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Which do you own/use the most ?
i have the leatherman micra, it gets constant use and some days i would feel lost without it…
i had the wave and the SAK variants but this has proved to be the most useful of the lot.


I have an old leatherman I do general crap with indoors, it never leaves my room though


Think I might have one of the bigger victorinox somewhere, these sort of tools are pretty shitty compared to specific ones so I barely ever use them.


dayum…! i was hoping for some real responses since so many of you are on your own abilities with few if any options.
i haver a gerber 666 that i bought at a yardsale for $2.
a very kickass old school multitool…


I understand your passion for tools but you can't expect a big thread around leathermans, we have had posts/threads about much more interesting things that get ignored, the most interest in tools you'll find on this site involves building a bigger PC to watch 12-bit MKV moeshit on


I bought a ganzo multitool from china because the other ones were too expensive. I only used it a few times.


i understand, my mini tool got bidened and a friend bought me a stanley multitool .
its too big & heavy to haul around on my belt so it lives in the kitchen and is used to open the shite pkgs/cans that are major pain.


>>247836 well, shit…
my 3rd can opener in 3 months crapped out on me. so I'm using the funky opener on the stanley-tool.
2 b fair the 1 opener is 83 years old and could be tightened/refurbed.
the stnley makes a very clean cut with no sharp edge, its keeping me from starving. i guess i shouldn't bitch but i really miss my micra. dayum.


I have found the perfect use for a multitool .
Its perfect for opening the f***ing packages that food comes wrapped in.
No more risking my fingers with a box cutter.


How the fuck are you risking your fingers using box cutters.
I use those things for hours nearly every day for work reasons. They are totally safe as long as you aren't a drooling pants pissing retard.


are you a shelf stocker?
you're the reason they invented safety scissors


>are you a shelf stocker?
It pays the bills and is better then most of my previous jobs.
Also occasionally moonlight in a packing facility for a little extra cash.


Cool, I was about to make a thread on this subject. I have a Victorinox Spartan and now thinking about either getting another SAK or a plier


I really like Victorinox's stuff.
Really high quality for the price.
Just find some of their tool choices for some of the bigger lines to be questionable at times.


My lifestyle of sitting in bed on the computer all day doesn't really require any tools.

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