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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.


You made the thread wrong newfag


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The old thread is still on page 1


I wonder if it is supreme stupidity or just extreme laziness that the people lately can't use/make archive links.
Shit is not hard at all but apparently it is too hard for the current batch of big brains in these threads.


Delete and try again. If we're going to have another shitshow we need to do it properly damn it.


So why aren't all these internet communists packing up and moving to CHAZ? Should be a paradise, right?


you mean give up their starbucks fueled consumer lifestyle and ability to call 911? yeah right


File: 1592762719980.png (336.7 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Horkheimer.png) ImgOps iqdb

What da heck


File: 1592764390691.png (18.29 KB, 879x672, 293:224, Shining Force II (USA)-200….png) ImgOps iqdb


That's a false quote.
The obsession with the frankfurt school as evil spooky Jews is off and comes from people not really reading any of the stuff I think.

The Frankfurt schools obsession was their experience of Germany descending in to fascist barbarity as they considered it. They wanted to focus on what parts of the culture allowed the descent in to barbarism and analyse what could be done to prevent it again, often leading to them focusing on how concepts like reason and rationality were used to justify mass murder.

So you get a focus on critical theory that tries to identify the problems of modern society with a limited focus beyond identifying the problems and hoping something better would come out of it. You can see the next step that is taken in the current obsession with oppression or the claim that the culture leads to barbarity by its nature because of "whiteness" or whatever, but the connection is more nuanced.


Stupid motherfucker you messed up the whole thread. Someone make a new one and do it properly please


So what does this critical theory say about black and arab cultures?


File: 1592796752829.png (423.32 KB, 800x4017, 800:4017, f8c024c75efee00c1b47c64c31….png) ImgOps iqdb

The Holocaust didn't happen.


What if browns and immigrants are literally the embodiment of the dark side of the collective? The Jungian shadow realised?
The more you breed fear and violent, the worse the brown problem gets.


They are evil commie pushing Communism in a sneaky way.

No need to beat around the bush about it.
It's just yet another vector of communism.


There are literal nazis on here now?


Acknowledgement of the truth is not a political position.



File: 1592881255567.png (628.99 KB, 810x611, 810:611, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1592892827587.webm (7.84 MB, 704x377, 704:377, 363cbee92695343bbbd849df7….webm) ImgOps iqdb

Always was, sweetie


anything to the right of mao is "nazi" now

just like everything is "hate" now
the idiots watered down the word so much that it's meaningless


Asked you already before.
If you care so much about the white race why aren't you out there doing your part to make as many little white babies as you can?


Brainlet boomer take. Whites should absolutely support nonwhite desire to segregate themselves and create their own communities without White people around, to police themselves and so on. That is a million times better than any neocon/lolbert project where we can all racemix and consoom in a world-spanning capitalist globohomo empire.


>Trump confirms he's suspending foreign work visas
>5million jobs going to open for americans
These ~~cheap~~ "highly skilled" imported workers are getting replaced by locals. The catch?
>all existing work visas are allowed and safe
>everyone staying in USA before the order issued are safe
>foreign interns and students can convert it to work visas
>visas related to healthcare and supply chain won't get canceled
how the fuck does that work?
how does these special conditions going to open up vacancies?



See >>246679

People you call "Nazis" aren't actually Nazis. The Jewish religion of the Holocaust cast Hitler as Satan and the Nazis as devils. For the uninitiated who has become fed up with Jewish tyranny, the obvious course of action is to join what the Jew calls his Adversary become a "Nazi", which is simply defined in the West as "one who opposes Jews".


Most Libertarians are in favor of secession. Segregation happens naturally without government intervention, that's why it's illegal.


Most libertarians are not of the racist libertarian kind. They are in favor of secession but not immigration restriction. They'll make arguments for mass immigration and how the free market reduces segregation and so on. Ultimately what they want are governments that are so weak that they wouldn't be able to control their own borders or mount a defense against corporations.


What you just wrote has nothing to do with the question I asked.

The video posted was some breeder propaganda (that included a speech from Hitler and literal WWII nazi, not that I give a shit) about preserving the white race.
So why are you not doing your part in breeding to preserve the white race if you care about such things?


Because whites created the world he lives in, and it’s less about making them and more about keeping them around. Also he may not be white.


You are both incorrect in a way.
Libertarians see the solution in axing all government benefits and related incentives that draw mass immigration and let the free market fix it by allowing only those who are economically productive enough to support themselves stay.

Border control becomes less of a issue if the only reason someone has to cross it is to work their ass off.


File: 1592932136733.jpg (27.91 KB, 235x349, 235:349, sdfsdfd.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Serious quetion:
what rope do i choose for partial hanging?
Or crossbow is the true wizard way?


File: 1592932207148.jpg (10.09 KB, 255x255, 1:1, juiceboi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Two can play it that game retard :)


File: 1592932359205.jpeg (31.43 KB, 600x450, 4:3, notlarping.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Cross bow for sure wiz, while starving yourself for sure


fucking dep wizzies killing themselves in pol thread

that's how bad your thread is, you fucking pol fags


wtf r u talking, we fixed your boring thread with deep stuff


Considering the thread, will it be negros or capitalists?


Real Life Supervillain Rises in the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), Phoenix Jones Turns Evil


I hoped something fun would happen but he did nothing interesting and left the zone when gangstas started shooting everyone. It was a disappointment. Can't these CHAZis do anything right?


File: 1592943702908.jpg (78.43 KB, 660x371, 660:371, MW-II966_trump__2020062020….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

each empty blue chair accrete
silent sorrows in empty seats
a sickly sourness fills the lanes
the bitter harvest of a dying campaign


>Can't these CHAZis do anything right?
No. How is that not super clear yet.


Look at the turnout/viewership of the guy he is running against.


Oh wow. Now I feel like I'm watching special olympics. A clown world indeed.


File: 1593011204022.png (834.42 KB, 876x867, 292:289, Screenshot_2020-06-24 Appe….png) ImgOps iqdb

Where were you when you found out the US had gone full Banana Republic?


File: 1593011926199.webm (3.94 MB, 427x240, 427:240, russiagate.webm) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1593012068022.png (321.73 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb




File: 1593018716831.png (231.55 KB, 1380x1080, 23:18, 1592598914727.png) ImgOps iqdb

They're going to topple all statues that depict White people and erect monuments for nonwhites in their place.


That is quite the video.
Good stuff


Antifa does not hides the fact anymore, they consider Blacks superior and that they must be served by lesser races.


They are communist that want to tear down all of western societies and destroy all history.


File: 1593040313908.gif (367.54 KB, 366x480, 61:80, tenor (1).gif) ImgOps iqdb

If only Stalin had been more nihilistic and co-opted the church. Silly idealist you could have been great.


don't worry, the russians will try to fix this for you


My sides hurt from laughing so hard.

Anyone got one of trump?



Scary to think that if someone hadn't happened to have been filming at that moment he probably would have gotten charged with murder. Even though there's video evidence to the media is still spinning it like he went to the riot just to shoot some vandalizers. You can tell that the judge really wanted give him a guilty sentence.


yeah notic those fucking media jews keep saying "opening fire on"…"opening fire on", like he walked up to a crowd and started a mass shooting, because they know that what that phrase evokes in people's minds


File: 1593056608317.png (644.93 KB, 1200x521, 1200:521, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

State Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he had been heading to the State Capitol to work late Tuesday when he stopped to snap a photo of the protesters.

“I don’t know what happened … all I did was stop and take a picture … and the next thing I’m getting five-six punches, getting kicked in the head,” said Carpenter, 60.

In a message to The Washington Post, Carpenter said he may have a concussion and fractured nose in addition to a bruised eye and sore ribs and back.

“This has got to stop before someone gets killed,” he wrote. “Sad thing I’m on their side for peaceful demonstrations — am a Gay Progressive Dem Senator served 36 years in the legislature.”



File: 1593071184846.png (25.08 KB, 276x335, 276:335, DEATH.png) ImgOps iqdb

Highest number of cases recorded in 'merica yesterday, 38 thousand. On the graph I marked the period of two weeks from start of the 'protests' on May 26th.
Looks like what they were saying about the virus was accurate. It takes two weeks to hit and the measures taken to halt it kinda worked.
Turns out the people who were the most vocal about doing more to fight the pandemic couldn't care less about you dying of corona if there's a hotter topic to capitalize on. What a surprise.
Look at the trends and guesstimate for yourself how many infections could have been prevented if the chimpout wasn't allowed to happen. 3-5% of these cases will be mortal.
But that's only the situation as of today. The snowball is rolling, things will get worse.


