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What's worse for you physically. Smoking a pack of cigarettes once a week, or eating and throwing up once a week.

Whats the most amount of times you could throw up in a month before you'd see long lasting adverse effects physically? I can't imagine throwing up once a month could cause serious harm. Maybe once every two weeks? People binge drink and throw up way more than that all the time.

Please no "Bulimia bad stahp it! answers. Scientific answers only.


>Scientific answers only.
here we go with the tobacco demonizing "science"

you breathe more pollution in a week on city roads than you'd get from a pack of dumb cigs, but if you've barfed you know what stomach acid does to teeth, that's something you want to definitely avoid doing with any regularity, the last time I barfed I brushed with baking soda to neutralize the acid and it still ended up rotting part of a bicuspid's enamel off overnight

my teeth are not especially weak or anything, stomach acid is bad stuff you fool, stop it


Fine, fare enough. I didn't know breathing city air was as bad as smoking.

Now answer the other question. Plenty of people binge drink every weekend and throw up in their party years and end up going on to live normal fulfilling lives.

How much can I throw up without it causing the sort of destroying properties you speak of? Max.

once a month? once every 6 months?

Scientific answer only please.


yeah and they're normies with jobs to buy the fillings they repeatedly need from dentists, that's the reality

go read stories about the dental health horror of bulemics, I'm done here


Yes I'm sure there is at least one person here who meticulously compiled credible statistics comparing puking and smoking. What a fantastic thread.


Shut up Alaskan.
Pretending you know things while making a fool of yourself again.


to whom are you referring?



You wizkids need to go back to discord once and for all


Is there an active campaign to bring the quality around here down recently?


You presented us with a false dichotomy, smoking a pack of cigarettes and throwing up aren't related at all. Tobacco contains radioactive material called polonium-210 which will cause lung cancer. Throwing up will degrade your teeth due to the acidic nature of stomach acid. They are both bad for you. neither is worse than the other because they are not comparable.


Hrmm lung cancer seems worse than fucked up teeth.


I'm pretty sure, normally. Having your teeth noticeably rot happens to people who do it like, everyday for a prolonged period of time.

I'm surprised someone here says it happened to them from only doing it once. People throw up for other reasons too so that must suck.


>Tobacco contains radioactive material called polonium-210 which will cause lung cancer
borderline hyperbole
you receive more RADs from hospital x-rays, plane flights and everyday passing neutrinos than a smoker gets in a lifetime from his alleged polonium


I watched a youtuber 4-5 years ago who would go over many different brands of cigarettes and tobacco with a geiger counter to measure the radiation, it was significantly more than background radiation and it is meant to be inhaled directly into your body. Also no one gets x-rayed every day and I don’t know what planes have to do with radiation so those are moot points.


> don’t know what planes have to do with radiation
Riding a plane exposes you to higher background radiation because you are higher up and more cosmic rays can penetrate the atmosphere to reach you


>smokes setting off a geiger counter
>source: youtoob
uh huh, we're supposed to believe there's a global radiological pandemic going on that the atomic energy commission and the IAEA are completely unaware of, all according to a rap video site


Yes, are you just noticing that now.


they are both bad and unnecessary. in what scenario do you have to choose between smoking and vomitting?


maybe he's a fatass wanting to lose the weight but too lazy to exercise and too undisciplined to diet, so his only agreeable options are puke or the "beat cravings with smoke" thing like he saw on TV

honestly I recommend the smokes, cus you will lose your teeth 40 years sooner than you'll lose a lung


I am exercising and dieting. Staying fit. It's working very well etc.

But if there is a max amount of time I can binge eat whatever the fuck I want and then purge it I will. I think I'll stick to once a month for now.

There has to be a scientific answer to my question but unfortunately nobody here seems to know shit. It's like when you google "least painful method of suicide" and all the results just say not to do it. Bitch that's doesn't answer the question.


At least Wizchan will teach you about exit bags and stuff.


yeah well in this case your scientific answer is gonna come from the dentist who has to lecture your dense motherfucker ass about stomach acid's effect on teeth


Just a theory, but you could probably take some tums (or whatever they call calcium carbonate tablets in your country) or another type of instant acting antacid before throwing up. This along with quickly brushing your teeth and gargling some water seems like it could realy minimize the damage on your teath.


Anyone else here hate smokers? They're usually extroverted people who are more likely to have sex. Especially smoking youth will always have friends, group up together. The main reason why every single person smokes is definitly because they think they look cooler and they'll get angry if you point it out.


I hate niggers for the same reason.


>the main reason
the main strawman


It almost sounds like you just make up bullshit to be mad at people


Force vomiting regularly will probably do more damage in a short period of time than smoking will.

I don't even know why you'd even ask a question like this. Its pretty gay tbqh smdh. Ideally you wouldn't be bulimic or smoke lol.


>he thinks its a tooth issue
Its mostly a throat issue. The more you vomit, the worse it is on your asophagus. You could literally die from over inflammation of the throat lining due to caustic digestive acids. As far as muh cigs, you are inhaling different kinds of cancer enducing chemicals in your lungs than just carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Also, breathing in city air pollution on top of smoking cigs is really bad for your health and a complete waste of money.


Its not strawman if its true retard. Also, it is partially because of peer pressure I must admit


OP unironically thinks that smoking reduces your weight? Lol. Thats only true if you can quit and you get addicted to eating in place of it. If you want to lose weight fast just talk to a doctor to see if you can get perscribed all the vitamins you'd need so you dont become vitamin deficiency while you do it. Not according to popular oppinion, you will not just automatically die over lack of eating for a week as your body is designed to nourish itself off of stored fat. This is far more ideal of a plan than autistic solutions


what an arrogant word
you cannot "admit" to something you have no knowledge of and are only pretending like you have in order to speak negatively on behalf of people

it's time to stfu


Radiation is far, far worse if it comes from the inside of your body.


yawn, tell us how Big TObacco conspired to keep the IAEA and atomic energy commission from talking about this radiological pandemic


Polonium-210 undergoes alpha decay, which is considered completely harmless because alpha particles cant even get through your skin. Theres no skin in your fucking lungs though, is there? Inhaling any amount of that shit is just retarded. Every last one of those atoms can just randomly decay and give you cancer. I dont know why those organizations havent picked it up but the physics of the situation add up very nicely. Also theres the lung cancer stats.
How about you stop coping about your unhealthy habits


What about all the other plants that need phosphate fertilizers?

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