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File: 1592274968086.jpg (5.32 MB, 3117x2329, 3117:2329, nicepainting.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


After reading a bit of >>53753 , I got really interested in hearing advice from older wizards.

So, older wizards out there, what advice would you give to lurking apprentices or younger wizards?


give up


>what advice would you give to lurking apprentices or younger wizards?
#1: leave this site and never return, for your own good


Why so mean


Get off of this website and educate yourself in as much philosophy as you can starting from Socrates to the present. The knowledge of the great philosophers are infinity more valuable than the advice of the fools you will get from this cesspool of ignorance and shit.
I am not familiar with eastern/Asian philosophy, but I have heard that philosophy discussing the mind is far more advanced in Buddhism than anything in "western" philosophy.



Oh look it is the buddhism meme again


It's almost like different things work for different people.


OP the best advice I can give you is if you truly are meant to be one of us via genetic destiny or whatever then it is absolutely essential that you find yourself the very best copes imaginable with which to occupy your mind.

This website is filled with faggots, kikes and communists (redundant I know) so the additional advice another poster gave you to get off of here is also solid.

Doesn’t mean you have to stay away forever but just visit the site in doses which is to say never let it become your main drug of choice because it is toxic due to the types of people that are embedded here much like tics on Justin Bieber/Avril Lavigne’s asses that simply cannot be removed.


because it's a timesink that someday you're going to look back and regret, at worst being around "like minded people" will exacerbate any dysfunctional tendencies of yours that you may not want exacerbated if you're prone to that sort of thing


If you're actually on the path of being an outcast then train to reduce your empathy ( specifically the skill of imagining others emotions/judgements ) and undo any programming regarding how other people think about you or judge you, especially if you're young and you've been raised on modern "cringe" culture which basically brainwashes people to internalize the crowds judgement of your actions. You don't have to hate people to realize most of them aren't useful to you and their words are not useful to you. I see a lot of people on wizchan who have internalised a lot of stuff about mocking anyone who claims they're different or unique, they make posts mocking the claim gesturing to the crowd its absurdity. If it's beneficial claim what you want and believe what you want; do not think collectively with empathy it is a poison to the individual.

Once you have that freedom and undo the psychological prison around that stuff you will feel much better.


That's hard with good (but still brainwashed) parents.


-work towards a career in your early 20's as fast as possible. you have to research it in depth- including expected wage, certifications and the cheapest educational routes, etc. Do not let yourself be conned into thinking it will "just work out" or that you don't need to an education to make money or neet forever. You will end up being a permanent wageslave with retarded life prospects. Don't be a loser be rich
-save at least 10% and stow it away for a rainy day aways
-you must lift in your early 20's as this is your peak gains window but you must READ ON FORM AND NUTRITION
-every year you spend browsing the chans is wasted time you will look back and hate but will have to be paid back for in the future. Do not let your early 20's slip by without applying yourself towards a career, this is your peak window for a comfy future without poverty

anyone against wageslavery is suffering stockholm syndrome


>train to reduce your empathy
is that even possible?


read TCATHR and accept it


What about just killing myself, that seems more optimal than dealing with all that bullshit you just spewed


nobody wants to die and if you really believe that you'd better go and kill yourself. Wealth is freedom and work is the pathway to your fulfillment and unless you work on both those you will be damned as a slave stept on by normaes forever. Poor wiz rich wiz simple as that

The worst of my early 20's was spent doing aimless nothings thinking I was on the road to working myself out when in reality I wasted the prime earning years of my life depressed and will never get them back. Don't be stupid do the straight and narrow and it will pay dividends of happiness

ps the moderators fear the jew


> work is the pathway to your fulfillment
Unironically quoting the Nazis, that's a good start buddy
Yes, i will be self sudokuing, just give it time


>I'm unskilled, poor and unhealthy because of NAZIS
Yeah, sure, whatever you say chief.


Fuck off with your pol garbage.


work gives people meaning. You will feel happier, earn your freedom, and most important not become a thrall to the system forever destined to be a stepped on by others.

I can't speak for everyone here. But I was in and out of education and unemployed throughout my early 20's and that absolutely scuttled my life trajectory. When you are nearing 30, still competing irritating pseudo-teenagers for career pathways, and very far away from owning anything tangible like a house this stuff starts to matter. Do not throw away this period of your life through underachievement, you deserve better


only an animal feels good about working and having a job


you realize people are animals right?


