover. Autists here probably don't know these things because many of you have parents that are handling the issue. When you're on your own though, be aware about all this shit I just said. It's fucking real, look it up for yourselves if you don't believe me.


because succubi are far more sociable that men are. if they werent, far more succubi would be diagnosed with autism. but, because being socially withdrawn is the most important factor, they arent being diagnosed with it. a veriety of factors can change the neuroligical structure of your brain, such as depression, masturbation, drugs, acting differently, our diet etc. just because someone is depressed (depressive disorder) make that person magically have a mental illness like psychiatrists and psychologists would like us to believe.


Clinics denying treatment and insurance companies charging premium for autism happened to me in two major cities in NY state, just to clarify. Just realized this might not be the case everywhere.


The dsm-5 says otherwise and explicitly states its a mental disorder.
Which the only criteria it even has is being socially withdrawn and being socially akward. You literally cant make this shit up


It is, unfortunately it's not enough (why not is beyond me) to make it a mental illness under the law. When trying to get treatment or paying for health insurance there's a clear line between developmental disorder and mental illness. It's treated like a separate thing. My guess is so they can scam you out of your money. I can't imagine any other reason to make separate categories and make it sure to word it as NOT a mental illness, and they certainly have doctors to back this up, otherwise they wouldn't be able to pull this off at all. Another thing you will often hear is that autism is not a mental illness, but a disorder that can trigger different mental illnesses.
That's actually where I am right now, trying to get a dual diagnosis. First you get diagnosed with autism, and then they will see what mental illnesses your "developmental disability" might have triggered.

It's beyond me tbh, fuck everything.


but what if it isnt a real mental illness tho? for example, there is such a thing as motor control disorders and ocd. what autism looks like to me is essentially a bunch of different psychological disorders combined with being an anti-social person. you could literally make up a whole plethera of disorders by using multiple disorders people already have


The reason the dsm is not enough is because they change what's in it all the time. Autism has been dropped and reinstated into he dsm several times for the past few years, it's ridiculous.


why do you fear being sighted with them? You should really confront it, man… deliberately use them in public.

Their effect might double ;)


File: 1595632153332.jpg (58.43 KB, 540x752, 135:188, 2343578.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

On purely medical terms I really don't care, and I won't pretend to know enough about the topic to even have an opinion.
My problem is much simpler. I have a sibling diagnosed with autism and I want his medical bills to be covered by insurance. What the insurance tells me is that autism is something else and has to be charged accordingly. Clinics will tell you the same thing. I tried to fight this with the help of a lawyer (so now I'm paying to a company that won't cover the bills and a lawyer to make them pay the bills and actually footing the bills themselves). Lawyer tells me the faster way is to have a dual diagnosis which, guess what, insurance won't cover it. So now I'm paying for everything I just told plus the psychiatrist to have another diagnosis done, though he may or may not decide that autism is a good enough of a diagnosis, in which case I'm back to zero. A reasonable person would then proceed to burn the fucking building down, but we'll see what happens, I'm optimistic.


He put a pile of chained-together old bicycles all over the parking lot so the other tenants couldn't park their cars on their (rented and paid for) parking places. He also chained some old bicycle frames to the storage room door so people couldn't access the storage. Still not sure where he got all the junk from.

I got a recent sound recording from one of the neighbors. Reportedly he was putting on a performance on his balcony some hours past midnight. In the recording there's him sign-screaming with muffled music in the background:

"I'm gonna smash your head
With a baseball bat
I'm gonna smash your head
With a baseball bat
I'm gonna smash your head
With a baseball bat

The recording is like 10 minutes of him repeating this.

Lately he's also been heard screaming in the corridors that the landlord and the manager are a pair of "playboys", and that he has a gun and isn't afraid to use it.

He keeps sending emails to the landlord in spanish where he says that he's going to win in the court of appeal because he has "all the tenants behind him" even though all the tenants hate his guts and there are now even more testimonies against him than before.

Before the verdict he used to move in a gray zone, harrassing but avoiding clear threats, but now he's gone way over the edge. I think he's finally starting to realize just how bad his situation is.


Yes, mid-twenties.
I'm not sure it is either. But a disorder as vague as "general retardation" is fine to exist I think. Because there is definitely SOMETHING. I just don't know to what extent you could ever treat it.


i hate noise, bright lights,dogs, roosters, any repetitive, pointless, sound.
i am mostly deaf to human voices so i have to watch vids/movies/tv etc with subtitles.
the majority of succubi's voices are pointless blather to me so no jury duty, useless meetings, etc.
it has its advantages.


>I'm pretty sure it is nothing more than a psychological condition and doctors are trying to put us on meds in a blantant attempt to oversocialize us (like 99% of people living today)
Meds aside, how is that a bad thing?


