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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction


Just found out how cheap it is to ride a train 300km. For what I pay for pizza delivery, I could deliver myself to the capitol and explore the scenery


Yeah I remember that. Wizardchan was way more chill back then. Yes there was 3D porn and tfw no gf posters but people didn't take themselves so seriously I think.
For the past few weeks I have found myself going to reddit's nosleep or one of those world building communities before going to sleep. It's comfy on there, you don't feel like you're walking on eggs all the time. Unfortunately too many people use anonymity to behave like scum these days. I still like hob, jp, games and music though, problem is they're too slow and I've already read every post on those boards and I just don't have much to contribute to those myself.


you made me excited so i searched the cost of amtrak from east coast to west coast and then an airplane ticket and the airplane ticket was cheaper. are you in europe or asia maybe?


File: 1592407749222.jpeg (75.26 KB, 679x678, 679:678, D6D04E41-E453-4F24-8B7D-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

anyone got any experience with these small dehumidifier widgets? ive been wondering if setting one up in my bedroom would help in summer, or when working out.


The small ones usually aren't very good in my experience with them. At least not for bedroom sized rooms.
If I needed to dehumidify a walk in closet they might be up to the job. At least the better of the small ones.

Personlly I prefer just using an A/C for both cooling and dehumitifying in one thing for a similar price.
That said the mid sized home units seem to actually work in my limited experience with them. So I would just look for something around the size of a space heater rather then those desktop sized cheap gadget ones.


What's the price, and from where to Washington DC?


"Starvation wiz" here (I guess). Why is voluntary starvation treated with such hostility? As mentioned, I live in the UK where there are no dangerous wild animals or extreme weather. Additionally, if I am to starve myself to death (while consuming water) I imagine I would spend the first twenty days or so indoors before finally venturing out into a secluded field or forest so that the cold weather could finish me off. Apologies if this seems like a LARP or an effort to gain attention, but I assure you that it is not (at the moment I haven't eaten in six days, and honestly it feels fine beside the dizzines).


*note: I am not attempting to starve myself to death at the moment, just performing a trial run of sorts.


I found an imitation zippo lost on the street, it's one of those nondescript $2 chinese ones but it's brushed chrome steel (not zinc) and mechanically it seems to check out..minus a loose flint tube, I've never owned a zippo

I can't wait to make it a cigarette lighter…when the epoxy under the flint tube cures anyway, it's pretty cute


Does it make the clink sound?


I wouldnt consider getting one of these if i had air conditioning
I just want something to use on these very hot days or after sweating a lot in my room, when I can feel the dampness of the air around me. I don't it to damage my electronics


>there are no dangerous wild animals or extreme weather
i need a link confirming this
>venturing out into a secluded field or forest
how can you be sure you will be able to get there?
>the cold weather could finish me off
cold can finish you not starved, just drunk

Do you have realtives?


What dangerous wild animals are there in the UK? The worst I've ever been confronted with is an angry bull or a wasp's nest.

The places I may choose to die are very near my home, so it shouldn't be hard. If it's a snowy day, I can just walk there and let the cold finish me off. I try not to drink alcohol, and would prefer to be lucid as I pass away. However I worry about some innocent person finding wasted corpse so I may take some kind of sack and lie in there and place some kind of note on top to explain there is a body inside.

I do have a mother who I love dearly and an older sister (by twelve years) who has always tried to help me and maintain a positive outlook on life. The main reason I haven't ended my life so far is out of duty to them.


how fat are you? really fat people can starve go months without food


have you seen "The sound of insects"?


Not too sure, I'm 5'9 (175cm) and weigh around 12 stone (168lbs). Right now I haven't eaten in six days (to test things) and already I've lost weight quite noticeably and it's difficult to stand up without feeling faint.

No, but I have heard about it and looked into it (Japanese guy lies in a tent and writes a journal while starving). There is also the story of a divorced, unemployed middle-aged German man a few years ago who climbed up one of those hunting platforms in the forest and starved to death voluntarily, and in my own region I have seen at least one news story of a guy starving himself to death in a tent. Did you enjoy that movie?


well as long as you have bodyfat, and then muscle, your body will just use that to stay alive. if you are 170lb you have fat and muscle so you're not going to die. you should at least be taking some kind of vitamin or supplement though, the body can burn itself to produce calories but it can't magically produce vitamins. im assuming you already read this but https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2495396/


Thank you wiz.


>Did you enjoy that movie?
Mostly it's comfy, as i remember.
His worldview was a bit naive.

So what's the plan with mom and sis?


Even "average" weight people last a long time, there was a religious succubus who did a spiritual 120 day water fast on youtube who has deleted her videos ( 40 days x 3, with a week of recovery between ). She was skin and bones at the end but quite alright. I fasted for a few weeks once and it didn't feel that bad, I haven't been able to have that self control since though.

Sallekhana is the Jainist concept of starvation death that is done with spiritual peace rather than suicidal suffering urges, but that lasts for a few weeks as well. Those writings might be useful.

I don't think suicide is meant to be in this chill thread though.


Honestly I don't know, but my mother recently mentioned calling down to the place I'm renting for a cup of tea. Since I moved here she hasn't once asked to do that, which is strange (not sure why she has never visited me, even though she lives three minutes away on foot). I might say something like "If I ever decide to leave, will you accept my decision?" but I'm afraid she'll freak out or something. My sister fortunately found a partner just before her fortieth birthday and had a kid with him last year, so at least she has them in her life. The decision as to whether I will end my life is one which is dependent on a few things which are out of my control at the moment. Sorry to blogpost.


there's a soft click, which is probably better so my mom doesn't hear it and think I'm smoking at my bedroom window

because I do


Thank you for the word Sallekhana. And apologies for darkening this thread, I have posted on Wizchan for a while but not in Anti-Crawl. I saw someone reference "starvation LARPer" or something in the previous thread so wanted to explain my position.