File: 1593083100511.mp4 (11.27 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, j🇯🇲 - South London people ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Parts of Western Europe are starting to have 3rd world social unrest. Can Western Europe even lecture Eastern Europe anymore when there are full scale race riots going on and statues being torn down and desecrated?

There isn't even a right and left anymore, it is racial politics. Are you pro-white or are you anti-white?


>Virus evolves to attack left-leaning normies.


good, hopefully all the fucktarded violent thieving niggers and their lackeys die in agony


If only. Unfortunately the virus isn't racist so dying won't stop at violent apes and coalburning femgroids. They'll spread it all over the place. The consequences of their whimsical crime carnival will impact us too.


Honestly even if you agree with multiculturalism in theory in practice it is introducing so much hassle for little benefit. The richest countries in the world are struggling with integrating these minority groups for decades and it's only getting worse as they build numbers and make demands, despite more focus and progress on it.

The pro immigration people seem to just demand more money spent n then and say "multiculturalism would work if it wasn't for the majority culture". Why create the problem in the first place.


Also to add, you import all their problems since they don't actually believe in the multicultural state. The minorities still have strong crude nationality so you have Hindu nationalists, Israeli nationalists, Chinese nationalists, etc all becoming influential and starting shit with each other or lobbying for candidates based on politics in their "home" country. It's like the Arab Vs African fights or everyone taking sides in refugee camps, these people were creating things against even the values of multicultural delusion.


Should've known better than being an old white male. No attack against whites is unprovoked, they are all participants in systemic oppression consciously or not.

Right wing conspiracy. It is a known Scientific fact supported by hundreds of Scientists and Fact Checkers that COVID-19 doesn't spread in BLM protests, and that even if it did it would be worth it to stop the much more serious disease of racism.


lol, if nothing else the nigger riots should have proved to you people the doomvirus is a hoax


That was the most actively unfunny thing I have seen all week.


It's an inside joke, you need to have had a mental breakdown in December 2016 in order to get it.


reminded me of "gayborhood"


Corona infections have spiked though because of the riots, retard.


where are the corpses though moron? people aren't dropping like flies because the reality is it's just the flu and your fucking media jews are lying to you

where are the streets full of bloated corpses we were/still are told to expect


Your a fucking normie if you think corona is a hoax.

Fuck you, catch corona, and die.


Weren't you ragespamming the board in support of antifa diversity riots the other week?


Ah yes, the truth is determined by what would be convenient or beneficial for me.


calling it corona doesn't change the fact it's just the flu, a particularly weak flu, most of which are caused by a "novel coronavirus" fyi

nobody talks about the coronavirus that caused the 2017-18 winter flu and knocked off like 100,000 people in the US, they want you to think this weak strain is a brand new disease the world never encountered (so give up ur freedoms goyim)

it's moronic


leftists are winning
the world is going to shit


It's just a communist propaganda tactic. They blow as much smoke as possible to try and create the illusion that the majority agrees with them. This doesn't work, it's the equivalent of forcing a meme. The moment they stop pumping effort into maintaining the illusion, it collapses. The only thing it's good for is giving leftists the chance to virtue signal and browbeat those who don't immediately fall in line (or who are unlucky and do something like look at a rioter the wrong way). Very primitive dominance games.


Awrgh, I gotta say it again. Don't post that guy. He's so fucking embarrassing.


File: 1593172792667.jpg (70.82 KB, 384x561, 128:187, presidentialbrainlet.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Pic related is the President of the Gambia. Did I just happen to find the one picture of him that makes him look like he has Downs?


Fuck off bitch.
People can post who they want as long as it's on topic no matter how much you dislike them.
I didn't hear you complaining when the retarded communist was spamming his bullshit, so I don't want to hear you whine now.


It is a tactic that does work on quite a few people, especially the rubes that still don't know that the mainstream media is bullshit.

Even people who should know better by now like that tim pool dude are going full doom and gloom about how not only is this americas cultural rerelution, but that it is already lost and the communist already won.
Ironic since he is still talking about a civil war two starting up. Why have a civil war if everything is already lost?
Whatever, propaganda or not a ton of people do fall for it.


>caring about the looks/attractiveness of a politician like it actually matters

Are you sure you aren't the brainlet?



File: 1593184687968.png (682.3 KB, 1508x388, 377:97, 44fw.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


that guy reminds me of styxhexenhammer1488


lmao, it is recommended to ya by youtube algorithm, that is based on your viewing history

be proud, gaywiz


Notice the little (featured) icon, retard.


I did complain about that. Both are embarrassing tryhards.


yeah,,,right, "featured"
don't tell me you didn't look for this gayshit intentionally


Mencius Moldbugstein


File: 1593189185978.png (1.89 MB, 1917x965, 1917:965, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Don't even have to be signed in.


Well, the computer probly already knows that you are a faggot


I'm not even the same guy who posted originally. Just give it up fag lover.


faggy fagboy


looks like you both searched for the same gay things then


>dodging this hard
succubi, the both of you.


succubi can be wizards too





Its not about taking away freedoms so much as Trump (or more like Mitch Mcconnell, Trump is just his puppet) looting the treasury and taxpayers money and giving trillions of it to corporations, a lot of it in secret and shady ways


This is how it will always be in a democracy. Corporations control the media, so corporations control public opinion, so corporations control the government and thus can coerce the populace using regulation, subsidies, and taxation (theft). Most slimy propagandist gets all the power. People like to make fun of those who claim the populace is sheep, but it's clear to anyone who spends any time observing cultural trends that they are sheep. They get the government they deserve. The longer I live the more pointless politics appears. Just get a bunch of guns, bombs and traps and live in a bunker, if the gangster government tries to kidnap you then die fighting. Better than being a slave to the normalfag government-propaganda machine.


How is unironic monarchism even a thing in 2020?


Looks like they are using #metoo on the whole gaming industry to cut it's head off and replace it with new feminist leadership.

Crazy how fast they work.


File: 1593218248197.png (98.17 KB, 420x443, 420:443, a9394a1b73141e8c90087cb4be….png) ImgOps iqdb


Join Grace-chan, anon.


Meme ideologies are the worst.


This, anyone who's not a Republican or Democrat is just a child. People need to grow up and accept the status quo.


Straw men are also annoying.


Oh right, I forgot that your specific meme ideology is more legitimate than other meme ideologies. Everyone else is just play-acting for attention, except you.


A meme was literally posted as advertisement. If that doesn’t make it a meme one I don’t know what will.


Well gee, guess all ideologies are meme ideologies then, since they all have cartoon advertisements somewhere on the web.


Yeah pretty much.


File: 1593230704584.jpg (90.23 KB, 832x1188, 208:297, 9678cda7eaf6a5827bd138f3c8….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Exist for countless millennia and actively across many continents to this very day.
>Meme ideology.
Choose one.


I will say that one thing I like about monarchy is that it allows the common people to not worry about politics and just get on with their lives. It would be nice living in a world where everyone isn't manipulated into adversarial groups and made to hate one another for the benefit of political parties.


Monarchs still have advisors and appoint other high ranking positions. Having a monarch does not get rid of any political squabbling, especially when successions are involved.


>have some faggot mascot-Chan
>not a meme


Virus beats the high score again third day in a row. The progressives are literally guilty of mass murder.


how so?


By organizing riots while running a pandemic denialism campaign to absolve themselves of responsibility for the second wave. 45 thousand cases yesterday of which at least 1000 will die. It's mass murder.


Total cases or new/active cases.
Because the local news around here pulled that stunt of using the growing total number of cases since this began to give the misleading impression that cases were out of control, when in reality the new infection rate is about the same as when it first hit the area, with the death rate FAR lower then first projected.


New. Old projections made before the BLMs started running rampant coughing on each other expected 10-20k daily by now. Currently there's more than 1.5M active.


The rise in cases is from the states that reopened everything early, not anywhere where there were protests. We may still see a rise from those but it hasn't happened yet and it's not certain that it will happen at all because the protests took place outside and people mostly wore masks and data show both those things help greatly to reduce the spread. Right now the biggest problem is retards who refuse to wear masks because they think it makes them look weak or something.


I feel like a lot of rich monarchies today operate by this principal of sort of just ignoring politics or becoming politically apathetic.
Point still stands. I could see the argument of ancap being a meme political theory much more than monarchism, simply given monarchism's extremely large history and the fact that it actually exists today.