File: 1596155561003.png (2.52 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, BdJCjzt.png) ImgOps iqdb

Masks are now mandatory here. They're really hard to wear. They make me feel panic. I almost freaked out at the store today. It was already somewhat burdensome to go to the store because of the lights and the noise.

You can get a mask waiver if you're autistic, but I don't want normans knowing I have the disorder. I've also heard normans are just laying into people for not wearing masks. They don't stop to ask if you have a waiver, they just immediately attack you or put their camera phone in your face.


Just say no.


I've been straight up ignoring the order. I haven't been called out on it yet. When I do, I just ignore and walk on, and I'm out of there before anything really comes of it.


Just paint a mask on your face


> I've also always been disgusted by bodily fluids, kept a separate glass of water to drink in and such. Some textures also made me feel bad and gave me frisson as a kid.
I have these too, I thought it was normal.


Does anyone else uncontrollably shake their head when tasting something bad or with a bad texture? Apparently I've done this ever since I was a baby.


>Why All Non-Autistics Are Liars
Title is a bit over the top, but this was enjoyable.


That book is a bit basic imo but pretty good for getting a newbie up to speed on the basics of op-sec and situational awareness.


I was diagnosed about ten years ago. The usual things. If I'm honest it feels a bit crippling.
My interests are mostly history and computers. For history I like to learn about mistakes made and how it was overcome. It's sort of broad. I like to repair and tinker around with hardware and software.
I get the impression people on the internet don't know what it means to have ASD. They use autism as almost a hyperbolic majoritive term for acting weird, from what I've seen. I don't really mind it, just find it a bit strange?

I have a good specialist I see every so often that helps me understand normal people more and try to emulate them. He talks to me about blending in and learning body language symbols.
I think I'm considered high functioning. Unfortunately I think my intelligence is just average, people seem to think all austists are crazy smart, that's not the case


Do you work, wiz?


No, never have before


An interesting story with a satisfying ending. Treat it as entertainment.
Reading the comments makes me mad though. I can't stand that sort of tryhard gogetters who are flexing there. You know, THOSE guys who love to talk about how they are practically ascended beings that wield the powers of self improvement and are about to dominate the whole game. Oh, everyone is surely in awe of these big bad men and their big bad manly worldview based on cold hard big man truths.
Fucking spare me. If they're such winners why do they need to brag about it to sperglords?


File: 1598232806568.jpg (130.73 KB, 750x750, 1:1, Ef-3h-HXYAELLuj.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>An interesting story with a satisfying ending. Treat it as entertainment.
An autistic guy was strangled to death. I don't see how that's entertaining, wiz!

I do sympathize somewhat with your contempt for these guys who think their autism makes them part of an elite group. I assume most of them are just blowing off steam online. Some of them really do come off like unhinged megalomaniacs, though.


It wasn't a fellow autist anymore. He became… an abomination.


I still feel sympathy for him. Years of stress and alienation can really take a heavy toll on your mind.

The movement to stop confused aspies from changing their gender seems to be getting stronger these days, at least in some places like Australia. Tony Attwood has spoken out about it, thankfully.


>The movement to stop confused aspies from changing their gender seems to be getting stronger these days
Doesn't look that way from my end, but I hope you're right.


>You know, THOSE guys who love to talk about how they are practically ascended beings that wield the powers of self improvement and are about to dominate the whole game. Oh, everyone is surely in awe of these big bad men and their big bad manly worldview based on cold hard big man truths.
I would pay good money to find out what these guys are actually like in real life.


Autism unironically needs to be removed from the gene pool. For real, what are those "benefits" the neurodiversity niggers ramble about so goddamn much as an excuse to not get cured from autism?
Even if autists were high IQ i don't see how being a intelligent sperg is better than being an intelligent neurotypical.


>wizkid goes to school
>doesn't talk to no one
>teacher says he has the 'tism
>succubus doctors kidnap him
>cut his nads off
>no more mana for wizkid
>never can cast magic missile
>never can join the secret elder clique
>never can become wizard


He wasn't using them anyway.


>what are those "benefits"


>not reproducing = not using testicles

Absolute pure concentrated succubus logic. The testicles produce hormones that give the wizard the drive to complete his goals, fulfill his desires, and draw prime anime oppai. To take that away from a wizard and doom him to a life in which he has a natural desire to excel in his own interests but cannot muster the energy is torture by all definitions.


>what are those "benefits" the neurodiversity niggers ramble about
None. To them we are a tool in a political fight. Well, it's not even political anymore. It's religious, ideological.
Autists therefore must exist (and suffer) because any other way would invalidate their holy diversity gospel.
Likewise the dogma of autists being perfectly accepted and integrated into their society must never be denied, even though autists are still at the very bottom of their social ladder while the deceptive leftist ideologues are the most dangerous of all abusers.