I have this shit like a weak sphincter in a balls/dick canal, so if i don't fap for a couple of weeks, after peeing theres this pre-semen sticky fluid slowly coming out for half an hour.
Well another shit that sucks, stopped counting.


wizbabbys first precum


yeah, cept im 29


iirc there's no pincher muscle thingy in front of the cowper's glands, maybe they just grew? maybe they;re still growing :3 don't be sad

they grow big enough you can get rich quick selling the milk jugs on /b/


File: 1592427375171.jpg (52.03 KB, 733x1000, 733:1000, John-Harvey-Kellogg-photog….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>One of the hallmarks of Kellogg’s philosophy was his belief that sexual activity, and masturbation in particular, caused a wide variety of physical and mental illnesses and thus should be suppressed.

lmao the inventor of nofap


He also popularized circumcision in America as he believed it would reduce sex drive and thus masturbation. And he sold cereal thinking that eating it would also curb masturbation.


Nice mustache though.
You know, with the amount of sugar cereal has I think he was right. Eat that shit every day and soon you won't be able to reach your dick at all.


Excessive concern with what other people do with their genitalia causes a wide variety of physical and mental illnesses and thus should be suppressed.


He actually made his cereals as bland and sugarless as possible, thinking it would dampen the sex drive. But i guess he's still getting the last laugh.


So if you have your plan, why the need to keep talking about it?
To me, it screams of succubus attention-seeking and maytrdom, the most drawn out form of suicide there is.
Let's be honest, you are not going to do this, so why continue stealing our attention on these matters?
Write a book about it if it interested you so much


My guess is that he was sex addicted himself, only that much suppression would lead to his crusade again child penises


ooh I got it to start clinking actually, I figured out the clink is from the moving thingy next to the hinge being let off its spring at a certain height and free falling onto the hinge, and the let off point is determined by the angle of the ledge part inside of the lid that catches on it during opening

I tried bending the catch part around and found the perfect angle, now it clinks! sweet…




The small ones are unable to do much, it would take many hours to have any noticeable effect on a bedroom sized room.


I see. My room's around 14m², I guess it's not worth the trouble?


Playing with garbage


File: 1592502250597.png (126.24 KB, 528x397, 528:397, milvern.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


check out jainism, they have a ritual of fatal starvation


I once lasted like 13 days only with honey and water. I have been repeating and it helped a bit with my schizo symptoms.

I still expect advantages of keeping on.


See how you don't even reply to me, but keep responding to people talking about jainism
How separated from reality are you?
Your not a 500AD Hindu Monk you're a 2020 GigaLARPer


Apologies, someone earlier in the thread said talks of depression / suicide don't belong on Anti-Crawl Threads so I thought best not to keep talking about it.


Bilbo is fucking dead.


This week I've been rewatching all the extended versions of LotR and Hobbit and enjoying it a great deal. Rip.


Apply that same logic to the entire board for your starvation posting and you'll be well on your way
Each day you don't starvate yourself you'll remember you are a larper, so good luck


Celebrity worship even infiltrates our humble abode


don't know don't care


Thank you wiz, normos should not be allowed even an inch of water-cooler trashtalk
Keep vigilant!


yeah right troll, like you cared about some ancient old english actor nobody ever heard of until the hobbit flick



He played the evil android on Alien too, one of the few sci-fi films I enjoy.


Entitled breeders think they can just spawn living beings into the garbage world they've built, for their own amusement and to be disposed of when kids are no longer adorable puppies. Disgusting.



What's your problem?


I used to like wrestling, but I haven't actually given a shit or watched in about 6 months because it all just lost any appeal. Looked in on it today and holy fuck it's a shitstorm of carny degeneracy exposure and weaponised accusations from everywhere all over the place.

w e w




You're a pathetic little scum with nothing to do but gatekeeping.


i dont even know who that fucker is, and i couldn't care less if he's dead, just like when bowie and lemmy died, I didn't give a fuck. fuck celebrities i dont care about their lives, good thing if they're dead.


Weaponized accusations? What, are the clowns trying to get each other fired from the circus?


didn't we have a smartphone thread?


Several months ago.
Don't know if it is still up or what board it was on.

Use the search feature and you can probably find it if it hasn't fallen off page 10.


>no one else home
>eat until i vomit
>shit off the porch
>piss into the sink
>walk around naked


Why are you so precious about celebrity trash talk? Go to reddit for that kind of whining crap
Bet you searched wikipedia to see what other films he was in apart from LoTR, baka
When the good Lord looks down upon his creation, this is what he witnesses




it was on lounge
could have used some advice
oh well


Excellence in gluttony and sloth. You're pretty good.


I spend my days browsing irc, wizchan and youtube. I don't even play videogames anymore.


Is it gaslighting if my family picks out things that drive me nuts and furious and do it over and over?
I'm trying to be a better person, but even Buddha will get mad if you keep punching him.


No that isn't what gaslighting means.



How would they know what would drive you nuts? Did you communicate with them?


It's one of those words that don't mean anything anymore.


Sounds like paranoia. Learn to go with the flow.


Gaslighting would be something like, a family spitting in your food at the dinner table while you catch them, and when you call them out on it they insist they all insist it didn't happen, you didn't see that, and you must be crazy. It's about making you think you already are crazy and wrong and doubt yourself, not simply making you angry on purpose.


my mom spit in my coffee to spite me, I think I threw the coffee cup and smashed it in rage

fuck my mom, she lost a coffee cup for that one


Jim Cornette said that triple threat matches never worked and only thing that works is threesome sex which according to him is more fun. I thought fuck you Jim, consent doesn't imply no possible consequences. And now turns out he forced others to sleep with his wife to get push and promotion to the main roster.

Filth is filth. I remember how someone on /asp/ back in the day posted unproved statements from ringrats on some 2000s forum. They said everyone fucked them including Triple H. Except for Kurt Angle who refused. Interesting detail: Jim Cornette liked to watch other male fucking ringrat in his presence while also complimenting and encouraging them while masturbating himself. And now he's a liberal. What a coincidence.


i miss the Big Dog so much boys.


>I miss the Big Dong so much boys



File: 1592764480746.png (30.22 KB, 879x672, 293:224, Shining Force II (USA)-200….png) ImgOps iqdb


The Cornette sleaze exposure disappointed me. I disagreed with him on most non-wrestling things (or if not disagreed with the thing itself, the way he went about it) but still found him entertaining and endearing enough from a wrestling fan standpoint. I even defended him to others when they knee-jerk hated on him because he said unfashionable thing and doesn't like progressive indy darling, this shit coming out about him is disgusting and pretty convincing, Joey Janella even made a low-key reference to it (something like "the hot tub with the OVW boys" IIRC) in one of their twitter spats MONTHS ago before any of this shit blew up. I always knew he was did some greasy carny shit in his days, it's the wrestling business, there are greasy rats, greasy rat shit happened and still does, but exploiting career positions of wrestlers to score your nasty fat wife a lay which you can watch is real scumfuck behavior. Apparently he's going to address it himself on Monday's podcast thing he does; I'm interested in what he has to say for himself but I lost major respect.


such a cozy game


File: 1592781165616.jpg (167.35 KB, 750x1010, 75:101, 1592538491859.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Found what Janela said, I paraphrased a bit in post


That's illegal around here…


I can't wait until you know who starts you know what and gets us all killed next year


This is real? Jesus Christ. It sounds like a bad porno gimmick.


