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I'm kind of getting tired of how every historical wizard is so goddam anathema to normies that they have to recast them as homosexual instead. Thoreau? Oh, sure he had no male or female lovers, BUT THERE WAS THAT ONE TIME HE WROTE A POEM TO A MALE FRIEND WHEN HE WAS 11, HE'S GAY. Newton? Gay. Tesla? Probably gay–hell, did you see that shit about pigeons, he was probably a furry too. Every single goddam person who could possibly be a wizard role model, NO THEY'RE GAY, THEY HAVE TO BE GAY, MY WORLDVIEW WOULD COLLAPSE IF THERE COULD EVER POSSIBLY BE PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T WANT TO HAVE SEX.


File: 1595778421044.jpg (20.64 KB, 242x359, 242:359, Henry_Darger.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Pretty much. I was reading these days about the interesting life of Henry Darger, an American outsider artist who created an entire fantasy world. He was probably a wizard himself and it's the same story: some scholars believe he was a repressed homosexual and so on. There is no evidence of that.


the worst is when everyone thinks youre a homosexual and then it turns out you actually are and all the normalfags were right the whole time


thats not how it works
people call you a homo because you act like a beta and they don't see you as competition
just like stinkies see every male that's not a chad as a *friend* and not a potential sexual partner


ook ook me alpha you beta, me no homo

*fucks my GF's cornhole*


there's multiple differing reasons people would call a guy a homo


Wow you have been memed into being homosexual


"Want" has nothing do do with it.


File: 1595812289106.jpg (139.38 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 20200726_200719.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I hate this bullshit so damn much, wiz. It only seems to get worse as time goes by especially with this trend that popped up the last few years. succubi and zoomers worship the ground that fags walk on. Being a sodomite is considered cool. So they go back to all the great wizards of history and claim that they were butt pirates. Shit sucks dude. It really does. Maybe we'll be lucky to live long enough to see this aids ridden society collapse for good.


It is just eugenics propaganda, the LEFT WORSHIPS THE STRONG!


nothing wrong with being gay but yes it is annoying. it is too easy to think they are gay when they dont have sexual partners. it's cowardly. instead of just admitting this guy didnt seem all that interested in sex and romance… nah he must be gay


they dont have a history so they have to take ours. the left does this all the time, its why theyre knocking down our statues


>Maybe we'll be lucky to live long enough to see this aids ridden society collapse for good.

We're getting there. Don't worry. Unless there's a swing in the right direction, shit's fucked.


as a gay wizard i find it confusing


File: 1596151450709.png (41.76 KB, 658x417, 658:417, lol.png) ImgOps iqdb

Normalfags just don't want to accept that some people can live without sex. Or rather they see dying a virgin like the ultimate proof of loserdom so they don't want to admit that someone they admire might have abstained from sex for anything else than because they were gay.


>Evolve mankind
>Get called gay


Even the "asexuals" have sex. Wtf do you expect?
And look at the degenerate fap thread and sex doll


please…it's not normies in denial, it's Big Fag just doing their usual thing, claiming any historical figure that wasn't unquestionably heterosexual (wife and kids) to try to make people think "well gee, those gays aren't too bad"

I thought this was obvious


I consider myself a little bit of a fudanshi, and I have imagined some historical figures like those mentioned as gay before, I'm so sorry op, when I hear "childhood friends" or anything about friendly affection my mind goes wild into yaoi fantasy land. Honestly though they probably weren't gay, but it's not like anyone will can ever really know since they're all long dead.


File: 1596315877659.png (77.76 KB, 695x311, 695:311, zverev.png) ImgOps iqdb

just found an instance of this on an article I was reading. This is a plague.


If it has [citation needed], it's free game for removal


I'm range banned from wikipedia for some reason so I can't do shit.


Whoever changed it, thanks.


As many have said, normals can't understand why someone would dedicate their lives towards science or whatever. The animalistic majority value penises and vaginas because anything beyond those are too difficult to grasp for them; so it would follow that they devalue anything unlike them.


>pupils had to audition
>they would move into his house
Probably a good case for that though.

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