I've read every post in this thread and I'm actually surprised by the amount of wizards who push for "work" and/or committing to the education system.
I don't mean it in a negative matter, to be honest I'm still very young, I am 20 with only one opportunity left to graduate high school and join college. (Yeah I wasted 5 years of my life lurking chans and destroying my body through psychiatric meds and junk food)
I'm very empowered and encouraged to get into school again and graduate, although I might be a bit old to be around teenagers, but it's the only chance I got, if I wasted it I'll be doomed to a life of wageslavery and poverty.

((Please don't take antidepressants or anti psychotics ever, I have been taking them for 5 years and I had almost no change in my lifestyle or my "brain chemistry" they're a big placebo, psychologists will tell you that it's all good for you and they will turn you into the most successful person, but in fact they will affect you mentally and psychically. I've been left with permanent sexual dysfunction, very strong fatigue and 100lbs weight gain))

An additional advice for young wizards, although might not be as powerful as the others, this website has degraded me as a human being, if you are not going to be like those on this website please leave and never return, imageboards are a toxic culture that will turn you into a failure of a human and push you to end your life in the most horrible way possible.


wizchan 2020


File: 1592536513347-0.jpg (74.29 KB, 576x700, 144:175, 6b5e4fccae1137d43ba413ce29….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1592536513348-1.jpg (343.95 KB, 938x722, 469:361, dd0y2q-848469f7-e415-4dd8-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1592536513348-2.jpg (32.46 KB, 363x420, 121:140, dw4uzr-ac48513b-a14e-4087-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you're still young try to become friends with some other wizard like you. Life is better with friends. I only have one friend and we're not exactly close, but that's not because we don't want to. It's because we cannot because of the horrible things that have happened in our lives. We're both pretty asocial, and we can pass months without talking to each other, but there's this bond that I'm thankful for. He was bullied and treated like crap by the rest of normalfaggots growing up, but unlike those normalfaggots he had a real interest and love for things like videogames and anime, and he genuinely loved being my friend since the first time we met when we were kids in high school. I think that normalfaggots can destroy wizards who otherwise would be happy or more optimistic about their lives. From my experience and my friend's, normalfags want to make sure that you know you're being ostracized so that you become depressed. They want to make sure that you learn that you are not good enough to be part of their lives or their society, with their very actions they want to communicate that you don't belong in this world, and then when you kill yourself or become a hateful person they put the blame on you, and ignore their responsibility. Normalfaggots are unforgiving with the wizard types so don't befriend normalfaggots.
I'm sure my friend loves me as much as I love him, we have similar personalities and I think we just have each other as real life friends, he had said in numerous occasions that I'm like part of his family, he has a good heart and I'm glad that our friendship will never end.

It just makes me sad that we both have suffered so much that it's hard for the two of us to be social with each other and we have a difficult time to express our emotions like we used to when we were kids.

Normalfags should go to prison for bullying wizards. They should just leave wizards alone so they can enjoy their time with each other, but instead they bully wizards leaving them unable to bond with other wizards.


>An additional advice for young wizards, although might not be as powerful as the others, this website has degraded me as a human being, if you are not going to be like those on this website please leave and never return, imageboards are a toxic culture that will turn you into a failure of a human and push you to end your life in the most horrible way possible.
I don't think there is any outcome for me other than being a wizard but I don't think that automatically means I or anyone else has to be unhappy. I get what you mean though, browsing imageboards for too long will give you bitterness for life and humanity which is not always accurate and more importantly not conducive to happiness. That said I personally get bored and lonely when I try to stay away so just like with most things I think moderation is key.


There are no elder wizards here.


File: 1592558166561.jpg (93.42 KB, 1024x1008, 64:63, a86aa30df0014921d288764008….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

spoiler alert: you will fap to hentai, browse shitty imageboards and play video games until you die

that is the fate of all wizards


not really, and also you forgot work

oh, and playing video games shouldn't be really associated with shitty, only normalniggerfags would say that


So what? That sounds great.


How old are you?


It takes me about 24 hours to read a dense 300-page book and enrich my life. It took me 40+ hours to beat SMT 3 and learn how to repetitively mash the autobattle button. Some games are good, some just waste your life


gtfo groid


you're one dense motherfucker


i said imageboards are shitty not video games


I'm not your chief, guy
You are garbage
>work gives people memeing
Indeed it does, i think that says more about your average person being cattle than it does about anything else
Wizchan 2020 indeed


Sacrifice something, because you have to lose something anyway


Fuck off cringe narutard poster


Look after your health. The pain and suffering poor health can give you can demolish your entire life. If you planned on dying anyway it's smarter to just do it.