It was so hot that while I was in the book shop my fucking bike tire melted.
This is some bullshit. They need to start running the bus again. It is too god damn hot to ride a bike everywhere.


Where do you live, Arizona or something?


32C here, i'm dying, lizards.


That's interesting. I can see a man out of my window basking at the sun and rehearsing a play, I think it's theater because he's doing very exagerated gestures through it all.


File: 1592837688875.jpg (178.66 KB, 456x440, 57:55, 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Managed to take a picture. He was up there for over an hour, marching, raising his hands, point at the sky, using an invisible scythe and swinging an invisible sword. He had a paper in his hand too, pretty sure it's an actor or something. That was cool.


I have this annoying tic where I stretch and tense my elbows/arms/wrists. It feels like my arm is going to pop out of the socket. How do I stop doing this??


lol, every animal stretches when they wake up


lol is that Kramer?


Forgot to mention the guy had no shirt on and was monologuing at the top of his lungs probably, I could see he was opening his mouth pretty wide at least. Couldn't listen to anything because we're just 5 stores above intense traffic though, and that spot if a fair good distance from my window.


Joel Schumacher is fucking dead.


Flatliners was the only decent film he ever made, the poor guy.


ain't that the jewish faggot who made a mockery of the batman films?


He also was involved with Falling Down and The Lost Boys.

He made a lot of stuff I liked.
Rest in Peace old dude.


there was a spider on my ceiling for a while but i think he left or died. i wish he was still around to kill these dumb fruit flies. you will be missed spidey


I really liked Falling Down, too bad he will most likely be remembered because of the bad movies he made and not the good ones. RIP.


File: 1592896758651.gif (859.87 KB, 225x225, 1:1, BadTintedAmericanriverotte….gif) ImgOps iqdb

These days instead of playing videogames I just watch some letsplay and be done with it. Too poor to afford consoles, too poor to afford blurays, too tired to play.
Anyone else?
How long till I get tired of this too?


It wasn't games I replaced with gameplays but movies and series/anime. I usually watched a couple of episodes every night but now I just shut my brain off and put whatever snes gameplay I get recommended on youtube until I fall asleep.


File: 1592918152162.jpg (87.86 KB, 611x269, 611:269, 02.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

He's back for more invisible scythe swinging! What a nice show.




Working is bad for my mental health.


tbh, one of the best angry white guy flicks.


You need to film it next time wiz and post back!


Is it a form of virtue signalling for normgroids to lament over the death of someone who they didn't even know?
Or is it a deeper biological urge going on?
If even wizards are partaking in this inane activity, there must be a reason for it.


It isn't unreasonable to acknowledge the death of someone who had utility to you (in this case made things you may have enjoyed) because their death means the end of that utility.
It is a loss. It is fairly normal for beings capable of emotion to lament loss.
it isn't a normie Vs true wiz thing. No need to be a asshole about it.


I think it's funny that guy says it's virtua signalling saying "X is fucking dead". Doesn't look very virtous to me.


yes it's why they (normies) do it, but I think it's obvious the anons above were trolling for reactions

if you weren't old enough in the pre-"social" media years, let me tell you, these mass mournings over every minor celebrity death didn't exist, it's all about virtue signaling to each other on your normie social networks

even when princess diana was kill the only people who mourned (there was a huge mourning) were middle age white succubi, and only because they identified with her in their dumb romantic fantasies


I don't give to shits, just posted to feast on your butthurt.


I'll continue to post about every dead celebrity just because you idiot lost your shit about a single innocent post. Fuck you.


Kossi Koudagba, the Togolese professional footballer who played as a striker for ASC Kara of the Togolese Championnat National and the Togo national team, is fucking dead.


Are you the guy who's also getting his butt hurt right now?


Are you a guy


File: 1592942014461.png (67.63 KB, 390x199, 390:199, Ea8HeO0XQAEEE0f.png) ImgOps iqdb


How did such symmetrical pixels make such an asymmetrical person?


AI probably has an asymmetry guideline to make it not perfect = more realistic


people aren't perfectly symmetric and it was trained on people


File: 1592946876251.png (321.23 KB, 400x379, 400:379, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Didn't realize it was AI generated. I though it was like one of those old photoreal shops.


I wish I had all the pre-90s national geographic magazines back, those were real journalism

the 90s and current version is just a physical version of clickbait, everything went to shit


this wizard has a great relationship with her sister. I wonder what my life would be if I had a sister that liked video games.
succubi love the sims so much it makes me want to play it.


his* sister


strange for the second game, he says that he has that game too

do they really buy multiple copoes of the same game or do they not live together?


File: 1592963337869.jpg (58.43 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, Draugen_screen_closeup_Lis….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How do you know he's a wizard?

I have daydreamed a few times about having a sister who lived with me (a loner celibate autistic sister, not a norman with kids or guys coming over all the time). I miss all the baking, decorating, and arts and crafts my female relatives did. It really makes a house feel like a home.


For awhile they actually made me want to take up photography.

Now I know that they just edit the fuck out of the picture. Not just now but it's what they have done always.


>how do you know he's a wizard?

Check his channel.


I feel nothing but regret for giving dominos another chance.

New one opened up in walking distance so I gave them a shot and bought a large pizza.
It was fucking gross and I feel like throwing up. Even little caesars shitty $5 dollar pizza is far better then that abomination.
Worst yet unlike cheaper options it cost me $15 dollars because I got their "meatzza" pizza.
Never buying shit from them again. Fuck dominos.


for real? the smell from the dominos I walk by every day smells pretty good


The secret to Domino's around here is to never order a pizza that has any sort of meat to it. I usually go for the ones with lots of garlic but that's just me.


well they've been in the same location for over 30 years and they're always busy

maybe you're just a pizza snob


File: 1592977881065.jpg (296.04 KB, 850x850, 1:1, sample_ca76c8516e4ee924cef….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My state is boarding up my apartment entrance because some boomer got the corona. Fuck. Parents are losing their mind.


