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File: 1592078384381.jpg (163.32 KB, 775x518, 775:518, homeless-addiction.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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How the fuck do I curb my internet addiction? Im online every hour I'm awake. I browse my phone until I fall asleep, I wake up and browse, I watch porn on my phone, I use my phone to listen to music while I shower.
Its everyday every single day. I can't take it anymore. They purposedly make everything addictive so you get trapped in the shithole that is the internet and they get fat checks and bonuses because ad revenue went up.
Please help me, I get insanely bored offline. I tried greyscale and uninstalling apps but I always go back
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I think my parents think I am a weirdo for doing this. Like, just walking around the city as fast as I can, not really going anywhere… which is also true figuratively lol.

I don't know.


You have got to know what makes you unhappy. If you're unwilling to share I totally respect that but don't be shy if thats not the case. I'll actually listen in depth to you instead of waiting for my turn to speak


>Its everyday every single day. I can't take it anymore. They purposedly make everything addictive so you get trapped in the shithole that is the internet
You do realize that this is all your fault, right? These companies make their shit addictive sure, but that's why you keep it out of your life as much as possible. You're worse than the fat slobs that sue McDonalds for making them fat. No one's forcing you to take the worse option.



Lol, makes me remember the time when I spent a whole evening trying to compile a software from source only to end up in dependency hell. I really questioned my life choices that day :p



4chan has banned the whole IP range for my country it seems. I can't even post there for over a year now.


What country do you live in?


probably india



Yup, India. Why have they banned it though?


lol, how did I know


File: 1602474565423.jpg (36.69 KB, 651x386, 651:386, poo-to-loo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> Yup, India. Why have they banned it though?
Designated shitting streets.


The amount of Indians who speak English, the high volume of call centre esque jobs, and how far first world currencies go in India… Perfect storm for advertisers to hire Indian citizens to spam products or even tip opinions on matters on a platform like 4chan in a way that's not immediately apparent as spam. If the vast majority of a country's posts aren't actually from posters engaging with the community, it's best to cut all access because te only way spam doesn't work is if it's not posted at all. Those who truly want to be part of the community will have to take the extra step to find an unbanned VPN.


Careful, we are not talking about San Francisco here.


Advertising products on 4chan of all places? Seems a bit off to me. In either case, 4chan was never popular here and few people used it. I am surprised that they received so much spam content from here that they decided to block a whole country's IP range.


There aren't any "designated shitting streets" in SF: the homeless simply shit wherever they damned well please.


> Advertising products on 4chan
I doubt if it's unobfuscated advertising (i.e., spam) as much as it's astroturfing.


So, in a way the whole of SF is 'designated shitting street' then?


File: 1602500262394.png (509.25 KB, 768x614, 384:307, San-Fran-poop-map-768x614.png) ImgOps iqdb

As far as the homeless are concerned? Absolutely.


browsing hell holes like this on my desktop


wtf is san francisco an island? i guess ive never looked at it on a map while zoomed in


>is san francisco an island?
It's on a peninsula that looks a bit like an island in that image because of how it's centered and zoomed.




File: 1610904631644.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 1610834310747.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

OP here, still addicted to the internet. Guess there's no hope for addicts. My egg be fried


you need to learn things, be creative, create things. the internet is a fucking godsend for this type of stuff

if all you're doing is consuming, the internet is an endless tar pit, and you can never be truly happy or content with your time if you just consume other people's shit


Easier said than done. Most addicts know they have a problem, but good luck getting them to quit


ive spent all my free time on the computer since i was a young lad. this is deeply engrained into my subconscious mind and i am struggling to escape. i got myself permanantly banned from 4chad to try to get myself on the computer but now i just go on here more or youtube or video games. i cant escape, this shit is on my phone, my work laptop, etc. i cant just cut it out, this will always be with me and i need to resist the temptation for as long as i still need these. fuck


File: 1612817142103.gif (2.56 MB, 336x335, 336:335, 1580552109346.gif) ImgOps iqdb

if it's that bad. do something drastic
just get off this shithole for once, get rid off your phone for god's sake




you get used to it after a while, like dropping any addiction
I did it for years


I think trying to quit "time-wasting" habits like excessive internet use is misguided. Not wrong, but going about it the wrong way. You should not want to cut back on internet use, but instead ask yourself why you want to do that, what is it that you would rather be doing instead of being online. Then start doing that, and motivate yourself to dedicate enough time to it. When that happens you'll simply have less time for time-wasting activities.
That said, some things are specifically designed to act as Skinner boxes, those should be actively avoided.