What do you mean by 'gesturing to the crowd'?
>anyone against wageslavery is suffering stockholm syndrome
Nope, you have missed the mark on this one chief, it's so wrong that i do not even know where to start
No, just a form of self-delusion, it's very hard to change personality traits
So what are you doing now? How are you on the path to 'wealth freedom'?
>imageboards are a toxic culture that will turn you into a failure of a human and push you to end your life in the most horrible way possible.
Any evidence of this?? You are making some bold claims akin to video games cause violence


If I was capable of not wasting my life, I wouldn't be on this website to begin with lol. This thread reminds me of that post where that it had that guy jumping into the air on a hill top. It's like no, man, I'm a wizard. It's not happening.


File: 1593621708499.png (9.87 KB, 672x452, 168:113, richwizpoorwiz.png) ImgOps iqdb

everyone I know who is a bonafide wizard has had to make the jump from neetdom to wageslavery at a late age and hates it. This is the crunch I'm warning about, one that can be prevented with foresight. People say they'll commit suicide but nobody actually wants to. It isn't normie to want a house, true financial freedom, and a safe landing pad for your sunset years.

Like I said, everywhere I look I see people who succeeded because they did the straight and narrow. They studied for a cushy job in their early 20's, they worked the career until their 30's. They have a house by then and a future. People like me work with idiot low-IQ teenagers in semiskilled work and are condemned to a lifetime of poverty. The critical window is your early adulthood



Learn the ways of purity from all the inner obstacles that often disturb all wizards.


>condemned to a lifetime of poverty
says you, you can exit hell whenever you want to.


My advice is to always shit on the lemmings who preach about normalfag LARP shit like careers, responsibilities, productivity, maturity.


>Like I said, everywhere I look I see people who succeeded because they did the straight and narrow. They studied for a cushy job in their early 20's, they worked the career until their 30's. They have a house by then and a future. People like me work with idiot low-IQ teenagers in semiskilled work and are condemned to a lifetime of poverty. The critical window is your early adulthood
It's really not that complicated. If you have a victim complex and convince yourself that you'll always be poor and that wageslavery is the only way and that you'll die hating life, that's probably what will happen to you. There are people who live without working themselves to death or being dependent on others, there are people who are happy. It's not impossible.


turned 18 earlier this year and i have wasted the last 4 years on imageboards and anime and vidya. im fat, addicted to porn, and have no talents or hobbies besides browsing 4chad and wizchan. i have been neeting it out since march when i graduated and feel like pure shit. nothing is fun anymore and i can feel my body melt. i dont want to stay forever in this forsaken place but i know the normalgroid wageslave world is fucked. i am at a crossroads in my life, i am conscious about how bad a lazy hedonist life is for me but equally conscious about how screwed college and wageslavery is. i also lack the motivation to improve.

what do i do here?


go away


Keep your teeth clean! Worst mistake I have ever made in my life was not brushing because I felt like they were already so bad at 18. They were just fine back then, like a dream now.

Also you can totally just change all of that just by making different choices. Lemme tell you something, you don't know this because most people are sedentary, but you could walk a dozen miles every day and even more. You should use your neet time walking and thinking instead of browsing the net.


>neeting since march
lol that's called summer


File: 1595019236782.jpg (52.95 KB, 643x428, 643:428, happyenamel.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Keep your teeth clean!
I second this. Seriously if you'll put any effort into hygiene at all, be it your teeth. Floss and brush them properly. Rotten teeth are insanely painful, costly and annoying. It also takes the joy out of eating when it's bad enough AND it's prone to turn into the most terrible gut wretching headaches you'll ever experience in your life.


File: 1595020071635.gif (1.42 MB, 540x303, 180:101, source.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Look at this image to motivate you.


>take care not to fuck up your eyes, teeth or mobility. Those can really fuck up your quality of life. I have eternal tooth problems and hate myself for not brushing when I was younger. One time, I had to wait 4 days to see a dentist and was in constant pain the entire time. Painkillers did nothing and I couldn't lie down (blood puts pressure on your nerves due to gravity), so I stayed awake the whole time going on walks and watching youtube videos.
>do some form of exercise regularly, even if it's just going on long walks a few times a week. If you sit and do nothing for years, your body will age prematurely, you'll get aches more commonly in your 30s and you'll injure yourself easier (e.g. by pulling muscles).
>have a hobby where you create something in any form. There is a joy in creation that's very hard to get elsewhere.

Don't be surprised if you experience a deep panic or regret around your late 20s/early 30s, once you can no longer entertain the thought that "something will happen" and an external force will deliver you from your circumstances. This often coincides with a major life event (such as death of a parent), which can unplug all your hidden or pent-up feelings about mortality, wasting your life and the fear of having to keep going for another 30 or 40 years.