>prefers even little caesars
>a pizza snob

Maybe the pizza is just really shit and that popularity isn't a indication of quality.


huh? I'm not a pizza snob, my main concern is always price, not quality. I simply pointed out that in my experience, domino's pizzas with no meat on it tend to be better, and they have a better frigde life too, their meat toppings get disgusting pretty fast.
If I was a pizza snob I would be making my own pizzas, it's not hard to make them but it turns out it's actually more expensive doing it yourself than buying from a chain store. So here we are talking about Domino's.


Do landlords usually provide a mattress for a bed?


I should stop peeling the skin off my thumbs, I do it until it hurts and bleeds, mostly when I’m outside.


I don't think so. I wouldn't trust it if they did. It could have bed bugs or piss stains.


>mostly when I’m outside



Where I live landlords provide the space, an electric fridge and an electric slove and that's it, unless otherwise specified as "furnished".


Some of my books have pages with blood spatter patterns on them, due to chewing and peeling my index finger just like that and then flicking the welling blood. I used to do that with paper too at in highschool, turned in assignments like that before when I was an edgy faggot about the bad habit


you know, covid and shit


Depends on the rental agreement.
Some do, mainly those just renting spare rooms, but most don't.


Oh. people stopped caring about that where I live


Dunno about magic powers, but i finally got those meme curpal tunnel pains at 29.


Spent the whole day today browsing through kiwifarms trying to find interesting youtube channels but it turns out it's all boring shit. Didn't find a single decent channel to watch except a few I already know, like Masaokis. What a waste of time.


So the best thing they got now is praying on wizchan?
Wow, we should ask for a raise.




File: 1593031841193.png (1.72 KB, 627x145, 627:145, 12344.png) ImgOps iqdb

wizchan topic is dead too, at least the one I checked. Whole forum is just recycling the same crap over and over again, clinging to CWC and has been e-celebs. Garbage.
I didn't think it possible by I think I reached the end of the internet at this point.


>wizchan topic is dead
NICE TRY kiwifarms


well to be fair I just used the search bar and the first few topics regarding wizchan don't have any replies for the past 3 years. You can check it for yourself. Maybe there's some other active discussion about it there but I didn't bother to look further, I was looking for youtube channels, not wizchan related content.


File: 1593038620419.jpg (17.9 KB, 222x203, 222:203, ersdgsdfg.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

It's easy to disregard the thought that you're not some physics genius or a talented artist etc.
But most of us find some pleasure thinking we surf the waves of sarcasm and postmodernism, write some witty shit and read between the lines.
Well i've just stumbled upon one twitter account and the person there is a fucking genious in this bitch, a walking library of irony, knowledge and smart jokes.
And i thought i would never envy again. Fucking fuck me uuuugh.
won't post the link


found a tree by the driveway that had berries so i started eating them. later i googled and found out they are wild cherries. they are basically miniature black cherries maybe 1/4th the size. spent so long outside eating the tiny cherries that i got a headache from the sun. the peach tree in the backyard is ripening but i've been eating the unripe things for a few days now. the tree is so filled with peaches it's drooping and touching the ground from the weight. last year they were all rotten from some kind of fungus but this year they are all good somehow. these peaches are like half the size of what you find in a store. further in the backyard the pear trees also have some fruit. they are also like 1/2 the size of a normal pear for whatever reason. really unripe but still fun to eat


god you're fat


sittin here with acid reflux, playing mass effect 1, at last I see what the fuss was all about

I lmao when the main character talks about sticking his boot up someone's ass or killing succubi, your lizard man sidekick goes "hell yeah" or something in that deep dragon voice and that's so cool, then you blast off to serve galactic justice where you just kill everyone

definitely gonna play 2 and 3


You've made me aware of this fantastic artist. Any place to download his works?


baka you got me hopeful


You should write a journal where you go into neighbour's yards and sample their fruit trees


>two months later


Today you "brush your teeth just to be healty" - tomorrow you go out and have sex left and right!


Sorry wiz, I don't know any particular place, search for his name online and there are lots of places you can find his stuff, sometimes with good quality sometimes not so good. Glad you enjoyed it, I found his stuff while looking for wallpapers I believe.


idk i like plants. when i was a child and i learned food literally grows on trees i had to ask why we didnt have any


That little penguin banner we created vindicates the whole wizardchan existence.


Is there any downside to being a hedonist?


Only when it harms long term hedonism, e.g drug addicts, but if you plan to suicide before the downfall it's all good


*and by plan i mean having an actual detailed plan not merely fantasizing


File: 1593104111681.jpg (203.38 KB, 1200x793, 1200:793, Elbow-Rock.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah no problem, I've checked the artist's site after failing to find some neat megapack torrent and there are surprisingly quite a few drawings available there in decent quality. They usually hide everything behind a paywall.


File: 1593107949307-0.jpg (398.2 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Roger-Dean-Freyjas-Castle.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1593107949307-1.jpg (12.1 MB, 3600x2430, 40:27, EDGAR-FOREST-VILLAGE-C.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


fapped to something a few weeks ago. at the time i was convinced i had never seen it before, that it was a fresh fap, and it felt glorious making such a discovery. but today as i was going through my old D: drive clearing shit out i found that exact doujin saved over 2 years ago. if this is what losing your memory will be like i'm all aboard, i'll be able to enjoy the same shit endlessly


I've had this sort of thing happen with YouTube videos and comments. I rewatch a video and then have a comment to make, but I look and see I literally already did months or a year or two ago.


how long do people hold onto their phones these days? i wanted to get one to replace various other devices (dumb phone, mp3 and radio player, that kind of stuff) and for media consumption, but if it gets slow and insecure twelve months later just so manufacturers can trick you into getting a new one after like one year, it doesn't sound so appealing to me all of a sudden.


File: 1593129168212.jpg (35.58 KB, 640x480, 4:3, smithrshat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have had mine for over two years and don't even think about needing to change it any time soon. Get an Android device on an off brand but decent phone with a good battery and screen, and look after it with updates and common sense, and you'll not be wanting for things unless you have to have the newest toys all the time. Avoid Apple's bullshit trendwhore manufactured obsolescence mobile products. They will literally send you an update that reduces your phone's capability and battery life every time they release a new cunt model.