>left wants to use you
>right wants to abuse you
No winning.


File: 1598302152449.jpg (185.45 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DA6BZcNk.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't get you. Are you saying that spergs are more likely to become trannies?
I have balls and i can't do any of these things anyways.


He’s saying if autism was to be eradicated, it would allow people to falsely accuse others of having it and getting them forcefully sterilized.


They wouldn't have to sterilize the kids. It has also been proven that autism was actually caused by advanced parental age and "old sperm", which meants kids born to parents in their late 30's (th-thanks feminism) are more likely to get assburgers and a myriad of other mental illnesses
I think sterilizing people past the age of 35 would be really benefitial for ending not just autism but also a fuckton of other genetic ills. Not like it'll ever happen anyway because diversity good, being a stable regular person bad.

Though i agree autism also gets overdiagnosed a lot these days. Basically not being an extreme extrovert loud kid = autism or childhood trauma these days.


It will not get removed from the gene pool because it is impossible to tell the difference between someone with mild autism and a neurotypical physically.



I'm 25; and dealt with a negligent/abusive and depressed cluster B mother - and dealt with severe depression/anxiety through most of my adolescence and early adult years. So I never had the chance to learn to drive/go finish driving school.

I'm disowned by my family and was homeless for a little while - I live many states away. I am recently housed; but still never really driven at all and never had a drivers license.

Am I totally fucked? Or is it still possible to take driving class or even just teach myself how to drive then take the exam? And is there anything to note about being on the spectrum that can make it far more difficult to drive and shit?


The real effect of sterilizing older people would be to encourage some poor people to have kids early when they are financially fucked


You should totally avoid driving if you have depression.


Wouldn't have to be super early either. 25-32 is the ideal age range


Some of us are unemployed or earn min wage and are too poor to afford a car.


>transitcel is a crab trait and it is a clear dealbreaker and indicative of both dead low status and creating a suspicion that I am very much mentally deficient.




How in the fuck am I able to get a job if I don't drive? Many min wage places I've applied to either require or prefer transportation.


Well I guess it depends on where you live. Here in Toronto public transit can take you anywhere in the city.
But if you live in a small town or rural area where coverage is limited then I understand.


File: 1599111003437.png (7.37 MB, 2521x1437, 2521:1437, 1590179444039.png) ImgOps iqdb

Have you guys ever browsed sites set up by the relatives and spouses of autistic people? They're pretty interesting. The most hard-hitting, politically incorrect one (the Scandinavian site "Heartless Asperger's") appears to have been shut down, but there are still others around.

Some aspies call them hate sites, but I don't agree at all. Yes, the world is hard on us, but autistic people are not saints and some of them really mistreat the people around them.


I've browsed the first site. I remember finding a similar one but for narcs.

Imagine growing up with an autistic father… You see where I'm going with this?


Hilarious. Bunch of angry entitled normalfags who live on easy mode but still scream for more privilege.


File: 1599186496453.jpg (306.03 KB, 686x555, 686:555, lewd gato.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

That one was set by some crazy whore being ultra buttmad over all autistic people after her autistic boyfriend left her.

Imagine being such an unlovable succubus that not even autistic men want you


So many of the stories follow a similar format: The aspie does their best to hide their disorder until they're married. Then they give up (or are too exhausted to keep) trying to seem NT. The NT spouse now feels blindsided and disillusioned, wondering where the person they fell in love with went.
>My wife has High functioning Autism
She was beautiful. Everyone liked her. She was kind, loving and very generous. She had a high profile job in education and liked all the things I did. We had wonderful times at rock concerts, parties with my friends, picnics and dinners. She helped me whenever she could with my work. I returned all this affection and love with gratitude that I had finally found the succubus of my dreams. That I had found someone who could love this red headed motor bike riding man. We could hardly wait to get married and start a family.

It all very swiftly turned into a nightmare. Ten months after our marriage when little Georgina was born, nothing would ever be the same. My wife became very distant and cold. I thought it might be post-natal depression and encouraged her to see a doctor. She wouldn’t go. She denied there was a problem. She was still working in her job and the baby was going to day care. Whenever I tried to talk to her about what had changed in our marriage she shut down. She refused to talk. She didn’t cry or run away; just coldly refused to acknowledge anything was wrong.
I hope she's finally moved on. She seemed like she was in a lot of pain.


This is a pattern I've noticed with succubi.

>succubus dates a guy with a trait she perceives to be negative.

>succubus dates him despite him having that negative trait because he has enough positive traits to offset that trait
>Negative trait still bothers succubus
>Eventually they break up for whatever reason
>succubus starts openly hating men who have that negative trait
>Argues that men with that trait are all horrible people to justify her hatred

I've seen this play out so many times it's not even funny. And the negative trait is always something succubi seem to universally dislike in men like being "cheap"(poor) autistic, short, balding, lives with parents. You'll never see a succubus saying she hates rich guys due to a bad breakup with one, lol.


