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How the fuck do I curb my internet addiction? Im online every hour I'm awake. I browse my phone until I fall asleep, I wake up and browse, I watch porn on my phone, I use my phone to listen to music while I shower.
Its everyday every single day. I can't take it anymore. They purposedly make everything addictive so you get trapped in the shithole that is the internet and they get fat checks and bonuses because ad revenue went up.
Please help me, I get insanely bored offline. I tried greyscale and uninstalling apps but I always go back


Just take your dopamine hits and stop whining about it


>just consume bro
>dont use your brain to think my dude


Oi dont be a cunt


How many times can we keep seeing the same thread.
It becomes tiresome, if you really wanted help, you wouldn't make a low-effort post about it
Again, more attention-seeking around here
Can i ask, are you all teenagers doing this?


Can't relate sorry


File: 1592080286071.jpg (73.25 KB, 768x689, 768:689, 1584404017233.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

try to stop using the internet for at least 1-2 days, it won't break your addiction for sure but it'll make you realize you don't need it as much as you think you do.
you'll find something to do don't worry


Just because you're bitter and angry about your life and situation it doesn't mean you should sling shit into every opinion/post you particularly don't care about. And I'm not a teenager, I'm far from it. Get a grip


I have tried it, I have tried a lot of things. Nothing seems to work. Its maddening


>Tells me to get a grip
Seriously, what answer do you expect could possibly change your situation that you haven't already read around here
Unless you are a newfag, in that case back to reddit you go
But i have a feeling you have been around here long enough
Which in that case, you are simply attention-seeking and it's very transparent


I'm not attention seekint and if I were why would I want the attention of other outcasts? Don't you think I'd prefer the attention of people that have something going on in their lives?
It's pretty easy mate, you help me stop being addicted and I benefit from it and you benefit from me not posting anymore


wtf is there to do with a smartphone?
even a cheap monitor whould be better to enjoy books/comics watch letsplays and over media


Smartphones are portable


It's a computer, what you mean? Have you ever took a long shit while browsing wizchan? Best bathroom read.


Doing that rn. But people still havent given me a solution. Motherfuckers


I don't think your internet addiction is the problem. The problem is you're not doing anything useful or interesting while online. Try to do something for financial gain or an interesting project. Pick up programming, investing or something like that.


But you have to enlarge stuff like an idiot and can't enlarge video content at all
Unless the pinnacle of your content are reddit memes


Why do you feel entitled to anything around here from anyone?
It's painfully obvious you are English, typical mentality, wanting other people to solve your problems


try to install linux. It will brick your devices. Problem solved.


Europoor actually but thanks for the compliment nonetheless


I think I have determined that I can't put aside my electronic devices because my brain is bent on ejecting itself from reality. I can't cope with my own existence any longer.


This is what I do:

Set your phone up so it's ONLY for basic phone\messaging\email notifications, basically make it really simple, no social media (not a problem for me), change settings so you only rarely get notifications. I have a handmedown iPhone, it has Screentime which allows me to disable things like the inbuilt Safari browser, and also to limit time on certain apps. This will make it hard to browse on your phone. Then you'll just have to try to retrain yourself to only check your phone rarely, to ignore unimportant things, etc. I spent time changing the filters on my email account to make sure only essential ones come through to my inbox.

Step 2. Figure out a REASONABLE daily limit to internet\computer use. Are you going to watch something on your computer while eating? Ok count that time, are you going to check news, or watch x amount of videos? Spend x amount of time on imageboards? Try to limit it, and try to concentrate it in one block of time. Then get a timesaving addon like leechblock for Firefox\Chrome and set it up to limit when you can access certain sites, etc. You can also set a schedule on your computer to shut down at certain times, to remind you to step away, etc.

Basically don't rely on your own self-control moment to moment, that won't work, we don't work like that in general. You need to set restrictions that'll be at least somewhat 'enforced' from without. Then always have a list of things you could be doing OFF the computer. Another anon already mentioned ebook readers, you can get decent ones for $100 or so I believe. IMO they're worth it, I've been reading old r9k threads from 2008 on my Kindle Oasis recently and it's very comfy, no distractions.

If you follow this advice, you may still have lapses and disruptions, but I've probably saved you hundreds of hours.


Close enough and it wasn't a compliment
It's clear from your responses you are starved of attention, maybe you need to look into that as one of the causes for your online addiction


Can't beat them? Join them.