I have a 4 year old crapple that my parents gave me and it still works ok. The battery life isn't terrible although it's not really like I use it as much as the normalfags who always have problems with that stuff.

I personally wouldn't get another one because they are pretty expensive and the company recently began sponsoring ethnic terrorism, but you might not care about those things.

Recently I found out about the PinePhone on which you can install an OS of your choice and alleviates a lot of the problems of proprietary systems and giving money to corporations that work against you. Obviously there wouldn't be any app support but if you only use he camera and web browser maybe that won't matter as much.


i still have every phone ive ever owned and they all work. previous phone i used 5 yrs and its been 5yrs since my current one so that is a safe answer


I remember I was only 4 years old when I watched this scene. That day I had a fever and my mother was taking care of me. The headache made it almost impossible to pay attention to the movie since it was making me restless, furthermore, my clothes were drenched in sweat because of my high body temperature. I was really suffering and at that particular moment where you see Bardock's last words, I closed my eyes and turned my head because it was too depressing and I didn't want to cry. But hearing that music and knowing already that he died the way died, I couldn't stop the tears. My mother saw this and although I tried, I couldn't avoid her eyes, and in the end she saw me crying. I remember her smiling because she thought it was so silly that I was crying because of this movie which she later criticized. According to her, it was not a movie meant for kids or something that should air on tv, but only after the movie was over she decided to turn off the tv.
This was the first time that she saw me crying because of a movie. Her lack of emotion or display of feelings when we both watched something sad always made me angry as a kid. That attitude of laughing at others emotions, your kids emotions, and to disregard them as something silly or childish, it was revealing. "This is my mother and she's an adult. Adults… they don't cry so easily. They also think is endearing to see that their kids are emotional creatures." That's why I always preferred to watch movies without her since very young.
Even so, these memories of my mother are precious to me.
I only wish I could love her.


what a horrible fucking day, it literally would have been less of a waste to sit on my ass playing games than to try getting work and errands done in the face of things outside today

this world is so full of fucking vermin and they ruin everything nice I try to have




File: 1593183379687.jpg (24.23 KB, 700x394, 350:197, 0bcafd44541deea3ed92125e06….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

kill the succubi
open the libraries
let me get some books again please


Gross picture


What do you recommend?


Stuff like LG xPower series phones, can sometimes get deals from places where you get Android phones like that for zero as part of the deal. Things like that would be worth looking into.


File: 1593195104889.gif (1.98 MB, 164x275, 164:275, x4yakvx.gif) ImgOps iqdb

When I was a kid I liked summer, and now it rolls on shitty every hear summer worst season


Can’t find these anywhere. There are cheap chinese brands but idk what they’re worth over the long term, the reviews are good but they always assume you won’t keep it any longer than two yrs tops so they won’t even consider that very important point. What the hell is wrong with these people?


File: 1593273503460.jpg (24.98 KB, 431x377, 431:377, sdfsdfsdf.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Why is this shit even a thing? A shirt tucked in your pants is beyond uncomfortable, it eventually either pulls out completly or you look like a deflated baloon. Oh and lets put another layer of cloth over your butt and seal it with a belt so everything there fucking boils.


It's a complete non problem unless you're a) a morbidly obese sweaty pedophile or b) hideously out of shape with some nasty sweat gland condition


normalfag succubus detected.


Is the flat earth thing some sort of religious thing? Like god said it's flat in their holy texts or something or is it just an organic movement of stupid people?


ok, wagie


none of that, where's your god now?


I think 99% of people advocating for flat earth shit online are trolls trolling other trolls who also don't actually believe in it.


A combination of religious fundies, conspiracy theorists, and just genuine ignorance. Also I'm inclined to believe there are falseflaggers, so all those baste science youtubers can still get clicks by destroying them with facts and logic. Like imagine if people made careers out of making videos explaining why water is healthy to drink. It seems like that to me.


idk i've never seen anyone do that without being forced to, like from their job, religion, or some social requirement


Tucked into my pants


File: 1593290344775.jpg (123.92 KB, 1024x692, 256:173, gianticeballtheory.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sometimes when you make a hobby out of seeking truth in rabbit holes you lose your a level of reasoning and suddenly anything could be a lie and a person becomes easily influenced to mistrust any office or authority while more likely to believe anybody opposing such, even when it doesn't make much (or any) sense. You get all kinds of stupid bullshit and it plays into the hands of certain social engineers wonderfully for they become lumped in with "conspiracy theorists" at large and destroy the credibility of people who could expose real things.


there's a whole shitload of rabbits running around my city this year, and there's literally never been rabbits here except like someone's backyard pets, must be a couple of them escaped and single handedly filled the city with themselves

really proves the saying of "breed like rabbits"


Try to catch one and have it as a pet , teach it wizardly ways and prevent it from being another breeder.


At least you can save your food budget for a while.


I've had pet rabbits, all they do is shit pellets and eat alfalfa and kick to get loose if you try holding them. Boringest animals ever.


Never had a fish or reptile I see.
Especially reptiles because many are content to sit and do nothing for hours on end.


Most wizardly episode of MTV cribs


I love the 2014 follow up too



I've had fish, monitor lizards, tree frogs and more. Even wasting its life on an artificially heated rock all day a lizard is more fun than a rabbit that just shits 24/7 and runs away from you.


two blind dogs for pets
they hide in one room all day
if you dont let them out at exact time periods they shit everywhere inside
walking anywhere near their room they will stampede out to the back door and crash into everything, even if you just let them in
they fuck each other nonstop and smell like absolute death

to hell with these beasts


Look into "200 proofs earth is not a spinning ball" and the black swan proofs. And all the content from the last 5 years.



This same guy Eric also apparently claims paleontology is a conspiracy and dinosaurs never existed. Is he just trolling or does he actually believe these things? It's convincing enough to get marks of some kind to follow it anyway


File: 1593457960377.jpeg (96.23 KB, 630x1280, 63:128, 6F379893-7FBB-488B-B928-1….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Where can I buy a fake ID? I’m 20 and I want to buy alcohol.