People who can't go five minutes without checking their phones are either:
-Neck-deep into a social media or videogame Skinner box, or
-Extremely anxious or in a really bad social environment, and desperate for whatever little crumbs of escapism that will help them get through the day.

The former should try to cut back or drop their addictive habits, the latter should instead try to improve their circumstances to make escapism less necessary. That isn't always possible, though, and often quite difficult when it's possible.


AGREED. Got out, walk & talk to the animals. Your internets will still be there when you get back.


I provide LEVERAGE; now get off the internets


I prefer Mission: Impossible for its cons & heists.


The Widow


I spent an entire 15 months with using no electronics at all in order to break my addiction. And yet here I am back now. The only way to conquer is to simply increase our will power to superhuman levels because the computer virus has taken over our entire world. Best of luck. I will do my best to become a monster of willpower.


File: 1631568238856.jpg (2.26 MB, 2544x1696, 3:2, 20200706-Heinrich Böll Sti….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I guess all I can offer is what works for me. I still spend a lot of time online but it's not that low-value refresh-and-consume thing much any more.

The phone is deliberately a small old model. No good for surfing on and the battery drains fast if I do. It's on pay as you go not a contract so in all respects it's a chore to surf on but achievable if you have something important to do.

The PC at home I avoid turning on for as long in the day as possible. Avoiding it happening soon after I'm up is crucial, or I can get stuck in the loop and it takes more effort to push up out of the chair and go do something else than if I simply hadn't sat down in the first place. There is a small home server with no GUI doing ambient stuff like Plex and torrents so I never have a reason to leave the PC on when I'm not using it.

In terms of what I do offline - I channel a healthy distain for society into wanting to meet my basic needs without depending on it. So I grow food, experiment with off-grid power, acquire tools and experi nice, make compost, raise chickens. It's all tied to a long-term goal of moving somewhere remote where internet access will be spotty anyway. Plus the kind of money needed for good internet isn't gonna be a wise use of whatever funds I have when I manage to make the move. I might run a small WISP with whatever neighbours I end up having so we can all pay a fraction of access costs instead.

I guess part of my point here is that internet addiction is often driven by having no long-term plan, or not actually desiring the one you think you have. Get that sorted, and there will be purpose to your online activities that you can always pull yourself around to, and a reason to be somewhere other than floating in the electronic guff with all the other lost souls.


Tried to break my internet/fapping addiction and all I found after a month is that life's boring and sure I could stop enjoying the distractions and alcohol and everything but that doesn't sound like a life worth waking up in the morning and might as well fast forward to death.


Do archery.


Fill the sky with arrows!


File: 1636103444998.jpg (30.01 KB, 700x465, 140:93, a00000001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I walk my pet lamb. It needs its walkies…


Learn to be comfortable just doing nothing. Lie on your bed and let your thoughts wander. If this doesn't drive you nuts then you are superior to 99% of people.


File: 1642939239391.jpg (262.87 KB, 688x467, 688:467, plankton.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Funny because it's true. It's not that bad but there really is always something that doesn't work.



why would you want to unless you are a normal?


One reason is you have no life, so what you "cured" your "internet addiction", what are the alternatives out there


Go *shudder* outside…


installing linux[//b]
[b]brick drivers

don't try this wizzies! my pc has been gathering dust for months now :'( can't torrent or grief f2p games


continued ^ hit new wisdom too soon, can't even format or do basic proof reading but seriously why unplug from the matrix? (no homo-erotic pun)
its the best invention ever and you guys want out?


this has been my life the last month. i just go on my smart phone and browse celebrity social media gossip and stuff and pretend i'm part of it


no. i only play vidya


I feel this whole post is a joke and
>Then always have a list of things you could be doing OFF the computer. Another anon already mentioned ebook readers, you can get decent ones for $100 or so I believe. IMO they're worth it, I've been reading old r9k threads from 2008 on my Kindle Oasis recently and it's very comfy, no distractions.
is the punchline.

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