Why do you pay attention to their behavior patterns?
Oh wait, i know why.


I'm not oblivious to the world around me and I've worked jobs with succubi that wouldn't shut up about this shit. I also grew up with 4 older sisters, so there's that too. I get what you're trying to imply here though.


Here's an excerpt from one. http://www.miottawa.org/Health/CMH/pdf/brains/Neuropsychology%20Overview/Articles%20and%20Readings/NVLD%20Book%20Chapter.pdf

NVLD is the worst.
There aren't really any good ones at least not in pdf form since it's still obscure. Problem is, the people who write them are either doctors or succubi with support networks. Some people are trying to get it added to DSM which would make things better but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Several of the people who specialize in it basically ignored me or wanted like huge amounts of cash for an assessment.




>It was when Georgina went to school and was diagnosed with Asperger’s and put into a special education class that my wife came clean and admitted she also had Asperger’s and had known all along. I was angry and betrayed. I moved into another room. I could not stand to see the two of them together. How they belittled me and made fun of me in hurtful ways. They ganged up together. Georgina was being taught to ridicule her father. She became hard for me to discipline. She didn’t want to play doll’s house with me anymore. She wouldn’t come with me when I went for a bike ride.
It's an interesting twist to see a regular person have to deal with the rest of his immediate family being autistic. Sounds like he's living a lonely existence.


I fucking hate masks and how everybody wants you to wear one. They can't force you to wear one if you have a medical reason not to, and where I'm from they aren't even allowed to ask for proof. Just tell them no. Worst case scenario, you can wear the mask with your nose completely exposed so you can breath. It won't do anything to stop the spread of Coronavirus, but normans think that masks are magic, so they won't give you shit. Some people in my area actually wear a face shield instead of a mask because they can't tell the difference. Wearing one of those wouldn't cause sensory overload for me, but they just look too ridiculous.


File: 1599553784286.jpg (25.43 KB, 400x400, 1:1, EedAFoRXsAI4__3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>As I read the most recent posts, it came to mind that one of the reciprocal expectations in an adult relationship is trust. And, that is something we can never have with a person afflicted with Asperger's. The Aspie "relationship" begins with deceit. We fall in love with someone who does not exist. And, we find out slowly or quickly depending on how long each Aspie can keep up the mask. Once we find out, we can never trust them again. We ask ourselves, what else have they lied about? Are we simply momentary distractions from their netherworld? Whatever their motivation, it is always dishonest and always hurtful. They need to stop.
The neurotypicals often say that they end up becoming the mother or father to their autistic spouse. At first the autists pretend to be very charming, attentive, and head over heels in love, but once they know they have the NT ensnared many of them become emotinally cold and celibate. Some even stop working and have the NT handle all the financial and household duties.

It's a very interesting survival strategy. The aspie is almost like a parasite that attaches itself to the NT host. The NTs that find aspies attractive are often highly empathic. The aspie sucks them dry, giving them little in return.

All autistics should embrace wizardry. We are not meant to be involved with normans.


It's mandatory outside around here. Yes it is absurd, don't ask. I've thought of asking my shrink for a piece of paper so I don't risk getting fined by overzealous cops but with the freakout here around the pandemic there's no way he will not turn me down…


Fucking hell, they fine you? I bet they didn't do shit during the BLM protests either. Like I said before, they probably won't bother you if you leave your nose exposed or just wear a face shield because normans think masks are magic. How many cases are even active in your area, if you don't mind me asking? Here we have no active cases, but we're still under lockdown.


It looks and feels weird I'd rather not wear it at all. I've avoided stores and public transportation so far because it's a pain. Since I'm a neet it was not much of a problem for me until now, but these days it's gotten insane. The local and national governments have completely lost it.
As for the active cases I don't really know and honestly don't care much. They will freak out and spin any numbers to back up their fear mongering anyway, and it's not like this disease is dangerous to anyone below the age of seventy.
Anyway I've been talking walks in the suburbs and less busy parts of my urban area, and don't venture out downtown at all. Yet I've seen many people walking their dogs in empty streets with a mask on, how much of an idiot can you possibly be to do that. There is literally no one around, and no cop to bother you.


Personally, I like wearing the masks because people can't see my face as much. I need to get some sunglasses and then with my cap, mask, and sunglasses, very little of my face would be visible.

Here people are always on the street without the masks on. I'll probably keep wearing masks even if there's a vaccine now that's it's been normalized.


I wear headphones, sunglasses, and a mask when I go out. I’m a walking “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil”.


Well, if the only thing you need to go outside for is walks, I recommend nightwalking so the pigs don't notice you. Just wear black in case you need to run from them.