Imagine being an American LMAO


Just steal your parent's liquor. You're not missing out on much though.


someone said american schools theach that dinosaurs were demons because they were not in the bible


Who the fuck let kids in here.



Xtian schools do that yeah but not public schools

They get drag queen story hour instead


Sounds like they're very poorly trained. Probably a result of you hating them. Just kill them if you don't want to put in the effort to care for them correctly.


>Just kill them if you don't want to put in the effort to care for them correctly.
i wish it was that easy. they are old so hopefully they die soon


anyone know a program that can disable my internet for like 1 hour ocne i activate it? it somehow needs to survive me tampering with it trying to reenable internet so simply turning off the the driver or something isn't going to be enough. i want something like a button i can smack once to stop me from getting caught up in a fap storm. i figure an hour is enough for me to cool off


pathetic, just stop surfing back to xhamster every hour you jagoff loser


i can't just stop, that's the point


you're a whiny piece of shit that wants everyone to believe you physically can't stop from moving your PC cursor to a porn site


I use the cold turkey blocker. I havent really tried tampering with it but it seems like it is designed to be a pain. It might be worth a try.


Yeah what's so hard to believe someone has lapses in self control? That's standard human experience. You an alien bro?


well i struggle with impulse control and abusing things. i quit smoking and alcohol but for 20 years i've been unable to quit porn and masturbating. it takes a monumental amount of willpower for me to say no, and it's constant, eventually i give in

>Frozen Turkey
>Frozen Turkey is a feature that helps you schedule time away from your computer. When activated, you'll be locked out your user account and won't be able to use the computer. Since it's just locking your user account, you won't lose any work.
now THAT looks like a useful feature. whenever i start fapping or feel triggered i can catch myself and just smash this emergency button i'm hoping. 1 second of willpower turned into 1 hour of relief. will try it out today


I'm not him but I honestly can't relate to that experience. Although I know plenty of people have addictions I can't imagine being in such a position


check your privilege


same old excuse making that everyone uses, blah blah blah


Its a pretty good program. I dont use the paid for version but i still have used it to greatly improve my study of Japanese. I tend to have a huge problem with mindless time wasters so anything that can help me avoid it for some time is very useful.


welp the caffeine pills didn't work, it's like they evolved to adapt to eating it *shrug*

I took one of our 30lb bags of chocolate chips out there instead and gave it a big ol' heave ho …. now those evil bastards are dead


What are you on about? Did you kill they neighbor's dogs?
>30lb bags of chocolate chips
30lb my ass


ever been to a costco?


>Is the flat earth thing some sort of religious thing?
Yes. There are some secular ones who just care about doing their own science, but a lot of them are religiously motivated and believe in creationism. They espouse that the globe earth perpetuates nihilism and atheism rip man away from spirituality and towards materialism. Their model of a flat earth is usually lifted from the Bible, with details like a dome or firmament. I used to listen to a lot of random videos about these for fun when they started cropping up, and if they're all orchestrated by something then they did a really good job of mimicking your typical conspiratorially minded religious nut, and the proof is that they certainly got some people to genuinely buy it. I blame both religion and that there's a big failure to make science digestible and comprehensible for certain people, and that there's so many things to be untrustworthy for. Or something like that.
>paleontology is a conspiracy and dinosaurs never existed. Is he just trolling or does he actually believe these things?
There are people who've spouted these for years, again they tended to be creationist religious fundamentalists.


>there's a big failure to make science digestible and comprehensible for certain people
Science is just another world view. Albeit one that is backed up with evidence and tries to erase biases, but a world view nonetheless. For all intents and purposes, these flat eathers will live their lives the same whether the earth really is flat or not and whether they believe in it or not. Also teachers/scientists can only lead people to the water, they can't make them drink.


science is just a secular religion and political tool now


Finally bought a cheap vehicle after making $20k gambling my autismbux on options. It's a truck older than I am, an 8th generation Ford F250. It can carry 3/4 of a ton. Now I'm learning to drive.


File: 1593656007445-0.jpg (315.47 KB, 960x720, 4:3, garden-of-Saiho-Ji-in-Kyot….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1593656007445-1.jpg (1 MB, 3872x2592, 121:81, 1474844084966.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thinking about signing up to Tony Robbins' UPW thing. I fucking hate my existence. Would you guys consider it going yourselves?


at least those things you can read about

fucking science journal paywalls are insane i can't believe that shit exists


i googled that and it's a guy on a stadium and RGB lighting and looks like an audience from a musical concert with him in weird poses in front of everyone talking into a mic. i'm guessing he is a celebrity bullshit peddler aka motivational speaker. why would you ever consider going to something like that


>why would you ever consider going to something like that
I want things to change for the better but unsure how or why. Plus if I am going to not kill myself I do not want to live the next several decades the same way I lived these past 24 years; I want to be at peace with myself. Due to COVID he is doing his first UPW online which is nice. In short, he is not a motivational speaker but exposes shit you have told yourself to the point that it affects the way you live; you believe shit you have told yourself when it comes to your personal beliefs just like some religious shithead believes in their own version of the desert fairy man.



How can I hide the fap thread? Until now I was ignoring it but I'm tired of seeing this filth.


His events are taped, just download the dvds which must be online somewhere.


man i wish i had enough money to buy a japanese toilet. wiping my asshole is so painful. western toilets should be a fucking crime


You mean like a bidet? I never used one but I really doubt sprinkling water up your ass if very hygienic, in fact I don't think it works very well at all. Personally I just take a shower after I taking a shit.


It seems kinda strange you don’t think bidets are cleanly but a shower is.



Read the faq on how to use the site then go to /test/ to practice.


What's strange about it? In a shower you use soap, it's a fact that it's more cleanly than just sprinkling your ass with water.


Most people don't use soap on their butthole as far as I'm aware. And toilet paper doesn't need it either.


wtf, I've heard the no-soap meme but is there a new one that says showers make you unclean?


I was just pointing out how both are washing your ass with water, so it seems strange he would prefer one over the other.


Then most people are not doing it right and are disgusting.

Nope, in a shower you use soap.


File: 1593713572683.jpg (65.14 KB, 499x374, 499:374, capitao approves.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You must be proud of your squeaky clean anus wiz.


