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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
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I wouldn't personally but thats because I don't care. I cant tell you what kinda shirt my dad had on and we talked 5mins ago.

I can’t remember 97% of the other children I met at school.

There has to be a logical explanation.

Friends of parents?
Extended family?
Skewl M8s
Or somethin

I have met people who's nostalgia levels are off the charts who quite literally remember school days extremely accurately. Personally I have tried my best to delete those memories and so far its going pretty good.

Anyways someone already said scammer which isn't a bad guess but highly unlikely especially if he's an introverted semi-hikki.


oh yeah, "sleuthing" someone with no "social" media, no pics online, no friends, no job history, no ID, no phone, never interacts with people in public, parents who don't talk about him and don't even have friends of their own, a total blank of a person in every respect

real easy


Even if you don't have those things, the people around you do, and are more than willing to share it.


>the people around you do
the people around me don't

stop grasping at straws to explain something you cannot explain


When it happens to me it is because they are someone who knows me by proxy.
Like they have heard all about me from a family member or something, and mistakenly transfer that familiarity to me even though we have never formally met. Same with thoses who have heard of me due to my deeds or reputation and again, seems to forget that just because they know a bit about me doesn't mean I know anything about them.
It has nothing to do with metaphysics. It is just overly friendly extroverts without perspective.

I also strongly suspect your memory isn't nearly as good as you think it is but that is another matter.


I thought I made it perfectly clear, damn it. My parents don't talk about me. There are no family members "or something" talking about me, giving strangers who neither I nor they know a full dossier of me with pics even (as that is basically what it necessarily implies) who then just "happen" to cross paths with little old pedestrian me in a city with a population of one million at night in the middle of nowhere and start their shit.

there's something going on – there's always been something going on – and it's bigger than muh scientific explanation, so just stop it, I wasn't asking for anyone's opinion anyway


The only horror film based thing to ever really haunt me last decade, and fill me with dread on many levels, is not only something that has nothing to do with horror movies but is actually meant to be funny (which it is up until THIS).

If you want to watch the whole thing click the image. Otherwise here's the scene I'm talking about (around at 2:35) https://youtu.be/vdPPiTVMjmQ?t=155


That's a lot of views for garbage. This is one of the ways I realize how disconnected I am from the average person online, youtube would have to actually pay me to watch more than 10 seconds of this content.
No offense intended towards you wizzie, just a thought I had trying to watch that. Didn't see anything scary in it btw.


shit tube would need to pay me to watch anything at all


youtube is full of bullshit these days, you can hardly even find any genuine content anymore, people used to upload videos just for fun and entertainment, now everything is sponsored, ad-ridden, clickbait designed to milk cash from morons and children


File: 1593784242163.jpg (51.92 KB, 440x428, 110:107, 20200703_083816.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Earlier this year I made thumbnails for a comic adaptation of a rather shrewd fanfiction I wrote around that time. Shrewd to the point I gave up on it and gave all the thumbnails to crystal.cafe.

Whatever became of it (if it even became anything) is not MY problem anymore, so long as I have no cause to look up obvious sites (especially rule 34/paheal, where I've known better than to look up comics of THAT nature after 2016, something which I will never forgive if I am to avoid making these same mistakes on a personal level).


The lobster king is back and his is beautiful


>Smash competitive scene full of pedos and rapists

Who would've guessed a community of failed normgroids could've led to this


File: 1593882350870.webm (2.14 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1593823904243.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Poor wizkid got wizzed right after this. He would've been posting here now.


Stay on 4chan you scum.


What is this? Sorry i'm not a 4chan user


To what are you referring? Have a lot of people recently migrated here from abroad?


File: 1593883961560.jpg (61.39 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 2evolve.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I used to have a trilobyte fossil when I was younger but I lost it somewhere over the years of moving.


is this 4chan yet?


File: 1593884485130.png (169.69 KB, 689x388, 689:388, ldar.png) ImgOps iqdb


They came for the Anti-Crawl Thread, and i said nothing…
Then they came for the /dep/ board, and still… i said nothing
Then they came for my prized /wiz/ board, but there was noone to speak up for me


that's good, you won't find a better defender than ol' noone


A succubi raped a 14 year old at a smash tourney. That's one of the many videos of her being touchy with him.


Another year, another loud normalfag day. The idiots in my neighborhood have started honking their car horns this year in addition to the usual explosions.


>be half asleep
>overhear my mom talking with the cleaning lady
>"He never leaves his room. He is addicted to that machine. He spends his time on porn sites and masturbating and that's why he is always tired and wants nothing to do with the world. He stopped taking care of himself and wears the same clothes until they get greasy and have a really bad odor."

This gossipy bitch should not be my mother. I've already told her not to talk about me to others, but she always denies it and when I call her a liar she acts like a victim. You're supposed to be my family and not talk shit about me to strangers. This is insane. No wonder I thought about killing her when I was really young, all she did was make me stressed. How am I gonna teach her not to do something that should be common sense for any mother, when she doesn't even admit that she does it?


I dont get it.

I've accepted the fact that nobody gives a shit about my obscure interests except for people who think giving a shit is the same as shitting on them, and am finally moving on with me life.

How hard is it for everyone else to follow suit?


I'm finally learning to drive at 24, I think it's pretty easy. I tried once back when I was 16 but I was too intimidated. Now I feel one with the vehicle. Can't wait to be able to drive all around whenever I want.


