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Anyone else struggle with atheistic thoughts?
i dont know if this is intrusive ideation/OCD or an honest quest for truth but i feel i cant be a devout catholic anymore.
Anyone else feel this struggle?
I dont believe in nothing-after-death tho, I bouch for big-world immortality.

>pic unrelated


No. Atheism is cringe and for midwit morons. Truly intelligent and wise people know God. There is plenty of evidence for God and no evidence for no God. Atheists always get triggered about God because they're demonic hylics who seek falsehood not truth, opinion not wisdom.


I don't struggle with it, I embrace it. Personally, losing my belief in God and the supernatural has felt like a great burden lifted off my shoulders. If you are honest with yourself and pursuing the truth, there is no need to fret. Be an atheist for a week. You are not required to buy a fedora and start screaming at Christians from the sidewalk. If the worldview pains you too much or you find worthy evidence contradicting it, return to faith. The prodigal son was forgiven; a good religion would not scorn you for honestly seeking the truth.

Wish you all the best, wizzo.


I don't think about faith at all.


i think myself apatheist. from wikipedia:
>The existence of God(s) is not rejected, but may be designated irrelevant.

basically i dont think about it


It is impossible for me to doubt because I experience the omnipotent 0-point that is God every day.


I have since I was a child. I never had a big defining revelation like most atheists, I just stopped caring. I personally don't identify with the atheist label either.
>Personally, losing my belief in God and the supernatural has felt like a great burden lifted off my shoulders.
I side with this. Years of being afraid of eternal damnation just for some wrong thoughts and doubt and expected subordination were wasted.
Even arguments for a god are never enough to make believe in the God. They could apply to any idea of a deity but will never be enough to require me to adopt all the hundred other ridiculous ideas of the specific brand they're trying to proselytize me towards.


Anything that requires full acceptance and punishes doubt and disbelief to the extent of eternal torture is a bad thing to follow


I pretty much have my own religion with the beliefs that make sense to me. It's not any more likely to be true than any organized religion, but it's not less likely either.


Yeah as much as I do think that a lot of the problems with society can be traced back to the loss of faith in God, I think serious theism and religion is a difficult thing to defend in the modern world. If everyone believes/understand that we are floating on a tiny spec in a vast galaxy, which is itself less than a dust particle in a giant universe, which has existed for 13 billion years, it becomes quite hard to defend a belief where humans are created by a designer in mind.

Most people’s beliefs come from social convention, though; I don’t think there is anyway back for religion in the west, at least not for a long long time.

I realise Americans and third world wizards might be skeptical, but here in Europe very few people under 50 take religion seriously or ever really think about. It is even a minority for the over 50s. I have a feeling apatheism will become the norm.


Adding to this I would say that, although the forward straining march of the natural sciences in various directions has weakened the conception of our human selves are the centre of a consciously designed and created reality, I think that it is quite difficult to really justify believing in any kind of objective truth or at least in mans ability to really know anything without God or a conscious designer in mind.
Without a conscious designer in my that gives objects and processes in the universe a function, giving it its identity and not just a collection of particles, we get the nagging feeling that the methods by which we categorise things in reality are just created by humans and have no objective basis.
I have nagging feeling that something actually quite profound is going on behind a lot of this trans, non-binary, gender stuff; a lot of the intellectual forces behind it seem to be pushing the idea that the biological distinction between men and succubi is a social construct and must be done away with (yes I know not all trans people think that but there is sinister postmodern attachment to it).

We are slowly losing faith in truth and reason due to a lack of faith in God.


I had the opposite experience. After going through some metaphysical arguments for the existence of God I then one day watched one of those youtube videos about the universe and had a religious experience upon the realization that every aspect of the universe including us was created not by accident but by design.


> We are slowly losing faith in truth and reason due to a lack of faith in God.
Very contradicting statement


I do not think so, lack of faith in God fosters this post-modernist "truth is relative, everything is relative, find your own truth" style of thinking which undermines the concept of truth itself, in that way losing faith in truth as a concept.


That said I should add, that irrational obtuse faith in God can also undemine genuine seeking of truth. But the idea of belief in God requiring one to be unreasonable and irrational, which is a sentiment that is growing common, I reject still, even if I look with suspicion at heavily dogmatic structures of men and don't belong to this church or that.


As far as atheism goes, nobody wants to be labeled an atheist largely due to the whole fedora neckbeard meme. Even if they fit the description of an atheist, they imagine all atheists are like those strawman "i am euphoric" images and want to distance themselves from that as much as possible. I noticed a very sharp decline in the number of people who identified as atheists right around the time when that meme started getting big.

Same goes with MRAs who also got associated with the meme stereotype. MRAs are widely hated because everyone thinks they fit that stereotype.

I also think the stereotype is part of the reason why most modern anime fans hide behind muh layers of irony.


The true isn’t god


Even faith in god can be flawed


Fedorafags are legit annoying they’re worst than crazy Christians


I've literally never met anyone like that and I'm well into my 30s and have worked jobs that require me to interact with a lot of people for much of my life.

I don't even really encounter them much online these days. But what I do see a lot of is people projecting that strawman onto people they disagree with. Just a few days ago I saw a thread on another site where someone was against circumcision and a much of people were replying to him using that meme to mock and attack him.

Ironically enough most people I have known that literally wore fedoras were hipsters which are very different from the neckbeard stereotype. Same goes for the vocal atheists I have known, most were more sjw hipster than anything else.