Start doing something useful online.
Learn a new language, study greek mithology, you choose it, you literally have all knowledge available to humanking in your hands, why not use it?

You won't be able to switch doing useful stuff immediately. Remember than starting is easier than stopping. Just push yourself doing something useful or interesting for 2 minutes whenever you want, then do it more frequently and longer.


where the fuck did you get the old r9k threads plus what else do you do offline?


>where the fuck did you get the old r9k threads
archives I assume


there's archives for that? 4chan is so trash nowadays. The tranny posting and race bait is off the charts, I believe most are bots because you know no one can be that fucking stupid. I also blame crab culture and memes for ruining the web, because now we have devolved into the lowest form of expression possible


4chan has had a dedicated archive service for a long time. Don't we have archives too? It doesn't take much effort to set it up.
>I believe most are bots because you know no one can be that fucking stupid
Don't attribute to malice what could be attributed to stupidity, but don't rule out malice.


those are just scrapers? i dont know what site you mean but most 4chan archive things aren't official they are just ran by random people i think


File: 1592496690140.gif (971.46 KB, 540x840, 9:14, w.gif) ImgOps iqdb


>where the fuck did you get the old r9k threads

I got the 2008 ones from somewhere on archive.org. Sorry I can't find it at the moment, but there's a giant 4chan archive somewhere on there with large .tar files.

>what else do you do offline?

I guess you're asking in general? Movies, reading, thinking, listening to music (especially lying in bed, listening to 'space' or ambient music). Check out 'Hearts of Space', thousands of hours of good music, the earliest episodes are very comfy. Here's something nice I rediscovered recently - https://youtu.be/NdNjF5no2Ro


Desuarchive.org has decent archives for r9k going back to about mid-2012 I think. About 2017 I started moving away from the live board after being there since 2009, it's much nicer these days to just to search the archives with keywords or pick a random date and find a good thread. It's a bit different reading through a thread passively years after the fact and not being able to contribute anything, but really when you think about it - when you read through something there's no substantial difference when you read it.


Ban smart phones and all wireless internet traffic. The internet was meant to be a tool for academia. I guess it will always be more than that. But it shouldn't be transhumanism tier.


Many things were created for watching porns or wars


Reading is way too boring and overrated in my honest opinion
kinda gay ngl
>playing a sport
with covid fears sadly this isnt very feasible, although I've always wanted to learn how to surf better
probably one of the worst things to recommend not only is it insanely boring as well as its a neckbeard activity
>learn a language
I've been down that road oh so many times, ultimately learning a language is just intellectual masturbation
I have no garden or green space to take care of
Just not my thing at all
Thanks for the ideas though


>kinda gay ngl
>its a neckbeard activity
Leave this website.


>Reading is way too boring and overrated in my honest opinion

Reading is a big portion of what you do online every single day. Realize that, and then try reading something relevant to your interests offline in small chunks at a time. Maybe a little more each day. Maybe one day you'll be finishing a chapter for your days read and then will go "…actually, what happens? A bit more"

It's probably the easiest thing on that list to transition to as an alternative because you already do it, you're just very attached to the current venue and its bells and whistles.

It frankly sounds like you don't actually want to try very hard to curb anything and wanted more to just vent feelings about yourself. Okay.


>If you really wanted to stop using your phone and computer you would. Ultimately no one can stop you except yourself
Why the FUCK do you think it's called an addiction?


>a neckbeard activity
Those neckbeards are more happy than you kiddo.
Fucking cancer.


Maybe they are, but at least I look like Bateman


prove it


Pick up a creative hobby like writing or drawing. Pick up exercise and weightlifting. Go outside and enjoy nature. Just find a hobby


bury your modem's power cable

if you really need internet you can dig it up

but you can do that to quit everything. only once you are without internet for a while and truly bored can your brain become interested in a hobby


Not bad advice.

But I would have a list of "options" first. Like for example a list of books to read. Or hobbies to do. Writing is a cheap and easy one, just check out a writing prompt on /r/writingprompts or some other site.

Another option is just EXERCISE. Exercise literally changes your hormones and brain. It doesn't even have to be intense like walking around while listening to an audiobook.


to get infos about any hobby you need to constantly check the internet.
If something isn't addictive enough that makes you forgive about imageboards, youtube and such, you better waste your time on the internet


>just hit the gym brah


Internet addiction is a norman meme, much like video game addiction, porn addiction, etc.
They fail to admit that spending time online is better than doing shit like interacting with other normans or other stupid hobbies, but instead of just admitting it, they try to spin it into some kind of "addiction" like it gives them an excuse or something.
"Hey I'm not playing video games because it's way more fun than doing other pointless shit like learning a language I'll never use, I'm actually addicted!"