Not really tbh.


has anyone else here experienced a certain…I don't know…phenomenon where strangers you know for a fact you've never met (gifted with exceptional memory, would know if you've ever met them), and who couldn't possibly know who you are, approach you in public on familiar terms, call your name, know who you are, and small-talk you like true acquaintances? it's utterly baffling

I've always suspected there's something…I don't know…essentially unreal about this world (metaphysical solipsism?), and of the countless reasons it has given me this matter of total strangers having an impossible knowledge of me is the most disturbing evidence

it has happened very many times


Those people are probably con artists.


Speaking of random strangers coming up to you… You sound like a fun wiz I wish I could occasionally talk metaphysic or maybe psychohistory wit you.

Maybe thats why people still remember you. If your reputation was sullied in the minds of those lost acquaintance they would most certainly not have reached out. People generally remember individuals who are capable of holding a conversation and or have good listening skills.

Animal magnetism is a real phenomenon. But much like how change is the only constant in our universe not everyone experiences it the same way. Also much like real magnetism it can also repel.

Theres obviously many more factors at play here.
>size of environment
>amount of time between interactions
>your facial symmetry
>personal importance of what you did or were around for
Basically a sticking memory.

The list goes on but im starting to realize this is turning into a schpiel.
Personally I rarely run into people from my past but when I do depending on the individual its not necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately social circles/connections are what drives/controls humanity so having contacts you can call on potentially is a nice thing to have.

Okay I need to declare an end to this post or ill keep going until I hit a philosophical wall where we can never truly know the answer.


>people still remember you
yeah no, they can't remember me because they've never met me

I'm an intravert who has avoided people all my life and I remember all the few people I've ever interacted with on a social level, the matter defies any attempt at rational explanation, none of those reasons works, these weirdos aren't even old classmates or anything

would you recognize someone on the street you haven't seen in 20+ years and haven't seen since he was a kid and also be able to have inner knowledge of his recent life history? it's absurd
and that's even more absurd

random strangers can't know your name and secrets


All it takes is a little sleuthing and guess work. These people literally make a living by duping others and trying to seem charismatic, they are very good at it.


I wouldn't personally but thats because I don't care. I cant tell you what kinda shirt my dad had on and we talked 5mins ago.

I can’t remember 97% of the other children I met at school.

There has to be a logical explanation.

Friends of parents?
Extended family?
Skewl M8s
Or somethin

I have met people who's nostalgia levels are off the charts who quite literally remember school days extremely accurately. Personally I have tried my best to delete those memories and so far its going pretty good.

Anyways someone already said scammer which isn't a bad guess but highly unlikely especially if he's an introverted semi-hikki.


oh yeah, "sleuthing" someone with no "social" media, no pics online, no friends, no job history, no ID, no phone, never interacts with people in public, parents who don't talk about him and don't even have friends of their own, a total blank of a person in every respect

real easy


Even if you don't have those things, the people around you do, and are more than willing to share it.


>the people around you do
the people around me don't

stop grasping at straws to explain something you cannot explain


When it happens to me it is because they are someone who knows me by proxy.
Like they have heard all about me from a family member or something, and mistakenly transfer that familiarity to me even though we have never formally met. Same with thoses who have heard of me due to my deeds or reputation and again, seems to forget that just because they know a bit about me doesn't mean I know anything about them.
It has nothing to do with metaphysics. It is just overly friendly extroverts without perspective.

I also strongly suspect your memory isn't nearly as good as you think it is but that is another matter.


I thought I made it perfectly clear, damn it. My parents don't talk about me. There are no family members "or something" talking about me, giving strangers who neither I nor they know a full dossier of me with pics even (as that is basically what it necessarily implies) who then just "happen" to cross paths with little old pedestrian me in a city with a population of one million at night in the middle of nowhere and start their shit.

there's something going on – there's always been something going on – and it's bigger than muh scientific explanation, so just stop it, I wasn't asking for anyone's opinion anyway


The only horror film based thing to ever really haunt me last decade, and fill me with dread on many levels, is not only something that has nothing to do with horror movies but is actually meant to be funny (which it is up until THIS).

If you want to watch the whole thing click the image. Otherwise here's the scene I'm talking about (around at 2:35) https://youtu.be/vdPPiTVMjmQ?t=155


That's a lot of views for garbage. This is one of the ways I realize how disconnected I am from the average person online, youtube would have to actually pay me to watch more than 10 seconds of this content.
No offense intended towards you wizzie, just a thought I had trying to watch that. Didn't see anything scary in it btw.


shit tube would need to pay me to watch anything at all


youtube is full of bullshit these days, you can hardly even find any genuine content anymore, people used to upload videos just for fun and entertainment, now everything is sponsored, ad-ridden, clickbait designed to milk cash from morons and children


File: 1593784242163.jpg (51.92 KB, 440x428, 110:107, 20200703_083816.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Earlier this year I made thumbnails for a comic adaptation of a rather shrewd fanfiction I wrote around that time. Shrewd to the point I gave up on it and gave all the thumbnails to crystal.cafe.

Whatever became of it (if it even became anything) is not MY problem anymore, so long as I have no cause to look up obvious sites (especially rule 34/paheal, where I've known better than to look up comics of THAT nature after 2016, something which I will never forgive if I am to avoid making these same mistakes on a personal level).


The lobster king is back and his is beautiful


>Smash competitive scene full of pedos and rapists

Who would've guessed a community of failed normgroids could've led to this


File: 1593882350870.webm (2.14 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1593823904243.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Poor wizkid got wizzed right after this. He would've been posting here now.


Stay on 4chan you scum.


What is this? Sorry i'm not a 4chan user


To what are you referring? Have a lot of people recently migrated here from abroad?


File: 1593883961560.jpg (61.39 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 2evolve.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I used to have a trilobyte fossil when I was younger but I lost it somewhere over the years of moving.


is this 4chan yet?


File: 1593884485130.png (169.69 KB, 689x388, 689:388, ldar.png) ImgOps iqdb


They came for the Anti-Crawl Thread, and i said nothing…
Then they came for the /dep/ board, and still… i said nothing
Then they came for my prized /wiz/ board, but there was noone to speak up for me


that's good, you won't find a better defender than ol' noone


A succubi raped a 14 year old at a smash tourney. That's one of the many videos of her being touchy with him.


Another year, another loud normalfag day. The idiots in my neighborhood have started honking their car horns this year in addition to the usual explosions.