So a new way to shun atheist then? Seems to be working


File: 1595975565085.jpg (53.65 KB, 477x566, 477:566, demiurge-blake.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My problem is not so much with the existence of a God but with attributes given to God that directly contradicts observation, and I mean the problem of suffering and evil, a question nobody ever managed to resolve and is currently treated by the church as more or less an article of faith. I read most of the church fathers like Aquinas and Augustine and all of them really fail miserably to explain the existence of suffering on the divine plan. They either blame man, which is the cheapest cop-out and makes no sense (for example animals also suffer daily and terribly and they never failed to obey the divine will, not even once), or they push the matter beyond logical argument (God's mysterious ways approach). Not only that but the church literally slaughtered all early Christians that came up with good ideas to resolve the problem of sufferig and evil, like the Cathars, Pelagians, Marcionists, the lists goes on. Seriously, if you study the early church movements, later to be considered heretical, much of them are trying to explain why the world is such an unredeemable shithole while being supposedly created by and under the tutelage of an all loving all caring God. Their arguments are sound as far as religion goes, for example separating Christ and the Old Testament God (in this scenario Christ basically came to unfuck all the fucks the Old Testament God did and that's why so much of the world is fucking awful), or they place a Demiurge in between man and God, thus making God innocent, etc. The problem with those is that really makes God seem like a fucking incompetent doofus, or not as powerful, or error prone, or evil, and none of those things can be upheld along with the Johannine theory of the trinity that becames church dogma later, and also goes against catholic favorite verses about the nature of God like Psalm 18:30. Solution? Kill them all.

Of course there is no good explanation, so the only way to solve it is pushing it beyond logical discourse, pocketing the whole thing as a matter of faith, and killing everyone who disagrees with it. There has been lots of Christians groups killed over this, and I mean annihilated, by sword and fire, from existence. As Christianity developed a lot of mythology has developed to cope with this, mostly surrounding the character Satan. But then again, if you read the bible carefully Satan is not a fallen angel at all, he's just doing his job, but that's another story, if anyone is interested I can talk about it.


>So a new way to shun atheist then?
Not exactly new. The meme dates back to the mid 2000s and it's been widely used on the internet for a solid decade at this point. It's not just for shaming atheists though, it's a catch all insult that normalfags use on anyone who expresses an unpopular opinion.
>Seems to be working
That's the sad part. A silly meme has influenced a lot of people's opinions, behaviors and thoughts. Many of the people who use the meme to insult others knowingly do so as a means of promoting conformity, and bullying those who don't conform to normalfag culture.

It's sort of the modern day "nerd" insult since the word "nerd" lost it's punch like 15 years ago. Except there's even more malice behind it because the "nerd" insult of a couple decades ago was just to call people losers, whereas the fedora insult not only calls people losers, but implies that they're horrible people to boot.


It still amuses me how ameritards defend their ritual genital mutilation.


File: 1595992372204.jpg (72.82 KB, 875x387, 875:387, 154816880378.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The only struggle with atheistic thoughts is the mind opening reality it provides. Religions, abrahamic religions in particular; Honorable mention to Hinduism, enable tribal fairy tale.

Believe in that which does love you unconditionally but hates those which do not think like you. While they sell the idea that one must be religious if one is to not be a murderer, rapist or a their etc or be humane. They all explicitly allow:
If a human does not adhere to a specific little torn desert manual.

You cannot be a wizard if you're religious. You're just a failed normalscum or a normalscum looking for the same psychological opioids that provide you with a sense of certainty and to whisper you're a special snowflake handcrafted by a desert fairy man to bless this planet with your presence. As a bonus for joining within the next 5 minutes you also are granted the liberty to exercise the list above with impunity to those not of your faith; JOIN NOW!

Side Effects May Include: Proliferation of human suffering but hey as long as you're not on the receiving end it's okay amirite?


File: 1595993312004.mp4 (360.55 KB, 480x270, 16:9, giphy.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

do you know where i can buy an atheist bible?


I get the impression that you grew up religious and are probably American.
In Europe, hardly anyone takes Christianity seriously. Being a Christian does seem somewhat counter cultural; this is a bad reason to become a Christian but it I certainly not normalfag behaviour to convert to Orthodoxy or Catholicism.

I think many European wizards who grew up in secular households, such as myself, are fascinated by traditional Christianity, partly for aesthetic reasons but also because the teaching of Church seem to go against everything that has gone wrong with western culture. Of course, again, this has no bearing whether Christianity is actually true. However I would be wary of arrogantly proclaiming that any Christian can never be a wizard. The monks of Mount Athos seem to be the most wizardly people imaginable.


>I think many European wizards who grew up in secular households, such as myself, are fascinated by traditional Christianity, partly for aesthetic reasons but also because the teaching of Church seem to go against everything that has gone wrong with western culture.
I think you nailed the reason as to why I'm interested in it myself (sans the European part). I'm to the point where I've never been in a regular church service, but often wonder about going before I realize that that requires socialization, so my brain nopes out of that. Well, that and the numerous "le 234 IQ fedora" objections my brain keeps bringing up, but I feel like that's almost beside the point now because it seems almost every Christian has these objections but just keeps them to themselves.


>You cannot be a wizard if you're religious.

If the strawmanning before was not enough, this secures it as a bait. To be giving you the benefit of the doubt. There is more to spirituality than dogma and the dogmatic, but it's understandable people only focus on them. I can feel you because I was like you before. Religious organization has been corrupt and is open to corruption, use critical thought and spiritual discernment instead. Take a measured look including putting aside emotional reactionary statements responding to stereotypes. Your entire post is an angry emotional response to a stereotyped view.


Yeah I fail to see how any of it is bad.

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