>Go outside and enjoy nature.
this is the least retarded advice in that improvebrah's post, why weightlifting though? why do normans think this is a quick fix to every problem?


Fuck the gym, its so much easier to do it at home just buy some shitty weights off craiglist or whatever

It feels good after you get started and get in a rhythm. I dont lift for anyone but myself. Makes you feel good and burns off excess energy. Better than reading imageboards all day


one thing about having weights at home is you can never justify being lazy about going to work out because they are always waiting right there, practically begging to be used.

Besides, most gyms are still not opened yet because of wuhan flu.


>Makes you feel good and burns off excess energy
endurance activities are much better for that, if you're into that stuff.

>I dont lift for anyone but myself.

yeah that's what every meathead says, it's the equivalent of succubi claiming they dress provocatively "for themselves" ==> lol


Is there a way to actually do useful exercise at home though?
I end up feeling retarded for lifting a piece of metal up and down again and again, reminds me a lot of becoming self-aware when i masturbate


>I end up feeling retarded for lifting a piece of metal up and down again and again
That's a normal reaction. There is nothing inherently satisfying or rewarding about moving your body for the sake of moving it, like a rodent in a wheel. You're better off doing some activity where you happen to exercise but it's not the only point of it. Most fitness faggots are in it for bragging rights and to feel better about themselves. It's ultimately a more socially accepted form of escapism.


>Is there a way to actually do useful exercise at home though?
Without leaving the house? Can be tough, but you can purposefuly do hard chores or pick up carpentry as a hobby. If you throw in outdoors to the mix you could perhaps take long walks to the forest and bring back stuff like rocks and tree branches to do things with it. Maybe dig a big bunker and fortify it with sandbags.


Any pdfs of digging a bunker by hand?


I disagree. Internet addiction is more like alcoholism and there is no negotiating with it. If you don't quit cold turkey (in this case only using the internet for practical things like paying bills and such) then it will always have power over you and you'll always be back to browsing for 10 hours a day. Block the sites that you spend most of your time on, and don't turn the blocker off. OP obviously thinks that spending time online is a waste of time, so he should find something that he thinks is worth time to do instead.


terrible analogy. quitting alcohol cold turkey as an alcoholic can kill you


just find something else to do


nice bait, try harder next time


OP here still addicted. Probably going to get a serious job so my mom stops bothering me.


Like what serious job?


A job related to my university degree in econ. Been searching lately but its hard to even find ads. I might have something sort of lined up, will update if it goes well or even if it doesnt


File: 1600989022142.jpg (59.6 KB, 1079x1056, 1079:1056, 1589233320439.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I get insanely bored offline
Have you tried picking up a hobby besides browsing the internet? Something that doesn't require electronics like drawing or reading would be ideal, but it can be something like programming, videogames or movies too. Just disconnect the machine you're using to invest time in your hobby from the internet


I didn't get the job. Feels really bad wizzies. Jesus. I'm sick of being home not doing anything all day


hey don't feel too bad, shits wild right now especially with the pandemic.
don't let it bring you down.


File: 1601925744246.jpg (69.16 KB, 900x506, 450:253, 1592189267280.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

install all the freedom shit on your phone

>root - so you can remove services and set up a firewall

>(custom rom) just for muh freedom so you can get rid off all the google botnet shit

>firewall - it gets pretty tedious setting network permissions all the time.

>app detox - app to disable apps for a certain amount of time. works without root. Not so effective in my experience as it's pretty easy to just disable the blocks.

>delete the browser, apps you deem addictive - this was the most important thing for me, and propably the only way you can get rid of the slavery that is mobile cancer - just delete them.

But if your addiction is too strong. there is no way around it. Get a dumbphone/ get completely rid of it
I used to browse shitchans all day on my phone. I still do on my desktop and feel like shit for it, but at least I got rid of mobile cancer. There is nothing positive about having a slot machine in your pocket.


Slot maching in your pocket is a very fitting description.
So how do you spend your time anon?


>I get insanely bored offline


I get insanely bored online also


Hello wizzie. I'm the OP of this thread, I found some solace in cardio exercise. I've been walking half an hour everyday this week (I missed yesterday so did 1h today) and it feels great.
Obviously you can't do it all day but at least its one activity that gets you out of the house and makes you a tiny bit active.
Exercise has been great. Try it


done that.