Ancap's are definitely more meme than monarchism, but that doesn't mean monarchism isn't.


Again, I don't think something that has stood for millenia can be called 'a meme.' You could maybe call them LARPers, like people who are fanatical about ancient Rome and run around with image macros of ancient Roman senators.


>running a pandemic denialism campaign
…isn't that what the conservatives have been doing all along?


Sure, they're LARPers, whatever. I think you get my point though.


Just saw a video of a guy on youtube defending the toppling of confederate monuments a few weeks ago, and he said how all that stuff about Washington and Jefferson and so on being next was a slippery slope fallacy. Then a good analogy struck me. People who are in the progressive train just cannot see the tracks. It takes being pretty far outside of that train to be able to see where it will go. And it's not being particularly clever, it's just seeing the obvious path. These people cannot see fathom the logical conclusions of their own ideas, they're just riding that train. I've also seen people call it a religion that doesn't know it's a religion, which makes it all the more dangerous, which I agree.


>may not be white

unironiccally colonialism and emmigration from different ethnic groups created the downfall of the western industrialized continents he lives, so if he's on the prowhite side he's an outcast and wouldn't be the ideal, hence the problem


Why can't we just dump all the human refuses in los Americas (and the anglo commonwealth in general) and nuke this cursed continent?


because then some jew lawyer will sue you over "human rights"


The underlying rule behind any interaction between people is the rule of force. It was taught in spades during the fall of the roman republic, where the system was choked up so badly that only force managed to do anything. The first attempt to use force, just remade the choked system, and the second attempt to use force was generally Julius Caesar. It was roman armies that changed politics, and armies will always be able to change politics.

The same is true today. Governments, societies, etc, are generally founded on the premise that the use of force is pretty bad and disruptive, so we have systems designed to apply force in a representative fashion. Police apply force to enforce laws, and laws are part of the court system, which is publicly responsible. Governments that have public responsibilities agree to use votes as a way to settle disagreements. The ballot rather than the gun. How this applies to statue toppling is that I frame their slope like this; The group that is toppling statues has re-learned the rule of force. They can just go to a statue and push it over, that is the use of force, and unless force is employed to stop them, they will continue. What bothers me about the statue pulling is there's no votes, no discussions, there's no representative action, it's just at worst a mob that physically tears it down and at best some council gets bombarded with tweets and decides to take it down. They don't poll the population that lives around the monument, they just take it down due to mob pressure.

Twitter is another use of mob rule, and it really should just be removed. We've shown that it cannot be used responsibly as the content on it is not representative. If not removed, it should not be listened to. No matter how much screeching is on it, the platform literally culls people who have different opinions, so it is designed to be as biased as it can. How is this representative? It's corporate control. Mob rule, and the mob is controlled by corporations. And they've learned the rule of force. They will not stop until stopped, and there in lies the risk; sides have to be drawn. Force has to be organised. The potential for a civil war is enormous. And then you throw in the police, which are apparently now responsible to users on twitter and not the communities in which they serve.

I'm quoting a post but it's really just an excuse to rant, so apologies.

The overall future we're seeing is communities are now ruled by mobs, in the streets, and online. And since mobs can drive in from outside the community, and twitter is global, what we're seeing is every village's idiot can now dictate policy. It's insanity.


You are making the assumption that they are being honest when make such arguments.
They usually are not being honest.


>Twitter is mob rule.
Twitter needs a bill of rights.


Maybe. It's private property, technically. It's like posting comments in a newspaper - the owner of the newspaper has editorial control.
I'm of the view that editorial control of a publishing platform that is 100% user-content is helpful. It should be regulated and treated as a open publishing platform, where restrictions imposed by the owner are restrictions on speech.
Hard to enforce though because it really is just someone's website. You can just choose not to read it. And stamping more regulation on is bait for corporate interference and more problems. So I take the view that it should be treated as trash. It's hard to not listen to it as a platform but if you are a mayor, a governor, a president, you should stay off twitter. If you have a private individual choosing who you are allowed to listen to, and you're a politician, that's fucked up. And it's what we have.


>I'm of the view that editorial control of a publishing platform that is 100% user-content is helpful.
Whoa I meant not-helpful. Like it wasn't suitable for such a platform at all, since none of it is curated content like a newspaper.


the infrastructure they use to election meddle with people on their jewy site isn't private property


Censorship is getting dumber and more overbearing.

To the point that JP is starting to want little to nothing to do with the west due to retards on twater.


Might be too late, they should have disengaged years ago. The cockroaches have already established a vocal foothold in their country.


Now white V/A are quitting doing the voice of non-white characters because according to twater it is "digital blackface".

It is like these retards don't know what acting is.


>The cockroaches have already established a vocal foothold in their country
I am not so sure about that.
I thing they do have something similar in their country, but they have to deal with conservatard style censorship on their home front rather then the SJW zealots that we have to deal with over here.


Funny how these people "hate segregation" and "desire equality" yet continue to view literally everything through a lens of whites|everyone else. Except now it's People of Color instead of coloreds and the connotation has switched around a bit.

How fucked is the generation this generation is raising? If they even make it will they rebel against nonsense when they realize how its destroying them, or will they embrace it even harder than their parents?


It's all about black fetishism and supremacy.


File: 1593394022423.webm (7.27 MB, 800x450, 16:9, monarchismEvangelionMediu….webm) ImgOps iqdb


They follow a religion called Hegelian Dialectics. They believe that everything is a zero-sum game, that power is the only important thing in life, and that it's perfectly acceptable to lie in order to seize power. Some even try to convince themselves that there's no difference between truth and falsehood – but their actions demonstrate that this is just an attempt to cover up their cognitive dissonance and give their rational mind a shallow justification for their evil treachery.


Between social justice warriors from the west and the encroaching tentacles of China's Tencent company, Japan should absolutely close itself off before these foreign interests ruin their industries.


I agree. But its even more than that. Yuri Bezmenov predicted everything that is happening now in 1983. He basically said decades ago that KGB and other nefarious agents spend most of their time AMPLIFYING toxic culture. Especially targeting education of the youth so that when the youth grows up they are toxic and the nation is ruined. Where did all those "now this" videos and other nonsense come from?


I think Bezmenov was a con artist. Not that they didn't try to make things worse by exploiting and supporting the organically developing useful idiocies but it's not possible for agencies to control and influence societies like that. Even in their own empire where they theoretically had total control they failed to steer the public sentiments in any meaningful way. If ideological warfare worked so well they wouldn't have spent 70 years trying to outright kill everyone guilty of crimethink. Conspiracies aren't real. Bezmenov had insight and could see what was going to happen but he didn't orchestrate it.


Sounds like humanity as a whole.


Freedom and equality is what makes the West uniquely evil. Liberalism is the ritual to summon Satan in this world.


They didn't, most people were against the dissolution of USSR. It's Yeltsin, Gorbachev and people like him in power who are responsible for the collapse.


It's a lot easier to cause chaos than it is to steer ordered development in the way that you want.
>Conspiracies aren't real
Flat-out wrong. The USA was created as a result of a conspiracy. You don't need to control everything, you just need to have a rough idea of where to apply a push at critical junctures.


Most humans tend to feel shame when they are caught in a bald-faced lie. Postmodernists just deflect and then try again next time.


Its because truth doesn't matter to them. They legitimately try to delude themselves that there is no objective reality, that everything is subjective, and that there is no such thing as objective truth.


File: 1593458228290.jpg (274.96 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1593451487562.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Youtube and Reddit just coordinated another crackdown on dissident right wing speech. Reddit removed thousands of communities and updated their terms of service to explicitly allow only anti-White bigotry while Youtube removed channels belonging to American Renaissance, Stefan Molyneux and NPI/RADIX.


wow i listened to their latest episode earlier in the day and now the channel is gone.


Not remotely surprised. They also banned a bunch of alt right subs and even one for wojaks. It's hilarious.


I was going to listen to it later today. They're really not going to stop until they ban anything that might be construed as having the semblance of White resistance. These channels had already been all demonetized and were being suppressed by the algorithm, but even that is clearly not enough.


Sure didn't look that way from the inside bro. I guess that history was revised and corrected already.


It will only get worse and spill into real life. We'll actually live to see the end of free speech.


Don't know if you're up to date with news but it's already a part of the so-called real life. You have to assume everything you do is being recorded at all times, posted online with charged commentary, and judged by brigades of vigilantes. At any moment the mob can decide you need to be punished and exiled. Remember, you can't do a damn thing to ensure you're not stepping on their toes. It's not up to you to behave in a peaceable manner anymore. The mob will decide whether your continued existence is offensive to the greater good.