File: 1599694532964.jpg (6.5 KB, 150x102, 25:17, disapproving man 4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>, I recommend nightwalking so the pigs don't notice you. Just wear black in case you need to run from them.


Yesterday night I went for a walk and some lady started yelling at me for not wearing a mask. I just apologized and claimed I forgot it and she went on a rant about how people like me are why so many people are dying and literally pulled the "think of the children" card. I should note that I was never within 6 feet of anyone, or even 10 feet for that matter, until she came at me to scold me. She told me if she sees me without a mask again she's calling the cops.

I have a difficult enough time breathing through my nose even without a mask due to severe nasal polyps, which I got surgery for twice but they just grew back after like 6 months.

I look forward to 2022 when I can go for a walk outside again. Or 2023…or maybe never because this is the new normal™.


>think of the 0.01% of children with Coronavirus who end up dying and probably had a terminal illness anyways
Normans can't into critical thinking. Honestly, I feel bad for you. Nature walks are one of my favourite things to do. I would go insane if I was forced to stop because of the meme flu.


>Normans can't into critical thinking.
Most of the time when normalfags pull the "think of the children" card they're not actually thinking about the children themselves, they're just doing it to claim the moral high ground or as emotional blackmail to get people to do what they want.


Good idea, I totally wont get jumped by joyriding fags or crazy bums and joggers


So far nobody has had the gall to lecture me for not wearing a mask outside. If they are that scared of the disease or the police, I would imagine they would also be scared of a random man's reaction to their silly sermon. Though actually I would hope that most people realise it's pointless and only do it out of fear of getting fined or standing out, that and they got used to it somehow. Today I went out with my parents, and they both had their masks on as they walked to the car, which is like fifteen meters away from the house. I don't get it.


where are you from? here in america it depends where you live, more liberal places have people that will assault you for not wearing a mask, new york and california come to mind, down south you can walk around without a mask and most won't say anything


The bad thing about being a really high functioning autistic is that, even if you manage to nail down great social skills, fitting it with the normals and socializing with people still feels oddly artificial. Almost like being a sociopath trying to fit in.

But then again i wouldn't be surprised if Autism was really just a PC term for sociopathy because the symptoms for both really coincide.



These days i feel out of place on any community based around autism because i'm not one of those ""high functioning"" manchildren who flap their hands and play with literal fucking toys. I don't mind masking because i actually put effort into analyzing and imitating the social cues yet everyone there treats trying to fit in with the sheepies like an absolute torture and demand that society as a whole caters to them instead.
Those who would have been "people with Aspergers" back in the 2000s have basically no voice in the community nowadays because they don't act autistic enough, which is ironically the sort of shit that the neurodeviants tried to get rid of in the first place. On some places you even get mocked for being high functioning to the point of masking near-perfectly because MUH PRIVILEGE.

I miss when the whole idea behind the movement was just "autistic children shouldn't be automatically sent to mental asylums"


If you can fit in perfectly, then you don't really need an autism website. I can't imagine mastering social cues or anything like that to the extent where it wouldn't be noticeable.


What reason do you have to be part of autism communities if you can pass perfectly well as a neurotypical? If anything autism communities are not hostile enough, people who don't suffer any of the consequences of autism like succubi and the high functioning don't belong, most of them are annoying braggarts who act as apologists for neurotypicals while constantly shitting on actual autistics for not being functional. You didn't put in any special effort, you are just lucky to be higher functioning than the others, 80% of autistic college graduates are unemployed and being autistic takes two decades off your life expectancy. What problems do the high functioning have to deal with that they need to post on autistic forums? They just whine all the time about other autistics making them look bad anyway

And yes society should cater more to autistics because it's society's fault they're suffering so much, a hundred years ago autistic people could live in the world just fine, now thanks to public schooling and workplace culture they're having a much more difficult time


File: 1600241246576.png (115.37 KB, 398x398, 1:1, box.png) ImgOps iqdb

I just ordered a few books on NVLD. After I read them I might make an NVLD thread on /wiz/. More wizards should know about this learning disability. Over the years a lot of wizards have described having learning issues consistent with NVLD, which is no surprise since it seems to frequently co-occur with Asperger's.


Yeah I'll be honest, if I have had known about it earlier on, I'd have been able to avoid making a lot of bad decisions based on "I can do well if I try really hard" because I knew I had these problems but I didn't realize how bad my situation was so when other people would progress at things and I stagnated no matter how much effort I put into them, it was inexplicably frustrating. Then the even worse part is usually the fall back for people who aren't good at cognitively intense stuff is physical labor and with NVLD having shit motor skills means you will fuck up a lot and get fired. The social aspect eliminates any sales type or other customer-oriented stuff as well. It is truly playing life on nightmare mode since it's not visible but so impairing.