I walk many hours almost every day, 2 to 7 (personal record) although this time of the year it's more like 2 to 5 at most.
I walked from 1:15pm to 6pm this afternoon.
I also have an exercise bike I use very often, for up to five or six hours sometimes.

"just exercise bro!"
ha, thanks, never thought of it.


by the way, I am not implying that it is useless, just that I don't feel any kind of high from it anymore, it's become something mundane I have to do, otherwise I feel bad.
For instance tonight I am not using the damn bike, and I am not feeling good about it. I feel guilty.
I understand these fitness freaks who can't live without their stupid routines now. Exercise for the sake of it is shit.


Do you think you'll ever find joy then? What do you think are the main detractors of a full life existence? What makes you unhappy?


Also 7 hours walking is insane. That's honestly amazing. Congrats


I think my parents think I am a weirdo for doing this. Like, just walking around the city as fast as I can, not really going anywhere… which is also true figuratively lol.

I don't know.


You have got to know what makes you unhappy. If you're unwilling to share I totally respect that but don't be shy if thats not the case. I'll actually listen in depth to you instead of waiting for my turn to speak


>Its everyday every single day. I can't take it anymore. They purposedly make everything addictive so you get trapped in the shithole that is the internet
You do realize that this is all your fault, right? These companies make their shit addictive sure, but that's why you keep it out of your life as much as possible. You're worse than the fat slobs that sue McDonalds for making them fat. No one's forcing you to take the worse option.



Lol, makes me remember the time when I spent a whole evening trying to compile a software from source only to end up in dependency hell. I really questioned my life choices that day :p



4chan has banned the whole IP range for my country it seems. I can't even post there for over a year now.


What country do you live in?


probably india



Yup, India. Why have they banned it though?


lol, how did I know


File: 1602474565423.jpg (36.69 KB, 651x386, 651:386, poo-to-loo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> Yup, India. Why have they banned it though?
Designated shitting streets.


The amount of Indians who speak English, the high volume of call centre esque jobs, and how far first world currencies go in India… Perfect storm for advertisers to hire Indian citizens to spam products or even tip opinions on matters on a platform like 4chan in a way that's not immediately apparent as spam. If the vast majority of a country's posts aren't actually from posters engaging with the community, it's best to cut all access because te only way spam doesn't work is if it's not posted at all. Those who truly want to be part of the community will have to take the extra step to find an unbanned VPN.


Careful, we are not talking about San Francisco here.


Advertising products on 4chan of all places? Seems a bit off to me. In either case, 4chan was never popular here and few people used it. I am surprised that they received so much spam content from here that they decided to block a whole country's IP range.


There aren't any "designated shitting streets" in SF: the homeless simply shit wherever they damned well please.


> Advertising products on 4chan
I doubt if it's unobfuscated advertising (i.e., spam) as much as it's astroturfing.


So, in a way the whole of SF is 'designated shitting street' then?


File: 1602500262394.png (509.25 KB, 768x614, 384:307, San-Fran-poop-map-768x614.png) ImgOps iqdb

As far as the homeless are concerned? Absolutely.


browsing hell holes like this on my desktop


wtf is san francisco an island? i guess ive never looked at it on a map while zoomed in


>is san francisco an island?
It's on a peninsula that looks a bit like an island in that image because of how it's centered and zoomed.




File: 1610904631644.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 1610834310747.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

OP here, still addicted to the internet. Guess there's no hope for addicts. My egg be fried


you need to learn things, be creative, create things. the internet is a fucking godsend for this type of stuff

if all you're doing is consuming, the internet is an endless tar pit, and you can never be truly happy or content with your time if you just consume other people's shit


Easier said than done. Most addicts know they have a problem, but good luck getting them to quit


ive spent all my free time on the computer since i was a young lad. this is deeply engrained into my subconscious mind and i am struggling to escape. i got myself permanantly banned from 4chad to try to get myself on the computer but now i just go on here more or youtube or video games. i cant escape, this shit is on my phone, my work laptop, etc. i cant just cut it out, this will always be with me and i need to resist the temptation for as long as i still need these. fuck


File: 1612817142103.gif (2.56 MB, 336x335, 336:335, 1580552109346.gif) ImgOps iqdb

if it's that bad. do something drastic
just get off this shithole for once, get rid off your phone for god's sake




you get used to it after a while, like dropping any addiction
I did it for years


I think trying to quit "time-wasting" habits like excessive internet use is misguided. Not wrong, but going about it the wrong way. You should not want to cut back on internet use, but instead ask yourself why you want to do that, what is it that you would rather be doing instead of being online. Then start doing that, and motivate yourself to dedicate enough time to it. When that happens you'll simply have less time for time-wasting activities.
That said, some things are specifically designed to act as Skinner boxes, those should be actively avoided.