File: 1593928362471.jpg (25.33 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1588579879635.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>go pick up a couple things at work, before i clock in
>there are two lanes open, with maybe two people in each line
>succubus (who was with another suc) invites me to go before her in line
>i'd be a couple minutes at either, so i decline and thank her
>a few seconds later, a third cash opens up
>succubus tells me to go ahead
>this was after she tells the other suc something i never heard
>the friend said something like "oh is he"
>anyway, i thanked the succubus before i got checked out and went on to work.

Something felt off during it. The succubus was friendly, but almost too much so. She called me sir, but she was older than me by about 15 years. I didn't recognize her as a teacher, workmate at a previous job, or an acquaintance of my parents.


Yeah driving's pretty easy once you get past the initial bump. Just don't fall into the trap a lot of people do where they think they're the best driver in the world and that any dumbshit they don't won't have consequences.


I have this memory you know which always plays on my mind when I remember it. When I was about 9 or 10 I was told to sit outside the classroom at a table in school and given some work to do, and the teacher wouldn't say why I couldn't be in class. When it was over I was allowed back in class and nobody would tell me what they talked about I guess since I don't remember. I only remember the confusion of why I wasn't allowed in.

What the fuck was going on? Were they talking about me? Why did this never get resolved by me? I was just a nobody kid what was going on.


Weird. Did you tell your parents about it at the time? Maybe they have insights you forget. If you were diagnosed with something like high functioning autism at the time it might have been the teacher trying to educate the class regarding things about you without trying to embarrass you.


File: 1593956802677.jpg (4.17 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Half of my wisdom tooth seems covered in a gum. I don't want to go to a dentist and the tooth itself looks healthy enough, the one on the other side seems identical, but without this problem.
Is it a bad idea to try to cut out this gum on my own, or use something like a stick to chew on it and crush it in the process until the excess is gone?


Not sure how old you are but either way you definitely shouldn’t cut it out because it will most certainly get infected. I had a wisdom tooth that was the same way and the gum overhang recited over the years. I did bite it one time while eating something and that was a painful experience that lasted a week or two but besides that it never caused any real issue.


If in doubt, leave it. Cutting into it is a very bad idea.


Leave it. I had the same thing and it eventually got grounded off after a few years of chewing.

Meanwhile, chewing with a bit of gum over your tooth is the most satisfying chewing I remember doing. Wonder if this is whay babies feel like? Guess it's evolutionary or something: our bodies' way to gently push us to teeth.


all 4 of my wisdom teeth had really bad ocperculums. what i did was tear it away by scraping and digging and cutting it away with my fingernails. one was also impacted kind of, but i put in toothpick shims between the teeth which wrecked my gums for a while but ultimately pushed it upright after a few months


File: 1593967170323.jpg (13.71 KB, 250x250, 1:1, I'm not clicking that.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1593970069875.jpg (32.46 KB, 471x471, 1:1, narutorunning.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Do you remember that Naruto run kid from school?
Were YOU that kid?


I was just watching Kengan Ashura and the main character has a son who is a hikikomori who completely shut himself away in his room such that his father had not seen his son's face in years. This was presented as like, a thing that happens sometimes in Japan, not something particularly out of place. Is this common for Japanese hikis and are there non-Japanese hikis who completely shut themselves away in their rooms even from their parents?


Hikki is a different class in japan than the west. A lot of people conflate being a NEET and Hikki on imageboards, but in japan a Hikki does not come out of their room, period. They don't go on walks, they seldom use the bathroom, they don't go to the kitchen, and japanese parents will just leave food outside the door and let them take it when they want. The clinical diagnosis for Hikki in japan is not leaving your room for 3+ months. And to top it off many japanese adults are salarymen and work long hours. They are expected to go and drink with their coworkers after work too, so they are never home. So you can see how it would be easy for a father to not see their son's face in years if he's a hikki.


Small pieces of food get stuck underneath it which leads to inflammation and headaches. I ordered a cleaning kit for now. I'll probably leave it be and just clean it if it causes issues, using the other side of my mouth to chew from now on.


going to the dentist these days with the covid shit has to be pretty tedious, I'd like to go because I've had to deal with the sort of nasty problems you're talking about before with my wisdom teeth (it got so bad I was prescribed antibiotics) and i'd rather not go through this ever again


It only because popular in the west a decade after I graduated high school. How could I?


File: 1594012236758.jpg (493.19 KB, 1920x2560, 3:4, 81jQloE F9L._RI_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I only listen to the soundtrack for this film once a decade.


I got into some kind of argument with a car driver this afternoon and I can't stop thinking about it, what I should have said or done and so on. Wish I could forget it and move on like normals do, now I will mull over it for days if not weeks.


got called a mythical creature irl today lol


Anyone else remember watching this video? I remember downloading this shit off kazaa and my dumb 12 year old brain thought it was so cool.


everyone'has been called a troll


My mental health is getting worse. A few days ago I was meditating and hallucinated something disturbing, I recalled fake past experiences where I had orgies with my former classmates and was forced to strip and run around the school naked. I've been a NEET for a while so I think solitary isolation has contributed to my decline. My mind tells me that they have planted devices in my throat that detects my sub-vocalizations to read my mind and they will transcribe it out loud in public if I try to leave my house. I'm going crazy. But perhaps this schizo hallucinations might help me get autism bux once corona ends.


no i literally mean "a mythical creature"

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