>Well, Alice, it seems we both have Autism, haven't we?
Do you remember this guy? I read today that Tik Tok zoomers have made thousands of videos mocking him.


it's still is funny. I think it just that teens are fucking edgy about it and toxic as possible. So instead of just laugh at it, they have this need to annihilate and bully and mock the person into the ground. Like all kids are.


File: 1600542602345.jpg (85.99 KB, 1440x1088, 45:34, 1594889494742.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have aspergers and I'm honestly glad I do. My obsessions have made me prioritize my hobbies over perusing hopeless relationships with succubi. From early on I realized that this world isn't meant for me, only problem is that the world I have retreated to, the internet, is being infested with succubi and normalniggers trying to make it more like their realm.

>What are your symptoms?

I hate light and touch. I have to write a schedule of things to do everyday or I will have a melt down (even though I am a NEET). I get wrapped up in one or two interests and don't do anything outside of those things. Also the normal shit like eye contact and crowds. And most importantly I don't understand most people's emotional reactions toward things.

>What are your special interests?

Music and anime. Anime was something I got into in my teens where as music has been a lifelong interest.

>How long have you been diagnosed for?

Not very long actually. My entire school life consisted of my teachers telling my mom that I should get tested, but her refusing because she wanted me to be treated like a normgroid.

Autism is a joke because normalniggers hate us. They hate that we see through the bullshit of their social interactions and emotions. Their propaganda doesn't work as strongly on us because we have our own specific interests and routines. This is why autists should aim for wizardry, because groids will forever want us dead and succubi will moralize at us for our reclusive ways.


I have autism. I get obsessive thoughts and find it hard to emotionally connect with people (as I’m sure many wizards do), among other things. My special interest is walking. I’ve been diagnosed for a few months.


I am kinda glad to have it but without it I would probably had ended up a normal but it's impossible to know that.

>What are your symptoms?

I don't feel love or show much emotion. I don't want to express them and don't exactly know how it feels wrong doing so. The worst thing about my mental situation is being dyslexic and having challenges with calculating things just doing basic mathematical actions so I am not just autistic I am retarded autist as well which makes life just wonderful. Hate touch, crowds very loud sounds all the usual stuff though I don't have meltdowns. I have high functioning variant.
>What are your special interests?
It's sort of changing over time focusing from one to another over the years but I still keep some interest in what I liked. I was heavily into history at school but learning I won't make a career out of it I stopped being so into it, not being able to remember dates required for it was a cut off as well. Then it was old technology, computers but after dropping out of college I became fascinated by drugs. I have tried dozens of drugs and know a shitload about them. I like purifying, creating one type of drug to the other and course the effects they give. I like to think they are the this world's magic potions.
>How long have you been diagnosed for?
since highschool. I knew something was off with me I wasn't just a loner as other loners still had friends and were social. Went to psychiatrists and found out. They say I also had some ADHD symptoms as well but since my countries mental institutions were a joke at that time I just got diagnosis and that's it never been to the psychiatrists since then.


IIRC Tony Attwood said the autistics who "only" have the classic core social issues and perhaps a few mild sensory problems are the subgroup of ASD that has the best outcome. After reading many ASD memoirs and countless blogs and articles it's my opinion that most of those upbeat "autism is my superpower" types are reasonably high IQ members of this subgroup. One ASD YouTuber I watch has taken to calling them the "autistic aristocracy."

If you have more severe sensory issues and co-morbids like anxiety, OCD, depression, etc., your likelihood of a good outcome is far less certain.


People like Temple Grandin make our live worse.


File: 1601018947885.jpg (39.1 KB, 459x344, 459:344, Julian-Assange-004-Priscil….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has Asperger syndrome and depression, court hears
In two precedent-setting cases, the UK refused the extradition of Gary McKinnon in 2012 and Lauri Love in 2018 to face hacking charges in the US on the grounds that they had Asperger syndrome and depression – conditions that would put them at risk of suicide.
Over the past two days, medical experts told judges at the Old Bailey that Assange had depression and autism, and hence would be at high risk of suicide if the court ordered his extradition to a US prison.


Hiding in an embassy is a terrible idea. Why did he not move to an anti-US country like Edward Snowden did?


He was in a different situation. He didn't think he'd be arrest in the UK but then he was and had to surrender his passport and everything, so he broke bail and couldn't easily escape country. Snowden only just got to Russia in time without prior notice of who he was and they were forcing planes down to find him.


I don't remember that being a thing, plus nobody really cared anyways.