Its understandable when you realise that the media controls how you think and its made them think in terms of identity politics and race, on the other side the media makes people think of things like migrants, "libcucks", traitors etc.

Its all just an elite distraction to stop the working/lower classes from rising up against the rich. Blacks and rednecks must never unite.


I'm surprised more people aren't talking about Trump's trea45on with the Russian American soldier bounties, if it were a Democrat they'd be dead meat



To be fair the main right wing subreddit they banned (unless there was any others I've forgotten) The_donald was basically completely inactive/moved somewhere else outside of reddit, it was basically a dead subreddit. I think the admins might have kicked out the mods who didn't want to relinquish power to the subreddit so that is why they moved, but also I think its a bad decision because now nobody is going to give a fuck about a dead subreddit getting banned, there would have been more outcry and effectiveness if it was at its peak, and also if I was a Trump supporter I would want to stay on reddit anyway, because then you sway more minds of people on reddit which is a huge website, but if they are on their own site then nobody really gives a fuck or knows they exist really, but I can see why they'd leave if the admins were screwing with their mods for whatever reason, maybe that was the plan, so they could get rid of the subreddit by making them leave first. I remember when the fatpeoplehate subreddit got removed years ago there was a huge riot, but that was because the subreddit was at its peak when it got removed, and ironically they targeted the wrong CEO who didn't want the subreddit to get banned and not the guy who actually did it and is the one behind the bans today, but I don't see anyone rioting. People who use reddit are pretty retarded.


>People who use reddit are pretty retarded.
I'm beginning to feel this way about 4chan at this point. It's time to migrate to greener pastures.


you know something is fake news when even your precious "intellgience agencies" that witchhunted trump…are telling him there's no evidence of russia placing bounties on zogbots

you're full of shit, gtfo


Wiz I…


Americans and Russians killing each other by proxy in the middle east is not news worthy.


Ha yes, like the talibans ever needed any financial incentives to kill trannies and niggers loving yankee invaders who routinely bomb their herds, crops and villages to fill their missile quotas. The jewmerikkkan cries in pain as he strikes you.


>if it were a Democrat
-chances are almost 100% that the toadies in the government would never have made such an allegation
-if the allegation were made it would never have been printed
-the person who told the newspaper about it would be dead by now
-you would be calling anyone who posted about it a deranged conspiracy theorist.


Welp, in the mass bannings they actually banned Trump on several sites.

Then you have all the mail in voting fraud, the violence, the blatant lies, etc.

They are pulling every dirty trick they can at this point. They really meant it when they said any means necessary.


can't wait'll they ban dipshit from twitter, probably in the next four months, and behold how even then he still does nothing about big tech

I used to be a trump defender but there's only so long you support a lost cause, and I am going to relish in the schadenfreude, as much as I hate to sound like one of those simpletons who use that word to impress you with their big vocabulary

it's gonna be a moment of true schadenfreude


As long as they do it legally, Trump says it's okay.


>Then you have all the mail in voting fraud, the violence, the blatant lies, etc.
That isn't even close to legal…

But I am guessing you are talking about the social media thing. I think in the long run this shit is going to hurt them more then it will hurt the people they oppose.
Too bad the courts struck down taking away their Section 230 Protections since they are blatantly practicing editorial control at this point rather then be platforms.

I mean, Trump did try, but the courts said no, and it isn't like he is actually a dictator or tyrant that can do whatever he wants like the extremist left make him out to be.


Is the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) still good or did they get taken over by woke SJWs too?
Trying to figure out who is still actually fighting for liberty in these dark days.


What is even going on in the minds of subhumans? The CHAZ police cosplayers shot some wannabe gangsters over a rumor they were doing driveby hits. The commie domestic terrorists literally praise each other for defeating a fascist incursion. By randomly ambushing and executing two hood niggers based on gossip. I try to make sense of this situation but I can't.


You are talking about people who as a underpinning of the philosophy they follow, intentionally avoid reason.
It is no wonder that they behave like fools and tribal barbarians. They have rid themselves of the thing that allows humans to ascend beyond our base animal nature.


File: 1593517585903.jpg (25 KB, 480x360, 4:3, subversion.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

For real though, how much of these things are Chinese foreign intelligence operations? Has the Chinese government made Youtube/Google/Reddit/the entire tech industry completely bot-controlled faces for the CCP?


What was the point of giving us the acronym in parentheses? Serious question. Why are you doing that? Why does everyone in the news and in books need to give a fucking parenthesed acronym of everything…that they AREN'T EVEN GOING TO MENTION AGAIN in the rest of their crap, thus making it pointless? This stupid habit is absolutely everywhere these days. Nobody needs to see every single thing turned into an acronym in parentheses.


File: 1593521185514.jpg (268.36 KB, 1400x1048, 175:131, 1515334892990.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

At this point, the Third Reich seems like some kind of mythical utopia


Tim Pool is a hat prisoner and that's very sad. There is nothing wrong with being bald, the guy should just rock the horseshoe tbh.


what an obnoxious literal faggot


and this has what to do with politics?


Dude, you got problems.
Do you know about them or not?


why do you gotta copy what you see other people doing? why can't you think, and write, for yourself


are you capable of being on topic?


All techs industries are connected to US Intel Agencies or the Military in some shape or form. Thinking that the chicoms control anything is a RW cope, who don't or refuse to realise that the Red Empire has been completely absorbed by the Blue Empire, and instead decide to blame the Blue Empire actions on it's designated external enemies.


Why blame it on external enemies you may ask? Because it serves geopolitical interests and any occasion to pull out the war drum is a good one, you gotta play you roll in society. But more importantly, they've have almost no institutional powers left, they are impotent and can't fight back anymore, which is illustrated by RW elites embracing every single dogmas of the the new US state religion while the RW masses look at them with confusion. "Those dastardly chinks, how sneaky and cunning." is a way to ligthen the cognitive burden you have to carry when you're an American RW.


It is annoying when you start double posting rather then make a single slightly longer post.

Anyway, there are a whole lot of gaps you are jumping to blame the US intelligence and the American right for what is going on.
Idle speculation or do you have hard evidence to fill in those gaps?


My blame against the American right is mostly that they do fuck all, or worse are complicite. As for the link between tech and milindus is simply that quite a lot of techs are developped by spooks and then transfered to civilian sectors to selected individuals, and the number of ex-glow in the dark working in place like google and twitter, and social media companies sub-contracting monitoring to think-tank funded by the DoD.


Love Hina creator Ken Akamatsu tweeted about how he talked to the Japanese government about the impending threat of American censorship, and to come up with plans to "save" manga as a Japanese art form.

It is crazy that the people who require genitals to be blurred are about to give the US a lesson in freedom of expression.


It's joke about Trump hiding behind the law and legalism on every occasion. Mass immigration? As long as it's legal, make it ten time bigger. Taking down statues? As long as it's done legally. As long as they do voter frauds legally, Trump will allow it, not like they ever need his permission in the first place.


>nd social media companies sub-contracting monitoring to think-tank funded by the DoD.
I don't think you know what think tanks are or what they do.


>Mass immigration?
He didn't allow mass immigration. At most he allowed the same level or less of legal immigration through the same old bureaucratic nightmare that is the US immigration system, while dramatically reducing illegal immigration.

>Taking down statues?

He has been against it and has sent fully materialized people to stop anyone from desecrating any statues in DC.
The states and cities are in charge of how they run their police force, not Trump personally.

>As long as they do voter frauds legally

You are clinically retarded. That is a oxymoronic statment that isn't just logically false but factually false as well.

>Trump hiding behind the law and legalism on every occasion

This is a country that is built on the concept of the rule of law. Even the president of the United States is supposed to follow the law or face the consequences.
Which he has to be especially careful of since he has a hell of a lot of people looking for any excuse or way to take him down.

You act like a President following the law and the constitution is a bad thing.
I don't approve of dictatorships.




> It's time to migrate to greener pastures.
Like what? Outside of the internet?



Trump is more about winning at all costs and looking good than actually doing anything. Maybe if his supporters weren't literal tools who would vote for him no matter what he'd do the right thing, but his supporters care more about obedience than the truth. The truth flows downwards from the top to them.



There are murders and violence outside of CHAZ too, police plant drugs on people and beat people off camera and nobody ever hears about it


LOL no they don't.