People who can't go five minutes without checking their phones are either:
-Neck-deep into a social media or videogame Skinner box, or
-Extremely anxious or in a really bad social environment, and desperate for whatever little crumbs of escapism that will help them get through the day.

The former should try to cut back or drop their addictive habits, the latter should instead try to improve their circumstances to make escapism less necessary. That isn't always possible, though, and often quite difficult when it's possible.


AGREED. Got out, walk & talk to the animals. Your internets will still be there when you get back.


I provide LEVERAGE; now get off the internets


I prefer Mission: Impossible for its cons & heists.


The Widow


I spent an entire 15 months with using no electronics at all in order to break my addiction. And yet here I am back now. The only way to conquer is to simply increase our will power to superhuman levels because the computer virus has taken over our entire world. Best of luck. I will do my best to become a monster of willpower.


File: 1631568238856.jpg (2.26 MB, 2544x1696, 3:2, 20200706-Heinrich Böll Sti….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I guess all I can offer is what works for me. I still spend a lot of time online but it's not that low-value refresh-and-consume thing much any more.

The phone is deliberately a small old model. No good for surfing on and the battery drains fast if I do. It's on pay as you go not a contract so in all respects it's a chore to surf on but achievable if you have something important to do.

The PC at home I avoid turning on for as long in the day as possible. Avoiding it happening soon after I'm up is crucial, or I can get stuck in the loop and it takes more effort to push up out of the chair and go do something else than if I simply hadn't sat down in the first place. There is a small home server with no GUI doing ambient stuff like Plex and torrents so I never have a reason to leave the PC on when I'm not using it.

In terms of what I do offline - I channel a healthy distain for society into wanting to meet my basic needs without depending on it. So I grow food, experiment with off-grid power, acquire tools and experi nice, make compost, raise chickens. It's all tied to a long-term goal of moving somewhere remote where internet access will be spotty anyway. Plus the kind of money needed for good internet isn't gonna be a wise use of whatever funds I have when I manage to make the move. I might run a small WISP with whatever neighbours I end up having so we can all pay a fraction of access costs instead.

I guess part of my point here is that internet addiction is often driven by having no long-term plan, or not actually desiring the one you think you have. Get that sorted, and there will be purpose to your online activities that you can always pull yourself around to, and a reason to be somewhere other than floating in the electronic guff with all the other lost souls.


Tried to break my internet/fapping addiction and all I found after a month is that life's boring and sure I could stop enjoying the distractions and alcohol and everything but that doesn't sound like a life worth waking up in the morning and might as well fast forward to death.


Do archery.


Fill the sky with arrows!


File: 1636103444998.jpg (30.01 KB, 700x465, 140:93, a00000001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I walk my pet lamb. It needs its walkies…


Learn to be comfortable just doing nothing. Lie on your bed and let your thoughts wander. If this doesn't drive you nuts then you are superior to 99% of people.


File: 1642939239391.jpg (262.87 KB, 688x467, 688:467, plankton.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Funny because it's true. It's not that bad but there really is always something that doesn't work.



why would you want to unless you are a normal?


One reason is you have no life, so what you "cured" your "internet addiction", what are the alternatives out there


Go *shudder* outside…


installing linux[//b]
[b]brick drivers

don't try this wizzies! my pc has been gathering dust for months now :'( can't torrent or grief f2p games


continued ^ hit new wisdom too soon, can't even format or do basic proof reading but seriously why unplug from the matrix? (no homo-erotic pun)
its the best invention ever and you guys want out?


this has been my life the last month. i just go on my smart phone and browse celebrity social media gossip and stuff and pretend i'm part of it


no. i only play vidya


I feel this whole post is a joke and
>Then always have a list of things you could be doing OFF the computer. Another anon already mentioned ebook readers, you can get decent ones for $100 or so I believe. IMO they're worth it, I've been reading old r9k threads from 2008 on my Kindle Oasis recently and it's very comfy, no distractions.
is the punchline.

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