>be half asleep
>overhear my mom talking with the cleaning lady
>"He never leaves his room. He is addicted to that machine. He spends his time on porn sites and masturbating and that's why he is always tired and wants nothing to do with the world. He stopped taking care of himself and wears the same clothes until they get greasy and have a really bad odor."

This gossipy bitch should not be my mother. I've already told her not to talk about me to others, but she always denies it and when I call her a liar she acts like a victim. You're supposed to be my family and not talk shit about me to strangers. This is insane. No wonder I thought about killing her when I was really young, all she did was make me stressed. How am I gonna teach her not to do something that should be common sense for any mother, when she doesn't even admit that she does it?


I dont get it.

I've accepted the fact that nobody gives a shit about my obscure interests except for people who think giving a shit is the same as shitting on them, and am finally moving on with me life.

How hard is it for everyone else to follow suit?


I'm finally learning to drive at 24, I think it's pretty easy. I tried once back when I was 16 but I was too intimidated. Now I feel one with the vehicle. Can't wait to be able to drive all around whenever I want.


File: 1593928362471.jpg (25.33 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1588579879635.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>go pick up a couple things at work, before i clock in
>there are two lanes open, with maybe two people in each line
>succubus (who was with another suc) invites me to go before her in line
>i'd be a couple minutes at either, so i decline and thank her
>a few seconds later, a third cash opens up
>succubus tells me to go ahead
>this was after she tells the other suc something i never heard
>the friend said something like "oh is he"
>anyway, i thanked the succubus before i got checked out and went on to work.

Something felt off during it. The succubus was friendly, but almost too much so. She called me sir, but she was older than me by about 15 years. I didn't recognize her as a teacher, workmate at a previous job, or an acquaintance of my parents.


Yeah driving's pretty easy once you get past the initial bump. Just don't fall into the trap a lot of people do where they think they're the best driver in the world and that any dumbshit they don't won't have consequences.


I have this memory you know which always plays on my mind when I remember it. When I was about 9 or 10 I was told to sit outside the classroom at a table in school and given some work to do, and the teacher wouldn't say why I couldn't be in class. When it was over I was allowed back in class and nobody would tell me what they talked about I guess since I don't remember. I only remember the confusion of why I wasn't allowed in.

What the fuck was going on? Were they talking about me? Why did this never get resolved by me? I was just a nobody kid what was going on.


Weird. Did you tell your parents about it at the time? Maybe they have insights you forget. If you were diagnosed with something like high functioning autism at the time it might have been the teacher trying to educate the class regarding things about you without trying to embarrass you.


File: 1593956802677.jpg (4.17 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Half of my wisdom tooth seems covered in a gum. I don't want to go to a dentist and the tooth itself looks healthy enough, the one on the other side seems identical, but without this problem.
Is it a bad idea to try to cut out this gum on my own, or use something like a stick to chew on it and crush it in the process until the excess is gone?


Not sure how old you are but either way you definitely shouldn’t cut it out because it will most certainly get infected. I had a wisdom tooth that was the same way and the gum overhang recited over the years. I did bite it one time while eating something and that was a painful experience that lasted a week or two but besides that it never caused any real issue.


If in doubt, leave it. Cutting into it is a very bad idea.


Leave it. I had the same thing and it eventually got grounded off after a few years of chewing.

Meanwhile, chewing with a bit of gum over your tooth is the most satisfying chewing I remember doing. Wonder if this is whay babies feel like? Guess it's evolutionary or something: our bodies' way to gently push us to teeth.


all 4 of my wisdom teeth had really bad ocperculums. what i did was tear it away by scraping and digging and cutting it away with my fingernails. one was also impacted kind of, but i put in toothpick shims between the teeth which wrecked my gums for a while but ultimately pushed it upright after a few months


File: 1593967170323.jpg (13.71 KB, 250x250, 1:1, I'm not clicking that.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1593970069875.jpg (32.46 KB, 471x471, 1:1, narutorunning.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Do you remember that Naruto run kid from school?
Were YOU that kid?


I was just watching Kengan Ashura and the main character has a son who is a hikikomori who completely shut himself away in his room such that his father had not seen his son's face in years. This was presented as like, a thing that happens sometimes in Japan, not something particularly out of place. Is this common for Japanese hikis and are there non-Japanese hikis who completely shut themselves away in their rooms even from their parents?


Hikki is a different class in japan than the west. A lot of people conflate being a NEET and Hikki on imageboards, but in japan a Hikki does not come out of their room, period. They don't go on walks, they seldom use the bathroom, they don't go to the kitchen, and japanese parents will just leave food outside the door and let them take it when they want. The clinical diagnosis for Hikki in japan is not leaving your room for 3+ months. And to top it off many japanese adults are salarymen and work long hours. They are expected to go and drink with their coworkers after work too, so they are never home. So you can see how it would be easy for a father to not see their son's face in years if he's a hikki.


Small pieces of food get stuck underneath it which leads to inflammation and headaches. I ordered a cleaning kit for now. I'll probably leave it be and just clean it if it causes issues, using the other side of my mouth to chew from now on.


going to the dentist these days with the covid shit has to be pretty tedious, I'd like to go because I've had to deal with the sort of nasty problems you're talking about before with my wisdom teeth (it got so bad I was prescribed antibiotics) and i'd rather not go through this ever again


It only because popular in the west a decade after I graduated high school. How could I?


File: 1594012236758.jpg (493.19 KB, 1920x2560, 3:4, 81jQloE F9L._RI_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I only listen to the soundtrack for this film once a decade.


I got into some kind of argument with a car driver this afternoon and I can't stop thinking about it, what I should have said or done and so on. Wish I could forget it and move on like normals do, now I will mull over it for days if not weeks.


got called a mythical creature irl today lol


Anyone else remember watching this video? I remember downloading this shit off kazaa and my dumb 12 year old brain thought it was so cool.


everyone'has been called a troll


My mental health is getting worse. A few days ago I was meditating and hallucinated something disturbing, I recalled fake past experiences where I had orgies with my former classmates and was forced to strip and run around the school naked. I've been a NEET for a while so I think solitary isolation has contributed to my decline. My mind tells me that they have planted devices in my throat that detects my sub-vocalizations to read my mind and they will transcribe it out loud in public if I try to leave my house. I'm going crazy. But perhaps this schizo hallucinations might help me get autism bux once corona ends.


no i literally mean "a mythical creature"

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