I could see it being very possible. After all, didn't China end up buying Reddit?
>Thinking that the chicoms control anything is a RW cope
I'll let you say that if you let me say that thinking that the Russians control anything is a LW cope


You mean how he isn't sending the military in to stomp the nigger rioters? He said that he'd do it immediately if the local government asked for it, instead they are all obsessed with bowing down to the nigger god. Why help anyone like that? Let them secede, let them live in nigger hell. Good for them! And if any actual Americans still live in these nigger hells this is just a necessary wake-up call to them. Either arm and defend yourself or move out of nigger hell.



Americans should not expect free elections in November. The elite is going all-out to unperson Trump and his supporters in a naked power grab.

-activist judges block the administration's freedom of action from day one
-deep state tries to coup trump for years with bogus "Russia" investigation
-political demonstrations and supporters being passively jailed and censored even while the administration is in power
-elite bankrolling riots and political paramilitaries who can act with ease
-police and military defecting or standing idle while this happens
-now in the final sunset of Trump's presidency even the pretext at political freedom is being swept away

Based on these precedents, I'd expect the elections to be stuffed, the courts to actively censor rallies, and widespread use of political violence against conservatives. Unless Republicans start forming paramilitaries to resist a fraudulently stolen election and deep state actors this will be the beginning of a one-party state


The socialists are immolating themselves.


File: 1593703578257.png (537.86 KB, 639x638, 639:638, 1581864169019.png) ImgOps iqdb

The CCP has a lot of leverage over corporations around the world. Corporations don't have national allegiances and the Chinese know that. There's a lot of Chinese investment money going around, and if any corporation wants access to the Chinese market they need to kneel. This has all been self-inflicted by the US and the West, their short-sighted free-market policy biting them in the ass by giving real economic and political power China. China knows its position in the world and it wants to take the crown from US and they actually have a plan. But, ultimately, the mental disease of America is not caused by them. If they need, they'll give some small pushes, but this is all self-inflicted, it's the suicide of the West.




File: 1593713043087.png (624.5 KB, 740x759, 740:759, rushmore.png) ImgOps iqdb

Mount Rushmore is very problematic and doesn't reflect the values of modern United States.


You got an archive of this post?



Close enough.


Amazing how the consensus changes so fast, right? A few years ago people were saying that those were just purple haired crazies that no one really listened to, there's no need to take it seriously.


They haven't grown in number, they're just having a tantrum.


Just your average little tantrum that mainly targets the working class, with billions of dollars in funding and the backing of every major corporation, and governments colluding not only to not stop it but to crack down on people who draw the "protesters"' ire.


They're destroying their own cities. I'm not too worried.


The eternal American cope.


That's very myopic. They have no intention of stopping there.


they are harnessing the power of blacks and have friendly state actors running cover. Furthermore many have organization and paramilitary training now via antifa. Trump has got to start treating the leftists like domestic terrorists and beginning mobilizing RW safety squads or else 2020 is going to be a rout


They are too cowardly to fight a war. Just look at the videos that have been posted of people who actually defend themselves against them. The moment they hear shots fired they start screaming and crying for the police.
I do not consider shitlib cities to be American. If they want to secede let them. They oppose the ethos of Colombia and do not deserve the title.


They don't want to secede and the military is on their side.


Epstein's close friend Ghislaine Maxwell just got arrested, Trump government desperately trying to shut it down https://www.npr.org/2020/06/20/881148365/geoffrey-berman-u-s-attorney-who-prosecuted-trump-allies-says-he-wont-quit

The Barr-Epstein connection is DEEP (state)


So, under Berman Epstein was arrested and killed in jail and that was Trump's fault because Berman was clearly Trump's guy. Then, last week, firing Berman was a scandal because it proved that Trump was trying to cover up the Epstein affair because Berman was going to implicate Trump in it. Somehow. Or Barr. Or something. And it had to be covered up. But the fact of Ghislaine Maxwell being arrested the following week after Berman was unable find her for years, is more proof of Trump covering it up by not interfering with the justice department having criminals arrested so they can be tried in court. Meanwhile, Trump is an incompetent and senile failure who can't get a single government agency to implement one of his policies, so much so that there is a literally endless torrent of open defiance of directives, anti-Trump leaks out of every part of the government, and mutiny from the military, but at the same time is a scheming omnipotent dictator who receives unfettered loyalty from government workers to the point of being able to order hit squads on his enemies without raising so much as a peep from the government. Got it.


There are significantly more right wing militants who should be exterminated first.


They do spread like a virus.

You realize there are people who are taking advantage of the riots and looting? They might be against BLM or not even care at all but as long as one can steal and assaul others is enough.
Chicago for instance, had to shut down transit from outside of Chicago because they were receiving many people with southern accents participating in the riots; that's just one group of people taking advantage of a chaotic situation for their own needs.


I think I will organize a neo-nazi kkk rally, and if anyone participating in the protest decides to start killing people I can just say that those looters and murderers are not associated with me and get off scott-free. That is how it works, right?


It seems the infestation has spread everywhere. For the first time I noticed a BLM tag in my city. I vandalized it of course.
The plague rats are killing Europe. If we are to survive ethnonationalism must rise.


good luck making "white" an ethnicity


Its funny how an enemy will unite.


You should realize that we indigenous European peoples already have our own ethnicities, ancient and deep rooted.


The way the left lauds violent criminals these days is very disturbing. I'm a quiet little wizzy and I don't want a violent aggressive society!


"Neo-nazi"? You don't need to get even close to that. Any movement that has some sort of White identity going on will be met with violence. See Charlottesville, when the police funneled people into antifa by government's order so they could see maximum violence, and then a landwhale died of a heart attack and people's lives got fucked over that. The police works for the government and the government is against you, and so are the courts, the media and corporations. There's no point in calling hypocrisy, they know and they don't care.



These videos are gold.


No, they're stale and reek of "SJW gets DESTROYED by FACTS and LOGIC" retardation. Please go back time traveler.



File: 1593804681702.jpg (94.01 KB, 1600x781, 1600:781, Eb74mBPU0AAct0s.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can't believe this shit is real. It is real but I just can't get over it. It's too retarded.


this. It's a normalfag pandering of lashing out on easy targets and topics whilst also making a shitton of money out of it (not supporting anyone from either sides, just think it's trash content for trash people). >>247406 Guess you also adore characters like Peterson, Posie Parker and the likes


They have pulled off their mask too early if they ever expected to win a election.
The shit going on now will hurt the left for a generation. The funny thing is they did it to themselves and have no one else to blame.


Because it practically was a mythical utopia. How National socialism was implemented, how it succeeded, and how it improved virtually everyones lives was absolutely miraculous. National socialist germany was initially funded from individual donations and operated completely independant from the international banking slavery. Literally all the "debt" that people say national socialist germany was just carry over debt from the weimar government. Debt of which the jews kept putting more interest on.


You ever hear of "manufacturing consent"?
It is a book and doc that in the past the left used to complain about the system but if viewed in the context of today it seems more of a playbook that they are using.


Not really a fan. Maybe edited down they would be somewhat amusing but at this point I don't see the perpouse. Everyone with half a brain knows they are crazy, ignorant, and bigoted. There is nothing to be learned or gained other then scoring cheap meaningless clout among their tribal in group.

It reminds me of the old fad of Atheist youtubers going after the craziest idiots they could find.

meanwhile people like you make fools of yourself


File: 1593809086496.jpg (65.02 KB, 541x471, 541:471, 1566659877096.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>you're a fascist
>uh, no i'm not
>you're a racist
>uh, no i'm not
>you're a neonazi
>uh, no i'm not
>you're a corporatist
>uh, no i'm not
>you're a bigot
>uh, no i'm not
>you're a homophobe
>uh, no i'm not
Proving just how retarded you rightwingers are lol. Not only is "no I'm not" not a good argument and hardly ever works to convince people, it is also you just perpetually defending yourself instead of attacking the opposition in any meaningful way. "Conservatives" (along with communists) have iqs that are below freezing.


Cool story bro.


The lie that Trump is a fascist is repeated ad nausium in MSM and radical leftist narratives. You even had one pushing the lie here one or two threads ago. When someone tells a lie they should be mocked for it. This video does a very good job at deconstructing that narrative. Unless you think that the arguments that he used were illegitimate?


Would only be true if the left didnt consider rightwingers to be inherently fascist and them having their own set definition for any political term. Wake the fuck up retard. You are not convincing anyone.


Somewhat ironic considering that this post is probably what I would use as evidence to prove every single rightwinger preconception about how conceited , how bankrupt in arguments and ideas, and how low the IQs of most leftwingers are.