File: 1601401005848.gif (258.8 KB, 240x180, 4:3, SquareHead.gif) ImgOps iqdb

What do you do if your a aspie with no hobbies like >>245780 explained
? I have this problem and I'm 20 as of now (High functioning autism diagnosed at 3 ), In fact sometimes I think I really dont know much about my autism mostly because for a long time it seemed to be a crunch for social situations where I felt even more isolated and I didn't want to acknowledge how powerless I felt(I now realized it allowed me to see the inner turmoil most people dont experience like selfishness and surviving bullying and gaslighting until there later teens or adult years so I guess that's a plus but the downsize I still have problems relating to people in normal social situations ) mostly because its easier to be a child who doesn't know some social cues , however a child who doesn't know this to a farther extent seems to be set for failure unless they have a good father figure or a good surrounding of people to help them. I had this but still heavily struggled for a long time. I still do but not to the extent I can analyze some what of a social situation and come on top with out the feeling of inadequacy but I need to still prepare to enter that situation by imagining a scenario. Also I would like to apologize if my writing appears to me unstructured and schizophrenia like. I don't get to talk about my autism much since I don't have people in my life on my level of autism, where I can communicate it clearly or just unclearly but more truthfully to them. Also what music do fellow aspies enjoy? I enjoy talking heads , brian eno , television , and unwound. I've been getting into more Noise Rock since I feel like my over sensitivity to music as lowered and Im able to enjoy more genres now. Speaking of losing crutches of over stimulation to certain things, do any of you think of getting diagnosed again? Sometimes I would like to get a diagnostic again so I can further understand myself and my symptoms on why I act how I act. However could that lead to a dangerous turn as where I over analyze myself more then I should? Or even worse over medication recs from doctor's, I would like to hear what you guys have to say about this. I would like to apologize again if the structure of my sentences seems unstructured or if it's hard to answer or if there is any spelling errors or mispronunciations.


File: 1601401370998-0.jpg (72.88 KB, 837x837, 1:1, topsters2 (68).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1601401370998-1.jpg (400.02 KB, 1922x1174, 961:587, topsters2 (70).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Here are some of my favorite movies and albums as well as albums.


Snowden is a confirmed spook


I wonder if my brother or sister wrote this. Haha…sigh.
>Aspie behavior can actually be scary for a NT person to witness. The whole idea of a person who can literally only think or care about themselves and their perspective is frightening. The narcissism, stubbornness, constant criticism and whining, mindblindness, meltdowns out of nowhere, verbal and physical abuse, negativity, and bizarre, controlling behavior in general can be very traumatizing to a NT person. The scariest part, however, is the just the whole robotic, lack of human connection. It feels like you aren't even communicating with another human being. In response to "Over", yes, it is normal for them to be neurotic, unreasonable, and complain nonstop and ruin anything good by either pointing out something negative or going out of their way to ruin it themselves. It seems like they're constantly anxious and need a problem to fixate on so if there is no problem they will go out of their way to make one. You can't make a situation with them better because they lack reasoning abilities and don't understand that there are different perspectives to problems. To them only their point of view exists which is an insane concept to any NT person.


But that is LITERALLY how neurotypicals act 100% of the time? What the fuck?



I once lived with a borderline abuser. I tell you that they can surely learn to properly behave, just use whatever it takes to make them know that you won't ever fall into their impulsive dramas…

If he smashes a jar into the floor, the cure to such a mania is surely forcing him into cleaning the pieces with his mouth and a lil plastic bag.


I'm not talking about some borderline abusers. I'm talking about the average normal. It's one massive projection.


No he isn't


I know, right? I've known autists who can be annoying or antagonistic, but the only truly mean people I've met were normalfags.


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he quick brown 🦊 jumps over 13 lazy 🐶.


im laughing so hard because of your post, its literally me when I still drank a lot a few years ago.


Assuming your story is real (seems made up but who knows) I have no sympathy for people like this. Loud disruptive tenants in apartments are the worst regardless of what mental disorders they may or may not have. Landlords are way too reluctant to evict them even when numerous other tenants complain.
>Loud music
>Barking dogs
>Kids screaming kids stomping around
>Speakers with loud bass
It's all so tiresome.


I have difficulty understanding emotions etc. I’m too “nice” and I’m afraid of pissing people off for some reason. I’m a manlet too and dumb as a doorknob.


Noise music is as non-normal as it gets m8 (I’m not him though)


>"Utterly Confused", the reason your ex fiance needs down time and self isolation is because he wears a "mask" to hide his true self when interacting in the world. It's exhausting for the person with ASD. When the mask slips, that is when you see the real self. Everything else is disingenuous, fake, not real, a script. What comes naturally to the NT, is anything but, to the disordered ASP. This is a serious neurological and developmental disorder, no matter how high functioning the person with ASD is. Their emotional IQ is stunted anywhere from toddler age to around the age of 10, according to the latest research. Their Intellectual IQ may be normal or even high, but not so with the Emotional Quotient. We are dealing with children. That is another reason marriage counseling will never work. It is geared towards 2 adults in a relationship, and in the NT/AS marriage, there is one adult and one child. Absolutely impossible to have an intimate reciprocal relationship with an adult and a child. It cannot happen. It's very confusing in these relationships and that is one of the biggest reasons. We sense it. We need to listen to our intuition that is warning us.