Most wizards aren't asexual super-schizoids, and it's better to admit that you're lonely sometimes than repress everything until it explodes, because it will explode eventually. The main purpose of the previous points - keeping yourself in good health, exercising and cultivating hobbies - is to maintain good mental health, because ageing is difficult and scary. If you ever reach real contentment with your situation, it will probably be after you hit the nadir of your life while in your worst depressive state.


nah teenagers get jobs but ive stayed in my room the whole time basically because of covid


Fucking kids, I hate you.


>use your neet time walking and thinking
This is far more likely to lead to depression than literally any other activity. There is nothing more soul crushing, more mood ruining, more despairing, than basic contemplation on any topic. Because it WILL all lead to the same conclusion eventually.


Not just wizards. You can genuinely sum up stress free life that way.
Because a good life is one where you are bored and have nothing to do. Because you are built to be a problem solver, so being actually busy means you have a life of problems.
I, right now, face so little fixable issues that I get to take my sweet time writing up this pointless post that no one will read. I take satisfaction in self expression like this. And after this, I will maybe look at some stupid videos, or grab myself a glass of water. Truly what a horrendous existence it is to live without stress and responsibility. The horror of having to make up your own pointless pastimes because you actually have time for yourself.


I fucked up my reply. Classic mistake. This post (>>248820)
is meant for what I'm replying to now.


You raise a good point on internalized crowd judgement and how it hides behind the "cringe" culture. I haven't looked at it this way.


This guy got shit but I agree with him
I fell for the "college is a scam" meme early on so I ended up either NEETing or working awful dead end manual labor jobs for most of my 20s. The NEET years can be fun but are unnecessarily stressful and obviously slaving away for 10+ hours in some dangerous 105F factory surrounded by end of their rope normalfags for a few bucks over minimum wage is pretty much Hell. I didn't start getting my shit in gear until I was 27 and boy do I regret it.

Your goal should be to make yourself valuable, this will give you power in the workplace. In the old days I used to get fired just for being weird and quiet. Now I get a lot of pull and was working from home even before the corona stuff because I'm pretty knowledgeable at my job and the company would take a financial hit in bothering to train someone for months to reach my level. I mean I'm diagnosed autistic and avoid eye contact and all of that but the vp tore into another manager after suggesting they get rid of me.

Oh yeah and refined sugar is poison.


I forgot to actually say why you want this. If you have a very rich and enabling family that you can NEET off of forever then whatever that's great. I didn't have that though.
It feels great knowing that you have a safety barrier of money if something bad happens or knowing that you can easily make a purchase if a good deal comes up. Being able to buy food whenever without a second thought is a luxury I never had as a NEET. Controlling your own living expenses rather than being afraid your parent is going to just up and get mad and kick you out for no reason is a huge relief.

Time is much more valuable than money though so the whole idea is to get as much money as possible while sacrificing as little time as possible. When I was going in for work I left after 7 hours daily, every day. Even when the normals would give me the stinkeye as I walked out the door- fuck them. After I started working form home it was more like 4 or 5 hours, maybe even less. The rest of my time is spent with my hobbies or screwing around on the internet. Work should be a part of your life to get by, not your life entirely.


>reducing empathy

No, no. Do both things. Let a part of you get rid of that programming and another one to advance. Never take a sole option, expand yourself.


that's not empathy, you could be feeling a great embarrasment and shame about something that people around you does not give a **** shit about, but even so, you'd feel ashamed about them watching you. It's all inside.


That's it. Yet I do not see how this is redcuing empathy. empathy should not be taken as an influence but rather as a power og gazing into others' soul.


The question is, why do they mock? why do these others strive for uniqueness? Motivations are better hold by their causes and by their consequences…


b,b,but y can't we just be frenz and sh*???


They are liars. They probably have friends but don't like to admit it.


To the wizards saying to build a career:
What are you supposed to do for a career if you have no attention span and have awful social skills?
Even something like being a tradesmen feels like it would be difficult due to things like having to be able to use tools and level and measure things, etc.
I'm not antiwageslavery I feel like its sensible that people capable should work to improve society.
But at the same time I feel as though I have nothing valuable to offer, its the chicken egg situation.
I am unemployed because I feel useless not im useless because im unemployed.
Also for relevance im in America


>im in America
That was already apparent from your slave ethic


>feel like its sensible that people capable should work to improve society


Answer: there is nothing available for that except some work from home stuff that is now being competed for by normal people and have reduced demand. Transcription sites closed sign-ups in many cases. It's usually assumed tradesmen are dumb(which is why less intelligent people are told to do a trade) but it takes dexterity. Competition for everything is far worse than ever before.

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