>about how conceited , how bankrupt in arguments and ideas, and how low the IQs of most leftwingers are
The REAL irony here is that you think that you are ideologically much different from leftists. The only real differences between you two morons is that one (the left) promises more material things while the right promises to uphold muh constitution (which has been changes several times since its inception), muh freedom, and upholding christian values. Material things (such as money and "free healthcare"), will always win people over in the end.


You do know you're proving the point of >>247427 even more, right?


Can these motherfuckers just leave my hobbies alone?

Damn near everything I like or have a interest in is being killed by these hateful joy killing monsters. I am so sick of it. I just want to be left to do my nerdy shit in peace.


This "left" is not left at all and they're not promising anything material. They focus on fighting imaginary shit like systemic oppressions and superficial pandering to minorities, some of which are laughably tiny like the alphabetpplz. They don't operate against the corporate blob, on the contrary they act in its best interest. They offer nothing to the lowly prole whose good should be focus of leftist thought. Worse, they strive to strip away the last scraps of liberty the plebs are holding on to. The "left" is attempting to control all speech and make wrongthink punishable by mob vigilantism. What freedom does the prole still have but the power to grumble and spite the encroaching McWorld with the crude plebeian attitude? They want us to labor in their megafactories in submissive silence, preferably with fake smiles plastered onto our faces. We are to satisfy any rituals the "left" demands performed, to repeat the slogans they invent and obediently feed ourselves to their ultracapitalism barely disguised as leftism.

No. They hate you. They want to see you hounded, humiliated, marginalized, disenfranchised, impoverished, dead, and they think it's hilarious because you're just a defenseless nerd who can't do anything about it.



Contrary to what people think, the official religion of Israel is not the Jewish religion. Israel is certainly the state of the Jewish people, but its dominant religion is the religion of the Holocaust. It’s a full-scale religion, with its own rituals and holidays, numberless martyrs and a central pilgrimage site: namely, Auschwitz. Above all, as befits an established religion, it has its heretics and those who have not yet seen the light and need to be converted.

The heretics are not necessarily those who deny the Holocaust – those transgressors are subject to the punishments prescribed in the law. The heretics might be families and ordinary people living among us who, when the siren on Israel’s Holocaust Day blares, make it a point not to stand to attention. Still, their heresy bothers them and they shout angrily that they don’t feel like standing at attention in memory of the Ashkenazim who perished, and that their suffering, too – that is, of the Mizrahim, the Jews from Arab lands – should also be commemorated.

All this is portrayed in the subversive and terrifically witty episode that opens the second season of the fine television comedy-drama series “Zagouri Empire,” created by Maor Zagouri, a talented young screenwriter and director from Be’er Sheva.

In the first season, we learned about the falafel stand that the Zagouri family inherited from the mother’s father, and about how they were not enthusiastic about continuing to run the business. In the second season’s opener we see the family sitting with sour faces (sourest of all is the elderly grandmother) in the living room opposite the television, which is turned off, as this is the eve of Holocaust Day, and all the regular broadcasts are preempted.

But contrary to what we might expect, this is not your usual scene of Moroccan folklore, which derides the “primitiveness” or the supposedly tempestuous and irascible temperament of that ethnic group’s members. What we have is a completely normal family (there are tensions between its members, but that only adds to the normality) that feels that it has to protect itself in the face of some sort of external oppression, whose coerciveness it objects to and tries to break free of, though without noticeable success.

That oppression is the Holocaust. More precisely: the need to feel automatic solidarity with believers in what can be called the religion of the Holocaust.

I watched this family as its head (superbly played by Moshe Ivgi) utters perfectly valid arguments against Holocaust Day and pours out his wrath on the way the state ignores his family’s suffering: Some of its members had perished on the Egoz, a ship of illegal immigrants from Morocco, which sank in 1961.

Well, I said to myself, something good is happening in Israeli culture: At last people are daring to say that one of the basic rights of human beings is to be normal and not be haunted by the nightmares of the past.

Naturally, an argument immediately breaks out between the father and two of his children, who represent young Mizrahim who want to assimilate into the Israeli culture and take upon themselves the yoke of the precepts of the religion of the Holocaust. They don’t feel comfortable with their “primitive” family. At the same time, they assail their father, who is demonstratively disdaining Holocaust Day and paints them as unimaginative conformist conservatives. And the father, along with the mother and the grandmother, come across as original thinkers, as rebels who are young in spirit.

It follows that this is not a “Mizrahi” series. In it, Maor Zagouri has followed, perhaps unknowingly, the path of the late Shulamit Aloni, who tried years ago, in vain, to put an end to the organized trips to Auschwitz by high-school students.

What’s amazing, though, is that Zagouri is also following in the footsteps of an old movement that faded away but apparently never died: the mid-20th-century movement of young Hebrews known as the “Canaanites,” whose angry leader, poet Yonatan Ratosh, urged that we Israelis cut ourselves off from the exilic mentality and from Jewishness, and establish a new entity here of a local Hebrew-pagan character.

His dream is realized to some degree in “Zagouri Empire,” and perhaps also in the segment of Israeli reality that the series seeks to represent. For the Zagouri family are indeed pagans! We needn’t make the mistake of thinking that just because this is a traditionalist family in which the father attends synagogue and recites the blessing over the challah on Sabbath eve, it is not a pagan family. It is pagan in the sense of not accepting the religion of the Holocaust, or of accepting it only in part and not seriously (the father and the mother decide that next year they will stand to attention during the siren alternately: he for half a minute and she for half a minute).

If there are in reality many families like the one depicted in this series, then we are in good shape, even very good shape. For it is impossible not to arrive at the conclusion that there has been a failure in all the efforts made by the state and the hegemonic culture to imbue Israelis with the depressive Diaspora seriousness that is personified in the Holocaust Day ceremonies and in the organized school trips to Auschwitz.

The reason the efforts have failed is that even if many Israelis continue to observe these customs out of habit, deep inside themselves they know instinctively that the Holocaust has become a means of control and coercion, something that deprives them of their freedom. Not only because they’re not allowed to watch the regular TV programs on the day it is commemorated, but also because they feel that the Holocaust acts as a kind of wall that excludes all those who did not receive a Holocaust lineage certificate, and turns them into a kind of sect of the impure.



Americans really are the most berserk normgroids I have ever seen, I'm glad I'm a NEET and more glad I'm not American, its hell just to do anything there unless your rich


>"Police are investigating"
>no one charged
yeah, she made the whole thing up


the facism is just the cherry on top, removing central banks is enough to send a country into a golden age. except for the fact that if you remove central banks your country gets gangbanged but thats besides the point. thats what happened to libya, muammar al gadaffi did literally nothing wrong and then the kikes made up a story for the american people to get mad at.


Yeah, no. Gaddafi was a thieving terrorist who ran his country into the ground and he paid a price for it at the hands of his own people, whom he starved. We should have been the ones to kill him, and we should have done it way earlier.


Blm and antifa burned down a hundred year old statue of a elk.
Guess elks are racist or something, lol.


Libya was bombed back to the stone age by Obama to destroy its capacity to fend off a CIA-fomented terrorist revolution that originated in an outer region known that had been Libya's main exporter of foreign terrorists to the conflict in Iraq. Trying to pass that off as some kind of organic domestic expression of the popular will is clintonesque in its dishonesty.


what will you say when iran makes israel a crater in the next war


The Libyan people are so much better off now.
You know with all the death, slavery, warlords, brutality, etc.
It wasn't like the place had the highest standards of living in all of Africa during his leadership or anything…Oh wait.

Then again I know you aren't actually being sincere so whatever.

And before you start with the name-calling I am against all acts of state aggression and especially against the US using it's considerable might to bully the world around, especially when it is just about delaying the enviable of a shift away from the US petrol dollar, which is what the military intervention was really about.
It isn't a left right thing so can the lame tribalism already.


Elaborate because MSM is stacked against the left. Unless you're one of those people that think neoliberals are apart of the left.


>anything right of marx isn't really left


>MSM is stacked against the left
I think you’re the one who needs to explain. Because other than Fox News or some shit I don’t know what MSM is stacked against it.


Real leftism has never been tried.


"Anything to the right of the left isn't the left." That's what I said, thanks for agreeing.

You're the one who made the claim that so called leftwing media is follow Manufacturing Consent to a T. Don't dodge the question I asked you first, explain. Because you and I both know you're blowing smoke.