Is this part I quote below even true? Has anyone seen the research he mentions? I've seen partners of autistics say this or something similar often over the years.
>Their emotional IQ is stunted anywhere from toddler age to around the age of 10, according to the latest research.


Don't have AUTISM but am really introverted.


Masao said he recently got diagnosed with autism. If you don't know him, he's a very eccentric guy who makes popular cooking videos in a very messy apartment.


File: 1609161381122.jpg (64.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, gubsy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>What are your symptoms?
I have problems with empathy and do not understand some social aspects like if a conversation is getting awkward or if I'm doing something incorrect. I've gotten better at this over the years by consciously training myself and analyzing conversations, though most of the time I still only realize when I've made a mistake in hindsight. I have a very monotone voice and don't express much emotion when speaking to others.

>What are your special interests?

I didn't get anything cool like trains or airplanes unfortunately, it's just Half-Life and shortwave radios. They just never cease to be interesting to me for whatever reason. I could talk about them for hours without tiring
>How long have you been diagnosed for?
Since I was roughly 7 or 8 years old. I am in my early twenties now
>I hate how autism is used as a joke now, especially on the internet. It’s like people who say they have OCD because they like organizing things.
It's just the way slang/language evolves. When someone calls you an autist/cuck/chud/whatever other normalfag buzzword, they don't mean it in the actual sense… it's basically a stand-in for calling you stupid or a faggot and you shouldn't think too much of it.


Where do these people diagnosed with "autism" come from in this thread? USA or some commonwealth country?

Because reading the "symptoms" it just look like they label you as autistic so that they make you pop pills from big pharma (pills that you pay of course).

By reading what you all write and thinking of the people I knew back in school it seems like everybody would be labeled autistic which I call bullshit.


That doesn't like autism. Sounds like bipolar disorder or some kind of latent personality disorder


I'm really god damn clumsy, I fumble typing and I mix up my words a lot, I have trouble detecting movent outside a narrow slit of my vision, and I've done it my entire life. I've always felt really bad for causing trouble but sometimes I wish I could get a break. People know I can't understand sarcasm and vague directions, they know I don't like eye contact, they know it makes me freak out if they mess up my personal belongings or otherwise destabilize my surroundings. My mom knew I probably had aspergers over 20 years ago. But just because I'm intelligent enough to do some things, which really I just can do because they interest me, they think I shouldn't have a problem being on the same level as everyone else. The problem is, even if I know I'm clumsy, I'm still clumsy. I feel like I barely have any control over my arms and legs. I stutter and can barely form coherent sentences, and when I do I use really limited vocabulary because I forget phrases and terms whenever I need them. Yes, I can express intellectual ideas with some effort and an understanding of what I'm saying, but its no more than that. I'm VERY good at understanding things on a conceptual level, but when it gets to the details I get lost. Really lost. And I can't explain the concept to anyone else either. It frustrates me so much because anyone I speak to thinks that if I can make some sense when I say stuff, I must be alright even if I'm knocking shit over and slurring my words like hell.

I just wish I sounded as disjointed as I feel so that people would give me some slack.


I feel like noise sensitivity allows me to feel sounds more intensely, when it's something coherent and not an overbearing jumbled mess like a city.


I used to think my autism diagnosis was bullshit. These days, I seem to see more and more people describe me as autistic. It seems too much to be a coincidence. I punch myself in the face sometimes when I get angry. Apparently that's an autistic thing to do.


>I seem to see more and more people describe me as autistic. It seems too much to be a coincidence.
I am tested as 100% not autistic, and people - no not just 'people' but 'professionals' - call me autistic, everything I do is autistic to them, I tell them I took the test and I am not even close to autistic, I've been told that testing doesn't matter because they can 'just tell' or 'it doesnt matter what it's called'. I've walked into multiple doctor's offices and they instantly label me as autistic, it is a total meme diagnoses, if you are not normal then you are autistic, that's it.


But autism really is one of those things that is immediately apparent from just interacting with someone. You probably are autistic.


It really is obvious you do not even need to test someone because you can tell within a moment of seeing them escpially if they are walking.




Actually it's possible if you know what signs to look for. Autistic people like myself tend to avoid eye contact, are very quiet, make quirky movements whenever possible and are otherwise alien in our mannerisms.


maybe. But merely by the way you walk? I don't buy it.



I got diagnosed by a psychologist I hardly said a word to. It's pretty obvious by my face. I believe autistic face is high fetal test + head inflammation somehow related to that.


It is obvious if you have high social skills and known autists before.
Obviously there are lots of tiny signs we could write out but the ind picks up on all the signs subconsciously.


Nice music 👍

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