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Height thread, has your height ever been a factor in your life, or is it something you never really cared about?


This is kinda a dumb lookism type thread but fuck it.

Just under 2 meters, I can count the number of times i've interacted with someone taller than me on two hands and if that's the feeling I invoke in others im so sorry.


People like me cause I'm 6'. I think my spine is longer than it should be because of low sex hormones during puberty.


It's most likely a big contributor to my back problems.


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>has your height ever been a factor in your life, or is it something you never really cared about?

being short is bad, and it negatively affects your relationships growing up.


I dont even know my exact height. People who care are retards. If anything, in this day an age, being short has a whole bunch of advantages with next to none disadvantages.


yeah I'm 6 feet tall and if I go to the grocery store I'll often get asked by short women to grab stuff from the high shelves, it's just one more thing to worry about before going outside, especially when you really don't want to talk to anyone but you're forced into this interaction because you walked down the wrong isle at the wrong time


Wrestling is notorious for exaggerated heights


I'm 6'2. Old people sometimes do that to me, too. I want to ignore them and go about my day, but my conscience gets the best of me.


I never watched wrestling except for once when I was channel surfing. They had this weird goofy guy who was just everyone's punching bag, even the commentators called him a freak, only there to get knocked out, a whole stadium of people just laughing at him for entertainment. And I think this was him.
Really fucked me up.


>I dont even know my exact height.
Me neither. I never cared about height until I started going on the internet, it's disturbing how obsessed people are with it, and it's almost always to get attention from succubi.
People would yell cope to anyone who doesn't care, but why would you torture yourself like that?


File: 1594359783823.mp4 (4.98 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Randy Orton Jamie Noble.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Some people were born to be entertainment for others.


5'10" never had issues

i had an unusually late puberty/growth spurt though. probably something medically was wrong with me. so for most of my life, even through high school, i was the shortest person by far. cant remember my tiny height causing any issues though. maybe modern times are much different if you are a short kid


You mean us.


6'1" but I feel like a little guy.


I wouldn't have cared if others didn't insist it matters so much. I thought the whole getting beaten up for being the short kid thing would end once I left school but no, normalfags just won't quit their shit. The humiliation and intimidation never ends. I'm 172 cm.


5'3", i want off this ride


I was dreadfully short up until 7th grade or so. As in I was always the shortest or second shortest kid in the grade. I ended up becoming a 5'11" adult which is not short or tall enough to matter at all. It's utterly average, even in Asia I didn't really feel a great deal taller than other men.

I mean if I had the choice I would take a few more inches just because I could probably get more respect among normals and have better paying jobs or whatever. That said I've never met someone over 6'3" or so that wasn't arrogant as Hell, even the "nerdy" types.


>That said I've never met someone over 6'3" or so that wasn't arrogant as Hell, even the "nerdy" types.
Same here. Makes me want to leave them disfigured and with broken legs.


Yeah, it never made sense to me but apparently succubi like it for some reason.


apparently succubi like tall men for some reason? i can only imagine how befuddled you are by the popularity of 50 shades of gray. "but he's so abusive, why the heck do succubi want him?" just swooshing over your head


5'10, enough that for most of my life I haven't really had to think about it ever


I'm 5'2 and I'm underweight.


Yeah. Being tall means you don't live as long and more likely get health issues



how'd your midget dad even score? or are you filipino?


I'm 5'6, it seems to me that most of the manlet bullying is online. Although I've never really cared enough to see what a femoid thought irl. Maybe people just conceal it if they look down on me. It is quite funny how both my brother and father are way taller than I am, must have been all that coffee.


>how'd your midget dad even score?
my mom is shorter than him.


File: 1596375911723.jpg (250.2 KB, 672x1022, 48:73, tzcpeTj.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>tfw if I fight a tall person I'll just flail around trying to hit their chin and he can just step on me


this picture reminds me of a time back in highschool, I was 6' tall and there was this short fat kid who swore he was totally 5'11 when it was completely obvious he was 5'6 max, he acted like he was completely convinced that I must be at least 6'5'' or something absurd like that, the gas lighting was so hard I actually measured my height when I got home that day to make sure I wasn't insane


One time, I was at a grocery store, and this lady cashier kept annoying me about how tall I was. She kept saying dumb shit like "Are you 6'5, you look 6'5. "Lol

I told her I'm 6'2 and she refused to believe me, like why? She also said that she herself was 6'0, but I definitely knew she was bullshitting.

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