>AOC, Antifa and BLM aren't on the left
OK then


File: 1593903479813.jpg (15.26 KB, 204x222, 34:37, 1497642164914.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ah, I see. You think the left is anyone with moderately progressive views. Not a surprise considering the right will call center-right politicians like 'Bama a communist. Thanks for proving my point regardless.


>BLM and Antifa
Okay dude


Can we get a divorce? Maybe it really would be for the best if the U.S. could just figure out how to get a divorce. Come to some sort of agreement over which side gets what and go our separate ways.

I'm not joking, despite the embed.


Armed black militia intimidates white guy in car asking for reparations



Militia? Must be a right-winger.


>Wanting cops to stop killing black people and being against fascism are far left positions
Stay off /pol/ kids.


American citizens utilizing their 1st and 2nd amendment rights.


Who are you quoting?


While the quoting feature "green text" was originally intended to function as previously stated, imageboard communities have utilized it in a variety of other ways. Some of these are: telling stories, mocking what was said, and more!


They should be tearing down statues of LBJ for mutilating the black nuclear family with dem programs. Too many black bastards running around acting like bastards.


Reading both of your posts is like watching a game of telephone only instead of mispronunciations and bad actors screwing up the message down the line, it's like everyone in line had their own strawman to add in. The points you're discussing now are so incredibly distorted from where you both started. It's obvious neither of you are going to convince the other, and I can assure you that you sure as hell aren't going to convince any outsiders that you're the intelligent one by reading your exchanges. Why don't you both just go ahead and do what every internet arguments boils down to: being absolutely convinced that you won the argument and refusing to reply anymore.


Just say this in your head, and you'll "win" the debate. There, I saved you both a weekend. Go enjoy it.


You could've just said
>As a centrist, actually holding an opinion beyond what we already have is very difficult for me
and save up the few kilobytes the server had to store for your message.


Hey, anyone else want to come in here and say whether I'm really being "big brained centrist," or whether the whole discussion between these two posters really is kind of ridiculous?


>Why don't you both just go ahead and do what every internet arguments boils down to: being absolutely convinced that you won the argument and refusing to reply anymore.
That is best, because everybody else wins, too.

Another scenario that happens sometimes, at least to me, is reading whatever I have to reply next and realizing I'm physically unable care anymore. I'm sure this must happen with some frequency here. So be aware, if you don't get a reply to some crap you just wrote, it's probably the other guy got bored out of it before you did.


So as far as you're concerned there's no left, just the sensible centre and literal nazis.


That was actually my only post in this thread, aside from this one obviously.


Cops don't kill more black people than any other group. Which is more than can be said about blacks killing cops, or even other blacks for that matter.


File: 1593918408886.jpg (5.72 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1582850328296.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Only if you think left = liberals.

I'd ask why, but I already know your reasoning for this is because you saw some screenshot of a website like statista where it showed whites are killed the most overall while ignoring that it also shows that blacks are killed more than other races each 1M people.

Then afterwards is the typical deflection:
>blacks killing cops
>other blacks
How is the former a problem? Blacks that kill cops go to prison. Can't say the same when the roles are reversed. Not only that, far more black people are killed by cops than cops killed in general.

And the other stupid talking point, "Did you know that races commit the most crimes among their own race?" Crazy, I never would've guessed. It's almost as if economically segregating your population over several years and people preferring to commit crime in the communities they live in leads to people committing a shitton of crime against their own race as evident by the fact that the white on white crime rate and such are just as high as the black on black crime rate. Not only that, black people talk about black on black crime all the time. There's plenty of orgs for it that have been around longer than you were out of the womb.

tl;dr the right loves to lie and dance around when they're called out because reactionary views break under the most tepid scrutiny. A given for range of worldviews that are held by either the ignorant or those who benefit from the ignorant existing


File: 1593921005510.png (51.18 KB, 727x376, 727:376, crime.png) ImgOps iqdb

>the fact that the white on white crime rate and such are just as high as the black on black crime rate.

t. https://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/cv18.pdf


retard, black people are dumber on average because of evolution/genetics, this debate is so over.


>It's almost as if economically segregating your population over several years and people preferring to commit crime in the communities they live in leads to people committing a shitton of crime against their own race

So, even though it's fake news that blacks are more dangerous, it's racist for blacks to live generally around each other because blacks are so dangerous that they pose a disproportionate risk to each other, and that if more blacks got to live around whites then the black-on-white crime rate would increase because they would have better access to white victims.

>How is [blacks killing cops] a problem?

The epitome of black-worshipping communist 'morality' right here.


Regardless, my main point that black on black crime is irrelevant to police brutality against black people and that black on black crime isn't some ignored thing still stands.

>So, even though it's fake news that blacks are more dangerous, it's racist for blacks to live generally around each other because blacks are so dangerous that they pose a disproportionate risk to each other, and that if more blacks got to live around whites then the black-on-white crime rate would increase because they would have better access to white victims.

Is this supposed to be a coherent sentence? It's like you skimmed what I wrote and your brain prolapsed while typing.

>The epitome of black-worshipping communist 'morality' right here.

Rightoid incapable of reading past one sentence.


I also loved how you called me a commie when it had nothing to do with the person I was talking to. Which isn't a surprise given this thread is filled with people who think libs are on the left and are working their way towards USSR Act 2.



File: 1593930095408.png (22.93 KB, 974x285, 974:285, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb



The far right has the most handsome men, and that is just a fact


File: 1593930176664-0.png (51.06 KB, 544x517, 544:517, cops.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1593930176664-1.png (84.17 KB, 744x597, 248:199, crime2.png) ImgOps iqdb

Cop on black brutality is indeed disproportional. Maybe the reason cops are harsher on blacks is that blacks tend to be a more violent group. Perhaps both the police and blacks should be investigated and reformed. This "Other" group should be looked into too.

pic1: https://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/ardppsrsm.pdf
pic2: https://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/cv18.pdf


>find other men sexually attractive
We get it, you're gay.
>posts some literal who's twitter
Oh, a normal


File: 1593931396404.png (2.33 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1591160981810.png) ImgOps iqdb

What about it makes it disproportional? Blacks make up a lesser percent of the population, but if a black man goes his entire life without seeing a policeman, his chances of dying to one go down dramatically.
What if we did something like control for number of police encounters, to see if there's some kind of racism involved. We could use arrests as a normalising factor, a stand-in for police encounters.
Else you run into the trouble where whites are disproportionately killed by aircraft and having buildings collapse on them, and then concluding that aircraft and buildings are racist. Or… it is more likely for white people to be in giant buildings, or on airplanes. Or in boating accidents. If you're going to judge the risk to someone of an event, you have to control by the number of events, not by population, as there is no guarantee that it is proportionate otherwise.
Problem is when you do, you find out the disparity vanishes. Mostly, anyway. Whites, per arrest, have roughly the same chance of dying. Ergo the problem is not with police brutality, violence, or how they handle arrests, but in the rate at which they arrest people.
If you dig into that, you might find that they arrest people based on race more often. Racist arrest rates, for example.
How would you measure this? you would need a statistic for reported crime+suspect which then led to arrest. But reported crimes are full of biases, but really what else could we collect.
Really what the problem is, at heart, is that people who commit more crimes encounter police more often. This increases their chance of being dealt with lethally.

Another option for studying this could be to collect and monitor body cam footage. You categorise each arrest and collect what happens. For example; violent resistance, resisting arrest, etc. Although this isn't done either because it turns out that blacks resist arrest more often.

And yet per arrest the difference is minimal. The police being bad is a myth. Criminals being bad, oh we forget about THAT.


Yes, I understand now and you are correct. Thanks for pointing out my mistake with the interpretation of the first table. I retract my first sentence of that post.


Yeah they are if you actually think that the right is just fascism and nazism as you do. Also, the lawyer assigned to rayshard brooks said (under oath in court) that tazers were a lethal weapon and rayshard brooks attempted not once but TWICE to shoot Rolfe (one on the ground, and one while running) in the fucking face with it. He deserved every single bullet that cop lodged in him. Kill yourself nigger.



I love rural America, its the last place of traditional values and freedom of thought and body


fucking kill yourself. also reported


And has cops being harsher on blacks done anything to stop the problem? No. High crime rates go down with the factors that motivate them do: poverty and other forms of systemic discrimination.

>Yeah they are if you actually think that the right is just fascism and nazism as you do.

Quote me saying that. Also, nice pivot. I bring up police brutality against black people and rather than address what I said specifically you jump to this one case you think can get me on. Just like what I said in:

>the right loves to lie and dance around when they're called out because reactionary views break under the most tepid scrutiny

Anyway link me a source of him saying that because I've been searching for it and can't find anything like that. Regardless, it does nothing to disprove the juxtaposition of how in the hands of poorly trained cops tasers are nonlethal but when someone uses one on them it's now grounds for execution.

>Kill yourself nigger

Considering you're white and on wizchan you're far more likely to do that than me.


It’s not about being harsher, it’s about being cautious.


*lock up blacks more for weed even though they use it the same as whites*
just being cautious bro, don't look at and address the wider systemic problems that lead to the crime. If we lock up the 'bad guys' it'll go down in no time!


You got some facts to back that up?


Consider that weed is still illegal in southern states, you know the ones with the most blacks, compared to states where it is now legal.



There's still far more white people than black people in southern states dumbass.


I’d like to see if they get arrested more for use or for dealing it.


And all this proves is that blacks are not as cautious when dealing with weed. Also, what about white vs black drug dealing??? Most people that get busted are not the customer, but are actually the provider.


>proves is that blacks are not as cautious when dealing with weed

>Most people that get busted are not the customer, but are actually the provider.




No, you need to prove your claim first. That police officers are making arrests over race.


>Most people that get busted are not the customer, but are actually the provider.
This one is just how the law is set up, at least in most states. Dealing is always a bigger offense than possession. Though it varies, and where I live it's 100% legal so it's a non-issue.


Is this opinion piece supposed to disprove my point? Tasers are treated as lethal in the hands of citizens, but non-lethal when the oinks in blue shoot you in the head with them after you ask why you got pulled over.

>Police officers are making arrests over race

Nice pivot and obfuscation of my point. My claim was that whites and blacks have/use weed at similar rates yet the latter is locked up for it far more than the former. I also linked a study that supports this. Now prove the claims you made. Oh wait you can't which is why you're asking me to prove something I already did


That is just how it works I'm afraid. The justice department isnt, nor can it even possibly lock up millions upon millions of people over what is considered a misdemeanor and are more interested in cutting off the supply line at its knees.


File: 1593965830689.png (203.61 KB, 312x750, 52:125, Black-and-white-crime-stat….png) ImgOps iqdb

>dur why are we being incarcerated more
That study does not in any way account for people that were incarcerated for multiple charges. Nice propaganda though.


>Tasers are treated as lethal in the hands of citizens, but non-lethal when the oinks in blue
Yes. In untrained hands it can be deadly.


Are you an idiot? It being considered a deadly weapon in goergia is a fact not an opinion.


>High crime rates go down with the factors that motivate them do: poverty and other forms of systemic discrimination.


So you don't, gotcha.

It explicitly states multiple times that it controls for crime rate among various other factors such as poverty and police budget. Christ you people are fucking stupid. This is what you sound like:
>Nice pictogram but those studies don't account for all the instances where whites were the aggressors nor does it account for prison violence!

If it's not something the study already addresses then it's something completely irrelevant. Here's an academic study vetted by other academics as is standardized practice and then we have anonymage on /wizpol/ that thinks the dumbfuck talking point he got from /pol/ is somehow an actual criticism for a study he most likely didn't look at, let alone read. I'm just waiting for you to bring up how academia is run by the ebil cowporate maxcist joooz just to cement that you retards will jump to anything to reaffirm your contradictory feelings (and I call them feelings because that's all they are) has some bearing on actual state of affairs.

Crazy, we need to take the away from cops then considering how poorly trained they are.

Pluck the worms out of your brain. I called it an opinion piece because that's literally what it is, I'm not referring to the actual law about tasers in Georgia. I know the right is incapable of reading comprehension but holy shit.

Please explain how "X is caused by Y and Z. So it follows Y and Z being removed would stop X from happening" is the same as "X is Y because it's X" fucking retard


File: 1593974599840.png (23.67 KB, 636x170, 318:85, Screenshot_2020-07-05 Is a….png) ImgOps iqdb



Reminds me of that moment in the Hjenervask documentary, where it's clear that the sociologists are not interested in doing science.


>It explicitly states multiple times that it controls for crime rate among various other factors such as poverty and police budget.
No yours is actually just a talking point. Where im that entire propaganda piece did it talk about blacks (who got caught with illegal drugs) also account for these same blacks that got prosecuted for other charges? Until I see it I will view it as propaganda nothing more nothing less. Oh, and take your adhoms back to reddit retard.


>violent ape is violent
>has weed in his pocket
>turns out more blacks are prosecuted


>no u
>asking a question to something I already answered at the start

and it'd only be adhoms if i called you a retard without making an argument, retard.


File: 1593983070705.mp4 (1.26 MB, 1280x592, 80:37, 66VaK-VeS3deklYj.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

You asked for when he said that and then you come at me with irrelavent garbage.
>I called it an opinion piece because that's literally what it is
And it was Paul Howards opinion (just 3 weeks prior to the killing of Rayshard Brooks) that tasers were in fact a deadly weapon when officers fired their weapons into violent protesters in Atlanta, Goergia. Why the sudden change? Could it be that this lawyer is a lying sack of shit and he's just saying this because the person that was killed was black?
>I'm not referring to the actual law about tasers in Georgia
So, you're admitting that Rolfe should unlawfully be charged with murder? Opinion discarded.



You aren't going to get too many people around here to speak about the destruction gibs causes even if it's true.
The pull of "free money" is just to strong, even for wizards.


If only you posted this from the start instead some shitty opinion piece that briefly mentions it. Got the full length of that discussion?

>So, you're admitting that Rolfe should unlawfully be charged with murder?

Are you telling me there's no juxtaposition in how tasers are treated as a non-lethal way to deal with someone while also being treated as lethal at the same time? Stop pivoting from my point and answer it.

If welfare is so destructive why are the nordic welfare states so prosperous despite them? It's almost as if there's underlying economic issues that are actually the problem.


Reminder Crowder refuses to debate Sam Seder and got blown up by a teenage nazbol and cried about it because the kid called him autistic.


Yeah, tbh, I have no clue why this site is so pro-nuclear family and anti-welfare when gibs are the best for people who don't like socializing.

Promoting birth control and making sure succubi have the pill earlier on would do more to reduce unplanned kids and the social costs from that in addition to keeping abortion accessible.


The function of a debate is to convince an audience, not your opponent. It's completely antithetical to the sort of conversation style that Crowder has in his videos, where his goal is usually to convince his conversation partner or at least get them to explain to him what their position is and why they disagree with him. So it doesn't surprise me that someone who is not a debater and who doesn't claim to be a debater wouldn't want to engage in a formal debate. If Seder wanted to look at when Crowder was scheduled to have one of his events and engage him in conversation there I doubt he'd have a problem with it.


And Crowder's videos of him literally asking people to debate him on issues that he uploads to his millions of followers isn't convincing an audience? It's no different than what Shapiro does, except at least Shapiro uploads the entire thing instead of carefully choosing footage of the people shittiest at arguing.

>look at when Crowder was scheduled to have one of his events

Crowder has a schedule of all his events set up in advance? Because from what I've heard he doesn't announce where he is until he's there. I doubt someone like Seder has the time to fly across the country at a moments notice rather than having a set time and place.


>And Crowder's videos of him literally asking people to debate him
No. The purpose of a debate is to convince an audience and "win". If you watch his videos you see that he's not structuring his conversation that way.
>except at least Shapiro uploads the entire thing instead of carefully choosing footage of the people shittiest at arguing.
What? Crowder's videos are unedited, most of the people he interviews come off as regular people who are possibly not used to articulating their points. Obviously if some crazy person starts yelling at him though he's going to call attention to that because it's interesting, but he doesn't just cut out the rest.


>The purpose of a debate is to convince an audience and "win"
If you don't think that's the purpose of a video series were Crowder literally argues with random people and only chooses the instances where he looks better then there's not much else to say.

>Crowder's videos are unedited

Do you really think that 17min vid didn't come from a shitton of other footage that they had from throughout the day? It's the same with videos like "Americans can't name the 13 colonies" they go around asking people all day and stitch together footage of all the dumbasses to paint the picture they want. This isn't new.


File: 1594539544177.jpg (27.76 KB, 600x400, 3:2, fba09e1ef53270e1be7d4ab8cb….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Because outbred mutts eventually disperse from the host continent once there is nothing left to drain from it. Thankfully, their rampant outbreeding and rampant miscegenation will eventually result in extinction of a species so they reap the consequences of their actions.

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